Posted by Ancestry Team on April 19, 2011 in Mobile, News, Site Features, Website

Ancestry app for iPad iPhoneI’m excited to announce that the Ancestry mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod has been downloaded over 1 million times! Many of you are finding the app to be a great way to interact with your family tree on, share records and photos with others (I’ve personally really enjoyed sitting down with my relatives to look at historical photos together on the iPad), and take your research with you on the go.

Although we’re thrilled to hit the 1-million-download milestone, I think this is really just the beginning for our mobile initiatives.  Not only is there so much more we can do with our existing app for Apple mobile devices, but we also have early plans in place for an Android app coming up on the horizon, as well as ideas around supporting on other mobile devices.

We’re pleased that our users find such satisfaction in using the Ancestry app to learn more about and share their family genealogy.  I’d love to get more of your feedback on how we can improve the app, so please post comments with your ideas.


  1. Michel Bryson

    I would LOVE an app for Android! If you need a tester, particularly one who’s new to Android and to apps (to test usability), but familiar with the Ancestry site, let me know. . . I’ll look out for updates 😉

  2. Melissa Cheuvront

    Yes, I would love to see an app for Android as well. I changed from an iPhone to a Droid. Let us know!!

  3. Scott

    I’m sure there is no need to drive the point home any more, but yes…ANDROID app…quickly. Please. I know with software development its never easy to give definitive dates, but a general idea on when its should be here (approx) would be great. Will it beat out the arrival of the 1940 Census? I need to know which to covet the most. Ha!

  4. Diana

    I can only echo the Android pleas…and I LOVE Scott’s question, how does the time frame look compared to the 1940 census??

  5. Tom

    I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Android app. So often it seems I’m away from home when the discussion turns to the family tree. It will be so convenient to connect immediately.

  6. Eileen Ingram

    I’ve entered my credit card information 3 times and I still can’t get into anything.

  7. Susan

    I love the app and use it on both my iPhone and iPad. When out visiting family it has been great to check facts and show them some of the great documents and pictures I have found along the way.
    It has gotten more of the family interested in the search.
    Thank you

  8. Walter Anderson

    I have a DROID X and would find an Ancestry app a good companion for the findagrave app I have.

  9. Ralph Newton

    I have been a member of Ancestry Com for many, many years. I recently received an I Pad 2. I acquired the Ancestry app. I can not get past the Kennedy info. I have written to Ancestry. No reply. I have been a member for such a long time I may be entering the wrong password. What to do???

  10. dklart

    Ralph #12,

    Do you have a tree on the ACOM site?

    How about trying to log into site from a computer or iPad (using a browser to access the site)? If that works, then you should be able to log into the site from your Ipad (ACOM mobile app) with the same username and password.

  11. Jeff Jahn

    Had some questions on the app that i cant seem to find. How much memory does it take up? Is the info downloaded or just a way to view the online info, meaning you have to have wifi or such access?

  12. SAS

    Windows Phone 7 app please would be nice, the new layout in this OS would look great with a tree app.

  13. Jon Shallop

    re iPhone app: Nice that you have this app but it is NOT compatible with thousands of us who are using an iPhone with 3.0 software on a version 3 phone which cannot be upgraded. Did anyone at Ancestry thinks of this when the app was developed. too bad you have decided to leave so many of us out of the loop.My laptop and iAMC are doing just fine.

    Jon Shallop FTMM beta tester

  14. Cheryl Nagel

    I love my Ancestry app for my Ipad. I am not always at my computer so I can keep researching with my I-pad. I would highly recommend this app to everyone!

  15. Linda Irvin-Craig

    I just want to know why I can no longer get a relevant search based on exact data that I enter. I have a 1778 date request and get census records offered in the 20th century.

  16. Monty Ives

    I’m excited about the excitement over the app and the one million downloads! ACOM Rocks! Please take care of Eileen Ingram (above) as I am an ACOM stockholder, and each newbie is very important to me! Cheers! and we love Ancestry!!!!!!!!!

  17. deedlegirl

    Almost make me want to get a IPhone but I just don’t want to pay the extra charge each month… Guess I will stick with my PDA… Enjoy everyone.

  18. Lisa Barrett

    I got the app for iPhone when it first came out and didn’t think much of it. Just updated it and now it is awesome!!! Great job!

  19. John

    I am really curious, if your international research will ever venture into Mexico. I have family both in Europe and Mexico. With the exception of immigration documentation found using the ancestry website, its impossible to research hispanic orgin, especially since most hispanic ancestry from mexico will lead back to spain.

  20. Craig Morrison

    Congrats…now put out an Android version and add an additional 25 million downloads

    Whatever Apple is paying you to lock out the other formats can’t possibly outweigh having a much larger reach past the iPhone…Android is such a bigger and better platform.

  21. Betty-Anne

    So you make a wish contest is for only those living in the USA and leaves out all those who had relatives during the Civil War who are not residents of the USA.

  22. Cookie

    Please give us the Android app asap!!! Just what I have been missing… Millions of games and other apps out there, but nothing that would make me this happy!!

  23. Lorri E

    I would really be interested in the Android App. Especially if a version would also be available in the new Nook Apps for the Barnes & Noble NookColor.

  24. ManorBorn

    #40, ross lehman,

    What don’t you understand about a 14 day free trial? Where’s the rip-off? The Terms and Conditions to sign up for the free trial are clear. If it’s not something you wish to do, you’re free to choose not to.

    The reason a CC is required for the 14 day free trial, is to prevent free-loaders like you from signing up for 2-week free trial every 2-weeks.

  25. Marion

    Android requests approaching the 50 mark in this comment thread! PLEASE! We are obviously an enthusiastic bunch.

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