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Have you ever wanted a personal tutor to sit at your computer and show you how to use Family Tree Maker? We have a solution. Family Tree Maker has a variety of short video tutorials (each about 3 to 5 minutes long) that can help you quickly learn how to add, organize, and share your family history. They’re perfect for visual learners or anyone who wants a little direction or help using the software.

Here’s a list of the eight tutorials that are available:

Workspaces–teaches you about the seven workspaces that make up the Family Tree Maker software.

Building Family Tutorial–Shows you how to add spouses, children, and parents, and navigate in the People workspace.

Building Person Tutorial–Explains how to add events, facts, and media items for an individual.

Places Tutorial–Explains how the place authority works and teaches how to resolve unrecognized place names.

Media Tutorial–Illustrates the various ways to add media items and record details about them.

Sourcing Tutorial–Shows you how and where to create sources and source citations.

Publishing Tutorial–Explains the Publish workspace and also chart/report options and settings.

Web Search Tutorial–Illustrates Ancestry hints and search results and shows how to merge this information into your tree.

You can access all these tutorials online on the Family Tree Maker website. If you’re using versions 2009, 2010, or 2011, you can also access these tutorials within your Family Tree Maker software; simply select the Help menu, and choose Training Tutorials.


  1. Terry (R) Beaver - Printz

    On my mother’s side, I can’t get past the point of AKA’s. When I add another name for my mother, it is kicked out or put somewhere else or something happens with it.

    Mable Edna Brown and June Brown are the same person. She was also June McDowell and June Stephens. When I try to add her spouses, I can’t. The information becomes part of the first spouse, etc.

    I never find anything helpful on my fathers side. I am just at a loss to go further Rex Orville Beaver.

  2. James

    #1 – If you can get a local, experienced user to help you, they could help solve your problem. If you’d like, send me the portion of your file and your issue can be resolved.

    The tutorials are great but a local experienced user is also an asset and can solve issues, answer questions, etc.


  3. worshacf

    Terry (R) Beaver – Printz #1

    Try logging her gaven name as Mable Edna/June or June/Mable Edna ~ log her maiden name as Brown (never change her maiden surname to a married surname).

    Then add one spouse at a time from her profile, ie., spouse #1 = McDowell, spouse #2 = Stephens

    Set up the marriage between your mother and her husband/s. You will see “Married to the spouse’s name” in bold letters.

    When you want to attach the marriage record for each, it has to be done on the profile of the husband only.

    Next, go on to marriage number two, add the marriage record for them on that husband’s profile (again only his).

    I you try to attach the marriages on her profile it will mix all marriages into part of the first marriage just as you describe.

    Good luck!

  4. Tom Cleland

    I am not proficient in a lot of computer protocol, and I found the “older version of FTM/FTW” to be very useful and easy to operate. Your new version (2010) has me completely flabergasted. Nothing I learned using the “older version of FTM” appears to be useful on 2010.

    Frankly, it complicates the very routine maneuvers and I’ll “look for a program that will simplify” the routines for us amateurs. Tom Cleland

  5. Janna

    These tutorials make me almost want to buy the program. I still wish there was some sort of trial. The only reasons I would get it, is to sort out my places and for the research options. Instead of being on ancestry and having another program open and typing everything I find on ancestry into the program it can all be done in one place….but we’ll see how my husband feels about it…got a birthday next month!

  6. Lisa

    I’ve got a lot in my trees here on, but do not have FTM. I read you can bring information from FTM to, but what about bringing what you have on to FTM? Is that possible?

  7. Lisa Re:# 9

    Yes, bringing info from an Ancestry Member Tree into FTM is easy.

    There is one drawback- you cannot synch the two applications. (i.e. you can’t use one to update/overwrite the other)..

    Check out the FTM message board for full details

  8. I recently purchased the “Early New England Settlers, 1600-1800” disk by Broderbund, Family Tree MAaker’s Family Archives, CD #504, but I cannot open it on my computer (Dell, Windows 7 program ) Can you help? We registered the Famil;y Tree Makers 2010 last July. What are we doing wrong. Thanks,
    Marge Wilhauk

  9. Ronald Chard

    Is there anything coming in the future for the once noted book that was supposed to come out last fall titled “Beyond the Basics: A Guide for Advanced Users of Family Tree Maker 2011”. Have had an order it for it at for months ..they adjusted release dates a couple of times, now it just says will let you know when it comes out.

  10. Hazel Clack

    I’m just wondering if anyone is having the issues I’m having with the 2009 and 2011 version of FTM. I only transferred one family line from FTM 2009 to the 2011 FTM as I did not want to move my information into another program that might have more issues than the 2009 does. Ancestry has admitted that there are issues with the 2009 FTM but it’s not cost effective to fix them so they put out another FTM program and incorporate the fixes into the new program. What is happening is they bank on their customers purchasing the new program so they don’t have to dig into their profits for the total cost of a new program, which is minimal, and they probably actually turn a profit.

    After working in the 2011 program and adding several more hundred ancestors I then started trying out all the print options. Serious issues when the information is saved as an rtf file…puts it into a word document and information can then be edited if necessary. The 2011 program has issues in the print and save portion. The rtf saved file has portions within a box that has lines and columns and the information can not be edited as it moves information into the wrong format. Need I say more? It’s useless. So now I have a family line completed and ready to print and share with family and I have no way of getting it to print correctly.

    So I decided to print out reports from the 2009 program as I have some of those completed and had never had any issues with saving my data into a rtf
    file and being able to edit and then print. Well, now I have the same issues with the 2009 as I’m having with the 2011. Can not print a decent report!

    I have contacted Ancestry and have been told the programmers decide what is or is not priority when it comes to fixing their many program issues. And this is based on how many complaints they receive regarding the same issues. In my mind I contracted with Ancestry to be able to merge records into FTM and then be able to print out decent reports. I fulfilled my part of the contract. Since 2005 I’ve paid my membership fees. And Ancestry has yet to fulfill their part of the contract. There are still certain records since 2005 that can not be merged. Like Death, Marriage, etc that should be mergeable.

    I am a competent computer user and there are no issues with my system. I am not the only one having these same issues with FTM programs. Also, there are issues with printing out data from the online trees.

    So if you are having any issues, please call Ancestry and let them know. They’re not going to do anything about their issues unless they get bombarded with everything that is wrong with their servers, their databases and their FTM programs. I’ve been contacting them since 2005 with the same issues and am still being told the same thing. But I will persevere.

  11. Zac

    The place authority remains poor for the United Kingdom with many major towns and cities missing. Also the validation should also be against historical as well as current places. There does not appear to have been much improvement to this feature for some years. In addition the full address should be supported.

  12. jan costic-ihrig

    I have just downloaded the 2011 family tree maker. I am looking forward to correcting all the problems I was having with the 2010 version. However what I noticed when I downloaded this version was this. If enter your name into my data base as Tana L. Petersen. I put all the other variations of your name that I find as “also known as” like: Tana L Petersen and if I find a Tana Peterson. When I downloaded 2011 it took all of the “Also known as” and replaced them as Name.
    So my question is: Should I only use “Also known as” category for a single first name? I am not looking forward to editing all of the 2000 entries of my trees. I also am not looking forward for running a duplicate program, which I do at times, and finding these people needlessly being flagged as errors.
    I hope you can understand my questions and a bit of my frustrations? I really do love your programs.

  13. Tana L. Pedersen

    I’m glad many of you have enjoyed the tutorials. Are there topics that weren’t covered that you’d like to see explained in this format?

    I am sorry that some of your information didn’t import the way you expected. I did not experience this same thing when I imported my files into Family Tree Maker 2011–all my Also Known As facts remained. I will look into this problem and let you know if others are having this same issue.

  14. Paula

    I have an issue and would like to discuss it here, if this isn’t the place then please advise me where I can address it.

    The issue is WOMEN’S MAIDEN NAMES, they should ALWAYS be used. If the Maiden Name is unknown, then type in UNKNOWN if you want to keep track of your unknown’s by their husband then type in UNKNOWN (Jones) but she is NEVER Mrs. John Jones. This only confuses the search engines in ancestry and really screws up the family trees for match ups.

    My next issue is the “COPY/PASTE CONTEST” when matching family trees they should be proof read before adding to your family tree. I’ve noticed as many as 20 family trees with the same error and it is because of the click and go or “copy/paste” without proof reading. One such occurance I ran into yesterday was Thomas Gallop b. 1529 as the father of Mary Gallop b. 1530. Thomas was her brother not her father. John Gallop b. 1500 and Joan Collins b. 1505 was their mother. But all 10 of the trees that matched to mine had the same mistake. By not proof reading and doing the click and go method parents get attached to children who are 200 years younger than they are or Parents have been dead 20 years before the child is born. All it is is NOT PAYING ATTENTION to the little details.

    Genealogy research is a precise and detailed science
    and should not be a COPY/Paste Contest just to add names for the sake of adding names to your family tree.

    My next issues are with Ancestry, and the match ups making a person a NEW person and just below that person my person is connected with a sibling. This is how so many trees have the same person listed several times and it is an issue that should be corrected. Marriages don’t line up. When you want to attach a document to a spouse and the person has several spouses, the document attaches to the wrong or first spouse, not the one mentioned in the document. All the data is correct in the tree and in the document, but it attaches to the wrong person.

    I have been doing genealogy research for over 50 years. Don’t get me wrong I Love, but I still go to the Mid Continent Genealogy Center frequently and just this fall took a month trip doing genealogy research in 18 states from Maine to North Carolina and from Illinois to Delaware and everything in between. Most of this trip was to confirm information I got on Ancesty and some was disputed, but when all is said an done it was a very interesting and FUN trip.

  15. Paula

    Here is a classic example of the crap that I see all the time and wonder how many really stupid people there are on this website:

    Thomas GriceBirth 1540 Warrington, Lancashire, , England Death 1588 Clayton Manor, Lancashire, , England Family InfoFather Robert Worden (1534-1580)new Mother Isobel Worthington (1547-1580)new Spouse Alice Grice (1544-1585)
    Married 1565 Children Margaret (1569-1612)

    First of all His name is Thomas GRICE but his Father was 14 when he was born and his name is WORDEN Thomas was 7 years old when his Mother was born in 1547 and his spouse has the same name GRICE as he does.

    The sad thing is that this was on 10 of the 10 trees that ancestry gave me as “POSSIBLE” matches.. That ofcourse would be a “POSSIBLE” match if I wanted to Screw up like all the others and join the COPY/PASTE Contest. Thanks but no thanks, I’ll Pass on this and leave my set of parents unknown.

  16. Beverly

    I have just started with Ancestry and now I have FTM. With 4000+ people in 3 trees have have 400+ hints.. How do I manage the information?. Should I gather all the hints first and then delve into individuals?

    The duplicates are getting me down! I don’t know any tricks to avoid them or to eliminate them without loosing other data.

    I have gone to tutorials yet for FTM, but I hope it gives me more help. Ancestry was easier for a newbie.

  17. Paula

    FrancisGRISWOLDnewDifferent Birth:1635newDifferent
    Kenilworth, Warwickshire, EnglandnewDifferent

    Death:3 Sep 1704newDifferent
    Norwich, New London, Connecticut, United StatesnewDifferent
    George GRISWOLDBirth:19 May 1633
    Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England
    Death:3 Sep 1704
    Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

    Someone please tell me why these are matched up on the family tree when the exact data (match) for George is just above it?

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