Posted by Heather Erickson on November 9, 2010 in Site Issues, Website

We want to let you know that the Blog will be down for about 4 hours for scheduled maintenance tonight (Tuesday, Nov. 9) through early Wednesday morning beginning at 9:00 PM Mountain Time (that’s 11:00  PM ET or 3:00 AM GMT). Additionally, the Rootsweb Community will undergo scheduled maintenance for 12 hours starting at 9:00 PM Mountain Time on Tuesday, November 9.

During these times, the Blog and the Rootsweb Community will not be available.

Thank you for your patience as we improve our infrastructure.

Heather Erickson

Heather Erickson is Head of Global Communications for and has been with the company since 2009.


  1. Deb Re: #1

    I second that!

    It is sooooo tiresome having to click ‘Read More” and scroll to teh bottom just to see if any new comments have been added!

    Very User Un-Friendly!

  2. Mary Beth Marchant

    “Here’s hoping it’s revamped to again show the number of comments for each blog entry!”

    Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. Still that annoying “read more” junk-Ancestry seems reluctant to have us know just how many comments are received. In my opinion, it would be nice to have some type of different blog option that would allow comments on how best to search, post public/private trees and expert help with same. So much of the blog seems aimed at advertising new things and none on fixing the things that have been a problem for years.

  3. Deb H

    @4 Mary Beth – Here, here! I agree totally. If they’re going to “advertise new things” in the blog, how about advertising few more new databases rather than more changse to the family trees. I’m probably in the minority in that I don’t have one posted (and won’t), but I’m always looking for new record sets. And, as someone else keeps mentioning in various posts, how about fixing the Penn. WW1 draft cards that are all messed up??

  4. Deb Re: #5

    Since 11 Oct 2010 they have added 101 new databases as well as updated several others- so an average of over 3 new databases a day.

    What, in your opinion, should their daily average be?

  5. Tom

    Re: #5 Deb
    I wouldn’t wait for the corrections for the WWII records for the 4 states that are messed up to be corrected. I’ve been asking for over 3 years now and so far nothing.

  6. Irma Lommen - Salden

    It is nice to receive an e-mail on November 11 with a message from November 10 that there was a maintenance on November 9!

  7. Monika

    Okay, Andy, please tell me that there is a way of getting rid of all the ridiculous “Member Connections” which are now showing on the front of each indididual profile sheet (at least in the past they were hidden from view and you had to click on the “member connect” line if you wanted to see them. Now they are hogging up half the page of the profile sheet.) I “unchecked” all the options given under “member connect”, but can’t get rid of them on my individual profile sheets.


  8. Monika

    Andy, To be specific I meant the “Recent Member Activity” data which now shows up on the individual profile sheets. That’s what I want to get rid off!


  9. Monika Re# #10 – 11

    As far as I know you can’t, unfortunately, get rid of them.

    I’d just be happy if they gave us the ability to customize that sidebar on the Overview Page – then we could move them to the bottom of the page so Source Information and Web Links would be higher- as, imho, they ought to be.

  10. Madeline Hall

    Is there a way to stop all of the duplications of entries? A lot of times I have to go in to edit the person and click on relationship and delete the extra names. In most cases, there are at least 3 of the same person. What can I do.

    Also, I love love love the “relationship to me” function. I use it all the time. love it!!!

  11. Monika

    Thanks Andy! I was afraid you would say that! Yes, I would love it if they made some changes to that, e.g., gave us the option to “option out” of some of these things alltogether. It is so invasive to force it onto the profile sheets we create. At the very least, put it somewhere where it does not deface my entire profile sheet. I am sure many people (particularly the “copying kind”) love this feature, and I am happy for them if they do. But, by the same token, those of us who do not like this invasion should have the opportunity to opt out.

  12. Madeline Re: #13

    Duplications are caused mainly by copying from other trees or adding entire families from census, etc.

    The only way to prevent them is to always check your tree before adding a person and then adding one person at a time to your tree. You should never copy someone to your tree from another tree. If, after verifying the sources, etc., they really belong in your tree then add them manually.

    You’ll find that in the long run this actually saves time and results in a much more accurate tree.

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