Posted by jhodnett on July 7, 2010 in Site Issues, Website
The Family Tree Service will undergo scheduled maintenance Thursday morning for about 3 hours beginning at about 12:00 AM Mountain Time (2:00AM Eastern or 11PM Pacific)

During this time Ancestry Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of My Canvas, the sections of the Home Page that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of that are related to Member Trees will be unavailable.


I wanted to let everyone know that the Family Tree maintenance has been completed. The Ancestry Member Trees, OneWorldTree, plus the MyCanvas and sections that are related to Member Trees are all now available. Thanks everyone for your patience as we took time during the night to update the site.


  1. Richard Warren Toole

    To whom it may concern,
    I received notification in an email containing information on my father. The public record’s information was wrong on several accounts. My father died in 1986 not 1993 as implied in this record. Further he did not live in Citrus Heights,Sacramento, California from 1935-1993. He lived in Seattle from 1941 until around 1946. In 1948 he and my mother Helen Loise Toole devorced. I know as a fact my father did live in the Sacramento, California area between 1962-1986 and worked for the school district until he retired around 1977. ai know this as a fact because my father reconnected with my brother, sister and I in 1963. My mother was living near us at the time and was invited to dinner at my brother’s as was my father and they reconnected and married in 1972.

  2. BEE

    I JUST GOT THIS DROPDOWN NOTICE: “The Family Tree Service will undergo scheduled maintenance tonight for about 3 hours beginning around 12:00 AM MT.”

  3. John H

    Your lack of abiiity to clearly and unambiguously communicate when this site will be down occurs again. Please read prior blogs from earlier this to refresh your memory.

    The headline says Friday Morning July 8th. Assuming we are talking about 2010 — July 8th is a THURSDAY (not a FRIDAY.)

    If you sign in — there is slug saying that it will be down at 12:00 Midnight tonight. Tonight is a relative term and depending on what day you see this message you will reach a different conclusion when the site will be down

    Can’t you do this better — it is really not that hard.

  4. Mary Beth Marchant

    Yes, it would be quite nice if Jen Hodnett got her dates and days right, wouldn’t it. From where I am sitting in Central Florida at 11:21 EST, it is July 7th and Thursday morning at 2 AM will be July 8th, not Friday morning as Jen Hodnett stated. This same lack of attention to days and dates has afflicted other Ancestry posters. Come on folks. Give us the right information.

  5. Mary Beth Marchant

    By the way, wonder if they plan to fix the slowness of the site that we have been experiencing since sometime Monday. The site is still quite slow right now.

  6. One is only left to wonder if there is actually *anyone* within the ACOM organization that possesses the basic skill of how to tell time!

    There is no excuse whatsoever for this to happen over… and over… and over!

  7. Carol A. H.

    Family Tree Maintenance Friday Morning (July 8th at 12:00 AM MT)
    Posted by Jen Hodnett on July 7, 2010 in Site
    “The Family Tree Service will undergo scheduled maintenance Friday morning for about 3 hours beginning at about 12:00 AM Mountain Time (2:00AM Eastern or 11PM Pacific)

    During this time Ancestry Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of My Canvas, the sections of the Home Page that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of that are related to Member Trees will be unavailable.”

    The dunderheads at Ancestry have struck again!

    Each day BEGINS at 12:00 am. Friday is July 9th. Thursday is July 8th , and ends at 11:59 pm (plus some seconds). Why is so hard for this company to understand dates and time?

    Try this site:

    Start your maintenance at something like 12:15 am and fewer people will be confused! Just get your days and dates correct, and let us do the time difference figuring!

    How about trying military time? You guys have Hill Air Force Base north of Salt Lake. Call them. Ask them what time it is.

    I’m sure glad my bank, credit card companies, and utilities know how to figure dates and time!

  8. Kaz

    Are the previous comments to this blog posting for real or are they spam? Honestly, I can’t understand the self-righteous insults b/c of such a minor mistake. To err is human, afterall. Those of you slamming the blogger/Ancestry for a misprint of an incorrect day of the week have obviously figured out the real deal with the tree maintenance, so post a simple correction or query if you must and then please move on.

  9. Mary Beth Marchant

    To comment #9-The problem is that this happens over and over and over. They can never seem to get the days, dates, and times right. If I remember correctly, the same thing happened the last time there was maintenance. One minor thing would usually be overlooked, but when it happens again and again, one begins to wonder why something as simple as a date and a day cannot be given correctly.

  10. Kaz Re:#9

    Go back and track the maintenance announcements for the last 18 months or so…

    Once could easily be forgiven, twice-maybe, but time after time after time??

    Sorry- time to call these blundering idiots to account!

  11. jerseygirl

    I agree with almost everyone before me. TODAY is THURSDAY, JULY 8, the maintenance isn’t supposed to start until FRIDAY, JULY 9. Who is running this site?? This is so aggravating!!!

  12. Carol A. H.

    Thursday, July 8, 12:22 am Pacific Daylight Time

    Kaz #9:

    We’ve “been there, done that.” Again, and again, and again, for years. Those of us who have been with Ancestry for a long time know. The last few years have been especially bad. Don’t know why Ancestry can’t seem to get time and dates correct.

    You would think an industry/business that deals with dates and times as part of their product would learn to understand a calendar and realize how time in hours works in the world. There is enough on the internet to assist them.

    If they would just get the date correct, most people can figure the time for their own zones. Outside of the USA is probably more difficult. Even more reason for Ancestry to be absolutely correct.

  13. John H

    I am assuming the maintence happened while I was sleeping since the banner saying it will happen at midnight today is gone. For those commenting on the slowness of the site and it was very slow last night, ACOM had major publicity from Parade magazine (a National Sunday morning insert) on Sunday — see

    That might have caused a surge in demand that they were not ready to handle. Would think since I am sure they knew it was coming that they would be ready to put their best put forward.

  14. phyllis

    Some people are never happy. Can’t you just enjoy the times you do spend on here? If the site is down for a few hours, go do something else till it comes back up. What’s the big deal? Don’t you have a life? Get over it. Someday you may have a real problem!!!

  15. BobNY

    #15 Phyllis.

    Can you not read? Not one person has complained about the site being down for a few hours. The problem is that these idiots couldn’t tell us WHEN the site would be down.

    Something even more annoying — ACOM has the ability to edit their blog (in this case changing the headline to say THURSDAY rather than the originally published FRIDAY.) Thus, it would appear to the casual reader that the posters are idiots rather than ACOM.

  16. Bob Re: #16

    Just one more example of CYA syndrome running rampant on the part of Ancestry- and then they wonder why we don’t trust what they say!

  17. beth

    #16 and 17–that’s a big fat roger and ditto! Not to mention when the ability to post a comment ends before the stated date.

  18. Sue Wilson

    while the maintance, as you put it you say is finished…..I cant access records through the viewer that I have attached to persons on my files….and I have one member site, that I cant even get to…I am trying to save copies of some of my census and other records to disk, but the viewer wont load up anymore….WHY?? Too many problems that need to be fixed!! Would be nice if someone would address the issues and acknowledge the problems!!

  19. sheri roberge

    B–ch, b–ch, I have never heard so many adults complain so much, about something so unimportant. If it is not working to your satisfaction go somewhere else.

  20. worshacf

    sheri roberge #20

    These members who have written a complaint are correct about the notifications regarding the day of the week and time that maintenance will be performed. Perhaps that is a trivial issue, everybody can expect that it will be scheduled to be done.

    More important though, they are complaining because they pay membership fees to have ACOM up in working order. Wouldn’t you think right after maintenance that the system had been cleared of it’s problems? Nooooo, it is not.

    Obviously you arn’t concerened about your membership fees, or you don’t pay membership fees at all.

  21. BEE

    Well, I do pay “membership fees” – I have had the “Annual World Deluxe Membership” for at least 6 years, and a member longer then that.
    I enjoy searching for documents, and have been working on a tree for a family member, but I don’t want to download them to my computer, just keeping the link on that particular tree. I’ve been working on this tree all week, and I don’t think it’s my imagination, but today I seem to be adding names that I already added earlier in the week!
    I checked my “list” just to make sure that there wasn’t someone else with the same name, but I see no duplication, so that means names I entered earlier somehow disappeared.

  22. Janet

    I have never ever posted a comment complaining of’s performance, but as of today I’ve really had enough. I don’t know about anyone else, but yesterday and today I’ve not been able to access census records or do any searches. I called last week and complained about the slowness (like watching paint dry) in screen refreshes and record loading and, instead of owning up to having overload problems, the support tech attempted to tell me it was probably my computer and that I should delete temp files, etc., to which I replied that I had already done that several hours ago. Since I can navigate around the web and have perfectly acceptable performance on all other web site searches I tend to believe it’s just Ancestry that is the problem. I am really getting angry that I can’t do what I need to do on this site when I have only certain blocks of time in which to work on genealogy. I would have lost clients left and right if my performance as a technology consultant supporting software for 25 years had been like this. I also would like to comment that it might help their overall storage issues if they would allow us to delete unwanted messages. If everyone has as many old Ancestry e-mails as I do it has to be taking up a lot of server storage space.

  23. worshacf

    Janet #23
    Re: Unwanted messages

    Great idea, and I agree that valuable server space is being taken up with those old unwanted messages hanging around.

    But Janet, you CAN delete all the messages in your message folder. Click on ‘Message Read’, you will see all the messages that you have received. Move your mouse over one of the messages, the band will turn yellow and a little gray trash can will appear. Just click on the trash can. Poof it will be gone. Go through all your messages in the same manner. I just deleted 80 old unwanted messages in about 2 minutes.

  24. BEE

    Unfortunately, those unwanted messages aren’t really deleted. Here is the message you see when you look into that trash can: “Please note: Messages you have deleted are kept in the Deleted folder in case you need them again. If you find that you did not intend to delete a message, you can simply move it back to the Inbox or another folder.”

  25. Lucia

    Why is the member Activity Still Down, It is now Sunday night and still down. does anyone else have this problem?

  26. prissy81

    hey,.i been having a really hard time on my family tree.its driving me crazy.i cant find who i am looking for.i’m at a dead’s early sunday morning.what a woman got to do.?i need more answer not a ?can anyone help please?i am looking for a francis greenhalgh and lived in manchester,england.he married a catherine mungins in 1925 in dec.catherine joyce greenhalgh born in 1928.then a veroncia?and a son frankie?then ann eileen in 1934.and live in manchester,england.catherine joyce was my grandmother.i need help looking for my greatgrandfather francis greenhalgh.i know he died in 1955?

  27. vickie boechler

    My member activity has also been down– for a couple of days so I thought I should check the blog to see if Ancestry is aware but there is no acknowledgement. I think 2 days is long enough-please get some IT help and make it a priority-we are now into the weekend when I have time to use ancestry.


  28. John H

    #26 — I assume you meant Saturday night since it is now 730a ET (will post as 530a MT) Much more significant since Member Activity clearly has been down for several hours — why has not started a blog telling its customers what is going on. Some more lack of transparency on the part of ACOM. Do they think if the don’t post a message, people will not notice.

  29. Jacci Wagner

    My member activity has also been down for a number of days now.
    Also a tree I uploaded has been telling me it’s been received, is in processing and will be available in a few minutes for almost 16 hours now. Is anyone else having a similar problem? It was actually a very small tree with less than 10 people in it, and mostly just names. Hopefully it will be working soon?

  30. BEE

    This is crazy. I know I added a name to a tree yesterday, because I made a correction in the spelling from the census, and today it wasn’t there.

  31. Gayle

    my member activity has been acting up for 2 weeks.every time I call to ask ” what’s up ” i’m told they are working on it , come on for 2 weeks?

  32. What the heck happened to Recent Member Connect Activity?

    Ancestry!~~did ya give the keys to some inexperienced programmer who ran the car off the road…again?


  33. There is no inconvenience message when using Firefox, as there is on Safari. It would be a help when you are down, to let us know what is happening. I certainly can find a lot to do without Member Connect, but would like to be kept in the loop. Thanks,
    C. Station

  34. DW

    Looks like Ancestry screwed up yet again. Besides being painfully slow for at least a week, now the “Recent Member Connect” is not working. Will our monthly rates be going down for continuous subpar service? Of course not….

  35. Candice

    My member connect was working yesterday but not today. Can anyone tell me when this will be back? Waiting patiently.

  36. Linda York

    yes, I agree — for the price of membership we should be getting better– faster -service and notices that are correct in the time frame being given — I don’t mind the site being down so much as not knowing when to expect it to be down for repairs when scheduled — if we knew the schedule and the dates matched ! — and the repairs actually solved anything — too many freeze ups, being kicked out/off — slow — refresh — not happy with the performance — the cost goes up and service down

  37. Jen Hodnett, Thursday July 8th 12AM Mountain is Wednesday July 7th 11pm Pacific

    for the next time, and the next time, and the time after that, and then some other time in the future, and then also those unexpected times, when the programmers mess up and have to go down for unexpected maintenance at exactly 12:00:00 on another day that will cause confusion because if the blog poster cannot even cite the accurate time then how can we have confidence that the programmers know what they’re doing, as in NOW with Member Connect being down and adversely impacting many members who are trying to further their research but cannot do so because the programmers made a mistake that they cannot fix because they cannot find the right code to undo what they did that caused Member Connect to go down and couldn’t fix what mistakes were programmed into the code that wasn’t tested properly because there is no rigor in this day and age when code is changed on the production site instead of a Beta development test site to ensure all the bugs are removed, but NO….

  38. Cynthia

    Did I fall asleep or is something wrong with computer? Has anything new been added since July 8?

  39. BEE

    “Genealogy Databases Posted or Updated Recently” is one of the first things I check each day. There have always been a number of postings and updates, especially that great amount from Germany, but new additions have been few and far between for at least the past three weeks – maybe it slows down because of vacations?

  40. cindy in nc

    my member connect service has been down for several days.message says error connect will be corrected soon.
    please take care of this asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. worshacf

    My ‘Member Connect’ works fine, without problems or messages.

    There is a notice for ‘Member Activity’ “This box is temporarily unavailable because of technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience. Click to see your Recent Searches and Recently Viewed Records.”

    Wonder why some members have problems, others don’t… hmmmm

  42. BEE

    As I read the posts,I guess I’m in the minority as
    I’ve kept all my trees private, although I always reply to any email through ancestry, and have even tried to contact people. The only thing I know about “Member Connect”, is finding a long list of “connections” for someone with all the same information correct or not, and of no benefit to me – I’m in the process of “ignoring” 97 for one person alone.
    How much space do all these “connections” take up?
    btw, it seems to be working fine on my trees, as I accidentally hit “connect”.

  43. Bee Re: #42

    It may be, and this is just a guess on my part, that they are working to get some things finished that they might be showing at the FGS Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee next month and that that is what is slowing down the addition of new databases – in addition to having to deal with the problems of the last week or so.

  44. John H

    I suggest some reread #14 above — my earlier posting — got lots of publicity from an article in Parade Magazine on July 4 — also they have been running lots of ads on TV and websites. They may have increased demand more than they were ready to handle and unfortuntely not giving their new customers a good experience. Not in our interest if you are hoping more people will join that might allow you to learn of new ancestors/relatives.

  45. worshacf @44

    mine @34 & @39, i cannot get to “Recent Member Connect Activity”

    the error message reads “We’re sorry. The Member Connect service is unavailable. Please try again later.”
    whoever wrote the error message isn’t giving attention to detail by referring to “Recent Member Connect Activity” module as “Member Connect

    the inoperative module is very different from the “Member Connect” TAB on a person’s record.

  46. John H

    Member Connect is now working again for me. I use Firefox and Win7. Still would have been nice and good business practice for to take the time to post messages to tell us what is going on. Reminds me of airlines who board you, don’t leave the gate and pilot refuses to give the passengers any kind of report of what is happening or when it might be resolved. Don’t build good customer relations that way.

  47. John H @49
    yes i see it too
    nice to see it collected data during the days it was “unavailable”
    i use those connections to glean additional clues for my own research purposes

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