Posted by Tana L. Pedersen on February 3, 2011 in Family Tree Maker, Webinars

Family history is a great way to connect with your past. And Family Tree Maker can help you illustrate your family story and share it with friends and family members. Join us on Wednesday, February 16th at 8:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) for a free webinar that focuses on creating charts, reports, and slide shows. You’ll learn how to design and print charts, run effective reports, discover what print functions are on each workspace, create individual and family slide shows, and more. To attend the Family Tree Maker 2011 Charts and Reports webinar, click here to register.

If you have questions you’d like answered, please enter them in the Comments section below. We’ll try to respond to them during the webinar or on the blog. (Please limit your questions to functionality available in Family Tree Maker 2011.) We appreciate your questions and look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks!

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Family Tree Maker. Now that Family tree Maker for Mac is here I am now loving FTM for Mac, having been waiting for years for the mac version.

    There is an interesting feature in Family Tree Maker for Mac (which is at version 2010) which is not (yet) in FTM 2011 for Windows.

    I have family all over the world who want to see their family tree. The best way to send a copy of the family tree to them to save their tree as a one-page PDF file and then emailing the resulting PDF file to them.

    The Windows version has a limitation (which I believe is a side-effect of Adobe Acrobat previous width limit of 200-inches) which has thwarted me for years UNTIL FTM for Mac was released which does not have this limit.

    I have produced family tree PDF files over 500-inches wide (that’s over 40-feet) and sent them to friends.

    If you have ever wanted to send you file to family members try printing it as a one-page PDF file. Of all the other researchers I have ever spoken to, none of them have ever thought of doing this.

    You may want to mention this feature in your webinar.

  2. Anonymous

    Tana Pedersen,

    I agree with Peter (#2). Include FTM for Mac users.

    Interesting that the first two comments are from Mac users.

  3. Randy Milliken

    Questions that may be pertinent to the Webinar:

    1. FTM 2011 has many nooks and crannies to place notes. I place important census analyses with pertinent person notes, but for nuclear families I put them in the “relationship notes” of a the pertinent parental couple. Trouble is, when I upload my tree to, only the notes with the “person” show up when I click the little “notes” icon accompanying a person. The other notes do not seem to upload.

    2. Do you have any intention of developing the fabulous “Family View” in future editions of Family Tree Maker that is now available on Ancestry?

  4. Hey genealogy mac lovers! I completely agree, I really hope mac functionality will be included in this webinar. We asked and asked for the FTM mac version and now that it’s finally here I’d love to see what they could teach me!

  5. Rocco

    Mac users are normally not as dense as those that have posted on this blog.

    This webinar is for FTM 2011, why is so that so difficult to understand? It’s clearly stated “Please limit your questions to functionality available in Family Tree Maker 2011.”

    A webinar for Family Tree Maker for Mac 2010 should be hosted in the future, but this one is not for it.

  6. I am not currently using Ancestry’s Family Tree Maker, but have been (ahem) using a competitor’s software. With the current software I’m using, creating custom reports is severly limited, plus it only places the person’s profile picture in the report. Does your software allow for other pictures or documents to be inserted in a report? I plan on attending the webinar. I’m hoping your software has more options than what I’m currently using.

  7. Tana L. Pedersen

    A quick clarification. We ask users to limit their questions to current functionality. This does not mean that Mac users are excluded. Most topics covered in the webinar are relevant to both PC and Mac users, and we welcome questions from both.

  8. Virginia Easley DeMarce

    I’m still using Family Tree Maker 2008. I bought 2010, but the user screen was so cluttered up with graphics and icons that I couldn’t get a clear view of the family group I was dealing with, so I ended up just putting it on the shelf.

    Where can I get a clear answer as to whether Family Tree Maker 2011 is really more useful than 2008, or just flashier? So far, all the data I’ve received from praises auxiliary features such as maps, self-publishing, and internet connections, but aside from saying that it’s easier to cite sources, doesn’t give much information on functionality.

  9. Julie Nevells

    I’m giving this as a gift. Is the new 2011 Family Tree Maker the complete version, and not a “up / grade an older version “, and comes with the complete CD’S and booklet.
    Thank You
    Julie Nevells

  10. Darrow

    Some years ago I submitted my tree to FTM. Since then my hard drive crashed (no backup) and now I can’t find or download what I submitted earlier. Can anyone help?

  11. Mary Harmon

    I have used FTM16 to write a two-volume set of books. It worked great. What enhancements have been made to the input screens? Are they still the same as in V16? I know I sent in some formatting suggestions and wonder if they were ever even considered. I hesitate to upgrade to a version that may not work as well as 16. I would like to hear from other users who are using the latest version. How well does it work? What are you comparing it to. It would be nice to get a list of “enhancements” from one version to another other than printing out charts, etc. Most genealogists, I would think, would like to have a workable format in publishing a book. By the way, I use Windows XP. Thanks.

  12. Sharon Bardus

    Where can I find directions for uploading or downloading family trees?

    If I do the basic search on the first screen will that locate everyplace a person’s name might be? Specifically, I am trying to find a marriage in NY state that took place between 1820 and 1830. Should I search NY marriages or does the generic search include NY marriages?

  13. Robbin Smith

    I am frustrated by not be able to include stories that have been downloaded from ancestry in any meaninful reports, for example the person report. I would also like to include thumbnail pictures on the ancestors reports.

  14. Annette

    For the webinar, can you speak to the best places to store notes / attachments? example: I have notes that I have written, photos that I have stored under media. But when I merge data found on it does not get attached to that person and it is hard to find.
    Also, what it the best way to keep tree updated as I make updates to FTM?

  15. Jane Bonny

    When FTM backsup, I notice that the size of the backup file can vary greatly. I even have a December backup that is larger than the current file. How can that be? Is it safe to automatically overwrite previous backup files?

  16. Gail Keller

    I was using FTM for MAC, really hope that is discussed in the webinar. Since the update for FTM MAC, i can no longer use the old search instead of the new like I can on the ancestry website and FTM for Windows. Since I do not like the new search at all, I have been forced to revert to using FTM for windows. Hope you can tell me the secret to selecting the old search feature. Thank you

  17. Audrey Solheim

    I am frustrated with how slow FTM works on my computer recently. I have 29,293 people on the database I use most often, and the file size is 62,766 KB. Is the size of my file the reason for the lack of speed?

    I can’t figure out how to add the birth parents and the adoptive parents to a person. Seems like only one set of “parents” is allowed. Am I missing something?

  18. Carla

    How do you deal with duplications? For instance, in one of my trees, there were a lot of interfamily marriages. How do you tie the people to each other without creating duplicate ancestors?

  19. Jimmy T. Johnson

    I am still using FTM 2010. I would like to have more versatility with searches. Does the FTM 2011 give this. Also more versatility with reports and prints. Thank you.

  20. Bill Cox

    I have FTM 10 and have had no success in producing a Banner Tree. With FTM 9 I was able to produce Family Trees over 6 feet long. I would really appreciate some guidance since I have had zero luck dealing with thanking anyone who can help

  21. Lucinda Burbacch

    I wish Ancestry.Com had a separate Storage place where people could just store family sheets. I do not want to load my tree on to the site, but would be willing to load many family sheets. I would also like to see others family sheets. This should be pretty easy to add to the site. The names would be easy to search, and we wouldn’t have to work through whole trees. Also, conflicts and errors would be easier to locate and fix. I have used FTM since the earliest one (and tried several more). I’ve been doing my family since 1954.

  22. Diana

    I just purchased FTM 2011. Would it be better to individually load names and dates into FTM or allow it to automatically download from my Ancestry file? And, will it download the pictures and other documents from Ancestry? Also, should I continue to build my tree on Ancestry? Will it automatically update FTM? Sorry for so many questions as once – I’m new to FTM.

  23. Barbara Tracy

    Are you going to add more of the Caribbean information to your website. I can not find much. Looking at St. Lucia and Tobago.

  24. Jeff Jahn

    With every change to ancestry member trees it seems like we lose more functions on a upload to it from Ftm 2011. For example last upload i did all the sources attached where not reattached to the facts. The showed in the source detail but are not attached to the facts anymore. This creates issues with ancestry databases that are ranged dates, such as alot of state censuses. All you get in the source detail is a link for one of them when their maybe more then one. Any plans on working with better intergration between FTM2011 and Member trees and fixing some of these issues?

  25. Jean Sanders

    I have used FTM since 05-had purchased yearly in order to update-however I much prefer 16 to the new 2010 I find it extremely difficult to navigate & print charts,family group etc for family members.I downloaded all instructions, purchased the little book of answers. Yesterday I had to call for tech support in order to rearrange photos, I know this sound like a small problem but one of many that I have encountered.Maybe being older and not entirely computer savoy is also an issue. FTM 16 is very easy to navigate,print books, charts and all other reports. I need to know the procedure to lock in my selection for fonts and all the other things required when I want to print many charts & reports. There must be some way for these to stay the same as I move from person to person. There are so many questions, requirements, selections that producing a single report in one persons name is too time consuming.When I make a new book or update an old one it would be nice to just the the font,size & etc stay the same & not have to redo my selections with each person’s name. There are a few things I do like in 2010, but would never buy 2011 as I have not conquered 2010 yet.

  26. Jane Wilder

    I bought family Tree Maker 2011 in 2020 and I still cannot register it so that I can connect to Ancestry through the program. Why can’t someone at Ancestry just register it for me. I loved using Family Tree Maker with Ancestry as I did with my 2009 version.

  27. Jo Ann Sterling

    When the report “Places” is compiled it will only start sorting with the smallest piece of land and go on to larger pieces of land. In doing so, your closer locations are scattered all over the report, which is a mess. I have asked before after 2010 if the programmers could make it possible to run the report in the opposite direction, making USA first, State second, county third, city fourth, etc. In other words, if the first were asending order, then we need descending order. If it has been fixed to do this please advise and I will be thrilled. Thank you,

  28. Carla

    #29 Jane, I had the same problem. You have to turn off your firewall to register. Afterwards you can turn the firewall back on.

  29. Barbara

    Before I updated to the 2011 version I could generate a custom report of my entire tree and sort it by multiple options. For example I could sort my entire tree by death date & place of death which made it infinitely easier to go through old newspapers looking for obits on microfilm. I could also sort my entire tree by cemetery and find everyone buried in a certain cemetery. Could you please give me an idea on how I can recreate those indispensable research reports in the new version?

    I have installed the 2011 version and the info from my previous version has been transferred. If I add info to the old version is it possible to update the 2011 version
    more than once?

  30. E Grevelle

    The little green leaves are very helpful; however, they sometimes point to information that is incorrect for an individual but there isn’t a way to delete them. Therefore, they continue to stay visible on my screen and interfere with new information that may be available. I tend to ignore all of the green leaves since so many of them are pointing to bad information. In Ancestry I can click to ignore a hint and it goes away. This same ability should be incorporated into FTM software. Thanks!

  31. Joyce

    I have had trouble with FTM 2010 when trying to attach a record for a marriage when there are 2 or 3 different ones. It always wants to use the first marriage even when the year dates are different. Is there a fix for this?

  32. John Murphy

    1. While trying to check for UPDATES to my new FTM 2011 I am asked to check with the administrator or sign in as administrator. How do I do that ?

    2. How do I add a second marriage to a person that was divorced?

    3. How do I delete a person that is incorrectly in the ancestry line and then connect the two people that were on either side of the deleted person?

  33. Lois

    I have just upgraded to FTM 2011 from the 2003 version, which I obviously loved. I imported my info from the previous version, but when I open 2011, I sometimes have to import it again! As it is, I’m afraid to uninstall the old version for fear of losing 15 years of work. Also, I cannot find a way to create my family calendar on the 2011 version. Can you help, please?

  34. Dale Swanson

    If I download my family tree file from, will I be able to break off a branch to create a separate family tree?

  35. Barbara

    I have amassed an FTM file of over 29,000 individuals in inter-related extended families over multiple generations. Now I need help on how to break-out smaller peices of it for sharing with others interested in only a small portion. In addition due to the size, I can no longer upload into Ancestory-com.

  36. Suzy

    This is an easy question and one you could cover very easily, I should think. I export to rtf (MSWord) and then have to do some editing, one thing I always do is make the names larger type, which then gets the numbering system off. I also like to add maps, or pictures. As soon as I import a pic or change the text, the formatting goes all to hell. Where do I put my cursor to just open up a little space to add a picture or map so the formatting doesn’t go all haywire?

    Also, can these reports automatically put in a Table of Contents, Index of Individuals, List of Sources, and the photo media I have added to the program? I just want my stuff to look prettier than the default, but also, libraries don’t want your tree unless there is an Index of Individuals.

  37. Joyce Re:# 34

    Duff Wilson will be doing a webinar on Feb 16th. Try to attend and ask him.

    Ancestry has been aware of this problem for quite some time (at least since before August 2010) and, to the best of my knowledge, has done nothing to fix it.

  38. Suzy

    I would like to know how to check for updates. When I use Help–>Check for updates, I get an error message telling me I have to log on as administrator (Which I checked, and I am listed under administrator) or I have to run FTM 2011 as administrator (which I don’t know how to do)

    It would be nice if Ancestry emails would just list the most current version number when they give a link or talk about upgrades. I am running

  39. Ginger

    I have been using FTM since it began. I use to be able to DESIGN the calander until FTM 2008. Now I can’t adjust the font, line colors, name font size & colors. In FTM 2011 it is just plain black & if the name is long it cuts it in half. Please have your progamers update this. Thanks

  40. I wrote # 20 I found that I can merge Ancestry to FTM. I have more than one tree one of them merge the pictures the other did not. How do I get the pictures to transfer also and why didn’t it do it.

  41. Paul Quintin

    I am getting back into my research, and am currently running an old version of FTM (4.0). Will I be able to buy the newest FTM and transfer my files directly?
    Any information would be great, thanks!
    Paul Q

  42. Gloria Gohl

    I have been using Family Tree Maker since 2005 and love it. Even though I have been using it that long, I still feel like a novice on a lot of issues. I would like to place all of the information I have in my FTM online file on my hard drive or on a USB. How do I do this? The main reason is so that I can share this information with family members who do not have a computer or internet access.

  43. Layne

    I like to print out my family tree on 11X17 pages and keep them in a binder. However, when I change or add information to my charts I have to reprint the whole book. Is there a way to print out charts that only print non-blank pages and will still consecutively number the pages so that I can print and replace an individual page. ie I don’t care if I don’t have pages 85-100 in my book at present, but I would like that place holder to be there so that I can go add in page 90 at a later date if I kept my chart format the same and I acquired new information.

  44. Linda Engelmann

    I have updated info. on FTM, for example a ggfather’s info and his brothers and sisters. I’d like the new info. to upload to Ancestry without having to enter it into individual people, but when I try to upload it wants me to make a new family tree. Is there anyway to upload revised info. without re-entering it individually?

  45. ronald love

    How can a person transfer family tree 2010 from HP computer to a MAC. MAC, I have already installed FTM 2011. I have tried a flash drive, but will not open on MAC.

    Ronald E Love

  46. Henry

    I transferred FTM 2006 to my new computer with Vista 64 bit system. It will not open. So now I have FTM 2010. How can I open the old one and combine the old with the new?

  47. William W. Gue

    My father’s sister married my mother’s brother making my cousins,double cousins. Kinship in the Family Tree is indicating only Paternal cousins. Is there a way to have cousins indicated as Maternal also?

  48. Ken Sutherland

    In the past I have had difficulty with the Merge on It seems that sometimes when I merge the person from it creates a new person that stands alone, or with the children and does not attach the information to the person to whom I am merging the information with.

  49. Roxan O'Hagan

    I am currently running FTM on the 2006 and 2010.
    I was not pleased with the results. It took over my 2006 and I had miising pieces…such as census records…gone.
    I am skeptical. on trying the 2011 as I have over 63,00 in my files.
    I am double entering info.
    Is it possible to MERGE the 2006 to the 2011 without losing my stories and census records?

  50. Judith Mathias

    When I make changes to my Family Tree on do they automatically get changed on Family Tree Maker?

  51. 1) When will you correct the GEDCOM creation problem of master Sources? When I use the FTM2011 Source templates and create quality sources, then export the file via GEDCOM and import it to another program, the source citations are badly mangled to the point that every one has to be edited.

    2) When will you correct the CONTinuation and CONCatenate functions in the GEDCOM file? Other programs do it right, FTM2011 does it wrong, according to experts.

    3) Will Family Tree Maker commit to creating GEDCOM files to the current and any future standards? If not, why not?

    I’ve written about these issues on my blog, if anyone cares to see the problems.

  52. Judith Mathias

    When I try to update my Family Tree Program I am not allowed to do so as it states I do not have Administrator Rights. What is going on here?

  53. Roxanne

    Making a “special” Pedigree Chart with FTM 2011.
    I would like to be able to make a Single Line Descent Pedigree Chart, from a specific person to another specific person, that are not a direct line but, through marriages and children’s marriages are connected. The “filters” do not give me enough choices to run without making it extremely time consuming and difficult. How can I make this chart?
    Example: A Mayflower Descent Pedigree Chart. From me to my Mayflower Pilgrim, just showing husband and wife of each generation that connects the two of us together.

  54. Harriet Girdley

    I’d sure like an answer to successfully splitting one tree into two [Incident: 101227-000063]

  55. How can I ensure privacy on any tree that I upload to from FTM? I don’t just mean privacy of records, but only allowing people I nominate to even see the online tree. How do I guarantee that will not use this records in any way?

    2011FB05 13:40 Sydney Australia

  56. Jerry Daniel

    when I make reports they do not include my notes, sourse, or media. How do I get these items included in a report about my ancestors?


  57. Ingrid Penman

    I am looking for a way to make a chart using the fewest pages possible. For working purposes I would like to print out 5, 6 7? generations with children included. Is there a chart to fit that mold?

  58. Denise Strasser

    Is there a way to find people with missing death dates? For example anyone who’s birth date is over 100 years ago would probably need a dead date.

  59. Brenda Summers

    Can I send the information from my FTM to someone else to download onto their FTM without going through I am an member, but the other person is not. Thanks.

  60. I would like to get in the Feb 16 webinar but have an importatant business meeting that evening. Will it be repeated?
    Can a chart/tree be converted to a webpage?

  61. I written several times about the incorrect relationship which shows too many great grandparents (on 2008 & 2009) but as uncles or grandparents of cousins who are sometimes impossible to figure out on 2010 & 2011. No one seems to care enough to fix the problem or even indicate that you are working on correcting it. I’m really getting fed-up with FTM but I’m getting too old to start over with a new program; for the time being I’m going back to 2009 but that really messes things up because I put a lot of new information on 2010 & 2011 that I need to transfer to 2009. HOW!

  62. Carol Skaggs

    In previous versions of FTM, I’ve always been able to CREATE a Genealogy Report,go to EDIT and COPY the report. I then was able to PASTE it into a WORD DOCUMENT which I in turn could edited for individual people. I was able to COLOR code individual parts, highlight others, make small notes for those who I gave the report to! HOW DO I DO THIS NOW? Can it be SAVED as a .doc? OR copied and then pasted into WORD?

  63. Priscilla Webb

    I have tried 2008 and 2009 and found both of them to be unsatisfactory compared to previous versions of which 2006 version 16 was the best ever. Of course, 2006 vers 16’s web search doesn’t work on Windows 7 and there is no upgrade. If there were an upgrade or fix for 2006 vers 16 I would gladly pay for it. I suspect 2010 and 2011 are just more confusing and less friendly versions of 2009.

  64. Carol Sullivan

    I prefer to maintain my family tree using the Family Treemaker software, but like maintaining my tree on as well. Is there an easy way to update one from the other? For example, when others that I have given edit capabilities to update my tree on make changes to my tree online, is there an easy way to pass that update onto to my Family Treemaker version of my tree?

  65. Carl Smith

    I would like to see how to handle divorces and re-marriages. How do you enter “step” parent and children from re-marriages? Thanks.

  66. I would like to know how to only include one source to an individual at a time in a Report instead of having it repeated for example; I recently printed out a Report and it had 100 pages or more just on Sources. When I went back through to see why, I realized that it was repeating the same source I used for the Name, Birth, Death and what ever else I attached this Source to. So just this one Source was repeated 4-5 times or more for the same individual. I have a lot of Sources and was just wondering if there was a way to narrow this down when printing a Report to show just one incident of the Source for an individual but have it include what it is attached to (i.e. Name, Birth, Death, etc). Also in the Mac Version I noticed I am having the same issue with Media, it seems to repeat the Media Source for each fact I attach it to.

  67. valerie Alabanza-Jones

    I have use FTM for years on my PC, I will be buying FTM for my Mac…how do I get all the information from my PC to my Mac

  68. John Beaman

    Would like to know how to format reports so that branches off one’s main lineage do not get mixt in with the main lineage of a group.

    For this Feb 16 Webinar, do you need FTM 2011 or will 2010 do?

  69. Kim Cook

    I have had Family Tree Maker for over a year and I don’t find it user friendly. I do all my research on and from time to time I want to just update my files on Family Tree Maker. I end up with duplicate records when I merge files. I have read and re-read the directions and prompts and the merge never works right. Would love to find out what I am doing wrong . thanks.

  70. Scott Henderson

    I have used the last several versions of Family Tree Maker and am currently using FTM 2010. Most of the reviews I’ve read have essentially said that if you have 2010, there is no reason to upgrade to 2011. What is your rebuttal?

    Also, when will we have a version of Family Tree Maker that will be fully integrated with I like from the standpoint of allowing other researchers to access my tree and collaborate. I like my Family Tree Maker 2010 software, though, because I have it on my laptop and can take it with me as I do research without necessarily having to have access to the internet. I do not enjoy having to enter the information twice, however. I’d like to be able to have a function where if I make updates to either side, the two will sync up when I run Family Tree Maker and it has an internet connection.

  71. Jeanette

    1. My grandfather had only one wife but I mistakely add my grandmother twice (once with a hyphen in her name). I detached the one I did not want. When I run Individual report for my grandfather it shows hared facts twice. One with facts and the other one blank. How do I get rid of the blank one?

    2. When I uploaded my tree from Family Tree Maker to only part of the tree uploaded. what should I do?

  72. Virginia Mistarz

    I tried to register for your webinar. I have a MAC. When i checked my system the test for browser failed. It stated that I needed to install Firefox. I have Safari. The test for media also failed.Ancestry stated that you can register for the seminar if you have 2010 Ancestry for Mac. I need some information.

  73. Maryann Bacsik

    When publishing a descendant report in FTM 2011 I notice a lot of extra spaces in the text. When printing a very large report in a book I’m trying to save as much space as possible. Is there a way to tighten up a report? The space seems to come in the “notes” sections of the report.

  74. Maryann Bacsik

    Currently it seems like when preparing descendant reports in FTM 2011 you have to make several reports for different family lines. That causes a lot of repetition of the same information about individuals when you have to create new reports for each of their say… their great grandparents.

    I understand that other genealogy software companies have a way to do descendant reports for several family lines in the same report and that the duplicate individual information is not duplicated, but instead they refer you to a number where you can find that duplicated individual. Can this improvement be made in Family Tree Maker?
    I’m sorry if I didn’t explain this very well. I hope you understand what I mean. Again – when making a book it is good to try to consolidate information, not repeat it.
    I must say I really like a lot of the new features in 2011. Thank you.

  75. Edward Lump

    I have Family Tree Maker 2010 and love it. I am also a Deluxe World subscriber. The leaves/hints show up on both. Should I do my research from Ancestry or the FTM. Or doesn’t it matter because they share the data?

  76. Carol Re: #73

    The only easy way is to download your online tree into a *New* FTM file.

    You have to choose which will be your main file- FTM or your online tree- and then work only in that file and occasionally upload a new file to the other. Trying to work in both and keep the changes leads to nothing but errors and chaos. There is no synchronazation between the two applications.

  77. Linda

    When resolving unrecognized place names, I select the correct place, click replace – get two options, “this place is linked to 10 facts – “change all instances” or “change only this instance” – if I “change all instances” my FTM 2011 closes and I get the following message: “FTM 2011 has stopped working check on-line for a selection and close the program OR close the program. When I reopen FTM 2011 I get an error message: “FTM 2011 was not properly closed the last time it was used. You may need to compact your last opened file to resolve any issues caused by an improper shutdown. To compact the file choose “Compact File” from the Tools Menu. Question: WHY is this happening? When I compact the file, it makes my file smaller but this should not be happening; never happened in 2010 or previous versions… How many times can you compact your file? Do all of your records REALLY compact correctly? Thanks!

  78. Linda

    When creating a descendant report which includes sources, the source report is excessively long because of the repeated sources. The report needs to be rewritten some how so that only ONE source is used for repeated use throughout your database. IE: if I use the same source for several records and entries it should not be creating a new source number for each recurrence. It should be re-using the first occurrence number throughout your report. If I use the same source for 300 individuals, it’s repeated 300 times in the source listing. Please change that… Thanks!

  79. Linda

    In the Tools / Options / Names/Dates/Places menu, I have selected to display “Use AKA if available after middle name” in the Name Index Options.

    It works when I go into this Tools / Options menu but when I close or exit out of my family file, the display does not HOLD when I re-open the file. If I check the Tools / Options menu again, the radial dial button is still selected to include the AKA option so something is not programmed correctly to keep this option visible when the file is closed and reopened. Can this please be fixed? Thanks!

  80. Jeanne

    I am getting the error message that the file did not close properly and to compact…I am doing this on virtually every time I use the file. the compacting makes small change in size..what is the problem

  81. Jeanne

    I want to be able to use county names in place names in Quebec. the place name shows as unknown and I can not get it to accept the county. Can this be revised? Also for pre1776 places I want to have listed as Massachusetts or Virginia colony or even US colonies Can this be added to the place name lists?

  82. Jeanne

    As many people have with Quebec ancestors I have multiple relationships. I want to be able to select the one that I have the most interest in. If you go to the relationship list you can see all possible ones but I am not able to select one. For example FTM 2011 might select cousin, but the person is actually an uncle and I would prefer that one to show up as I am going through my records on the entry page. Is there a way to do that?

  83. James

    When a file is compacted, it will become smaller. Blank areas in the file that are taking up space are eliminated (“compacted”).


  84. Marsha Tinch

    How can I place the photo’s or other documents into my family or individual reports that I have downloaded into Ancestry 2011 and can I download photos and documents from my family tree on to Ancestry 2011 on my computer?

  85. Laura

    One segment of my Family Tree is fairly large and another not so large. I would like to learn how to safely break paternal from the maternal family side without losing information. Is this possible and should it remain as one tree or begin a separate tree? This is important to reduce the size of the printed document or is there a better way include only those pertinent names.

    Also would like more information on sharing and privatizing Family Tree Maker to include online. Will this absolutely privatize all living. What procedures are needed to share online and how can I be absolutely sure that all living names are not included.

    Thank you.

  86. Laura

    Sorry, on question 94, I should have mentioned that I am using FTM 2011. I’ve used FTM since Version 16 and have since deleted all previous versions to prevent confusion when updating the tree.

    Another question is when printing a pedigree chart is it possible to add siblings?

  87. Barbara Ogletree

    I have been using Family Tree Maker since it first began. I have done quite a few family books in Ver. 16. I also have 3 books started in this version. When I installed the 2010 version, it did not transfer any of my pictures, articles or documents that were in the people’s scrapbooks. Therefore, I am having to start completely over on these books which I have spent months on so I’m not a happy camper on this. I spoke with tech help and they could not come with an answer on it.

    Also, a big feature well liked in my completed books was the map feature. This is also missing. Any chance of getting this done in the new programs. I have updated to the 2011 version and signed up for the Web Seminar on Reports and charts, so hope this will help. I have recommended Family Tree Maker to many friends and relatives so hope the hickups in the new versions will be corrected.

  88. Laura

    When adding photos or saving and backing up FTM 11 file shows … Family Tree 2008 Update 2008-7-10 2010-04-15 Media. This file continues to become larger and larger and when you go in and change the file it reports in Media FTM 11 … File Not Found. Is there anyway to delete all photos or to change them to read where that file is now to bring in the photos without doing them individually. Same happens when you want to update the current FTM11 and delete all the old files reducing the size of memory and eliminating all old files so that you are working with just one file. The added information on these files is confusing and long and it does not show back up for FTM11.

  89. Al Grosser

    I would like to be able to take the information created in the Data Errors Report and have it automatically create Tasks on the Plan panel for each individual that had an indicated error. It would be nice for it not to create a new task if a task already exists for that error/individual. Can this be done with FTM 2011? If not, can it be considered for a future feature?

  90. Diana

    Why is Family Tree 2011 so difficult to navigate compared to the previous versions. This is what Micro Soft did when they introduced Vista. How can I convert back to my 2009 version?

  91. John Donaldson

    # 100 Dinah

    The navigation in FTM 2011 is identical to FTM 2009.

    So goiung back to FTM 2009 will make absolutely no difference

    John D

  92. jerry

    When it was released, I added FTM for Mac to my computer, and downloaded my tree info from via GEDCOM from Ancestry. I have since updated the tree per various “Hints”, etc. How do I update this info on my computer? (by GEDCOM, I understand) …..But will this simply “replace” the entire tree on my system — wiping out any changes I have made locally and have not uploaded to; or will it update only the info that has changed? Thanks. ~jerry

  93. jerry

    More complicated questions! I have read what info I have found on “creating” a Timeline (which is not much and is generally an outline of what to include in the collection) but will FTM (for Mac) generate a Timeline graphic, automatically? Or, can it be done on Or, must it be generated on MyCanvas, and if so, can that be downloaded in a workable format on FTM? Thanks. ~jerry

  94. Barbara Stanford

    I upgraded from FTM v16 (2006)to FTM 2011. In the older version, I found it very helpful to pull up and send (email or postal) an “Outline Descendant Tree” to a relative who could then help me with that particular family. I cannot find this type of tree in the 2011 version. Please consider bringing this tree back. Thanks.

  95. Glenn

    my only interest in an upgrade would be an improvement in the All-in-One tree feature. I have about 5,000 people on my tree and i am waiting for the All-in-One funtion to include continuation page indicators like there are in other functions. Does the new version have this?

  96. Janet

    After reading many of the above comments. I think I need a “for dummies” webinar. I have many old news clippings and photos that I want to add to my info. I assume I scan them and then what? After reading the above I’m concerned that I may add too much info, photos etc. that my uproot my tree.

  97. Aileen

    I would definite like to know how to add thumbnail photos to reports I send to family. Actually, sometimes I would prefer to send them all the photos I have of an ancestor, with the report.

    I also want to know how to add all media for a person to a report so that family members can see the census reports (for example) with “grandpa” listed.

  98. hgirdley

    How to successfully separate a single tree into two trees – one maternal and the other paternal? Neither the online or published FTM documentation provide a 100% successful approach – yet from private emails I’ve received, I’m not the only one seeking a workable and non-labor-intensive solution. Here’s hoping there is renewed focus to making this work as the users have requested (and the documentation implies). Thanks for addresssing. Please reference: (1) discussion forum posting titled “FTM 2011 – Split tree into two lineages” [] and (2) Item #60 above references a incident ticket [#101227-000063]

  99. Donna Rife

    I am still using FTM 2005. Have 2010 downloaded but do not like it. It does not give me the freedom to put things where I want them and too hard to understand. But my question is as the previous one (#108) is – how do I split my (mothers) maternal family from my (fathers) Paternal family.

  100. Bonnie Labrecque

    I just purchased FTM 2011 and it seems the books I had on Ftm 16 did not transfer. How can I get these books into my new version?

    Also, how do I send media to a request from a member of

    I have had to divide my Family Tree File so that I would be able to upload to Is there a way to merge the files back once I have downloaded from Ancestry.Com?

  101. Fred Willson

    Is it possible to automatically update my tree on Ancestry when I make changes in FTM or vice versa?

    The way I did it last time was to upload an new ged file from FTM to Ancestry and then delete the old Ancestry tree, some data that was on FTM doesn’t get included, (a little frustrating). It would be neat if they could be mirror immages of each other.


  102. Shirley

    How can we get FTM 2011 to show multiple relationships in charts? Perhaps a grandfather is also a 3rd cousin, 2 generations removed, but he only shows as “grandfather” in charts, reports, and under family view. Why?

  103. VIKKI



  104. Larinda

    Question for Family Tree Maker 2011??
    How do I back up all my information (Trees) on this program? Please be specific. What file names would I save?? There are three and four diffent files for each tree. Do I save all three or four files to make one tree saved??? Not including pic. Does the FTM do an auto save?? and if so how often???? What is posted on the link for help is tooo general. Thank you

  105. Anita

    I upgraded from v. 16 to FTM 2010 then 2011 and v. 16 was better written. You should hire those programmers back to help you fix 2011.
    Calendar – I agree with Ginger #45. Plus, if I export to RTF, the formatting for the template gets all messed up and changing the font in RFT does not work either.
    Reports – v. 16 allowed birthday reports of living individuals and other custom reports that are not available in 2011. Please bring them back.
    Books – I followed the instructions in 2011 companion guide for importing a MS Word doc into a book (pg 215), spending hours getting photos placed just right. But the formatting was lost after import. Even a simple title page would not hold formatting, even if I created the page from within FTM 2011. The companion guide seems to promise more than the program delivers.

  106. Anita

    I would like to know how to include 1st and 2nd marriages and half siblings in the Ahnentafel Report. I’d also like to know if you can include the thumbnail picture.

  107. Joe

    Oops.. 1 more questions:
    1)Why does the word divorce appear on everyones box when I add it to the list? I know the simple answer… but I think we should be able to have it appear on only those records that have data checked for divorce. I have over 3,000 family members and only a handful of divorces… so the word appears on everyones name – kinda looks like we are waiting for a divorce or just don’t have the dates… it is also a waist of ink when printing… can it be changed?

  108. Ev

    I have the 2011 windows version of ftm. Will the Mac version import all the photos and information? Can you go back and forth in sharing files mac to win or win to mac?

  109. Jerry

    Question for the Webinar: is there a way to view a map with pins for more than one person, 4 generations of ancestors, and their immediate family? While this is useful, I’d be interested in seeing all persons in my tree in a geographic region (on the map rather than the Place Useage Report). This would enhance finding people in adjacent cities, counties, etc.

  110. Marty

    I read frustration on this blog from 1 in 3 questions dealing with synchronization. I know you’re working on it. However, in the mean time, tell me how to update my one tree from to FTM 11 on my desktop and also on my netbook. Companion guide FTM pages 31-32 download and merge doesn’t really do well. Tell me how to “best” do this for my one tree, in three locations. And where can I find these directions print out for me to follow.

  111. Doris Friedl

    Once I printed out a Decendency Report that showed many generations. Now I can print out only four. I can’t find how to tell it to print all.


    How can I trace my mother’s Native American roots when she doesn’t have names? She has a lot of pictures of her Native American Great grandmother in Indian Regalia and all the physical traits (including waist length black hair) as well as photos of her great grandmother and her African American husband. How do I find out how, when and where they hooked up?

  113. Kathryn Peters

    I am still having trouble understanding how to use one source and document different pages for different families. For example, I have many ancestors from the town of Rowley, Massachusetts. I used the “Early Settlers of Rowley, Mass.” as a source for many families but I don’t quite know how to change the page numbers as they pertain to the various families. I’m afraid I’ve made quite a mess with my sources, which I’d like to correct before I go any further. Thanks so much! Kathryn

  114. Mark duBarry

    First of all, I love your product and have been using it for twenty years give or take. I also like and the ability to share family information. Seriously…what you need now is a synchronization tool which would allow me to easily upload changes to my web tree from my primary local tree. I can just imagine an icon on the FTM tool bar titled “Synch Web Tree”. After clicking it, and the calculations and comparisons were made, you would be presented a list of the changes to be made. Finally, a CONFIRM button could be clicked which uploads the changes to the web tree. Without such functionality, the record keeping involved with manually synchronizing the two trees becomes overwhelming and one tree (usually the web tree) suffers. The lack of this tool is hindering the sharing of family information. Please consider adding this functionality…if necessary, you could even charge for it! 🙂 Thanks for your consideration, Mark

  115. Katrina Carlsen

    I have not yet uploaded my family tree to . I really like the layout of the books that can be created through ancestry (My Canvas – family history book). Cannot figure out how to create them from my files on family tree maker without uploading my entire tree online. Would rather not upload tree yet, as there are many facts we are trying to verify before posting. Thanks for any clues on this. Otherwise, love family tree maker & ancestry online! Has done wonders for my genealogy. Thanks, Katrina!

  116. Donna Kehres

    I backed up my FTM6 files to an external hard drive – I installed FTM 2011 on my computer with Windows 7 and I can’s open the files into FTM 2011 – it does not recognize the format.

  117. Susan Pankratz

    Is there a way to merge multiple entries for the
    same source and have the remaining merged/single
    source link to all of the records? Or must I choose one instance and change the link for each referenced event to that instance of the source and
    finally delete the now completely unlinked source?

    Wish there were a merge function for sources and places like there is for people. Thanks, Susan

  118. Mac Cannedy

    I am new to Family Treemaker. I have started building my tree in Family Treemaker, but when I go to, it is asking me to build my tree there. Where should I be building my tree and what are the advantages of building my tree in Family Treemaker vs.

  119. Owen Butler

    I have been useing family tree maker 2005 on my desktop computer with windows xp. When I bought a laptop and loaded ftm 2011 and tried to use my file from 2005 I could not access it. I had to down load my file from Ancestry. I would like to have the same file on both computers. How can I do that?

  120. R. S. "Bart" Bartanowicz

    My printer is old and somewhat cranky! I’ll be purchasing a new printer. What are the “desired” technical specifications for a printer used in conjunction with FTM?

  121. Mike Stover

    I am using FTM in completing family books. My hangup is with pictures. Is any of the FTM versions easier or are they all pretty much the same? I have several versions of FTM. There must be an easier way.

  122. Susan Harrison

    I have been using FTM 2011 since it was introduced. Is there a way to organize the media file, both photos and documents, into separate sections for the various family branches? My file is getting so large that it is difficult to locate images when I need them. Thanks for any help you can give.

  123. Patsy

    1)Why can I not download the pictures, stories, media that I have on to FTM 2011?
    2)How do I treat an illegitimate child in my genealogy? Ex: Recognized illegitimate child of Henry VIII
    There seems no logical way of doing this.

  124. Lisa

    How do you update your tree in Family Tree Maker while searching and adding to your tree in I am thinking of not just facts but everything.

  125. Jerry Little

    I have used Family Tree Maker for several years and I find that I have accumulated many “Just in case I need them” entries of potential relatives in my database. Is there an easy, non destructive way to move many of these into a separate FTW file without loosing my treasured entries, or many of these entries in the new database…just in case?

  126. Mary Burchfield

    I would like to create a timeline and include some but not all of the default events. When I go to the ‘manage Historical Events’ I can’t find a way to get it to print on my individual’s time line. What I am asking is there a way to pick and choose the Historical Events and have them show up on an individuals timeline?

  127. Margaret A Frank

    Is there any way to leave a space between each line on the Outline Decendant charts when they are printed?

  128. richard ilg

    Since downloading Family Tree Maker 2011, I have been experiencing problems backing up Family Tree Maker. Your help line couldn’t fix the problem and Customer service blames Windows. My problem still exists and only since downloading Family tree maker 2011 has it been happening.

    richard ilg

  129. David Thornton

    I currently have FTM 2006, updated to run under Windows 7. When I print out “Genealogy Reports”, there are no page numbers at the bottom or top of the report. Will Version 16 address this oversight?

  130. David Thornton

    Can Index be selective to include only the names in the just printed Geneaology Report, rather than names from the entire FTM File?

  131. Peggy Wolfe

    I have used FTM for years, starting with 2005, then 2010, now 2011. I have more than 38,000 individuals in my database. I enjoyed my research on 2005. Both 2011 and 2010 are extremely slow to merge information from a search. I suppose this is caused by a wait for the download of the census image which I do not want as it takes so much memory! Is there a way to choose not to download the image BEFORE it’s downloaded? I have looked but not found a way.

  132. Peggy Wolfe

    I enjoyed my research on 2005. On both 2011 and 2010 I find no way to publish a chart electronically. I have been using my Snippit, but I do not want an image, I want text.

  133. Peggy Wolfe

    I do not want an image of each census page for each of my 38,000 individuals, but I DO want the transcribed text record for many of them. The “Copy and Paste” feature was good in 2005, but flawed in 2010, and even worse in 2011. Is there an easy way that I have been unable to discover? In 2011 I find I can only “Copy and Paste” if I open the record in a new window.

  134. Peggy Wolfe

    I really appreciate the addition of the “Place” feature. But there is no good way to distinquish the city of Coleman from the county of Coleman if you don’t have another city in that county listed.
    Also, I suggest that FTM should list the state first, county second, and city last, so that all places in the same state would list together, rather than all cities named the same in all different states being listed near each other.

  135. Peggy Wolfe

    My 2011 FTM lists Jr. and Sr. as surnames! This is a new flaw in the program evidentally, as 2010 did not have that problem.

  136. Peggy Wolfe

    FTM 2011 won’t search if any family names contain a “?” so I have to delete that very useful information before I can search. FTM 2010 did not have this flaw.

  137. Peggy Wolfe

    It would be helpful is FTM 2011 marked search records as already ‘merged’ for an individual as 2005 once did.

  138. Marilyn Kali

    In older versions of Family Tree Maker I could create a list, basically a date base, in which I would list the person’s name, spouse, DOB, Place of Birth, Marriage Date, Place and Date of Death, Place. I could do this all in one line of a printout and could get about 50 names to a page. When I was doing research I could check any name in my ancestry file quickly without a computer. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this in later versions of FTM. There doesn’t seem to be a way to create this type of data base where I select the info and can print it as described above. Is there a way to do this? I could easily confirm that I had their birth, marriage, death certificate, had info from the directory, etc. Please help me figure out a way to do this.

  139. I want to print my entire family tree for an upcoming reunion. It’s huge (now more than 4500). We have 3 sisters who gave birth to 33 children. Next generation 165 children. Next generation 500+, etc. We have 8 generations in the tree. How can I print the tree without having to tape hundreds of pages together and still show B/M/D dates and pix?

  140. Robert Morgan

    In FTM 2011, how can I create a custom chart that graphically shows the relationships between (and only between):

    My maternal grandfather, his siblings, his siblings’ spouses and his direct ancestors with the same for my maternal grandmother – my maternal grandmother, her siblings, her siblings’ spouses, and her direct ancestors?

    Seems like there should be a custom chart option where you can select the people, and as long as a relationship can be established, FTM 2011 should be able to “draw” the relationship between them.

  141. Jeff Siler

    If and FTM’s goal is to allow large numbers of people to compile comprehensive family tree’s, why is there a limitation on the size of file/tree allowed to be uploaded. If in fact it is a technical reason, then shouldn’t there be an alternative way provided to your users? The fact that my file is too large to upload with all pictures and attachments to the site required me to upload a severely trimmed down version. Has all the work gone to wast? Your response is greatly anticipated!

  142. Alan Jones

    Question for Duff on Reports and Media citation……I’m doing a limited Genealogy Report (3 generations of ancestors)from FTM2011. Source citation can be included ok but how can I also include a listing of the individual items of media for each person shown. alan

  143. Peter Gregory

    I have been using FTM 2011 for some time (and earlier versions) I use an HP Laptop with ICore 7 and Windows 7 OS.
    When using the Book function of FTM 2011 I get an “out of memory” message most times depending on the items included e.g.
    Cover page,contents, about 30 Family Group Sheets, several Photo Album pages, three hourglass charts only 3 generations with no background, and an Index.The size of this book generates about 200 pages. Is the lack of memory in the FTM program or in my PC RAM? Is this a common problem and can it be fixed. Thank You.

  144. Elaine

    I’m disappointed that the new 2011 manual is only half the size of the 2009; many issues are not covered, and I don’t seem to be able to enter the correct question to get help from the “Help” menu. Apparently the marketing technique is to get us to purchase yet another manual.

    Hopefully the webinar will be covering such things as:
    1. When merging a GedCom file:
    a. What do I do when 2 names are presented for potential merging, but I don’t want to merge them?
    b. When I have the merge page displayed, is there a way to check and see if the one from my host file is one I truly want to merge? (ie: There are times when I’ve only received the first name of a spouse, so it would be nice to see if it might be the same.
    c. A SUGGESTION: When merging two files, since I have all my last names in caps, I find it helpful to have all names being merged in small case, that way I know which ones were merged. After checking those I merged and brought in that I didn’t have, it’s very easy to make all those I brought in to have their last name in caps.
    2. When I make up my Family Tree Books, I want to be able to put all names in an Index with a page number so people know where to find the person they might be looking for. (I’ve seen that done, and it is VERY helpful.)
    a. How can I make a print-out of all the names in my “Index of Names” ?
    3. I can’t figure out how to have the date of divorce indicated immediately when the marriage date is listed. If that couple didn’t have children, the date of divorce is never indicated. I should be able to have the date of divorce printed immediately when listing a couple with multiple spouses, instead of listing only their dates of marriage.
    a. Example: George Jones and Susie Adams were married on 2-2-50; they were divorced on 1-1-61. George married Nancy Lane on 1-3-70; they were divorced on 2-2-80. George and Emily Smith were married on 4-4-90.
    b. If George and Susie or George and Nancy never had any children, their divorce date would not be listed.
    4. How do you merge duplicate “Sources”. I was never able to figure it out with 2009, and Technical Support said it would be much easier with 2011, but there are no instructions in the manual and I can’t find it in the “Help” menu.

    Thank you for your consideration of these issues.

  145. Margaret A Frank

    On the pedigree chart, is there a way to include the primary individual’s spouse since it does show when the person was married, but does not show who the spouse is?

  146. Kathy Young

    My “shaky leafs” and ability to “merge” from the Web are gone. I’ve followed all the instruction to get them on, the box is checked, but no luck. Can you help? No technical help available on weekends (when I use FTM the most). Thanks in advance.

  147. Denise Coffey

    Can you advise how best to include the nicknames ancestors went by? For example, a relative is named Frances J. Brady but went by Fanny. Thanks so much. Looking forward to the webinar on the 16th! Denise

  148. To be honest, I love the product but I hate the collections you provide. Many of us here in the US such as in the southern areas extend from Spain. Places like the Canary Islands. However you don’t represent us the way you should. There are many films available at NARA that are available to the public but never on your website. Although I’m a paying member, every so often I cancel it as your clues are alway useless. On my own I’ve been able to trace back to the 1600’s and 1500’s by purchasing transcribed church books and history books which mention my ancestors. It turns out that I come from many lines of Captains who were conquistadors. You need to represent the Caribbean as well such as Puerto Rico (which is part of the US). Spain is notorious for being the first country to preserve their records. They have a huge archive in Spain. Why isn’t Ancestry attempting to tap into in? I’ve been asking this for many years and you would have a huge increase in membership as I joined a society with over 400 paying members and there are an additional 3,500 nonpaying members that are aware of the society. This doesn’t include the many that post on Ancestry. I would truly love a true representation of America by you extending your libraries to cover more regions and not the easy ones as we all know that the archives you display here are available all over the internet for free.

  149. Maryann

    I may not be able to view the WEbinar on Wednesday. Will I be able to see it somewhere archvied after Wednesday?

  150. George E. McGurk

    I am using FTM 2011 but I started using FTM version 8 many years ago. In 2 of my records I listed people as having more than one spouse but have found this not to be true. I can not find a way to delete this when it comes up “no spouse shown”.

  151. Elaine Bartlett

    In my older version I was able to pick the picture I wanted to put on trees or reports, I can’t seem to do that with this new version and how do I change pictures? Thanks

  152. Katherine

    I am trying to figure out if there is a way to cross link families in FTM 2011 that have first cousins marrying?

    I have brother & sister ancestors that had 3 of each of their children marry each other….

  153. Mary

    Q1 – Is there a way to have the SAVED REPORTS displayed in alphabetical order by the name of the report? I get tired of searching thru my 40+ various reports to find the one that I need to use again!

    Q2 – As soon as I open a saved report, the original title is “lost” and changes to the name of one of the people in the report. I am tired of having to change the title back to it’s original title before printing the report again.

  154. Elizabeth Morriss

    I am contemplating purchasing Family Tree Maker and am registering for the Webinar this evening. I have been using intensively for the last three months (daily – all day) and I have so many bits and pieces of information that I am getting confused. I am entering this information into Ancestry,and am hopeful hat FTM will allow me to simplfy while retaining all photos, documents, etc. However, in reading the comments and questions above, I am hesitant about FTM. I have similar problems with Ancestry that have not been resolved. Are you all going to be able to satisfactorily address this concerns?

  155. Diane Maxwell

    Looking forward to tonight and want to hear about mac version use. Used Family Tree Maker on PC for years and years. Switched to Mac. The use of nicknames would be helpful as in Charles – Charlie

  156. Lane Oliver

    My cousin and I have a discussion going on how should you put your files or info in. Should you start a new file for every family such as Perternal Grandfather and one for the Grandmother’s side and also do the same for the Martenal side. That makes 4 files going under a different name or shoudl the paternal side be kept together and then the Maternal side kept together branching off each their way?

  157. I have used FTM 16 for a longtime. I was trying to find if it can be improved and bought FTM 2009. Unfortunately when imported all info from Version 16, it did not get all information and then decided not update as I was very happy with V 16. Now I have problem with updating my homepage on FTM website. I never get home page updated, with error message of “Submission error: error during send” Also get information that “We are experiencing ongoing problem both with accepting and processing upload from FTM. We are working to fix this problem” This message has been there more than now 6 months or so. Is there any solution or light at the end of tunnel? Please advice and reply. Thanks.

  158. Peter Ruddock

    “Most important is a search engine that will NOT give unrelated results. I’m am tired of sorting through page after page of results for Ruddick or Ruddock only to find one or two scattered throughout dozens of R320 individuals. It is a total waste of my time. It is the same problem with the website search engine.”

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