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Family Tree Maker 2011 is almost here. Join us for a free webinar on September 15th at 8:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time and discover why it’s the best version yet.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use Smart Stories—a new narrative tool to help you create and share family stories.
  • Create new fan charts.
  • Dress up your charts using photographs and embellishments.
  • Add your own historical events to timelines.
  • And much more.

To attend the Family Tree Maker 2011 webinar, click here to register.

And if you have questions you’d like answered, please enter them in the Comments section below. We’ll try to respond to them during the webinar or on the blog. (Please limit your questions to functionality available in Family Tree Maker 2011.) We appreciate your questions and look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks!

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  1. SAS


    Will FTM 2011 finally allow you to sync only the changes to a Database and not the full database?


  2. Lynn

    Does FTM 2011 allow us to order source citations, attached to a specific person and/or across all individuals, in an order other than the date they were added to FTM (e.g., alphabetical by source title, custom, etc.).

  3. Harvey

    In FTM 16 there is a chart called “All-in-one” which I think is the BEST of all the charts that have been available. Will there be anything like that in FTM 2011

  4. Brandon

    I suggest improving existing releases before pushing out “new” versions and charging your existing customers upgrade fees.

  5. I agree with Brandon (#5). I want to go back to version 11 where I could put all the facts I wanted on my Decendancy Chart, and have all my pertinent information in one print-out form.

  6. Haydn

    Really hope there is a vast improvment in syncing with the Ancestry online family tree. Not just this half way house that you currently have in FTM2010. Even the ability to upload your tree from FTM to Ancestry without haveing to create a whole new tree on Ancestry and haveing to reinvite all your Guests would be a vast improvment.

  7. Kevin

    Harvey (#4), in FTM 2010 the “All-in-one” tree is now the “Extended Family Chart” under the “Charts” type.


  8. Pamela Siegel

    Has the problem been fixed in FTM2011 on creation of Source Citation with media images when uploading (sharing) on Ancestry. e.g. cemetery source citation with media images of burial deeds and photo of headstone. In Ancestry the source citation has been transferred but without the media images.

  9. Pamela

    In FTM2010 I have added photos to the media section and in the ‘Caption’ I have entered
    the year of the photo plus some words to describe the picture. For example
    the ‘Caption’ is “1985 Whipsnade Zoo, Dunstable”.
    Yet when I run the following the pictures are not in order –
    1) Slideshow
    2) Publish – Media Reports – Photo Album.

    I was informed by the Customer Service Feb 2010 “We hope this issue will be resolved in the next patch for Family Tree Maker 2010” – I’m still waiting.

  10. Ben

    About (#4) & (#9) – The “All-in-one” Chart is A LOT better than the “Extended Family Chart”. Will FTM2011 have the “All-in-one” again as some of the older vers had? The “Extended Family Chart” does not make the tree the same, and is not a good replacement.

    Anyone that was a fan of the “All-in-one” will agree.

  11. Ben

    Will FTM 2011 have a “Auto” button to make sure all children in the full FTM file is in birth order?

  12. Tom

    What would be nice is if the FTM would mirror the online Ancestry tree. Navigating through FTM is like a small nightmare.

  13. Don Cole

    I used FTM for many years, but then switched to an Apple computer. Why does FTM
    lack an Apple-comparable (I.e. Mac) version? Very disappointing!

  14. Barb

    I just added a family photo to the top of a family group sheet. Really like that BUT the caption does not appear. It’s nice to have a photo, but the individuals are unidentified — not too handy!

  15. Ron Wallick

    I currently have FTM2010 and am fairly well satisfied. Currently, when merging edited information to multiple individuals from a census report on Ancestery into FTM2010, the information as edited is transfered only to the original person where the census was found. All others receive the orginal documentation information as it was presented by Ancestery which requires individual editing. I have contacted customer service at about this problem in the past and even spoke with a tech shortly after receiving your first e-mail regarding the 2011 version. All to no avail. Will FTM2011 be correcting this problem? Thank You

  16. M

    Will FTM 2011 allow us to insert source citations in the “Notes” portion of an individual’s record? This is the single most missed item from my previous genealogy software and I’d love to see FTM include it!

  17. Brian

    Older versions printed calendars. Will this version add this capability? (Also – concur with All-in-one comments. Please bring back.)

  18. Ron Wallick

    Second question regarding Census merging. While looking at a page of a census I have found other indivduals listed elsewhere on that page other than ones I was looking for that do not have hints posted for in their own data. I know there are ways to merge this information but why can’t the “merge wizzard” simply ask if one would like to post this information elsewhere? Sure would make life more simple

  19. Cathy Kissling

    I do not FTM yet. I am creating a Family Heritage book in I want to know if you can save a family group page as a Word file? Or can you only print it out in FTM?

  20. Margot

    I was waiting for the new FTM to be released and confident that it would be MAC compatible. What is going on guys? I don’t understand how you can afford to leave us out in the cold like this!

  21. I’m with the other Mac users: I was happy to hear earlier this year that a Mac version of FTM is in the works. Will it be released along with FTM 2011? Or is there even a release date set?

    Until then I’m using Synium’s MacFamilyTree, as well as FTM 2010 (and as soon as I get 2011, that one as well) on Windows XP using Parallels for Mac. I do prefer FTM to other software.

  22. Dale

    Anyone finding any info on FTM 2011’s MAC Version/compatability? I sent them a request for info and didn’t get any response.

  23. Lynn

    #19 M
    Re: “Will FTM 2011 allow us to insert source citations in the “Notes” portion of an individual’s record? This is the single most missed item from my previous genealogy software and I’d love to see FTM include it!”

    Although I may have not fully understood your question, this has been possible for as long as I can remember. I have included source citation information within the “Notes” portion of an individual’s record, for at least the last 5-years (and numerous FTM versions). This has allowed me to quickly look at all my key source information at one-time versus opening individual source citations to review the citation details (i.e., although a duplication of my effort to maintain the information in two locations, I have found it to be particularly useful).

  24. Gloria Richardson

    Amen to the comments from Mac users. Please help us. I put untold hours into my FTM data on my old pc, but now everything is on hold for me. We love our Macs, but miss our FTM.

  25. Shirley Jensen

    I have a Mac OS X version 10.5.8 and did not know that FTM was not available for Apple Macs which could explain why I find my trees confusing. I feel I should erase what I have so far and start over but it says I cannot do that without losing information I know is correct and want to keep. Confusion reigns.

    This will be my first webinar. Shirley Jensen

  26. Cathy Rakoczy

    I hate FTM 2009 & 2010, love version 16 but can’t use it on my newer laptop. I say quit making newer versions until you get the ‘bugs’ out of the older ones. Navigation is a nightmare. I probably will not upgrade until it’s a must.

  27. mona

    I agree with the above. I havc used FTM since the DOS days. I believe that a new version should build on the previous version. At this point, I actually feel like going back a couple of versions. It is so unfair to your long standing clients to change every new version without incorporating all the information that we have input in the previous versions.

  28. Lynn

    To those who are looking for the FTM MAC version; FTM stated a couple months ago that the FTM MAC version would be available by the end of the year or earlier, during a FTM webinar. Given the pre-sales of FTM 2011 do not mention the MAC version, I am assuming the release will be later this year and assume will share a additional FTM MAC update via this blog and/or the Sept. 15th webinar.

  29. Philip Fleck

    Seems like I have the same complaint as many previous readers; why is there no compatible FTM version for the Mac? Many members are Mac users, and you’re beginning to alienate us…

  30. Carl

    I’ve been an Ancestry customer for almost 10 years. However, when I read all the seemingly serious user comments on this Blog, I get very uneasy about using the newer versions of FTM. It appears as though you are ignoring, and thereby confirming, many of the FTM problems, but I doubt that is so. Still, that is the impression when you don’t respond to a comment. I know the upcoming Webinar will address some of the issues, but why not respond on your Blog too? I know could afford to assign a person responsible for providing an accurate response to each and every comment, so why not do it? Granted, some concerns are not valid, but you still need to respond, so others will know the truth. Sorry to be so candid, but I’ve wanted to say this for a long time.

  31. Tom Herson

    I hope so-called users don’t waste valuable time on the Webinar talking about Macs and old versions of FTM.

  32. Bill McIntyre

    I concur about the need for a MAC version that will work on Macs without an emulator. The PC emulators make it very hard to allow two way transmission of genealogical information (mac firewalls). I finally gave up. Yes that Gedcom file is still there waiting to be utilized. My deceased wife’s 20 years worth of work. I am currently running snow leopard 10.6. If you don’t hurry up more will migrate to Family Search or Reunion. Do something, you’re loosing $$$$$$.

  33. Kathleen Darden

    Will the new version put names in correct aphabetical order? Will it download from Ancestry correctly? I have had nothing but problems with this last version and spend all my time correcting
    errors – I have been told my 2010 version is “corrupt” and I have done everything suggested to correct but no luck. You would do a service to correct all the “bugs” or get a new Programer before you throw out a new version.

  34. MAC version of FTM

    It was announced quite some time ago that there would be a MAC version released sometime later this year.

    It stands to reason that they had to finalize the code for FTM02011 before they could finalize the code for FTM-Mac2011 to insure they played nicely together with each other and with the Member Trees.

    According to the last I heard the MAC version should be out by Christmas.

  35. Jim McGowan

    If a true sync with Ancestry were available I’m sure FTM would be shouting about it, so forget syncing with Ancestry. And without that of what use is a new version coming so close on the heels of the current version? I see nothing new, nothing worthy of a paid upgrade. I am not falling for this.


  36. Juanita Bailey

    I am a new user of I ordered FTM2010 and I could not get it to load on my computer. I sent it back. Is it possible to get 2011 instead of a new 2010. Also, is it possible to download my whole family file down to FTM are do I have to retype the information.

  37. Sue

    Question – When I enter information in notes or the research facts the font is different sizes and when I go from person to person the information moves all over the page and I have to fix it all the time. I wish we could get a font size instead of a slide bar that is very touchy and only does two sizes, very small or large. Why not give a whole page where you can out in the persons name, birth , death, spouse, children, mother & father all at one time.

    Thank you Sue

  38. Clarence E . Baker

    I renewed my membership for one month , on International , My great grand Parent`s came from Sweden ,all I know is great grandfather came from Gotenborg , and his wife Landskrona , and her maiden name was pearson , don`t know who there parent`s are my gr. grand mother ,had a sister nameed Ida , I don`t know where to begin , I don`t know Swedish ,and there a ton of Carl Edwin Hanson`s and Anna M. Pearson, Hanson ,I can`t afford to search for month`s , I think I made a mistake in persuing this quest ,

  39. Jim Re: #47

    There will be no true synch between Ancestry Member Trees and FTM until they “speak” the same language- which at present they don’t.

    As an example -just look at the list of events in the dropdown menu of the Member Trees application vs. the list of events in the dropdown menu in FTM.

  40. Seems like I have the same complaint as many previous readers; why is there no compatible FTM version for the Mac? Many members are Mac users. I have been an member for many years and frankly this is beginning to get to me. Please HELP!

  41. Clara Owen

    I have been waiting for the Mac version of FTM for so long. I ordered Reunion but sent it back after reading the Mac FTM was coming in the fall. I am really tired of waiting. Surely we will hear September 15th when the Mac FTM will be available. If not I plan on purchasing Reunion and moving right on.

  42. Toni

    1) Media Items/Photo Reports: FTM allows a Media Item Report which you can choose each item. But if your person has over 30 Media Items, this is very time consuming when generating a Book. The Photo Album Report can cover all associated Media Items, but lists them in Rows and the smallest is two per row. You cannot see these, (especially read) them when you want them as a part of a Book. Will the 2011 version allow for the Photo Album to list each Media Item per page? Also allowing you to change the page setup per page to allow for the best readable fit (landscape/portrait)? Also, will the Photo Album provide a Checklist of which items associated with that person that you wish to include/exclude?

  43. Toni

    2) Hint Web Searches/Media Items: When we search, etc. for possible matches and find a match, FTM allows you to merge the Facts/Source/Media with your tree. However, I have noticed that if your Media is a Census Record which spans over (2) pages, only the first page is merged with the FTM record. How do we get FTM to recognize that the record has two pages and merge them both as page one and page two?

  44. Toni

    3) Index of People: We can currently organize the Index of People alphabetically or by birth order, etc. Is there a new feature in 2011 which allows you to further sub-group the Index of People based on Descendants/Ancestors of a person? This way, I can split an index with over 5,000 names index into maybe 16-17 groups. ie. Ancestor JB had 16 children. The master group with all the 5,000 names for JB. Then, possibly 16 sub-groups indexed based on each of those 16 children. This way, each sub-group only has maybe 1,000 -3,500 names rather than 5,000 to search from. And so on, so if one of those 16 sub-groups is a rather large family (like 14 children), then that group can also be sub-grouped. I have too many family members with the same name and close births, I want to separate them out by Family Branches.

  45. Toni

    4) Relationships: FTM corrected the ability to allow for Step/Foster/Adopted Parents. But the Relationship does not transfer to the Children. ie. there should be Natural Bro/Sis; Step Bro/Sis, etc. This allows for actual Blood-Line Lineage (especially if we choose to do DNA testing at some point). Can this be approached at some point in time?

  46. Jane Watt

    Is there any other time this is offered? I always have committments on Wednesdays at this time, but would really like to avail myself of the information.

  47. Maureen Bejar

    Using FTM 2008 and I am interested if the newer versions have fixed the problem with entering a stepchild to an existing family and having the mother or father then duplicated in the child’s information.

  48. Alice

    When you say “sync”, does that mean transferring people and information between my tree, and FTM 2011 tree? I have FTM 2006 and am updating to 2011, hoping to be able to do this.

    Also, when I save hints I often end up with duplicate people in my tree and have to go through and delete the extra ones. I never know which ones to delelte. It happens all the time and is very annoying. It even adds a different spouse, “unknown spouse” or lists the same spouse twice, and puts the same children under all (however many) spouses that are listed. If the information can be transferred between and FTM 2011, will those duplicate people transfer also?

  49. Alice

    Will the FTM 2011 have the same selection of reports as FTM 2006? I like the different formats of reports.

  50. Joanne Becker

    Has your Kinship Report been corrected to show ALL RELATIONSHIPS? Our family has many double relationships and your newest version only shows one relationship per person, unlike the old 2006 version, which was excellent.

  51. Joanne Becker

    Have all the errors to the bookmaking portion of your new program been corrected? A year ago, I tried the 2009 version for one weekend and ended up submitting 2 pages of errors in the bookmaking portion of the program. This was after several calls to technical support to verify that there was not any way around the errors. Your 2006 version was FANTASTIC – the best bookmaking genealogy program on the market! Why were not all of the bookmaking features included and included correctly in your new version?

  52. Patricia Viellenave

    Will FTM2011 convert information from version 16 fully or will it be a new install like 2010 which would not merge anything from version 16 nor did it ever install correctly in XP, Vista or Windows 7 money spent on an upgrade with no good results, sad.
    Version 16 is the best of all the upgrdes so far. I go back as far as the dos versions.

  53. Malka

    When I started using FTM and Ancestry I worked backwards from myself and my husband. Now I realize that I should have made an individual tree for each of us and possibly for each of our parents. Is there any way to make a tree from a couple rather than from an individual. Is there a way to go back and divide a tree. I want to be able to give relevant tree info to each group IE my cousins, his siblings, my siblings, etc.

  54. Randolph A Malone

    I know I must not be in the loop, but please show us how to add photographs and stories. Thanks

  55. Donna

    I love my Mac and I am obsessed with ancestry. Mac people need FTM TOO! When will the Mac version be released?

  56. Joanne Becker

    I have FTM 2006 version 13. I believe this is almost identical to version 16. It was the BEST and is the newest FTM program that I will use. For those of us that have been using FTM for years and have created large books (my last book was over 500 pages), for the company to come out with a brand new program with no way to convert or carry over our books made in the older version was not good!!! I, for one, love to be able to continually update my books with more current information. Since I have no intention of completely remaking these books, I am forced to stay with the older version until FTM does something about this problem.

  57. Dennis Tivel

    I would like to be able to right click/copy from any established share report. And I would like to be able to pursue family trees from Mexico south and don’t seem able to do this in

  58. Jean

    I would like to sort individuals in a tree according to the date of an event, i.e. sort chronologically by birth date, death date, marriage, etc. Sorting “by hand” is difficult and time-consuming. Will this feature be available soon?

  59. Lynn

    #73 Jean
    I am not sure which version of FTM you are using, but you can sort by birth date, marriage date, death date in FTM 2010. Within the People/Family view, in the index on the left side of the screen, go to “sort” and select the desired sorting criteria (e.g., “Family, Give Name”, “Birth Date”, etc.). Also within that Index portion of the screen, you can add the birth date, marriage date or death date next to the indivdiual’s name.

  60. Thomas Atkins

    Will FTM finally be fully uploadable to I have,in my Media, about 1100 phtos and 300 stories. Heretofore that’s been too much for the capacity of to take. So I’ve bee forced to just upload my FTM info, without any Media.

    When will this problem be fixed? It’s really a severe drawback to being able to share my info with members overall.


    Thomas Atkins

  61. Roger Emnett

    After searching the Web and reading all these posts it would seem to me that the single most important update to FTM that the majority of users want is the ability to update or sync their desktop FTM Tree to without deleting and creating new trees. Why has this not been addressed in the 2011 version? At least there should be some sort of update to let us know that it is in the works and when we can expect a solution. I do not plan on updating until this issue is resolved.

  62. Roger Re:# 77

    There are a multitude of reasons it hasn’t been done yet.

    Probably the biggest reason is because Member Trees and FTM don’t even “speak” the same “language” yet.

    This can easily be seen by just comparing the events drop down menu of the two applications. You will see events on one that are not on the other. It will be interesting to see what the events menu on the FTM-MAC version contain.

    How can you synch data when one side doesn’t even recognize data from the other side?

    Another reason is perhaps they wanted to get the FTM-MAC version done and released so that they could make sure the synch worked on all versions.

    You may be sure that if Ancestry could have done it by now that they would have done so. They know that such an ability will put them far ahead in the race to develop a robust application for “cloud” genealogy which, at this point in time, represents the Holy Grail of online genealogy.

  63. David

    The map location of a town under the tab “places” is not always the correct location. Is this going to be corrected?

  64. Anne

    With the 2010 version, downloads from my tree were unreliable. Some of the basic information (e.g., birth dates) that was included in my tree did not download; some of what did download was altered in the download (i.e., a birth date in my tree appeared as a different date in the download into my FTM. No one in customer support was able to tell me how to correct this pervasive problem. In order to use FTM, I would have had to check each and every entry. Has this inaccurate download problem be corrected?

  65. Using FTM & Ancestry since high school to many yrs. to count. I feel I am still Very New at this. Is there a dictionary of words/terms related to the above mentioned.

    All in “One Family Tree” & “Extended Family Chart” for example, Why keep changing the names and places of certain information. I need a GPS!
    Thank You

  66. Roger Emnett

    Andy RE:# 79
    Appreciate the response and I understand the database incompatibility problem. However since the upload to Ancestry is available in FTM 2010 ( which essentially translates your FTM file to Ancestry language ) it would seem to me that a one step process could be created to upload and replace an existing tree (or merge new data) of the same name and automatically notify and give all existing invitees access to the new tree. I would think that this would be a great enhancement and in my opinion would appease most users until true live sync can be put into place. What do you think?

  67. Rita

    Cathy #23
    Yes you can export a family group sheet to word by creating your FGS then right click on the group sheet and export to RTF which means rich text file and it will be saved into a word document. You can also click on share by the print button and choose the same RTF option.

  68. Roger Re:#79

    I’m not certain the “translation” on upload is accurate. I’ve been meaning to test it by doing the following:

    1) Create a member tree with only events that are not shared with the FTM events and then downloading that Member Tree into FTM and compare the results with the original online tree.

    2) Create a FTM tree using only events from the FTM dropdown menu that are not shared with the ATM dropdown events and then uploading that to an AMT tree and compared those results to the original FTM tree.

    That would test just how well each application can “translate” the other.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been tied up with other projects and just haven’t had the time to follow thru on this yet.

    As to your one step process, that would depend on just how far along Ancestry is on developing synching (and yes, it is my belief that they *are* working on it). It may be the case of not wanting to expend time and resources on a temporary fix if a real cure is around the corner.

  69. Beth Shields

    I would like to permanently get rid of those annoying green leaves that have no info – when you have about 15,000 names in your file it’s really time consuming to check all of those that don’t have info.

    Will FTM 2011 fix this flaw?

  70. Mike

    Being fairly new at this and working on building a family tree on I, like probably many others was unaware of a FTM program. Could you please just touch on why we should purchase it. What are the benefits to having FTM along with the membership with Thank you.

  71. Roger Emnett

    Andy RE:#85

    I would agree that “translation” may not be completely accurate as there is no doubt that some events are not translated accurately or at all. I still maintain a quick and easy tree upload, replace and notify invitees (or better yet apply the link from the tree being replaced to the new tree thus eliminating the need for notifications at all) would not be that difficult to implement and would be well received.

  72. Sherrie

    In “Places”, locations are listed by county then state. How can I “list” everyone from one state by using “manage places”. Example: Search for just those from “Ohio” and not specify county?

  73. Joe Zinski

    Referring to 57 Tonie, & 65 Joanne Becker, Will 2011 allow us to see 1/2 brothers & or sisters, as well as various spouses, these are blood lines.

  74. Roger,

    My take on it is this, it can’t be as simple as most people believe it to be or Ancestry would have already done it. As much as I rag on Ancestry about some of their bone-headed decisions, even I don’t believe that they would be stupid enough to withhold an easily accomplished change requested by many users over a long period of time.

    There has to be some technological barrier we are not aware of or some overriding business reason that prevents this from being done.

    What those barriers and reasons may be we can only guess.

  75. Rich

    Will this new version of FTM 2011 give us the ability to decide for ourselves who is included, as well as the information for that person, when we create a Report??

    Right now if I run a Register Report from my great-grandfather that includes all of his descendants, it will NOT include any information for the spouses of his children that did not continue the direct bloodline by having children of their own other than the date and name of the person the individual married. Case in point: my grandfather had a brother who was married, but unfortunately they were not able to have any children. Even though I have all the information in my FTM 2010 for his brother’s wife, there is NO way to include this information when creating a Family Register other than the fact it states the name of the woman and the date of their marriage. It is like she is not even important to the Family since she “technically” is not related by blood and did not continue the family line since she bore no children!! Second case in point: one of my grandfather’s sisters was married 3 times. She only had children through her 1st husband. In this case when you run the same Family Register, the only person shown to be her husband is the 1st one with whom she had children. Once again, even though I have all the information for her other 2 husbands, none of their information appears on the Family Register since she had no children with these last 2 husbands.

    I realize that you are using the format for these Reports from the New England Historical Society, which is fine as a default setting. But why can you not also allow us the ability to change these settings and thereby giving us the ability to custom design these Reports in the fashion in which we want them?? After all, is not this supposed to be about OUR FAMILY, and if so, should not WE be the ones who are making the decisions about how we want to format these Reports?? It is almost as if you are saying that if you are not related directly by blood, or at least have children with those who are, then those people are NOT important!! Well I will tell you… that I could not disagree with you more!! Some of those same Aunts and Uncles who you are deciding are not important enough to include simply because no children were born during their marriage, are just as close to me in MY FAMILY as those who are related to me by blood. It is a DISGRACE that so far we can not inlcude them in these Family Reports.

    I have been both a subscriber and user of and Family Tree Maker for almost 10 years now, and this is an issue that myself, and many others that I have spoken to, feel strongly about!! And quite honestly, if it does not get resolved soon, I will begin to look elsewhere for a Family Tree program that does address the concerns we have expressed to you time and time again, but as of yet still continue to go unanswered. How about finally dealing with the issue, and making the needed changes to your newest release of FTM???

  76. Barry Graham

    I have been anxiously awaiting a version of FTM that allows me to update my tree online without having to create a new page. I used to be able to do this with the versions. When do you plan to give us back this functionality?

    Also when I upgraded to FTM 2009, it did not do a great job of converting the file and now there are mistakes in there that I did not create. I am wondering if you have someone there could can compare my old FTM file with my new one and fix the new one (without me having to pay for the service since it wasn’t my fault that it happened).

    I’ve been using this software for nearly 15 years and the issues with the three or four most recent versions have almost completely turned me off this hobby of genealogy – all those hours of work entering data, destroyed by upgrading to the most recent version.

  77. Bob Klein

    I’ve developed an extensive family tree in FTM. I recently engaged the services of a genealogist to trace my family’s European roots which I haven’t been able to do. She’s doing her work in Ancestry. How do I import the people, facts, and sources that this individual compiles into my tree without deleting/overlapping my work?

  78. David Dearinger

    I have two questions for the September 15 Webinar presenters:
    In The Master Genealogist program, details in data entry fields (dates, places, etc.) can be automatically repeated by pressing F3 (that is, pressing F3 will automatically repeat whatever information was last entered in that field). If there such a feature in Family Tree Maker?
    When importing information from another program (such as The Master Genealogist) or merging parts or all of separate trees in FTM, how can I make sure that all persons, including those related only by marriage, are included in the import or merge?

  79. Elon

    I have a few home movies that I would like to upload to my tree. Will a video and recording upload component be added this time around??

  80. Steve Lelle

    How can historic place names, which are now obsolete, be added to the list of place names in FTM other than just “Ignoring” the Old place name? Can we link historic names to today’s place names?

  81. Dennis H. Clabeaux

    I am still useing FTM2005. Is there a way to get all my info from 2005 to any newer verion of FTM.

  82. Lois

    FTM needs a magnification function so that this of us with visual impairments can get print, etc. to a size we can see clearly.

    It would be nice if you ever made it a truly searchable data base. I can’t search by occupation, religion, or any other variable. I would like to be able to do include in my narriative some fairly low key stats on my ancestors.

    2009 and 2010 versions took away things that worked for me…like being able to do my narratives and to be able to publish a book. As it stands now, I have to write my narrative in Word and none of my source information is connected unless I reenter it by hand.

    It would be nice if the compact file command worked, if the back-up method wasn’t so unfriendly.

    I would like to be able to put tags on two people and then be able to do a relationship chart. Now I have to change the home person and even then I don’t get what I want.

    The charts need to be more compactable. To try to print even a small segment of my tree takes a zillion pieces of paper with a ton of white space.

    I too want a MAC version.

  83. Jon Sanders

    #49, Sue this is just a pure limitation of the Notes feature. This feature does not support the ability to set the font size and is a major hole in a core feature like this (and something I would have expected they got for free as part of the window’s infrastructure). You will see a slider that looks like adjusting the font size but it is really just a zoom in/out feature. The reason you get this different sizes is that you pasted something from another application and the font size came from there (e.g. the only way to set the font size is to use another app and then paste). It would be helpful for FTM to give the user control over font size but if nothing else tell us what the default size is so I can use that when pasting from another app.

  84. Jon Sanders

    #89 Sherrie, I submitted an enhancement request back in early June for a similar thing: Enhancement – Filtering on Resolve Place Names [Incident: 100620-000210] But hopefully if they do this one they will have extrapolated that this filtering/sorting should be done in the Places tab as I too have fought with the S/W as I try to clean up my “places” as well as trying to find a person that could be in one of many towns in the same state or county. I asked for the filtering when cleaning up data since the list of names returned includes foreign countries, other states, and then 3-5 entries for the state I know the place is in and I end up choosing the wrong one.

  85. Wendell Pontious

    I am looking forward to the webinar on FTM2011. I currently am using FTM2010 and I have incountered a problem that I hope will be resolved with FTM2011. I have about 28,800 names in my family tree and FTM2010 no longer has the name index working. All of the names and records are in the program but they will not list in the name index. I have done several procedures to correct this problem, short of unloading FTM2010 and then reloading FTM2010. I am hoping that once I have loaded FTM 2011 the name index will be restored. Do you have any ideas about this?

  86. This will be the first purchase of Family Tree Maker for me…so it better be damn good.
    I will put all my hard work (10+ years) into the program when it arrives and see what it can, will, and should do.
    I hope I can give you a good report.


  87. Sharon Brogdon

    Please have webinars on another night than Weds. Many of us in the Bible belt still go to prayer meeting at our churches on Weds night.

  88. Arlene Re: # 105

    Be sure to back up the files from your old program first.

    Also, depending on what you old program is, be aware that everything might not, depending on what bells and whistles you used on your old program, transfer to FTM by either GEDCOM or direct import.

  89. Nancy Reicher

    Question 1.
    I prefer to use the Outline Descendant tree format when I send relatives our family tree. Each time I must click on the facts that I want to include in that tree. When will I be able to save the list of facts so I don’t have to do this repetition?
    Question 2.
    I back up my tree every time I make any change to it.I used one of these back ups to transfer my tree to my laptop computer. Several of the Media puieces were no longer linked to the people they were intended for and others no longer came up for the intended person. What is the use of a back up if it does not do the job properly? and When will this problem be fixed?

  90. Leo

    I agree with to many people to start listing numbers but the one’s about the “all in one tree” is really important. Yes I can do an “extended family chart” but do you really know how difficult it is to read when you print it out. 410″ by 8.25″ is a long piece of paper. As far as the books go that is another major issue. What is the good of having 10,000 names in a tree if you can’t share the information with family members. I miss a lot of the features from the 2006 version I was using before I finally gave into buying the 2010 version. I agree that if you have something that works and works well why do you take that out of the new release and replace it with crap? I am going to check out the 2011 but I can asure you that I will never upgrade again until they get the charts and books to work right. I love to share my findings with my relatives but if I have to give them a chart that is 410″ long forget it. You did it once it should be easier to copy into the new version rather than to start from scratch.

  91. Carl

    Re #40

    Wow, over 100 comments so far (mostly questions and problems) and still no response(s) from I understand that will respond to the most common concerns during the Webinar, but what about all the others? Will we be left to think that the unanswered concerns are real problems that may never be addressed?

    BTW, will FTM 2011 include a DETAILED list of ALL the “known issues”?

    I think is missing a great opportunity to satisfy their most interested and loyal customers, by simply providing a short written response to each comment here on their Blog. Anyone agree?

  92. Well- maybe every original comment, but certainly not to repeated ones like:

    “When will the MAc version be out” or “Is there a Mac version”.

    There are 23 such comments in this particular Blog- and the question has been answered at least twice in this same Blog.

    Does no one actually read the Blog but just sign on and post a question instead?? !!

  93. Christiana

    I think FTM is a fabulous product and appreciate the upgrades. One aspect of an earlier version I miss is the ability to choose between vertical and horizontal orientation for descendant charts. Is this feature included in the upgrade? Also, are there more media report options? I’d like to print contact sheets (with my existing FTM captions)for specific lines of my family. In other words, print contact sheets for all photos attached to John Doe’s descendants. Is this possible with the new version?

  94. Margie Holtzapfel

    I have used FTM since it first came out, I have over 9000+ people in my software and 32 kb. Questions: 1. Will the software run quicker with large files? 2. Will the problem of underlined information in notes that is copied to another be fixed. Currently the underlined information when pasted losses the informatio immediately following (not underlined) or it underlines EVERYTHING being copied. 3. When an underlined topic at the beginning of a sentence is moved down, the underline format remains so the next thing entered on that line is underlined. 4. When coping information from one person to another, the cursar goes to the beginning of the next line automatically thereby entering null space in the file that shows up in the printing to the “Register Report” 5. When when creating an export individual’s descendents file and choosing descendent and ancendents the parents of the descendent’s spouse are NOT included. I was told by tech support that the only solution is to go thru the list of people and manually add them to the export file. This is TOO manual. Will 11 resolve this? 6. Will adding a source be easier. I hate adding the same information to notes and then duplicating to source. When I print a register report I want to see the sources with that person NOT at the end of the report.
    7. And lastly will I be able to dwld a tree from with the permission of the tree owner?

  95. Reva

    i have a couple who have been married to each other twice. I have the dates of both marriages, but no date for a divorce. How should I handle this so that each marriage shows up on reports? Thank you.

  96. I would enter a divorce date of “Before xxxx” (XXXX=year of remarriage) and then enter a custom event of “Remarriage” with the date of the second marriage. That makes it very clear as to the chain of events.

  97. Lee Loveall

    I started using FamilyTree with version 5 way back in the early 1990s. After about a decade I upgraded to version 16. Last year I purchased version 2010. What a disappointment. I found it to be very unfriendly. After loading much new information and attempting to get familiar with the program I finally gave up. I have reverted to using V16 and am having search mile hard files to locate and reenter all the updated information.

    My question is, will 2011 be more like 2010 or V16? That will determine whether I will purchase it or not.

  98. Robert Roseberry

    Will the GEDCOM export feature be included in 2011?

    I asked this question 2 weeks ago and never received an answer to my email.

    I update my website frequently and have to use one of your competitor’s software programs to export my family file to the World Connect Project, I have been purchased all FTM versions for ten years. I will not purchase 2011 if it is not included.

  99. Robert Re: #119

    FTM has for some time had the ability to export to a GEDCOM.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no genealogy program that will export a GEDCOM and automatically upload it to Rootsweb WorldConnect Tree.

    May I ask what competitor software you are using to upload you info to WorldConnect?

  100. I do not like the current version 2010, infact I hate it, I like the older versions better, and I hate that 2010 verison won’t upload all my pictures to the ancestry site, when I upload only a few of my pictures will appear on the site. I hope this is improved as it is frustrating. The whole 2010 is frustrating

  101. I use/used FTM for many years. Working right now daily with V2006 because it works fast and easy. If I have something planned for a nice graphic export, I’ll import the V2006 data into V2010, and I’m happy (I know it’s also a stupid way doing it!).

    I’m particulary missing other languages like German and my own Dutch……

    Hoping V2011 will be as easy to handle as V2006, with the graphical output of V2010 at least,

    kind regards,
    John van Haeften

  102. Charles Smith

    Does 2011 scan to H.P. scanners? Your tech’s told me 2010 does not like H.P. products. All FTM programs from 5.0 thru 2005 worked fine with H.P. scanners. I was forced to upgrade to 2010 because 2005 would notwork with Vista. 2010 may take up to 30 tries at 40 seconds each to get 1 scan.

    Why can’t Ancestry send out updateds automatically without having to log on as administrator?

    I don’t care for the Web Search results format with 2010. I like the Ancestry World Tree version. Lately Ancestry World Tree has a hard time finding anyone is this to force us to use the new Web Search?

    On 3-2-2010 after talking to your tech’s I sent a letter to FTM listing most of my major complaints about 2010. All I got in return was a bed bug letter no help.

  103. John B

    I have 16 generation ancillary family file that I would like to merge with my main file. However I want to only merge the first six generations of the ancillary file. Is there a way to do this without having to identify one by one the individuals that I want to merge. I have isolated the desired individuals into a “genealogy report”. Is there a way to turn the genealogy report or any other type report into a Gedcom or family file?

  104. Janet

    1st, I feel there isn’t any “customer service”
    2nd, you don’t adjust the past issues in the new versions
    3rd, I thought owned FTM so why didn’t they make them compatible and similar in the 1st place? Money
    4th, yes, I just bought an imac, waiting for you to get off the pot, (I know, it will be here before the end of the year, right)
    5th, and yes they could answer here, but why pay someone to do that, and they could have a permanent bulletin board on the home page for a few these questions that are asked 1000’s of times, but whatever.

  105. Lynn

    Question for the webinar about the new fan charts.

    My version of FTM 2011 arrived today, and I started to explore the fan charts, because in v16 the fan chart was one of my favorite charts because I could create a wall poster for my review and family discussions. Although I was happy to see the “Include empty branches” options check-box returned to this chart, it appears that when I un-check “Include empty branches” it only removes the empty chart boxes but does not adjust the spacing of the boxes on the chart (e.g., a 10-generation chart is over 1,000 pages — a similiar chart in v16 would have been a dozen 8.5×11 pages). Please let us know if there is an advanced option that should be selected which would address this challenge.

  106. Dave

    whew, quite a list of enhancement requests, or in many cases a reversion to feature loved in earlier versions. I have used FTM for since the very early days, when you would sell cd’s with fa,ily trees on them. My request is to have the 2011 version and beyond support the left side mouse buttone that causes Internet Explorer to go “BACK”, to the previous page, such a time saver, and yet it doesn’t work in FTM. Reporting in general has really gone downhill since the earlier versions, a major weakness in the new approach you have implemented. I will say that the web integration that you have achieved is fantastic, love it, just wish I didn’t have to give up so much to get it. Please keep going, you offer the best value around in my opinion.

  107. Cecil

    1. Will FTW 2011 import book information from FTW 2005 better than FTW 2010? 2. Does FTW 2011 automaticaly select all generations in the tree when I compile a register report?

  108. Kevin Greenholt

    Loaded FTM2011 yesterday and found an error. Under the PERSON tab, Index of Individuals: If there are two individuals with the exact name, only the one with the older dates displays. If the second person is located via other means and is being worked on, if the Index of Individuals is chosen, and that person has multiple spouses, the individuals shows up as many times as the individual has spouses – but now, the older individual doesn’t show up!

  109. Mary Ann Wells

    I looked forward to the 2011 version of FTM in hopes that it would solve my “problem”. I simply want to add pictures to my descendent report without having to do it manually. My old Family Orgins program would do that nicely. As I use this report to hand out to relatives as a “work in progress”, I don’t want to manually have to chose each picture separately. Thank you.

  110. Howard Margol

    Version 2006 included an Index Family Tree Report option. Later versions do not include that. Will 2011 include an Index Family Tree Report option?

  111. Connie Appleton

    I was really disappointed when I did a gedcom upload. I basically had to start from scratch editing the information that I had already gone through.
    None of this information was put into the tree format until I asked for it.
    I have spent too many hours researching and editing to go through this all again.

  112. Mary Bowen

    My problem with 2011 is i can not use copy and paste function. Ftm 2011 wants to web clip everything highlighted. This does not work for me.

    In 2010 the census index data that i have been using for years, i can highlight,copy and paste the Name & Age data for the whole family group into personal notes for each individual. So every family member has the whole family listed in their notes section.

    If you use the web clipping it puts this info into a paragraph which is too hard to see at a glance who’s who. I have had 100’s of comments of my trees on line from individuals how they really like how my notes are put together. Besides that , relatives can understand it better.

    Please fix this so we can copy and paste into notes,from web search in FTM, without using web clipping. I have been using FTM versions for 12 years, not a NOVICE.

  113. Jon Sanders

    #104: Wendell, not sure what you are seeing but I filed a bug report on one issue that was driving me crazy with the index. If you add the mother first before adding the father and you have set the option to list by married name (e.g. you should get: SMITH, Mary Jane HENDRICKSON (where Hendrickson is the maiden name)) you will find the name gets tossed what seems like randomly in the list. Don’t have FTM2011 to check this yet but the fix is easy on a per person basis. Basically when you add the husband it fails to trigger an update of the wife’s database entry.

    Anyway the trick is to just modify the wife’s name and then set it back to it’s original value and all is good. I would go to Mary Jane HENDRICKSON and add an “a” to the end of her name and then click another field before removing it, then the index is correct.

    Also occasionally I get a name that just won’t go in the right place after having the program up for a while, in these cases a restart of FTM usually does the trick. Hope these help you.

  114. Martin Jorgensen

    When I create a Descendant Report (Genealogy Reports:Register Report), the names of relatives who do not have children are omitted from the list of persons of their generation. This causes hurt feelings in people who are not able to have children. I do not see why these people are left out. I keep hoping each upgrade will fix this, but I am always disappointed. Will version 2011 finally add these names to their generation’s listing?

  115. The Register Report is based on a format and style used by noted genealogical journals for years.

    People who do not have children are only shown as children of their parents in the parent’s generation and are not carried forward.

    In short- there is nothing to “fix” as it is working as planned.

    That being said- Ancestry could design a few new report formats on their own that don’t depend on the traditional report formats.

  116. Rita

    1 In the new photo album will we be able to choose the photos to be included in the album as well as not having all of those stat informaiton at the top of the first page.

    2 In 2011 did they correct the ongoing issue with accents in some of the reports. Instead of an accent all that you get is some wierd grouping of letters and signs.

  117. Russ

    Does 2011 allow for the children of mutiple parents to be listed under the common parent. EX one father and five childernb listed under him, wife one 2 chilern listed under husband. Wife 2 3 children listed under just her, husband will still have all 5 listed?

  118. Lauri

    For the September 15 Webinar.

    With the data error report, I think the 2006 version that I had previously allowed me to mark on the record that the error was OK so I wouldn’t see it on the report anywhere. I don’t see this feature in FTM 2011.

    Also, in upgrading to Windows 7 and FTM 2011, I lost Charting Companion which I loved for charts. It would be nice if FTM had better charts so I didn’t have to go purchase CC. It was free last time with FTM 2006. thanks.

  119. Jon Sanders

    #140: Lauri, Agree on Charting Companion as it has much better charts and supporting features. Although I use CC, FTM and a couple of other genealogy S/W pkgs since each one does different things better than others. The good news is they are hoping to have an update (expect no cost if like for FTM2008 and 2009) by the end of the month so monitor their support site for the update notices.

  120. Jon Sanders

    #139: Russ, FTM2008,9,10, and suspect 11 all support what you are asking but as follows:

    Family View (the main view) only shows the common children of the husband/wife pair being displayed. So if the husband has multiple wives the children displayed are only for that wife unless you attach the child to multiple parents (sometimes done if say a child from say a first spouse was adopted by the second spouse).

    Person View (the Facts/Notes alternative view) also includes a “tree view” at the top of the window which shows the parents, spouses, and one child. Here you can toggle between spouses, or select any of the children for the selected individual. The key here as if the husband was selected then the drop down list for children will show all children (independent of spouse) but if the wife was selected then only her children will be displayed.

    Give it a try and hopefully it meets your expectations, I use the person view a lot for the exact reason you are stating.

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