Posted by Web Operations on May 21, 2010 in Site Issues

As many of you may have noticed, we are experiencing some search issues on our site. Though you may have experienced some login issues recently, this problem has been fixed and our development and web operations teams are now working hard on the search problem, which we hope to have resolved as quickly as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will keep you posted as we have more details. As always, thank you for your patience.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 21, 2010 AT 6:30 pm MT

We wanted to let everyone know that we are still actively working behind the scenes to get the search system fully functioning. Please note that this problem is intermittent, so you may still be able to do some searches while we continue to work on resolving the issue.

We’ll keep you posted as we have more details and appreciate your continued patience.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 21, 2010 AT 7:55 pm MT

We wanted to let you know the temporary search issue has now been resolved.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused and truly appreciate your patience through this situation.

If you have problems with searching on the site, try restarting your browser or clearing your cache. To clear your cache, please see the instructions in the Help page at


  1. Mary Beth Marchant

    So-whatever we were told yesterday about things being fixed was not true. That has been quite apparent in the last two days as I see problems with my trees. Ancestry needs to come clean about the problem, offer credits to subscribers and fix the multiple problems and then quit messing around with adding new stuff until the old things are fixed.

  2. this is the second time today I have not been able to use your search, What is going on there. First Wednesday now today.

  3. Jennifer

    This is getting to be a bit ridiculous. A site that charges such a hefty price for services should have the means to keep said services up and running. I understand that things happen, however, this is turning into more of a pattern and less of an isolated incident.

  4. Carol

    Boy am I fed up. Site has been extraordinarily slow, we keep getting contradictory answers about what’s going on. Called customer service and they had the nerve to tell me the site was not down for a full day on 5/19. As if that’s an excuse.

    Have to wonder if anyone from the service even reads these posts.

    The pilot search is fantastic if you haven’t tried it. I’m finding all kinds of records I’ve never seen on And it’s free, and available.

  5. Patryska1

    I just got off the phone with Customer Service. First he told me the problem was caused by me needing to clear my cache. Then he said that the sight “had been down but is now fixed and up and running.” Of course it worked while I was talking to him and stopped again the moment I got off the phone. He said that I should have received an email notifying me of a credit for Wednesday. According to him, he said that I would get the credit even though I never did get the letter.

  6. Deb H

    Friday, May 21 6:15 PM EDT. Just signed in and attempted a census search. There was no notification on the home page or search page that the site was down, but this is the message I got after the search attempt:

    We’re sorry but is temporarily unavailable. We are undergoing routine maintenance or we may be experiencing unexpected technical problems. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience as we work to correct the situation. Check back with us shortly.


    My subscription expires the first week in June. Renewal very uncertain at this time.

  7. Anne

    Thank you Ancestry for adding a day to my subscription. After all the complaints, it will be interesting to see how many people take the time to thank you.

    I have had a couple of minor hiccups the last two days, but that is all. By any chance, I wonder if the people who continue to have problems are using Explorer 8. When I purchased a new computer a couple of months ago I had problems until I called Ancestry and they advised me to try Mozilla. They had suggested this in the past, but I was reluctant to try it. I haven’t had any problems since I started using it.

    As far as I’m concerned we learned a cheap lesson with recent events. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and BACK UP!

  8. Haydn

    No.5 Carol

    Yes I quite agree with you Carol the Pilot site is great, and totally free. Also when new.failysearch is finally released to the general public I think Ancestry will really be haveing a run for it money when it comes to online family tree building software. Also there will be the ability to fully sync your online tree with many Pc based geneology programms. Something we have been asking Ancestry to do with family tree maker for years. I think Ancestry is really starting to fall behind now.

  9. Carol

    Anne #8 – Interesting to see that the apologists for are back. Did you try using the site on 5/19? How about all afternoon today? Yeah, I’m sure it MUST be our operating systems. Couldn’t be that is screwed up big time.

  10. Paula Watson

    I have changed the status of my June 4th “WORLD DELUXE” membership renewal to “CANCEL.”

    Now I’m doing what I should have done before – saving all the pictures, documents, etc. to my own computer. Plus the GEDCOM, or course.

    Don’t know where I’ll go, but this is just too much.

  11. Becky

    I have been having MAJOR problems this afternoon with I have broadband…so it has to be I hope they get it fixed soon. They probably will have to make sure that it is equipped to handle all the new people who are doing the searchs. Good luck I hope you get it all fixed soon.

  12. Jennifer

    Well I guess they are picking and choosing who to give credit to now because this is the only email I have received from Ancestry about the issues:
    Dear member,

    You may have noticed that we experienced a technical issue with the family trees system yesterday. It has now been resolved so you can once again access your family tree on


    We’re working hard to reduce the chances of this situation happening again. As always, the information in your online family tree is safe and secure.

    We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while we worked on our system yesterday. Thank you for your patience – and for being a valued member of

    The Team

    Obviously there is no mention of any credit to my account for the day lost. I understand one day, but this makes two times in one week which is unacceptable for a mainstream website.

  13. Don

    I use Mozilla Firefox also. Site is down. To Pat, #6 comment. Check your spam in your email. I believe that is where I found the letter you mention extending service for an additional day. I enjoy but I do have to wonder if they bit off more then they can chew? I agree with those advising them to concentrate on repairing the current program & worry about new features later. Also, the advice to use is good too. I use them a lot.

  14. Jennifer

    Well I guess they are picking and choosing who to give credit to now because this is the only email I have received from Ancestry about the issues:


    Dear member,

    You may have noticed that we experienced a technical issue with the family trees system yesterday. It has now been resolved so you can once again access your family tree on

    We’re working hard to reduce the chances of this situation happening again. As always, the information in your online family tree is safe and secure.

    We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while we worked on our system yesterday. Thank you for your patience – and for being a valued member of

    The Team

    Obviously there is no mention of any credit to my account for the day lost. I understand one day, but this makes two times in one week which is unacceptable for a mainstream website.

  15. Vervaen

    Ancestry had better add a day to my subscription, especially since I’ve been paying top dollar the past 2 years.

    As for their excuse that its Internet Explorer causing the problem: that’s what they say “every time–every single time” a glitch like this occurs.

    With the money they’re getting from us,they could hire Steven Jobs and the Apple gang to fix their problems in a nano-second of the time they’re taking and it would be fixed “the first time & stay fixed”.

  16. Carol

    Did any of you get the e-mail entitled advertising the “Exclusive offer for former subscribers?” Apparently if you had the brains to quit before, you get a 20% discount on your membership if you return.

    As a loyal member who has stuck with for 8 years, I consider this to be a huge slap in the face, especially on the heels of Wednesday’s fiasco.

  17. Don

    To Jennifer, In the email that I rec’d adding a day of service, they did mention that I was signed on to the site Wednesday. I don’t know if you were or not Jennifer, but to anyone who wasn’t on Wed. the additional day of service wouldn’t apply to them I suppose.

  18. Paula Watson

    1-800-ANCESTRY (262-3787)

    Now closed, of course. Open Saturday, 10 – 3, Eastern Standard Time.

    I called, got the one day.

    Rattle the cage! CALL TOMORROW!

  19. Too many outages and too many excuses with nothing to back them up. The system has become FAR TOO UNRELIABLE for the expense – yet they are a monopoly so we are all just stuck with their poor service.

  20. Carol is right – $300/yr for the full package is way too much – especially when the system is better described as a YOYO (up & down).

  21. April

    I for one would like to thank Ancestry for my one day credit. Out of the two years that I have been a member, this is the first time anything like this has happened (that I have noticed). The wealth of information, the new family found, the history of my family found and family mysteries solved are all benefits that I have recieved for a very small amount of money per month. One day didn’t hurt me nor my research. Everyone should have some appreciation for the amount of records, photos, stories etc that is available here and new records are always being added. Stuff happens, stuff breaks, stuff needs repaired..give them a break!

  22. Annie

    There are several 20% off offers available on the coupon websites, which work for either subscriptions or purchases from the store. Those are there almost all the time.

  23. Dorian Lucas

    I cannot log in because it tells me I am already logged in on another computer. I only have so much time that I can get on the computer and work on this and that time is now. I hope someone else isn’t using my account. None of my other computers are logged in so I don’t know what the problem is??!!

  24. anne clark

    I was annoyed to get a message that indicated that ‘routine maintenance” might be going on. Why was there no notice on the home page? When I called your support number, I got a message that basically said to call back Monday. I am not pleased with your service approach. I also am annoyed with the bonuses you give to entice previous users to come back. I guess I’ll have to quit your service to be taken seriously.

  25. Jennifer

    Yet again, not everyone received credit. I have the yearly subscription. Did anyone who receives the yearly subscription instead of the month to month subscription receive notice of a credit? I would be interested to know how they decided on who should and shouldn’t get one.

  26. Annie

    Full text of the message regarding a credit:
    Dear member,

    Our system shows that you logged in to on Wednesday, May 19th, so you’re probably aware that we experienced a technical issue with our family trees system that day.

    We’re sorry if this issue put your family history on pause. It was only temporary, it’s now been resolved and we truly apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you. As always, the information in your family tree is safe and sound.

    Our members mean the world to us and we’re grateful for the support we’ve received from members like you on Facebook and various blogs. As a small gesture of our appreciation for all the patience and understanding, we’re adding one day to the subscriptions of members who tried to access on Wednesday. This change will take effect over the next few days. We realize this is a small gesture, but we hope it’s some indication of how much we value your loyalty.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while we worked on our system Wednesday. Thank you for being a part of the family.

    The Team

  27. Don

    Carol, I was month to month when I first started & they offered me a discount for extending it for a year. They probably would give you some kind of a deal if you pushed the issue, especially after being with them for 8 years. Wouldn’t hurt to try anyway. Good luck!

  28. Anne

    I do wish that Ancestry would say upfront that there are search problems before I go to all the effort of putting in search information. Also, there is no notice on Family Tree Maker that Ancestry is having search issues.

  29. Carol

    That’s not the message I recieved. There was no mention of an additional 1 day being added to my subscription. Please tell your bosses they’re sending out inconsistent info.

  30. Linda

    I received a message today saying that I’d get an additional subscription day due to the 5/19/2010 fiasco. That was nice, but then today, anything/record I try to access comes back with COME BACK SOON! I agree with other users that for what you charge us, there should be some accountabilty here, and any further lost days should be granted back to the users. What’s the deal?

  31. Judy Davis

    Off with their heads! I think this is from the French Revolution, but I can’t search to find out if one of my ancestors said it!

  32. Cat

    This research your family thing is so start and stop. Hope search issue are soon cleared up. My train of thought seems to keep stoping at stations. Best wishes to site workers.

  33. Terri

    I too have had great luck with searches on the web site. It is free and I can’t believe the records I found there that NEVER showed up in searches on Ancestry. If you are researching ancestors from Scotland, FamilySearch has done an incredible job of archiving the parish registers for the Church of Scotland. Found both Christening and marriage records for ancestors I have spent 2 years trying to track through Ancestry.

  34. Becky

    It is the site that is not working. All other sites I go into work very well. I have been trying to do the “searchhistorical records” which have the census, birth, death, etc. records. That is where the big problem is. Maybe they have grown too fast to keep up. But that should not be an excuse. I am month to the most…but I don’t think I got an e-mail saying they were going to give me an extra day. Actually, they should give me at least 2 extra days. Today has been shot. I have spent hours trying do searchs. All this after noon has been horrible. Slow, freezing. I have broadband. It works fine on ebay today.

  35. Deborah

    Extremely slow to load. My searches sometimes doesn’t bring me to the page I am searching. Totally frustrating after what happened the other day.

  36. Lorie M.

    April, I do appreciate all the info I’ve gotten from Ancestry in the last 8 years, BUT this is beyond ridiculous. First the site was down all day on the 19th and now the Search feature has been down for over two hours. I’m not even counting all the different times the site has either been slow or has had other technical difficulties.

    If your internet or cable/satellite service was either down or running slow as often as Ancestry has had issues, you cannot tell me that you wouldn’t complain. When you pay for something you want to be able to use it.

  37. Judean

    Carol #5

    How do you access that Pilot site for I can only find the original site? Are you talking about a different one? Thank you. Judean

  38. patricia boen

    Great. So one day you can search, but not access your tree… And the next you can access your tree, but not search…

    Hello, folks at Ancestry: let me state the obvious: you need BOTH to be up and working! This many glitches in a site that I pay $300 a year for is just *lame*. Someone said the other day that this kind of thing occasionally happens with sites like gmail, google or ebay. Fine for them, they lose my revenue (or opportunity for me to view their advertising) when their sites are inoperable.
    In this case, I have paid for a service that I am unable to use.

    And a long-time yearly member, who did not receive any “credit”. Feeling very unvalued by the folks at Ancestry. Even if you are the only game in town for a lot of things, this is enough to turn our appetite for it off.

  39. Tregowath

    Hi, PollyANNa,

    I have an annual international subscription and have had for ten years. At such time as I’m offered anything at all for my inconvenience, I’ll be sure to thank them for it.

  40. gizzi1213

    This is intolerable. I’m paying for a service I’m not receiving. I see some have received an email saying they’ve received a free day. I did not. Do I need to call customer service on this matter???

  41. Joy Nardone

    I have to agree that this is really getting old. You guys just seem to be placing bandaids over all these problems. The page that took my dues seemed to work justy fine.

  42. Don

    Hey Judean. Once you get to the site through you will see headings at the top of the page. Click on the one to the right of “Home”, and then click where it says “Pilot Record Search”. then bookmark that page for future use. I hope I explained it alright.

  43. Rich

    I wonder if ancestry has any idea how long this may continue? Maybe I should just try again on Monday.

  44. Dorothy W.

    I’m just one more of those who tried using the site on May 19th, today and many other days when things didn’t work. I pay yearly and was amazed reading about email notifications about the problems and a credit, I never received anything, only knew of the problems when I try and use the site.

  45. Karen Kelsey

    This problem has not been fixed. I am unable to search for more than basic information. The newspaper search will not work, and the system keeps hanging up. The problems have not been resolved. I am able to see my tree, but not search for anything.

  46. Becky

    My experience with has been that much of it has been in error. Also, no hand written census (except for 1880)that I could find. I suppose if a person drives to a Mormon family genealogy library, which are few and far between, more information is available then on

  47. gizzi1213

    Reply to Annie #27:

    “Our system shows that you logged in to on Wednesday, May 19th, so you’re probably aware that we experienced a technical issue with our family trees system that day.”

    Perhaps this is why some of us haven’t received a credit? I didn’t turn off my laptop, I only put it into hibernate. When I opened the lid the next morning, I was still “logged in” to from my last computer reboot.

    So, now I guess I’ll have to go through logging out and in every time I access or leave the site, in case this happens again!

  48. Annie

    To gizzi1213 – I don’t log out, so I didn’t log in that day. I did participate in some blog posts and message boards. I have no way of knowing how they selected. As I said before, I do NOT work for ancestry.

  49. I really don’t understand why people are surprised that some sites have records that Ancestry doesn’t have?

    Are they also surprised that Ancestry has records that other sites don’t have?

    A puzzlement.

  50. gizzi1213


    I know you don’t work for, I could tell you were reposting the email you received. I also posted to the blog on Wednesday so they should be able to see that I tried to access the site!

  51. gizzi1213

    To Becky #50:

    You may be searching in the IGI, which if I remember correctly is mostly user submitted material. I treat that with the healthy scepticism I tree member added content on Ancestry – it all needs to be independently verified.

    However, has a new, pilot search feature you should try. You’ll find indexes as well as copies of original records there:

  52. Sean

    Re #27..glad you got something. I checked in all day long and got nowhere. It’s time to work offline and upload it here instead of the other way around. I’m a long time subscriber and this is very disheartening, especially if the “20% discount if you return” offers are true. It is a slap in the face. As of right now I can’t access my tree again, everything comes up as “the person cannot be found.”

    I would truly hope they limit the number of new trial accounts if this is in any way traffic related. I refuse to subsidize free accounts for people who leech what they can as fast as they can then disappear.

  53. George

    Heck I can live with a little server mant. I just get upset at all the add servers that have to load before you can continue. Lately between the server problems and the adds I just give up.

  54. Cathy

    According to the letter posted by #27 Annie – it looks like the key to getting a credit is to have logged onto Ancestry on Wednesday. For those of us who stay logged on… well…

  55. Annie

    Andy, I sometimes go weeks without logging out. About the only time I do is when I have (unreported) problems with the site, and I log out to check it on my 2nd computer and/or other browsers.

  56. Paula in ATLANTA

    1-800-ANCESTRY (262-3787)
    I respectfully suggest members pick up their hand-held devices and push one eight hundred, two six two, three seven eight seven.

    Saturday would be good, between ten and three.

    I have noted that not all posts to this moderated site get through – which makes sense in that manages this blog.

  57. pish59

    What a bunch of impatient people. I’ve been a member since the late 80’s and have had no real problem til this. Relax….they’ll get it worked out!!!!

    Ancestry is a great site!

  58. Paula Watson

    #64 – pish59

    I agree it has been a great site. However, if I were to write what transpired over the hand held vocal device, you might better understand my frustration as well as that of others.

    It would not be posted to this blog, however.

  59. Jesse

    I must say, I’m quite frustrated. I do realize that a certain amount of technical problems are to be expected, but not nearly to this degree. To have so many lengthy and frustrated interruptions in a paid service is unacceptable.

  60. oldbuckhouse

    #24 Dorian. Try rebooting. It worked for me.

    Well, well…. Back to the same old scene.

    Yes, I am sure all appreciate the data Ancestry provides, but at a price. When we pay, we expect the goods they advertise. “Stuff” does happen, and it’s about time prople are getting credits for this “stuff”.

    If my calculations are correct, they owe me about 4 months. I have been with them for a long, LONG time, and would be happy with an extension of my subscription… PROVIDING they can assure me full useage of the time, or keep the extension going until used.

    This mess started well over 2 years ago. Downtime was at least 3 times for week days. Pretty bad for weekends.

    January 2009 they started installing a new server, which was suggested on a multitude of times they needed. April 2009 it was still being installed, per customer service.

    Yes, get someone that knows how to install, fix, repair whatever is wrong. Then, Ancestry can get back to doing what they do best… run around the world obtaining records for all of us to enjoy. That’s what they chose to do… Talk the talk, but struggling to walk the walk.

    FYI….Family Search, Ancestry, Genealogy are all one, great big family. There are more, which I think can be seen at the bottom of the home page. Those not seen, Rootsweb and US GenWeb, which used to be wonderful sites…

    All kinds of data under one umbrella, but each offering a little bit different so not to be charge for having a monopoly?

  61. Barb

    It sure sounds like those of us who don’t log out, but were still here waving our fists in frustration, aren’t showing up in the list of “who gets the extra day”. I haven’t heard a thing from Ancestry either.
    I’m not overly concerned about the lack of a token day to make up for the insane lag during that ad blitz, or missing out on an additional day for the uselessness of the site for the past few days, but I am very concerned on how they are attempting to pacify just a handful of their customers.
    Any other site that I subscribe to, whether it’s for genealogy or gaming does the “add X days to all paying customers” when the bad things happen in server-land.
    In other words, I guess I now know how little my subscription matters to Ancestry.

  62. James

    I pay for a service here that I have not been receiving this week with any kind of regularity. It is only fair that credits be given. I would suggest a full day credit for every day or part of day this network is down. is particularly crafty when it comes to gouging money out of people and designing membership structure to limit access to services. For example, try to print or forward electronically a family tree. It’s impossible, this I assume to make it necessary to continue membership in order to preserve research already completed. I have never had a good feeling about the business practices of The shoe is now on the other foot and you need to pay up.

  63. Annie

    Agree with Andy – I use MANY different sites for my research, as well as having connected with several distant (previously-unknown) cousins, and reconnecting with a couple of closer relatives.

    I currently live in a tiny town in western Michigan and even we have an LDS Family Research Center here. It is only open a few hours, 2 days a week, but worth it.

  64. Lynn Scott

    Okay — I pay too much for this to keep happening. Yes, I’m impatient. Had a conference call set up with cousins to compare trees and could not. I recommended the site to them too!!
    This is not cool.

  65. LostQuays

    What a waste of time…

    Ancestry… are your website technicians doing genealogy research on the job?

    Enough of website cosmetics… invest on a good IT team who can maintain your site properly.

    I’ll have to “come back soon”… again and again…

  66. gizzi1213


    I have to ask, since you mentioned living in a small town in Western Michigan, you’re not related to the BINNS family from Hesperia, Oceana County, are you?

  67. William A. Staggs

    This is not new. I have had trouble for months with search. They need more SERVERS. Why should I pay for something I can’t use.

  68. Mary Crawford

    I don’t understand how such a huge “technical failure” could not be easily fixed by now. It is unacceptable that I have not been able to do searches or access records for 4 days now. How about a refund or credit for the money I am paying for a system that is not working???

  69. Judy

    This is very frustrating. About a month ago, I sent an email complaining about the slowness of the site, and was told that if I was using Mozilla Firefox, then that was why. All other sites work fine on Firefox. I’m having a problem while searching records. When I used to search, I would start typing the name and it would populate in the name field. Now, nothing happens. Is anybody else having this problem too?

  70. Anna Herrera

    When I first joined and after I paid my fee I was under the impression that the people on the other end were professionals. I thought that with part of the fee it was for payment to have professional people help me get past my many “brick walls” or “road blocks”. After four years I still have the same brick walls that I have not been able to knock down. If Ancestry did not cost so much maybe I could afford to pay for professional help once in awhile.
    Lately these “technical problems” have been very annoying.

  71. Randal Waldon

    this is really disgusting, on my day off and this evening i stayed home to get some work done on here and now this again. This has happened alot. i cant see renewing if we keep getting the run around, I can surf the free sites and manually add the info.

  72. Joan

    I’ve been a member for several years and have never had any problems before. I use it pretty frequently for personal and business research. I’m going to wait it out. But I hope things are up and running again soon.

  73. Betty

    Heavy sigh. I’m tired of “Check back soon”. I didn’t get an email about credit and on Wednesday they stopped posting my comments.

    Heavy sigh.

    Yes I’m using other sites, but I want to add the information to my tree in ancestry.

    Heavy sigh.

  74. Dave

    I see we are here again. I use Firefox and never had a slowness that wasn’t attributed to my connection. I have used it all day and not had any problems either, I type in the name and it populates half way through typing it. Unless they shutdown the site, I never have a problem and I am on it probably 16 hours a day….researching several trees…..dave

  75. Sharon Warman

    OK, I’m one of the people who don’t log out – maybe that’s why I’ve not been offered any credit. We should still receive the same credit being offered others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. G. Hays

    This is why I didn’t have a subscription for years. I hoped they’d learned how to operate the website during my absence, I guess not! Its frustrating if you only have an hour or so to use the site and it’s down. This wouldnt bother me if this were a free site like but it’s $300 a year which is more than I care to pay for a website that only works half of the time. When I signed up it said unlimited access, I wonder what they mean by that becayse this certainly isn’t unlimited.

  77. Duane Baker

    I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you a day of my subscription if you get the thing fixed and running.

  78. gloria Boulton

    This is the second day of being unable to search. I pay a great deal of money to be able to search your database and I am paying for something I cannot use. I expect to receive a credit for all the time I have been unable to access the information.

    A company your size should not be having these problems and somone isn’t doing their job, and should loose it and get someone or a team who can deliver the goods.

  79. wanda

    1) When is this site going to be up and running again? 2) Are you giving credit for the inconvenience? I’ve been having problems searching archives for the past several days and it keeps crashing or get stuck and then crashes! I’m trying to complete my research so when?

    Also when I signed up I checked month-to-month but you charged me for a whole year!

    I wanted a month to month membership!

  80. Steven Baggs

    As others mentioned… this site is a bit pricey and we expect superlative subscriber availability. But, hey… it all works great 95% of the time. So I’ll cut ya some slack and give my genealogy O/CD-ness a rest! Good luck with the fixes!

  81. Sandra Porter

    Site is very slow and I am not able to save anything it tells me to check back again later. This has been going on for almost a week now. When is it going to speed up???????

  82. I noticed that when I tried to do a GENCOM file back-up that I was having problem with it’s generation. I wanted to ensure that my back-up was up to date. I hope that the current problems are not associated with the servers which handle the generation of the GenCom files. Please advise….



  84. Jackie

    When is this going to be fixed…..Are we “all” getting credit for down-time? Thanks….

  85. Eula-Maye

    Yes! I am a yearly subscriber and I did get an email indicating I would be given a 1 day credit. This is a great gesture on’s part! Buck up people and quit whining its only a small part of our daily lives give them a break. After all it’s only an inconvenience not a tradgy!

  86. My goodness, so many problems so much of the time. How about credits across the board? It’s time to look around for another site.

  87. Tammy

    I tried all day Wednesday to access my trees and couldn’t get to them. I got the email but no credit. Do you have to be a world member to get the credit? My husband would have my head if I spent that much money on here! I’m lucky to get the regular month to month.

  88. James

    This is the second time I’ve been a member with this site. I rejoined about a week ago after about five year gap. And during this week of rejoining, this is the third day I have not been able to work because of their technical issues. Not a very good start to my membership. We better get money back due to their problem. Would you keep going to the same restaurant if they keep messing up your order?


  89. Alan Lathrop

    Worse than it was yesterday. Can not even get on to site today. All this advertising pisses me off when you over sell and can not produce services. I have had more down time lately than in all the years past. You have no problem keeping my subscription going, maybe the same people should run the site

  90. hey you big-wigs at! — hire proficient software design & programming staff who are willing to follow a stringent protocol! your present attitude of allowing easy excuses and spouting spin-control perpetuates problems.

  91. Julie

    Please fix this site! I’m trying to get some research done with the Federal Censuses and the site is not available. Help! I love this site – but not when it is experiencing so many problems!!! Thank you!

  92. Robert Brown

    Wow, Quite a list of complaints. Don’t your subscribers realize they are chasing 100 – 200 year-old information? Will 1, 2 or 3 days make such a big difference. Most of the ancestors mare dead and not going anywhere. I also feel sure that you don’t mess up service on purpose. Have a nice day.

  93. billy

    First off Ancestry did not add a day to your account – maybe they should have – they added a day to the people who were trying out the site on the 14 day trial. I too am getting a little fed up – even before this last hic-cup the site has been getting slower and slower. Another little complaint – on combining tree information – it seems that this is getting worse – full of inaccurate information – not to mention the fact that if you get two people of the same name how hard it is to get that corrected. AND if the entered records are wrong – wrong name transcribbed for example – no methods to correct the master database and then if things don’t match the wrong datbase no more little green leafs. Bunches of little problems they should be working, but since they are not telling what they really are doing – who knows- Time will tell as it always does. Just some of my thoughts.

  94. Debby Margiotta

    I would expect with what we pay a year that the site would not have so many problems. Please fix as soon as possible.


  95. Gina

    You guys are on thin ice with all this down time. I suggest you get it straightened out PDQ or else we’ll all be leaving for your competitor.

  96. Kathleen Mirabella

    I have a full membership – the works. Have not received e-mail or credit!!!

  97. elaine

    Yes, my renewal is coming up as well. Although I have enjoyed the ancestry site, there are lots of free sites.

  98. OldBuckHouse –

    Please get your info correct. is an arm of the LDS and is not owned by Ancestry – nor does the LDS own Ancestry.

    Ancestry,, Rootsweb and Mundia are Ancestry organizations.

    USGenWeb is a national Volunteer group that is not associated with Ancestry altho some chapters do choose to keep their websites on Rootsweb.

  99. Annie

    Billy 104
    Your answer is not completely accurate. I am not on the 14-day trial, I am a full World member, and I received the credit email.

  100. Patrice Stevens

    I have decided I can’t trust your site anymore. I have tried to download my tree to Family Tree Maker and it won’t even let me do that. If this is a portent of things to come, I am not at all happy.

  101. P Helland

    I understand that web sites go down. But I have the feeling this 2 days of problems is from your trying to change or “improve” your site. Why else did I get a poll yesterday and today with a new page asking how I liked the new page. It didn’t work, by the way; it froze; and was not an improvement (“Take me to my tree”) or something.

    Like other members who wrote here, while your search was not working at all earlier, I used other sites and found records – UK sites as well as Some of the censuses are also on other sites so I was not left hanging, I could get the info and add it to my tree, I just could not use your search engines.

    It is disappointing that with all your billions of records, which you paid for, and all the competitor sites you bought to eliminate, you now are the main one in town, yet your site is not stable. I just want one site to do the searching and the data entry for my trees, and yours has been convenient for that, but I see that you are just unstable – so in a way this was educational for me. I see there are other good sites online and will use them too.

  102. Joy

    I get all my work done during the day so I can spend a few hours researching in the late afternoon and evening. It is frustrating not to be able to access first the trees and now the records search. I am patient up to a point. Some notification on the home page would be helpful, too. I’m getting pretty tired of “check back soon”.

    I’m sure they will get it fixed soon, but I’m starting to loose patience. There is nothing better than Ancestry so I don’t plan on going anywhere…it’s just good to have a place to gripe.

  103. Jade

    Earlier today I got a “Thank you for your patience” email from

    A few minutes ago got a second email, the one adding a day to my sub.

    Hey, fellows and gals, I would really prefer that the site functioned smoothly. How about a few Crays instead of those thousands of servers with compatibility issues ? ;D

  104. Miriam Macdonald

    I agree with Pish59. Give them a break. Every company has problems from time to time and this is the first time I ever encountered one. They didn’t do it on purpose. Let them do their work in getting these problems solved. What a bunch of sour grape complainers about a dollar a day “loss”! It’s not the end of the world, just a small glitch. Let’s put it in perspective.

  105. Jennifer

    Everyone needs to just relax, this is no different than the issues that many other websites have. They are doing their best and if they truly see it fit, they’ll credit our accounts. Get a life and stop complaining, my goodness.

  106. Judith

    I have been with Ancestry for many years. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been “inconvenienced” during my subscription. For those of you complaining, I would like to know if your personal track record is that good.
    Get over it and learn some patience.

  107. Please provide credit for the past 2 days that I have been unable to search, download any media into my trees, and the site has been extremely slow- Please fix!

  108. Gerald

    My work involves using
    This is getting to be a nuisance.
    Surly another update wasn’t necessary again today.
    People, People, People.
    Fix the Da*&%)m thing and get it over with so we can go back to work.

  109. Paul Gilbert

    Faithfully through the years, my membership has existed. It is being royally tested.

    Too many inane excuses are being offered by Ancestry. You’ve lost your focus. You were offering such great information, but now the data you are supplying is banal.

    How long have you been stuffing our throats with extraneous foreign matter?

    To top off my displeasure, Ancestry has removed our ability to see all photos at one time of other researchers. When I questioned Ancestry, I was remined to check Ancestry’s policy of protecting everybody’s rights. So the few are controlling the masses again!

    Hmmmm…your existence is probably, at best, another year (or so).

    Doing somehthing right!!

  110. Jim

    They most likley had to rebuild a database. As big as it must be, I’m surprised it only took a day or two. Quality control is lacking.

  111. Kathy

    re: 57 gizzi1213

    She is absolutly correct, IGI has many, many, mistakes. When you do find a record of interest, be sure to look at the Messages and Sources. That will tell you if it’s a “submitted” or a “transcribed” record. The “transcribed” records seem to be the more reliable, someone was actually looking at the original document.

    The site is fantastic, they have images of some transcribed records, not all. I’ve found much useful information. But they to have there issues.

  112. Nita

    I just wish you would leave well enough alone. When it works, don’t bother it. Don’t give us thousands of hits to go through–that would be a better thing for you to work on. Or, let us be able to give a time frame when searching the records. Please fix it and leave it alone.
    One day for the many times we have trouble is a a small “thank you ” .


    I did get back on but posting records on the profile is very slow or not at all and I have to keep going back and start over. Very frustrating.

  114. Amy

    I just want to say that yes this a HUGE frustration. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to when these issues will be fixed. Never mind that people have lives and only get certain times they can work on genealogy. Just seems that all the money we PAY to use this site isn’t being used to backup our work. Why are scheduled maintenence being done during the week anyway. Shouldn’t it be done in the nighttime/early morning hours that there is little traffic. In my experience, the updates are supposed to be tested on a practice site before loading on the main site.
    So we are out 3 days of searching and we aren’t reimbursed for it!

  115. Tammy

    Annie, I wasn’t expecting money back on my card. My monthly renewal was Wednesday. We’ll see when they charged it. I should have cancelled on Wed after the problems. I didn’t complain at all Wed., but now I’m getting aggravated. We’ll see how the next 30 days goes.

  116. Mary Jo Patt

    I just joined 2 days ago and have had trouble all afternoon. It is a good thing that I have two weeks before I start paying. So far, this is not a good sign. MJ

  117. BEE

    Well, you all warned! I created one GEDCOM, but didn’t have a chance to do any other.
    Could someone please tell me what it’s supposed to look like? First, I couldn’t open it – I need some “download”, but it got too complicated. I can open it in “firefox”, but it’s just a long list of what is on the tree. Is this how it’s supposed to look? This tree only had 50 people – what happens if I do the tree with 4000+?
    btw, thank you ancestry for the “extra day” – I live on this site, and have found so much information, and patiently waited for the “bugs” to be worked out. I found all the blog entries on the “unplanned maintenance” interesting and entertaining, but now I’m getting worried!

  118. Paul Gilbert

    Hmmmm… I have a feeling that those offering positive comments could be the “planters” we often see on TV shows clapping and chanting for a loser.

    Being patient isn’t always a positive.

  119. Marni

    #102 – Robert your right, it will be there another day. It happens, the more you complain does not make it fix faster. There are more ways to search than on the computer… go to a grave site or the library, look in newspaers or just wait a few days. I’m sure your paid subscription is not used everyday, by you anyways, so take a break!

  120. Linda Smith

    I don’t appreciate all the problems with the website. Besides the maintenance issues there are many times I get on the site and it is so slow. Please don’t tell me it is my server because it isn’t. Aren’t we paying enough each month?

  121. Katie

    Funny – I just signed up for yesterday. I was so thrilled to get started and to see the amazing information I could dig up about my family. Now, I’m second-guessing this decision as I was planning on going with the world monthly membership, which of course IS NOT CHEAP by any standards. I see I will have to take a serious look at whether I can keep going with this for the next 13 days in my free trial. Might have to cancel after this big time hassle!

  122. Waunda Nelson

    Hello Ancestry:
    What in the world are you guys doing!! The site was down all day Wednesday the 19th and now for the last 3-4 hours you can’t access the search feature. I PAY FOR DEARLY FOR THIS SERVICE AND I VERY WELL EXPECT TO GET QUALITY SERVICE AND YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PROVIDING THAT FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS.

    Ancestry has become like most companies, all they can see ARE DOLLAR SIGNS AND HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. Your Customer Service department is a BIG JOKE. YOU CAN NEVER REACH THEM. PLEASE SERIOUSLY LOOK INTO EITHER EXPANDING YOUR HOURS AND AT LEAST THINK ABOUT BEING OPEN HALF A DAY ON SATURDAY’S. I am on Central Standard time and when I get home at 6:00p.m. and leave at 7:00a.m. your office is Closed. I get paid for 8 hours and I feel obligated to give my company 8 hours of work, I don’t have time to deal with personal problems on the job.

    I agree with number 10. I am also waiting to see what the new software looks like, because what they have now is priceless, I use their death records pilot search numerous times a day which gives you the actual death certificate,which list cause of death, burial location, parents names, informants name and all sorts of valuable information. Also, Heritage is another great site for looking up Census Records. This service is through your library, and it is online. Check with your local library regarding instructions on how to login to their site. You will be amazed at the clarity of their documents.

    I truly hope that you get these problems fixed once and for all quickly.

    Thank you.

  123. Donna

    i’m new – was patient the other day and now am wondering if the year world subsciption i took was worth it. seems like there’s a lot of trouble on here and i’m finding i can find the information at other sites free! has the 1911 English census already. where’s ancestry? we’re sure paying enough. don’t think i’ll be subscribing again. sorry i took it by the year. thought i was saving money!

  124. Nadyezdha

    Have a bit more patience people. The world is full of people who want to cause grief and perhaps all this has been caused by a hacker or some such.

    I stay logged in 24/7 on more than one computer and have rarely had problems. I use IE and Mozilla. I see no difference in access between the browsers.

    I don’t know why everyone did not get a tiny extension. I did get the notice.

    I do think the price for Ancestry is too high but I pay it. Other people buy fishing lures or golf balls; I buy genealogy subscriptions.

  125. R. Wright

    I have been seeing a message over the past year or more of providing “limited results, check back later…” And then lately something about the “volume of traffic”.

    Perhaps with the television specials and more they need to boost their power to accomodate all of us online at the same time.

    i.e., buy some more servers, power, etc?

  126. Mark

    Great database, great features on the site, ropey and unreliable implementation. Get the basics right, guys! Stop adding all the extra stuff until you have got your foundations stable!

    I have a mental picture of the Ancestry server room being an 1890’s Victorian warehouse full of cobwebbed long lost relatives cranking away on their card indexes and babbage engines…

  127. Mike

    It is frustrating and annoying, when I have days to work on my family tree, things don’t work. I can’t do much, might as well go back and take what I have hear and use my other sources, and stay where I am, and look at other sites. Its crazy to pay for something that cannot be fixed propertly.

  128. James Reed

    I signed up for your service this week and already it has gone down twice. While I have enjoyed putting together a family tree, it is very frustrating to have to stop and wait for the system. Not a good start for a new subscriber.

  129. Bob

    I love to see these other comments from other subscribers. I was always told it was me or my computer. I knew they were lying.So they have been temporarily unavailable for three days now, as of friday 22 @ 1700 hours.Didn’t they just raise subscription rates anticipating a new wave of subscriptions after showing, and doing all the work, for those famous people on their lines on tv?
    Shame on them.

  130. Richard

    I’m slighty annoyed as I had planned to play with genealogy this evening to pass time.

    I have an old copy of family tree maker 2005. I have about 500 names saved on my computer. I get errors when I try to upload.

    I hope they fix the problems.

  131. Andrew Wells

    #129: For some unknown reason, Firefox doesn’t seem to work right when exporting GEDCOM. I have to go back to IE to be able to right-click for SaveAs. If the GEDCOM is truncated, it will not import to other software packages. The first few lines should look like this:

    0 HEAD
    1 SOUR Family Trees
    2 VERS (2010.3)
    2 NAME Family Trees
    2 CORP
    1 GEDC
    2 VERS 5.5

  132. Cherie

    I’ve only been a member for approximately one month, and I must say the number of technical difficulties, you’re experiencing with the site to cause you to take it offline for a day, have to date from my experience been two days. That’s an unacceptably high percentage of service issues for that period of time. I agree with several other posted comments regarding getting what you have to operate correctly at high speed before attempting to “upgrade” your site. Your upgrade efforts are simply steps backwards. Get your act together.

  133. Jill

    Thank You for the extra day. I agree with Andy #54. has been a great help to me looking for records in Michigan. I’ve found tons! Even with the problems I still enjoy Ancestry.

  134. Bernie

    I am extremely disappointed in the availability/performance of your website lately. Plain and simple.

  135. Sarah

    It has been a frustrating afternoon, but reading the comments was entertaining. How do we get this said credit? Shouldn’t it be automatically credited to all member accounts.

  136. Chuck

    Yes, not having Ancestry is bad, but consider the olden days when a search required scanning many films manually. Talk about wasting time and money!

    The IGI does consist of both Church records that were inputted by LDS members on their missions and data submitted from members. Since both submissions are suspect, it behoves each of you to get the original record from the references source or town record. Otherwise, this may be a hearsay record.

    But my own research on Ancestry has been much easier because Ancestry, even in it’s infancy was and is much more powerful than any manual search in the U.S. Archives or LDS History Centers. Patience, researchers, Patience.

  137. Tammy

    Annie, thank you for posting the family search site- I just found my grandparents marriage certificate in a matter of seconds,for free– something I had never found on Maybe it is time to reconsider the cost and spend an extra few minutes searching other avenues of information. With the outages and slowness of the past few months with this site, I am getting pretty frustrated and it costs too much to have all of these unexplained problems. It makes you wonder how many more problems there are going to be in the future!!

  138. Gerald

    So, why isn’t everyone getting the rebate for the down days????

    I see some are. I haven’t.

  139. denisew41

    It’s not just the search function that isn’t working. The photo upload tool is messed up, too. It will not let you load to more than one person at a time. Ancestry is the ONE luxury I’ve allowed myself during my lengthy unemployment. When I’m not job-hunting (and when the weather’s bad), I do genealogy to relax. So much for that. And for those of you who haven’t experienced any problems before now: you were lucky. There have been many over the past year or so.

  140. don watson

    Okay I asked for a refund wednesday when I could not use all day long. Now tonite trying to finish a tree poster which is for a gift and guess what not working again. Your service is not very good. I will be looking into other web pages.

  141. Carolina

    I would like to think we will all be seeing some type of credit to our account. Considering some folks are counting on 14 free days to determine if they want to do business here and still others (myself included) are paying money either by the month, quarter, or year for services that may not be available when we are available to use them. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE SOME PRO-RATING ON MY STATEMENT. I doubt very much that it would hurt them to determine how much is paid per hour, then subtract those hours from our bill!!! In fact, it’s only good business considering I know that I will unsubscribe and suggest others do the same if this keeps up. Word of mouth will make or break ANY business. Thank you.

  142. S.Wiesenberg

    Thought you should know that as of 7:25 pm eastern time there are still problems logging in. Tells me I am logged on another computer but that computer (my laptop) is shut down. Had to boot up laptop in order to log off, then log on on my main computer only to find that the search feature will not work.

  143. Vickie

    This is so FRUSTRATING. I am taking a college level genealogy course (which met today and Wed.) I was not able to do anything with my trees on either days. Makes me want to switch sites!

  144. Leanne

    Yup, I agree that we need to see some credits here. Considering how much we are all paying for this it is good customer service to offer some kind of pro-rate for the month that we have not been able to access all the services. Each day of reduced service is worth $1.20.

  145. Nothing like settling in on a boring Friday night to find once again is down. Unbelievable! I need to search the web and see if I can come up with a better place to do my ancestry search as this is totally unacceptable. Maybe you need to upgrade you server to accomodate all the info.

  146. Kimberly

    It seems that some people have gotten credit for the service for the site being down all day the other day. I have received no such notification. Are they only giving it to those who call and complain? Does the rest of us not deserve credit too? Do they really want their millions of subscribers to bog down the phone lines by calling to get the credit when all they had to do was automatically provide it to everyone and send an email stating that we got one?

  147. cheryl

    I am doing research that is under severe time constraints. I had a firm 6 hours to devote to it this afternoon, but guess what:I couldn’t get anything done! I suggest that Ancestry does a complete restore to the last working version they had PRONTO. Giving me credit for days missed won’t do me any good.

  148. kim orifice

    Yes I only have a couple days left and this is my second day with big issues…you need to credit everyone for all the days that our membership was of no use to us.

  149. Diana Himes

    I have had problems with this site all afternoon. You know what really upsets me? After paying for service at Ancestry and the site keeps going down, they send you to another site that requires payment. What nerve!

  150. Pam

    I am having problems too but with any website there are going to be problems…We all need to be patient and wait for the problems to be fixed…I know when I put many hours into a website or something I am working on and someone starts fussing at me…..Im just saying….we need to relax the tree will be up soon I am sure!!!

  151. Terry

    Wish I would have known about all these troubles yesterday, before I signed up for my subscription. I would have thought twice about ordering.

  152. Bob

    What I find interesting is that the upgrade button continues to work during the “technical difficulties”.

  153. lynny

    I have been a subscriber for many many years. I was able to get a lot of info. Now however it seems to be getting worse with problems. I did receive a notice about the 1-day extension. Think about it — haven’t we all had downtime much more than one days worth. Let’s get real.

  154. Joanne Weimer

    You are wasting my time having this site go down. Today it was gone down 5 times. I have lost track the total number of times this has gone down in the past 2 weeks.
    Any time it goes down I except of rebate equal to the price I pay divide by the number of times it goes done.

  155. Kathleen

    I am really tired of getting the run around. Why can’t Ancestry just own up to the fact their programming department needs a major overhaul of employees. All the extras, like who is accepting the same “leads” as I am adds zero to my research. Unburden the website with all the “garbage” and it might work correctly.

  156. Sharon

    My subscription ends in June and I am considering not renewing. I have had problems in the last three days. Will all of us get repaid for the days we were not able to complete our researching? I went into a site last night to research some more information and too my surprise what I had entered a few weeks ago was no longer there. I hope this problem gets resolved soon. I really enjoyed working on Ancestry. I never received an email announcing this problem either. Only Wenesday when I saw the banner and just now.

  157. Jebadia

    I see I have a lot of questions to answer. We at have been conducting an integrated process and service will be resuming shortly. We are currently in the processes of baptizing your dead relatives in accordance with Latter Day Saint doctrine. We will have service up soon, thank you, Jebadia

  158. Jason

    And here I was going to recommend this website to my friends and family but after not just one but at least two days of server issues and the millions of dollars they make by charging us to search public records with convenience, you would think such a wealthy company would test their upgrade(s) on a ghost server before implementing it/them on the members server. I will be willing to forgive this ridiculous lack of professional judgment error in the development process by a full credit pro-rated amount associated with the lack of service and/or any service interruption.

  159. Barbara Howell

    This has been going on for days. I payed $300 and I have had such a problem getting on to the places within the program. It takes forever, I can’t seem to be able to pull up the orginal view. What’s going on?? If I go over to the Family History Center try over there, it is even worse. It says it is done loading the view I want and there is nothing on the page. So you hit the refresh button about 2 dozen times and then sometimes it comes up. It always says it is waiting for Ancestry to pick up.

  160. Cyndee Miller

    Earlier today I was uploading a scanned photo into my tree and low and behold, I now have a new tree! It uploaded the whole tree onto How the heck did that happen?
    It was just suppose to be 1 photo. Ancestry was that you? And when I tried to delete the extra tree, Ancestry had something on there that I could not delete the tree. This is crazy!
    I was online also on May 19 and today! What a mess!

  161. Luana Alger

    Well, well, well.. So I see we are back to this again… & it only took 2 days. I have been off & on today, mainly following green leaves. Suddenly at about 2 pm (Eastern Time) I notice a serious lag. Next thing you know I’m looking at the sign-in screen… I try to sign in only to be told that I’m either logged on in another computer (NOT) or I failed to sign-out appropriately (considering I was dragged out & thrust out, just when should I have logged-out the right way?)… This has been happening quite frequently lately, but usually is all well in 30 minutes… Usually, but NOT today! I could not get back in for a full 3 hours! Naturally, I call ancestry & am told it is my browser, but the rep re-set my password at myrequest (after processing my month’s renewal fee, of course)… Amazing it actually worked!… I got right in!… So, was it ‘my browser’???… NOT LIKELY!… Gonna check my e-mail for that 1 day credit that I probably won!t receive for Wednesday’s nightmare…. For the record, though inconvnient, I truly am greatful for the world of information I know I never could obtain with such ease. 1 or 2 days of issues on here won’t hinder my desire to continue with… I just hope they get the bugs fumigated out of our trees soon :-p

  162. Dot

    Hi, I received your email crediting me an extra day for the recent site problems. Thank you.

    Today, the site has been so slow and is now unavailable all together.

    I want to know if you have too many customers to maintain a properly running site? If so, should I ask for a refund and find another source?

    I like using but as of late, it has not been very reliable.

  163. Nancy Rakosky

    I think I lost a bunch of my info. Feeling very irritated about it! A day’s credit is nice, but doesn’t compensate for what we’re going thru.

  164. Becky

    I have tried But I do very much prefer is better in my opinion. If it is more and better servers they need…I think they should do it and get it done. It is a good site. But it should not keep having these problems. I still have not received an e-mail from them. Perhaps they only e-mail people who have called them via phone? I have a montly world subscription. I certainly don’t mind giving them all the new copies of documents, information and photo’s I put on, because I want others to be able to get this information to help them with their “trees”. but I really think ancestry should get the problems fixed once and for all.

  165. HM

    Give these guys a break! is a wonderful service. Many of you are either too young or inexperienced at genealogy to know that not too long ago, before services such as this, you had to physically go to record custodians to research records. This service has already saved mnay of you hundreds of hours in time and hundreds of dollars in traveling related costs. Stop whining and have patience, it’s a computer!

  166. Brenda Shaw

    I cancelled may account in April of this year, only to find that I had several people wanting me to do their family tree, so reluctantly I signed on for three months.

    First of all, at no time was I ever offered a 20% discount for being a member of almost TEN YEARS and always paying the full price.

    Secondly…it has been SO FRUSTRATING to come to your site and on any given day not be able to do a proper search…your comments about while the site is still not fixed, you MIGHT be able to do a few searches is TOTALLY UNWORTHY OF A HIGH PROFILE SITE SUCH AS YOUR OWN.

    I think we all should get one month free added onto our existing accounts…and you should hire more competent employees to keep this site running on a minute by minute basis.

    I am disappointed as I have someone waiting all day today for me to finish their family tree only to be told..sorry..maybe we can try again tomorrow.


    I might add, as a Canadian, I have paid a lot more for the use of your site, than fellow American users…

  167. Donna Smith

    I have worked in the electronics industry for many many years, and I am well aware that even the best information systems can crash, and can have other assorted problems. I am sure your IT department is working hard to correct the problems and everyone has high hope that things will be working well again soon.

    I do have a question, seems to me that you might have required a major update in your system hardware and software before you started the major advertising push on television with your show. (I don’t know, I’m just saying.)

    I also agree with the statement that the yearly fee is quite high.

  168. Neno

    I don’t log out, and I did receive the letter of one day credit. So I don’t think that is how they worked it.
    I too am frustrated with, but I have been for some time, due to the slowness in peak hours. I feel like if they can take the money…they should be able to handle the load! When contacted they say it is probably my internet service…that is just not so when you can surf all over the place in a snap, it is not me.
    I do however understand down times.

  169. Roger Graul

    When will you people grow up and realize that computers are NOT perfect!! Ever have to reboot to get something to work, Or it freezes up and you have to reboot When that happens, I always call Bill G and give him hell and tell him to fix it ! They have big operation and makes much money from us. I also use Peachtree a lot, (Its an old accounting program ) and sometimes it does not work correctly. Sorry guys, I’ve been around for 77 years and I have NOT found the perfect system yet. Please advise when you find one!!!

  170. cathy

    WOW ancestry, what the H**** is going on? I’ve been a PAYING member for over a year and have NEVER seen the likes of the issues you are having now! what the heck is going on?? In case you care,I’ll be considering ending my membership. i don’t PAY for broken websites…

  171. Wendy Martin

    This is getting to be a bit ridiculous. I pay for a service to use. Each day this week that I have had time to use it the site was having problems. If this is the case I am not certain I will renew my subscription. I understand that things happen, however, this is turning into more of a pattern and less of an isolated incident. I expect to be credited for the time they were having problems.

  172. reggie

    i find it fascinating how i never got an email about a credit (perhaps as i stay logged in & am here nearly everyday), yet they were QUICK to remind me about my renewal coming up in June (more than once, i might add). i see where the priorites are….

  173. Peter Thayer

    I appreciate the fact that you are keeping us apprised of problems and resolving them as quickly as you can. I reported at about 5:00 that I couldn’t log in, but by 8:45 the problem was fixed. You have one heck of an IT department. Thanks.

  174. Dianna

    I think all ancestry web sites are included for everyone although it is a little different try one of the others like seems to be working at least as far as I can tell I use both.

  175. Richard Bishop

    Search System problems!!!
    Probably so, but not close to the totality of the
    problems. Even pedigree is not loading properly tonight. Glad my membership term is almost up. Hope I can see my info one more time before I cancel. Is this anyway to run a business?

  176. Annie

    To 188 reggie
    Did you bother to read my posts, as well as the copy of the email I received? I stay logged in for weeks to months, without ever logging off.

  177. John Foote

    “I feel your pain” in trying to fix a problem with an online system which has lots of users and a huge database. I spent 40 years working in the computer
    industry and with software systems. So, I have some idea of what you are going through, and I am confident you will eventually fix the problem(s). I really like your website.

  178. Chris

    I never got any email about a credit either. The search issue is a annoying because it seems random. Unfortunately, I’ve been kicked out twice so I’m giving up for now.

  179. Annie

    To 184 Neno,

    I agree there is an apparent capacity issue, especially on weekends. As I am semi-retired, I try to avoid using acom on weekends, because it has become too frustrating, and I do have that option.

  180. helenevansstaas

    Thanks for the Xtra day, what’s up? Problem is persistent. This is the time I have to work on my project, do you at leasts know what’s wrong. Thanks

  181. Marianne Granoff

    So YOU are “experiencing some search issues”. Well I CANNOT search at all. This has been going on all day.

    This recurring problem of ancestry’s of having untested, non-working software that gets installed on your production system – i.e. the one that people are paying good money to use – is a problem that I am very tired of. There is absolutely no excuse for this to happen.

    I am a former programmer, software project manager, Software Director, etc. Here are some things you really need to do:

    CREATE A TEST DATABASE where you can test software to see if it works as it is supposed to – and to see if it breaks anything else!!!

    Stop installing software on Friday afternoon. You do not have anyone answering the phone then.

    Ask your customers to help test major software changes before making them live. I.E. Have beta testing on TEST DATA!!

    Hire some more experienced software managers to oversee some of these software projects. Make sure software projects are coordinated so that two different “fixes” don’t conflict.

    Always, always, always be able to go back to the software version that works.

    And let your customers know WHEN they can expect to see the problem fixed so they do not keep trying every few minutes. Do this even if you do not have customer service answering the phone.

  182. Barbara Mathews

    Please be aware that I am experiencing too many down times when I Try to access searches. I too wish to be included in some extra days added to my subscription. This is happening way too often.
    Barbara Mathews

  183. Jen

    Today I was trying to save a photo and it kept booting me out to a place to make a new tree. I went to try it on the desktop and it wouldn’t let me log in. So, I asked to have a link to create a new password sent to me, but it said my email address was invalid!?!
    I have waited many years to have the time and the money to spend to subscribe to and now this first month has been a lot of headaches. I had the day off and couldn’t access it when I got up early or when I stayed up late. Today I had trouble all afternoon trying to save things and search for things. PLUS it was s l o w. I’ve used other free sites as I waited to subscribe to this one and didn’t experience any level of frustration compared to what this site has given me this week. I understand you’re a business and you need to turn a profit, but you have to keep your customers HAPPY in order to do that.
    It’s not really about the money to me – a dollar or two here and there – but it’s about my time and my time isn’t cheap or easy to come by.

  184. Annie

    Not to point fingers at anyone, but it seems “we” expect perfection from acom. Have you looked at some of the supposed research on the trees hosted? Far from perfection, with children born before parents, after parents died, when mothers were 60+.

    What was it my grandmother said – sweep before your own door or maybe people in glass houses…

  185. Leanne Wiese

    Yes, I like instant gratification just as much as I bet you do! I also get frustrated with computers and phone lines and general communication problems. I also realize that my frustration pales when I consider the all information I’ve found when everything works and maybe even works better than before. I believe progress is defined as a series of failures. I’m thankful I wasn’t a pioneer on the prairie but I do realize that when we use computers, we all become pioneers of cyberspace. Being a pioneer involves struggles and frustrations. I’ll take those struggles over sickness, hardship, wars and death.
    Thanks for the banners. Keep them updated and then check to see if we need new trail blazers.

  186. Veronica Grace Armstrong

    I see a lot of peoplr are very upset. I know that computers do these things, and that is not somethinf you want to happen either. It is more trouble for you than all of us customers. Hang in there. You’ll get it fixed, I’m sure. Thanks for the updates. I have problems with my computer and I’m not running a business on mine. Good luck to you guys.

  187. Carolyn Powell

    I, too, have been having lot of trouble searching It seemed when I did get on, not all the information on various ancestors was there. I do hope you don’t have a complete crash. I have over 6 mos. left in my year’s subscription. I bought the year for my own Christmas present and it has been wonderful except for the outage.

  188. Jacquelyn

    Thank you for the credit to my account due to the May 19 problem. I really appreciate that.
    As many users are, I am also frustrated with the problems we are experiencing, BUT YOU HAVE MY CONTINUING SUPPORT AND I WILL NOT CANCEL.
    Looking forward to things working well again soon.

  189. Carol

    Do the people who post these trees get paid to do so? No, of course they don’t. No one is expecting perfection from; we just expect to get what we paid for, to be given an honest explanation when the site goes down, and to be reimbursed when we paid for something the site can’t deliver.

  190. reggie

    to 192 Annie

    yes, i read yours, and all the other posts. i just think it’s interesting how the source of the “time to renew!” email works just fine, but the bulk of the site doesn’t. I am limited to evenings/weekends (when i can) for my research, and i’m as frustrated as everyone else for not having access to something we have paid for. i understand the glitches, but it irks me when they can’t warn about a tech issue that prevents me from using the site, but can still ask me for more money.

  191. Shirley Jackson

    According to my e-mail, because I was logged on Wednesday I got the credit. Obviously they are not giving credit if you did not sign on.
    also check your spam, that is where I found my letter

  192. Kathy

    I found my Ancestry email for the credit for the one day credit in my Junk Email Box. Check yours to see if that is where yours is.

    I’m guessing Ancestry.Com has some computer hackers invading their site. Won’t be the first company. Hope they get this fixed quick. I own their company stock besides being a subscriber. They have made some bad decisions in the past but overall it is a great company.

  193. To Web Operations.

    There is an error in your update-

    The word is “entermittens”!

    You enter data in the search engine and then knit mitttens while waiting for the results!

  194. Marilyn

    I just joined and every night I have had time to use it it has been down. Is this typical? I really feel there should be a credit given. This is absurd.

  195. Chris Burditt

    I have used for years. You have improved your site and added tons of information making it very easy to do research. I appreciate your service and 99 % of the time it is up and running very well indeed. You have made my research easier and more convenient. The subcription is well worth the price. It saves me time and I am able to gather info at my home at any time. Thank you and I am sure you will get the kinks out in due time. I would hope that patience can be rule among your customers. May God bless our country and everyone who desires to preserve their family heritage

  196. Dona Terry

    I think I am #211. I want to see if they are posting all of the complaints. This is a complaint.

  197. Shirley Jackson

    Cathy #60,
    I stay logged on and I received my credit. There were two letters sent. One apologizing for the trouble and that showed up in my mailbox, the one giving me credit was in the spam box

  198. Carol

    I hire a housekeeper to clean my house. I pay her $700 a week with the understanding that she’ll come and clean my house every day. On Wednesday, she doesn’t show up. On Thursday she comes, but only stays for about half the time she usually spends on my house. On Friday, she comes, but tells me she is too tired from taking care of all of her new customers, so she can’t really clean my house. On Saturday she shows up and finally gets my house clean. So in the end, my house is clean, but meanwhile, I’ve had to live Weds-Fri in a dirty house. I’m paying her $700 a week to keep my house clean every day, not just to make sure that eventually it’s clean. So after she finishes on Saturday, I ask her for $300 back for the work she did NOT do on Weds, Thurs, or Fri. Anyone have a problem with that?

    That’s the situation we have going on with now. Sure, when it’s up and running it’s fine, but the problem is that lately it’s been “too tired” from dealing with all of its new customers to take care of its existing customers. That’s fine – you want to deny me service for 3 days, then don’t expect me to pay you for those days. It’s as simple as that. I’m not whining. I entered into a business arrangement with an expectation that I would receive the services I paid for. I have not received those services, and I deserve to be reimbursed accordingly.

  199. Meg

    I, like others, have received no message from Ancestry apologizing for any inconvenience or offering any credit. I am a long time subscriber and feel that this should be offered to everyone across the board!

  200. Jennifer



  201. Neno

    #202 oooh Annie you hit a nerve with the “perfection in trees” that is my 2nd pet peeve about I know it can’t be blamed on them, and there is some awesoms submissions, but gee..some of these people must really be knitting while adding their information. I have not quite seen anything like it in 20+ years of research. ha! It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, where will it be in 10 years? My poor little grandmother who was never out of the States of Texas and Oklahoma is suddenly on record as dying in Pennsylvania, and it has been merged and copied over and over and is suddenly a fact…but they do have her correct birth and death dates. ha ha haWhere do people get their information?

  202. blackhawke

    Hey..what’s the deal. My subscription is paid up but all the census reports and other data have locks beside them. Also I have not been able to use to do research lately! Using has been the pits!

  203. This is getting ridiculous. Especially at how much we have to pay per year for this site, let alone the sister site you own. OUT-rageous how some things are left out of one site and not the other. This is definitely the better of the two, but now being down all the time – this is sick. And WHAT HAPPENED to the beta features like famous relatives? What happened to FREE SOFTWARE for FM Tree Maker each year? We pay enough!!! Pay us back!!!! – Please and thank you. Sincerely, Dan – nyteowl63

  204. Marian

    I have been an annual subscriber for several years now and have been very pleased with I know it’s inconvenient to have the site down but I’ve only encountered this problem a few times. I used to work at an archives where people would personally come to do research and they would get so angry if we were unexpectedly closed for the day. Everyone knows computers have glitches but at least we can do our research 24/7 from the comforts of our homes or offices. Thank you,, for providing this service. I’m sure everything will be running smooth again, soon.

  205. Philip Rice

    AGAIN!!!! Excuse me. Oh I shouldnt worry cause you will give a extra day extention. Wow, First you take my money 2 weeks early. You have people who cant read the census correctly( its hard I know but you hunt for someone whose name is misspelled. Kinda hard ya know–then you dont correct it when I ask nice) When I get done copying everything I probably will cancel as quick as I can.
    Sorry You took my money–But you dont work all that good.(said that slow incase you have trouble reading English)

  206. Leah

    I’ve been “intermittently” able to use today, but she’s been slow or the search function doesn’t work. I was just on and she totally crashed. I really appreciated the credit for Wednesday.s outage, but I’m getting a WEE bit frustrated!

  207. oldbuckhouse

    109 Andy OldBuckHouse –

    Please get your info correct. is an arm of the LDS and is not owned by Ancestry – nor does the LDS own Ancestry.

    Ancestry,, Rootsweb and Mundia are Ancestry organizations.

    USGenWeb is a national Volunteer group that is not associated with Ancestry altho some chapters do choose to keep their websites on Rootsweb


    Suggest you look into the Corporate and Incorporated legal documents.

    RootsWeb went into a HUGH transition. Suggest you look into the exact circumstances. There was considerable resistance when Ancestry stepped in. Sponsored vs Ownership. There was even sabotage when push came to shove.

  208. Melanie Pennock

    I see that my original posting is gone. I have been a member for just about a year. I have been very happy until a few weeks ago. Site has slowed down to a crawl sometimes. Then, of course, last Wednesday was a treat. Now today, problems again!
    I did not receive any notification about credit for a day.
    As I stated in my original posting, your problems seem to be more than your current staff can handle. Hire an outside consulting firm and get the problems fixed. Please!

  209. Annie

    217 Neno
    There was a post from someone on the 19th “crash day” of something like ” I have 150 shaking leaves I must add to my tree, how can you be down”

    I cringed – 99% of the shaking leaves are junk.

    207 Carol – No those people are not paid to post their trees, but I will bet you a large quantity of $$$ that they are among the people crying the loudest.

    Reggie – I have NEVER received an email reminding me to renew.

  210. oldbuckhouse


    I am NOT trying to side with Ancestry at this point, but if everyone would jump off for an hour or so, it may allow them to get this cleaned up, without having to deal with added burden on the server ???????????????????????????????????????

    Only a guess…….

  211. Shirley Jackson

    #219 Neno,

    I agree with you. I think some people just find the first name that is familiar and stick it there. I have spent hours pouring over census records looking for the correct one and then when I check other trees they will have a record that is not even similar to the correct one.
    I had a relative that I invited as an editor, she was told what my criteris was, that everything be documented and if she could not document put unproven in the description, needless to say that did not happen and I had to remove most of the names and start over.

  212. Neno

    #227 Annie..sometimes my leaves are shaking from fear of who is going to grab them and pull them off my tree , limbs and all..I think that is called kidnapped. Yes that is what it is..people are kidnapping my ancestors

  213. Ryan

    I have been waiting a long time to work on my family tree only to find out that there has been problems for quite some time. Please hurry up and get this fix so I can complete the task. Even though I could drive to the location, I would love to do this in the comfort of my home.

  214. Debbie

    Every time I read a comment about getting free searches and records on other websites, which I have tried they always take me back to
    I wish I could see where all these free sites are. I have gotten some records off, but again usually it takes me right back to
    I do agree we should be credited for the time when this site is down.

  215. Jennifer

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Incredibly frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

  216. I have been having problems most of the day. I am glad to know it is and not my computer. But disappointed. I spent some time on
    familysearch and found about 18 lost family members. That is where they have been hiding!

  217. Carol

    It appears perhaps the problem is the current servers cannot handle all the new subscribers since Ancestry had their Celebrity Shows recently?

  218. Joe

    I sure hope there’s a major server upgrade planned in the near future for this site. It’s obvious the additional volume generated since the “Who do you think you are” series is overloading the capacity of the current system.

    Search breakdowns, trees offline, and I, for one, am getting REAL tired of that “CHECK BACK SOON” screen between every mouse click…

  219. Carol

    You want to bet me that the people who are crying the loudest are the ones who have trees on No kidding, really? Who else do you think is on here complaining besides those of us who have trees on the site.

    But thank you for demonstrating that you are not only an apologist for (employee of???), but yet another of the ancestry snobs populating these blogs. If you don’t like the info on the trees, the answer is so blatant – ignore them. You can do that, you know. There’s a choice to “ignore” every shaking leaf that tries to connect you to another person’s tree. I’ve never heard of a single occasion where another person’s tree has come over and insinuated itself into the tree of an unsuspecting ancestry purist who doesn’t want anything to do with the unwashed newbies.

  220. Dennis

    Thanks for the extra day. It is interesting to find that so many people have nothing to do on a Friday night, but to stay home and work on family history.

    Hope by next week very thing is up and working.

  221. reggie

    227 Annie

    i received my renewal notice on the 19th…same day the site was messed up for searching……

    like i said…..interesting….

  222. Tarrie Wagner

    Well, here I go again. Trying to work on the tree and more problems. This is getting just a bit old. Please just tell us the truth about what is happening and be done with it.

  223. Philip Rice

    Hello all Guess what I just wrote a complaint like every one else and what do you know. It never got put in They sent me a message “We really do appreciate your feedback, and ask that you please be respectful to other commenters and authers. Any abusive comments may be moderated.”
    Not a foul word was said. I said nothing bad about anyone writing messages. Lets see if this one goes through.

    CC.Better Business of Utah
    CC. Charles Logan and Associates Att.

    Ps Both messages are printed out and now no more games.

  224. I agree the last several days have been very frustrating especially that the system has been down during my only time I have to research. I’ve got lucky a few times because of persistence I’m please to know the techs are working to resolve this issue. But I’m even more frustrated with the fact over the last few months I have NOT been able to find recent Louisiana history (last 30 years)births, marriages and divorces; it was available in the past. Can someone resolve this issue please!!!!

  225. Linda

    Clarification is needed from ancestry – in an effort to protect my most recent work, I have tried to download my tree twice… and it progresses to about 60% and stops. I link a photo and then poof it’s gone. from the messages some members are being offered extra days of service and others aren’t.

  226. carolynjo

    This is silly. I have had problems for the last 3 days. Today it stopped running about 5 minutes after receiving a nice email saying I would get 1 free day to my subscription. My time is worth more than a little over 1$ a day ! If they have that many researchers, get larger and more servers and hire people that know what they are doing ! I am not new to Ancestry. They have gladly taken my money for at least the last 10 years or more.

  227. Merle

    Thank you to Ancestry for working on this and not throwing in the towel for the weekend! Although many negative comments have been posted, I am not one of them. Sure, it’s an ‘inconvenience’ for a day or two, but, has been very very reliable over the years. Problems like these are few and far between. I have been a faithful subscriber since the very beginning. Remember Ancestry Home Town?

  228. Phyllis

    Thanks for the notice in the mail of the extra day after being down most of yesterday. The searches are extremely slow this evening but I’ve had no problem most of the day. I’m not interested in anyones trees, I’m just searching for actual records, ie: census, military, etc. Having worked with computers for years I know that “stuff” happens and I’m certain it’ll all get worked out. I don’t plan on cancelling my membership. I’ve belonged to Ancestry for years and having “down” times once in a while is not the end of the world. Maybe I’ll actually clean my house while the repairs are being made. Thanks again for the extra day.

  229. 225 OldBuckHouse

    Please note that nowhere in my post is past tense used.
    I am talking about the situation as it is today.

    Your original post said:
    FYI….Family Search, Ancestry, Genealogy are all one, great big family. There are more, which I think can be seen at the bottom of the home page. Those not seen, Rootsweb and US GenWeb, which used to be wonderful sites…

    All kinds of data under one umbrella, but each offering a little bit different so not to be charge for having a monopoly?

    FamilySearch, Ancestry, and Genealogy are *not* and never have been “one big happy family”.

    Both paragraphs contain errors of fact- period.

  230. Annie

    To Carol,

    It would appear that you have either
    1 deliberately misunderstood my comments
    2 misread my comments

    I AM NOT – I repeat for the THIRD time tonight an employee of ACOM.

    Nor am I an apologist or supporter of ACOM – you can check with customer service, to see how many times I have asked them to fix errors!

  231. Paul E. Williams

    Yep! as stated earlier this past day or so ~~~
    been going on now over and over ~~ makes one
    think, why do I pay, when all I would have to do
    is go to a library and use their labs totally
    free!! to have access to ancestry, make my own
    copies at library, and when ancestry has its
    unexpected schedules of maintenance, I ould go
    home and not worry… even get my own new software legacy v.7 ??? WOW!! some thoughts!!

  232. Why isn’t there any BMD’s from Oklahoma, USA? I have relatives that I know were born and died there or even married and can’t get the information to show in the searches. Carol~TX~

  233. Robin Bittner

    First, I thank Ancestry for its good business practice of crediting me a day, that I lost on Wednesday. I took this week off, vacation, with the intention of doing marathon work on my tree, getting it much closer to done. Wasted this vacation in spades. I thank the people that have mentioned family search pilot search. Please people at ancestry, give a current estimate of time remaining to fix, so I know when to check back. Thank you.

  234. David Farr

    The search is not the only thing not working.Edit a person and save temporarily saves,if I go to another view and edited info was gone and the original restored.

  235. judy

    Jenifer of #16

    i too got the

    You may have noticed that we experienced a technical issue with the family trees system yesterday. It has now been resolved so you can once again access your family tree on


    We’re working hard to reduce the chances of this situation happening again. As always, the information in your online family tree is safe and secure.

    We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while we worked on our system yesterday. Thank you for your patience – and for being a valued member of

    The Team

    but no sign of the extra day notice for me and i use ancestry everyday and log into both .com and .co.UK.

    so ancestry who did get it was it those listed as in the USA and not the UK or is it hit and miss just depending if you made noise or not. i have been a client for 10 years now so could it be the newer customers who got the extra day or what?

  236. WOW…. I love Ancestry. BUT – sorry so frustrated right now! I am trying to complete a few branches for a Family Reunion next weekend and this is putting me behind schedule!! Hope we’re up and running soon!

    Oh BTW…. I am a Mac user and really wish we could have FTM for mac users… 🙁


  237. 250 Carol Watkins

    Ask the state of Oklahoma why.

    Ancestry can only have what they are granted access to. Maybe Ancestry asked and Oklahoma said “NO”.

  238. Elaine

    First of all, I want to thank for the extra day added to my subscription.
    I haven’t read all of the comments here, but I’ve read enough to show me that most of them seem to be negative. I’m not trying to tell anyone else how to feel. I’m frustrated, too, when isn’t running as quickly as I’d like, or, as on Wednesday, it seemingly isn’t running at all.
    But rather than add one more negative comment here, I want to say how lucky I feel to have available to me. I’ve gotten hours of pleasure researching on the site and I personally am not going to let a few “glitches” spoil my enjoyment.

  239. Leah

    Okay, now I’m miffed. I was able to get back in and discovered there are GOBS of data missing from my family tree.

  240. David Farr

    To 250: Carol,It depends what time frame in Oklahoma
    I have the same problem,I found Oklahoma was split .Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory.Indian Territory kept its own census and BMD records.Good luck

  241. Pete

    These ‘temporary’ problems started on the 19th. It’s now almost the 22nd. Use of the word ‘temporary’ to described this ongoing situation is no longer appropriate.

  242. Dianna

    I want to thank those people who put up other sites today and yesterday wow you have been great.Thanks for the tips I made great progress yesaterday. I can not believe how some of you are $1.00 a day or less? really . It cost $1000 to go to the closest library to get some of the info I wanted $100 for ten records from familysearch 25% were what I was looking for the rest were duds. Maybe you have the cash for your house keeper (214).
    I know most people who post are complainers but come on.
    As My Kids Say ” suck it up “

  243. oldbuckhouse

    Carol 250

    The factor for Oklahoma is the Oklahoma Historical Society. Very territorial. Speaking of territorial, Indian Territory, which fell under the Federal Government, then to the Historical Society. I call it, The Plague. A family member was once the president of the Historical Society. It was difficult, to say the least, to get information.

    Contact me through the message center and I’ll try to help as much as I can.

  244. Karis

    I don’t want to add to the drama, but I thought there were some kind of legal issues with using ancestry materials to build a tree elsewhere or vice versa. Can you just move around with gedcoms?
    I am not just trying to back up my tree, I am trying to make it for a following generation, so the more places I put it the better-however, I don’t want to retype every item. It seems like a lot of you have trees in multiple locations… any suggestions?
    I actually think ancestry has been amazing about letting people suggest other sites, but I’ll understand if this post doesn’t make it.

  245. Dianna

    264 I only put mine on ancestry but they let us add other sources if thats what you mean I save everything (all my Documents)to my hard drive in case this happens so all is not lost should anything happen or if I want to work off line.

  246. Anne Huffman

    Can I get 24 hours of World Family Tree for this 2nd day of inconvenience?

    I did not recive any apology email and I waited patiently on Wednesday.

    How are you selecting the members to reimburse?

  247. Melissa

    To the “patience people” – Time is money. I pay for Ancestry because it would take more time to get the data otherwise. However, that seems to be changing. Competition is what Ancestry needs or rather what the consumer needs.

    To Ancestry: I suggest you credit the people who never log out also especially if they cared enough to leave messages on your blog. They will be the ones who will most likely share their experiences with others.

  248. Patti

    Wow! Get over it people, take a break. I’ve been with Ancestry for years. They have some site malfunctions every once in awhile. The great research I have been able to do has been worth every penny and far outweighs any site problems they have had. NO free site can hold a candle to the content that Ancestry has, or the customer service they provide.

  249. Thanks to Ancestry for the extra day. And I appreciated the down time, cause I was able to get some housework done. Our lives should not live and breathe Ancestry. I understand that some of you make your money this way, but take a break and go out and smell the roses. The sunshine will do you good, and maybe improve your attitude.

  250. Becky

    Tired of the technical glitches? Maybe it’s you!! It’s quite obvious that the system here is having a hard time choking down the enormous load of garbage that is being imported and duplicated by the tons and at a furious pace in the “family trees”; junk that is coming from a plethora of outdated and inaccurate sources on the Web. “GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT”, people; do some real research, keep the data pure, and the system will do what you need it to!

    And… to those that think that is a great source for trusted data… think again. Even with all credible data sources available today, it still contains the same HUGE inaccuracies that I found there years ago. Look there for hints if you will, but look elsewhere for the facts.

  251. judy

    its not just search that’s not working. i clicked on a census record saved to a person on my tree and got the check back soon notice. and i did not have to search for the record so there is far more to this SYSTEM CRASH than they are letting on.

    hey ancestry if it is an overload we would all be glad if your were to take down the mundia site.

    mundia for those who don’t know was SNEAKED in the backdoor and DURING the beta period all our trees that are not private and unsearchable have been put on the index and available to be searched but only viewable if public. they done this with out telling us or giving us the opportunity to say we don’t want it there! totally unneeded of course.

    followed the advice from some one from mundia on how to make my tree unavailable on mundia and now despite my tree being set at public here on ancestry my tree is totally unsearchable in the indexes some one looked into it said they would tell me how to make it searchable again if i told her i wantted it to be searchable and public again on ancestry said i wanted my tree searchable in return email and she did not bother to return my mail and Kenny did not bother either…

    what more should i expect. all i know is if i was to serve a meal to a client cold and told him i would tell him how to heat it up if he asked so he could eat it at that time then told him when he did use the micro wave but you cant come in the kitchen and then moved on to the next client i would have been reprimanded!

  252. Beverley Harper

    There are still a lot of problems Is someone still working on this. We are losing a lot of time.

  253. Mike

    I see a number of people are now posting about leaving and saving files locally to their hard drives instead. What I am about to write is probably very obvious, but it may save someone a great deal of heartache later on.

    First, I would recommend maintaining a copy of your tree on and locally. However, if you are dead set on leaving, minimally, please save a copy of your data to your hard drive and a copy to a second external hard drive. However, a better alternative is to save a copy locally to your hard drive and to save one or more copies in a different building than your hard drive is located. This can be done either by using an online backup service or simply by periodically making DVD backups and putting them at a trusted relatives house or in a security box at the bank.

    Again, for obvious reasons, the simplest and I believe the best solution is to stick with, and yes, I know this post contains very obvious information (sorry if it is patronizing). However, we all know hard drives can fail, accidents can happen, and losing so much work would be devastating.

    Best regards.

  254. Dianna

    276 Sorry if I miss lead I save as back up not to leave but so I can share with relatives who say to me “why do you need to know this what good does it do” (not everyone has internet) and so I can work off line. I can’t imagine how my Mom did this 20 years ago

  255. liz

    I received the notice about getting the extra day due to ancestry being down, and I appreciate that.
    I have been with them since 1999 and like everyone was at a stand still while it was down. Went on today earlier and it was very slow. Called and talked to customer service and they said it was down about 15-20 minutes. Went back to tree and it seems to be ok. I’m totally hooked, obsessed with my tree, so I am waiting it out. They are trying.

  256. Kathy

    As I said in #209:
    I found my Ancestry email for the credit for the one day credit in my Junk Email Box. Check yours to see if that is where yours is.

  257. Ike

    I wonder if Lisa Kudrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Spike Lee, Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields and Emmitt Smith encountered these same problems or were they given special access?

  258. GT

    Well, round two might be over and yet, I do not see a change in your public behavior toward your customers. Still spinning the issue and not just stating the unvarished truth? So some got credit for yesterday’s issue and others did not? Why not everyone? Does one actually have to complain to get credit? That again tells me just exactly what kind of organizational values you all are operating under. Thanks for the look inside. It is quite informative. I wonder if we will all look back and see May 2010 as the turning point for your organization.

    If I was an entrepeneur looking for an opportunity, I’d be looking at your organizational weaknesses and planning my move. So doing family history research is getting wildly popular – – so ancestry cannot keep their technology operating and treats their customers poorly when issues happen. Sounds like a market I could move in on…

  259. Merci

    Since it’s been down so long, you should give us free month usage. We get charged enough money to have problems like this and long as it has been.

  260. Don

    We all survived this now didn’t we?! I hope this was the worst thing to happen to me recently. Have a good weekend everyone!

  261. Barb

    I would like an answer to this: is run by Ancestry. Their trees, according to their blog, were also down on the 19th. They are beta, but have a tremendous amount of trees already there. Is it correct to assume then, that all our trees have been exported over to ?

  262. rdrewleute

    Not fixed at all. Can not access my account, my trees, my shoe box.etc. Have deluxe membership. Should extend subscriptions when no service is available.

  263. Chris Fields

    So far 232, Jennifer, tis in the lead with the most angry comment. If you guys just think for 10 minutes before you type, you can be a lot more witty with your anger.


    “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Incredibly frustrating!!!!!!!!!!”

  264. Patryska1

    Still not working right. I spoke to Customer Service about 6 1/2 hours ago. He told me that I would get a free day to make up for Wednesday, but I never did get an email (and I checked my spam file). I also use Mozilla Firefox and cleared my cache, so that is also a bunch of hooey.

  265. I made my comment earlier and for some reason you didn’t take it. Why?? I said I had problems all day yesterday with trying to add names and post and it kicked back at me saying Ancestry was having problems try back later. I tryed until midnight to no avail and today when I got on at first it was sooo slow and then it started doing the same thing as before. How long can we continue to have these problems?? I really like Ancestry and am on nearly every day for 8 to 12 hours a day. Do you compensate in any way for this??

  266. Margaret Jones

    I too am getting fed up of this. I have had delux {oh yeh, some delux] membership for some years and renewal is coming up soon. I live in Uk and family in USA,nealy every day I get my daughter in law to try find an hour or so that corresponds with my time so we can trace her family. This DOWN TIME is getting riddiculas. I too have not get any emails or credit for time lost and will certainly be thinking twice about renewing.

  267. Constance Peck

    This was in my spam mail

    Dear member,

    Our system shows that you logged in to on Wednesday, May 19th, so you’re probably aware that we experienced a technical issue with our family trees system that day.

    We’re sorry if this issue put your family history on pause. It was only temporary, it’s now been resolved and we truly apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you. As always, the information in your family tree is safe and sound.

    Our members mean the world to us and we’re grateful for the support we’ve received from members like you on Facebook and various blogs. As a small gesture of our appreciation for all the patience and understanding, we’re adding one day to the subscriptions of members who tried to access on Wednesday. This change will take effect over the next few days. We realize this is a small gesture, but we hope it’s some indication of how much we value your loyalty.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while we worked on our system Wednesday. Thank you for being a part of the family.

    The Team

  268. Betsy

    Its 7am EST and still not working. I only have two more weeks till my kids school is out and i won’t have any me time to hang out on by myself. please hurry.

  269. Jen

    I do appreciate that the notes from Weboperations did include the word “apologize”. Sometimes it just goes a long way to soothe the nerves when others say “I’m sorry”. Earlier this week, there wasn’t a hit of apology, just notices that “we’re working on it”.

    I do think that every subscriber should receive an extra day or two, not just some. Truly, it’s the only way to ensure that everyone who was affected is compensated.

  270. Thank you for the extra day of credit on my Ancestry Subscription. It is appreciated. I do not expect evrything to run perfectly all the time — so I consider it a very kind gesture on your part to do this for those of us who tried to access Ancestry Trees on that day.

  271. ELLEN



  272. Bill

    I have tried to upload a tree to ancestry twice and failed. Now that everything is “fixed”, what’s the problem? Why don’t you people work on weekends? I’ll have to wait until Monday to get a real live person to find out what is going on. Last year for me to renew!

  273. Chris P.

    The DNA tab is not working or taking a long time to load.

    Thanks for looking into this.
    Chris P.

  274. Cindy NC

    YOU SAY IT IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  275. Jane

    I got a notice today (Sat) that I would be receiving one day’s credit and I am grateful. I appreciate the gesture.
    When the system was down, I tried the family search link. I was unable to find a death notice (From 1877 in Montreal Canada) that I searched just as a test. It is one that I already have from Ancestry. Thinking it might just be a problem with Canadian records, I entered on from Florida (again, one that I already have) and The search produced nothing. has any one else had this experience?

  276. Nadyezdha

    Now what? I’m getting bizarre things when I search. I don’t want you to make choices for me. When I put in a name (with or without wildcards), that’s what I want; not “is this what you meant/wanted/thought/etc.”

    I do not like your new search features – I don’t want stars for possible relevancy. I know what is relevant or not.

  277. Bill

    I downloaded my Ancestry tree to my FTM 2010 in order to edit. That having been done, I cannot upload it back as an FTM. If I create a gedcom, it will go to Ancestry with none of my stories, photos and files attached. I was told this would not occur on Friday. I wonder if the engineers are working this weekend, or is it too much to ask the stockholders to pay overtime so the customers can be better served. This is an outrage!!!

  278. Gail

    Just wanted to make a comment….I’ve used daily for 2 years…last weeks one day down time was the first I’ve ever been “knocked off” the site…keep up the good work!
    Also, everytime I’ve spoken with someone (4 times in 2 years) the people are helpful and very knowledgeable…I’ve had NO problems with my tree, and find the site exactly as I left it…
    Keep your chin up folks!

  279. LostQuays

    After an hour of research… I just noticed that My Shoe-Box is gone… hopefully not forever… 🙁

    Luckily I saved some links onto a text file – but not all of them.

    So.. save your links onto a text file as backup…

  280. Gayle

    I was out today taking photo’s of headstones for my tree.Come home log on and here we go again.

  281. Carol A. H.

    After not being on Ancestry for about a week, I was surprised to see the “changes” to the site and my home page. (I use the word surprised loosely.) But more surprised to see the number of blogs concerning site problems. Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised, after all the years I have been a member and been through these situations before.

    Since most things are not working correctly, if at all, I guess I should stay off for another week! So many newbies, and they expect to find ACCURATE trees and records! My, my, have they got a lot to learn!

    Instant gratification and real genealogical research don’t go in the same category. I think some folks have been watching too much “Who Do You Think You Are?”

    However, Ancestry seems to be having a lot more than their usual number of problems and those problems are lasting longer.

  282. Kathy

    Not only do we pay a premium fee for the use of, but worth even more is the information that we provide them with in our family trees. The family trees that we put on their site are a major draw for new customers. Without the trees, there would not be very many green leaves as the hints we receive appear to me to be based on what others have found and added to their trees. Food for thought:
    Who owns family trees on the site when the person that created it is no,longer a member? Does the owning entity now have the right to use it any manner they so choose? Who owns Is affiliated or owned by the Mormon Church? I know their headquarters are in Utah. What organization has gathered more information on people than any other? I have kept my family tree private but have have never refused access to anyone that asks, I just don’t like not knowing who is using it and for what purpose if it is a public tree. Same reason I will not get a DNA test, that is about as private as one can get and who else has the information? I, for one, will delete my tree when I am no longer a subscriber and have left instructions with family to delete it if I should pass away unexpectadly.

  283. Anne Huffman

    I am not getting “obvious” hints on my existing Trees.

    There is more than enough information to generate a leaf and when I manually search the first 2-3 records are exactly what I needed.

    Please look into this.


  284. Carol A. H.

    #310 Kathy:

    Andy is a good person to answer all your questions. He is on the blogs often and if he responds to your post, you can be sure to get the right answers. Check back, he may respond.

    If I recall correctly, when we create a tree, we agree to allow Ancestry to use it as they will. I think Ancestry is at this time, a private, not a public company and legally they are not part of the Mormon (LDS) Church, but I’m very sure they scratch each other’s backs.

    It’s true, the trees are a huge draw for new customers, but unfortunately many trees are not reliable. Just copies of other undocumented trees. Have you seen the TV ad about the person who finds a zillion ancestors/relatives by just putting in a name? Ancestry brags about this. Take all information and use it to do your own source documentation.

    Keep your trees private and folks will have to contact you for the most part. But it is quite possible to figure out family connections in private trees by doing a little research and connect the dots yourself. I have done it when I get no response to a request for further information. I still do all my own research, no matter who gives me data.

  285. Kathy Re; #310

    1). Ancestry is, since last November, a public company. Stock symbol is ACOM

    2). Once you put a public tree on Ancestry it stays there until removed by the owner or their legally authorized representatives.

    3). Many of us consider those green leaves a curse rather than a blessing as it encourages searching for trees not actual documantation and is a boon to the namegatherers busy producing junkology on this site as welkl as other sites.

    4). A dollar ($1.00) a day can hardly be considered a premium fee when you think of all it gets you. Considering time, gas, parking, copying fees can you even get a single document for a dollar anywhere anymore?

    5). The major draw, at least for true genealogical researchers as opposed to the namegatherers, has always been the actual databases that document the trees – not vice versa.

    6). There has, to the best of my knowledge, never been an official affiliation between the LDS and Ancestry; although they have, on occasion, worked on joint projects

  286. judy

    in answer to ? # 277, 285 re my post at 274

    sorry i will try again its in regard to poor customer services.

    1)found out about (back door launch of) mundia (via web-search(and that ALL OUR TREES WERE GRAFTED THERE.))
    [a)all trees that are searchable in ancestry are on the data base at mundia but only public trees can be viewed]

    2) logged in using ancestry id and looked at site found my PUBLIC TREE from ancestry assumed that it was in conduction with ancestry

    3)not a happy bunny as no info on the launch seen anywhere. not happy either that public trees were fully viewerble for free even though visitors are only aloud on ancestry .com to search the index but have to become members to view tree. plus my tree was there with out a opt out being offered.

    4)shortly after concerns about mundia appeared on message boards

    5)contacted saying i did not want my tree on mundia

    6)received back email saying i could make unsearchable on mundia no mention about effect on ancestry

    7)checked my tree status on ancestry still present on my account and listed as public.

    8)message posted on board about our concers advising our account on mundia would be removed if we asked by email address given (different person to previous resonance)

    9)my account persumerble removed not looked via my ancestry account. logged in to mundia via fake account and my tree no longer to be found.

    10)ancestry re indexed and i then discover my tree no longer searchable although listed still as public tree under my account.

    11)emailed Kenny said he would look into it no contact since

    12)i got thinking and realized it was probable due to advice given via the original email how to make my tree unsearchable on mundia which failed to mention it would be come unsearchable on ancestry too despite my account setting for my tree being set at public. that is although i have my tree set as public it is being treated as private and unsearchable by the internal program.

    13) left a warning on original post that had appeared about mundia as i had copied and pasted the email in a message.

    14)contacted by the second person we had to post to remove our mundia account via the message board

    15)following various emails receive one stating she would advice me original email was erroneous info and that upon my request she would TELL ME (rather than do so her self) how to make my tree public again.

    16)not happy bunny again in my opinion the email should say that IF I PROVIDED THE TREE DETAILS which (kenny had any way and she knew i had contacted him)SHE would reset the tre

    17)nether-less emailed back saying i wanted my tree as public on ancestry as that was what i had it set to in the first place. what on to say that it was wrong that we were not aloud to opt out of mundia.

    18) no email since (1 and 1/2 weeks)no other contact from mundia or Kenny

    19) changed the setting on my account on ancestry at beginning of week to private with view to changing back to public once re index by ancestry to see if that worked. with intent to contact again via email some time during the day but got caught up with a personal problem

    20)now all this trouble not done anything since.

    result not impressed with customer service.and still no notice of extra day!

  287. Karis

    #312 I agree. Andy, is very informed and seems to be correct on most items, even on items that I find alarming or in conflict with the purposes of He has strong and negative opinions about family trees which I do not understand because he has a website which appears to be a very large family tree. I guess he just doesn’t like some people’s family trees and frankly I agree with that. Some people’s trees are better than others, but if family trees are worthless, than I don’t understand why Andy has a website which appears to be a big family tree. Perhaps we are really saying the same thing-which would be that people need to pay more attention to what they put in their family tree and that ancestry needs to work toward improving how they handle the family trees.

    It was Andy who first informed me that much of the private trees are not considered private. Andy has also helped me discover that ancestry is okay with showing my birth certificate information and that he agrees with this policy. He isn’t always comforting but he is certainly helpful. He remains one of my favorite bloggers. I am surprised we have not heard more from him on this mundia thing.

  288. Laura Smith

    I am not getting anymore leafs showing up either, yet I can find some hits manually. I cleared out my internet options along with increase the size as indicated and still nothing.

  289. Why isn’t it working? Why isn’t the function working from the regular search screens? Why aren’t my trees being contributed TO! One World Tree. This information is substantial and much is VERY VERIFIABLE. I am sure some isn’t accurate. However, I believe much of it IS! Especially, the EASTMAN line.
    Really, we’re paying an awful lot of money for services we are NOT getting.
    And please, when are foreign databases and their translations going to be incorporated??? We are not all Susan Sarandon, Matthew Broderick, Spike Lee, or Brooke Shields. We can’t fly over the world to get all these pros to help us. That’s YOUR job for the money WE pay!
    Help, please. Give us what we pay for.
    You should have been ready for upswing in business with that TV show.
    Sincerely and as respectfully as possible, thank you,
    (looking for Marzullo in Italy, Eastman in NH, Robinson in NB and IRE, et al.)

  290. Karis,

    I’ve never said family trees are worthless, what I have said is that an unsourced, undocumented public family tree isn’t worth the pixels it takes to put it on screen… even mine, and should never be considered a source.

    Yes, I do have a tree online, several in fact; They are online for a specific purpose- they serve as teaching aids.

    I’ve previously given my definition of a researcher/genealogist so now I’ll give my definition of a namegatherer.

    Namegatherer: one who
    1).copies information/photos from some other person’s family tree and adds it to their own without ever bothering to contact the other tree owner to check to see if that person really belongs in their tree or not and then refuses to correct errors when proved wrong.
    2). Does no research of their own as to tryign to find documentation for their tree.

    I abhor namegastherers, they are, imho, the genealogical equivlent of a child molester.

    You are correct when you say “Perhaps we are really saying the same thing-which would be that people need to pay more attention to what they put in their family tree”

    More than needing to work on improving how they handle family trees Ancestry needs to work on promoting good genealogical practices and do all they can to discourage bad genealogical practices.

    They need to provide the newbie with a structured approach as to what are good practices and bad practices, how to research, record that research, and then present that research to others.

    As things are now, newbies sign on and are for all practical purposes on their own- so they head for the trees that Ancestry promotes so heavily. Ancestry should be advertising and emphasizing the databases and research aids they offer- not promoting finding “Your” family tree that someone else has already compiled a great portion of.

    In short- Ancestry needs to take the lead in training tomorrow’s genealogists and family historians rather than becoming the home for clueless namegatherers.

  291. Dan Re:#318

    OneWorldTree has been defunct for some time now. It can neither be added to or subtracted from.

    It is such a mismash of errors and absurdities that I’m surprised anyone would want their research associated with it.

    Why Ancestry even allows it to be seen is a complete mystery to me as well as others.

  292. Karis

    Mundia is- that’s all that can be said.

    Ancestry was completely within their rights when they did what they did. Not only should everyone pay attention to what they put into their family trees, they should pay *very* close attention to what terms they are agreeing to when completing any contract

    I don’t agree with how they did it but that is neither here nor there.

    Some say I defend Ancestry, and sometimes I do if I think they are getting a bum rap; but I have no qualms at all in raking them over the coals if I think they are doing wrong.

  293. Annette

    This is absolutely ridiculous. It is MAY 22 and I still can not access Ancestry website. Besides the same problems since last week I have no home page or shoebox. Since I have been shut out of Ancestry for a few days I want MORE than just 1 day subscription added for my inconvenience. I dont get alot of time to work on family history so I treasure the small time that I get!! In order to keep my business I suggeat you give a free week for every day your down!!

  294. FHC Librarian

    #316 Karis; and all others who may be interested in another voice:

    Information on the Mormon (LDS) site, is not and never has been checked individually for accuracy in the Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File and the IGI. Also, trees on Ancestry are not checked for accuracy. Each and every detail must be researched for every possible document.

    There isn’t enough time or manpower for Ancestry or the Mormon Church to do this. That is why if you use this kind of information, you must document your sources with real documentation and lots of it. There are mistakes in every type of record. If you have 12 records of documentation for an event, there will be differences. You must be the one who decides what is logical and correct.

    I never knew that Ancestry is now a public corporation, but it certainly explains a lot! The Mormon Church is non-profit in the legal sense, and all librarians are unpaid volunteers.

    I also had not heard of Mundia until this blog, and am presently reading everything I can about it online. It is a little scary. Since Ancestry is not working well at this time, I can use my time to do this.

    Andy’s web site is totally under his control and for those who share any part of his ancestry, you are lucky. It is probably one of the better trees. Ancestry offers the option for source documentation in the trees for every event but very few use it. When a person does, they are giving you the benefit of their time and money but you should still check to see if they did it correctly.

    If everyone were really scrupulous about accuracy, genealogy would benefit tremendously.

    Ancestry is still a good deal IF you are careful. I’m not too concerned about losing a dollar here and there on my subscription but losing time due to down time is also money and that is more than a dollar or two.

    Consider this true story: Before I was to draw Social Security, I checked my record for earnings. I learned that while the earnings were correct, they had a totally different name associated with my SS number. In 1969, the SS Administration computerized everything. Think about that for a major mess-up! What if the earnings had been incorrect? I don’t think I would have ever gotten it fixed correctly! I had been working for decades at many different jobs and places!

    So document your sources, please!

  295. dkalicanin

    This comment is NOT meant for EVERYBODY here who has expressed understandable frustration but for only a few here -more like a couple of people here -who I thought had major attitude!

    Being a customer service person in the past and leaving it for a good reason, I found it very disheartening how SOME (not all) of you come off. I remember being screamed at for something out of my control like the Oracle system being down,etc and another time a lady screaming in my face when I was new employee and told me I was an idiot and that the owner should hire somebody who knew how to do their job and such…all this when the store’s cash register went down..and how this same lady complained how all her time was wasted from traveling one city away and how she was inconvenienced from a machine breaking down…and so on(She thought she had it bad?! -At that time I happened to have commuted 2 hours one way for my job and had to put up with people like her)-after receiving her abuse of screaming and shaking her hand in my face-she drove off in her Rolls Royce. Oh and I was a housekeeper once too-I worked for well to do people and let me tell you-the money I received was not worth it for all the abuse and all the obsessive compulsive disorder and neurotic behavior I experienced coming from these people-I finally decided to walk away from all that. -(I had one woman that went into hysterics because her bedsheets were not starched before ironing them, her panties, socks and bras not being folded a “certain” way-oh and the best one of all-when the lady’s washing machine got jammed she got hysterical and melodramatic and called me stupid when I suggested to her to turn the machine off for a minute or two so it could reset (and it did work-I got the machine going again) and not even an apology from her for the screaming and name calling-I decided to walk away from all this madness of being “in customer service”. I say all this to say that a lot of you sound like a bunch of spoiled brats that when something doesn’t go right a few times-you disregard all the good that you had received from the other times and when something goes wrong-you become so unglued and it is not necessary. What I’ve found working in the past as a professional nanny housekeeper too or for SOME well to do people is that all their lives they had people baby them and do things for them (make their beds, clean up after them, etc) so that when a time comes when things don’t go their way or when they don’t get their way or something falls apart with anything-it could be their lives -they can’t cope and their whole world falls apart and they take their aggression out on others who are trying their sincerest or best to help. I have people in mind who are leaving comments here as I’m typing this….I see that there are people leaving comments here that have this mob-like personality -a ringleader type trying to get people all rowled up and pointing them to another direction-you certain ones need to get a grip! I’m going to get a little personal here so I can make a point…
    When my mom fell ill and developed Parkinson’s Disease with Dementia, while everyone on the family backed away and while others demanded high salary, I quit my high paying job to take care of her 24/7 for just 6.75 an hour. If I could-I would not accept this money but because people are not willing to take care of her or expected tons of money and since I needed income to live in a basic way -and caring for her full time will not allow me to have another job so I can have salary to support myself-I am happy to accept the 6.75 an hour-even if it comes out to be at 40 hrs a week-when I really work more than that (the 24/7 hours each month)because she needs constant care- I’m saying all this to say that I myself DO pay close to $30 a month for services (I found things there that I could not find on AND Vice Versa -both services were valuable) and when the system went down for the periods of time that it did-I did not CONSTANTLY whine and complain…I have the patience and graciousness to say-“it’s okay-it’s not the end of the world”! That’s why I don’t get some of you with your attitudes-I mean, it’s ok if you are frustrated or whatever but to be all major attitude and rude and and getting others all rowled up and putting the people at customer service down…Again-you don’t hear me,a person who earns less then minimum wage, who works her rear off and who doesn’t complain…-complaining because she pays close to 30 dollars a month-when the Ancestry system goes down or into malfunction for a time…Who spoiled you so bad when you grew up that you throw a tantrum when things do not go your way or go right for a time? Again-get a grip!

    I know I’m going to probably get a lot of hate mail for posting this but I felt it had to be said. For this reason I’ve decided to not visit this particular blog anymore-don’t need the negative energy! 🙂

  296. Karis

    I was not being sarcastic. I really do value your imput. As a plug for your family tree AND their value:
    I searched and searched for information regarding one individual. I had an old family tree given to me when I was sixteen, but with no sources. Finally, I found 2 lines from a book preview, that was no longer being published. After contacting a genealogy society affiliated with the woman, who self published, I located the author. Her book had many errors but she had items that led me to locate the original sources. I valued her work and I definately value yours.

  297. It’s saturday night May,22nd and I renewed my membership yesterday for a month. I did this over the phone with a costumer rep. who took all my info. and my debit info. also. tonight, after much frustration, I can’t pull nothing up without it telling me how much the charges are for the services. I already paid for a month of service yesterday. Was wondering what was going on. Would really like to get back into my research. Thanks–Jan M.

  298. Leah

    If everything is okay, then how come when I bring a person up their overview is nearly blank, but individual census pages read they’ve been saved to the person! ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING! Can’t do anthing!

  299. Sharon

    I can’t get on the Home page at all. When I try it goes back to the new page that shows the tree I had been working on. What’s going on? Anyone else having this problem?

  300. Annie

    To 330 Sharon
    I’ve had no problems all day today (Saturday). Can you be more specific and we will try to help.

  301. Valerie C

    The only thing on the home page is the toolbar and a box that says “Looking for your family tree?” with a button to go to one of my trees. I can access the rest of the site through the toolbar, but it’s annoying that the home page is down. It’s done this to me three times throughout the day.

  302. Gayle

    I am new 6 weeks.I do source everything I can. I was trying to help other’s , but I learned.I don’t do it any more, and lately I hesitate to put in new info. It’s sad but I keep on going. I do love reading the blog, thanks people, iv’e learned some good stuff.

  303. Karen C

    FYI for people here.

    I did get an email for the ‘extra subscription day’–but it was in my trash. Perhaps for some of you that’s where the email went.

    But then again, maybe not. This site does have its issues, that’s for sure.

  304. Marge

    Whinge, whinge, whinge.

    It is so true that bad news (complaints) are half way around the world before good news (compliments) have got their shoe-laces tied.

    Where are the blogs full of the good news, and compliments on how the site has been working perfectly for months and years, and how wonderful and varied the records are, and how we couldn’t do this Family Treeing without them? There should be hundreds of huge ones.

    And as for not being able to add or change your trees – I got an Ancestral Quest download a few years ago for about £20 and I can do what I want when I want on my own computer, then just upload it to where-ever I want it to go. Simples.

    There seems to be a theme running through a lot of the submissions above – I WANT IT, AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!! (Stamp feet / pet lip / scream / lie on the ground and thrash around). It isn’t THAT important in the great scheme of things. No-one will die because you can’t find a particular piece of information NOW. Family Treeing is a marathon, not a sprint. Chill out.

  305. David De Witt

    Sunday morning (0833), seems like the problem is still there. I have 1500 people in my tree and it will only list 11 people. Type in the name and it wont populate. Anybody else having problems. I have cleared history, temp files, deleted cache and done disk cleanup and then rebooted. Same results….dave

  306. Betsy

    I can log into my tree and it looks like its all there, but when i go to search records, i am logged out. won’t let me research data.

  307. David De Witt

    third day in the last week or so with problems, of course they give me an extra day. 1 for 3, nice.. Still having same problems, even updating all applications. Rebooted several times. Still no luck doing any real research…….dave

  308. David De Witt

    Ok people..anybody else having problems with today. I tried my laptop and get same results. I also found out that their customer support is closed on Sunday so we may be without any support till Monday morning. I belong to no other sites I can think of that doesn’t have support on Sunday and most 24/7, even unpaid sites. Now I am not mad that the system is having problems, that I can understand, being a computer tech myself, I am mad that there is no support 3pm Saturday til 10am Monday, EST. Customer support is the biggest part of any business. You know warm fuzzies…..dave

  309. Jan Hendricks

    Due to the problems of last week, I have not attempted to use the site in several days – now that I am trying to this morning, all I can say is, it is incredibly sluggish on all searches – the worst I have ever encountered……Jan

  310. Annie

    Sunday morning, EDT, no issues here for searching. A little slowness from time to time, but all in all, not bad.

  311. Pat

    to 335 Marge: You go get ’em. I feel exactly the same way and was about to sound off here, until I saw your post. I couldn’t have said it better. Get a life people … mow the grass, hug your kids, clean house. The system will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.

  312. Kathleen

    Temporary search issue fixed NOT. Tried searching 1810 US Census an hour ago or so (Sunday, 23 May) and got the strangest results. I know the people are there with the names I was searching for because I did a page by page browse of the county and could see how their names were indexed at bottom of page, but they did not come up in the search at all. Beyond frustrating.

  313. Kathy Ritchie

    What is up with this site??? I just tried to do a search on a 200 year old ancestor and it switched to a search for my dad. I thought I made a mistake, but no. Second attempt, same thing. How does that happen? It’s bad enough when I do a search, it checks every other state or country EXCEPT the one that I’m looking for. Fix the problems??? All Ancestry is doing is creating more problems! I have not and will not recommend this site to anyone.

  314. Patryska1

    The site is still not working properly. When I saved records documenting a second marriage, it keeps applying it to the first marriage, changing dates/ locations for the first marriage, and even saving the document to the first spouse at the same time! Now, when I’m saving it, it looks proper; but when I go to the person’s profile it is all screwed up.

    Now, for all those self-righteous people who think there is something wrong with those of us who complain, stop telling me to “mow the grass”, “go for a walk”, “stop whining”, etc, etc, etc. I’d love to do all that, but as I am recovering from surgery, unable to walk, and paying money for services I can’t access I feel there is nothing wrong with at least expecting acknowledgment that the site is STILL not working properly. The last official comment from Ancestry was two days ago, giving the impression that they either think everything is hunky-dory, or they went home for the weekend and will check on things when they come back on Monday.

  315. Cyndee Miller

    Sun. 3:00 pm PT, can not do any searches! The site still is not working! And I did not get any extra days credit in my email or junk mail. It’s been 3 days!

  316. Paul Rhetts

    I am working with your HINTS and adding records and combining family trees. I don’t seem to have a problem (yet) with the records but about half of the family tree hints are not working right. I click on the trees I want to combine and it says it is loading and then it just stops and I have no choice except to go backward and cancel out of the activity. What is wrongs with this system? We pay good money but it doesn’t work any more. I had almost no problems before the UPGRADE last week and now it is giving me problems eveyrtime I turn around!!!

  317. Alice Schmitt

    Your temporary issue is still permanent. The fixes at did nothing to correct the problem. When I click to display a search record (e.g. Census), the display simply cycles endlessly.

  318. BEE

    So far, I don’t see any problems, but I hope that someone can please tell me if this is what a GEDCOM is supposed to look like when I open it? What happens when you create one with 4000+ names? Does it copy all of them, or just those “directly” on the tree? When I created a tree on FTM 2009, I just put all the direct ancestors and descendants of the home person, not the children of siblings, grandchildren, etc of all those “indirect” relations. Thank you.
    0 HEAD
    1 SOUR Family Trees
    2 VERS (2010.3)
    2 NAME Family Trees
    2 CORP
    1 GEDC
    2 VERS 5.5

  319. Cindy NC

    well,folks here wego again!family connect is not avaiable

    well folks,here we go connect activity is not available.
    I think the system is BROKEN!!!!!!!!WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?
    I am at a lost for words.Please get us up and running or may I have a refund if I cancel early?
    Hope for a better tommorrow.


  320. Annie

    To 351 Cindy NC

    What is the SPECIFIC problem you are experiencing? I have been online, searching, off and on all day (Sunday, 23 May 2010), with few problems, except for periodic slowness, which is normal on the weekend.

  321. Annie

    To 350 Bee
    If you are opening your GEDCOM with notepad, then, yes, that is what it will look like. I would remind you, however, that the GEDCOM is intended to be imported into or opened with FTM or another PAF, to be useful.

  322. Cindy NC

    My member connect activity was not up.Had a message saying it was temporarily out of service

  323. Jo

    I’d like to know why some people are getting an extra day added to their subscriptions and others aren’t.

    It appears not to be only those who logged in on the 19th, despite what the email says.

    It doesn’t appear to be only those those who complained on the blog or message board, either.

    So what gives, Ancestry? Please explain the criteria.

  324. denisew41

    It is now May 23 and the photo upload function is STILL not working correctly! It will not let you add photos to more than two people at a time. C’mon, Ancestry – get with it!

  325. Annie

    355 Cindy NC
    I have not seen that all day today/yesterday (Sunday). I hate to use the phrase, but have you cleared your cache and/or restarted your browser?

  326. Annie

    Cindy 355 – depends on what you mean by “wrong” on the time. Remember that ancestry is headquartered in Utah USA, so Mountain Daylight Time. I’m in EDT, currently 00:45 Monday. Utah would be 2 hours earlier, therefore 10:45 PM or 20:45 universal.

  327. Andy Hatchett


    In some cases clearing the cache and restarting the browser aren’t enough.

    Sometimes, however, a complete system shutdown (i.e. turn *everything* off) and cold re-boot after doing those will solve the problem.

  328. It was fine last night when I used it but tonight I tried to login and can’t. This is Sunday at midnight Arizona time. What’s the problem now? I’d like to be able to used the site since I PAID for it for a year and it’s always down. What now? Of course you’re closed so I can’t call and get help. I can’t log on…says “please excuse the inconvenience”. I use the computer after 11 PM and my husband uses it during the day in his office. Please fix it. Now my time is ruined.

  329. To anyone that lives is Denver, Colorado or one of the other 5 states that has a National Archive Center. You can go there for free anytime and get all the same info on line they have kept for years. I got all my info 20 years ago at the Archives in Denver and stayed all day. You can also go to any Mormon church and most have a genealogy department in the back of the church you can use for free and not be a Mormon. I did that many time too in Denver and also have been to Salt Lake City but was so overwhelmed with so much info they have there. Just wish they’d stop being so greedy and putting those movie stars on TV on Fridays making people want to join and sign up…that’s what’s overwhelming their system.

  330. Peg

    It’s 11:40am CST and I can’t log in AGAIN!! Same problem as before…doesn’t recognize my user name and password. I’m really getting tired of this!! Especially since it’s something I’ve paid to use.

  331. WebOperations

    We have verified that all site problems have been resolved.

    If you’re still having problems with the site, try restarting your browser or clearing your cache. To clear your cache, please see the instructions in the Help page at

    After clearing your cache, if you are still having difficulties, please email, and include your username and detailed information about your situation (including browser being used and URL of problem page), so we can help resolve any issues you are having.

  332. Betsy

    I’ve done everything I was supposed to do to clear this up on my computer. It’s not my computer. logs me out of my tree every time i try to search.

    All site problems have not been resolved.

  333. Karis

    Just read two separate articles about a large social networking site tightening up on “privacy”.

    One of these articles also mentioned this social networking site is very concerned about losing customers for even moments lost on time clicking.

    Would like to see ancestry thrive so I hope someone is paying attention. You can tell me that you are concerned about these issues and working on this but please don’t tell me there haven’t been issues here. Been through a bit on that….

  334. Leah

    1400 EDT in the US and problems are not cleared up. I’ve done the clean-up on both browsers on my computer and rebooted. But there is a lot of data missing. For example, many of the US Federal Census records I have attached to individuals are not listed in their overview. When I pull the record up using search it says it’s already attached to that individual in the tree–but it’s not! Come on Ancestry, clean this up and give me back my hard-earned data.

  335. james lott

    Its may 24 I turned 60 years old today,I dont know what it has to do with the problem i have been having with your site but it would be nice to say hello to my dead relations,before I say goodnight .please say goodnight for me,,

  336. BEE

    I remember searching a census with a list of all names in a particular county, but I don’t remember how I did it. Is that still possible?
    I’m searching for a family on the 1860 census in White County AR. I’ve searched “old” search, “new” search, by the father’s name, the mother’s name and the two yr old son, but still can’t find them. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve searched a whole county, but it would be easier if I could go through a “typed” list, rather then viewing each page of the census.

  337. Susan

    Still takes forever to log in, call up names etc. I’m quite disappointed. I’ve been a member for two years and have never experienced this issue before. Sure hope things change quickly!

  338. Toni

    My very 1st time leaving a comment anywhere at this site. Question: In the past 1-2 mos, the HINTS are almost always the very same docs previously presented to me (oer & over & over), nearly all of which I’ve already saved to specific individuals in my tree. I don’t perk up when I see “NEW HINTS” anymore, too bad, used to be enjoyable (it gave me hope of finding new info).

    I’ve been subscribing to since 2000, missing only a few mos in ’09 due to lack of disposable income. Sadly, all source info saved to the site vanished quickly. So with that plus the technical failures lately, I’ve learned the hard way to NOT RELY ON THE SITE to maintain tree info. So much time and effort goes into this research. No instant miraculous findings as shown on “Who Do You Think You Are” – at least not for this family historian.

  339. Tony Knight

    A bitter person might say that if the Ancestry site crashed as often as my copy of FTM2010, then you would really have something to complain about.

    Something this size is bound to have problems the question is whether these problems are out of proportion to the size of the operation which increases daily as new data is added.

  340. J. Fulmer

    To Web Operations:

    An Obvious Suggestion: When your site is down or having difficulties please post a notice on your Main Page to inform everyone …this will save us all a lot of wasted time and effort trying to figure out what going on.

  341. Sharon

    Okay here it is another Saturday. Is Ancestry so bogged down with people trying to use the system or purhaps the system is just not large enough to accommodate the number of people using it? Again like a couple weeks ago I can not get from Family Tree Maker to Ancestry. It is NOT my system as every thing on my end is new with lots of space and plenty of room to put all my databases I have for genealogy. I have over 14000 people in my databases and I research everyone that I have. I get conflicting stories about different individuals and that makes me search harder for the truth. So the green leaves are at least starting points to explore. I do not feel someone using this avenue is necessarily a namegatherer.

    I just want to be able to use my Family Tree Maker when I want to use it and not when Ancestry has an opening to allow me to use it. I pay a good price and I want to use it when I need to use it. PLEASE FIX YOUR PROBLEM.

  342. Rita

    Can someone please help me? I’m new to all this and over 50, so please bear with me. I know very little about computers and I would like to copy everything that I have on my family trees to my computer or something so that if I no longer have, I still have my family trees that I have put together. I’ve worked very hard to gather and prove my information on my ancestors going back about 200 years. What is the best way to save or keep this information?

  343. Rita,

    1). Get a genealogy program and load it on your computer.
    2). Download a GEDCOM of your Online tree to your computer.
    3). Import that GEDCOM into the genealogy program you loaded onto your computer.
    4). If you attatched any Historical documents to your family tree save a copy of each document to your computer.
    5). Attach those copies to the people in your genealogy program ( how will depend on the variations each program has.

    Those are the basic steps.

  344. John

    I’m trying to access the census records and all the system does is try to load. No images. Please repair. Thanks


  345. BEE

    Andy, what becomes of the information already in FTM 2009 and 2010 when you “import” the GEDCOM? Does it override the information that is there, add to it, or duplicate it?
    When I started with FTM 2009, I typed in names from my two largest trees, but didn’t include everyone {I bought the book, but remain “confused”!}.
    I later purchased FTM 2010 hoping that I could figure it all out – but all the negative comments made me very nervous, so I experimented with it by “importing” two very small trees that had all the documents downloaded directly from ancestry – something you explained how to do {thank you} – I left the two larger trees in FTM 2009, with many more documents to be downloaded.
    In my “trees” on ancestry, I have far more names then I really want in FTM – siblings and descendants, etc. that I added to aid in my “search” for documents pertaining to direct ancestors.
    I’ve finally started doing this GEDCOM business, but still not sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to. If I “imported” the GEDCOM to FTM that is now downloaded to my computer, I assume that each and every name would be added whether I want them or not?
    Also, far as I can see, “backup” of the information on FTM doesn’t override a previous backup – do you delete the previous backup, or just keep adding backup, after backup to your computer??
    I also have small trees that I created for others that I would want to preserve, but it’s not information I would add to my FTM – is it enough to just create the GEDCOM to be stored on my computer? How much space does all this take up?
    I also backup “My Documents” with flash drives. If I have these other GEDCOM stored in that manor, could I then delete them from My Documents? Thank you for your help!

  346. Bee Re: #383

    I’ve got family visiting right now and can’t really go into a detailed answer.

    Try posting this to the FTM board and I’m sure that Russ (resident FTM guru) will be able to help you.

    Family leaves Friday so I’ll get back to you over the week-end if you don’t have your answers from Russ- ok?

  347. Chuck Willford

    To Everyone;

    Ancestry has made a very nice and unsaid change to New Search. The restrict to area NOW DEFAULTS TO YOUR LAST USE AND DOES NOT RECHECK ALL FOUR CHOICES!

    Makes a tremendous difference on search times!!!!!!!!!!! Especially, if you are redoing missing source images as I am.

    YEA YEA,


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