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It’s always fun to find records about your ancestors. It’s even more exciting to discover records that you never knew existed. But how do you find these records when you didn’t even know to look for them?

Here’s where the community can help you. Ever notice the Member Connect panel when you’re looking at a record image? We show you other members who have saved the record you’re viewing to their tree so that you can check out their research and contact them.

Last night we released an enhancement to the Member Connect panel. If members have saved the record you’re viewing to someone in their tree, we’ll now show you other records they have saved to the same person in their tree. We show you both the name of the record and how many people have saved it to their tree. Look through the list of records saved by the other members and you may discover an elusive record you could never find– or never thought to look for.

Don’t see other records?

If no one else has saved the record you’re viewing or no one else has saved other records for this person to their tree, then this new section won’t appear in the Member Connect panel.

If you don’t see the Member Connect panel on the page, it’s likely because you have it collapsed. You can open the panel by clicking on the arrow button on the right side of the screen.


  1. brigida bartolome

    my grandfather was in the 2nd world war in the island of pohnpei. he then left for vietnam for the vietnam war. he never came back and we’ve always wonderred what happened to him. his name is harry. or i don’t know if that’s his last name. i wasn’t born yet then so i don’t know much information and my grandmother already passed away. i really want to find out what happenned to him and more info like first and last name. please help if you have any information that would help.

  2. Margien

    Hi Brigida,
    Are you parents available. Your grandfather’s last name would either be the same as yours or it would be your mother’s maiden name. You can also check your birth certificate to find your mother’s maiden name. Hope that helps.

  3. also helpful to click on ViewAll and then click on individual names of other ppl on the record to see who saved the record and the associated tree.

    Just noticed at the top of the Ancestry Index,
    there is an “add add add” line, thinking i can enter a whole new person that wasn’t indexed?

  4. worshacf

    Baker #6
    Your first sentance is good advice, but your second sentence is lame, (I don’t mean to offend, it’s my personal opinion, perhaps too candid) maybe you are qualified to add lines to a census record, but not ALL members are. Original census records must stay as written and shouldn’t be tampered with.

    Consider this: A child for example, who is missing as part of the family group for a particular census year, might be staying with a grandparent or aunt and uncle, therefore would be counted at another household for that census year. Therefore if some member adds the missing child to the family group, the fact would be incorrect.

    Worse yet, we all notice that newer members change names and birth dates all the time on records that they found thinking it’s their ancestor when it is not. They’re changing something when the record is correct in the first place.

    As far as I’m concerned, those who do changes like that have muddied the waters for others, not helped anybody.

  5. BEE

    When I click the arrow, I have a wide blank strip that says “Member Connect” and “Source”, but all the written information is to the right of it and only partially showing. I can find no way of correcting this.

  6. worshacf #8
    apparently my original comment was a bit vague for what i actually meant; which is, there have been instances when a whole row of an enumerated person was NOT indexed, so i wish there was a way to add (or Report) the specific missing “unindexed” person.
    for example, this Edward’s parents were enumerated but not indexed, ref URL
    where i put a comment in my Fact/Description

    i do agree with your comment about errors, i have ignored many member submitted AltInfo when there’s no substantive Explanation.

    g’day ev’one~

  7. Court records are one of the most underutilized genealogical resources available. There are several reasons for this. One is that court records are not the easiest records to research (true). Another is that court records are only relevant for those with wealthy ancestors (false). Nothing could be further from the truth. Of my ancestors from my great-great-grandparents and beyond approximately 60 percent of the couples have the husband or the wife appearing in some type of court action. Sometimes they are the defendant, sometimes they are the plaintiff, sometimes they are deceased and there is a argument about their estate. Occasionally, there is even a suit for divorce!

  8. worshacf

    Baker #6 & #11
    Okay, now that makes more sense. You’re right, ancestry needs these types of omissions called to their attention.

  9. Pam

    I’m quite happy with the additional info. It goes hand-in-hand with the Recent Member Connect Activity link on the home page; especially the fact both owner & tree name are listed.

    I have been running into a lot of duplicate-named trees and the ability to distinguish them by owner without entering the link is appreciated. We all have our favorite researchers, and have an idea whether or not we are up to date on their latest finds.

    Now all I have to do is train myself to stop and take a look at others’ finds and comments in this location as well.

    I did spend some time this morning cleaning up my own tree and researching this new “found information.” I can see it going to be another rabbit hole in which to become lost, distracted or entertained.

  10. BEE

    Hi Andy, I have a 19″ screen, but haven’t changed a thing, and no problem with anything else, so I don’t know what the problem is.

  11. DannieB

    Mine looks fine, but I did a test to see if I could make it look as I understand yours does.

    I’m using Firefox, and by pressing CTRL + a few times, the typeface in that right column got quite large and “ran off the page.”

    Try using CTRL – (holding the CTRL key and pressing the minus key 2 or 3 times), and it should shrink to fit the space and still be legible.

  12. Pauline Needham

    When we were doing genealogy in 2006 and would print off the pages, we had a good clean copy. Now we are back on to finish up our work and the pale green and gray on the side of the page do not print off so that we can read it or make copies for other members of the family. Has anyone else complained about this. I do know that there is a lot more information now and I really like that.
    Thanks for listening….

  13. DannieB

    Pauline #18
    Give us a bit more detail, and there are many of us who will try to help.
    From what screen are you printing? Pedigree, group, census, ? Full screen or not? “”Image Only” or “View all”?

  14. Monika

    Sorry, I am reaching out to this blog for help, but (the german ancestry website of has a different format for its blogs as we have on So, my blog does not fit in their blog section. seems to be managed by different people than, and, sometimes it is really disastrous. For a while there, none of the birthdates of the children showed on the profile sheets of the parents; then the program did not recognize months that were written in German (which on a German website should be possible). Well, they finally fixed all that, but now they are showing the mothers in the box that has the father on, and the father in the box that has the mother in So, when you add a child, the program keeps rejecting the last name of the child, because it expects the same last name as they show in the first box (which ordinarily is the father, but right now shows the mother…get it??), so it says “must have the same last name as the father” …well it has that…bozo! I went on my trees on, and sure enough, there the father is in the right box and the mother is in the right box. Not so on!!! Sometimes I feel that somebody is sabotaging the site. Actually, I have felt that ever since informed me (you know how does inform you and say “a new person has been added to your tree”), except on it said “Monika was bitten by a rattlesname when walking through the prairie”, in the line where it usually says “a new person has been added to your tree”. I had to be very persistent and work my way up the ladder, until somebody at admitted that some “hacking” had been going on on various trees. (My tree on is a private tree with NO invitees.) I wish somebody would help them straighten out their act!

  15. Pauline Needham

    The pages that I print off most often are when I find a family menber from a census report. In 2006 the heading was in blue, information about the person in black and members of the household were blue now the census date is in soft green and the gray side with information does not print off and names of the household have to be written in because they do not print off at all. I alsoprint off the the neighbors sheets to see if any other famiy members are living near by, before the sheet was blue on the top all names in black and in large print, now the page is printed in very small print. Maybe no one else prints off all the information and puts them in books for other family members but we do just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Even if I put the printer on the “best” print, it still does not print off the light green and gray. Pauline Needham

  16. Larry Van Wormer

    Re. Message 22. Pauline, no, I don’t have any of the printing problems you describe. I find it prints fine just with a screen print, don’t even usually bother to use the “printer-friendly” option.

    The names are black and in quite large enough print, without any adjustments.

    The “neighbors” page print is smaller, though I find it okay. Maybe use the View option to zoom the print size? That works okay, just tried it.

    Maybe your print settings need adjustment?

    Larry Van Wormer

  17. Sharon

    I have had some good luck finding family members this week. Ones that have been missing for along time.
    I use recent member contact all the time and watch for what other people have added to their trees. Sometimes it’s lots of help, but I also noticed that some of the contacts on the member list have disappeared when I go back to look for their record it’s gone. I had one the other day disappear within minutes.
    I also added a comment to one of my photos and the whole photo disappeared. It’s so upsetting when this type of thing happens. Sometimes it’s my fault or something I have done wrong.
    There was nothing I did with these items to cause this to happen.

  18. DannieB

    Are you using screen print or printer-friendly? What browser?
    From the census image itself or from the “record”?

    I’m not seeing the problems you mention You might check your “page setup” settings within your browser. Enabling “background colors and images” or the equivalent in your browser might solve some of your problems.

  19. Jade

    The feature Stephanie points to is helpful when the search engine gives you endless listings for the 1930 US Census or Public Record Index (telephone book listings) items for wrong names, places and time periods — instead of, say, military records for the right name and time period.

    Unfortunately in the default listing (by the useless “popularity”) the above wrong stuff is usually the first 20 pages.

  20. This is positively one of the most interesting sites I’ve seen. It’s so easy to assume you’ve seen it all, but there is still some good things out there, and I believe your place is on the short list!

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