Posted by Tana L. Pedersen on July 7, 2011 in Family Tree Maker

If you haven’t visited recently, it’s time to take another look. Recently, Family Tree Maker launched its newly redesigned website with simplified navigation and more features to help you find answers to your questions.

Here are a few highlights:

  • A tour of the software shows some of the key features and tools available in Family Tree Maker.
  • A “tips and tricks” section helps users of all levels be more productive.
  • An updated FAQ answers questions about sharing files, upgrading the software, and more.
  • A learning center gives you quick access to webinars, message boards, and tutorials.

We’re excited about the new changes and hope you’ll find the new site easier to use and filled with useful resources.


  1. Tony Knight


    How about a page listing the known FTM bugs and what is being done about them?

    I would love to have the memory problem in the Mac version fixed so I could go back to using the program.

  2. Jeff Hodge

    The new website IS an improvement. For one thing, it’s much easier to find the tutorials and the webinars under the Learning Center tab.

  3. Like Tony at #1 I would also like to see a list of known bugs.

    Also what the priority is for fixing them and when new releases will be available (not 2012 or 2013 etc.) real bug fix releases.

    Most of us have already paid 3 or 4 times since 2008 hoping to get a good working version of FTM.


  4. Here is how to get a lsit of known bugss:
    1) Get a list of New Feaatures for FTM 2008
    2) Add a list of new Features and Bug fixes for FTM2009.
    3) Cross bug fixes for 2008 off the list but leave everything else
    4) Add a list of New features and bug fixes for FTM 2010.
    5) Cross off Bug Fixes for 2009 but leave everything else
    6) Add a list of new features for FTM 2011
    7) Cross off bug fixes for 2010 but leave everything else.

    The items still remaining on the list will be a list of the known issues.


  5. Chery Piasta

    Being new to, I don’t understand the need for FTM. How is it different than what I’m being supplied with? Also, after reading the comments about Mac problems, I wouldn’t get it unless someone convinced me otherwise.

  6. Jade

    #1 Tony and #3 Tony, you can look at Tamura Jones’ review of the pattern of not fixing bugs in FTM here:

    There are links to other related articles by the same blogger at the bottom of the page.

    Realize that some things the user might experience as “bugs” were deliberately done by the developers, such as when they messed with the report-generating code. These, er, features do not appear on’s lists of bugs.

  7. Anne

    Why is it the blog has its facebook link (next to the Tweet link) ON TOP of the writing? It wont move. So difficult to read!

  8. Elizabeth

    Hello,I have The Family Tree Maker 2009, can I buy an upgrade. Is it possible to purchase in Australian Dollars from within Australia.

  9. Robert C Lenhart

    I have been using FTM for many years and have use for versions. The 2010 is great to excellant in many ways but it does have some issues. The linking of sources when upgrading to the 2010 version appears to added many additional sources/links that to me should not have been linked. ie a source from a tombstone of a person in my tree but is not directly related and there are other sources/links problems. Thes problems are very easy to correct in the 2010 but it is time consuming in verifying that there is not a correct link.

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