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Watch an encore presentation of Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC tonight at 8/7c. Actress Kim Cattrall searches for her grandfather, who disappeared from the family in Depression-era England. is a sponsor of the show. Watch a preview and more at

Jeanie Croasmun

Jeanie Croasmun has been working at while futilely attempting to prove the horse thief story in her family history for over seven years. During that time, she learned enough about her family to determine that the story is likely a great work of fiction. But the search continues ...


  1. I have seen two of the programs and have really enjoyed them. I am sorry that I missed the other programs but not being a constant TV viewer
    it is easy to forget when there is something special coming on. You make finding the ancestor seem so simple, when it is really a task of years.
    I’ve been hunting for my gggggrandfather for 33 years and still have not found the details about his life. I am proud you are doing the reconstructed census in North Carolina. Perhaps then!!!!! Betty Maynard

  2. James Kinnaman

    I live in central Michigan, and my local NBC outlet is WEYI. WEYI stopped showing the network feed of “Who Do You Think You Are” on Friday, or any other night. They are showing an informercial in its place. Therefore I am unable to watch one of my favorite shows. FYI.

  3. Dee Jordan

    I’m wondering why there is a repeat of this episode. I love this program and was really looking forward to another person’s family story. Disappointed.

  4. Emily B. Cooper

    I am disappointed with tonight’s Who Do You Think You Are. I do not care about reruns this early in the season. I liked Kim but I did not enjoy seeing it twice. I expected to see Ashley Judd which was advertised last week.

  5. Dianne Killian

    I have tried to catch all of the programs since they started last year. I have really enjoyed them. I was disapointed that tonights show was a rerun. I did watch it again anyway.
    I can relate to Kim Cattrall’s frustration and hurt when she found out about her missing grandfather. When I was researching my husband’s Kierce side,low and behold his great grandfather had not died in the mines as we always were told.He had removed to Oklahoma and had another wife and family. I cannot find any record of a divorce in AL.He left a wife,daughter and son behind in Birmingham, AL in the early 1900’s.In adult life his daughter had many problems that may have been related to the trauma of his supposed death. It was the worst “skeleton in the closet” I have found in researching more than 15 family lines.

  6. Janet L

    I felt like I waited all week to go to my favorite restaurant and found out they were serving stale two week old food. As a customer it didn’t make me feel like I was valued in any way. They could have at least pulled something out of the freezer to serve. Needless to say I left and found some fresh fare up the block.

  7. Carol Martinez

    Was this NBC’s idea for a rerun and why? I love watching “Who do you think you are,” but having a rerun of a current season show suggests a problem. Also, Kim Cattrall’s story was my least favorite because it was more about current history than past history of a family. Therefore, I didn’t watch it again. I’m looking forward to the next show.

  8. Monika

    Who, at thought these words in “blue” up with a double line underneath. I have an ancestor by the name of “Gamble” which now prints in blue. When I press on that name now it asks me whether I want to play computer games. On another ancestor it printed the word “record” in blue. When I press on that word, it asks me whether I want “laser hair removal”! Come on are you that desperate to ruin your reputation? I was actually naive enough to think that you had done this to help us with our genealogy!

  9. Charlotte Whalen

    I, too, was very disappointed last night with the re-run. I look forward all week to the Friday night episode but do not want to watch one I’ve already seen when there are at least two others that are new. Who’s bright idea was that? Now it looks like next week will be a re-run of Rosie O’Donnell. I think they should run all the different shows sequentially and then show re-runs for those who might have missed one. Having said all that, I do really like the show and hope there will be more seasons forthcoming.

  10. Trish Rohn

    Thank you for re-airing the Kim Cattral episode. We have our DVR set up to record all new episodes of WDYTYA. However, my husband had a blonde moment and accidently deleted this episode before we had a chance to watch it. I was glad that you hear that this episode was re-airing and immediately set up the DVR to record it. We plan to watch it tomorrow night.

    My husband has also been warned to not delete ANYTHING on the DVR before then. 🙂

  11. Nancy

    I was very disappointed to see the same show twice. I am afraid that if shows start repeating that ratings will drop and I really look forward to it each week.

  12. Mary

    A rerun- and no hint that it was going to be a re run. I would like to think this wasn’t intentional but due to late news items but if this is scheduled to happen again…. This is like getting a fish halfway into the boat. You almost had people develop a habit of watching. I was trying to decide which night to go see a movie and WDYTYA pushed the decision to go on Saturday. I won’t do that again.

  13. Teresa Hill

    I loved Rosie O’Donnell’s episode. I too am researching Irish ancestors. It would be great to have the kind of help they are getting for my search.

  14. Kathy DeBlieck

    VERY DISAPPOINTED in this episode. The actress, Kim Catrell, was very disrespectful, and so dramatic. She did not have the genealogy fever, like the rest of us do. Genealogy is about finding facts, whether you like them or not, and the THRILL is going on to the next generation. I hope not too many people watched this one, it gave genealogy a negative view! I have been searching for 35 years and found good and very bad, but you go on for the LOVE of it. Please do not re run this episode again.

  15. Rhonda

    Just a guess as to reruns. Last year I wasn’t able to watch 2 show because the NBC in my area had basketball tournaments on it. It is tournament time and spring break.

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  17. Wanda

    I love this show but hate it when there are reruns during the season. It is very irritating when there are two new shows and then to reruns. People will loose interest and your viewership will drift away.

  18. Rose Hewitt

    I too, was so very disappointed the reruns are on already!!??? Why, what happened to the others??

  19. Kathie

    I’m VERY disappointed in the two re-runs of Who Do You Think You Are. It actually takes the momentum of the show out of my circulation. My husband and I made other plans for these re-run Friday’s and who knows when we’ll get back to the program. We LOVED last season which included such drama and anticipation – but certainly no re-runs. What happened this year??

  20. Debbie

    I agree with Kathie. The momentum is gone. My Geneaology SIG was meeting every week to watch this season. Now we won’t meet two weeks in a row because of the reruns. Is NBC having trouble producing the new shows or did a celebrity object to their episode?
    As far as the basketball tournaments go, the finals won’t be for another 2 weeks.
    It’s too bad.

  21. Cheryl

    Not only was Kim Cattrall’s episode re-run by NBC, it was a further re-run of the English show from a couple of years ago. Seriously? With new shows in the line-up, why are we being subjected to re-runs so early on? Disappointed to say the least.

  22. Cindy

    ANOTHER RE-RUN! Why!?? If they want people to tune in every Friday, then why repeat in the middle of the season!

  23. Having the re-run on Friday allows us see things that we missed the 1st time around.

    As far as the actors reactions to their findings of the relatives they find during their search, well we ALL react differently to our travels down our family tree.

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