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I got married in the middle of night in the middle of the week in the middle of March in Vegas. Nothing glamorous and no celebrity-style scandal attached to the event, but it’s a good story. And when this rocking-chair history gets passed down a handful of generations, some descendant of mine can prove at least a thread of truth in it by checking the Nevada Marriage Index at, where there’s a record to back me up.

But the news coverage of my own wedding was minimal, non-existent really. That’s not the case with the impending royal wedding. To help celebrate this very English event, is opening access to select marriage collections in the UK and Canada through 7:00 p.m. ET on May 1. Search for your own royal roots or see what you can discover about the day your family’s British or Canadian lines were wed. You’ll find more information about which records are open here.

By the way, where were you for the last big-news royal wedding? I was a teenager and remember watching clips on the news (it was a few days prior to the debut of MTV so I still had an attention span … sort of). If my descendants ever want proof that I was in high school at the time, they’ll find that at, too. Fortunately my yearbook photo didn’t get much news coverage either.

Jeanie Croasmun

Jeanie Croasmun has been working at while futilely attempting to prove the horse thief story in her family history for over seven years. During that time, she learned enough about her family to determine that the story is likely a great work of fiction. But the search continues ...


  1. Sue

    Hi Jeanne, Just wanted to say “thanks” for doing this. I have many weddings in England/Canada to find. Sue

  2. Aaron

    i swear if i get charged 299 dollars for starting a 14 day free trial you all will be sorry

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