Posted by Jeanie Croasmun on December 14, 2010 in Events

Mark your calendar for February 10-12 and join in Salt Lake City, Utah, for RootsTech 2011 – a brand new conference where technology and family history come together.

What does it mean for you? A chance to meet with, learn from and talk to the people who design the tools that help you make your family history discoveries. From classes and lunch roundtable discussions to “un”conferencing sessions developed on the fly to meet the requests of conference attendees like you, you’ll find countless opportunities to go further in your own research and help shape the future of family history technology.

Need more? You’ll find complete details, including a schedule of genealogy classes and other events, at Plus, register by January 7 and you’ll attend all three days for only $99.

See you there.

Jeanie Croasmun

Jeanie Croasmun has been working at while futilely attempting to prove the horse thief story in her family history for over seven years. During that time, she learned enough about her family to determine that the story is likely a great work of fiction. But the search continues ...


  1. Not very bright for a 22 year old, are you?
    …and such language! Limited vocabulary huh?

    The trial is free for the first 14 days and if you don’t cancel then you start paying.

    Does that clear up the confusion for you, you misbegotten whelp of a female canine?

  2. Jeanie Croasmun

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