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St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to celebrate Irish heritage, and it’s coming up fast. Whether you’re 100% Irish or just Irish at heart, we know the importance of discovering your family history. So this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re giving everyone an opportunity to celebrate their heritage with our “Wish2Win” sweepstakes.

We’ve begun taking entries on our Facebook page for fans to have the chance to win a World Deluxe Annual Membership to

To enter, simply visit the “Wish2Win” Tab on our Facebook page. On that tab, you’ll be able to enter your wish for who you’d like to find within your family tree. Make a wish and you just might win!

You don’t have to be Irish to have the luck of the Irish! This St. Patrick’s Day, test your luck. Tell us, who do you wish to find?


  1. K

    What a shame that you have to be a Facebook member to also participate at’s contests.

  2. karen

    I think is wonderful, but I resent that your advertisement covers up flickr toys mosaics. I am unable to use something I used to enjoy.

  3. Barbara

    It isn’t necessary to be a facebook member to enter the contests. There is a link on the Ancestry home page. I’m not a facebook member and haven’t had any problem entering either of the contests running right now.

  4. R.E."Pat" Diddle

    My Grandmother Diddle and I shared St. Patrick’s day as our birthday. We are at least “Irish in Heart. I hope that is enough Irish to win the Sweepstakes.


  5. Jeff Record

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  6. Jeff Record

    Facebook? Really? I guess. What a shame that our ancestors have to be paraded about that venereal social web site. Tasteless.

  7. Ellen Fritz

    I really enjoyed last night’s web seminar about finding your Irish ancestors. One topic that came up particularly helped me out. I have always been lead to believe that my Great Grandfather Ennis was Catholic and his wife was Methodist. He died very young and my Grandfather Ennis was place in an orphanage/school in Philadelphia, Pa. Since I have been researching them on line in the 1880 census their religion is given as Baptist. Also so far at least I have been unable to find the emigrant.

  8. eyes

    I live in the US, but have no US ancestors. has been exceptional on my father’s side (Canadian, English, French). On my mother’s side (100% Irish) there have been zero useful hints and record searches have been completely useless, despite the fact that I’ve added data for many, many Irish relatives going back to the early 19th century. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not unhappy. I just don’t like to see anyone mislead that the Irish records (including the newly available data bases) available at ancestry are particularly useful.

  9. Judy Owen

    Absolute shame a Facebook account is required to enter the sweepstakes! Based on recently reported security breaches for Facebook, I do not feel the security on that site is sufficient to warrant sensitive genealogy information. Consequently, I guess I am not worthy of entering your sweepstakes.

  10. Jeanne

    I thought that last night they said that answers to our questions would be in the blog today, if so where if not here?

  11. Rebeccca

    Still no answers to questions asked during last nights webinar? Am I looking in the right place?

  12. Susan Mooney

    I can’t figure out how in the world to enter the contest! It just keeps me going in circles. How do I actually get to write a entry to the contest?

  13. Paul Rawlins

    “Susan, we apologize for the frustration. We’re not sure exactly what issue may be affecting your entry, but here are some things to try:

    1) Make sure that you are logged into Facebook when you try to access the sweepstakes

    2) Click the orange “Launch Wish2Win” button

    3) For the sweepstakes to work, you MUST click “Allow” on the “Request for Permission” Page. If you do not allow the permissions, the sweepstakes will not work.

    4) Fill out your wish and your name and hit “Submit My Wish”

    5) If you see a blank screen at any point, clear your cache and refresh the page – call our customer service for help with this, if necessary at1-800-ANCESTRY or

    6) If the sweepstakes still will not appear, try using another browser

    Please let us know if this helps.


  14. Theresa

    Does anybody know who won the sweepstakes? it said several days ago “last chance to enter”….then nothing but a new sweepstakes.

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