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Tonight at 8:00 pm (EST) the experts at Family Tree Maker are giving a free webinar focused on printing and sharing your family history. You’ll learn how to:

  • Design and print charts
  • Run  reports
  • Utilize the print functions available on each workspace
  • Create individual and family slide shows

If you haven’t already registered, it’s not too late. Sign up now!


  1. Albert Martin

    Hi – I am Albert Martin, a very long time user. In an older version I was able to easily print out a report of cemeteries and their inhabitants. Some where this ability appears to be lost. I am still in the process of converting my data records into the new format introduced several revisions ago. For the record I have over 15,000 names in my data base. FTM 2011

    Also is there a user web site for users to swap solutions or ideas?

    Albert Martin 404-233-2794.

  2. Susan Pianka

    Hi..I’m Sue Pianka, another very long-time user…LOVED version 16; still having difficulties with 2011… I did finally get the update done last night and have been testing. Still have some issues. I’m signed up for the Webinar tonight, and I have a few questions that I hope you will be able to address:
    (1) on the Pedigree chart, I would like to see an option to have the spouse show on the first person on the page; children would be nice too (you can see this on the upper center screen view, so I’d hope it could be done on the paper version…)
    (2) on the Pedigree chart, I do have “wrap” listed, and it works on the first 3 generations on the page, but on the 4th generation set of people it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t… it will just put “…” instead of the actual place names wrapping to the next line.
    (3) On the Fan Chart… YEAH! I can finally have it calculate without hanging up my 20 or so generations… BUT WAIT! It generates over 83,000 pages… because everyone is so spread out. And when I try to tweak the setup of the pages, THEN it “hangs” up the system. So two things are needed here… stop the “hang up”… and help me figure out how to make a nicer looking, more condensed chart. I used to be able to view the overall effect in FTM16, and then download it to a flash drive and take it to a commercial printer… I’d like to do that again now that I have more information within the program.
    And last (for now), regarding media… Is there any way you can SORT by media title BUT DISPLAY the caption?! I have things titled with the dates in them so that they go chronologically, but I have nice captions I’d rather see. If I choose the caption, the photos are all mixed up… I’m sure other people would like this feature too!
    Thanks for your help.

  3. Joanne Murt

    looking to find out about my real birth mother and if i have any sisters or brothers my mothers maiden name is Hilda C. Doyle on my birth cert and my real fathers name is Joseph A Distler

  4. In older versions of FTM, we were able to create a descendant chart, where you could specify the starting ancestor and the ending descendant and could have the chart show only the direct line and spouses in between, excluding all the sidelines that make the chart so large. Is that feature now available again in FTM 2011?

  5. Bruce

    I have Family Tree Maker 2011. When I generate a Relationship Chart, it shows the path between the two individuals but it does not show their spouses. Is there a way to show the direct line ancestors and their spouses so that both parents of each descendent are shown.

  6. Bruce

    Sometimes when I display the thumbnails on a report, the picture does not come up. When that happens, I go back to the people tab, display the individual and then back to the report. Then it will show the picture. Is this a known problem or is it just me?

  7. In past had no probs with Webinar.

    Now checking to see if all works by looking at old webinar I get no launch button or even your pics are “blank”.

    FAQ doesn’t offer solution “If Launch Button doesn’t show up”.

    I’ve just checked Java and all OK there.

    Help please.

    2011FB17 10:50 Sydney, FB16 18:50 US EST

  8. Antoinette M. LaMaritate

    I registered for the Feb 16 Webinar but couldn’t figure out how to log on?? I live in California. In one of your messages, you listed this Webinar for Wednesday, Feb 15??

  9. Lisa

    I am also having problems getting connected. I didn’t get an email 24 hrs before event. Which I thought was going on right now.

  10. re: 7.

    Thanks. Did eventually get in. But as others, there was not 24 hour before reminder e-mail as previously.

    But otherwise GREAT job and well done.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Look forward to one that is done in an Australian evening!

    2011FB17 13:15 Sydney, FB16 21:15 US EST

  11. Pat

    The webinar was really fabulous. I have truly enjoyed using FTM 2011, but now realize I have only scratched the surface when it comes to all the things I could do. My head is still buzzing!

  12. Lauri

    I was in for about 30 minutes and then lost the connection to the webinar and couldn’t get it back. Very interesting and so I want to hear the rest of it.

  13. Trish Walls

    I wrote it down and remembered it, however I also thought there was going to be an email for a reminder. I was able to get into it when it started but not long into lost the picture and could only get sound. I closed out and went back into but still no picture, only sound. Disapointed I missed the whole thing. Wish there was a rerun….

  14. Leanne

    I registered for the event, but did not get a confirmation/reminder email 24 hrs before. Now I’m trying to get into the presentation, but I do not get a “Launch presentation” button. Can anyone help me get connected? Thank you!

  15. Greg Burton

    I have a large file, over 48,000 people.

    A Descendant report for one ancestor has nearly 6,000 descendants and takes 1015 pages with index.

    The report will not generate in FTM 2011, however it will in 2010.

    Will the report functions be improved in 2011?

  16. W Clayton

    I love FTM V16 and still use it. I tried 2008 and 2009 and they were utter JUNK for all except newbie researchers! I had an acquaintance try 2010 for me and had most of the same problems. Until you finally figure out that you have to make FTM generate a Ancestors/Descendant Genealogy report that is 100.0% editable .rtf format without built in headers and footers I will not ever buy an upgrade. I simply do not understand how those in control of specifying to programmers how REAL genealogists doing REAL genealogy use Genealogy Reports and all you want to focus on is on-line Trees with photos and “fluttering leaves”. It is really a shame that I tell many, many people each year that visit the FTM where I volunteer not to buy FTM unless they can get a used copy of V16 on e-bay.

  17. Mary

    Will there be a new post for the new WDYTYA. The messages were pretty positive for Tim McGraw. It was a shame they were tagged on at the end of the other blog.

  18. Mary Beth Marchant

    To W. Clayton-#23-
    I have the same problems. I started out 12 or 13 years ago I think with FTM 5 and on through version 16. I have the newer versions and have dutifully installed them including FTM 2011 but I don’t use those versions. In my opinion, all these junky bells and whistles are just such a mess. I am hanging on to Version 16 for dear life. I print books for family members and others and do so with ease with Version 16 but the newer versions are really bad when it comes to printing books and I mean books with 6 or 700 pages-using my printer that prints on both sides of the page.

  19. Louise Shaffer

    I never got my link to see the web program. I was really looking forward to it. I am new to the program and get very confused as to where to go and how to search.

  20. Barbara

    Is it possible to setup a custom report with the items to be included line up in columns from left to right across the page instead of in a pile under an individual’s name?
    If the items are listed from left to right they seem to take up less space on the printed report and take up fewer pages when the report is printed and is easier to read especially when doing onsite research.
    If it’s not possible to do this type of layout in FTM 11 would you please consider adding the old style custom report layout as an option when generating a custom report in the form of an update?

  21. Cyndee

    Last night 2/19 I got a message that the site was down.
    I live in CA and it was about 9:30 pm. Also, I have the new FTM for MAC. While merging trees did not include all the pictures (media) into my tree. It has some kind of graphic and tells you to have look for it. Well, the media is on my ancestry site, but when looks for the media it tells me it can’t find it. Do I have to upload all the media again? Really? It’s on the website. Help???

  22. Tana L. Pedersen

    First I would like to apologize that reminder emails weren’t sent out for this webinar. They have been for previous webinars. It was an oversight on our part and we are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.

    For those of you who would like to watch the webinar, you can view it at Scroll down to Archived Webinars.

  23. janet Myers

    I am a bit worried. I was just about to purchase FTM for Mac and now with all these technical issues, I am not sure I should. I am a beginner and looking for the best software to finally build my own tree-not online. I am also wondering if there are inaccuracies/errors in my Ancestry tree that I have not caught (double spouse entries, same person-two birthdates, etc) how does this affect how your tree shows up in FTM? HELP?

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