Posted by Web Operations on January 13, 2011 in Site Issues

We are experiencing some temporary site problems. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Our development and web operations teams are working on the problem and we will have it resolved as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 13, 2011 AT 5:15 PM MT/7:15 PM ET

We are pleased to inform everyone that the temporary site problem we experienced earlier has now been resolved.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and truly appreciate your patience through this situation.


  1. Would like to know why I can’t get on ancestry,this is the second time this week and isn’t the first time this has happened,what am I paying for if I can’t use it.

  2. I hope when they come back they’re exactly the same. I’ve added a lot recently, even created a new tree a few hours ago, right before it all vaporized! :-/ Thanks for the update. Please keep us informed — more details would be reassuring.

  3. helen

    I agree with above…yes these things do happen but this is not the first time this week alone and it is a service we are paying for

  4. Virginia Kutcher

    Just when I was ready to update to international access! This is going on two hours of being unavailable…not good folks!

  5. Kathleen

    I agree with Joyce & Christena….we shouldn’t be charged for a “service” when it is down. This problem happens way too often.

  6. BC

    I fully understand that those kind of things also can happen to anchestry, but like maria is asking; do you have an approx ETA? It is close to midnight and should I wait or go to sleep? 🙂

  7. Shelby

    I haven’t been able to get access for the last couple of days. Will we get credit for the time this thing is down or are we paying for time we can’t get access? When will the problems be fixed? Any guesses?

  8. Jackie Sceats

    Not happy that this is using precious time on my 14 subscription – do I get an extra day tacked on the end???

  9. BC

    I fully understand that those kind of things also can happen to anchestry, but do you have an approx ETA? It is close to midnight and should I wait or go to sleep? 🙂

  10. Cyndy Cox

    Your comment is vague. Obviously, we already know that access to trees is not available. I understand that these things can happen (although, they are happening more frequently), but please do not be condescending. Some real information would be appreciated.

  11. J Whelan

    How many more times are you going to breakdown. I am paying a subscription but everytime I need to search for a record you say error check back later. I expect a full service for my money but you never offer a reduction for the inconvenience.

  12. Sarah

    Can you please let us know when you estimate the trees to be available? I have been trying to access it for over an hour.

  13. Lynda

    The Family Tree function has been down for more time this week than the whole of the rest of the time I’ve been using Ancestry. Why are there so many problems at the moment? I’m assuming it’s the new format causing the problems. Clearly it wasn’t checked properly before being introduced.

  14. im working on my tree and have a lot of time n research put in on it..I sure hope that it saves all my information before it went down.

  15. trisha

    An estimate of when the site will be back would be helpful. I have waited about an hour so far. I do understand that things like this happens, but try to give us some idea of when to try back.

  16. margaret whymark

    I’ve got the 14 days free and this has happened twice in my first 7 days will have to see how it goes over the next 7 to see if I suscribe

  17. Jessica

    I just signed up for this. If this is a frequent occurance, should I cancel and go elsewhere? Not so sure I want to pay for a service I’m unable to use.

  18. debbie

    I was using a tree and now it is down. Hopefully you give us a credit for it being down. This is frustrating.

  19. sarah

    Its funny – I was signed up to this site for free for over a year before I “bought” a package and I never had a time when the site was down or unavailable in all that time – now that I have signed up for a subscription there has been nothing but problems – I would love an explanation why the free service is problem free and the paid service is full of errors

  20. Barbara

    This is the second time within a week that I’ve not been able to access and work on my family tree. Through December I had no such problems. It’s good that you have opened this blog entry and enabled comments, but I would really like to know what we can expect in terms of return to service and whether this is a short term or longer term situation.

  21. Anne Benson

    Not a pleasant thing to encounter when I just paid you $155 and resubscribed. Hope it is fixed soon!

  22. Gai

    I totally understand that from time to time there will be problems and the site has to be down for maitenance etc. BUT this site has been down already this week and at best it’s running very slowly. More information would be appreciated. Subscriptions to this site are not cheap – people do expect a more robust and reliable service for what they pay.

  23. Randy Brooks

    Just gives people time to go over their real photos and get ready to put them on. Ask yourself have I look on for gravestones of people who I am looking for? Or go to local state history sources. Or call a relative and see if you can find a gold mine of photo albums or family resources. Think outside of the box!

  24. Jean Aurand

    Unlike some of the other comments, this is really the first time I have not been able to access the trees. Hope they’re back soon though, as they provide valuable information. 🙂

  25. Sonja

    ANY update? I spoke to someone over an hour ago and was told it would be fixed “any minute now”. I don’t have a lot of free time to work on my research and this seems to have happened a lot over the past several months. Is there a permanent fix in the works???

  26. Amanda

    I understand issues happen. However I am using the 2 week trial to decide if I should become a subscriber. If this happens frequently, I don’t know if its worth it. Not a good first impression.

  27. Leann

    I am very upset because this is not the first time this has happened to this site in the past week. What am I paying for if I can’t use the service? And, any ETA on when it is going to be resolved?

  28. Carol

    Hi do you have any idea as to when I can get back on the site. I get withdrawal symptoms , not a pretty sight.

  29. Janet

    While I understand that these things can happen, I do find the website to be pretty expensive at almost 30.00 a month.

    Crediting members for the inconvenience would be appreciated.

  30. sarah

    Its funny, I was signed up to this site for free for over a year before I “bought” a package and I never had a time when the site was down or unavailable in all that time now that I have signed up for a subscription there has been nothing but problems I would love an explanation why the free service is problem free and the paid service is full of errors

  31. Randy Andrew

    For you folks trying it out, this doesn’t happen all that often.

    Of course, now I don’t have anything to do to make my afternoon go by faster….. :0(

    Well, I have been meaning to eliminate those duplicate names in FTM…

  32. E Thomas

    I know this has been said before but this is the second time this week…I am still in my free two weeks & I am really starting to wonder if this is something I want to pay for or not. It is ALOT of money for something that does not work, of course there are going to be times that it will be down for updates & things like that but this is not cool.

  33. Sharon

    God Bless everybody! I have noticed what appears to be a freeze up. I am planning to subscribe to the world feature this Monday. I just saw the television commercial. Maybe too many hits?
    I love this place one way or another. The things I have learned is incredible.

  34. Carrie

    Thank you for the update. I had been experiencing some problems on the site with pages freezing and not adding my data. I thought it was my computer; so though I’m sorry there are some technical difficulties, I’m glad to learn it wasn’t my PC contributing to the “frozen” pages.

  35. Kay

    Are you having hardware issues– software issues— or spaming issues? I ask because I think I picked up a spam issue from last week and had to have my machine cleaned off. Now I am concerned about your frequent outages.

  36. Brian S. Cook

    Come on people…those of you that are complaining need to get over it and get away from the computer for a change. This does not happen, and is part of life in the computer age.

  37. Angela Collier

    Thankyou for the update. However it is frustrating when a service has been paid for and access isn’t available when needed. Work dictates how often I can use the site and when I can use it there are problems.

  38. stu

    yet again we are left without access to our trees. what is the point of this site? As soon as they get your money you lose access! Far too many occurrences of this lately, perhaps its time to find a better more reliable site!

  39. Dev

    Thanks so much for keeping us informed. I appreciate that these things happen and quite honestly, they don’t happen very often.

    Love the updates by the way – it is so much easier sourcing things now that I can do it all on one person with just a few clicks.

  40. GASMarsh

    I think this time down should be a consideration when you look at my contract….when people only have certain hours to work on this ….this is a very expensive site and I am not pleased. There have been several glitches for days and information I have input has disappeared or been (reassigned) …lets get this going people please.

  41. liz

    Thanks for letting us know of the problem. Hope we get extra day or days attached to the end of our subscribtions because we really do deserve the extra time. We deserve to get t-shirts as well for all the loyal ones to show your graditude for hangin in there with you as well as the extra day or days we don’t have access.

  42. I have had this service for almost 2 years seems like everytime you really need something the site is down. You just did routine maintenance a few nights ago. Statements are always made problems will be resolved as quickly as possible how long is quickly days???? Like states in all these blogs people are tired of paying for something they do not get, all of us who are on this service derserve a credit of at least a day I have been trying all day to get on, plus last evening I want a credit for a day!

  43. j

    I have had to change my password 7 times today to access The money that I pay should insure that I do not have to change my pass word 7 times a day.

    The reason that I chose to build my family trees was because of easy access until today. It has been one nightmare after another and now I can’t access the information.

  44. Linda Robbins

    I expect that should add 1 24-hour day of my subscription to the end of my subscription for every 24-hours is offline. This is not too much for a subscriber to ask for. This happens in the non-Internet world all the time. If a magazine or newspaper subscription is not fullfilled, either due to lapse in publishing, vacation time for the subscriber, or some other reason, then the subscriber can expect extra time at the end of their subscription to be extended fairly. I and others expect this courtesy and will expect to hear about this from Thank you.

  45. serena

    It’s ridiculous that there has been so much downtime in one week. Really not fair to subscribers. I find that “Check back soon” message really irritating. Soon seems to be the wrong word!

  46. Cindy

    This is the first time I have had this problem I
    hope it comes back up soon. I like this site better than others I’ve tried I’ve found more
    information here hope its back up soon….

  47. Thurman

    We didn’t have many problems before you changed the format. It is much harder to navigate now than it was before. You have to merge every single hit now in order to get rid of you “wonderful” little leaf. Go back to the old way and let us get on with FTM and!

  48. It seems I can still search Ancestry but not access my tree to save it. Can you please,please,please give everyone a “clue” as to when you expect to be up and running?????

  49. Rita

    I was asked today was this a better site than Genes Reunited, with all the down time recently it makes be wonder. I have just a basic membership to GR and it is never down, here I pay for worldwide membership and it is frequently unavailable

  50. Mary Conrad Hoffherr

    For the cost I find this a pain. It isn’t the first time this week that we have experience this. Either get it fixed quickly or give a refund for each hour we can’t use the system. Having used this system for a number of yours I find this happens just way to often to be patience.

  51. K.C.

    Jeez people… this is a very small issue in comparison to what’s happening up here in Queensland!

    I agree with Gary (#20) – there IS suprisingly FEW problems with a complex website like this. I should know, I’ve been on the site every day for the past year working on three trees.

    Margaret (#26) – It’s completely worth the subscription fee! We progressed one tree back several generations, more than what had been achieved in 20 years.

    So Keep up the great work Ancestry!!!

  52. Just a thought… lately the website has seemed to bog down. At times I need to wait 20-30 seconds for an “update” to take and the servers to respond. I would hope that in addition to working out any glitches with the web site, you might also add computing capacitiy to speed up your servers.

  53. Susan

    We do hope that you get the necessary repairs made soon. As some have suggested, there are other things one might do when the system is down, however, we had plans on this really cold day to get a lot accomplished on our trees.

  54. This is a brilliant site. I have been a member of the UK site for many years without issue but the last few months the site seems to keep going down. Love all the new records that have been added, but is this causing the problems? Have you simply grown too big and cannot cope with the number of records and users? Please give us back the reliabilty. Thanks

  55. Libby

    This is starting to happen far too often! When does Ancestry start compensating us for the weekly/monthly outages? And some of have to do many things – we are all not retired! It is part of what we schedule to do! Keeping that in mind it would be fantastic to have the site up and operational. Maybe you should do maintenance scheduled far in advance and give your PAYING CUSTOMERS advance notice. A little consideration would go a long way!!!

  56. David

    Seems strange that as soon as I change from the 14days trial to a paid up subscription I can not access my trees. Seen the same comment elsewhere here

  57. Beverly

    I have been using Ancestry since 2002 and I don’t have any complaints. Yes the site sometimes has to be updated or maintained and the timing isn’t good for us, but things happen. Just have a little patience and the site will be back. Thanks Ancestry for all of your help and information you have provided us.

  58. Robert

    I am on a 14 free trial before I get charged. I have spent many hours working on 2 trees now they have been removed. I will be canceling my Subscription.

  59. Ian

    14 days free trial no hitches take out subscription site down. Do we get extensions to our subscription for lost days?

  60. This is a brilliant site. I have been a member of the UK site for many years without issue but the last few months the site seems to keep going down. Love all the new records that have been added, but is this causing the problems? Have you simply grown too big and cannot cope with the number of records and users? Please give us back the reliabilty.

  61. shillaker

    Strange how this has happened twice in the few days since you had “planned maintenance”. Perhaps you should leave well alone?

  62. Evelyn Rich

    You do such a wonderful job that all of us ancestry junkies have problems with withdrawl after a few hours. Take it as a compliment

  63. Been a subscriber for about two years–this started after the television series about, and a lot of new subscribers/traffic.

    Wondering if the snowstorms of the last couple of days and people being off work increased the load again??

    Would be nice to know how much the site has increased capacity of servers and other IT capability in the last year??

  64. Hi There.

    I am getting a little tired of the system being down,what are we paying for ? and also every time I try to find a record for the UK I get a bunch of USA records, like this morning for instance I wanted to get into 1900 census for UK and I got 2 records and the rest were for USA.What is going on, we were also told we could get some of the records for 1911 were are they and how do we get them.
    Disgruntled customer

  65. Chrystal

    Is there any estimate on when the problem will be resolved? I was adding photos when the service got interrupted and now I will have to start all over again. There might even be errors.


  66. Sheila

    I have to agree with all the comments I have read about regular maintenance. I only have a few hours per night to do my research, so I do agree that the number of days the site it unavailable should be added on to the subscription deadline.

    Helen I know what you mean about the shakes – I am totally hooked as well !!!

  67. Sharon

    Really would like to get a better estimate of how long you will be down and why this has been occurring for the past few days. It is very frustrating paying so much money up front and not being able to access when I have time to work on the site. I would like to see at least 1 to 2 days credit to my account.

  68. Diane

    So the Website is down. People please understand that these things happen. Only in a perfect world would we have no problems. I mean, it’s about what .50 a day to use this site if you paid annually. Work on something else like a to-do-list, check out other websites, organize your photos/stories. Be productive instead of inactive. Geeeeshhh! This has been the best site ever and I’m sure they are trying to make sure it it is at it’s best.

  69. Ann

    This has been happening with much more frequency – have you perhaps oversold your capacity with all the TV advertising?

  70. serena

    Why on earth are people praising the site? There are just too many problems this week. New features need to be tested properly before being put in to action. How much longer have we got to wait?

  71. Darlene

    Understandable but, hope resolved quickly as I am enjoying finding out about my ancestry. Love those trees!! Love this site and am impressed with records at hand.

  72. Lynn

    OMG!! I’m having delirium tremors! The horrors of withdrawal! Please hurry back. I am obsessed! is my life!!!

  73. Rachel

    I just upgraded about two hours ago and then tried to go into my trees, but could not. I know things happen like this. I hope and am sure this situation will be corrected and that will notify us when we can pull up our trees.

  74. Richard

    K.C #70 is right I’ve been a member for two years. This is the first outage I’ve experienced and this site is easier to use than others simpler to build trees and keep your records.

  75. Mary

    2 times this week, I have to agree less money on TV and more of our money to emplyees that can keep us going. I understand maint. oh that happened to this week so that makes 3 times this week for me.

  76. I just love your site and feel lost when you go down.But it has been running very slow lately, so I hope you can fix that too.Come back SOON please.

  77. Pat Caldwell

    commenting thru January 27 2011 how long is going to take I think we should have been alerted to make copies today is the 13th how long do you expect this problem to be

  78. Karen

    Like some comments vie read already this is the second time this week. I am quite newt this site I’m starting to think vie chose the wrong site

  79. joyce

    Ahem, really! This is what I do all day, can’t you do maintenance during the wee hours of the morning?

  80. Jon

    Hopefully the site will be back up soon.I work in IT and understand that sometimes there has to be outages…I wonder if the powers that be will let us know what this outage is for?

    I’m a bit annoyed that the 1911 uk census has been available for months on other sites,but even as a premium international member, still doesn’t have these records available.It makes you wonder where our subscription money is going…

  81. Ken Malcomson

    I actually took a day off from work so I could travel to my Dad’s house and we could work on our genealogy! Still fun to visit with Dad but we had a goal and a rare chance to spend time on this. What a bummer. I, too, understand that technology has it’s flaws and any machine, mechanical, electronic, or software-driven, has some glitches, but SHEESH.

    Everyone who suggests we should be credited for time lost is correct. C’mon, Ancestry! And I just upgraded, too.

  82. Danny Filtness

    Another glitch… another check back soon… this always happens when i renew my subscription… 🙁 not good at all

  83. Neil

    Someone suggested we need to re-upload our GEDCOM files? Is that correct? I haven’t backed up in a while.

  84. Jade

    1) No one pays to have trees hosted on If you are a ‘subscriber’ or in the trial period, you are paying for access to databases and to others’ trees.

    2) The Ancestry site as a whole is operating. It is mainly the Tree servers that are having problems.

    There have indeed been an unusual number of server glitches in the past 6 days.

  85. Meg

    I’m fairly new at this–a Christmas gift–and I didn’t expect to have to deal with “breakdowns” although I’d been told it happens all too often. Do we get a refund for lost time?

  86. Gary

    I must once again speak, will all you who are complaining just stop. Have you ever, in you life had a problem, not of your making. These people are doing the best they can which is why we should shut up and let them do their job.

  87. I am a heavy user, this week I logged several 15 hour days. Other than a little slowness I haven’t experienced trouble since my subscription started in September, until now 🙁 I like the new look, but I wish the bugs could have been fixed between 3 am and 8 am while I’m sleeping. I think you’re in cahoots with my husband to get me away from the computer. Oh well, back to my other neglected hobbies for awhile.

  88. Donald

    I can only assume this was another unplanned event and hopefully not another programmer’s change.

    Do you have a programming group i.e. not a single person, and do your programming changes pass by a board or group for approval?

    Do you test out changes off-line first?

    There obviously have been some changes that were not thouroughly tested beforehand.

    Either you need to get a new programmer or think about the reprocussion those changes make to the thousands of subscribers. e.g. name changes to the databases and broken links as an example.

    We have put a lot of time and effort into our on-line family trees and corrections of your database transcripion error etc. (without any noticable search results nor any compensation I might add).

  89. Alison

    I have worked on ancestry regularly for many years and it very rarely fails me. My work software fails more often. No complaints from me.

  90. serena

    This blog seems to be the only accessible part of the site. Things are getting worse not better! It’s high time someone told us how much longer it’s going to be down.

  91. Cristine Buntin

    I have a problem with this too. I think that when they give no forward notice, we should have an extra day added onto our accounts. After all, we pay good money to use their services. It’s an inconvienance when we can’t because of some temporary site problems.



  93. Steven Hall

    Ithought tonight i had lost all my tree on ancestry, but when i saw it was just a problems on the sight i was relieved, im sure you will get it up and running shortly,we dont want it happening to often when we are paying for use of the site.

  94. Brian S. Cook

    If someone has had to change their password so much then that is a user error. I’ve never had a problem with passwords after many, many years. If those of you that are whining about contracts would actually read all of the contracts and agreements, you’d see that there are times when the site is down for maintenance or problems, and being of the people that is on here 24/7 I can vouch for the fact that it doesn’t happen a lot at all.

  95. Michelle Horder

    I have been subscribing for just over a month now and this is the first “problem” I’ve encountered. I appreciate the notice the other day for the scheduled maintainence. Keep up the good work. If not for Ancestry I would not found out so much about my family. As a foster child it became very important to me to know it all. If i would have had to do this all the old fashioned way. Applying for certificates from BDM and road trips to grave sites it would have cost me so much more in fees, time and fuel. And i havve also been in contact with a distant (three times removed) cousin who’s research on this site has been invaluable.
    Thankyou Ancestry. Hope to be back on soon.

  96. Tracy

    Just my luck get the kids into bed so i can climb my tree and shock!!!! NO access again. Leaves no options but to do the ironing HELP HURRY UP

  97. Donald

    I can only assume this was another unplanned event and hopefully not another programmer’s change.
    Do you have a programming group i.e. not a single person, and do your programming changes pass by a board or group for approval?
    Do you test out changes off-line first?
    There obviously have been some changes that were not thoroughly tested beforehand.
    Either you need to get a new programmer or think about the repercussions those changes make to the thousands of subscribers. e.g. name changes to the databases and broken links as an example.
    We have put a lot of time and effort into our on-line family trees and corrections of your database transcription error etc. (without any noticeable search results nor any compensation I might add).

  98. Jade

    1) No one pays to have trees hosted on If you are a ’subscriber’ or in the trial period, you are paying for access to databases and to others’ trees.

    2) The Ancestry site as a whole is operating. It is mainly the Tree servers that are having problems.

    So-called Home Pages, Message Boards and Database access are working.

    There have indeed been an unusual number of server glitches in the past 6 days.

  99. Ron

    I also concur with others who think a two or three day reimbursement of subscription fees is fair and in order.

  100. Angie

    I agree wholeheartedly with Randy Brooks (Comment #35). Use this time constructively, and then ask yourself this.. “Do I praise the site when it works as much as I complain about it when it doesn’t?” I love this site, and am fully aware that there are problems with every website. After my 14 day trial, I will definitely be subscribing for longer 🙂

  101. Dawn

    Hi Jon…where are you finding the 1911 UK census?

    Finally home early…no one else home to bug me…was so excited to work on my tree….crossing my fingers that is back up soon. I have not had issues with the trees not being available in the past; how long are they usually down for?

  102. I have been having problems since you started the new upgrade a few days ago. Never fails, this happened right when I’m in the middle of a very important discovery. Please hurry soon – I love your site and have been very content for years.

  103. Carherine

    The Family Tree function has been down for more time this week than the whole of the rest of the time I’ve been using Ancestry. I’m assuming the new format is causing the problems. Perhaps it wasn’t checked and run through trials to get the bugs out before being introduced. I am having withdrawals…

  104. Graham

    I understand that from time to time there will be problems and the site has to be down for maitenance etc. However, the site has been down already this week and is running extremely slowly, has been for some time. I have also experienced many other problems which are very frustrating, and are too numerous to comment on. Subscriptions to this site are not cheap and I expect a better service

  105. Steven A Myers

    I’d like to be credited for this outage, and I think that ALL of your subscribers should be, too. The problems that I’ve encountered with your site these past twelve months (I’ve been a member for about 5 years) are becoming intolerable. Your “developers” need to be replaced or retrained in some way (or at least that’s who everyone in your organization seems to be blaming for these multitude of issues).

  106. susan

    3 hours. On a day I had planed to work on my tree all afternoon the site is down for 3 hours, SO FAR.
    This is also the 3d time this has happened. Perhaps if you stopped changing the system and left it alone you would stop having problems.

  107. Lesley Bates

    I know that you have to do maintenance work on the website and that you have it that it is 3pm in the afternoon, but where I am it is now 10pm at night and I do not know where to keep trying or go to bed? Also when are we getting the 1911 Census on line?

    Hope you can resolve the problems soon.

  108. Anne

    For goodness sake, 122 William – the thought terrifies me! You’ve frightened me half to death at the thought of all the work being lost!

    I’m aggravated that the trees aren’t accessible, I don’t like the new changes that have been made, and the whole thing has been slow for weeks – but it does have millions of records accessible ( even if some are plainly bummers.
    When can we all expect access again please, and not just this silly check back soon message? Let’s have some real resposnses please.

  109. Keera

    This is not a good thing. I have been a avid user on the website, and when I needed to print some items from my tree, I have to wait for them to come back up. THIS IS NOT FAIR. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL BE FOR THE WEBSITE TO BE BACK UP AND RUNNING. THIS IS A REAL INCONVENIENCE.

  110. Geraldine James

    Too much advertising? Too many changes to the format? Too expensive when the site is so often down lately. Maybe when things are working well they should be left alone. When will you be back? Please let us know.

  111. Jane

    Noticed yesterday that I had to actually logon two times, when usually the site just comes up. Then when using my lap top, I can’t see the original images anymore, but on my home pc I can. Hope this all gets resolved soon.

  112. Mary Ann

    Come on folks

    As my Grands would say..Chill
    I’ve been on Ancestry for at least 12 years and have experienced very few outages. I’d give up
    eating before I’d give up my Ancestry sub. (not a bad idea that.) Yes, frustrating, yes inconvenient.
    But try doing this the old fashioned way. Get in your car, drive to countless libraries, court houses and cemeteries. Write to the out of state ones and hope for an answer…for months. Hire a
    professional to take photos for you in that faraway place. Roll thru pages and pages of census until your eyes cross (if one of those libraries has it) Then you would really appreciate the instant gratification found here. Why the gasoline to do those things above would far outpace the cost of your sub. Worth every single solitary cent..of course I wouldn’t mind an additional day or two to compensate for outages…..I am but human.

  113. Susan Tillotson Bunch

    On the bright side, you have saved me from myself for the afternoon …. those little leaves are like crack … very addicting and you can’t just click on one!

  114. While I understand every one’s frustration…you can google some family names and locations. I just did and came across some information. You can also try the books online.

  115. Tina

    I have been a member for almost a year and this is only the 2nd time that i was unable to access my trees,i am having withdrawal but i will survive to search another day.

  116. Kim

    I have been a member for 10 years now and rarely do they have problems. For the amount of information they have available on this site a little down time isn’t worth going to other sites that offer far less! For all of you complaining: I’m sure you’ve been neglecting personal relationships and other things that you can be taking care of while they work hard to fix the problem. It’s so sad you all complain, but yet I didn’t hear any of you volunteer to fix these problems. If you’re so worried then get a job with them and do what you think they aren’t! Trust me – IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!! I love so keep up the great work guys!!

  117. Ruth

    I love this site. I have been a subscriber for many years and have never had a problem. Not sure if any of the complainers have ever had any dealings with an IT department before, but it is never a quick fix. Take your time repairing the site… the info is too valuable to mess around with. Keep up the good work!

  118. Amanda

    I am so not happy with this site i just signed up for it lastnight my family tree i had made is gone and what am i paying for if i cant look up any informaton or save my tree what is the point of paying for something that dosent work.I would like to know when this site is gonna work this is not a good start.

  119. Neil

    This has been happening quite frequently over the last week or so. Why have you tinkered with the appearance of the tree? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  120. Thanks for the message.I agree to a lot of the comments ,especially, when you take a lot of time to build your tree, and, then when you go back onto your tree again, all the latest information you added has disappeared.Hope you sort it out soon Good Luck.

  121. DARN!!! I have been working on this tree, for aprox. 7 hours a day, for 3 months. Now what, does this mean I have to get out of MY TREE and Clean my house???????? that would be a drag, but at least my grandkids would be able to find their bedrooms. LOL

  122. stevemdaw

    Why is there no information about the outage? Can’t you give us an eta, or at least tell us what is happening?

    What does the Service Level Agreement say should happen?

  123. Jade

    1) No one pays to have trees hosted on If you are a ’subscriber’ or in the free trial period, you still have access to databases.

    2) The Ancestry site as a whole is operating. It is mainly the Tree servers that are having problems.

    So-called Home Pages, Message Boards and Database access are working.

  124. Martha Hawkins

    Hang in there!

    If your your personal computer has never crashed, you’re lucky. At least Ancestry doesn’t have to wait for a repair person to come make needed adjustments at their convenience. I’m going to take this down time to do some of the other things that I should have already done today.

    Let’s all remember that it’ll be great to be able to return to Ancestry when “all is well” and we can resume our family journey.

  125. Maureen

    I’ve been using Ancestry for over 5yrs and I think it’s brilliant. This is the first time I’ve logged on when it’s been unavailable.

  126. Bonnie

    I agree, this is happening to often. Maybe it is time to move on. I do not upload my trees onthis site beause of the problems and also the mistakes and duplicate entried from the same people. seem no one is checking what is entered.

    Maybe as the saying goes they are getting to big for their britches.

  127. Dawn

    AMEN Mary Ann!

    Susan…I have felt the same way about the leaves~! I just can’t leave (no pun intended) them along; and every time you click on a leave and accept the update it MAKES MORE LEAVES!!! I just love it!

  128. Danny Filtness

    FYI… this happened about october 2010… Ancestry did compensate by adding 1 day to subscription…

  129. Wendy

    Come on Ancestry, I have just paid a new sub for the total package at great expense. (third year running). You should at least offer us extra days on the end of our sub to make up for the time lost. And I agree, less advertising an more investment. You must have got thousands of subscribers after your latest add campagain, and now look you can’t cope with the work load.

  130. Rex Demanser

    Personally i dont identify with other peoples problems. Your site seems to be continually experiencing problems, but i would expect this would be reflected in your pricing with an adjustment or a refund to your membership. The number of times the site is down suggests you best make an offer to us of one month free or the like to avoid us grouping together and discussing our consumer rights for a paid product that is not functioning!.

  131. Jodie Meyers

    Down a few HOURS now. Like others, I only have a few hours in the evening to research and this is definitely a problem.

  132. stevemdaw

    Jade, I found some nice information tonight, which I wanted to add to my Ancestry tree, but I can’t do it.

    I know it will be ok when it comes back, but tonight’s research is now problematic.

  133. Renee Conboy

    You all do a great job and I appreciate it very much. Maintenance is part of the computer world, and for the volume that you deal with, it is amazing how smoothly everything goes. Time to go and read a book…..

  134. George Goff

    While it is frustrating when the site is down it doesn’t happen that often and I am very thankful there is an where I can research and share with my family and others.
    I am curious about your backup system and I’m sure you have one due to the enormity of data that would be lost in a major system crash.

  135. Evelyn Rich

    Unless you are all under 20, PLEASE WAKE UP to the astonishing fact that here I am in Washington, D.C. able to access hundreds, maybe thousands of records about my ancestors with the click of a mouse. Fortunately they did not get their knickers in a twist over a glitch like this. Fortunately they had knickers? One can only hope.

  136. David

    This site is not industrial strength. Even when Trees are up there are still numerous little glitches that cause frustration. It is time I think you reviewed the IT teams performance.

  137. Robert

    I have been unable to access my family tree all evening and it appears the content of my shoebox has vanished.I have found too many mistakes in the Index as well for me to be happy with this site.

  138. Andrew Wells states in their Terms and Conditions, that they will not compensate for down time. So it is probably going to fall on deaf ears asking for such.


    ” … In no case will we or our third party providers be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special or other damages including, without limitation, LOST OR DELAY OF USE, lost profits, loss of data or any other damage in contract, tort, equity or any other legal theory, even if advised of the possibility thereof.” (emphasis mine)

    Does this happen often? It depends on when you are using the application relative to their MST time zone. Daytime users in Australia experience these outages more often than those in North America. implements “minor” adjustments regularly without announcements while most of their customer base is expected to be asleep. This does not always function as intended. If the downtime is five or ten minutes, there won’t be any blog for venting frustration. As for outages extending one hour or more, I disagree with those who state it rarely happens. I remember at least ten of these during 2010.

  139. Marsha

    Just signed up this afternoon and ran into a wall within the hour. I agree with the many above, credit should be given for downtime. That is the deffinition of “Service”.

  140. serena

    This is really getting too much now. Some of us don’t have much time to spare to work on trees and this downtime is very, very inconvenient.

    Ditch the new tree format and get back to the old one that works without hitches.

  141. B

    I definitely will not subscribe to the full version of the site until I can be sure my data is safe, (almost) always accessible, and exportable.

    “Unplanned maintenance” is an oxymoron; something probably crashed or had to be taken offline suddenly to avert a crash. If you are dealing with a DOS attack, that is one thing, but if you simply failed to anticipate server loads that is quite another. I do hope you return to update the blog with more information once your IT team has the issue under control.

  142. Cheryl

    Periodic updates on the blog by the Ancestry team estimating when we might expect it to be up again would be a “lessons learned” to apply to the next time this occurs.

  143. Neil

    BACK UPS – Isn’t it up to the individual to do GEDCOM back-up, not Ancestry? Any one know about this? I’m worried because I haven’t backed up in a while.

  144. Margaret #26 from Queensland. God Bless all of you down there. I’ve used Ancestry for many years and experienced very few problems although I don’t like the recent changes to the program.

  145. Christopher Kuhn

    Darn it! I just got a random e-mail from a gentleman who has just provided me with the missing link for my family…..which I have been struggling to find for TWO YEARS! I need to access my tree to verify a specific name, but I can’t! Ahhhh “Murphy” and his luck!

    Any update on when the site will be back up???????


  146. JM

    Could not agree more with Anne. We are paying enough for this service to get a better response and level of service than we’ve experienced in the past few weeks. Follow standard systems protocol and don’t constantly be changing your system. It confuses your customers and provides more exposure to having emergency problems – like now!

  147. Dan Meyer

    Yeah, remember when we had to FLY to Germany and Ireland ? Sending questionnaires out with Christmas cards? (Still to do that). On the candor side, this happens every time they run a high volume promotion; lots of people crowding on. My hunch. Everyone, turn off the screen and hug your children, or dog, or cat, or old picture of great grand ma, that you downloaded from some long lost cousin’s tree . . .

  148. Rachael

    An ETA would be good, also I am concerned about the data on the trees, should we be backing these up as well. Also yes it does take valuable time away if people are paying for the subscription!

  149. Jenny

    I have noticed that Ancestry has been slow to load pages the last 2 weeks,may be to do with the TV adverts and too many hits,but saying that, I’ve been a member for 9 months and have never experienced the Trees being unavailable,probably just lucky.Ancestry is an excellent site and I wouldn’t be without it.

  150. Ron

    While I am grateful for this service, it brings me great joy, I find something not quite right paying a high price for records which are increasingly inacessible. And I have a question. Who really has the rights to records of our ancestors? Is this a public commodity like gold or silver or is this more personal?

  151. Enoch Haga

    Since the change to Trees I’ve had a problem. I have received a set of suggested fixes. But I shouldn’t have to fix anything that was working previous to the change. Anything new should always have a way back to the old.

  152. All of the above complainers need to get over yourself. Go bake a cake or clean out your junk drawer. Scan family pictures or documents. There’s a lot you can do while waiting for the site to make necessary repairs or adjustments. Very satisfied customer.

  153. Carolyn

    Perhaps ancestry should STOP pushing with the advertising until they get things well in hand!!! I recently received a rather expensive mailing that, frankly, did not give me anymore information about Ancestry that I could not get online. Maybe fewer mailings and the money put to use on the glitches?

    I have belonged for about 10 years – these problems did not used to appear with such regularity. And I agree with others that the 350+ fee should be pro-rated and we should be credited with the down times.

  154. Patricia

    Signed up for free trial yesterday. Was having fun researching until tree problem. So far I’m waiting for to come up with items I found through google.

  155. Clive Copestake

    Well Once again there is no access whilst you are engineering/updating/maintaining. This has been twice this week. Why this activity has to be carried out during peak user times, I am not sure.
    Surely maintenance can be addressed 0100-0700 hrs. As you have interupted a service I have paid for, will you reimburse the times your service has been down, this year. My membership is due for renewal on 27 Feb 2011. your answer will determine if indeed I will bother to continue.

  156. Danny Filtness

    To some people asking… It is down to you to back up your own tree/genealogy… as the tree part of ancestry is a free service.

  157. m lasagne

    Ancestry, you have nothing to hang your heads about, I’ve been on for a year now in U.S.A., love this site, and have had no problems, only routine maintenance. Yes I am addicted and am waiting patiently for the trees to come back up. Love your site, keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, M Lasagne

  158. Judy

    How long is this going to be down? I agree with Kay 48 and Gasmarsh 55 This is not s cheap site to use. With family and work, time is limited to use this site and then when we have the time its down. I would like a credit for all the time its been unable to use it

  159. Bridget Sullivan

    I have been on ancestry for about 10 years and really cannot complain as these glitches have been short and to the point. I do not know anything about maintaining comps etc so just greatful that whatever is wrong will be put right. however if i do loose my tree I shall be very upset BUT I have downloaed about 90 percent so not a disaster. If a small compensation is offered well that is a bonus but please let us know how long appoximatley this will continue

  160. Jeff

    I do not subscribe, but am on the email list. About 50% of the time I receive an email, I just trash it. The rest of the time, I check things out … and 50% of the time I do, there is this kind of outage/problem. In this day and age, there is little excuse for this frequency of these kinds of problems, other than cheap equipment or inattention to proper programming. Highly unlikely I will waste any more time here, and even more adamantly, any money.

  161. Dev

    I’m a little surprised by all the negativity around here. As Gary (#88) stated above, there are other things you could be doing. You could look at other websites, go to findagrave, scan pictures, maybe organize your info……or you could even do something non-genealogy related (I know – that’s a stretch!) such as reading, or exercising, or spending quality time with your family. I get it – I love working on my trees too, and I was in the middle of something when they went down – but there are other things to do.

    Also – those that want credit…It’s only been a few hours. And even if you are a month-to-month World subscriber, you are only paying $0.98 per day. Do you also expect Ancestry to give you credit for the time they are available and you are choosing not to utilize the service (like when you sleep?).

    Be patient, go do something else, and come back to it later.

  162. Betty Boop

    This is very frustrating . Why am I paying for an expensive service that I cannot use and why haven’t I got access to the full 1911 Census when other cheaper sites have? Not good enough.

  163. ALShaw

    It’s all my fault. Been looking for my Dad for years and I find him here, today. Sign up immediately and the site is down. Even had a small picture.Bet my grandfather is here too. Another slippery rascal. *sits on the curb laughing and crying*

  164. jlkennedymorgan

    I have read most of the comments even the re-posts (dupes). I have been a paying member for the last 2 yrs & RARELY have I been denied access to my trees. I have been on for the 2 wks every day during my lunch break (EST) & for almost 8 hrs this past wkend w/out issue. Today is the 1st time that I have not had access to my Trees. I truly am in awe of the info that is available thru this site. As an IT person, these unexpected outages do occur from time to time.

  165. me

    have any of you stopped and thought for a while just what could cause a company problems that has resulted in this temporary removal of all services.

    here are some possibility’s.

    1)the recent update had a bug that which was not apparent in the test version. if this is so it will take some time to locate the problem and repair.

    2)some one has mannaged to hack the system and changed a few bits that has caused problems again this would have to be looked for and repaired

    3)this is the worst possibility some one has launched an attack and uploaded a Trojan or virus and now they are having to either clean the program or remove the affacted version and upload a backup version.

    lets face it folks we are not talking of a computer with a couple of hundred gigabytes most of which which is never used which most of us have on our computers but many hundreds of gigabytes holding millions of trees and records. they have to find locat and repaire and then check that all is well before they open the site fully up again.

    after all what would you all say if this was not just a programing mistake but proves to be an attack and ancestry contiued letting us have access and then you find that you to have a problem because you accessed the site.

    having said that


    if you are having to just do a repair or a reload and how long you foresee the problem to last. an hourly update here would not go a miss . even if you say

    unfortunately we still not have located the problem

    at lest we will have been informed as to what is happening and many will not feel as if they have been abandon in cyberspace

  166. Mary

    Besides this problem, I am unable to do a customized print from FTM, I have to log off FTM and go directly to Ancestry…is this something else there is another problem with ? It keeps asking me which type of project I want to create….I don’t want a book, I just want to print ONE page.

  167. John Ayres

    I was in the process of installing family tree maker 2011. And was in the process of combining the family tree that I created Ancestery web site into 2011 when you went out. Will my file be ok when you come back up.

  168. Ron

    And one last comment from myself, what about those of us who may not have a lot of time left to research our families. Not to put a morbid or a downer on this but there may be a time constraint for some of us and time is of the essence.

  169. Jessica McManus

    As a Professional Genealogist who works EVERY day, all day long, using the online trees, This problem does NOT happen all that often! (This is only the second time I’ve experienced it in about a year)

    And for all those complaining about paying for the service, the online trees are FREE, you do NOT have to pay to use them. ALL the paid portions of are up and running. Stop complaining, please! use the other portions of the website until they get it fixed. I guarantee that you won’t be able to find another genealogy site that offers what does!

  170. I have only praise for the awsome job ancestory does. I never could have come close to getting the volume of information I have this year w/o their service. Next time anyone thinks about temporary delays just consider some of the computer gliches in your own place of buisness, this is just part of working with computers. A suggestion for those who can’t wait to continue … try googling some of your relatives … it is amazing what additional information that can be tracked down while you wait. Happy Searching!

  171. Darla

    I rarely have problems with this site and have no complaints. I also understand that sometimes things happen that we have no control over. And considering that I pay less than a $1 a day for my membership, I’m not concerned about getting a “refund” for the few hours the site is down. Maybe we should all be thankful for a break from the computer and actually call one of these relatives that we care so much about.

  172. Mike

    Yes, we all understand there can be problems with any computer system. That being said, for what we pay for this service, Ancestry should at least add a day to our contracts for every day they have a problem. Come on, these guys are making a fortune out of a lot of stuff that used to be free.

  173. jbinz1

    Are we going to get any kind of credit on my 14 day free subscription? It has been down for half the day.

  174. c.m. oakley

    still wondering if we are going to get an ETA on when the site will be back up?. What if our bank account went down everytime you want money from us, because everytime i want information from you the site is down

  175. Gill

    I have been a member for some years now and never had this problem before.
    Bring back the old system maybe? – as it never failed me before.
    It is a brilliant site, but are you trying to offer/do too many things now? – or are the results of advertising on TV for the first time ever causing a “crash” of new researchers? It would be good to know what has happened please.

  176. TammyAustin

    I have been with for years.This happen very little and if its been more lately, its because they have been updating the site to give us more records and options.It happens on other websites too! Just a couple days ago I couldn’t access my msn e-mail.So please just have patience right now because the truth is we are all here because they have access to more records than anyone else on the internet.

  177. Trish

    I have been a member for a couple of years and the price of subscription keeps going up. Everytime I sign on seems like something has changed. The last time it changed has just given me problems. Do not like the new update from a couple weeks ago. Getting frustrated!

  178. Cindie Owen

    I have been using for about 6 months now, night & day, & this is the first time I have had this problem. I have been very please with the info I have found thru ancestry! Keep up the good work folks!

  179. I am a new subscriber and enjoyed the 14 day trial without the service being down. I would like to be credited for this down day. I have little time and can’t afford to not have the service avaialble when I have a moment to work on the family tree.

  180. Michael

    Paid sites like this should be planning for growth and anticipated usage. I have been disappointed with the outages and the performance of the site.

  181. Torbjörn J

    Hmmm. The information in the American site says the trees are down because of unplanned maintenance, the UK site says it is planned maintenance, and here in Sweden they say the trees are down because of heavy traffic.
    Seems no one really knows…

  182. Dianne

    Although I have also found the website to be very slow this week it has been a real joy to me It happened in October last year and we were given an extra day for the trouble, as was said in and earlier comment use your time to go through notes and documents.

  183. Lynda

    To the person who suggested coming back later – I’ve come back later and it’s still down. It’s now 2230 here so how much longer should I stay up before giving up completely>

  184. cmreed

    I can wait. No problem. I waited for years to find out about my father’s family. Thru Ancestry, I have been able to do just that. Making my search easier with each upgrade is fine with me!

  185. I don’t understand the complaints. I, too, am a paying customer, 8 years, and I’m on this site every day and with the exception of a few hours on one day, this site is up anytime I access my tree with no loss of information. Thank you for the heads up and I’ll research other venues until you’re up and running again.

  186. John Behen

    My irritation at the trees being down was quickly checked by my own realization that I have spent way too much time here in the last few days…

    Could you give us some idea of the scope of the problem, or at least its duration? Like many others, I had found a groove, and would like to finish what I was working on. But, if it is going to be a while, I will move on to something else.

    Also, one note of constructive criticism:

    If your note says “We will keep you posted on the Ancestry Blog”, put something up on the blog, so that it doesn’t feel like a pre-recorded message…


  187. Joni Halvoson

    What is nice is to see all of us working on our roots – I’m sitting in a little town plugging along and see so many of us doing similar. How fun !

  188. Cat

    Hate to be a downer/complainer, but I’m laid off/unemployed and can only afford the month of January to update and finish my tree. It’s extremely frustrating to lose a day and I’d like to be reimbursed for the downtime or have my subscription extended one-day or the amount of time the my tree was not available during the month of January into February. Doubtful anyone will listen or hear me, but I’m hoping….

  189. ozziewhiteside

    In four years I’ve had very few problems and have found Ancestry invaluable. I’m sure the site will be operating normally soon. What worries me more though is the delay in accessing UK 1911 censuses. I’ve had a look at the EnumeratorsSummaries which we’ve been provided with so far and found so many transcription errors I fear for the future. Certainly there is a serious gap in the quality of 1911 material available compared to say who have had full and accurate records available for the best part of a year now.
    In the meantime I’ll practice what I preach and be patient for a little longer!

  190. TammyAustin

    For all the people whom are asking about losing data they have entered. For all the years I have been a member of Ancestry not one time have I ever lost any information of any kind or any pictures.

  191. Terri

    In an effort to keep all of my hard work safe, I am really trying to get my tree as perfect as possible with photos. etc. I am afraid all my work may not be as safe as I assumed.

  192. Deb

    I agree with all of those who are asking everyone to calm down. I have have had a Deluxe membership with ancestry for several years and the US membership for several years before that. I have used this site to help several others start their research. And in all that time there have only been a few outages with only a couple of time it taking longer then an hour or two to get it up. I understand frustration, but it won’t get the site up any faster, and it definitely won’t help your blood pressure. Give it up for now and come back tomorrow fresh to work on your trees. The odds are they will all be there with nothing missing.

  193. Pam Raven

    I agree with Jessica McManus. I use this site extensively and this is the only major problem for some time. Ia bit of slowness a few days back but compared to the normal excellent service – not a problem. Rather they took time to fix properly than rush and get it wrong

  194. Cyndia

    It takes as long as it takes. I am with the other on the less is more idea – some of this stuff is just annoying. Get more bandwidth while you are at it. You do all this advertising, folks show up, and suddenly getting from page to page is like pouring honey on a cold day.

    The most important thing is that the system is stable. Don’t put stuff in until you have tested it on a small scale.

    You SHOULD be able to give us an idea how long it will take. ie 1 day, 12 hours, etc rather than a nebulous “soon”, “extended” – we all know something went astray. Surely you have previous versions stored somewhere – put one of those up and let us work.

  195. Rocco

    Dear low information users,

    It is tree function that is down, the rest of the site works. The Trees are the lost leader of the site, they are FREE to use by one and all. You’re not paying to create, mount or keep your tree on the site.

    I’m sure someone at Ancestry, the person with access to the crystal ball, will be posting the exact time this problem will be fixed.

  196. Jaime

    Wow people are really mad! Not me though I understand that things happen. I have never lost info or anything before. Been using ancestry for 5 years now and I love it! Glitches happen- just glad it got caught 🙂 Thanks for the update, will check back this evening, it might go quicker if we all just stop trying to get on right now. Lots of new stuff was added, so something was bound to get screwed up, not a huge deal though.

  197. William

    I’ve been using their services on and off for three years – they are very reliable and seldom sluggish like now – they always make it right.

  198. Bill

    Sure are alot of cry babies on here. Remember things happen that are out of our control. I’ve been with Ancestry for several months and this is the first time that my tree has been down. I’m surprised that it doesn’t happen more often. There are alot of members and trial members working this website, things can get crossed. By the way Ancestry keep up the good work, really like the new site.

  199. herb

    It would appear to me that with all your advertisments on how easy it is to search for your ancestors you would ensure that there are enough ports/accesses what ever, and enough system memory so the access and search will process more quickly. Also when if ever are you going to fix the search function to eliminate world wide responses to a USA search field? Knowing what I do about searches you should eliminate responses with more information you put in, but that does not seem to be the case here, and has never been. I have been a paying member to, first then when I called to cancel my subscription to them I answered their question why with the response I was switching to Ancestry, wow was I surprised to find out they are all under one roof. I spent 4 to 5 years with Genealogy and have now been with Ancestry for at least that many years. I have always asked and responded to survey’s with the same problems on the searches. Is anyone ever going to respond and fix it? Some of us only have limited time to access the site and do our searches, so it would seem that you should do all you can with all the money you receive to update the programs. Also why not send out a mass email when your having problems!

  200. Dawn

    I think we should all look at this as an intervention! I, like most, have a slight addiction to history & our family trees. I was able to get home from work at a reasonable hour and there where other things I should be doing but I immediately plopped down to work on my tree.

    It is not working…cry, cry, scream, complain and then it hit me…I CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE!

    I have made dinner, done a load of laundry, cleaned out the fridge, picked up the dog poo, paid bills & balanced the check book!

    Next I will get on my 2nd favorite site..find a grave & do other research.


  201. Joyce

    Randy Brooks (#35) recommended as something to check in our down time…I tried it and I love it! I have been searching for graves and didn’t know about the site. Thanks so much for sharing it. Maybe in this down time we could exchange search tips? Randy set a good example, we have the power to turn a negative experience into a positive experience.

  202. Judy

    People stop complaining – things happen. I research constantly and this is the most valuable resource out there. I have used this website for many years and yes sometimes there are problems but when you think of the millions of records that are available HAVE SOME PATIENCE. There are other things to look at besides trees and you should be collecting actual documents to use as sources anyway, so go to census records or something that is working. Love this site

  203. Seriously???? Again???? I understand “these things happen”….but as others have stated….it’s happening quite often. We just had a “planned maintenance” a few days ago, yet here we are again.

  204. Jerry

    Absolutely love the site. This is every IT persons nightmare. I am pulling for you guys! Just think of all the overtime pay you will earn until it is fixed.

    But like many others, I miss my daily fix and I am having withdrawal pain. O well, “You never miss your water till the well runs dry” but in this case, “You never miss your ancestors till you can’t find them”. Good Luck.

    A satisfied customer.

  205. Cat

    Regarding comments about when the tree feature went down: I called Ancestry regarding the problem aftering being down one hour and that was at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, so I’ve now been unable to access my treee since 11:30 a.m. or more than three hours ago.

  206. Tyna

    I have been with ancestry for many years (1999) and I feel that the information I gather from this site has been a god send. I’ve met relatives I never knew were relatives and that would’nt have happened if not for the internet and ancestry. The cost of gathering this info if you were to travel to each county and state, and the time spent in dusty basements far exceeds what you are paying for this service. I want the site back up but things like this happen with computers and internet.

  207. Gordon

    Sadly, I’m very disappointed with Ancestry – loads of up-front media advertising promising what appears to be trouble-free service when the reality is unreliable delivery and no refund for loss of service. The last advertised “maintenance closedown” last week was scheduled for an early morning, yet you closed the service before midnight. I’m definitely considering moving to another provider.

  208. Tricia Westcott

    Can somebody explain to me why this also affects my software Family Tree Maker, and how much longer we can expect no access.

  209. This has happened several times since I’ve been a member. I’m on limited income and love Ancestry but It’s down almost as much as It’s up. How long this time. It’s been down several times this week alone. Please try harder.

  210. Sherry

    Okay I get my subscription and within an hour I can’t use the service and when I called in I was told oh it shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours. Well that was 4 hours ago so what gives now?? I’m glad we only signed up for one month because I am not going to pay for a service I can’t use I mean come on would you go to the beauty shop to get a haircut and then leave without one?? I am in agreement with everyone else I feel if YOUR SERVICE goes down we should get a free day for our trouble!!

  211. Tony Cross (mr angry with service)

    This is getting to be a very frustrating and far to regular event, and I for one am thinking of taking my subscription to a different site, even the help line is closed which is not very helpful.What ever happened to the mantra that the customer is important to our business?.

  212. Kipp

    I really would like to know an ETR? I have a lot of information i need to get put in. Oh and for all of you who posted “I would like to know an ETA?” That means “Estimated Time of Arrival.” Something like this doesn’t arrive, it’s a repair. So it’s ETR.

  213. Greg

    Since the Ancestry site is so incredibly unreliable, and agonizingly slow even on the rare occasion when the site is up, you really should provide the Family Tree maker software for free to subscribers. This would at least give us a way to make sure our information isn’t lost during your routine crashes, and edit our trees offline so we don’t have to deal with the horrible performance of a website developed by amateur programmers in their spare time.

  214. John Behen

    For those who are asking or wondering, the tree functionality went down around 1430 Eastern time, just over 3 hours ago.

  215. kate lewis

    A number of instances where we are locked out of the ancestry service, a number of times this week. The new & improved formatting actually makes it more time consuming to search, so that less time is spent on the database & more time on navigating from person to tree to search, etc. The site needs to be more efficient, not more jazzy looking. I open my “new” tree and everything is tiny & unreadable, uploading images takes forever, searches don’t observe perimeters such as years or names, there are a number of complications, which I think everyone puts up with because we want to find our family! But no access isn’t right or fair, and posting a message that says “we’re working on it” with no indication of when it will be accessible again is really not considerate of the many people that have been waiting patiently. You should consider how to credit people for the lost service.

  216. The thing that I have done is to purchase the Family Tree Maker Software which intercts with ancestry so I can work on my tree while ancestry is down, I hopw everyone does so therfore you have your tree on your own computer and if Ancestry were to crash you will still have your Data after you buy the software and install it you can download a Gedcom from your ancestry site either thru storing the Gedcom on your computer or straight thru from ancestry plus you can access all the other ancestry stuff roots web and so on. I don’t think Family tree maker is the greatest thing in the world but it sure beats the hell out of losing all your data

  217. kirstie

    Hi all :0) ive just signed up, does this kind of thing happen often? Im just getting to grips with my tree and have lots to add and now i cant get on to do it! Was planning one of those late nights with the laptop and plenty of caffene!

  218. Thank you for letting us know, please give us a time frame. I also set aside time to work on a new family line, and this is the 2nd time I haven’t had the chance to enter the information.

  219. Thomas

    Has anyone else noticed a pattern of outages and slower response time immediately after “new features” are implemented? Who at is responsible for Quality Assurance testing, or are we now performing this function for them? We should request a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our membership contract to guarantee system availability and better performance. After all, isn’t this what we are paying for?

    As a Chief Technical Officer for a Fortune 500, I recommend conduct an assessment of their IT functions, and get these issues resolved quickly before it affects their revenue.

  220. Chezza

    Bummer about the outage when I’ve recently signed for a free trial. It’s the 3rd time this has happened since I started my trial 3 days ago. This, along with the many coments I’ve read about repeated outages makes me hesitate to pay for a full membership. Aside from that this site is awesome altho I’m surprised you have to pay to view a lot of stuff that is free elsewhere. Biggest benefit is the volune of users and the hints that lead to connecting with others and so much more info. People talk about finding a site elsewhere. I’m with GenesReunited which is cheap and has some great features but doesn’t come near Ancestry in features. I’d love someone to show me a site thats as good or better.

  221. Linda

    I just logged in and found the trees were down, but also found 2 “new” messages – checked them out and UH OH, they were from October and November. Sure hope info since then hasn’t been lost. Looks like the entire page is a backdated one. 🙁

  222. While everyone is onThe line, does anyone know if it is possible to back-up a Tree to their own computer or to disc??? Secondly, I thought that Gedcom was for uploading only?????
    If anyone has answers to the above, please email me
    I am a 65 year old grandmother whom is not really computer savey, so would appreciate the help. Sure would not want to lose the work I have put in already. If I had to start all over, I would likely end up as one of the non-living ancestors. LOL

  223. Sharon Conley

    The site has been running shamefully slow since Saturday.I figured it would go down again. This happens more and more frequently.

  224. E Christina Dabis

    Request for 1-day refund (credit).

    Take your time fixing the problem, just make sure you refund me (or apply a credit to my account) for one full day for each fractional-day of no service.

    13 January 2010 (day one of no service)

  225. sarah

    I think people would be a lot happier and willing to wait if someone from the ancestry team would actually stick their head over the parapet and try for an ETA – its the fact that us with ,imited time to fit in around jobs are spending our evening wondering whether to sit tight or go to bed – the fact that no one from ancestry has come forward in all these hours of outage makes people feel they are being ignored which just makes people angrier

  226. Verne

    Not enough revenue being generated with the annual subscriptions? I would venture to say you are making millions annually, yet all we get is a cavalier comment to “check back soon.” Outrageous. Do we get credits for these time-outs? Doubt it.

  227. Sherry

    Also someone needs to explain to whom ever typed this message exactly what the term temporary means!!! Has anyone contacted the BBB I would think that they would have to offer some kind of compensation for our lost time.

  228. I agree with Mary Ann! It would take 30 bucks in gas to go downtown, only 1 1/2 times, to the family history center in Salt Lake, to do research that would take hours and hope to find a small piece of info during that time, and I live in the Salt lake Valley! So please quit complaining! I love this site and can’t believe it’s available!

  229. Pat

    Dang! I was just about to download my tree to my new Family Tree Maker when the site crashed. I can’t believe-such rotten luck. Like others I wonder if the combination of the recent changes combined with all the advertising for new subscribers shut everything down. At over $300 per year for my annual International subscription, I believe it would be great pr for Ancestry to extend our membership for the downtime, even if they are not legally bound to do so.

  230. Vanessa

    Hey all you complainers…I want to be on ancestry just as bad as the next person and I am a little irked, but I have been using this site almost since their beginning and this really doesn’t happen that often. And to those of you that are “losing” your information-you aren’t doing something right-ancestry doesn’t lose your information-you don’t save it properly. I have tried all the other genealogy sites out there and I always come back to ancestry-give them a break. With the computer world the way it is, this is nothing. Keep up the good work ancestry!

  231. Barb L.

    I use the site A LOT, and it is VERY rare for it to be down. Considering all the records and the number of users at any given time, it’s amazing there aren’t more problems. I’m a database programmer and really appreciate the complexity of the offering here on Ancestry.

  232. Rupert

    I’m very concerned as the last comment is timed at 4.45 pm. Is this USA time or UK time? It is now 10.55 in the UK.

  233. Joe

    This site has been down for close to three hours now. Please provide an update on the severity of the issue and an eta for restoring sevice.

  234. Greg

    How about redirecting some of our money away from expensive TV ad campaigns and into hiring some competent software developers?

  235. Jaime

    People who are looking for trouble free and perfect when it comes to technology are completely deluded! If you don’t like that things happen once in awhile and are nobody’s fault, then maybe you should cancel your subscription! Give em a break! I, for one, will continue to pay for the worldwide membership! Love this site, the best one out there!
    People just need to chill out, its not the end of the world if you can’t look at your tree tonite! I am on here everyday- but there are other things to do with your life then cry because you can’t get on your tree for a day!

  236. pickersj

    At 20.00 hours my tree was unavailable & I was told to try in a few minutes & now nearly three hours later no info given, not very customer friendly.

  237. andy


    i did not think of the possibility that they might have had to pull the access to the trees because of a malicious attack. i would not like it if i suddenly found i had an infection hope to hell its not.

  238. sheila danks

    What am I paying for?? Ancestry have disclaimers left, right and centre! If Ancestry can’t get their act together, don’t offer the service. If Ancestry can’t offer the service for the astronomical prices they charge, sell the service to someone who is and can offer a service. No service, but they still take your money – no questions asked. Come on Ancestry, you must think we’re all “”$@?!! idiots.

  239. Verlina

    There have been quite a few frustrations in the last week or so with the search pages switching from old to new version and back again, so thank you for taking the time to do any corrections now so that my searches will be more pleasant.

  240. Teri

    Those who are on a 2 week temporary trial…fear not. I spend about 20 hours a week on ancestry and this is the first time in the 7 months I’ve belonged that there has been an issue. This is a non-issue…who’s computer system hasn’t failed from time to time. Patience….

  241. John

    Glad I signed up and paid last night!! Not even 24 hours have passed and I’m paying for their IT problems.

  242. Bryan

    Since the Ancestry is on the fritz, looks like I will get a chance to catch up with “Big Bang Theory” tonight! DVR to the rescue!!!

  243. Jackie

    This is a great site but being a new user I thought something was wrong with my computer yesterday….today back on and there it went out again since before noon. I looked at your last posting of problems and it seems like alot. Don’t you employ a good tech there or maybe you should employ a few more. If my business were down like this one someone wouldn’t have a job. Still a good site.

  244. jen

    I noticed that there has been NO response to WHEN this issue will be fixed, and yes, i agree, we pay for a month and lose days due to site problems. Same as using family tree maker 2011, pay for somthing that has sooo many glitches! I think it would be fair for the company (who don’t reply to questions or issues as often as they should) to credit us a free day or month or something, especially at this time of year, any time down means i lose out, as this is my hols, can’t do anything soon as i will be back at work. Think abuot it! While your service is valuable and unique, it’s unfair to make us pay for this unique site when it’s not working! We also pay for your technical services and standard of care in those fees!

  245. Baldy67

    Why ask for comments when your not answering ANY of them and this is 7 and a half hours after?

    Another question i never get answered is, When is Ancestry going to have the 1911 uk census like other sites i.e.,, ?

  246. Lynda

    tbrown2892 can’t come back tomorrow and anyway, it might still be down.

    Why are we even bothering to post? No-one at Ancestry is going to read it. They couldn’t care less just as long as they get their subscriptions.


    My membership come due soon. I am unable to use this site half the time. I think this site is down to much and be given extra time for this long time down.

  248. herb

    I try find a grave all the time, but so far have never found any of my ancestors, maybe its because I don’t know what I am doing? lol who knows could be, or its because all my searches are from the West Coast and it seems not much is anywhere on my ancestors out there, either on Ancestry or anyother place.

  249. Jackie Eagen

    I looked at your last posting of problems and it seems like alot. Don’t you employ a good tech there or maybe you should employ a few more. If my business were down like this one someone wouldn’t have a job. Still a good site.

  250. Eileen

    Well it is now 10.50pm, use of the family trees is still down. Is is ‘maintenance’ or ‘a problem’? No way of knowing how much longer then? How come know one else has commented since 4.45pm? Have you all given up?

  251. Joyce Heward

    I have to say that I haven’t been too happy with these ‘new’ trees. My I.E. (Windows7)keeps crashing every time I change whose profile I am looking at, or working on. I’m not surprised it’s gone down. Perhaps it needed a bit more tweaking before being put out en masse.
    I will also now try ‘find a grave’. Many thanks for that, Dawn! New one to me as well

  252. ALShaw

    As a new sign up to Ancestry I would like to thank all the positive ppl with a long history using Ancestry. I’ve been looking for my dad since Ancestry came on the scene. I know he’s here now and simply need to be patient a bit longer. Can’t wait to climb that family tree.

  253. It’s a shame,all the info ancestry gets is from people like us who put’s all the info in the computer in the first place and family members can get the right info,what we need is more Family History Centers.

  254. Cat

    If I could afford the yearly subscription I would purchase it and not complain about the downtime or losing a day’s work. However, when you pay for a one-month subscription, have a lot of work to do and cannot afford another month, any serious downtime is very frustrating.

  255. well i have seen alot of comments on this site.and most of them wasnt good at all.i have done alot of work to my family tree that token days to put on to this website.i haven tgot to the point where i wont to pay yet.Now i am thinking maybe it will be a waist of money.I have done so much work already but how will i know that this site will be a good one to let us find out lost family.i am WORRIED now.i will be so mad if all the info that i puten in will be lost.

  256. Roberta Bartlett

    Let’s hope this will be the worst thing that ever happen in our lives, Lets take this time to call a friend, relax with a good book or exercise! re-file paper work,Look for old pictures,say prayers for ourselfs that we can be more understanding.

  257. I have been a subsriber for over ten years, and can count on my fingers the number of times has been down. As related in comment 70 those of you NOT IN Australia would be unaware that not only Queensland, but also New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmainis are now partly flooded, 3/4 of Queensland are disaster areas.

    And Will 122 I totally agree with you. As I can’t access this tree I’m going to work on my FTM as I listen to the updates from the eastern states. I’ll also make sure that my filing is finished which I had started 2 days ago

  258. Pat Michael

    This is the first time in a very loonnggg time that this has happened to me – and I’m on here daily, on and off throughout the day. I can’t believe that some folks are cussing out Ancestry for something that couldn’t be helped. Now, if we can’t see our files for 24 to 48 hours, I’ll begin to be concerned and I’ll have withdrawal symptoms as well. It has been only a couple of hours, guys, so give the techs a chance please.

  259. Linda

    As so many others have asked…. I’m in that 14 day trial… (planning on signing up), BUT…. the problem is I can’t do anything NOW… I’ve been really making progress on my Trees! : )

  260. Martine

    Miss my tree, hope it won’t be too much longer…

    (Hopefully you’re fixing Internet Explorer 8 problems, and will be announcing compatiblility for ie8 soon!)

  261. Debra Elliott

    Not sure why, but it is frustrating. I have put a lot of time and effort into building my tree. I would hate to lose all my info. I guess I need to transfer my research to FTM as well.

  262. Patricia Geiger

    Ancestry,this happens every time you do an update and or change. I know you have credited time to the 2 week trial people before,but that doesn’t help us month to month people.,As you won’t extend the subscription date as to when payment is due. I recommend you guys alot but I will have to rethink now before I open my mouth next time.

  263. Laura Evans

    I’ve been enjoying ancestry especially the last few weeks. and since I live in the south and have been house bound by the weather—really enjoying it. My only complaint about the down time—give us an ETA!!! We all can wait if we know how long— with more patience!!!

  264. Robert

    If this problem occurs for too long, will you pro-rate the monthly costs? I have been an active member for several years…and I think long term users deserve some compensation or reduction in costs.

  265. Robert Carter

    This has been going on all day that I know of. Why is not possible to answer the request for an estimate on when it will be back up. If you don’t know, it does not take long to tell us that. Don’t ignore your customers.

  266. Debra

    Are we going to get a prorated refund for the amount of hours that this site is not available to us? This is certainly not the first time. In fact I have even had to call your customer service to fix my broken tree. It was explained that the problem “must have been my browser”. I’m sorry, but this is not possible. The reason that I have my tree on your website is that I thought it was safe. Your website has nothing to do with my browser. I pay quite a bit for your services. I assumed that I would get more that partial use of them.

  267. Debbie

    Come on folks things happen and all of us are paying for ancestry. Our cable goes out on our TVS also, electricity goes out also. These things happen and we are fine. Some times when they do up dates or what ever they have un for seen problems. They do not want their site down either. So we can take this time to go to findagrave or other places and be looking while ancestry fixes the problem or problems. I can be scanning pics, or records to putor to add to trees. You can also go to and look for things, or organize your records.
    I am doing just that. I have findagrave open and the usgenweb page open. They will fix the problem when they fix it.

  268. Sherry

    Roseann that is all true but I myself am on a fixed income and actually couldn’t afford a subscription for this site. My mom gave it to me as a present and I don’t like people taking advantage of the wonderful thing my mother did. My question to you then becomes if I was running a business and showed up at your door to get a job say cutting your lawn would you pay me 20 dollars and then be happy when I left without cutting your lawn??

  269. Marc

    Patience, people. I’ve been using Ancestry for years and it is very rare that unplanned maintenance is needed. I’m using my spare time to bake some sourdough bread.

  270. Daphne

    I’m pretty disappointed. Signed up today and found tons of information. Then after less than an hour the site went down.
    My mother is on her way over and we were supposed to look over the Family Tree together. 🙁

  271. I have been waiting patiently for hours. I was in the process of inputting data, hope it is not lost.
    I understand things happen- could you please explain why this keeps happening & does it have anything to do with the upcoming update. A better understanding would be appreciated as this is a waste of my time & money.

  272. Grandma Candace this is Grampa Kenny
    You can download your gedcom to your computer as often as anyone could wish I do mine about every two weeks it takes an hour or so but it is worth the peace of mind knowing your data is safe

  273. Dear Ancestry,
    I understand that you are having problems but I too have been having trouble doing my tree since last weekend. That’s almost a week. This takes a big chunk out of some of our membership where we can’t do anything. Maybe you could give us a credit for this month??? That would be greatly appreciated. After all some of us have a yearly membership so that we can work on it all the time but we are losing money when the site is down. Please let us know when it will be up and running again. Thank you. LBH

  274. Pete

    I have been subscribing to this site for a long time, using the service on a daily basis, whilst I have experienced a few poorly responded to problems, on the whole, the system that must be required to run this excellent service is down very rarely – unlike the system for the company that I work for!!!!! So to all those annoyed – chill-out, go to bed, let them do their job, and log-in tomorrow.

  275. Dave

    I am amazed that there is as little downtime as there is. I am on line about 4-8 hours everyday, and I have had relatively trouble. I get far more than my money’s worth because of the ease of attaching documents to my tree compared to all the hand work I have to go through when I have to use documents from ‘free’ sites.

  276. Linda Reynolds

    I am a brand new user and would like to apologize to everyone for this particular breakdown. Don’t know why but it’s kind of my luck. I get in the shortest but SLOWEST lines always in the bank or supermarket, so don’t ever stand behind me if you see me there.
    What I experienced for the one of browsing my new adventure called, was what I call remarkable and really worth waiting for! Already I have located an unknown living family member and that is priceless. I am so excited and happy to have this wonderful program to explore. Like anything worth having, it has to be taken care of. The web folk are doing their stuff so I thank you for that. I’m just so anxious to get back to it, it’s like waiting for the train to arrive with all your unknown relatives on board. I’m sooooo excited!!!!! This is a great site!

  277. Betty Boop

    They should conduct their scheduled maintenance in the wee hours and not peak time. I pay my subscription to research when it’s convenient for me not around their little dabbles… And as for rare – my access had been up and down since before Christmas!

  278. roscoe

    “We really do appreciate your feedback, and ask that you please be respectful to other commenters and authors. Any abusive comments may be moderated.”

    These are not merely “commenters” but concerned, paying members who are wondering what the real problem is all about, what with such a vague and uninformative explanation, since this is happening more often of late. I guess I should be thankful I now download my gedcom every night, since there’s no guarantee it will still be the same once this site returns, especially since no valid explanation is ever forthcoming from customer support when one questions the disappearance of data from an individual file. When are you going to fix the slave schedules so they can actually be saved to a member’s tree without going through multiple hoops?

  279. Jennifer

    yes, second time this week, when I’m in the middle of researching, please get this sorted out asap. Is this going to happen when the 1911 census goes on? there will be thousands looking to access that at any one time so please attend to theses issues. Some of us only have short time slots to use ancestry as we have other reponsibilities.

  280. Cat

    Regarding comments about downtime: “I can count on one hand…..” Before becoming unemployed I had a yearly subscription and could not afford to renew except for one month, so I’ve only had Ancestry a total of 13 months. I don’t know exactly many times it went down during those 13 months but I know I’d need a minimum of five hands to count them all.

  281. Lynda

    I use Ancestry everyday, and have been a member since 2002, considering how many people belong to this site, and all the information it has on it, I think the odd blip can be expected. I have the least problems on here, than any other site I use, and you do keep us updated, unlike other sites.
    I know it can be annoying when the site has problems,but our ancestors aren’t going anywhere, and there records will be here another day, chill out people:)

    Thanks for informing us of the problems Ancestry, not many sites bother.

  282. Roger Roy

    Like someone else mentioned, take advantage of the break to do other research on the net. Complaining only brings ulcers, and for the little bit of time that this site goes down, you’re getting your money’s worth. Try another service and you’ll see what I mean.

  283. maggie

    I have had Ancestry Premium for about a year now. I am glad to have it. Everytime the systems has had a qlich- you have fixed it and made the program better. Don’t let the nay sayers get you down. I have to admit the people deleted out of my tree last night was distressing, but I was concerned about the their veracity anyway…some times new users put junk into the fields not realizing the info is not valid- i.e. Comte Girald de Paris was not born in 2000! I can wait for your corrections- GLADLY.

  284. Kat

    Love this site!! Been on for about a year now and enjoy it so much. Outages like these rarely happen. With the update that was done recently, I’m not surprised. Stuff happens! They’re working as fast as they can!

  285. Basic Math 101

    Read the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you became an Ancestry member.

    1). Nowhere does Ancestry say you will have access 24/7/365

    2). You are not billed based on the amount of time you use the system. It is therefore illogical to expect to be compensated for the amount of time you don’t use the system.

    3). If billing and compensation were based on time usage it would look something like this:

    365days*24hours*60minutes = 525600 minutes/year.

    Cost=$300/525600= .0057 cents per minute.

    That is 82 CENTS a day.

    And that is only if the ENTIRE system is unavailable since costs aren’t predicated upon which part of the system you use.

    When the entire system is down for 24+ hours- then you can yell for your 82 CENTS

    Until then.. just put on your big girl bloomers, get over yourselves, and deal with it!

  286. Greg

    The commenters shilling for Ancestry are flat-out lying when they say problems are rare. The site’s performance is hideously slow 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and total outages like the current one are not uncommon in the least. Who’s running this ripoff company, Roman Grant?

  287. Debbie

    I do not know when all of yours went down, but I had been looking at records earlier today. None of us like it down but things happen when they do up dates or add things. They have millions and millions of records and data that they have to put into all of this. Any person who does web pages knows this for fact, when updates happen things can go wrong. Just be patient and go to the places I suggested, and be looking there. Findagrve is a wonderful place to find ancestors and so is the there is all kinds of things we could be doing while we wait. I know I have pages and pages of data and info I could sort through, or pictures to scan. Some times things happen and lets be real ancestry is usually really good about fixing the problem right away. Unlike some other web sites.

  288. Joanne

    I spend endless hours on this website and it really doesn’t go down that often. I’ve discovered that when it has crashed or closed, all my new input data was retained in every instance. I wish I could say the same for my email or WORD program.

  289. A L

    Still not able to access trees, how long will it take, these comments started about 8 hours ago, luckily I don’t subscribe, but I do hope you give subscribers some compensation for the downtime, you already make people pay for things they can get for free from

  290. ally

    I have been using this site for a year and this is the first time there was an issue, these things happen, things for keeping us posted.

  291. Nettie

    Keep up the good work and “Get Well Soon”, as I know you are doing everything you can to “get up and running”. I too am a long time subscribing Family Member… My hat is off to you always for taking such good care of us and our valuable information, and all found because of you and your help!! My hat is off to and always. I am a “forever” subscriber and couldn’t be more happier with it !

  292. I’m trying to take a reasonable attitude to this. Yes, I can understand that technical problems happen. But Ancestry need to improve their customer service by giving out some information about what the problem is, what is being down about it, and when can their customers expect the service to resume. The other issue is that Ancestry charges for the time you use it via paid subscriptions which are not cheap. If customers who have paid for time to access the services and can’t do so, then they should be compensated with additional time added to their subscription period. That’s just common sense and proper business practice. I like Ancestry but, like others, have been frustrated by the recent problems and am waiting to see if Ancestry will behave responsibly.

  293. Dan

    Is this a great site? Yes.

    Could I do something else while it’s having issues? Yes.

    Of course, as a business, I would ensure that my application system is highly available and redundant – Especially when I have paying customers PAYING for a service.

    Ancestry – here’s some advice for you: invest some of that subscription revenue to increase your uptime. Pretty pathetic.

  294. margaret whymark

    @KC #70 Thankyou I’ll proberly subscribe at the end of my free trial…have used Ancestry for several years on and off but certainly think it could be that its so much busier now. Wonder if we get an extra free day :-)well one can try

  295. Karen

    I have been a member since August 2009 when I signed up for the 14 days free trial, stupidly thinking I could sort out the family tree, how wrong, I am now totally addicted. Tonight is a pain, but in all the time I have been using it, at least from 20:00 until 00:00 each night I have never had this problem. There has been the odd time when it is not available, but within minutes it is back on. I agree with the lady about the leaves, I research one person and up pops the leaf for another member of the family and off I go looking at that. I need to be more controlled and stop the butterfly mind. I love the site but it is now 23:07 in the UK and I want to get back on it – I need to get a life?!*

  296. Gale

    I hope the issue(s) is/are resolved soon. Overall, the benefits of this site far outweigh any inconviences. The information I’ve obtained during the past 2 years is invaluable and the relatives I’ve come into contact with (some of whom I’ve actually met and become friends with) are priceless. I think that membership is well worth the time and money spent, despite what some people view as “too any” or “too often” issues with the site. Someday, we’ll be ancestors. Hopefully, they’ll appreciate our time and effort, and appreciate Ancestry.

  297. Lem

    I think every other comment is about money, it’s not a good look folks. The site was having problems earlier before it went down but at least they have a proper message up to let you know. When GR went down recently they was nothing just a crash message on screen. This is only the second time it has happened to me in a year. The think about IT is you can’t know how long its going to be down for other wise it would not be down.

  298. Angie

    The first comment I see was at 3:18 pm CST. It’s now 5:08pm CST and I’ve just finished uploading lots of pictures to add to my tree 🙂

  299. E Christina Dabis

    My first monthly subscription started last night about 10 pm Pacific Time Zone.

    So far, access to the system (not the site) has been offline for 4 hours out of 16, that’s 25% downtime.

    Their contract states that we, the subscribers, have access to their system. By default, when their system is not accessible, financiall redress is in order.

  300. George

    I expect that should add 1 24-hour day of my subscription to the end of my subscription for every 24-hours is offline. This is not too much for a subscriber to ask for. This happens in the non-Internet world all the time. If a magazine or newspaper subscription is not fullfilled, either due to lapse in publishing, vacation time for the subscriber, or some other reason, then the subscriber can expect extra time at the end of their subscription to be extended fairly. I and others expect this courtesy and will expect to hear about this from Thank you.

  301. John H

    To #360 and others asking about time zone. The time being reported is 6 hrs behind GMT (-0600) Thus, if it is reporting 5:00pm — it is 11:00pm or 2300 hours GMT. For some reason (I am guess because they set this up in summer and forget to change it) it reports Mountain Daylight Time whereas at this time of year — if they are reporting their headquarters time — they should be reporting MST or 1 hour earlier than they are.

    I would suggest they add to the time stamp all the time — what time zone they using and it would really make more sense given this is an international service to use GMT rather than MDT. That is what they use if you wish to communicate with other members. — are you paying attn to these suggestions???

  302. Joe Busk

    Do we get credited for today then?? I mean we pay everyday for this site. If we can’t use it, then we should get reimbursed right????

  303. Libby

    LOL – I just got a notification I had records that matched xyz in one of my trees! Clicked on it and of course it goes to the apology page!!! It boggles the mind how the entire site can be down but they can still send the nonsense out!!!

  304. JA

    Glad to have the update! I was working on my tree and then I couldn’t access it anymore. Yes, technical issues are a pain; but Ancestry has so many records…let’s give them some time here.

  305. Ed

    I have been with Ancestry for over 11 years. Most of the time it works great! Some upgrades do create problems and it takes time to work out the bugs. I can’t complain, the end results gives us a better system.

  306. Cat

    I’ve done a lot of complaining today and I would like to state for the record that I love and all the site has to offer. It’s easy to use, fun and so chockful of information regarding the family in my trees it will keep me happily busy for years. Just wish I could afford a yearly subscription and not have to pay for a month when I can swing it financially.

  307. Barbara Boyer

    Relax, Everyone.

    Databases are tricky, real time, almost living things. They require maintenance, careful scripting and file management. Does anyone know if we can conduct a backup of our trees? It’s apparent that “our” trees have become part of each of us.

    As far as paying for a service and not feeling like you are getting all that you have paid for, think about the other services that are not always operational. Your cable service, the internet, the gasoline that you pay for out of the pump, but stays in the hose . . . electricity, et, etc. is so big that it’s amazing that they don’t have even more problems.

    Start your own tree using a database program on your computer, like FileMaker Pro. Every time you find someone on Ancestry, add them to your own personal database.

    I am writing a book centered around one of my forefathers. It’s disappointing that the site is down, but not worth scolding them. Give them the support that they need. Breathe and enjoy this day you have been given.


  308. Grampa Kenny, You are wonderful, thanks for the info. Now if all is secure on site, when I get back in, I will do just that.
    My kids have always told me I am OUT OF MY TREE, well, I can now tell them that they are 100% correct.

  309. Bonnie Henning

    For those of you who have recently subscribed, please know that from my experience, as a paying subscriber since 2000, this type of problem is extraordinarily RARE. I’m just glad to know I wasn’t losing my mind, as I have recently set up a new public tree and while I knew I had input data – one minute I saw it and the next time I went back to it, it was gone this past week. I really began to think I was slipping a cog.

  310. Linda

    I’ve only been a member for a year, but I love it. The on-line lookup for the Census alone is worth the cost. Also, the readability of the Census records. The microfilm at the various libraries is awful, unreable in many cases.
    Comments #148 and #213 are really appropriate.
    As a programmer, I know that testing is crucial and not always as thorough as it should be. I don’t know how many people are trying to access the trees at any point in time, but I can see where testing a completely new option would be really tough with with thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users accessing the trees at any one point in time. So, it probrably was not tested as throughly as it should have been.

    But, even with that, I can tell you that the message from #148 is so accurate. And the cost to make a copy from a library is high also. We just spent $20 to make copies of stuff from a library for data that is not in yet.

    Hope they get it corrected soon!
    I’m still not able to find some gggreat grandparents yet. I need to continue looking.

  311. Phyllis Boyse

    I hope this is the reason I have had so much problems for the last several days with the site actiing up.

    Hope you can get it repaired soon.

  312. MikeB

    I must agree with one of the earlier comments about the site being available at almost any time, although sometimes it can be slow, which is inevitable. I am a very heavy user and a website developer, so i tend to notice when a site is performing badly and this doesn’t do bad considering the amount of updates it is taking and storing. That said, there is definitely a correlation between major software releases and the site being almost totally unavailable, so that clearly should point someone to the pre-release testing resource, which is obviously very poor. Just a quick point though: THIS site is working fine and recording all these updates without a problem. It should not be taken for granted that this facility even exists, then again, they don’t keep changing this do they? It always seems to work perfectly. See the connection yet?
    Finally, whichever poor schmuck is having to fix this — just one thing management: Stop asking him when it will be ready! It just slows him down. It will be fixed when it’s fixed – peace and quiet is what he needs now. Trust me.

  313. E Christina Dabis

    Scolding? How funny and inappropriate.

    Business is business. Pay for the service. No service, no payment. No reimbursement: talk to a Judge.

  314. Sue

    Is a second system used for testing? Before changing to a new application. Perhaps you give warning, but not that I’m aware of.
    You should have ALL the old bugs out of a system before trying a new application. I’ve asked for a record to be changed over a year ago, and still no response. This has been a useful tool, but it’s not my only tool. It’s nice to have my own backup.
    I’m sure there as “Lessons” learned on this one.

  315. Danny Filtness

    UK 11.27pm.. Trees worked for… 2 minutes and now i get the check back soon screen LOL. (if i dont laugh i will cry).

  316. I have NO complaints. For 19 months I have spent at a minimum, 70 hours every week on through Famuly Tree Maker. I never worry about down time, it never happens. Today I was able to add several hundred people while it was down for an hour or so, and now I am going back abd using to fill in the details. I have added 53,000 people one at a time, and the down time is minimal! After all, there are other sites, even free sites, to get your details from.

  317. Sherry

    Trees down again and to those asking I did get a chance to check and yes i was online when the trees went down earlier and had just updated 2 family members and all that data was GONE this is not turning out to be a very good first day of my subscription!!!

  318. lily

    so many people are having issues, while i am still able to do everything! lol! ive made loads of progress today, and nothing has disappeared or anything, everythings fine! XD

  319. June Benvie Friis

    I don’t think that anyone puts more time on this than I do!
    And like everyone else, I sure do miss it. Hopefully there will be no more changes in the near future, to create any more of these problems. 🙁
    Looking forward to you being back on line.

  320. chezan

    I’ve wasted hours waiting patiently, checking regularly, but still the site is unavailable, so I may as well have an early night…so very frustrating as I’d specially set time aside for a few hours research.

  321. Greg

    Testing?!?!? You think they do TESTING at Ancestry? Why should they pay QA people to find bugs, when they can get their subscribers to do it and pay for the privilege?

  322. Debbie

    Greg I work almost every day on my trees and it is rare for me not to be working on them for even a day. I have been with ancestry for just a little over 2 years I think it is, and there has not been that many problems with it. And when it does happen it us usually when they have maintanece updates or when they are updating and adding millions and millions of records. Which any upgrade to any site can cause problems. Example when we down load upgrades to our putor some times things go wrong or there is conflicts, it happens. I am not happy about it being down either,but instead I am looking on findagrave for records and doing searches on them in other ways. Ancestry does not have that many problems when it comes to the billions of records and millions of trees they have all around the world. And I have never had problems with ancestry being slow. Only time I had slowness is when my internet provider was slow. Lets cut them some slack at least they are working on it. I cant say that about all internet sites.

  323. Fred C

    I would request that your tech team provide the customers with some sort of reasonable estimate of when the service will be functional. Are we talking one hour, 12 hours, 24 hours or just don’t know? This would be helpful in terms of how to plan our use of time. Also, some reassurance with regard to how Ancestry proposes to compensate the customers for lost service opportunities. All of this would be god business as well as common courtesy to your customers.

  324. Bob Brett

    Thanks for making corrections. I’ll use the time to look over some old photos and decide which ones to scan.

  325. Eileen

    Couple of commentors saying their up and running ok. Well why are they looking at the ‘blogs’ then if they don’t have an issue? Oh yes, a coffee would be good – Danny F.

  326. Sympathy

    Dear Lord forbid if any one of us get sick, or find troubled times and need understanding,…. I sure pray YOU don’t ask HIM for a refund or a “guaranteed” extra day!!!

  327. Clare

    I have never experienced a problem like this, only the routine maintanence. I have been very happy with the site, until right now.

    I share one of my trees with another family member and I got an email at 7:19pm this evening from telling me new people have been added to my tree. When I saw the names I thought “OMG! She’s found them, Yes!” I was so excited, but when I clicked to view… all I got is try again soon, and I’m like “what the…. no, not now!”. I just hope that this info is there when I can regain access as it is a very improtant part of the picture.

  328. Cat

    To “Eileen”: My tree was up for about two minutes then went down again . . . back to the blog to see what’s up. I imagine that’s true of most of us who returned to the blog. Just waiting for Ancestry to let us know when the trees are up again and read what’s being discussed here…

  329. Richard

    I want a credit on my charge for this month. I shouldnt have to pay for something im not recieving. If I dont get a credit i will cancel my sub.

  330. MikeB

    Please stop asking for time estimates. If you lose your keys, could you provide an estimate as to how long it will be before you find them?? With software, it’s exactly the same. Someone is sitting there now hacking away furiously trying to find the problem line of code, then trying things to fix it, whilst half a dozen pointless managers are running around like headless chickens all asking the same pointless question. If you need to go and do things, go do them. Almost all the people in the databases are dead. They’ll still be dead tomorrow.

  331. chezan

    LOL @ Mike B…Almost all the people in the databases are dead. They’ll still be dead tomorrow.
    Goodnight all…..

  332. Fred Re:# 410

    The Home Page says:
    Family Tree
    Ancestry Member Trees are currently unavailable.

    The Ancestry Member Trees system is currently unavailable for an extended period today due to unplanned maintenance. Be assured that the information in your family tree is safe and will be available when the maintenance is completed. Thank you for your patience. We will keep you posted on the Ancestry Blog.

    Extended period is legal CorpSpeak for “We really have no idea at this point but it may well be for several hours or more”.

    As to updates on the Blog…
    If they still don’t have an idea do we really expect an update saying ” Nothing to report yet”?

  333. ric

    Well sence the system is down this might be a good time to ask you pro’s out there on how to add photo’s from a file on ones computor to my tree on Ancestry. please help

  334. eksquier

    It is hard to be patient while the trees are down, but patience is necessary so the problem can be fixed once and for all and not have continuous problems and more times to be shut down.

  335. MikeB

    Ric, each person’s events (eg Birth) has a link ‘Add Media’ this means pictures. Follow the prompts.

  336. kathy price

    For all of you who are “excusing” this problem, I say “nonsense”. Sure, there are bound to be problems every now and then but this is getting to be an every month occurence. I’ve been with them since 1990 before all this TV gathering, new profiles to make things “easier”. What garbage. I recently had a problem with the FTM 2007. I was told they had it fixed but I needed to buy the new update 2011. Of course, I did and guess what folks? Not only was the problem not fixed but it had several other problems which where “suppose” to have been fixed (like adding blank pages). If you spent $300 on something and it didn’t work, wouldn’t you take it back. I believe their problem is twofold, they gotten too big and their help is either unqualified or not enough help to handle all the problems!!

  337. Randy

    This is the first time this has happened for me and I’ve been on ancestry since 2008. I do agree however that it has been operating slowly lately.

    Keep up the good work. I know you put a lot of effort into the site

  338. Michelle Horder

    Linda #347 we must be related – LOL! I too always snag the shortest but slowest line in the supermarket/bank/post office (anywhere really)
    Such a shame we have become like the kids of today. The instant gratification era is alive and well and spreading it seems…..
    It’s a shame i will have to do some actual work today. 🙁 But oh well…

  339. Karen H

    I do understand that sites have maintenance issues from time to time, but reading this comments it seems to be a familiar problem for members. As a new member who was greatly enjoying the service and using it to help my son complete a family tree project for school I can only say that I’m disappointed. provides a fabulous service that is completely worth the monthly expenditure…when it works. Unfortunately, if errors and the inability to access a family tree become a regular thing I will not continue as a paying customer. I want to have full-time access to what I’m paying for.

  340. Chezza

    For all those worried about losing data, you shouldn’t be 2 concerned. Data is the life blood of Ancestry. Without it they couldn’t function.
    Just because the software has problems doesn’t mean your data is at risk. Data is normally stored in separate data files and then called to the program you are using (in this case Ancestry’s Family Tree software). Any change you make to your information is saved to the data files as you go (when you click SAVE after entering data). So nothing should be lost unless your data fails to save before the problem occurs.
    Any change made to software, like the new tree program, only deals with the program itself – NOT the data. The only other data that could conceivably get lost would be data stored in temporary storage areas – like perhaps the shoebox?
    Any smart company like Ancestry that depends on data has backups of backups of all their data and they would be backing up constantly. They know that if your data disappears so do they!
    Having said that – and Murphy knew a lot about this – disasters do happen. Ultimately it is your responsibility to back up. I recommend you save your tree to a GEDCOM file on your computer as soon as this outage is over. Full instructions are in Ancestry’s help files at!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

  341. WebOperations

    We are pleased to inform everyone that the temporary site problem we experienced earlier has now been resolved. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and truly appreciate your patience through this situation.

  342. Deborah

    It almost seems as if it has a rolling effect. I wasn’t having any difficulties, then it began to slow down, having to refresh pages to get them to load every time I made a change.
    Now I’m being told there’s no tree access at all.

    Been on for nearly 15 years, through all its ups and downs, and irate customers – heck, I’ve even been irate a time or two – Remember the “One World Tree” debacle? People actually quit their subscriptions over that one.

    We live in an electronic age, and it is light years from what it used to be. Be thankful we have sites like at all. When I started doing genealogy in high school 40 years ago, I had to write letters to get a copy of someone’s death certificate or rent microfilm to get a Passenger List, or to find someone on the census. Painstaking hours of searching page by page through unenhanced images – anyone recall doing that?
    Now, the document is delivered to you at lightspeed in the comfort of your own home, and you are free to make as many copies as you want.
    Is that worth a few hours of inconvenience occasionally?
    You bet your sweet bippy it is.

    Ancestry has never let me down with regard to the safety of my tree, either. In fact they’ve saved it for me through multiple computer crashes, including one in which *both* my external harddrive, AND my computer bit the dust.
    I’m sure we’ll be back up and running all in good time.

  343. Debbie

    Barbara Boyer 384
    Yes you can back it up. I have Family Tree Maker and a few months ago down loaded all my trees to it. We all should have back ups for any tree we have. As some one who has lost their trees this was a hard lesson learned..
    I would rather have ancestry down for a day and have them work it all out, then to have it down for days. Things happen which they and us have no control over it. My daughter is a web designer so I know what problems can happen and do happen. So lets all of us go to findagrave or some other place and see what we can find there. I have already found some ancestors by doing web search and at findagrave Canada.

  344. c woods

    Susan #149 – ha! “those leaves are like crack”…..that was funny as heck, but so true!!!! forget about the outtage, reading these blogs is hilarious!!!

  345. Joanne Kandel McCumber

    Well I’m glad it’s fixed but it cost me at least 2 hours of work since I was unable to save it due to the problem.

  346. Patricia Argo

    good that you are back up and running but now I can’t upload my pictures, it keeps saying error, when will this be fixed.

  347. Robert N KIRK

    I do not know if the problems I am having on Ancestry is my fault or Ancestry .com. I am not a computer wiz and have been having problems for a week or so. I have built, lost and rebuilt my tree several times and am still confused. For example I have people in my tree that the program say are in my tree but no relation when the same person was mt 2nd greatgrandmother or what ever.I am not sure why we were not told about this problem But I sure would like a heads-up on the programs status. I have been a member of Ancestry for almost one year and am not sure if I will sign up again if we do not have more cooperation and information on this super highway.

  348. Hartley Hubbard

    I have been using “AC” for 3 years now and I do not consider any of these temporary down-time problems to be serious from my perspective. Yes, there have been a few others at times but they are
    almost always very short in duration.

    Overall job well done!

  349. Carol A. H.

    I’m a little surprised at the number of posts to this particular blog, but I tried to read them all. Ancestry has problems usually after a new feature is added. But here’s the best suggestion I can think of to insure the saving of your work.

    Create a GEDCOM file of each of your trees after every work session. You can’t save media (photos etc.) in the file, but if you lose your tree on Ancestry for some reason, you can always upload it again. Notes added to events will be included. You can also import each GEDCOM file into another program on your home computer. Keep these back-ups someplace safe, and do more than one of each. A lot of extra work but think about having to redo each tree over again.

    Back-up your files and you’ll never be sorry. Don’t back-up your files and one day you may regret it. Even if you have it all on paper, do you really want to enter all that data…again? Think of it as insurance.

  350. Audrey

    I have tried to correct a tree and it won’t let me.
    I have had this problem for a while and it is very frustrating. Person date of birth is 1935 not 1864 which is his grandfathers!!!!!!HELP

  351. Randy

    Trees are down again?? Just past noon here in Ontario. I was able to use the trees briefly last night, but now ‘check back soon’ is showing again :(.

  352. Virginia

    It is not just the Trees…the whole site has been fluctuating between being “down” and being “up”. This has started (for me) since about 11:30a.m. EST

  353. W Clayton

    Ancestry Site NEVER works properly anymore! Along with the host of problems mentioned, there are 2 continuous and ongoing problems:

    When I try to make changes to my Public Profile, those changes never get saved. I have been telling Ancestry this for almost a year and all I get is promises to fix it sometime and that never does actually get fixed.

    If I spend any significant time using the “Web Search Results” function of my FTM at least 20% of the time in long blocks I get the Error Msg “Your server is not Available”. Ancestry has a basic flaw in the FTM access to the Server site or an operating flaw inside the Site.

  354. WebOperations has decided to remove some of the comments that were previously posted on this blog, due to disrespectful comments between a select group of blog commenters. We are happy for people to share any thoughts they have about or their approach to family history, but this is a form for sharing ideas, and inappropriate comments, including personal attacks, are not accepted. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued constructive comments on this blog.

  355. Sandra

    you say the site is all back up and running, but I still can’t accress any records (census records, certificates etc)… everytime I click on one it ends up sending me back to my home page…. I’ve been wanting to print a couple documents for my grandmother and continue my research, but I can’t get any of that done! 🙁

  356. What you fixed is now down Whenever I try to save a document it makes me save it to my computer, and when I try to upload it to my ancestry site it gives me an error. Hope you can solve this. Thanks

  357. Nancy

    I just read several comments and surprised to find folks a little on edge with a simple glitch in the system every once in a while. Jeeze! You guys need to chill out! I love this work and no matter what-it’s worth a little patience. what if you had to board a plane or train or drive 800 miles to the nearest repository to do your research! Give these guys a break.

  358. D A Fox

    I did not go through all of the comments here to find out if this is an issue but, yesterday an uninvited person edited my public tree. Needless to say today I went private. I emailed tech support with this issue.
    Giving everybody a heads up.

  359. val tufrey

    I am so glad my subscription was free because I wont be paying to subscribe, it seems to block me anyway and tell me I have to subscribe when I thought I was already. the actual family tree program is so convoluted it gives me a head ache. I had the old program and it was so easy and simple. IF it aint broke dont fix it…

  360. thunderbird584

    I agree that problems come up that can’t be helped BUT this is an expensive subscription and we should get a few days credit or the very least a discount when renewing.I had to go private because of Ancestry problems also.

  361. Jacquline L Roberts

    Thanks for all that you do!! I usually assume that the problem is something that I caused. I did notice the problem. I will have to figure out how to do some correcting, but if I have any trouble, I am sure that you can help me.
    Thank so much!!

  362. cheryl moir

    Temporary problems were not fixed. I am under a major deadline to publish a book. The family tree hints review made a major mess of one of trees. I had to delete individuals and re-update. I would be happy to tell you where and how the bug occurred! It cost me hours of time. It is now 2:30 am-I kept working through it to make sure I had all the errors fresh in my mind. It was a mess.

  363. Helen Lutke

    Thank you for all you do. You do a great job and service for millions of people. Aplause, Aplause.

  364. My problem is that right in the middle of using Family Tree Maker it completely shuts off. The computer tells me I didn’t shut down properly and I always worry that I have lost everything(which happened once). I have put a LOT of work into my tree and still have a LOT more to do. PLEASE don’t make me loose all my effort.

  365. Kevin

    To all of you who are worried about losing all your research, just restore it from your back-up copy. Keep up the good work, Ancestry!

  366. Thanks for letting m know. I have recently changed to a Mac and bought the new software and thought it was a problem with that software since I never had a problem with the PC software. Hope it is not some hacker messing with the system, I love my genealogy and delighted when FTM came out with a MAC edition.

  367. ftlrobby

    Unfortunately I think the latest version of your software uh, uh, sucks. It no longer highlights, with a check mark, records that have been copied to an individual. So you get duplication. Also you have not corrected the huge glitch that will not allow multiple siblings to be copied to a parent. You need to spend more time on these “type” issues and less on making the page prettier.

  368. Bob Esch

    Things are still not back to normal. The system was frozen earlier today. Now they seem unfrozen but additions are oh so slow. I hope we are eventually told what the problems were. I also agree that the responsible action by Ancestry would be to compensate users for the time lost.

  369. cheryl moir

    For all those out there in the cheerleading club- yes, great sit, etc. However, as a computer programmer I can tell you if bugs don’t get reported they can’t get fixed can they? If one is not aware of the problem it won’t get addressed. Please use common sense and stop taking the comments as some personal slight-it is a business.

  370. Sonia

    I can vent because I am a full paying member…

    This new format SUCKS!!! Hence these so called “bugs” If you all would stop decorating or trying to improve what already works there wouldn’t be “bugs”.

    The search no longer works the way it used to I am getting lousy outcome.

    With every so called “upgrade” you all make we seem to have to spend more time figuring how to use the so called “improved” Ancestry that it’s getting to where it’s not worth what I pay for. I pay for the information!! But now it seems I spend more time trying to figure out how to find what I am looking for!!

  371. BEE

    How difficult would it be to have the “Family Trees” drop down list show trees in order of use, or at least alphabetically as it does when you click on it?
    Will the PA WWI Draft Cards that show a blank page ever be “fixed”?

  372. where’s the invite button??????????? whaaaaa????
    I must be too tired this morning because I swear there used to be one. =b
    maybe i need coffee. now i gotta look for it. =/

  373. Zac

    The search from the Mac version of FTM is suboptimal to say the least. It is far worse than the Windows version, this is the only application that I have used on the Mac that is WORSE than Windows. Given that the operating system itself is well known to be far more stable than Windows, the comments on the FAQs are obviously a smoke screen.

    These issues need to be properly investigated and addressed quickly, all paid members should have their memberships extended by an appropriate time to reflect the period of poor service. To my knowledge this is at least 6 weeks.

    It is such a shame that the excellent resources put together by Ancestry are being let down the web application service.

    The major remaining piece of real functionality that remains lacking after many years is sync between desktop/mobile applications and the web versions of trees.

  374. Patricia Argo

    is the site down again, i can’t upload my pictures, the site tells me they can’t find them, well, they are where they have always been in my picture file, it was working fine until about a hour ago, would you let us know if you are doing repairs again

  375. S Hellrung

    On January 13, I added approx 40- 45 new family members to my tree in FYM 2010.
    I saw leaves pop up on several names and decided to wait til the next day to see what hits I had.
    Now the names are all gone and my tree went back to a saved version from March 2010.
    A years worth of research gone.
    I called customer service and we were not able to find any of the name on any of my trees.

    What a shame Family Tree Maker 2010 🙁

  376. Lois Stossel

    For fourteen years I have subscribed to your site, during this time you have “updated and improved” the site, each time more information is lost from your site and less access to books and histories is found. Many times throughout the month your services are down and the new family trees does not display save and allow easy fast merging of the trees. I agree that time for your mishaps and experiments should be added to the subscriptions of those who have paid for these services many times over.

  377. long time user

    Folks, you have got to make GEDCOM back-ups of your trees EVERY time you make changes or additions.

    First lesson of family research: Back up your work.

    Second lesson: Document your sources.

    After that you are on your own.

  378. Mary

    I am sure there is a programing reason why we can’t have this, but is there any way that a backup system could exist on ancestry’s side of the equation. I can save documents and back up gedcoms but it does seem like ancestry should have a way to bring up material that was on a tree a week ago, etc. I know they don’t want to be bothered but if we have to back up our work, shouldn’t they have to back up their’s.

  379. Mary Re: #476

    Ancestry does backup their work.

    That said, it doesn’t mean they are going to give end users the ability to access and see those backups.

    They maintain their backups for their reasons-and their reasons alone, not for whatever the end users’ reasons might be.

  380. Lucille nYork

    My Trees on Ancestry are still So small ican,t tell anything about them. I got FTM with my new laptop and loaded it,buttoke ot back off.Thought that might be the trouble,but it wasn,t.

  381. marcel

    You fail to mention all all of the time that you were down last year. I have the dates, and I phoned in to report all of the nights that you were out all night and for several days as well. I never received any credit, only a half hearted apology. You charge dearly for your site especially with the economy being what it is, and you and the ONLY site that does not issue credit when YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. ALL OTHER SITES THAT I HAVE MEMBERSHIPS, GLADLY GIVE ME A CREDIT WHEN IT IS THEIR FAULT. I Have FTM 2010 which has never worked correctly and I have taken my computer to several techs, and they tell me the problems are not with the computer, but with the PROGRAM. THEY SAID IT WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR WINDOWS 7 AND YOU MARKETED IT ANYWAY AND MAKE US LIMP ALONG AFTER PURCHASING THINKING THAT ALL ISSUES HAD BEEN RESOLVED. I’M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU REFUSING TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY. THERE ARE OTHER SITES WHICH SEEM TO HAVE MUCH BETTER SEARCH CAPABILITIES AND ARE FREE WITH VITAL RECORDS. I’M GETTING TIRED OF ALL OF THE PROBLEMS FOR WHAT I PAY. I’ve been a member for over 5 years, and that is what I get for loyalty. I’ve just about exhausted my patience, in addition, there are blatant errors which I have written to you regarding your census records which you refuse to correct. At the very least, you owe your membership records which are CORRECT AND REFLECT THE ORIGINAL RECORDS. You have them incorrrectly indexed in the wrong location which many researchers are not even aware there is a problem unless they are a serious researcher, YET YOU CONTINUE TO IGNORE THE REPEATED REQUEST TO CORRECT THIS AMONG OTHER ERRORS. I JUST GET AUTOMATED MESSAGES. I’ve been patient and sat back far too long without saying anything, but all of my patience is gone and wrong is wrong. Maybe others are not aware of all the down time that you had the first three months of last year!!!!!!! which you should be well aware of!!!!

  382. kathy price

    I agree Marcel! I’ve been a member for over 10 years now and things seem like they are just getting worse. I’ve already said my piece once but I’m hoping someone will see this and can tell me how to correct it. I have FTM 2011 and it is adding blank pages to my “book”. I’ve been to customer service help and they said I needed to 1. make sure my printer settings and the program settings are the same and 2. make sure there are no spaces or returns are at the end of the pages (this statement doesn’t make sense to me). I’ve just spent the past 3 days checking ALL 158 pages and they look fine. Anybody out there have any ideas?

  383. wayne

    I was last on the family tree section of this site on January 21, 2011. This Morning January 23, 2011 my FTM 2010 program has been hijacked. Almost 32,000 entries and 16 years of research gone.
    They sure fixed the problem. Removed my back up files too.

  384. wayne

    It ‘s sad but true Ancestory has gone down hill since 2005. They claim to be improving but I haven’t seen any. they have become more User Unfriendly. I am still using the Old search page. The new page does not index correctly and is not as defined. Its a bitch when you enter a specific location and it returns 2-300 responses that are not even in the same state before it throws you the requested info. i have the 2010 version now the version 11 was thier best. I have many found many times the grandchildren of people entered have been listed as the grandparents parents.
    There seems to be noway to fix the problem but to delete the whole family page.

  385. long time user

    #481 Wayne, and all others, especially people new to genealogy:

    Folks, you MUST make GEDCOM back-ups of your trees EVERY time you make changes or additions. Make other types of copies, of your trees and all your saved documents. Keep additional back-ups off your computer. A flash drive, a CD, a diskette, or some means not connected to your computer

    First lesson of family research: Back up your work.

    Second lesson: Document your sources.

    After that you are on your own.

  386. long time user

    # 478 Lucille nYork January 21, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    This was your post:

    “My Trees on Ancestry are still So small ican,t tell anything about them. I got FTM with my new laptop and loaded it,buttoke ot back off.Thought that might be the trouble,but it wasn,t.”

    This blog will close Thursday, January 27, but if your clarify your problem, I’ll give it a shot before it does. I can’t tell what your problem is.

  387. BEE

    I hope that someone can clear up the confusion on a couple of subjects.
    The first has to do with FTM – I first purchased FTM 2009, using it for my two major “family trees” that I created on ancestry, typing in each name, following the prompts, and adding information and documents.
    Falling for the “hype”, I then purchased FTM 2010, but reading so many negative comments, I decided to just “download” two small trees from my ancestry trees,keeping the larger ones in FTM 2009. Having the two different FTM systems was very confusing, and I never figured out what I was doing. After an upgrade on my old computer, I wasn’t able to open anything – can’t remember if I ever solved that problem.
    I now have a brand new computer with Windows 7, and I love it, but I have yet to even try to do anything with the FTM folders that were transferred from my old computer.
    Now to read that FTM 2010 isn’t compatible with Windows 7? What about the FTM 2009? Was the purchase of those two FTM a waste of money? do I delete everything and just forget about it all?
    Where do I go from here? Having an “Annual World Deluxe Membership” for the past 8 years or so, I can ill afford to purchase the latest version, and really have no desire to deal with something “new”.
    My second question is about “back up” – I’ve done GEDCOM file backups {it just looks like gobbledy-gook?}- but if I did that backup every time I added something, I’d be doing it every day for two of my largest trees! What about all those “hints” that have to be deleted, because it’s just recycled information that adds nothing to a person’s history?
    How many of these GEDCOM per tree do you keep, or do you just keep deleting the previous ones?

  388. kathy price

    It’s me again. I keep checking back hoping someone canl tell me why FTM version 11 keeps added blank pages. Those of you that have then newer versions I feel for. What a waste of money….more problems than you can imagine. Luckily I had my old 2005 still loaded so I add all my new info in there first and then copied it over to 2011. The old 2005 does NOT have any problems. It just has a limited photo size and photo edit capabilities which I learned to live with. I am now checking out other tree program software. I hear rootsmagic is great and that you can import FTM 2011 files. Anybody there familiar with this? Thanks

  389. Virginia

    Dee # 486
    Cannot answer a lot of your questions as I use Legacy…but I do have a system for my backups. With Legacy I have a data backup and a media backup. I maintain 7 backups for each: naming them by the days of the week (i.e. Sunday Main Family, Sunday Main Family Pics, etc.) At the end of each day I simply choose that day of the week and override the previously saved one. It works for me!!!

  390. long time user

    I know I have harped on making GEDCOM files of your Ancestry trees a lot. It was because so many folks were relating that they “lost” their Ancestry tree(s). On Ancestry, you can upload a GEDCOM file, or start a new tree by entering each name and each piece of information. The GEDCOM file from Ancestry will upload (restore) easily, not including photos or scanned documents (jpg). Hints that are not saved to your tree do not get saved in a GEDCOM file. But all your source information is saved plus notes you added with each source.

    A GEDCOM file of your home trees can be made from any decent family history program as well. The LDS church created this utility and gave it freely to programmers so the end user could submit their trees to the church. It does look like gobbledy-gook, if you look at the basic file, say in a word processor program, but it solved an incompatibility problem. It’s usefulness is the information is so basic that you can import it into other programs and the information is the same as long as there are corresponding places (fields) for it to go. Such as a birth, marriage or death dates and locations. Other information may or may not transfer. The leftover information is put into a ”listing file” or notes.

    Most programs make their own back-up files. I don’t use FTM, but I know the program will make back-ups, as well as GEDCOM files.

    I think a person should make a back-up or a GEDCOM file of every tree after every session. This is a personal decision. How much are you willing to gamble you don’t have a problem of some kind and lose data? Even for big trees, it doesn’t take long. The computer does all the work. Take a break while it is working. Store at least one copy of each backed-up file or GEDCOM file somewhere other than on your computer.

    Bee, sorry, I can’t answer your questions regarding compatibility problems with FTM versions 2009 and up. I own 2005, 2009 and 2010 but don’t use them. (I do use 2005 occasionally.) I won’t buy 2011. Sounds like you need a long talk with customer support at Ancestry. 1-800-262-3787, 10 am to 6 pm, EASTERN USA time. Good luck.

  391. BEE

    I’m working with a new computer, so it’s taking me a while to finding my way around.

    Thanks to the advice of others on these blogs, I have an external hard drive, plus back up my files on a flash drive, so hopefully, I’m covered – although I realize that none of these backups would do any good if I don’t keep the GEDCOM files up-to-date. I just thought it was more complicated then it turned out to be.

    I previously did a backup of my trees, and was pretty sure that an update didn’t override a previous one, but when I finally figured out what I was doing last night, it did just that, so I’ve come a long way.

    So thank you Virginia #488 and long time user #489 for your help – I really appreciate it.

    As far as FTM, I’ll have to make that call to customer support when I have more time, and in the meantime, I’ll just ignore the whole thing – I don’t need the aggravation those programs seem to cause.

  392. W Clayton

    It would be amusing, if not so sad that almost no matter what original subject is posted in Ancestry Blogs it turns into a vehicle for disappointed users to complain about FTM! But the reason is abundantly clear to users. But the reality is that beginning FTM 2008, it was a piece of software garbage and every version since has remained in a catagory that can best be described with the same descripiton.

    When a Genealogy Software program will not even generate a Ancestors/Descendants Genealogy Report in .rft Format that is 100.0% editable without built in Headers or Footers, it shows that those in charge of giving instructions to programers simply do not understand what real genelogists doing real genealogy actually do! It is not about creating a system for attaching records to on-line Trees so that customers will continue to buy subscripiton. I also have a Full Subscripiton to But that is to access the evr growing collection of records. But most of the rest of the Ancestry system is broken.

    I am a geneanlgist who is a volunteer at a local FHC. I am asked by dozens of people each year who are beginning genealogy what software to buy. Since the early advent of FTM 2008 I have told every single one of them under no condition to buy FTM unless they can find a FTM 2006 or earlier version on e-bay. I am certain I have cost Ancestry at least 100 sales of FTM and will continue to do so until they fix this Fatal Flaw in FTM.

    Just go back and look at the last 10-15 blogs and get a sense of what experienced genealogists think of the lousy junk being marketed and sold as FTM 2008-2011.

  393. The truly telling thing is this…

    Check any other software user to user message board or forum; they are filled with “How do I do xxxx” types of posts while the FTM message board is filled with “How do I fix xxxx” types of posts.

    I firmly believe that, were it not for FTM’s close connection with Ancestry, FTM would not survive as a software company.

  394. W Clayton

    TOO HOOKED on on-line Trees?
    I had completely missed this blog until way after the blog had 442 Msgs posted during a 6 hr and 43 minute period from the original post and midnight of the 13th. That is most amazing and points out to me that I have a personal opinion that too many folks have gotten far too dependent on Ancestry’s on-line Trees. Sure there are some “kind of neat” things about having an on-line Tree that you can add pictures and link Ancestry based records to, but folks might stop and think that maybe you might want not to be so hooked on Ancesry site as some of us seem to be? I have an on-line Tree at another site and miss not one bit at all being so linked to Ancestry I cannot do my research without Ancestry being up and running. People did genealogy for decades and even centuries before there was an on-line. And it seems to me being a very long time subscriber to Ancestry that about the time of developing the on-line trees with pictures and records attached was about the time of the debacle with FTM 2008 that is still not fixed. We can all do real and fun genealogy without having an on-line Ancestry Tree!
    It was a flash of brilliance of someone or a few to realize how people could get hooked on Attaching pictures and records (obviously requiring folks to keep buying a subscription to be able to see the records) and flashing hints. But there is not a single one of you with all that that has one bit more fun than I do spending a serious amount of time doing genealogy! And I do none of those 3 things. I appreciate and value my Ancestry Subscription. But it is for finding records! It does that well. The marriage of Ancestry on-line trees with pictures/records and FTM 2008 was where it all went in the ditch.
    And one of the key things I use to get stuff and get true results is using Inter-Library Loan. I am going to follow this Msg with a brief outline to get results that way for FREE if you do it right. And you can get much stuff that will not be on for decades.

  395. W Clayton

    Inter Library Loan.
    The most under-utilized facet of genealogy is the use of Inter-Library Loan (ILL hereafter) in the mode of “Copy Request”. 99% of people who try it do not know how to do it properly and after a short time give up on it because they do not get any results. They did not learn the magic of “Copy Request”.
    The greatest bulk of Genealogy of very old records (once one gets beyond on-line databases) is in 2 types of books. 1st is small printing runs of 1 – 25 copies that are mostly in Libraries of localities the books were written about. 2nd are the more recently written books prevented by Copyright from being on public databases. Almost all of these books are accessible by ILL. They are mostly not available for Loan, just like my own Libraries Genealogy Reference Books. Two exceptions are the NGS Collection at the PL of St Louis and the Mid Continent Public Library of Independence MO. When I get the book actually sent it costs $5.00 to cover shipping & handling. However, the vast majority of Libraries will copy a limited number of pages from these books for FREE. There is a system you must use to be successful and it involves iterative requests. Knowing how to phrase the Requests is critical
    So what is ILL? Almost every library in the USA has their Card Catalog in a computer database. All these libraries have joined together and merged their Computer Card Catalogs into a Database called World Cat. In my library I can sign onto the Libraries Website from my computer at home. I then maneuver to the link to World Cat, fill in my Library Card Number and select my Library System’s Name from the drop down Menu and I am at the search page. I usually search by keyword, let’s say “Campbell County Virginia Marriage” and hit Search. The Tabs at the upper middle show you there are 54 hits, (30 books, 21 archival, 2 visual and 1 article). I normally do not just limit the views to books. If my own Library has the book, I can go use it there and cannot get via ILL and I get a message highlighted in Green that says available in my Library. I find I find “Campbell County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, 1781-1854” with the Author, etc and note it is not available locally.
    Double click on “Borrow this item from another library”. Fill out the required items on a on-line form plus your e-mail (to send you an e-mail if they find out the item can’t be borrowed). Select your most convenient Branch under both the “Dept & the Pick-up location” boxes in case the actual book gets sent. Under Max Cost list $5.00 (my libraries actual Book Borrow cost) to prevent a very small group of Libraries who use copies to make money for little stuff of little value.
    This is the most important step in the process! In the comments box say “COPY REQUEST! It is unlikely this rare book is available for loan. Please copy the Title Page, the Index Pages for (Surnames you want). If listed in the Index, please copy actual text pages for … (a few specific people you are most interested in). Thanks!”
    Make sure no individual ILL request looks like you are asking for more than 25 pages for one copy request. That is the arbitrary limit that most Libraries will allow for an ILL copy request.
    A few smaller Libraries still make you use a old fashioned “fill out form” at the local Libraries, but most larger ones do not.
    Two to 8 weeks later your copies arrive. After your copy arrives, take the Surname Index Pages, your Genealogy Data and decide what other pages you want from the Surname Index. Sign back onto World Cat, go back to the book and “Borrow item from another library” and say something like:
    “COPY REQUEST! I know from a previous Inquiry that this rare book is not available for actual Loan. I would appreciate copies of pages ….. (limiting to 25)”.
    I have a write-up with other hints and suggestions to improve your overall success. If you want a copy, go to an Surname Board. I suggest Clayton. Search for Author WClayton43 and send me a Ancestry Connection Service Msg and list your direct e-mail and I will send you one (& I will never use your e-mail for any other purpose).

  396. Glenda

    From the 21st Jan 2011 I have been unable to access my pedigree chart, it loads with errors on the page, and I am unable to navigate anywhere in Ancestry at all.5 days have now passed, and my chances to do further research have been held up. I have attempted to access through, and that page loads blank,again with no abilty to go anywhere in the site. I know that there have been changes to ancestry and I am trying to understand the difficulties that may have occurred. i would really like an update on the present situation. ALso do we get days credited to our account for lost time when the site is down like this?

  397. long time user

    #493 Bee:

    Don’t give up. Call Ancestry and get help. Insist on it. If you don’t like the person you talk with, ask to speak to another person or a supervisor. Call again if necessary. You usually do not get the same person. The call is toll free.

  398. Elizabeth

    Is anyone else having problems seeing their trees in Family Tree Maker 2010? After a few months with no time to work on them, I opened the program and my trees are gone! When I contacted Ancestry, I was told I was the only one that this has happened to, and something on my computer must have deleted them? Needless to say I have lost countless hours of research and entering, and am hoping for some solution? I had not backed up since June, so have lost quite a bit. Any suggestions would be very welcome!

  399. AMBenton

    I’ve been trying to pay for a membership for the entire week. I can NOT call because during business hours I’m at work. So, please update me when I can make a purchase for membership online. thanks.

  400. Virginia

    #499 Elizabeth
    If you do not get a response from this inquirey…post on the Ancestry Message Board:

    Message Boards…Topics…Genealogy Software…Family Tree Maker software

    I would suggest in your post to include not only what version of Family Tree Maker you use but also include what operating system you have (i.e. Windows 7 or XP, etc.) There are many computer savy posters who respond quickly to questions such as yours.

    Good Luck…do not panic…


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