Posted by Tana L. Pedersen on September 15, 2010 in Family Tree Maker, Webinars

Tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time the experts at Family Tree Maker are holding a free webinar to discuss the features in the latest version of the software. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use Smart Stories—a new narrative tool to help you create and share family stories.
  • Create new fan charts.
  • Dress up your charts using photographs and embellishments.
  • Add your own historical events to timelines.
  • And much more.

Click here to register.


  1. Susan

    I’m looking for the way to email a question about tonight’s webinar on FTM 2011. I cannot see a way to do it here. My question is this: How can I use the software to download a gedcom (or other compatible file) to FTM?


  2. Michael Battaglia

    I too do not see a way to leave a question for tonights webinar unless this is it. My question is… I have loaded the new version on my laptop with Vista operating system. I am the system administrator however when I check for an update for FTM 2011 it says I must have administrator rights and stops the process. Help please.

  3. Geneva Ensign-Langin

    I have been using, but still do not understand the interface between it and the Family Tree Maker. Would appreciate very basic info.


  4. I downloaded my FTM & it brought up Unrecognized Date–Import Error. What does that mean & how do I fix it.
    Also how many trees or names can you get on FTM?

  5. Sharon

    I have titles on about a quarter of my people, is their anyway to hide the blank spots on the rest of the people?

  6. Jan Alford

    Today’s webinar — will I be able to stream it later? I could see the slides but I did not get any sound. I know I can hear tutorials on my PC since I am taking a series from

  7. I tried to listen and learn in your seminar tonight and I got very little out of it. The places you said to go to weren’t anywhere I could find them. I listened for about 20 minutes and had to go. You said at the beginning we could listen later but I find no link for that either.Why are there not printouts so we have the diagrams you use to navigate through. Trying to remember isn’t easy.Thank you for a reply.

  8. I live in Alaska I never Got the 30 minute e-mail. I even check for the time 8:00pm ET is 4:00pm Alaska time. At around 2:45pm I got e-mail saying in 2hr’s the Webinar well start. Two hr’s later I’m still waiting for the 30 minute e-mail. My test on my computer past and I when to the last e-mail I got (2 hr’s)and I click on that Join the presentation as was also instructed to do if we don’t get the 30 minute.Well I didn’t get anythink at all.Did You All forget about the time of ALASKA? I have been trying well it was 2:00pm AKT and now it’s going on 8:00pm AKT which in the it going on 12:00am ET. So What Happen? I just got my Family Tree 2011 yesterday I installed the 1st think it I could start my 14 day free Trial. Im a menber why do I have a free Trial that could later close me out? MY quetion to you is I choice(button)to push the button for to download files and just wouldn’t.I too want to know well I be able to see the presentation at sometime? I would love it if we could. I would like to get a cd of it with the Guid Book 2011. Put my order now for it. Thank you

  9. Carol A. H.

    All Webinars are available about a week later on Ancestry. On the first page of the Ancestry blog, on the right-hand side, in “Categories,” there is the word “Webinars.” Click on that and you can find the one you want. Give them about a week to get in there.

  10. Lynn

    As always, Michelle and Duff (and others team members involved in creating this webinar) thank you for creating a value adding webinar. I learned many things about FTM 2011 that I had not yet learned through my exploration of FTM 2011. Additionally, a BIG thank you for quickly posting this webinar – I missed the webinar last evening and was thrilled that the webinar was posted to the following day (for those who do not know the location for the webinars ( home page > Learning Center > Webinars: Online Seminars or go to

    Although I was disappointed that the key functionality that I hope would be included within FTM 2011 was not included, it looks like many added enhancement were added.

    The functionality that I have desired for years is the ability to order source citations attached to a specific person and/or across all individuals, in an order other than the date they were added to FTM (e.g., alphabetical by source title, custom, etc.). Potentially something similar to the ability to order children associated with parents based upon birth date. How FTM handles source citations is the equivalent to having a filing cabinet and only having the ability to add information based upon the date the information was placed to the filing cabinet – not according to the value placed upon the source citation, chronological order or alphabetic order (i.e., information does not tell as interesting of a story if the source citation order is 1900, 1840, 1880, 1860, 1910 census), or potentially other desired orders. Although I have not seen many other individual requesting this functionality, to me this basic functionality associated with the management of electronic records. Why would I want to view 30 source citations associated with an individual, in the “Person” view in FTM or in a genealogy report in such a random order. Although I will further explore the enhancement in FTM 2011, I will find it hard to upgrade without what I consider basic system functionality in FTM 2012 – which I would imagine is the case for other who add numerous source citations and/or value the stories that numerous source citations provide (e.g., the consistency or inconsistency of information across decades tells so many stories … a name that neighbor or census takers could not pronounce, someone’s age that continually varies across censuses (did they look particular younger/old or did they or neighbors fib, etc.) … things that help in further research as well as are particularly interesting based upon the particular time period (e.g., individual’s declaration of birth location, religion or other self-declared information).

    I look forward to leveraging FTM 2011’s functionality and ideally to the functionality in FTM 2012.

  11. Bruce Corbett

    There are many ‘errors’ reported when the GED record from Ancestory .com was imported the FAMILY Tree? What does it mean and HOW do if fix the errors.

    I have a TON of duplicates. likes to to anecestors as children. Probbaly errors by others, but where is the compare/edit program?

  12. Charles Willford

    I just watched the webinar.

    CTRL+F5 was mentioned as a way to download missing images from Ancestry? What a surprise that was? It is not mentioned in Shortcut keys or in the help system.
    Does anyone have a description of this process?


  13. Charles Willford

    I understand the key strokes. But what is it supposed to do? I have 12969 images in the Media space; when I enter CTRL+F5, it says it’s downloading 12808 items? I am not missing very many, since I just took 8 months to review and download several thousand missing images. So, I was flabbergasted to see this hot key! Very confusing without an explaination of what to expect? Can’t find a description anywhere?

  14. Ahhh…

    OK- Maybe to get just the missing ones you have to go thru the Media File and highlight just the missing ones and then hit CTRL+F5?

    I’d test it but I don’t do media in FTM or on the Member Trees. I just save all documents straight to my GENPIX folder on my hard drive.

  15. Charles Willford

    Thanks for the thoughts. As I re-listened to the Webnar, it was talking about having d/l your tree to your computer and you had missing files. Well, I had not done that; I was just trying to use the trick with my current tree. So, I think it could not find any previous files and needed to d/l them all or nearly all.

    I sure wish Duff would give us a description of the process. I do not see a definition for the that shortcut key??????????

    Help? It’s not in the FAQ’s or any forum I can find?


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