Posted by Eric Shoup on May 19, 2010 in Site Issues

As an update to our previous post, we want to let you know that we are currently working on unplanned maintenance on the Ancestry Member Trees system. We expect family trees on and its related international sites to be down for an extended period today.

Be assured that the information in your family tree is safe and will be available when the maintenance is completed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and will keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 19, 2010 AT 12:30 pm MT

I wanted to again let everyone know that we are still actively working behind the scenes to get the Ancestry Member Trees system up and running again. Though the trees are not currently available on the site, I wanted to make sure it was clear that searching our historical records collections hasn’t been impacted – so you can search all you want.

I’ll keep you posted as we have more details and appreciate your continued patience.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 19, 2010 AT 2:30 pm MT

A number of members have asked for more details about the problems we’ve been experiencing today with Ancestry Member Trees.  Unfortunately, as we were doing some big tree system upgrades overnight last night we found some unexpected bugs. We’ve had to take down the trees system to fix the problem.

We do routine maintenance on off-hours to minimize the impact on the time our customers carve out to do family history research. This type of maintenance is generally done behind the scenes to make the site better and usually happens without glitches. This was unfortunately not one of those times.

Based on current estimates, trees will likely continue to be down for the next several hours, at least until sometime later tonight (MT time). Please know that our development and web operations teams are working hard on the problem and we will have it resolved as quickly as we can.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 19, 2010 AT 9:15 pm MT

We’re still working on the issue with Ancestry Member Trees. We will continue working on it into the night and will let you know when we have more news to share.


  1. Herdnerfer

    Obviously this site is not ready for primetime. I can’t believe they are actually charging people for this. It needs to be a free beta until they get these issues worked out permanently…


  3. I hope that all the information that is on the site is safei’m not the only one who has worked long and hard to find out who i am and where i came from.

  4. Gail

    Thank you for letting me know that I did not have a problem with logging on. Does this mean I have to do housework! Hope you are back up soon…

  5. Linda

    Thanks for posting this……. it will allow me to get on with my day while I wait for an opportunity to manage my information. It relieved my frustration. Hope it all goes ok.

  6. Glenn Tucker Smith

    Thanks so much for keeping our reseach safe. You provide a great service and tremendous resources. I am constantly finding new information regarding our family!

  7. Jeff Meyer

    I feel ripped off, I got no warning that my “trial” accound was expiring. You SLAM my debit account with charges and when I finally want to go check out your site, it’s broken. I will be cancelling and expecting a refund! Maintenance during the day when paying customers need the system. Very unprofessional.

  8. sam de Mattos Jr

    Is it true that some of the data of the LDS goes to CIA and FBI? Well, I am alright with them, America and the World and actually I’ve been even Kosher; the standard answer expected from you is a solid NO, but it bugs me somehow on the account of separation of STATE-CHURCH and privacy rights. Please give me a convincing NO, NO and NO, Cordially, Sam.

  9. Joann Sovelenko

    I would like to know OneWorldTree when you go to famous people, some of these famous people will open up and some will not. Does this mean that all the people that I have already linked to that particular famous person I whould unlink them.

    This is very upsetting.

  10. Lynne Black

    maybe you should run some more TV ads and get another bizillion people to sign up without upgrading your database servers…

  11. Jessica

    I have only limited time to work on my tree and it seems that some pert of the site is often not functioning. I think you need to hire someone new to run your site there are many other people who are capable of doing fast website maintenance. I pay way too much money per month to use this site to have such crappy service.

  12. Joann Sovelenko

    So you are saying an extended period TODAY.

    Yet people can commit up to June 2, 2010. What does this mean?

  13. Sam

    Hmmm, ‘unplanned maintenance’? Nothing like being politically correct these days!

    Back in the good ol’ days it was either scheduled maintenance or ‘it ain’t workin’ and it needs to be fixed’.

    Well hurry up and off with whoever’s head is responsible for preventing this. Unplanned maintenance gives us a little insight that maintenance should have been planned at ‘off peak’ hours or someone has withheld budget money and the manhours to do the work until the system failed OR inadequate system capacity and …all of which could have been prevented. OUCH!

    I won’t complain except to point out the obvious. This is not good!

    I’ll do other things!

    Obviously from the near 200 comments on the previous blog gives

  14. Since this has been down since last night, I am guessing this is much more than maintenance as well as much more than a glitch.
    Will our information be lost?

  15. LLN

    There have been numerous posts (89 posts 45 minutes ago) to previous notices that have been removed. The message needs to be a large banner on the login page to save time for everyone.

  16. Mary L flynn

    I am totally fluster. Ancestry down AGAIN!!! Seems it is OOS half of the year. Should we report you to our states attorney for ripping us off?

  17. Holly

    I hope I do not lose my information. I just spend many many hours adding information to 2 family trees. I am currently on the 14 day trial with plans to keep it on a monthly basis, but if I lose info or can’t access this on a frequent basis I will not be a paying customer.

  18. K. Miller

    Shame that doesn’t have a little competition. I’d be willing to bet THAT would cut down on the need for “unscheduled maintenance”. It’s bad enough for those of us who pay for this service, but I would imagine that those who have signed up for a free trial period aren’t very happy – and won’t be signing up for Ancestry!

  19. Mark

    I just started this. I like it a lot. A lot of work but it sure wyles the hours away. Does the site go down often?

  20. Diane Taylor

    Hey Jeff,
    nobody gives you a warning any more when a trial is ending…you have to keep track of that yourself. And it states that when you sign up.

    I’m just happy that the site will be back and most likely better than ever later on. Folks need to QYB…..

  21. K. Miller

    “When Eric is not at work he can be found researching his family’s history on the site.”

    LOL – not today, he isn’t!!!!

  22. Regina

    This should of been done in the middle of the night. I am on vacation so I can find new infomation and need to get in this site for a probate. Very flusted and on a time frame. Not cool.

  23. Chris Hesse

    As a part of the World Subscription we should also get a free copy of family tree maker so that we can periodically back-up our Genom file. I have no back-up of my family tree which is about 1,000 hrs of work and 3,000 ancestors dead and living, dating back to 1400.

  24. Kevin H

    Eric Shoup if you’re reading this – for those of us who have worked in technology – in particular software and web development – “unplanned maintenance” is a euphemism. “Unplanned” means I didn’t do the planning that was required for maintenance to be planned in the first place. Unplanned means I didn’t have redundancy built in. Unplanned means my vendors are failing to meet capacity. Unplanned means that since I’m a publicly traded organization my level of responsibility increases. Unplanned means that you offer folks who have experienced the inconvenience some sort of carrot – instead of a stick. That, Mr. Shoup, is what “unplanned” means. Let’s end the cop out and tell people what’s really going on here and put an end to euphemistic language. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the conference call between you and your Board of Directors because I’ll bet they want to know what “unplanned” means – because I sure do – and for many I’m quite certain “we” sure do!

  25. Lorie McCachren

    I am getting very frustrated with Ancestry. If you want to go on TV and advertise in order to get more people to join then, first, you need to make sure that those of us who are already members can get on the site. Lately it seems like the site is either undergoing maintenance or it’s so darn slow it takes forever for things to load.

  26. thank you for the post …we’ll be thinking good thoughts for a speedy recovery…as i said before the sun will come up’s not the end of the world…

  27. Sharyn

    I started with in 2003 and used it for awhile, got busy with other things and then stopped. So when I signed up again a few weeks ago, I was astounded about how much better and easier it was to get info. I know why everyone’s so upset…SEARCHING ALL THESE LITTLE GREEN LEAVES IS SO ADDICTING!!!

  28. JEvans

    I agree with everyone who’s said we should get an extra day on our membership. I paid for a month of membership, not 1 day short of a month.

    This is not too cool folks and the least you can do is make it up to your paying customers.

  29. Kathleen

    I agree…”updates” are very often flawed. I signed up for a certain rate, then had it raised by $5 a month with no notice, and now I can’t even use the site. The search engine is often sluggish. This is very poor customer service.

  30. Camil

    I, too would like to know how long this “unscheduled maintenance” will last and what type of “maintenance” it is.

    If I were on my free trial, I’d be highly upset, too?

  31. Walter O'Neill

    1712h BST. Family tree service from Ancestry UK has been unavailable now for at least 9 hours. This is unacceptable, and you are remiss.

  32. Frank Phillips

    I was on your side of providing IT service before I became electively unemployed. I’m sure you are not in a position to make a commitment about when the system will be up again but are working the problem and will have service restored as soon as possible.

    God Speed! A former IT professional.

  33. T peacock

    People must have very small lives when theY get so heated up about small inconveniences CHILL!

  34. Ed Finnegan

    Hey,things happen. Just don’t lose the the info already in there. PLEASE. Still think this is the best.

  35. Don Swafford

    Instead of spending all of your money on advertising, please remember the best marketing tool is always a good product. Maybe Ancestry should concentrate more on adequate equipment and quality personnel.

    Oh yeah, my debit card might be experiencing unscheduled maintenance next month, is that OK ???

  36. R Harding

    Perhaps you should enhance the site in small stages instead of tacking on a large amonut of new features and then hope they work.
    If it’s not Broken! Don’t Fix It. seems to apply here

  37. This does seem to happen rather a lot and is very annoying for those of us who spend a lot of money on our subscription – I think a reduced sub would be in order when it comes up for renewal. Any idea when you are likely to be back to normal?

  38. Carrie

    It would be nice if we could get a free upgrade to World for about a week in exchange for our patience with the many, many recent downtimes where we cannot access our trees. It’s not the end of the world, I know, but it is annoying when you’re paying for a site and it’s main feature is not accessible.

  39. alice schow bowman

    I’ve been a member for two months now and this is the first time the site has gone down as far as my awareness goes. However, the “for an extended period of time” language has me a bit worried.

  40. Ger Jennings

    Ok the site is broken. This is annoying. I have just finished other stuff and settle down to work on my tree. But the message that ‘can not log on because you are loged on on anorther computer or someone else is using your log in information…” is a bit alarming. I nearlt had a heart attack! Please play nice and explain what is going on. I’m a big girl and can take it.

  41. Christopher Richardson

    Should I leave any further work on my Tree until after the summer – e.g. September October time

  42. Daniel Filtness

    Are all those people that are saying ‘get a life’ newbies on the FREE trial ?? Because when you spend on Annual subs, BMD certs and other things on ancestry it mounts up to alot of money.. And for your money you EXPECT TO GET A SERVICE.

  43. felicia

    Does this problem also include the loss of info stored in “My Shoebox?” I have a lot of relevant material located there, but it is not available for access either. Anybody else’s Shoebox info gone missing???

  44. Bill Cassidy

    Thank you for the update. It’s unfortunate that databases and servers can be so tempermental. Hope you’re able to get things back up and running without too much trouble.

  45. Cindy Bell

    Wow This is not Good. I planned a Diversity meeting today to introduce others to this website.
    I hope it is up before my meeting at 11:30 pacific standard time. I know things like this happen sometimes just wish it wasn’t today. Oh Well What can I do.

  46. Linda

    One of the comments above suggested you need to hire someone new — maybe several someones if you’re having growing pains? — to manage the website. I know someone really good whom I’d like to recommend.

  47. Dear Eric-
    I love using and joined after taking a genealogy class. In just 10 weeks I took my family tree from 74 members to almost 2000. HOWEVER, when a customer pays for a service as expensive as your, we do not expect the “unexplained maintenance” problems you are experiencing. I do hope you are able to correct them as quickly as possible and keep the site glitch free from now on. Your customer deserve better!

  48. James

    This has been happening very frequently lately. What is going on? I pay your price for international access for all records and when I log on here lately, the site is usually under some kind of unforeseen maintenance with no notification. I think should reimburse their customers for situations like this. I may have to reconsider my account when it comes up for renewal. Very disappointed.

  49. What a lot a moans, Ancestry is a great site and well worth the money, why do people always look at the negatives, this site works wonders and brings together hundreds of people who are looking for answers, every site has un planned problems thats life, well done ansestry

  50. Victoria

    Have used Ancestry UK for over 4 years now and pay for a Worldwide access – this is just not good enough. Two updates throughout the day is appalling – nearly dinner time here in the UK and after that I do not have the time to do some more work on Ancestry until the weekend – sort yourselves out guys – does this mean we will get a days credit on our accounts??? – I think not!!

  51. Andrew P

    Wow i like peacock’s comment. No one really has any patients these days. Just go to youtube and spend your time laughing off the delay of your Ancestry trees or clean the bathroom. Computers arent perfect and never will be. They need to be maintained and its not Ancestry’s fault for when they need it. Computers have minds of their own…

  52. Susan Edwards

    No I am not a newbie I have been an ancestry member since 2005 and I am satisfied with the service – even my computer goes down in work and needs fixing sometimes

  53. Jennifer

    I have been a member since 2007, and log on daily to add info to my tree. Frankly I am disgusted with the complaints being lodged here. With the number of servers and the level of technology used to maintain this website, you cannot expect there to never be a systems issue. Come on people – have a little patience and understanding. This really doesn’t happen that frequently at all.

  54. Linda

    I’m okay with scheduled maintenance, but perhaps, there should be someway of not charging for those times. When I pay for a product, I expect it to be available when I want to use it.

    I also suspect, since Ancestry started advertising on television and a great show was created out of it, that thousands of more people have decided to hunt for their ancestors; thus creating havoc for this site. That should have been predetermined and worked out BEFORE advertising and the television show.

    Other than that, I am delighted with!

  55. Amy

    Nothing works for me and it sucks i am totally addicted to this site.. Yes I have no life.. I just enjoy researching my family’s history

  56. Ralene

    I agree with 31, just because you can’t get onto your family tree shouldn’t put you in a panic. Find something else to do, like take a walk, plant flowers, just have a good day.

  57. Veronica Milsted

    I agree with a number of posts. I have only so much time to work on the site. I have tried to do this today and have not been able to. There is a lot of new things added. New features. We are told this will make it better. I spend most of my time trying to build my tree yet even with the amount of new features I often find I am looking at a leaf flashing which takes me to info I have already found! Can we have less flash for our cash and more time on line please.

  58. Scott

    I’m off for the day and figured a lot of time on, but I guess I’ll do the other tasks that need to be done…tasks often not taken care of due to me being on the computer doing Ancestry.
    I love this site…come back soon!

  59. Perfectly understandable, these things happen. Thanks for reassuring me that my work is secure. Good luck on your maintenance. I hope to continue my ancestory research tomorrow.

  60. teresa

    This sort of thing happens occasionally. I have experienced it before and the next day I am satisfied to be back up and running again in my researches. I urge you to trust these maintence checks and they are neccessary to keep all our data in tacked.
    When I was new to the site I was scarred to lose my data but found that there was more records afforded to me and I have been very satisfied with all my ancestry usage.

  61. Jan

    You really should give a highly visible notification that there is a problem and an estimated time for when it will be fixed. That might help relieve some of the frustration and lost time of users.

  62. Kathy P

    No, it’s not the end of the world and yes – there are more serious and pressing problems we all face daily… BUT when you pay for a service, you expect it to be available to you. Further, as for me (and I suspect many others) is used as a temporary respite from the troubles of the ‘real’ world – problems like this just throw us all back into it with a bucket of cold water. If we don’t have access for any period of time, the same period of time lost (or a touch more if the ancestry CEO were smart!) should be added back to all members (paid or trial). I’m sure people are working hard to fix the problem – but is ancestry doing what it needs to for members to be satisfied? Stay tuned…..

  63. Lynda

    Calm down folks. I’ve been a member of Ancestry for 10 years and use the site almost every day. This is the first time I’ve encountered “unplanned maintenance.” Ancestry is normally very good at advising of planned maintenance, which generally occurs while I’m sleeping. Some unforeseen problem must have occurred. Like everyone, I hope it won’t be down too long.

  64. Jackie Clevenger

    This is much better – your initial message way too vague – thanks for keeping us informed. I agree with 31 and 68 – let’s get outside and enjoy the present day!

  65. Andrew P

    All Products go need some help sometimes. Can you drive your car without maintenance? NO! Does your washer and dryer always work…no! Ancestry provides a great product that makes all those people looking to do their personal ancestry a million times day down once in a while is sure better then me looking through old newspapers and census records on my own.!

  66. L. Sellers

    I have only limited time to work on my tree and it seems that some pert of the site is often not functioning. I think you need to hire someone new to run your site there are many other people who are capable of doing fast website maintenance. I pay way too much money per month to use this site to have such crappy service.

  67. Dani

    After reading the above 49 comments, I think enough has been stressed by both pro & con! Whatever!

  68. Lois

    All system’s now and then run into difficulty just like your car. It is less then 65 cents a day for you member ship. Were the mass of information avalable to us is priceless,way beyond the cost, You cant pay for this kind of information avalable here.
    Are family spent over 10,000.oo in the past for the information avalable here. and it was only to the 1700s Were I have bin able to trace my family back to 500s So 65 cents a day to receive the information that is needed. I am not one to complain if I cant use the sight for a day. Hugs familys

  69. Carolyn Rudolph

    I think some of you need to take a deep breath and chill out, I buy a yearly subscription every year and have worked on my family history for over 30 years. Things break down, cars, bodies, appliances and even websites. We all need repaired from time to time. I love ancestry.

  70. Veronica Milsted

    Well we expect that Eric is working today cos if he is off work he will not be on-line building his tree – he will not be able to find it – until he works out what to do to bring the info back.

  71. Jeanie

    Gail (No. 7 above) is delightful.
    The note about checking the blog was very helpful. I think I’ll check this site more often.

  72. Donna

    seems like you’re down a lot & very SLOW since you’ve had the prime time shows; those of us that have been doing this for years are frustrated!

  73. Eric Damer

    To the[FEW] people that are all “happy” about this I wonder if they have tons of free time. Most of have to work too much, can’t get online at work-too busy or “not allowed”. When we get the RARE time off at home we look forward to getting finally getting more of this done, besides other things, so it IS a big bummer. We all can’t have cushy, happy-go-lucky lives, sorry.

  74. Chad

    I haven’t bought Family Tree Maker yet because I didn’t really see a need for it. However, this makes me wonder if maybe I should purchase it. If the unthinkable happened and lost my data, I presume that I would have it all locally with FTM, is that correct?

  75. John H

    Thought you would be interested in what the financial community is being told about how ACOM is doing Note the subscriber based is up 26% and decreased churn — which means less of us are not renewing. Inc. Reports Strong 2010 First Quarter

    — Subscriber Growth of 26% Year-Over-Year — — Total Revenue Up 21% Year-Over-Year — — Raises FY 2010 Outlook —

    PROVO, Utah, April 29, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Inc. (Nasdaq:ACOM), the world’s largest online family history resource, today reported financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2010.

    “We are off to an excellent start to 2010, giving us visibility to growth rates that should exceed our prior expectations for the year,” said Tim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of “The core business displayed good momentum, with strong subscriber addition trends throughout the quarter, which were further lifted at quarter’s end by the successful NBC family history series Who Do You Think You Are?. Importantly, the quality of our subscriber base appears to be solid, evidenced by our second sequential quarter of decreased monthly churn and encouraging trends in engagement. As we continue to build the business in 2010, we are focusing on activities designed to enhance the subscriber’s experience, including enhancement of our content collection, site functionality and user tools.”

  76. Brad

    I trust that a refund, or at least a hold will be placed on charges to our accounts for the day(s) we cannot access it?

  77. Don Heflin

    One thing, for sure, Eric won’t be doing any research, today. I have been doing Heflin Hunting for 34+ years and depend, almost entirely, on and now what do I do?
    There are way too many things that need correcting, it can’t be done in one day, Eric.

  78. Walter

    I amamazed at the intolerance of some people. Most aspects of Ancestry are working fine – the only aspect not operating for me was to update my Family Tree. This is a first class site and should be appreciated. Nitpickers do something else.

  79. June

    Hey guys I just want the site to get up and running so I can carry on with my research into the family, Ive found a couple of black sheep and want to know if there are any more out there.

  80. Rita

    Excuse me but what is your definition of soon!! I’m afraid it isn’t the same as the Oxford Dictionary, shortly,in the near future(it’s been all day or before long.
    Are we all going to have a refund????

  81. Not again!! First I am hopelessly addicted to this. It is a big worry when suddenly my info is not available. I have paid approx $200 to be on this site plus extra for the Family Tree Maker & Reference Library. So I think it only fair that I am credited for the time this is “down”. Fat chance!!! Unplanned maintance,,,I don’t think so. For you guys to get all this info together, seems like the “maintance” of this sight would be more professional.

  82. Carolyn Getting

    Dear folks,

    These things happen, especially with people entering all the time and all the linking.

    I do my church website as a paid employee. Last week the server updated or changed something and suddenly forms that have worked for years didn’t. I spent the good part of three days it getting it resolved.

    My husband worked in computers for the good part of 60 years before his death and I have three at my house I maintain and setup with new software and from time to time, I have some grueling time spent getting things back on track. Life is not perfect because we are not perfect. I think does a great job. I joined in the beginning before they had much on here at all and I’ve seen it grow. Keep up the good work.


  83. Melinda

    Although I’m disappointed, because I do have something new to add to my tree, it’s not like the world will end if I don’t get it in today. I worked several years for a Fortune 500 company and servers go down…there are several things that could require unplanned maintenance. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. I’ll check back in a few hours.

  84. Jerry

    I think for the inconvienience those of us who responded should get the lastest 2010 FTM. Hey, sounds good to me. I was on a roll last night when it finally slowed to a crawl and stopped. I am trying to meet a deadline for a reunion set for Memorial weekend and only have 3 days left to work on it.

  85. I too understand that things sometimes go haywire unexpectedly, but, I also agree that when a person pays for a site and only has limited time to work on their family trees . . .Get it fixed, get’er done!

  86. June


    If you ever find out how to look up the Russian ancestry let me know, my grandparents were russian and got out during the revolution, you have to look up The Pales. But not everyone had birth certificates



  87. Diana Mellor

    Not happy – “unscheduled maintenance” – ha! And all of these “superior” people who say “get a life” etc – well, perhaps this IS my life! For which I have paid quite a substantial subscription.

  88. Cyndi Hartman

    After seeing the nasty comments from people, I just wanted to say thank you. I spent years before this site searching through records by hand and snail mail. Sure it is inconvenient, but I would rather it be down for maintenance one day, than take me three times longer for each search I do.

  89. Melinda

    I am on a schedule to complete research for a book. This has really taken a toll on me. I do hope we are compensated for our loss of research time. We DO PAY for 24 hour a day service. We can plan in advance for scheduled maintenance. Even that should be compensated for.

  90. Carolyn Bozeman

    For what you charge it should be working better than it does. A lot of problems with ancestry 2010 can’t even use it.

  91. herdnerfer

    Guess i will goto instead, never seem to have site down in the middle of the day, and it is basic service free, and only 5 bucks a month for premium…

  92. I think you are doing a great job everything has its ups and downs…….I get on every day and add at least one thing new, so Thank you very much for Ancestry….wouldnt know what to do without it!


    I agree that down time has begun to be a regular problem. However, ancestry is a wonderful source and has brought me in contact with ancestors I didn’t know existed. I think we should give them a break and trust that this will be fixed and we all can continue on SOON without further delays. Yes, all maintenance SHOULD BE DONE AT LATE NIGHT.

  94. krissay

    so you take a crack head’s crack from him.. of course he’s gona get crazy & have withdraws.. so what do you think you do to me when you take ancestry away from me.. so what now i actually HAVE to find something else to do!? ahhh.. so frusterated with all these errors, check back soon, we apologize crap.. i’m a yearly paying customer for years.. not happy!! 🙁

  95. Lorraine Silva

    It’s very dicouraging when the annual fees increase and you get less service and more junk on the site. Last year at this time if a family member or a new subscriber called me for help, I could close my eyes and walk them thru the site without a problem. Now even with my eyes wide open I can’t figure out what is going on. What I do see a lot of is a bunch of junk pop-up advertisement. I’m still realing from the “vagianl cream” advertisement and having to explain that one to a 7 year old. Come on guys! Customer service hours should be extended, we should be able to turn off the adversitizing and get reliable service. Last I checked you only needed 5 people for a class actions suit. And please don’t tell me it’s safe, because I’m able to see the contents of other trees that I know are marked private and I do not normally have access to those trees. When your service goes down, that’s when we start get duplicate entries too! And then if we delete one, they both go.
    I’m not happy at all. I have been with you guys several years have over 5 trees with any where from 2,000 to 9,800 people with up to 90% sourced, or with media attached.
    It would be nice to compensate us an upgrade for month. Then we wouldn’t complain and who knows, you may get a lot of upgrade paid subscriptions out of it.

  96. Cristine Buntin

    Considering that has a monopoly on research sites, we have no other choice but to wait for them to fix the problem. However, this has happened to me twice in the last two weeks, as it obviously has with others. I believe we should get a credit on our accounts for every time we cannot view our trees. It’s only fair. Ancestry provides a product that we pay for, it’s not exactly cheap. For each time that we are unable to access our trees, it’s wasted money on our part. The least that they can do is extend our subscriptions for how ever long they are down.

  97. Kevin H

    So for those who want me to “chill” and those who refer to things needing repair – just one question – are you highly motivated to pay that car note if your car is completely inoperable? If the city stopped supplying your water or the electric company has an outage do you say to yourselves – “everything breaks down”? Do you expect the electric company to do something for you when they say the outage was “unplanned” but not emergency in nature? What about if your car started having “unplanned outages”, I’m not talking about a vehicle that breaks down because of your inattention to the maintenance schedule – I’m talking about the car companies publishing “unplanned outages” – telling you that the car would routinely stop working – but they wouldn’t be able to tell you when, why or how it would stop? Mass hysteria set in when Toyota’s brakes started suddenly “not working” and in some cases there wasn’t even a brake issue. I think when I pay for a service – I have a right to reasonable expectations – and I’ve been a member for a little over 10 years – and this isn’t the first outage – and isn’t the second – and this isn’t the first unplanned outage either. I’ve been doing genealogy as a hobby for about 25 years and since this is the only game in town with the sheer volume of records – this is about it for me – I don’t have other choices. Vendors would have to have investors with very, very deep pockets to be able to compete with – that’s not to say that I’m willing to give them a “pass” by any stretch. I’m sorry folks – I’m held accountable for my job as a consultant – I expect to be able to hold them accountable too. Planned outages are one thing – “unplanned” that’s irresponsible.

  98. Chat room or chat box for your customers as they wait for repairs might would give the customers something to do when they cannot add to or search for data on their family or themselves, Your customers could chat and maybe while doing so actually chat with a family member they have in their tree or found on a search, You could work and customers may feel a little more comfortable with their subscriptions.

  99. Jim

    This site has been around for years. I noticed the free part has been very limited, you can’t get any information at all now. So I’m trying the two weeks free. I noticed that the paid membership part is also more limited then it was about 3 years ago. If you are looking for information on other member trees, good luck, ancestry has made it very hard to transfer new people into your tree. I have also noticed when looking over documents and what has been offered for you to add, there are many mistakes, so be careful and check them. I agree this site should be made more free or the membership price lowered. I know as of today that I will not continue after the two weeks. Oh, one more thing. After joining I noticed that my hints was cut in half, this might be one of the bugs they are working on. LOL. Happy Hunting !

  100. Karen Lambert is one of the best tools to use when searching for genealogy information and history. This temporary problem is nothing. A little patience will bring you peace. Find other things to do (or is tech your only use in life?) No wonder most of society has become big brains with obese bodies that will die before they’re 60. These people with negative responses have probably never worked a government job where this occurs more frequently. Our ancestors would be disappointed in our progress with humanity. Thank you for your services.

  101. hilary wood

    perhaps i could have a refund on the time-limited pay-per vies vredits i had bought just before the trees went down ?

  102. Brenda

    Bush is to blame! No, maybe it’s Obama! Wait a minute, I know… it’s the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Dang, it’s killed my Ancestry!

  103. Tony Freeman

    9.09 am
    Just as well as the sun is shining here in Italy … time for another bottle of Prosecco …. salute to all my friends on Ancestry )

    I think I will have another bottle … seems to be taking its time to get sorted out ! !

  104. Paul Cerisano

    This is the second day that I cannot use the public family trees. This is actually the only part of that is of any value. All the other stuff is available for free on the internet.

    So, it seems appropriate that we be given credit for the down time,

    And the reasons should be stated for the downtime.

    It’s like me saying, I’m having an unplanned cancellation of your services.


  105. This is not the end of the world but when you are paying for something and it is continually going down (over the last two weeks) it is frustrating you feel like you are paying for nothing.

  106. Curious if you’re related to Shoupe’s in my tree? I know they spell the last name various ways, and without the “e’ on the end is one of the ways. Grandpa was Everett Shoupe of KY, @ 1900. Thx.

  107. Kim

    people should just be happy to have a site like this to do their research on in one convenient place. Like someone said earlier – the oil spill in the Gulf is a problem – not being able to use your tree is not!

  108. Barbara T

    Having had experience as a programmer, and a comuter operator; I can understand that things do happen. However by being so vague in your explanation of the down time, it worries everyone into thinking; there is more to it, than what you are telling us. I just deleted the file on my computer and was ready to download my on line file, when you went down. Now I get to twiddle my thumbs. Ha! Ha! just kidding. Will be waiting for the return on your system.

  109. Bob K.

    Life happens sometimes. Unplanned maintenance is part of life. I didn’t plan for bronchitis this week, but I got it. It wasn’t like I wasn’t taking care of myself. That said, however, as a LONG TIME customer with an annual subscription, I would agree with others that some sort of compensation needs to be made to your subscribers for this unplanned inconvenience, despite what the TOS says. You have a potential PR nightmare here due to the angry culture we find ourselves in these days and opening up the flood gates for new subscribers was something that should have indeed been planned for in a much more proactive manner.

  110. We really were looking forward to working on our trees today. We have an upcoming family reunion and wanted to have some complete and organized information to present to others in the family. Last time that you were completely down for several hours, we had made a special trip to a genealogy library in another town. Once we got there, we couldn’t access any of our information to see what we did and didn’t have or to compare with the information at the library–a wasted trip! This does not include the frustration we experience with the partial inabilities to access specific information that occurs on a much more frequent basis.
    For the customers you presently have (if you wish to keep them), it would be nice to have some compensation (subscription extension, etc.) for the down time. We also really do get irritated when we see the commercials aimed at bringing in more customers when you are having difficulty serving the ones you have.
    While it is good to know that our information is safe, we would like to be able to view and work with it. Hope that the necessary maintenance is completed soon!

  111. Roberta

    I’m sorry that you had some sort of a problem with your site, and I appreciate that you need some time to fix it. However, All of us have paid a fee for the use of this site today, and we are not getting what we paid for. I hope to hear that everything is up and running very soon. I am also hoping that your company will respect us, your customers, enough to acknowledge our loss and announce a credit to all of us, for our loss of today’s use of the site. After all, if we were one day short in paying our fees to you, we couldn’t claim technical difficulties and continue to have access would we?

  112. Jeff Ford

    @79 Jeff Meyer, you need to get a grip. Do you really expect Ancestry to hold your hand and warn you when YOUR trial membership is over?

  113. Gene

    Having worked in IT for the last 15 years, I’ve been on both sides of this fence.

    I find most of the comments from ‘low-tech’ users to be typical blather.

    I have no comments about the security of the files…I just hope you’re not using a 3rd party company for your backups.

    Last comments:

    1. It’s obvious you don’t have fail-safe backups of your servers – SHAME ON YOU!

    2. It’s also obvious that your response to customers is very poor. Be definitive and give people real reasons for your failure and give them a better sense of when you will be back up!



  114. I only have today on this site then my subscription will run out. I am very frustrated that I can’t finish what I started. Ancestry has been a good site but this is not making me want to renew my subription in a few months when I am settled.

  115. jane berrisford

    I am on my last day of a 14 day free trial – do I get an extra day as compensation?

  116. Bob

    Let’s see … Deluxe plan – $30.00 per month. Avg daily cost $1.00. Avg hourly cost $.04. Site down for 6 hours +/- … we should all demand our quarter back. Much more time and cost efficient to drive to public archives repository at state capital and pay quarter for every copy we need made.

    What’s worse – your tree being offline for half a day or a tech clitch in the stock market which causes the Dow to drop 1000 points in ten minutes with billlions of dollars in limbo.

    Crashes happen – giv’em a break … they’re working on it.

  117. Karis

    Proof that the family trees are a vital part of The family tree portion of this site has been belittled too much lately. There has been a lot of focus on the use of professionals, however, professionals didn’t find my family for 175 years. The old professional structures operate at a snail’s pace whereas; operates in real time…except…for today…of course!

    The family trees are vital to the success of both the service and the show.

    The general family tree search was in need of some serious updating. I am very OPTIMISTIC that this is what is taking place. My most important family member with my tree has not been added to the general family tree search for over two months. Many of the family trees listed are shown with only one or two sources where I know they currently have many more. I am really hoping that at the end of the day this down time will have been worth it!

  118. Cathy Palmer

    I understand things happen that are unplanned. However I have limited time because I have to use computers in the library, before work or in some cases, after. It would be a nice gesture if all of us
    got a free day, since this was unplanned.

  119. zsparks

    Fellow Ancestry addicts: If you find yourself complaining about a few hours down and the quality of what you are paying for, I have to note that you are showing your greenhorn. What the site offers us has exploded in the last two years. It is a bargain. If you had done ancestry research back in the pre-digital days, you’d be giving yourself a giggle.

    I think we also have to examine our behavior, and take the day to wonder, did other members of the tree exhibit addictive behaviors? How many times have you seen “Insane” check-marked on the census?

    Visit RootsWeb, which is a whole different eye-opener.

    Your favorite 15th cousin twice removed,

  120. jennifer johnson

    What a bunch of complainers you are. is used by English and Australians alike, so there is no quiet time to do maintenance work. Computer software breaks down now and then, so just suck it up. It’s not as though it happens often people. I have been a member for several years and this is the first time I have had no access to my tree. I would like to thank Ancestry for bringing my ancestors into my front room and my fingertips. Also, whenever I have had a question my email has been answered within a couple of hours if not before with the answer I was seeking. Well done Ancestry, and for the people who used your application, they will not find anything even close to what you offer for the price you charge. I am very happy with you.

  121. Jesica

    This seems to be a weekly event. It is extremely frustrating. We pay for a service, but it does not work. I am to the point I do not think I will be renewing my subscription.

  122. Alan

    After a couple of hours not being able to connect I phoned Ancestry (UK). I was told this was routine maintenance which was carried out every Wednesday and the site would be back within a couple of hours. Why lie to your customers. Tell us the truth or admit you haven’t got a clue what’s happening.

  123. Tony Freeman

    Comment 117:
    “I agree that down time has begun to be a regular problem. However, ancestry is a wonderful source and has brought me in contact with ancestors I didn’t know existed. I think we should give them a break and trust that this will be fixed and we all can continue on SOON without further delays. Yes, all maintenance SHOULD BE DONE AT LATE NIGHT”.

    As the site is used all over the world it is impossible to do it “late night” … I am in Italy, some 6 hours ahead of East Coast USA

  124. catherine

    you can’t even work on your “Family Tree Maker” while this is going on, so this is a double loss. Not only that, there is no way to transfer from Ancestry BACk onto “Family Tree Maker” – you have to do the work twice to save info into both- a rip-off of time.

  125. zulutsotsi

    Even the best cars break down and need maintenance.

    I am sure they are doing their best to resolve the problems. Your ancestor won’t disappear if you are unable to do research today – relax.

    The fact that it is unplanned means exactly that so stop whining.

  126. Jo Carol

    Hope it’s back soon, but at least today my eyes won’t get all buggy from staring at the screen.
    For those who say maintence should be done in the middle of the night, some of us are on different time zones then you are, your middle of the night is prime time for us.
    Hope it’s up and running soon

  127. Kenyon

    I totally agree. Subscribers need to be compensated every time the werbsite is unavailable for “unscheduled maintenace” or whatever.

  128. Scarlett

    Folks, we are ALL frustrated. I am spending 90.00 today on a hotel room while in Salt Lake to do research that I can’t do today…but at the end of the day #31 is right- the oil spill in the US is a distaster, being fixed is JUST a bummer!!!!!! Technology has it’s flaws, deal with it, take a deep breath, your tree is safe, kill a few hrs today doing something for your research that does not involve finding a census record- call a relative, make a to-do list for tomorrow and keep checking the site for when it’s up and running! Peace all!!!!

  129. June

    I agree it should nt happen, I am off work sick, have been for 7 months now, and this has become my life line and I miss not being able to get onto the tree site.

  130. Jeff Meyer

    @137 Jeff No, but it would be nice to not perform system maintenance during Prime Time while agressively pursuing new accounts and users.

  131. I have been on this site for some time and I ran my own business for over 30 years. I accept that all systems require up-keeping and maintainance. This is usually done at a prearranged time and day. Recently so much has been added to the site.. too much I fear. These additions need to be allowed to settle down and the inevitable glitches ironed out before more is added again. I certainly just about get the hang of a system and bang something new is introduced. Yes it is probable better but it puts a strain on the site and us members. Try doing things a little slower and getting it right. We will have to wait and see if this maintenance does the trick. I do think the site is very good and worth the money paid to use it.Just one unannounced down time is not that bad but please try to leave the site as is for a time after this. I think everyone can manage without the site for a day even an addict like me who uses it for more than 4 hours daily.

  132. Olivia Bryant

    Hey everyone. Why not take this time to check out and their new records? It is free and they have so many new record collections. I have obtained copies of marriage certificates from family in Arkansas. I now am in possession of copies of the certificates for two sets of great grandparents and also grand parents. Really cool stuff and again it is free!It is a pilot program and it covers all the U.S. as well as other countries. I have also found the births of German ancestors.Check it out!

  133. Ann Flinspach Lewis

    I have to admit to being very frustrated by the service of I have been paying for the “ultimate” or Worldwide access. I try not to expect too much from, but it does seem that there are increasing problems which appear “unexpectedly” with things sold as completed projects. The annual updates to Family Treemaker always have problems and never merge with the ancestry info as promised. I will continue using your site, simply because of having spent so much time entering my family history on it. But I keep thinking about the old adage – “a fish starts to stink from the head down.” We are just the tail.

  134. William A. Staggs

    I have used Ancestry from the beginning, but is now almost unusable. They need to stop advertising & get More servers!!!!

  135. Now the employees of know how very important their site is to us. Before this site I had to drive 20 miles to various libraries and wait in line for a micro machine and film to spend endless hours searching for ancestors. Now I do it at a push of a button from my own home. The difference is amazing and I am willing to put up with some delays while they are working on their problem. Maybe some people don’t realize what it was like before

  136. Carol

    Disappointing to say the least. Compensation would show your dedication to the site. The upside is that your quality Customer Service is there after 10am.

  137. Claudia

    I always hate it when the site is down, but I clearly do understand.
    The disappointment is for everyone but at the same time Ancestry does a great job.

    The more we need to search the more they will have to adjust to make room, correct links, etc etc etc.

    It all takes time.

    but can you hurry it up ..hahhahha..

  138. Carol

    The website down again is disappointing to say the least. Compensation would show your dedication to the site. The upside is that your quality Customer Service is there after 10am.

  139. Robert Jones

    Just stopped by to check out the problem with Ancestry. I have been a member for many years. Seems like a lot of angry people venting because they cannot have immediate access to their work. Give it a rest. Ancestry does a great job. Do something else and come back tomorrow for Pete’s sake.

  140. akathymcl

    Thanks for the prominent post that YOU are having promlems (aka unscheduled maintenance). So many sites simply leave me wondering if I am the one with the computer problem/glitch & I waste time trying to figure out what’s wrong with my computer or net connection,

  141. Computers go wrong all the time. I went to work this morning and our computers were down for 6hrs so couldn’t do anything there. I’ve come home and thought I’d work on the tree but hey ho, I’ll have to do something else. Frustrating, but not the end of the world.

  142. Catherine Pearse

    Is it likely to be back today at all? Only have certain days to be on the sight and it has been down for the best part of the day.

  143. Shana

    This is the last of my straws. The end of my subscription is coming next month. I am tired of the speed on the site. The traffic that is screwing up my trees I have been working on since 1999 on the Ancestry site. Yes I have been paying for the services for over 10 years. As before, the duplicates will all show up again and I will have to spend several days figuring it all out.
    It is time to pay attention to what your members are saying. Maybe you should upgrade the system before you blanket the world with your commercials of how easy it is to see who you are related to!It would be really nice to turn off the leaves. I have trees with prime source docs that are done. Then one day they light up with the leaves. And every single one has to be looked at and told to ignore.
    $1 a day for service is starting to hurt my budget. This is the next thing on the list to let go.
    Shana in Southern California

  144. chris jud

    Wow. This is crazy… the site is great is not the end of the world. they are working to make it better. Time to exercise and do other productive things while they fix things.

  145. framwell

    I think what is getting (some) people annoyed is not the fact that sites crash from time to time but a pervasive sense that management doesn’t have much of a clue.

    I’ve been a member of this site now for a year and the marketing is clearly getting ahead of the basic competence at programming and data management.

    Today I called once the lines opened at 10 am EST US and from what I was told it sounded like people had been totally unaware overnight that the family trees were unavailable. You’re running a worldwide set of sites, folks, with *how* many subscribers? You may not need customer support 24/7 but someone ought to be monitoring the servers and incoming messages and bug reports.

    As an added bonus, and entirely independent of the buggy family tree module, although I want to keep records of my dialogues on the site I was told I can’t export my “sent” messages, other than by printing screen captures which are garbled especially where the message spans pages. There is no print function, or even a way to review messages in “printer-friendly” mode from which you could activate your browser. For incoming messages I have the notifications that ancestry sends that quote the messages, but for outgoing messages there is nothing.

    This is not brain surgery, people. This is stuff that message board freeware on obscure gaming sites with 50 subscribers has handled satisfactorily for 20 years.

    At least I do back up my trees regularly so I am not at risk of losing more than a few days work.
    And it is considerable work. I’ve got a main tree with a couple thousand heavily documented profiles and a few thousand more on private auxiliary trees, but the hassles of dealing with your site and unresponsive customer service have me looking into alternatives.

  146. June

    Hay Guys,

    I am getting fed up with this, come on pull your finger out and get it sorted. It should not take this long to sort out maintenance.

  147. Matthew Siegmann

    I find this no problem. The fact that I have to pay for this service is not a problem either. I spend far less for the full package has to offer than my grandmother did when she did a lot of her geneology research in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Back before there was any sort of online geneology sight, my grandmother told me she spent about $1,000 to $2,000 driving cross country, paying for copies of public records to be mailed to her, and joining some geneology societies. I’m sorry if you feel cheated out of one day, but look at it this way, in the old days public records were only accessable five days a week or less if there was a holiday. If you needed access to something that only a genological society had, they often times are only open on average three days a week. Sorry some of you feel cheated by a service that costs less and provides more info almost 24/7, as apposed to the old days. Perhaps you would rather go back to the old way of geneology research?

  148. TamaraMyers52

    Yes, this is fustrating. I agree, that all subscribers should be compensated. Ancestry, usually experences issues, during the middle of night, and that is when it seems like most of you want the maintenance to happen. I’ve been a member for a number of years now, I have used other sites and actuall still use some of them. I do not mind that I have to wait to get to my trees, that I have, so that the folks at ancestry can fix, whatever it is that is broken. This is still the best site out there, for the price we all chose volentarily to pay. We didn’t ask them, before we signed up, if we could have discounts, and it isn’t in the contract. might be up all the time, but their information isn’t there, for people who have worked on their family tree for 20+ years. And it doesn’t have the community that ancestry has. I have spoke to cousins on three continents and regularly help people find their missing relatives. Please be patient folks. When you have something, that messes up your day, don’t you want people to be supportive, not condemning? Just asking.

  149. A Phillips

    Databases crash, welcome to the world of information systems!

    The more users, the more files get manipulated, the more work it takes to manage it all – and more problems occur, software and hardware.

    I’m sure the IT dept at Ancestry is likely pulling their hair out.

    Happily, this isn’t the system that manages your bank account, or prescription drugs or something that threatens your well being.

    Heck, the rest of the internet works!

  150. Bob

    Maybe now would be a good time to call or visit that elderly family member. Next month may be too late. Record the conversation and upload it later when the system is back online – do something for future family researchers.

  151. cindi

    I have been on this website daily for over three months now without a hiccup. Although I was REALLY wanting to look at some new info today, I have no complaints. Other systems have unexpected problems, it is part of the instant gratification that we all expect now.

  152. DNewGA

    It is obvious to me that a lot of the ones complaining have no idea how web-based applications are built or work. You will have times where there is an iisue with the hardware hosting an application. 99.9% of the time, an outage like this is not from the code, but rather a piece of hardware that has finally bitten the bullet.
    It’s not the end of the world, and its not really that big of a deal. The dead people that you are researching will still be dead tomorrow.

    To Gene – Do you really work in IT? Because your comments on backups has no relevance to the issue. Seems to me you don’t really understand outages. This is a Sev 2 at best.

  153. Heather

    Does everyone know you can still get access to censuses and birth records etc etc.. In case that helps with anyone’s anxieties a little..

  154. Lynne

    Its the last day before my sub expires and I was hoping to do some work on my tree, as I dont know if it will be back up this evening do I get the day lost back and a day added???

  155. Nico

    I agree with those who say that we should be compensated for this. It’s understandable that this sort of this happens, but it is not reasonable to charge people for this time.

  156. Jean Bawcutt

    Prior warning that the Ancestry site was going to be unavailable would have been good – I had a friend round today to do some Ancestry research together only to find the site unavailable and a wasted day for us – not best pleased as you can imagine.

    It’s a shame as I think the Ancestry site is great but not happy about today’s events.

  157. Having been on your site for almost six years, I, for one think you have an absolutely incredible site. I’ve been to most of the other sites and they can’t even begin to compare to this one, in terms of ease of use and data bases! In the world of computers, stuff happens people! Get over it!

  158. Mary

    A little hint, purchase a Family Tree Maker 2010 software program. A program developed by ancestry for your desktop. You can download your ancestry tree directly to it and it does not remove it from ancestry. (Read directions) Do not delete your tree from ancestry, your just moving a copy of it. When ancestry is down you can work on your tree, clean it up merge duplicates make or publish forms such as pedigrees, family tree charts, add or delete family members. When you’ve cleaned it up you can even upload your tree back to Ancestry. When Ancestry is up you can work directly from your destop sign in and access tree information from there. This way you always have a copy of your tree if you are afraid of losing it. I back it up to a disc. I’ve had FTM since 1998. Purchased every new version that came out it works with Ancestry.

  159. Jean

    I understand if this was unexpected, but please place this announcement on your home page so that those wishing to use the websites services are not frustrated with the lack of information coming their way or the hard work that they have done on their family trees. Will those of us who paid the services be given the extended time that the server was down?

  160. Liz

    I am disappointed in the inconvenience as well as the rest of you. Might I suggest that you try joining in on the World Archives Project and key in some information for them while you are waiting. I find it an intersting way to pass the time while I wait for my tree to become available.

  161. Mark Connolly

    That’s a shame. I was just bragging to a co-worker about the site and she wanted to see my tree. I think you just lost a sale. 🙁

  162. Caroline

    Get a life people, before there was such a thing as, we didn’t know diddly about our ancestors. Cut these people some slack, go outside for a walk, see some friends, take some down time from the internet. I for one am grateful that there are those who know more than I about such things and the programs that drive them…. cause I can promise you, I couldn’t get the bugs out at all if I worked there. Be patient for heaven sakes.

  163. Ken Draper

    Your promise of service resumption is nebulous at best. This is too large an enterprise to experience service delays of this magnitude.

    Perhaps you should consult with some of the more successful website operators!

  164. Camchic

    The subscription you pay for is for access to the records, not for your family tree.
    Family tree access comes at no charge, and so they are not required to refund anything. You still have the access that you are paying for.

  165. Rach

    Was up until the wee hours of the morning tracing a lead into the James family and couldn’t wait to find out more this morning…great, now I have no excuse not to go to the gym. When did this “crash” occur? I really hope all my new reasearch isn’t erased in the process!

  166. Claire

    Well this is the first time ive ever experienced any problems with the site, yes its disappointing but i seriously hope that there are other things that we can all get on with i really dont think its worth getting angry or annoyed about…….. i think its really good that they’ve put a post explaining that it wont be working, they could’ve just left it and said nothing…….. thankyou, i’ll try again tomorrow

  167. Christy Nelson Marsh

    I agree with Jim (comment 31). If you were doing this the old fashioned way it would take weeks and weeks to gather the information you can get in an hour on

  168. pdinger44

    Yes, I have a life, and yes, I have a lot of other things to do. But I’m working under a publication deadline and I need to access one of my trees for information.

    I think that what bothers me as much as not having access is the gobbledegook we get for excuses. At the price of the world membership, one expects a more professionally run site.

    And something that is at the back of my mind, and maybe some of yours, too, is this: Is the data to our family trees really safe? If any of it has been lost, it will be a serious problem for many of us.

    I have downloaded gedcom files for a few of my trees to my computer, but if and when the website is working again, I am going to download all of them, and do so on a regular basis.

  169. Rick Hageman

    I just bought Family Tree Maker 2010 and registered…this is not a good way to start out. I won’t be a happy camper if I’ve lost my tree I started…also…I can’t even access the search results…just keeps flicking back and forth with a white screen. Anyone else having that issue, too?

  170. Amy

    Does anyone understand the Royalty lines. I am distantly related and I dont understand the lines because they either married multiple times or had mistresses.. I could use some guidance in that area

  171. Julie Shields

    I realise that as this is a world-wide site, maintenance is never going to convenient and this was ‘unplanned’, but I have to agree that it’s happening more and more. Also when you report a problem ie ‘wrong image’ as with so many of the St Giles Camberwell (London) census records nothing gets done. This site isn’t cheap and I feel as though we’re hostage to the fact that our trees have been built here. You need to be more customer pro-active. (Now been down at least 6 hours and counting)

  172. Becky

    Normally, I’m more than happy with the service. That’s why I’ve been a member for so many years. I’m curious, though. This started with “due to heavy traffic, this tool has temporarily been removed”. Is the system overloaded due to increased traffic resulting from the recent TV programs? If so, is there some way to give preference to long time loyal paying customers?

  173. Russ Young

    I have called their customer service number before when this happened. I had a month subscription, and wanted to know if they could rorate my sub. for an extra day. They told me they couldn’t give me a refund. I said I don’t want a refund just an extra day because I was paying for that day that I couldn’t use. They told me no, and I was very angry. Someone should bring up a class action suit against them for failure to deliver services paid for. It is the equivalent of stealing. Basically, they reduce your subscription time down a day shy of a month. Everyone one should flood them wiht calls and demand a refund or extra days, or threaten to not use the site anymore.

  174. Helen

    Of all the days for Ancestry to completely FAIL!

    My Canadian cousins were here, (UK) today. Would have been nice to be able to access trees, photo’s etc that we are all paying for!?

  175. Amanda

    Oh my goodness, what a bunch of crybabies. Things happen, maintenance happens, whether it’s often or not at least this site provides us with volumes of information I would have never imagined I would be able to get my hands on. Be a little thankful instead of expecting to evole around your schedule. You can still search without going directly to the tree.

  176. First the Drouin Collection and now this…what is going on? Too bad you don’t have the MYCanvas option in Canada to protect our years of research!!!!!!

  177. Steven

    To Administrators,

    I understand that things happen which are unforeseeable. I have read all of the posts which are on this blog. I love your site and I thank you for providing the service. I understand that our information is safe and that you will be back up when you are able. I share some concerns with some of the other people though. Since I have opted for the most expensive monthly option, I would like to know if I (we) will receive an additional day to our subscription?


    P.S. I would like to field some of the remarks, not that I am an expert or anything;

    For post #32, (Chris Hesse), First, if you are going to put such emphesis into this site, back it up. You can try or or one of the other sites. You can also puchase the TreeMaker (or one of the many others) which allows you to save it onto your computer.

    For all angry posts, see post #31. This is not the end of the world and things happen. If you are so upset that the site is unaccessable, this just means that (like the rest of us) you are addicted and the site is really needed. Get a grip though and have a little patience. Maybe you would rather research like they did 30 years ago, which sometimes took years to do what is done in minutes here? This site is exceptional and you should be thankful.

    For post #36, LOL, love it, and yes I am addicted.

  178. Bemused

    What a lot of moaning about a breakdown. Things do go wrong from time to time, Murphy’s Law.
    So those who suddenly don’t have access to their trees should maybe do the work on their PC’s and then upload a gedcom from time to time.
    All the rest of Ancestry is still available, and I have been working away happily when ever I have had a bit of time to spare.
    Stored locally, backed up regularly, and uploaded whenever there have been enough additions to make it worthwhile.
    As Aleksander says, “Simples” 🙂

  179. Shirley

    Will we recieve a credit to our accounts for this loss of service? I Had today off and planned to use it for research on my tree.

  180. R Clapper


    I share your pain, I live on this site when not working or sleeping. While this unscheduled down time for the family trees is inconvenient, consider how my grandfather and great grandfather had to conduct their research after they had exhausted the family bible and asking other family members.

    Traveling many miles to trudge through cemeteries, page through church registers and records at the county/town/city clerks office and often not getting any useful information for their efforts. Or writing queries to said clerks and waiting many days for a reply. Think of the time and expense if you had to use that old process and compare that to the subscription fees.

    An inconvenience… yes, something to have a fit over… no.

  181. Susan

    dear Eric and the Ancestry Family,

    I love your product, but your business model is flawed. If my local grocery store is unable to figure out how to open the doors in the morning, they do not expect me to slip my credit card under the door to allow them to charge me for what I would have spent should I have been allowed access to their product. The only other product that I find as unreliable as your is my cable company which finally had the common decency to credit me for days without service.

    The way I see it, you have 4 options:
    1. create a more stable user environment so that we don’t feel ripped off.
    2. lower your annual subscription cost so we don’t feel ripped off.
    3. credit users for the the time we are not able to use the product by adding time to the end of our subscription so we feel respected and not ripped off. OR
    4. continue to piss us off and lose membership as word of unreliability ramps up among potential subscribers.

    Just a thought.

  182. Oh for crying out loud folk’s stop complaiming.. It is only for one day, or however long it takes to get the site up and running again. I for one am glad to have the service at all! Chill out everyone! If this is the only thing in your life you need to get a new one!

  183. Arlene

    As a retired programmer – you didn’t do your testing – unplanned maintenance – come on

  184. Patty

    I’m with Gail. Forced to do housework 🙁 Or tidy up the office, or do laundry. Shoot! Well, hurry up and get back on line.

  185. Beverly

    I have been searching on different things & each time a page comes up saying I cannot get to it. I agree with the person who said to just put across in big letters that the site is down. I was really planning on using it all day today as this is my free day but I will go to one of the other sites.
    I also agree with one of the other persons that you should let us know when our subscription is up–you send out enough email for other things.
    Also I see that these comments can be made up until June 2nd. I hope you are not going to be down that long!!!!

  186. patricia boen

    another backup option that is FREE: PAF (personal ancestral file), and provides an additional source to search other genealogists’ information.

    I’m leaving for Quebec in three days on a genealogy trip. Hope you have things up by then! I was planning on working on some records today 🙁

  187. Bemused

    Arlene – message 210 – Has the possibility that it might be a hardware failure crossed your mind?

  188. Theo Repper

    That is a good point, do we as customers be granted an extra day on our subscriptions for the down time caused by the computer link issue? It would good customer service to do so.

  189. HamburgerHelper

    #31 – Jim…I can agree to some point, but then I bought this service and we have the federal government overseeing that dilemma in the Gulf…looks like we lose on both of them! Perhaps our Fearless Leader will step in to make Ancestry. com right! lol

  190. a lynch

    I really think people shouldn’t complain so much. Yes, it’s annoying and inconvenient, but it’s not like it was a deliberate act to rile everyone up! I have been using Ancestry for years, and the continual development has helped me find new information on my ancestors on a regular basis.

    For anyone having a free trial, it really isn’t usually like this. I normally have no trouble. And once you get to know the site, and how to use it, it is incredibly powerful and becomes easier to use.

    Regarding complaints about the timing and ‘why couldn’t this be done at night?’ – it’s always day for someone somewhere in the world, and so those wanting to search are just unlucky. Perhaps there are a lot of people actually sleeping through this!

  191. Annie

    With all the bugs, Ancestry is still an astonishing bit of technology at work. I’m sure it’s possible the site was not quite prepared for the response it got to the program airing, but have to imagine that once the present problems are caught up with the site will be even better. At some point there will doubtless be more ‘growing pains’- just an inevitable process since technology is slightly less perfect than the humans who create it.

    It really is fairly amazing, and beats the bejeesis out of trapsing through court houses with pen and paper in hand.

  192. Mari

    The fact that people think that they are going to get a refund for today’s charges is laughable. If I had a refund for everytime I had an issue with Comcast, it would be nearly free. The fact of the matter is, crap happens with computers whether it is planned or unplanned. Your information will be there when it is done. I cannot believe people are so angry about this. Yes, it is an unconvenience, but it’s not like it’s the only genealogical resource available on the internet at this given moment. Use this time to find and utilize other resources. Wow, this is an angry group. I pay for it as well, but I refuse to be a bitter person over a temporary inconvenience.

  193. Devin

    I just wish it a speedy resolution. I’m sure it’s just as big a headache for the person/persons fixing the problem, as it is for us who are encountering it.

  194. DONNA D


  195. Janet

    Well this is upsetting, I am 2 months into this site and have done a great deal of work. I am not all that tech savvy, can anyone tell me how to save all my info on a memory stick for safekeeping.
    Thanks Janet

  196. Bill Synwoldt

    Very inconvenient. I expect no less than 99.9% application uptime up time on a 365 by 24 basis. That’s less than 45 minutes scheduled and unscheduled down time per month. needs to spend less on advertising and more on building in necessary redundancy.

  197. Alicia

    Good grief! I had no idea what I’d see when I opened the comments. I’ve been on for seven or eight years. I love the site.

    So, what do you people do when your electricity is off for a day? Or cable tv is out? Are you those people that call and want a refund for 12 hours of cable tv time? And, of course, you don’t receive it. I’m paying the full monthly price because the yearly subscription is just too much at one time, so I’m probably paying MORE than most of you. I’ve also worked in IT and if you all have a crystal ball that will tell you when anything possibly could happen I wish you’d pass it on to the rest of us.

    I’d also love to know if all of you who are moaning have your home computers backed up. Do you have all of your information pulled to either cd or an external hard drive? All your photographs? Scans? Documents? Do you run virus scans weekly? I’d hazard to guess that less than 25% of you have done your own REGULAR maintenance (and, yes, I have done mine).

    As other people have posted…go take a walk. Smell the roses. After doing genealogy for almost 20 years I’m just glad to have one place to have all my information.

  198. Eric it would be nice to have your notice time stamped and a notice sent to your members. This many comments on your IT causes me great concern and while your day for however long that will be. I will be looking at other options.

  199. David Wise

    Being down on an eCommerce site this long is very unacceptable. Having been a Senior Architect for major airline hospitality website (TVY), Director Product Development for a eFile solution which was bought out by Lexis-Nexis, and Chief Technologist for a undisclosed company post 9/11 for U.S. Homeland Security initiatives to include biometric security and disaster recovery processes at the government level, I have understanding and experience on production outages; they are not always planned. However, companies who are in this space usually have a strong Disaster Recovery plan in place to ensure the end user is not impacted greatly….hmmm, 4 hours now; guess they do not have 5 9’s in place ….I guess that is why a summarized bio is at top of page!

  200. mfarm

    family tree maker for mac is not good software. this site does not support mac enough. there are more macs out there than ever and this needs to be addressed by

  201. Pam Vick

    Please give me a free day to substitute for this one I can not get any info on.
    Also Unplanned Maintenance is poor planning or there is a BIG problem.
    I use to really love your site but there have been so many changes to it I think it has degraded.
    Making everything so people can find it?….I can not even find the basics now!

  202. Wow, I must say 90% of the people posting blogs on this are acting 100% like children. Seriously, is it really that big of a deal? I too have a subscription and am not abel to access my research today, But I’m not going to sit here and complain for hours over this blog, I have better things to do with my life. Keep up the good work because of you i’ve able to find all sorts of ancestors that would have been impossible otherwise

  203. Elaine Humphrey Williams

    I understand things happen that you have no control over but I do hope the site is up and running soon. Today is my only day off for the next 6 days and I really wanted to spend the day working on my tree. I had a bit of time yesterday and found a ton of new connections that I wanted to go through today. I do agree with the others as the site has been going down so much lately we should all get some free time or let us download family tree maker for free so that we have a way to back up or info and work on it when the site is down.

  204. I hope this unscheduled maintenance fixes all the glitz-es cause my site as been acting up for months. Maybe we all should be given a copy of the family tree software to download for Free. This way, we can work on our trees and up load the information when our sites become available. Plus we would have copies of our trees in our own systems. Just in case ancestry looses our information. I mean they call things a accident, for a reason. Just a thought. It would be a major smart idea!

  205. Lori

    How can you be sure that “the information in your family tree is safe and will be available when the maintenance is completed”? You weren’t sure that maintenance would be needed at this time, and you’re not sure when the site will be available again. Are your accounting and advertising departments down as well?

  206. Nick

    I agree with two comments. Surely it is the fault of the CIA. I think they shut it down so they can install new “jet trail” mind control drug dispensers on commercial aircraft.

    Seriously, everyone should be reminded by this that doing your own backup is a really good idea. You can do that by creating a GEDCOM file often. So if you did that then today you could as mentioned above, spend some time finding a way to help clean up the oil in the gulf.

  207. Bonnie Baetz

    I feel it’s time for Ancestry to satisfy their paying customers. Your rates have gone too high and if you want another up grade you pay pay pay. It’s your way of taking advantage unfairly. Now we often are waiting for you to put a band aid on your site and we still pay for down time. You need to get a clue!

  208. CATASTROPHE!!!!!………..My horse just came 2nd. at Goodwood[U.K.], never mind this temporary problem with Family Tree’s.

  209. Hey Folks;
    What’s the problem with waiting a few hours?
    Your searches are for people who have been dead for 100’s of years. Do you think they mind waiting?
    Ancestry is not down very often and when it comes back up I am sure it will be better than ever.

  210. Edith Flannigan

    Ancestry is all the entainment I get, and I am really disapointed that the site is down as much as it is, and the cost is quite high for poor service and two months ago, charges were deducted out of my account and my husbands account, for one month. How does that add up? I paid twice for one month! I’m not at all happy and I have been with ancestry for alot of years.

  211. Linda J

    Youre having a laugh now 18 11pm and I Still can’t Do any work on my tree.that’s a full day lost.

  212. Ellen Logan

    This is not acceptable seeing as your yearly charges are outrageous as well as making a book from your site.
    Hopefully another genealogy site will come along, do a better job and charge less.

    Shame on you!

  213. Rodney

    David – #226 (as well as everyone else here),

    It’s a genealogy web site. Paid memberships are for access to records on the site (which have not been affected). Building a family tree is a free feature.

    However, rest assured, we’re all very impressed with your credentials.

    Get a life.

  214. Kathy Naumann

    I have been a subscriber for more than four years now and while I do miss getting to my tree today, Ancestry is one amazing platform — and as frustrating as this may be, all subscribers should stop and take a deep breath — Ancestry has always been very accountable and reliable. They will repair this in due course.

  215. Loretta G

    What’s annoying is paying for something I can’t use. After numerous problems with Comcast I downgraded my service and cut my bill in half. I don’t regret it one bit. Now I’m thinking that taking a year off from Ancestry and just using the free library version sounds like a good idea.

  216. Bravo to comment 224 Alicia! At first I was upset, but she is right on. I back up everything, and scan regularly as well. I wanted to work today on my tree, but I have friends to visit that I have neglected because of the “sickness” of researching!! I will wait. All will be well. Thank you Alicia.

  217. Bob

    While it’s an inconvenience, I find some of the comments downright disgusting. Take yer tree and run. It’s more expensive to hire an expert than to be a member. Shit happens, deal with it. Use google or New England Ancestors to do some research. You’ll be surprised what you might find.

  218. Bill Fairbanks

    Greetings Fellow Researchers,
    I remember the “old days” – no internet, constant expensive travel, no immediate access to indexed records, grumpy clerks, endless hours scouring scratchy micofilm – pitiful results for huge effort, no blog enabling us to share our family history passion with other researchers. I can’t drive to the local library and back for the cost of a month’s service here. It’s a pain when the servers are down, but Ancestry is infinitely better than NOcestry!! Easy on.


  219. julie

    I just joined yesterday and was looking forward to working on my tree today. I am disappointed and will take this into consideration when I decide to keep or cancel my membership.

  220. Sue Guerra

    I am very disappointed! Not only that, but I am angry. It is prime time (for those of us who wish to work on our trees), and WHY are you closing during that time??? That is extremely unprofessional.
    I am getting tired of these “closures” due to “maintenance” and I thoroughly agree with those who have written before me. We need to be reimbursed for this time!
    We pay good money to use this site!
    In the best interest of all concerned, please do all maintenance work in the early hours of the morning.
    I was cut off once at midnight, but it was understandable; this is not!

  221. Sarah

    I have been a paying subscriber since Oct 2009, online almost daily.

    This is the FIRST encounter with an unscheduled maintenance. I say do whatever you need to do to get back up and running. I will still be coming back.

    Keep up the great work!!

  222. Bob

    Mary – #183 – please contact me concerning the use of with Family Tree Maker 2010 – look for my user name “craftmed” when system back up.


  223. People really should invest in Family Tree Maker. I am also frustrated by the site being down but if you have family tree maker at least you have a backup. I have been using FTM for years and the only problem I have had is when I got a new computer with windows Vista. I had to wait for FTM to iron out compatibility issues. I did not loose any data. With FTM you can create a family home page and upload your tree to the home page. You can also upload your tree from ancestry to FTM.

  224. Teri

    Figures! The morning I bust my hind end to get chores done…to give myself a few hours to download all the research I’ve done over the past few days before going to work…and the site’s down. My trees better be safe.

  225. JEvans

    I think the main reason so many people are upset is that this is an EXPENSIVE site. We are paying a LOT of money to use it and investing our precious time to working on it.
    If they would give a better description about why the site is down and when it will be back up that would help. If they would reassure us that we will be reimbursed for lost time on our memberships, I would still be disappointed that the site is down, but I would at least feel like they are doing their best.

  226. Judy Zeller

    I called in today @9:00 a.m. about not being able to access the ancestry site sine $:00 a.m. pacific time. I was informed @ that point in time that they had been informed that there was a maintenance problem one hour prior to my call. This infers to me that there is no one working during the after hours shifts to resolve issues. As an avid user and contributor to Ancestry, I feel that my customer needs are not be considered. Please address this issue. Thanks

  227. Judy Kish

    I’m sure that after Primetime aired, a bazillion people just signed up — be patient everyone; it just means you’ll be meeting anther new relative! lol…

    Note to — would love to see all the same functionality that is in the Family Tree Maker software to be included on-line – ESPECIALLY where duplicate individuals are concerned.

    Currently appreciate how nice your site is — have used several others, but yours is the best. Think you should consider compensating the subscriptions for the maintenance down-time somehow. I feel bad for the ones that were on their last day in the trail period for sure. Keep up the good work – maintenance included!

  228. Shelly

    I guess I am upset, I am an Ancestry Addict. I look forward to my “Quiet time” on this site.
    Please, Please be fixed soon, I am having withdrawls.

  229. Yo uso un sitio que parece utiliza la maquinaria de, digo esto, por que tampoco puedo abrir sesión en

    Creo que hay que ser pacientes, pues el sitio tiene buena funcionalidad y no cuesta nada. Tambien creo que los amigos de Mundia debieran de informar al momento de detectar el problema de la situación a los usuarios, una simple página indicando la causa es suficiente.

    Y para todos aquellos desesperados, tranquilos! estas cosas pasan en los sistemas de software. ¿A poco a ustedes no les ha dejado de funcionar algo en algún momento? y ¿les ayuda mucho la presión?

  230. Anne

    Been considering cancelling my worldwide membership for a while now as most of the records available on the US site aren’t available on here….hence it’s not really a ‘worldwide’ subscription….think this glitch in the system has made my mind up for me!

  231. cajunPaul

    Thank you, I need the time to do some scanning of obits and photo’s, this way I am forced to work on something instead of the family tree.

  232. Robin Bittner

    To # 37
    I have a life thank you. Part of that life is choosing to research my family which I pay ancestry for the privilege of doing. While I can understand glitches – yes they happen – assume the site is down for 6 hours today, add that to the 19 hours I couldn’t research in the last two months – I DO have a problem with ancestry taking my money for time I can’t use, with no offer of compensation. That is, in anybody’s life, just bad business.

  233. Magdalen1959

    This is actually the first time I’ve experienced this kind of problem and I’ve still been able to carry out searches for the info needed to order certificates – and I’ve used the site almost everyday for quite a few weeks now. The improvements made to the site in the last couple of years have made things sooooo much easier. I think this is worse for those who are on trial periods or paying for a month at a time and, if the problem lasts for the whole day, I think they should have an extra day added to the end of their subscription.

  234. Alicia

    Jim: That would be “advice” not advise (=

    I’m perfectly fine with waiting for the site to correct its issues. “Steaming” over this seems quite excessive. I’m thinking there are some really angry branches of these family trees out there! How sad!

  235. Katie

    While I agree that this inconvenience is certainly not the end of the world, I am getting really tired of Ancestry’s recent focus on marketing and “partnering” with scamming websites rather than customer service.

    Before, it seemed like they were dedicated to serving us and bringing new things to the table…now, all we get is WDYTYA ads, a million email reminders to watch the show, all kinds of links to their shady partners, and decreased functionality all so they can attract new customers and make a name for themselves at the expense of those of us who have been around since the beginning.

    I have been a paid member for over 3 and a half years and my satisfaction level keeps going down. I am very happy that we even have this service, but I don’t see why with more members, the price is going up and the service level is going down. Where is all this money from the new signups going??? Probably the CEO. That’s my big problem. They should be reinvesting in better infrastructure and better tools, not hoarding the profits and using them to get more customers.

  236. Brenda L. Brown

    I think you should give people the option of getting their money back. It’s too easy to make excuses. Live up to your end of the bargain.

  237. MLH

    Yikes. Bad timing. My free trial just expired a few days ago, and I was putting the finishing touches on an extensive chart to take to my grandmother–who lives across the country, and our flight leaves tomorrow. Hopefully the site will be back up, and hopefully the information will be intact, otherwise I’ll be visiting her sans gift.

    Having the family tree finished for this specific occasion was part of the reason I joined the site, and if the project can’t be completed, I’ll be very disappointed. Also not thrilled that I can’t use the site two days after being charged for the membership. Does this happen often?

    Thank you for updating us, and good luck on the site fix.

  238. Heather

    Round of applause for 224 Alicia!!! 😀 Brilliantly put!

    And if people actually read Eric’s post at the top they would see that all our trees are safe anyway.. They will still be here tomorrow..

    For those of you who were planning to do things today that couldn’t, I feel for you, but please just stop and think about how you could have done this, with this much access and so easily, ten years ago.. YOU COULDN’T!

    We are too quick to shout and not quick enough to praise and be grateful, we have become used to having things at our fingertips and throw our toys out of the pram if a web page takes longer than ten seconds to load..

    Think about how far technology has come in recent years, and think about how soon it will be tomorrow and you will have forgotten all about this relatively short breakdown..

    Oh, and of course, spend time with your families while they are still around, the dead will still be here tomorrow.. 🙂

  239. Charlette Grove

    Because I am social Security I pay by the month. Under normal circumstances I work on my tree everyday. As I see it I will be loosing a day from my paid for month. Is there something that can be done about that.
    Thank You
    Charlette Grove Family Tree

  240. theenchantedthyme

    I have 4 days left to do my searches. Will I be able to get back some of the time that the site is down?

  241. Sharon Arnold

    I can handle my trees not being displayed, but I also have Family Tree Maker, which I purchased through you. I can’t even use it to work on while you are play around with this problem of YOURS. It has been a week now that I have had problems getting my family tree maker to work with your site. I think some sort of compensation should be due your customers who purchase your product.

  242. Jeaneen Hess

    Am I to assume this problem includes the problem with all the attached stories, etc? Is this why the persons show up as having a problem? Because when I am in Family Tree Maker, they are all gobbledgook.

  243. Paul E. Williams

    Over and over again, always for some reason or
    another ~~ this has been happening way, way too
    frequently this past year of 2010!!

  244. thelma cuellar

    but how do you create a gedcom file for your computer?

    also why does Family Search Archives have census records for 1880 that I can’t find on

  245. Cheryl Oliver

    It would have been nice to have an advance notice of the maintenance on main page somewhere near the sign-in. The system going down was very unexpected because I don’t usually read the blogs, which is my fault.

    I love Ancestry and do not have a problem with Ancestry taking the time to do site maintenance. You have to realize that unexpected computer issues come up that need to be resolved, which takes time. Ancestry is working on the problems as fast as possible to make it better for everyone. Give them a chance to get the job done. Everyone is acting like Ancestry is doing this just to get them angry, which is unfair to Ancestry’s IT department. Give them a break!

  246. Vicki

    I tend to agree with the majority that the price of your service should provide a site without unscheduled maintenance issues and that, if these occur, the members should be compensated by additional days or a credit for the days the site was not usable. After much schedule juggling, today was the only day in a very busy week that I was going to be able to use the site. I am very disappointed that this is now not possible as I don’t know when I can schedule free time again. It is odd that these problems don’t seem to affect my ability to enter data for you – only to use the data entered.

  247. John Orley

    What a lot of moaners there are out there. Have you ever tried to research your Family Tree without the information you get from
    I am in the UK and started my tree years ago, I spent hours searching through microfilm files and old newspapers – I gave up after 6 months – too much hassle.
    I have been with for the last 6 months and have traced back to the pre 1000’s with over 3000 entries in my Family Tree.
    The only frustration I have with the site is duplication of names which I am sure could be eliminated by prompting you when a duplicated name is researched.
    I find this programme (proper English spelling!) brilliant. The data base is still available for research but you can’t add anything to your tree.
    WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? I’ve actually spoken to the wife today!!

  248. Carla Ayers

    Well, as long as we’re here and the blog is working might as well do some research. Looking for parents of a Zina G. Ayer b. 1810 probably St Johnsbury, VT. Any takers? No? Shucks.
    Oh Well, guess I might as well utilize other websites for the time being. Down but not out………

  249. J Tahsiri

    Everyone understands a “glitch”, but most corporations offer their paying/subscribing customers compensation. should rethink keeping their customers happy.

  250. Lorraine Butler (Traumajunky)

    I’m not so sure about all these “down all the time” comments……I joined in February, and feel like I am way too obsessed with this, spending sometimes as much as 6 hrs a day and THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM. I say, it still beats the hell out of traveling to court houses cemeteries and etc!!!!!!!

    I’ll spend some time with LIVING people today, and let the guys have the time they need to do their jobs.

    The site is phenomenal (I guess in every sense), and I have learned more in 3 months than I did in 30 years.

  251. Jan

    I’ve been a member since 1999; rarely have I had problems with the site, and this is the first time I have ever seen a banner proclaiming “Unplanned Maintainence on Members’ Family Trees”. I am surprised, with the recent media blitz Ancestry has been doing that the server hasn’t completely crashed before now!

    Google has issues, so does Yahoo, Hotmail, eBay and the like – just take a moment, breath, and hopefully, they will be up and running soon – I have to think there is a lot of running around at Cooporate right now trying to get this issue resolved.

  252. lin

    Well, I am SURE that will rush to give all of their subscribers that pay the already TOO HIGH fees a refund for the time they cannot access!!!! I will not be holding my breath on that one. It also seems that there are too may times that Ancestor.Com is down and unavailable to it’s many subscribers. If would do the right thing, they would return some of their high fees to their subscribers, especially for days they couldn’t access their sites. Come on now step up to the plate for once and do what is right!!!!

  253. Jim

    I assume you have attracted too many customers to have this site work properly. Looking forward to being compensated for this “unplanned” maintenance.

  254. lin

    Why is it possible to access’s blog if they are experiencing trouble with

  255. When the water or electricity goes down here in Australia we don’t get or expect compensation,we’re just grateful that there’s people working their butts off to fix things. Your brakes aren’t failing & this isn’t going to kill you, or even shorten anyone’s life, so please stop the whingeing,& if anyone thinks they’re going to find a better site than Ancestry, then go for it, you’ll soon be back. Good luck guys & girls at Ancestry!

  256. We all break down from time to time so lets give them a little breathing space before we chop their heads off.I have been on here since 1998 and have always got good service so I will just hold my tongue until they get it up and runnin.

  257. Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate it.

    I love – I have no complaints. Yes, there are times when I’m frustrated, but for the amount of information that I’ve found, the brick walls that I’ve been able to work past, the connections I’ve made with other researchers and family, I’m more than happy.

    Just because your Family Tree portion is down, does not mean that I can’t use Ancestry in other areas. There is noting wrong with a pen and paper.

    Thank you for your site. Without it there is no way that I could have gone as far as I have with my family tree – over 35,000 researched individuals and growing.

  258. lin

    You say “We expect family trees on and its related international sites to be down for an extended period today”. That is for INTERNATIONAL SITES..What about just a plain ole standard subscription where one cannot access any international site. WHY are they down then???? We want a refund!!!!!!!!!!

  259. Carl Seibert

    Really folks. Why all the moaning and groaning? Things break every now and then.

    Although if they would have told us a little more info about what the failure was or whatever, maybe the whiners would not whine so loud.

    A previous blogger wrote that they should buy the “Family Tree” software and they’re right. It’s only $38.76 at Sam’s Club and probably cheaper on the net. My stuff is safe on my PC and it’s backed-up.

    Now, if I could only “push” the new data to from home. The only way (besides repeating the same steps) is to delete the old tree and download a new one. If it’s in the help files, I must be using the wrong keywords to search on.

  260. gizzi1213

    I have to agree with everyone else who is frustrated with this site. I’ve been a paying customer for years. If you planned on doing a blasted TV show that would generate new researchers, you SHOULD have made sure your servers were up to handing the influx! Obviously, you were only concerned with the new comers to the site.

    I also want to know if I’m going to be credited for all this recent frequent down time!

  261. This has now been 8 and a half hours and no Ancestry, will you be compensating us for being unable to use the site???
    A few hours we can understand, btu this is now rediculous.

  262. Mark

    I am amazed at the childishness and petty comments made by many others.

    Unexpected down time from a server system that is as large as ancestry must be, I would think is not supprising.

    And all you money grubbing people need to lighten up!

  263. Leslie

    Really annoying to find this happening a 10:30 in the morning on a weekday.
    I can understand it happening in the middle of the night but finding way too many “Unplanned Maintainence on Members’ Family Trees” in daylight hours lately!

  264. I held off joining Ancestry because I consider your fees too high to begin with. Now this “unscheduled maintenance”, which translates to “broke down,need to repair”. I will expect another day added to my year! Hope this doesn’t happen too often.

  265. Dani

    This is really quite entertaining and forget the wine, lets get the blender out and have a nice cold calming margarita.

  266. Patt Angell

    I like many others pay a substantial amount for the International service. This certainly isn’t routine maintenance. All sites do routine maintenance in the early hours of the morning when there are less people using the sites. That only makes sense to inconvenience as few people as possible. Even free sites do that. When you pay hard earned money for something you expect it to work. I realize that emergencies arise, but it doesn’t usually take all day long to fix. Routine maintenance times are supposed to keep “emergencies from happening” or at least keep them to a minimum. When you acquire more users obviously you are going to need more bandwidth. Ancestry should have planned for that in advance. I too would appreciate a day or two of service at no extra charge for the inconvenience. That would make a lot of the “complainers” a little more happy, including me. Please use the money that you received from us to improve things instead of not planning well enough and having the system crash.

  267. Eleanor

    Hi folks at Ancestry.Com—it’s almost worth your having problems, cause these 270+ comments today are such a kick!! Your subscribers never cease to amuse me. Good Luck, though.

  268. I am tired of this maintenance being done on this site. It should be done when people are sleeping, not on their days off or when we try to squeeze in some quality time to do our trees. Are we going to be compensated for all these interruptions? I think everyone on this site should be. Then there are times when I am working on the site and it will reset itself back to my sing in page. Why? Someone needs to do better in fixing the problems. Don’t get me wrong I do love the site but I shouldn’t have to pay for your mistakes or should anyone. Didn’t you’ll just have maintenance a couple days ago? You’ll have been down now for over four hours, when will you be back up and running? I will make a call to you’ll.

  269. Daniel Filtness

    Had my dinner, did the washing up. Fed the dog, took dog to park. Come home, made a mug of tea. Come back on here…..
    Still not working 🙁 18.37hrs UK.
    Not happy one bit…
    Still not working on FTM2010 nor FTM2009.

    Mind you, we could all get together and have a sing song i suppose…. what about ‘why are we waiting’ LOL

  270. Linda

    It’s not your fault. This day an age a computer with a bad trojan or virus is bound to crash any company. People don’t realize how many viruses are on websites they visit everyday of the week.

  271. Arlene

    Bemused #214 – Yes it could be hardware but still they’ve been changing the site considerably in the last few months – not always to the good – and having more and more problems – but my point is really – don’t use euphemisms. Say it like it is.

  272. I can’t believe all these cry babies… If they were half as concerned with accuracy as they are with chasing leaves this would be a much better website.. But no, we have parents married to children… parents 200 years old and having children after they have been dead 50 years or better yet mothers giving birth before they themselves have been born… Sometimes all I can do is laugh and say “MY Gosh people can’t you even do simple math?” Or do you just click on anything that comes up just to add people to your tree? My suggestion to ALL of you who read this is to PROOF READ WHAT YOU HAVE, before you add any more. And hope that one of the issues that gets fixed is that you can’t name a person the mother and also the spouse, that 6 year olds aren’t giving birth or dead people aren’t giving birth.. Family Tree Maker catches those things why can’t Ancestry? Most of the time it is a simple typo but atleast it is caught… However I do wish that Ancestry would take a double date for the first 3 months of the year during the Julian/Greco calander transition Family Tree Maker Automatically inserts 01 January 1711 as 01 January 1710/11, but Ancestry won’t accept that. Oh well, enough is enough… I’ll just keep ROFLMAO at the stupidity of some people. After all I’ve been doing Genealogy long before there were PC’s and I can still go to the libraries. Ancestry just makes it a lot easier than spinning you way through rolls and rolls of microfilm.

  273. Gail Brady

    Should I panic yet?? I just purchased a One year membership and can’t access anything.

  274. Diane

    How much longer do we have to wait to access our sites?
    We pay a significant fee for this service and it is also linked to my family tree so today, on my day off, I can’t do any work that I was so looking forward to.
    Any idea of when this will be resolved or why it can’t be done at another time which might be more convenient for some people?

  275. JBeaver

    I just signed up yesterday for one month now today cant do nothing. Wonder if they do this to keep you taking another subscribtion. I know I wont!
    What I did get yesterday I could get from our local library historical society Oh well had to try it thats all
    The tv program made it look like you wouldnt have a hard time finding ancestors guess mine was hiding out somewhere else when the census man came calling….

  276. Judy Melvin

    So, does this mean the WE will be CREDITED for the time that YOU are using since we can not get on to OUR family trees?

  277. Joe

    This is an issue that is preventable with simple redundancy. This is “IT sourcing on the cheap”, for which an “information services” company has no excuse. This is not “unplanned maintainence” mode, this is disaster recovery mode.

    End of the World? Nope. Credibility issue? Yep.

    Will my tree be there when I log on?
    Is my non public family info still private?
    Is my account information secure?
    Should I be promoting your service?

    Keyword for your low budget IT management types:

  278. Susan

    This is for Ellen Logan #241. There are tons of other sites out there, when I found them, that is when it really got fun. I use for my initial searches and for storing my information and then I go digging every where else. pilot search engine works well but then I go to individual states and counties and start digging for marriage records, reprints of obituaries, etc. and add that to my tree information. It is great to see how much additional information there is out there beyond census records.

    Might as well try it out now, looks like you have some free time!

  279. Danielle Duguay

    Depuis le début de mon abonnement à Ancestry,octobre 2009, c’est la première fois que je suis confrontée à un tel problême, quand j’ai ouvert mon site, que je ne retrouvais pas mes deux arbres et encore moins mes documents, j’étais découragée, aujourd’hui je vois l’importance de sauvegarder, imprimer et télécharger par GEDCOM mes informations, ce que je ne fais pas toujours.
    Je souhaite que Ancestry arrive à résoudre les problêmes et que je n’ai pas travailler tout ce temps en vain. Jusqu’à maintenant je considère avoir eu un bon service, mais je crois qu’aujourd’hui, Ancestry s’est royalement planté,et que cela va au-delà de la maintenance….j’espère le retour de votre bon service. Merci Danielle

  280. Aileen Wallace

    I would have to agree. It is happening now on a regular basis. When the site is up and active It is soo slow it becomes really frustrating. Yes I also agree it is not a major catastrophy but is a service we are paying for and I think this should be remembered !

  281. Alicia

    #302 Dani and #304 Eleanor Maybe we should make some margaritas and sit back in our recliners with our laptops and enjoy the show?? This is actually comical. (though sad as well)

    OH and BTW “Unscheduled” means NOT planned! Oops! Crap! What happened? Is the electricity out? Did a power supply go bad? Did a hard-drive fail?

  282. grama471

    I am really disappointed, as I am leaving Saturday, heading toward the area of Missouri where many of my ancestors lived for 4 or 5 generations. I have been busy printing out records to take with me, and I had planned to finish that task today. Not so, I guess. This really puts a kink in my plans.

  283. Rod the Mod

    This ‘problem’ has gone on too long. Since we are paying substantial sums to access the site you should be ashamed of yourselves. Get your act together!

  284. Kristina

    Not sure if anyone has noticed this but apparently there was a Family Tree Maker Webinar scheduled for today but they rescheduled it in June:

    “Our webinar scheduled for May 19th has been rescheduled to June 16th. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience we’ve caused and also thank those of you who have already registered and submitted questions. We hope you’ll be able to join us in June.
    We’ll provide more details in a couple of weeks.”

    I’m now thinking this was a planned maintenance (unlike the “unplanned” notice they have given….thoughts?

  285. Don

    Come on guys, I’m sure nearly all of you have experienced nightmares with computers either at work or at home. I’d like to remind many of you that some of us started doing Genealogy before their was an Internet, or even PC’s for that matter. Sites like this have made the impossible possible in this day and age. I for one will find other things to do, and check back from time to time. Have a great day everyone!

  286. M

    I hope Ancestry listens to us when we say we would like our memberships extended for the amount of time the trees are inaccessible. Taking advantage of their customers because they can is just wrong. Maybe I need to find a new hobby.

  287. Dorothy Koller

    I would just appreciate a time frame. I made time available today to work on my research and I would schedule other things if I knew how long the site would be unavailable. As for those who complain about the complainers……it is called free speech.

  288. Merrill

    While doing work on Monday night, Ancestry suddenly closed down, my browser closed, and I was sent back to my home screen. My apple computer hasn’t worked since!
    I recently replaced my hard drive to the tune of $$$$$$, so I sure hope that a lot of blown hard drives did not inspire this sudden “UNSCHEDULED MAINTENANCE”.

  289. jwh

    All sites have problems from time to time. Ancestry is not immune. Maybe, just maybe they will reward our patience with the 1911 England census OR the more recent BMD for Ontario that are already available at Ontario Archives! By the way Ancestry, just when can we expect the 1911 England Census and the recent Ontario Archives BMD to appear anyway?

  290. Bob

    It’s the end of the world as we know it! It’s the end of the world as we know it! It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!

  291. Vanessa

    Oh Dear,

    Lots of grumpy people…Im sure they are working as hard s they can you get this site up and running, its not worth stressing about, lets face your just waiting to use it … not trying to fix it how bad do you think they feel

    Thank you Ancestry good luck ill see you sooooon

  292. Judi Zimmer

    Annoying, yes. Catastrophic? No. At least, not yet. One day’s service (for the most expensive option) is $.82. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t be using the service in the first place. Instead of complaining about something which is in the process of being fixed, why not complain about the truly disastrous oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Priorities, people!

  293. Annie

    With you, Paula, 309 – careful research and a little proofreading would make for much better trees. Visited a tree yesterday with multiple family members who lived to be 140 and more, with women who gave birth at age 60 and more. Hope she has filed all that with Guinness World Records!

    To all those folks who say this should have been done in the wee hours – since it is a worldwide site, whose wee hours should have been chosen? Plus, “unplanned maintenance” means they had to fix something broken when it broke!

  294. Ruth Gehr

    I’m not sure what happened? I was working on my family tree from 5am-7:30am things seemed to be ok. After going through a lot of records and saving them to my shoe box I realized that’s down too :o( Now I have to remember everything I just saved so I can look for it all over again.

  295. Lucy

    I finally am allowed to find about my family, I pay and then nothing works, its not easy on benefits get it fix by tomorrow or i’m calling watchdog

  296. Wade

    You mean….you mean….I may actually have to go down to the genealogy library in town…and…and…and read BOOKS? and MAGAZINES?

    I feel a faint coming on….

  297. Barbara

    I know things happens!! I work on this everyday and I am lost with out it. you know morning thing, a cup of tea and I work on Family history.
    Thanks for your time..Barbara

  298. I’ve had a paid membership for over 10 years. In that time there have only been a handful of times when the site is down. I have more issues with other sites than this one – Wells Fargo comes to mind.

    If you are unhappy with Ancestry, then cancel your membership and go someplace else to find your ancestors. As another person said, court houses, cemeteries, historic offices, etc. Your gonna pay for gas, copies, etc and you must go when their office is open. Thus you will be taking time off from your job to do so – you can’t go there at 2am when you can’t sleep.

    Ancestry has done the leg work for you. They visited the places and made researching easy for the average person. You have to pay for that. The fee’s could be a lot higher.

    Go to the if you are so unhappy. They are free. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

    Good luck.

  299. Daniel Filtness

    YEA, thats a point…. Does anybody know when the 1911 uk census will be on Ancestry ??

  300. Bob

    Very good Judi #332……….less than a dollar a day for me as well. Reading these comments is worth the price of admission. I was on from about 0200-0400 EST working on a friend’s tree…….I was coming back to follow up on it after discussing it with her But I can be patient to wait until later. Toodles y’all…..going to bed = )

  301. Mollie

    Okay guys, lets not get our knickers in a twist. Im a high school student doing my culminating project on my family geneology and my project is due in a week. If i dont get it done, i dont graduate. Im not even freaking out as much as you guys. Besides, cut the guy a break. I get that we are all paying for this but if you never give someone a break, how can you expect anyone to ever give you one. Just relax, im sure that you guys have something else that you can do for a few hours while things get fixed. As for me, Im going to do my Physics homework.

  302. Anna

    I pissed right now. Where are your back up servers? I’m tired of the constant lag in service and you’re not listening to customer complaints but you are pulling in the money. Yes I am aware of the hours it takes to prepare documents but guess what? I don’t care as I’m a paying customer and I don’t pay for crappy service. I’m sure when you drive a new car off the lot of a dealership that you don’t expect the car to only work sometimes. You should have some system in place that allows users to download their tree in these situations. You’ve had nothing but problems for the past 6 months, consumers get tired of the excuses. Hire yourself experienced people who can keep your service well maintained at ALL times.

  303. Kathleen R. Sharp

    I am most unhappy with the inability to access the family tree sites for my ancestors. When maintenance is done is the DAYTIME, when people are more apt to be researching, remuneration should be provided!!!! You’re very quick to make sure that the monthly fee comes out automatically so that WE (so you say) are not inconvenienced. Put some of that amount BACK when YOU INCONVENIENCE US!!!

  304. Joseph Parente

    I was born in a small town in Italy, and I found my paternal ancestry on “OneWorldTree”. I was under the impression that Ancestry has not changed that data base in a number of years, but when I went to enter into my tree, a first cousin, five generations back, the husband and wife’s names were the same, (her middle name is missing), the birth, death, and marriage dates are the same, but now instead of thirteen children, they only have one, who was born 18 years after the marriage. One of the females married into a family with the same surname as my maternal grandmother, so now I can no longer check the descendants of that family. When I phoned, I was told to email the support site, but I still haven’t heard from anyone. Now Ancestry is having this problem, and I wonder what might happen to the almost 400 citations I have in my shoebox. Is there a Homer Simpson working at Ancestry, who might blow up the whole site?

  305. Ellen

    This technical problem doesn’t really seem like a hardship. My Swiss Mennonite ancestors were persecuted in the 16th Century by being submerged in frozen lakes, burned out of their homes, or sent naked into the Alps in mid-winter. My colonial ancestors’ kids died on shipboard to America. Some survivors from that faced being captured and scalped by Indians or succumbing to smallpox. Women died in childbirth; men died early deaths from horrendous farming conditions. So now, Ancestry goes down for a few hours and Americans are outraged. Outraged! Have we learned nothing from the courage and stamina of our ancestors? Time to review our paper record books, send off for those missing vital records or write our aging relatives. It’s called resourcefulness, and I thought we Americans were pretty good at it. If we can’t break the online addiction, we can even go to to get online records like censes, AGBI and pedigrees. Life is good!

  306. Cynthia Cox

    I would really like more specific communication. Maybe some updates on the progress. I agree that unscheduled maintenance is vague, like saying, hey, we know it isn’t working and are unsure when/if it will.

  307. William Holmes

    I hope maybe more research data may be uploaded!! Also I am looking forward to the 1940 Census data!

  308. AR

    I agree with Paula #309. I’ve stumbled into trees that gave me a good laugh.

    I’d like to be working on the site now too but OMG this isn’t the end of the world people. This is a great site and I’m looking forward to the repairs being completed.

  309. Pam

    I agree that we should get an extra day when we cannot use the service we paid for. I know things happen, but we should be compensated as paying customers. When it is time to renew my subscription, should I say ask me tomorrow, I am having technical difficulties today?

  310. Mary

    I am like a few others who believe if we are paying for something and not a little but a lot out of a pay check things like this need to be managed better or we get a day free. I do not get many day’s off working 2 part time jobs to support myself and family and doing this because I want to trace family is costly to me so free day at least would be good

  311. Diana

    There have been “technical problems” ever since Ancestry started their major advertising campaign . . which ar getting worse from week to week. The BEST MARKETING TOOL ??? . . . a SATISFIED paying customer.

  312. stan walker

    what i would like to know is if one great family and ancestry are combined why are yo trying to collect a montly fee for both also what other trees are also combined but charging for it to

  313. I live on a fixed income. I spend alot of time on and I make sure the bill is paid on my site every month and on the right day even I have an unplanned expense.
    The site just had a scheduled Maintenance a couple of nights ago.
    I am very irriated and am thinking about telling my family and friends about this. used to do this junk too and say sorry for your inconvence however they never make it right with us customers gee sounds like the government.

  314. Chris

    We should be fairly recompensed for time that the service is not available.

    Many of us have been Ancestry’s free advertising through word of mouth, and some of the best such advertising comes when the service screws up like this and then makes it up in some way.

  315. Teresa Fraser

    No problem. Thanks for the heads up. As long as I am able to research, no problem. I will add the information later to my trees. Perhaps I will read through some of your archived articles.

  316. Debbie

    I have over 14,000 names in our tree and truly hope that no information is lost. It has taken a long time for me to load and research.

    This maintenance seems to be happening quite often, is there a problem that has been unable to be resolved? We were just down the other night and I am just curious if we should be worried.

    I really enjoy your site and don’t want to lose it. It has been extremely valuable for the research I have been able to do.

  317. Alicia

    #360 Daniel – no biscuit, thank you… BUT, do you have a box of tissue?? I believe they may be needed here.

  318. William La Follette, Jr

    Keep up the good work at….. Keep making it better and keep buying this records that you have on here for us to look at.. Saves me a trip to the courthouse or out of state….Thanks… Bill

  319. Donna Thompson

    I think this site is great. But i am tired of the family tree tool, needing maintaince. I am working on two family trees. I have alot of information on this site. I do my backup, but you still should not have to do so much maintaince as you do. Ever since you have changed and updated you web page, their has been more maintaince being done. I would like to know when this problem will be fixed. Thank you for you time.

  320. Grace

    So people….seems a lot of people want to know if you will be tacking on an extra day to their subscriptions. Or just charging less.
    Can you provide that information to all your subscribers who are interested?
    I set aside this afternoon to do some work on my family tree, but what can you do!!!
    Guess I’ll go enjoy the sunny day up here in Waterloo, Canada.

  321. Vivian Simmonds

    If you really do appreciate our feedback then perhaps you should take note of all the comments here. Ancestry just seems to be hitting more and more problems, without ready solutions, resulting in a day like today.

    Your fees surely are high enough to employ the right staff for the right job – and if you do have the right staff for the right job then you obviously need to increase the numbers.

    Compensation of some kind is due to your members.

  322. dee

    I know it’s a hassle not being able to access our trees but getting mad won’t make the trees come back sooner.

    Instead of complaining, why not do stuff you’ve been putting off? Scan those pics. Review your research. Update your To-Do list. File those censuses, SS-5 forms, etc. With genealogy, there’s always something to do.

    As for the class-action talk, I’m sure there’s something in Ancestry’s Terms of Service which says there may be times when the site’s unavailable.

    p.s. I didn’t know we could transfer our ancestry trees to our FTM – is this something new with FTM 2010?

  323. maerickson

    Come on guys, speed it up. This is ridiculous. I am a senior and the money you charge doesn’t come easy. My time is still worth something. Not ready for Prime Time.
    Thank you.

  324. Maggie

    If all of you complaining ninnies would cancel your memberships as you are threatening to do, then maybe that will provide the relief the system needs to bring it back on-line for those of us who are exercising a little patience and understanding.

  325. Pete Jenner

    At last I found time to do some more research, but to find the site down again, this is getting more and more frustrating.
    Not only am I paying for access to this site I have spent more money on your family tree maker, how much more money is it going to cost me and others like me,I trust that you will be reimbursing people for the lost hours or day’s, by way of an extention to our memberships,or do we have to sign up to The Geneologist or Genes Reunited.

  326. Don

    Ellen (#349), Nicely said. I see this not only here, but site after site, where people get so indignant when life isn’t being perfect for them. I hope this the worst problem that I encounter for quite some time to come.

  327. Alicia

    I believe at the end of December, 2009, posted they had paid subscribers of 1,066,000. I’m sure the approximately 200 people here begging for their .65 for today will get a lot of attention. (i removed about 1/2 for those of us here for amusement only..)

  328. Tim

    Well, after reading all these comments it sounds to me that this is not something new for this site. If their IT and software people are that un-reliable then what about the actual research and data that is found that is my history…could that all just be something made up to Make Eric Shoup lots of money on trusting folks like us believe we are investing in something worth while…I was on a trial, but seriously considering just canceling as this sounds alot like the big boys in the finicial sector ( Wall Street) …Just making up anything to get peoplet to buy into so they can make lots of money…ummmm. very srange.

  329. Sharon Conley

    This is happening more often, I could understand if it was once in a while. I work on my tree daily and and really expect that my tree would be at hand for me. Over the past year there have been more and more delays, this has me rethinking my renewing my membership. I am paying for a service that isn’t always working.

  330. Linda B

    Our family’s business is technology – servers, etc. The internet is great but it is not perfect. Servers going down and maintenance (scheduled or unscheduled)is very common. On the whole, is very reliable and I have truly enjoyed the ten years or so that I have used your service. I believe I have received my money’s worth. Sorry I’ve waited so long to give you a “high five.”

  331. Rebecca Whiting

    I agree with the masses – having been a paying member for a decade and finding it still impossible to speak with a live person there is ridiculous. Please credit my account the prorated amount I pay for an annual membership. I want to be paid for every hour of “unexpected maintenance” and regular maintenance should be scheduled between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. I must have accumulated at least a week of free service and fully expect it. Didn’t we learn anything from Toyota? You cannot expect to grow like lightning and not work harder on your technology. There are too many free sites out there and my genealogy library offers free use of this site, so get with it.

  332. Jack Broome

    Thank you for the update. I know these things happen to any computer system. I would rather you keep down and take all the time you need to correct the problem than keep an ailing system up risking the loss of data. I’ve been a subscriber for almost three years and this is the first time it’s effected me. That’s a very good record! Ignore the haters!

  333. William La Follette, Jr

    i got the USA package for 150 a year…. i think that alone will save me GAS MONEY @ 2.79.9 a gallon
    y`all need to get sum cheese to go with your whining… i do understand the letdown your having but you have to remember everything breaks down ever now an then… even your car and your house…. i`m sure they are fixing the problems they have now so just lay back… relax and chat i nthe chatroom…. ops they don`t have a chatom do they? HEY ANCESTRY HOW ABOUT A CHATROOM??????

  334. Sandie

    I’m most disappointed with these interruptions in service, most companies would be held accountable for a disruption of service yet ancestry does not feel they are held accountable. Disappointed enough to move to another provider, yes joined one today!

  335. Vicky

    Ancestry PLEASE do your best to fix the problem. We have a family reunion coming up this summer & I still have a mountain of people to input & research. Please, Please, Please do more than your best to fix this problem.

  336. Katie

    When you pay for a service and you don’t get it, you should be compensated, plain and simple. It won’t happen, everyone knows that, but I’m required to stand behind what I sell and they should too. If you go to the movies and the film breaks, you get another movie and another time.

  337. Colin

    Gosh! I’m glad some of these moaners aren’t MY relatives! …. Yikes! Come to think of it, maybe they are! Oh, well, at least I wont’ be finding that out today while the site is down 🙂
    And for all those who think that down times should only be “after hours”, spare a thought for those of us who live in the rest of World (that’s the place from where many of your ancestors came!) – your “after hours” are our “hours”!

  338. Holly

    Quite a few of the comments I’ve read proves how much our society is demanding Instant Satisfaction!

    My goodness the people who are complaining so rudely, are obviously newer to this site. Yes folks we pay for it but come on, things happen. I have been with Ancestry for almost 10 years and have encountered very few interuptions.

    Also stop and think how many costly trips you would have to take, how much money you would spend sending away for the information that is at your finger tips.

    I use Ancestry at least 6 days a week and am very happy with their preformace. I started genealogy many years ago when there were no computers in homes, no internet, so that meant lots of hard expensive work!

    Bravo to Ancestry!

  339. Ron

    I can’t believe you guys – your are out running movies on to get more people to join and you can’t even handle the people you have. This is the third Time within a month that i can’t get to my tree -it sucks. Get your act together.

  340. Ellen

    Dee, #371 — You can download your Ancestry tree as a .gedcom file and open it in most any family tree software. FTM has always been able to open .gedcom files. I download my Ancestry family trees about once a month to have backups in case Ancestry goes down. Like today. You find the download link in the “manage tree” section of your family tree. Of course, Ancestry will have to be up again before you can do it! (doink!)

  341. John

    Does your electric utility compensate you if the power is off, I don’t think so, does the Cable company compensate you if the cable goes down, I don’t think so.

    Why expect theses fine people to compensate you. Like electric utility and cable where would you be without them? Driving all over the country using expensive gasoline in your car.

    Give them a break.

  342. Debra Thompson

    #309 Paula, There is a lot of mistakes that people make when adding to family trees. But to their defence, it is really hard to put certain names to families and dates. If you have not realized it, but long time ago families named family members after cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers,fathers, and mothers. So the same name repeats its self a lot and dates of births for the same name are very close. Early census don’t list members of the family by daughter, son, etc., so some of the names listed with a family member could not be their children, but a brother or sisters child. If we could all afford to do it, the best research would be to go to every state and county that our family lived. We are at the mercy of the information that is on the internet. There is a lot of information that has been lost due to war, fires and poor records. I am working on a second family tree book at this time and it is upsetting that I can’t get into my family trees too, but this won’t speed up the fixing of the site. I have been part of this site for almost 1 1/2 now and have never had any problems.

  343. Katie

    How about an update on the time line for restoration of service. Tomorrow or possibly today.

  344. Don

    Paula (309) You hit the nail on the head. Some of the trees on here would be funny if they weren’t being used by person after person. Another thing that annoys me is that their are messages 10 years or more older on their message boards. They could free up a lot more space on their servers if they would automatically delete all messages more then a couple of years old.

  345. Daniel Filtness

    #347 Don… there you go, 1 coffee, black.

    Calling out ”Tea…. Coffeeeee… Newspapers….”

  346. Misty

    I am quite enjoying reading the people complaining about the people complaining. Really enjoying the people on the “be patient” side calling the folks on the “what’s going on?” side rude names.

    Everyone has a right to express their opinion. I am more shocked at how rude some folks here are being that I am at the downtime, or the folks upset about it.

  347. Chris

    My shoebox is also missing. And I too think we should be compensated in some way. I have been debating wether or not to continue my subscription as it is.

  348. De Colie

    Computer repair is some times is unexpected if you want to do just research go to a number other other sites and sve your info in a note pad then when Ancestry is back up post it on your tree! There is,,, and just to name a few I do research on them but my main tree is on here good luck everyone and have a great day!

  349. Chris

    Less money on advertising for new members – more money on improving the service for the members you already have.
    Still beats sitting around in County Record Offices & Libraries. Sort it out!

  350. patricia boen

    To the one who said this: “Google has issues, so does Yahoo, Hotmail, eBay and the like – just take a moment, breath (sic), and hopefully, they will be up and running soon.”

    uh, I am not paying three hundred bucks a year to access Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, eBay “and the like”. And I don’t recall ANY of those sites having an extended crash.

  351. Rebecca Whiting

    Okay William LaFollette, Jr., don’t sympathize. Just try contacting customer service and hold your breath until a human being responds. I am a realist; not a complainer. I want what I promised in exchange of my hard earned dollars. “chat i nth chatroom….” Yuck.

  352. Maureen

    Hope you sort things out soon, I love Ancestry and the help given in tracing the past. I know anyone can get a tech.glitch just hope its not serious.

  353. I guess I will go over to the National Archieves to find out what I need. As been posted, it’s becoming more frequent that these unplaned events happen and longer offline. Not only that, problems with duplications of material and unable to do something about it. Not only that, I cannot upload pictures and other material into my line. They once had this very nicely but now. woops.

  354. Katie

    Thanks for the update. Now I’ll go run some errands and check back later. Hope I can do some work on my tree today.

  355. Linda

    Anyone remember the Conflicker worm that happened to Salt Lake City not too long ago?? It seemed to proliferate into worms, trojans, and viruses. I wouldn’t mind going through and scanning the trees. It’s better than a computer crash!!! You are paying to use their services, and post your tree publicly or privately. If you want your tree for your personal use there are all kinds of software you can get for your computer to make your own family tree.

  356. Dianna

    I agree with Lynne Black and Kevin H. Give us a way to merge duplicates, please!! And to Williams comment, a free comp to Family Tree Maker 2010 to back up our data is a great idea. Love it Sam, post 18, Kevin H, post 33 and Lorraine, post 119! is a great site for research compared to how we used to have to research 20 years ago. Hope you get it up and running again soon! We’re all waiting!

  357. Dianne

    #349 Ellen…. great post. I am frustrated because I have tried over and over all day, but I know it is an addiction that runs deep for me. I am reading old hand written letters, preparing to enter bits of data when the site does come back. This sure has reminded me to take a min and download the gedcom every time I exit the site! Only problem is I don’t think I have all the notes and photos with that. Didn’t think about it until just now. I have been out of the game for a few years and recently got the addiction relapse! lol. Hurry Ancestry I am having crazy withdrawls!

  358. dixychik

    While you are doing all this maintenance, why don’t you do some things to make it easier for people to enter information. Like a screen where you can enter twelve children or more at one time, instead of one at a time. Or some simple things that any ordinary blog can do, like slideshows. And while you’re at it, get rid of that putrid green color on every page that I despise. The reason you get away with charging outrageous prices, and shutting down whenever you feel like it is because you have no real competition. You aways brag about listening to the customers, but you never listen to the customers. Fire everybody and hire some people who know what they are doing.

  359. herb

    I do not really mind this occasional unplanned maintanice, but what I have complained about for so many years is the search function returning to many hits. It would seem to me that if you are looking for a “Name” “Birth Date” and place of birth and “Death Date” and place that the search function would only return those hits that would include the birth state, and death state if different. But alas it will return hits that are from all over the world, and names that are not even close to what your searching for. I know from years of work in the Navy that you can fix the search fields to eliminate those hits from places other than the state or country your looking for. So my comment is long but it would be nice if you would fix your search function to return what it is your actually looking for, I do not like looking thru several thousands of hits that should not be there to start with.

  360. Katie

    Herb #419, use advanced search and check “exact” on the name, birth date, year, residence…anything. That will help whittle down your search. That’s one feature I’m really happy about!

  361. Len

    I have a problem when I searching my family that the search is not using the birth date or death date or marriage date to pull up the correct census records, family records, etc. Example: Searching for father in my family born in 1823 & died in 1863. Only Census Records 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, etc. showup with my search.

  362. Wendy

    I hope it fixes the problems that I have been having…. At home, I have DSL cable and I have to hit the Refresh button A LOT, because I get pages full of symbols and garbage.

  363. carl smith

    Just my luck. I just upgraded my account this morning to a paid account and now I can’t use it!

  364. herb

    Katie 420, I have tried all the things they tell me to try, they have sent me emails showing me how to do this, I try but it still returns way too many hits on the names I am trying to search for. But thanks for the reply lol

  365. David DeWalt

    Thanks for working on the problem. I’m an IT guy and I know that problems occur unexpectedly whether it be a hard drive/disk farm failure, power outage, network link down or any other issue out of your control. I’d rather you take the system offline and fix it correctly than leave it up and have data corruption. I’ll wait and try again later.

  366. Colleen Wilson

    I also would like to know when the 1911 census will be available and are you going to make us pay extra for it.
    This old lady does not know what to write in the space that says your website.

  367. Jim

    I haven’t read all these entries, but I know this – this is NOT unplanned maintenance – this is a system crash. Unfortunately, you cannot schedule system crashes. You DO NOT have maintenance during peak hours, and in the unlikely event that you do, you will know how long you’ll be out of the water. Either, they have lost a LOT of servers, or some piece of software has glitched – which means it was not tested properly. Too much traffic would result in slow service, not no service. Now, I would hope that they have everything backed up, might lose a few updates, so we should be all right. This smells more than anything like a denial of service or hacker attack messing up some unsecured software.

    As for getting a rebate – HA!

  368. Karen

    I totally agree with comment #419 & comment #1
    …and I might add, when you pay your hard earned money for a service “What kind of service do you expect to receive”???

  369. Shalanda Wilson

    I think you are doing a great job and these things happen. This site has helped me so must and I really do appreciate your hard work.

  370. Melanie Reed

    My concern is the new people who have never actually done research and don’t know how to source their findings to verify them and will create inaccurate family trees which of course causes more inaccurate hits for us who would never add anything to our family tree that is not sourced. Of course this has already been occurring it has now just exploded.

  371. Maureen

    I’ve just begun a further extension to my tree! Logging on and finding my trees missing was a terrible shock. I hope all the info is intact, it represents years of commitment and research. I hope the site is up soon! Refunds and/ or site account extensions would be considerate. Hey #347, I could go for that coffee right about now!
    Thanks All.

  372. I am so proud to be a member. I was just discovered to be a missing link in our family and was located a family member that had been looking for his birth name, as he had been adopted some 65 yrs. ago. If I hadn’t been a member he would have never discovered his lost family. I can’t thank this sight enough!

  373. ginger

    This is appalling. I’m working on a deadline to complete a MyCanvas project and need this site to be up. The last time I was on a deadline several months ago, the same thing was happening.

  374. Judith Kukowski

    Oh! Such impatience by so many! Yes we are paying for this service. But it’s a whole lot cheaper than flying around the world to retrieve records.
    #347, I like mine plain. But a shot of whiskey would be nice. LOL

  375. Stu Hitchner

    Everybody just Chill!!!!! Let them fix whatever needs to be fixed and just get over it! It’s not a perfect world….”Do I get an extra day subscription????” Geez….quit being a bunch of babies.

  376. familyhistorycrw

    I have several trees on and have had a membership for about three years. I must say, in ancestry’s defense, this is the first time that the tree has been unavailable for an extended period of time. I do not know what the issue, but I am okay with it as long as my information and research is safe. I am a genealogy addict as well and do miss being able to use it but we must understand that things break and have to be fixed.
    Thank you,, for making my genealogy research much easier.

  377. Luana Alger

    ‘Unplanned Maintenance’??? Could it possibly be that this is the ‘Politically Correct’ way of saying, ”Sorry guys, but someone screwed something up during the ‘Scheduled Maintenance’ we had on Thursday morning. We were just letting a few days warm your feet before doing this so you, hopefully, wouldn’t put two and two togeher. And, by the way, we’ll still be hitting your credit card up as scheduled. That system never goes down.”… Can you say aggravating?… Now for a good question… If my tree is so safe, why did make me create another tree?… You can bet I called your tech support line as soon as it was possible. I can say that ‘an extended period’ tells us NOTHING… That could be 3 hours or 3 weeks for all we know. At 6 1/2 hours since I first logged in to access my tree that was not there, it’s already been way too long as it is already. Grrrrrr!

  378. Linda B

    For those of you who are threatening to cancel your memberships or that you can’t afford the other packages, you can always go to your public library – any public library all over the country – and access your account. You can even get into other countries like Great Britain – for FREE ! The libraries have a special version of Ancestry. I did that for a long time until I could afford a membership. Another thing – Ancestry doesn’t go down nearly as much as my Charter service does! I can’t work on my family trees then either.

  379. Gary David

    Having been involved with computers (IT world) since before there were pc’s in homes I can understand the glitches that happen, and they DO happen! For people with the lack of patience, or the lack of what goes on behind the “scenes”, CHILL OUT. I’ve been using Ancestry for many years and have had no gripes whatsoever. With the added subscribers and, from what I’ve seen lately, people NOT paying close attention to DATES, I’m sure the “overhead” being seen on the servers is overwhelming and the degree likely not expected. NO business can ever predict what growth happens. If these problems are due to hardware or networking, patience, these things happen and always will. People that aren’t satisfied can always go back to just pencil and paper with a full tank of gas in your vehicle.
    I love it here!

  380. Jeanne

    I completed by 2 week free trial, I’m 3 weeks into my first month subscription and this is the second time the trees have been down. Hope this is not a chronic issue because I’m enjoying the research immensely and it’s disappointing not to be able to dive in when I have some free time.

  381. Ellen

    Diane #417 — When you download your family tree .gedcom, the photos and records that you attached to individuals in Ancestry are included in the gedcom, but they are only http links to the records in Ancestry. So no, you don’t get the actual records included in the gedcom file. One of my continuing projects is downloading the records as pdfs or image files to my computer. I can’t afford to stay subscribed to Ancestry indefinitely, so I do appreciate the ability to download records for my own use. It is time-consuming though. I think that overall, Ancestry is an awesome collection of interlocking databases and the retrievals are just stunning. I will eventually upgrade briefly to get Italian records for my husband’s ancestors, once Ancestry turns more to working on Italy. Can’t wait for Bohemia / Czech Republic, too. We live in an amazing internet era, no? I think the community here is pretty cool, overall.

  382. Jamie Tinkler

    This is the first time i have used this site and i was at first impressed and was thinking of paying to become a member, i have now decided against this due to these ongoing problems.

  383. Martha

    It took over 1 minute for an historical records search to appear. I would not say “historical records collections hasn’t been impacted…”

  384. Christine

    Running out of time, Took the afternoon off to get stuck in.Also Reading others comments finding their Family Tree Maker will not to merge with Ancestry who tells me there should not be a problem or alternatively they are two separate companies. Groan!

  385. Ed

    #436 – Aha, so we’ve learned the cause of this outage – Ginger working on a deadline. LOL.

  386. melanie

    Are we going to get credit for the time we are unable to access our Trees? I have limited time to work on this and it is very frustrating.

  387. Linda Holley

    My goodness what a bunch of children! Bad things happen to websites all the time. Don’t you people have anything to do today but grip about Ancestry. What would we do without it – I know, buy subscriptions to 10 different sites to find the same amount we find on Ancestry – just like they have to do in Northern Ireland and after they find it they have to pay more to actually look at the record.

    As for records loading slowly – that’s not Ancestry’s fault that’s your fault that you do not have wireless.

  388. Harry Miller

    Here’s an idea………….How about notifying us by email when the Member Family Trees are up and running again. In that way we don’t have to keep bringing up the site to check its progress.

  389. Gunilla Anteryd

    #333 Annie: Thank you for being the only (?) one looking outside the US – there are parts of the world where there actually is daytime when it’s in the middle of the night in America. At the moment, it’s 8.30 p.m. here in Sweden, a time of day which is perfect to do some research. I can’t access my tree either, and I use the Swedish ancestry-site. Too bad, but do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to take my dog for a long walk in this gorgeous weather and maybe check back later. Or maybe tomorrow, there’s no rush.
    Be patient, folks, things do break down – and they usually do it at the most inconvinient time.

  390. Louise

    What a business! I pay you money to give you information. I’m now thinking of just a desktop tree and doing my research elsewhere, all over the internet, which is rarely down.

  391. Debbie

    226- you have got to be kidding. We all have credentials. You need to get a life. What does spouting all of your “accomplishments” (I use that word loosely) have to do with
    This is crazy to read from everyone. Certainly worth the price of admission.

  392. Sue Sanna

    I have enjoyed using your site – was sorry however to find the trees not working today. Shall keep checking and hope it can be resolved today.

  393. Allison Conklin

    Everyone who is gripping about getting a “FREE” day of usage tacked onto their monthly fee, let’s take a brief moment and do the math. If you pay $29.95 a month (like I do) and you divide that by 31 (there are 31 days this month) that comes out to a WHOPPING $0.97 that you will loss for every day that it is down. It might be a much stronger case if the site is going to be down for half of the month. On another note, I am frustrated just like everyone else is about not being able to feed my “addicition” but tomorrow’s another day. It will be OK. Promise.

  394. Charnell

    # 390 – Colin ,I agree!!
    I have been a member for several years and this the first time its happened to me. Guess I’ll go take some pictures of headstones for people’s requests.
    # 31 – you are correct – this is soo small compared to the oil spill.

  395. carl smith

    After reading some of the comments here, it looks like this is a “chronic” problem with I think I’ll cancel my account before the 14 day period is up so that I won’t be out the money. Too bad, it seems like this could be a good source for information if they had the right people in place. It seems like they do not know what they are doing!

  396. Dee

    Thanks for letting us know. You guys are doing a magnificent job with the work you are doing. I am still amazed by the creative and extensive connectivity tool available, between trees, researchers and search fields. Fantastic! and you are always working to improve and expand. Unbelievable. The price is very reasonable for what we receive in return. Thanks!!

  397. At last it’s warm again, there’s a nestbox full of great tit nestlings outside in the garden to watch, the washing has dried nicely on the line, there are lots of flowers in bloom, – all to see from my window. There’s more to life than family research although I enjoy that too of course. Just quit moaning and get a life! Love from Bedfordshire, England

  398. For those of you in America who think you are the most important people of all let me just tell you that those of us who live in other parts of the world are on ‘peak time’ while you guys are in ‘sleep time’, so less of the ‘do it on sleep time’ rubbish!
    Please give us some consideration as well as it is just as frustrating for us when we try and use the site to be told to ‘try again later’.
    I pay a yearly subscription! Like a lot of other people I think we should have extended time on our subs for all the times we can’t get on the site!

  399. Kat

    Bothers me too, everytime it happens, even the planned times! I am a night person and stay up late to work on my trees. I guess there is no good time for them to do upkeep work. But I think the service provided is worth the money I spend. This is the first time I have heard that our info is safe, I have never lost anything during these ‘time down’, is that a realistic worry?

  400. Linda B

    Carl #464 – This is NOT a “chronic” problem with Ancestry. I’ve been a member for 10 years and am working in Ancestry sometimes 10 hours a day (or until my eyes cross!). I can count on one hand the times Ancestry has been down like this.

  401. Molly Kernan

    I have no gripe with for an occasional maintenance outage. It happens in EVERY business, and in my experience with Ancestry, it has only happened a couple of times over the last year and a half.

    My chief complaint is that many people who post trees to Ancestry don’t bother to validate and source their work. (And sorry, I don’t think of OneWorldTree as a reliable source.) As a result, many trees contain really bad data.

    While the trees are down, consider using Ancestry’s SEARCH tool to look for new things about your ancestors or to locate sourcing to back up your existing data.

    One of my favorite reading sections is the STORIES, MEMORIES, and HISTORIES section of the card catalog. There are a lot of old books in this section. Many are county histories that were published in the early to late 1800’s. Many of them contain biographies of early residents, and I have found several very-lengthy biographies on some of my ancestors with information about their children. With the trees down, now would be a good time to look at what is available.

    Even if you don’t find mention of your family, there will no doubt be mention of what was happening in the community when your family lived there. In one of these fabulous old books, I found out that at about the time that my family moved to New York, the entire town had been torched by Indians. This explained their motivation for migration.

    You can also start a list of resources checked but for which nothing was found on your ancestors. Keep that list up-to-date and along with the surnames searched, and when you’re looking for something in the future, you’ll know which resources you’ve already tried.

    Ancestry has a lot to offer besides the Family Tree section. If you are going through withdrawal, take a look at some of Ancestry’s other wonderful tools.

  402. Cheryl Sterrett

    Lighten up people and cut them some slack.
    I have been a member of Ancestry at my current level for ten years and prior to that about six for a total of sixteen.
    I have never had a problem. Maintenance has to be done to maintain the site.
    The people at Ancestry are some of the best to work with including in the area of customer service.
    Great Job Ancestry.

  403. Misty

    @ #460, Jamie Tinkler: try – they have a lot of records available, including census, birth, marriage, and death. Good resource.

  404. Diane

    Today’s my day off and I have really been looking forward to working on my ancestry site which I also pay dearly for!
    Can anyone tell us how much longer we will have to wait?
    I can’t even work on my Family Tree program as they are linked!
    Why can’t this stuff be done at a time that might be more convenient for most of us?
    I really wonder about that given the fees we pay.
    Any idea how much longer the wait will be as it has been hours already?

  405. Brad

    Thanks for the hard work guys on fixing the problem.
    For the others, Maybe some reimbursement should be done for those that seem to be checking while at work. Maybe your employer can ask you to reimburse them for the time you spend not actively working. Retired so I can check when I want, and look forward to researching all the people that have been dead for decades. Also, if you are worried about losing your information, your fault for not backing it up. Any 4th grader in a computer 101 class knows that. Download the ged file and keep it as a backup.

  406. KIM HALL

    Just to let people know, I have subscribed to this site since 2007 and I NEVER had a problem with the site being down until recently. I guess since the show Who Do You Think You Are aired, the site is being heavily used. Be patient people…..this is a first.

  407. Cynthia Jarrell

    This is costing me money when I can’t look at what I have saved and forgot to backup somewhere else. I have trusted ancestry but like others have said many problems seem to arise lately especially since you are expanding. You think maybe the company has taken on to much or shareing the information with someone else? I am a very patient person but this is rediculious. I work late trying to get a job out and forget once to backup somewhere else and now I am waiting on you so I can work. I feel each member should receive some sort of a discount for this since you are costing me around $300.00 and I am sure I am not the only person.

  408. Alan Lathrop

    Too bad this site has the best searching I can find. I have tried others and have to keep coming back. Everytime I see you advertising on TV then I try to search and it says that only partial results are available, please try again some other time for complete results. There is much more down time this year than I have ever seen before.

  409. Jim

    I am having no problem searching and saving to family tree maker 2009. I have access to everything except family trees.

    I can put it in my onsite tree later

  410. Deborah

    First let me say I really appreciate this site, what is offered, & I have learned so much about my family because of this site. I enjoy it tremendously! However, there are many trees on here that are not reliable & some lineages that are just plain wrong! Some people take information off another tree just so they can add more people to their tree – I have personally encountered people who do this sort of “collecting”. With all the new interest in this website, it is only going to get worse. Even some of the sources are wrong – if you will look in fine print, some source information may actually be coming from something someone submitted from their personal family group information that is wrong. So people beware!

  411. Darla

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Unlike many of the posters here, I’m very grateful for your service and will not expect reimbursement of time unless it gets excessive. Thanks for all the work you do to connect us to our history. Keep up the good work!

  412. Sue

    Yes, a breakdown is inconvenient. Is Ancestry expensive? No way. Whatever your plan, Ancestry is very inexpensive. Does that mean that everyone can afford it? No. It is way less expensive per day than taking trips(even “downtown” especially to find digital images of documents and books which are not in my home. Did anyone have to get dressed, go out into something less than a perfect weather day, pay for gas/lunch/tolls/parking/hotels/special transportation/child or elder care, set aside a block of hours for research? I didn’t think so. Do you hold each of your other favorite sites to the same standards? Do you pay anything for them? As a set of researchers, we will find the money to get the information we need. Sometimes we have to save for it, but we find a way. Some can go to a local public library (paid for by someone’s taxes) and use the subscription for Ancestry or books there. You pay less directly for the site and you don’t own the books, but you pay more than accessing site from home at generally any hour of the day or buying those books. Users not in the US complain about the maintenance hours which occur during their “prime” time. Breathe in deeply. Exhale slowly. Organize your files and come back. Maybe…

  413. Richard Lewis

    #309 Paula – superlative. Superlative.

    The issue for me is NOT the fact that the site is down. It is the CONTEMPT in which the paying subscriber is held. It is a ‘need to know’ situation, and WE don’t need to know. You log on to your bank; unplanned maintenance, no explanation. You go to the train station – a cancellation, no explanation. You go to the doctor – they are running half a day behind time, but no explanation.

    So; what EXACTLY is the problem? A viral infection? Someone hacked in? Servers beyond their sell-by date?

    Seems to me that the business community, world wide (banks included) have forgotten that it us ‘ag labs’ who keep the wheel turning.

    I would suggest a free upgrade to world subscription for a month. If you are already on world subscription, ummm.

  414. I meant to have added that even with the frustration of finding that the site is down again I think Ancestry do an awesome job and I will stay with them as long as I am researching my tree. They constantly strive to make things better and easier for us mere mortals and I find myself amazed as how everything just works when you add a new piece of information to a family tree.
    So even though I get frustrated when the site is down I think we should give them a huge pat on the back.
    Without this site me and a whole lot of others would not have found family members and I now have more cousins than I ever new I had:)

  415. Gwen

    I have had such a laugh reading your comments – I love this site and use it every day but its not the end of the world if it goes off for a while it is not hurting anyone – there are many problems in the world – just consider that.

  416. Linda Lawrence

    What a shame. We use to call “vapor ware” our products that sales promised but were not yet able to do what was promised. Hope this gets “permanently” taken care of.

  417. Claire Rosenberger

    Okay, yes, this is not the end of the world. Okay, yes, it is expensive and we feel like we are getting ripped off when we can’t get to what we are paying (a lot) for. Clearly, there are server or storage issues that need to be addressed. I have read a lot of the comments, and I have to say some of you are VERY funny and should have your own show. If it weren’t for this unfortunate situation, I wouldn’t have found out about the blog! I’ll be back!

  418. Carol

    I was concerned about the site being overwhelmed since those tv marketing spots started. As if ancestry didn’t overload enough before they decided to double their membership! I certainly hope we are not going to get more of this in the future.


  420. Margaret Wilson

    It’s all very well saying historical records are still available. What’s the use of these when you can’t access your tree to find out what records to search for. This downtime is really out of order. Just remember that all of us pay your wages.

  421. C & J Fuller

    We’ve used your website for several years now and have discovered ancestoral records and stories which we would never have found otherwise. These stories have enriched our lives, as well as those of our children and others relatives (as we share the new info with a growing group of interested famiy members). It has helped us understand some of the family characteristics that we believed were unique to a particular person, or persons, in our family…only to discover that these same traits were apparently part of an extended family heritage. It has made our family stronger.

    We also own business web-sites and understand the great frustration when sites encounter technical problems…for both the users and the developers. We understand the expensive cost also involved in the tech support and programming end of the maintence.

    So…even though we were disappointed when we couldn’t log-in to our tree to work on it today…we also appreciate your team trying to work on it quickly so it continues to be the valuable resource it has been for years for families.

  422. Claire Rosenberger

    oh and by the way, we all know what “Unplanned Maintenance” means. Please don’t treat us like idiots.

  423. Carol Y

    I use Ancestry almost daily and the number of times over the years that it has been down when I tried to use it can be counted on one hand. Thank you for literally hundreds of hours of pleasure and entertainment as I search for my various families.

  424. Dee

    It is not a matter of chill. It is a matter of
    Professionalism. Would you want your electric to go out this often? Your physicians and nurses are
    human too. How about if you wait 9 hours for your meds
    or if the surgeon falls asleep during your heart surgery.Subpar performance is becoming acceptable.
    Just because you are an IT guy and no one will die,
    that is not an excuse for poor planning and poor performance. Those that accept this level of service must work for the government.

  425. Becca

    No. 309 (and 398, and 400): LOL, it’s so true about people just blindly accepting whatever someone else wrote, without bothering to read it critically and see whether it even makes sense! In fact, you may notice that often the same typos appear in ten different trees for the same person (e.g., place names). And the biggest irony, of course, is when people copy a note that points out some of the discrepancies – but apparently they don’t actually read it, as they don’t then correct the discrepancies but just repeat them! It’s not a matter of confusing names – but when someone is said to have “married” on a date 60 years after their death (and 110 years after their birth), and when the person they are said to have married also has a complete tree that is incompatible with their having lived in the same century – well, it’s not rocket science to see that something is off somewhere and that a little more research should be done before just adding it all, and perpetuating the errors.

    I agree this current situation is a frustrating thing to encounter, but I disagree that it happens “all the time” (I’m on here “all the time,” at least according to my husband, and I surely would have noticed). I also disagree that the site is slow – I have never found that to be the case, and suspect it’s mroe to do with the user’s browser and internet connection, or their computer, than anything on the site.

    I can’t imagine doing this research all from scratch – most of it would be completely impossible, because I never would have known where to go to get the “from scratch” records. For instance, through Ancestry I was able to view a photocopy of the original of my great-grandparents’ marriage information, in a handwritten book from 1840 – but before Ancestry I would not have known what state, much less what county, would have the records. The same goes for a different great-grandfather’s Civil War information and his widow’s application for a Confederate Widow’s pension – I got the actual records from the Tenessee State Library, but did not know his full name or his widow’s name, before finding a great deal of information through Ancestry.

    It was also through Ancestry trees and the generosity of other members that I was able to show my mother (84 years old) a photo of her own great-grandparents – she was astonished, and I was delighted (and I reciprocated by posting photos of her grandparents, which weren’t previously on line, so some others had the same type of experience). And through Ancesry, I have connected with several family connections, most of whom have information and/or photos that I did not have – and without Ancestry, I would not even have known of their existence, much less been able to exchange information with them. Pesonally, I think it’s a great site, and provides a fabulous service, and at a reasonable price for what it offers.

    When it comes to computers, “things happen” (and it does make me nervous so I decided to do something about it; just by coincidence, I finally got around to buying Family Treemaker and installed it – and downloaded my main Ancestry tree – a couple of days ago). And now – I’m going to go back to work, and perhaps get more done than on a normal day (given that a “normal day” includes several breaks to do research).

  426. Victoria

    Do you know what? I think Ancestry has been hacked into – never mind I’m off to open a bottle of wine!! Cheers everyone.

  427. Lisa K. Pike

    Since I have lost what seems like it is going to be a whole day of my subscription this month due to unavailability, will a day be added to this month before I’m charged for another month?

  428. Shelly

    This kind of makes me sad. I always thought of Ancestry as a happy place, I never met my mothers side of the family due to my Grandmother and mother moving to the States. This site has given me soooo much information and I look forward to my time on here each day, and yes, I am addicted, but it makes me happy.
    I am sure the IT techs are not sitting around drinking a beer and playing darts.

    I guess I will say if anyone on here is from the Walker family in Durham or the Deluce family. Hello!!!

  429. DD

    My question is this: How can a church organization have sole ownership of Federal and State government records??? When I began researching back in the 1990’s, it was all free, including DAR!!

  430. Annette Rance

    Needless to say that I am one of many who are just a little cheesed off with Ancestry ‘going down’ yet again. What’s the problem? Could it be that your adverts have overpowered your web sight!

    I have just signed up and paid for another year of ‘World Wide Service for the 4th Year running and it seems to be that it’s getting worse – should I cancel my membership, sadly because I am retired and have little else to do with my time, being disabled, I must continue to rely on what has become part of my daily life – (sad old thing)

  431. Sherry

    To Eric Shoup: Take all the time you need for maintenance, scheduled or otherwise – these comments are far more enjoyable and entertaining!
    To #347 Daniel: It’s time for a fresh pot of coffee; I’ll take a cup with cream and sugar, please. . .

  432. Gary Davidcom

    #464 C Smith
    This is NOT the usual. I suspect most gripes are from new people. Only since the uptick in TV ads has things slowed a little. I expected this would happen and it did. A computer system that has to process “bad” data will get slow, and slower and slower. The bad data is the DATES people tie together. If a mother dies in 1850 she CAN’T have a child in 1860! People going willi nilli on here is another reason. That’s why the system is likely slow. Systems that have outages like this can be caused by many things, like “denial of service” as was mentioned before. Others are hardware failures and hackers.
    This should emphasize the need for BACKUPS for everyone.Create GEDCOM files and download them somewhere. Remember, NOTHING is infallible, especially computers. What CAN break ….. WILL!

  433. Ruth G

    I am one of those complainers. I know that there are starving people in the world, the gulf of Mexico is filling up with toxic oil, 3 houses on my street have been forclosed. Life sucks – it does not give the less serious aspects of life such as Ancestry a free pass to collect a fee and provide shoddy service.

    I am plagued by health issues that are of much less consequence than famine, plague, unemployment and Europe’s less than stable economy, but I do look to Ancestry to fill a very long day spent in bed. Because I am on it so much I can attest to the many “temporary” shut downs on I hope that I am not too much of a whiner but after having invested in this service -why is it too much to expect a reliable product?

  434. Paul Andersson

    It is enevitable that equipment does fail and it is to be expected that repairs do take time to sort out, however, I believe that investment in redundancy equipment is important and would reduce failures of this kind in the future. By the look at the posting, ‘Ancestry’ is loosing it credibility. I would suggest that ‘Ancestry’ should offer a free week to all affected as a gesture of good-will. Paul

  435. jackie

    if this is an all-day thing, yes i think we should get an extra day of service. its value is less than a dollar but it is the principle. it was agreed upon that we would pay our $20 or $30 for a one month subscription, for which every day counts.
    sure, it’s usually less than a $1 a day, but each dollar translates into the labor you did for it. And for every $1 that is lost, the worker’s time is wasted.

    Anyway, hope the site is up soon! In the meantime, I’ve found a few things I wasn’t able to trace on Ancestry on (the LDS site… if nothing else, those guys sure can keep track of records!). If yall haven’t wandered over there, and need a family tree fix (ha!), give it a try!

  436. Cheryle

    I’m retired and have been on acom, daily, am and pm, until wee hours of morning since last summer. I LOVE acom! I’ve been researching family since 1966 and since retiring last year, I’ve found the research so much easier (for most things) at acom. has been consistently up and running anytime I have wished to access it, except for two times in the past year, and it was scheduled. I think that is a pretty terrific track record!

  437. Larry White

    So many complainers! Yes, it is bothersome, but get a grip folks. I particularly like the ones who want you to spend your time explaining the problem to them (which they would not understand) instead of working to get it fixed.

  438. Diana Rogers

    I agree with #309. GET A CALCULATOR people. I know people did not get married at 4 and have kids at 5, no matter where they are from! Do your math. I am really frustrated at Ancestry being down and feel a better explanation is in order. They may not have known when it crashed what was wrong but by now they surely do. Having worked in Tech Support I can tell you that it may not even be them. The infrastructure in the area may be having problems which means Ancestry is skrewed and WOULD NOT have a time frame. While I am at it….. Anyone have a William Freed b abt 1888 and married to Cora Aldrich with a son Allen b 1911 and daughters Mary and Helen?

  439. Karis

    #242 Rodney,
    I sincerely hope you are wrong and that the family trees are considered part of what we pay for, otherwise they have No responsibility concerning our trees and absolutely anything can happen to them, now or in the future. I guess that means ancestry could just discontinue them at any time-ouch!!! Looks like I need to research what exactly I am paying for. Same for FTM, I guess…. Ancestry, please reassure us about your commitment to the family trees!

    #274 Jeanen,
    If you get an answer, please share it-very interested in the this.

  440. April

    I feel the same way as some of the others. How long is an extended period? I would like to know when the expect this to be up. I paid over $300 for a year and most of the time I cant use it.

  441. DS

    I read a few of these and I was surprised at what I was reading! Why is it than when everything is going fine everyone is ok, but the minute that there is an issue people go berserk? Every site that I am a member of goes down once in a while for updates or maintenance, but it usually happens late at night. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to do an emergency fix during the day!!

    Maybe today you didn’t get to work on your family tree… and yes it is an addiction, sometimes just as bad as any other addiction.

    This site is where I get most of my information! It is amazing, and should not be talked about in such a manner. I have two sites, one here, and one on MyHeritage, and I find that this site has more information and is easier to use than the other one.

    It can be frustrating to think that all of your work has been lost, or might have been, but that is why we have computer backups. Back your info up to a DVD.. or a couple. It is safer than loosing everything. No site is perfect and all are subject to occasional maintenance, crashes, and viruses. It happens. Be prepared! Don’t use the easy out of blaming it on someone or something else!!

    There is my soap box of the day… I am looking forward to using this site for a long time.

    Thanks guys for taking care of the site. Let me know when it is back up.

  442. Rebecca Roady

    I just signed up for world service and am NOT happy! I trust you will be extending our renewal dates and/or refunding our payments …

  443. Sean

    Apparently, the historical records section has not been affected. So why does it take 5 minutes to download one image? It’s taking longer than usual, and that is saying something.

  444. J.J. Hendrix

    Seriously people, this stuff happens.

    Eric, thanks for providing a website like this, even if I lose one day, the money has been well worth it.

    Lighten up, people.

  445. Ellen

    If you’re interested in Revolutionary War records or Pennsylvania Archives, go to Those areas are free, and the RW records have the scans of the handwritten original records. It’s all indexed and searchable.

  446. Ann

    This seems to happen more and more. I spend many hours on Ancestry because of being ‘homebound’. It is frustating when I have nothing else to do. Grrr!!! Maybe some extra free time would be helpful but PLEASE protect everyone’s carefully gathered records.

  447. Diana Rogers

    As a follow up. YES you can have an infrastructure experiencing problems so that some areas of sites are accessable and others are not.

  448. Stuart Gourd

    A lot of people have been complaining (rightfully so) about the inaccurate information on trees. I wish that they would take the suggestion that I have been making for years and allow us to color-code individual pages (or even events). Green would mean very solidly researched with reliable sources or personal firsthand knowledge. Red would mean “beware!” (info is just taken from another tree?) and would be the default until changed by the user. Yellow would mean there is some conflict in sources. Other colors could stand for states in between.

  449. amnorc

    Whoa, everybody! I’ve been a subscriber for years, use the site almost daily, hours per day, and this is the first time this has happened. This is a fantastic source for genealogy and I have often wondered in amazement that so much info can be provided. I’ve gotten over 3000 people. You have to hold your horses, just like your ancestors did!

  450. 398 Deborah…. OH I am well aware of the naming and renaming. Or a child dies and the next one gets the same name and there is a Benjamin, Samuel, John and Jonathan in Benjamin’s family, Samuel’s family, John’s family and Jonathan’s and the oldest daughter is named for her mother so that makes two Abigail Woodworth’s.. excep Abigail the mother was and as far as genealogy is concerned is not Abigail Woodworth she is Abigail McTavish. and oh by the way UNKNOWN is much better than Mrs. Ralph Woodworth. Now all you Woodworths out there don’t take offence, that is just a name that popped into my head because yesterday I was working on MY “Caleb Woodworth” and wishing to continue to do so today… but back to the subject. Annabell b. 1628 d. 1678 can NOT be the mother and the spouce to Jacob born 1626 if you get my drift. I was not faulting Ancestry in any way I have no complaints I only wish for a few additional things and a little less LAG time and oh yes one more thing. I wish for the search engines to be a little bit more accurate when you give it an answer to every question. When I put in Abigail Woodworth, I would like to get either someone with the name of Abigail or someone with the name Woodworth, not Hubzbah Randolph.. DUH..

  451. Drew

    Good Lord, people. Stuff happens. I’m a paying customer and have been extremely happy with the services provided by I’m sure they’ll eventually be back up. If you’re worried about losing information, they take this as a lesson and make sure you back up your work in a gencom file. That goes for any work done on any computer or network.

  452. William

    Every time this happens, Ancestry needs to tag on an extra day to everyone’s subscription. When the paper boy misses me in the morning, the paper does just that.

  453. Sherry

    To Eric Shoup; Take as long as you need for maintenaince, scheduled or otherwise; these comments are far more entertaining!
    To #347 Daniel: Its time for another pot of coffee; I’ll have a cup with cream and sugar, please…

  454. texasgifts

    Since this is occurring more frequently and being a paid customer do I get reimbursement for each time it goes down!

  455. Jason

    Too bad they can’t choose their customers … talk about a BUNCH of impatient whiners!!

  456. dorothea

    Judging from the frustration more than a few of us are blogging about here, has breached their own contract with their paid subscribers. How about each of us using this time to find a few sites where we can tell EVERYONE ELSE how is not accessible to it’s paid members not just for minutes or hours but off and on for days.

    To those of you that think this is acceptable for a pay for use service it is not!

    Go spread the word. – Twitter – Facebook any where bloggers of comment are taken. Don’t forget to go to your local NBC station and leave a message on their blogs stating how unhappy you are with

    Come back here and tell the rest of us where to add to your comments.

  457. DS

    One other thing. Why should we get an extra day? When you pay for a membership to a site, you are paying for upgrades to their systems for your benefit, maintanence, not just all of the millions of records you find every day! As Cheryle said, they have a pretty good track record, as good as the gardening website to which I belong.

    I can’t abide wining, and that is what I hear, a bunch of wining.

  458. Stuart Gourd

    Also I wish there was a way to add sources to multiple events. It is a real chore to add the same source to birth, marriage, and death, amybe for each child and their parents. Ugh. And what is up with not adding the source for a marriage to both spouses? Did one decide to get married later at a different place?

    Not complaining, just suggesting…

  459. Gary David

    #510 Annette! Rest assured this problem will be solved. You’d be foolish to leave. This is either growing pains from the TV ads or a problem. Both are solvable! These kinds of problems happen everywhere, you just don’t hear all of them.

  460. Anna

    MONEY is their game…don’t hold your breath for “compensation”. …as for whiners? We have that right. You figure the money spent and the money lost!

  461. Larry White

    534 Paula – yes that Hubzbah Randolph problem is annoying. It seems to me to be somewhat better now that they let you check the box for EXACT results only. Still wish you could somehow specify which of your search terms are ABSOLUTES (gotta be born in Iowa – the rest is negotiable or last name has to be Withycombe – the rest is negotiable). We can dream.

  462. Rebecca

    #309 – Paula – What she said!

    There are so many people on Ancestry these days, and much of the information that is being added to Ancestry’s family trees is often sloppy and misleading.

    I have been doing genealogy for over 20 years now and have discovered much helpful information OFFLINE, through family, libraries, county courthouses, and government archives. It’s true that Ancestry does make it easier, but it still hasn’t archived all the information we need.

    If it’s down for maintenance, simply try researching elsewhere. There are hundreds of other genealogy sites and resources online to search, not to mention writing or calling some of them for more information. Research time can still be used effectively, in spite of technological glitzes.

    I wonder how would our ancestors have handled this?

  463. I am really kind of a cheer leader about all of this. Having been in the customer service arena for most of my adult life, I personally feel that a more detailed explanation, versus technical, would have been helpful to know in advance… or even at the time it occurred.

    That being said, I don’t find this matter particularly disturbing so long as I am able to log back in within a reasonable period of time, without damage to my already collected data.

    thanks for listening…

  464. The standard of comments on this Blog are ,[in some way], most Bland and uninteresting. What is needed,is for “Bloggers” to attempt to reach the calibre of Dan Quayle, and bring some intelligence to these questions posed by this on-going situation we are all facing.

  465. Abbey

    I just signed up for my free trail yesterday! This makes me want to cancel PRONTO before the charges start coming. should give those who are on their free trials the days back being lost by this unplanned maintence.

  466. herb

    I wonder how many of you in here today have filled out survey pop ups that ancestry puts up? I have done several and in almost all of them I try to explaine what problems I am having and areas that I am happy with, unfortunatly for me I am searching out west in Washington State and living back in Indiana. Seems when Oregon Territory was split and Washington territory became, the record keeping was not very well done. I have enjoyed this site for many years, and have world wide subscription, hoping some day I will find my grandmothers mother up in British Columbia but in all the years I have been looking nothing seems to be out there. Now if anyone wants to help my grandmother is Mary Jane Willis born 10 Apr 1897 her mother is according to the social security application for Mary Jane Willis was Alice Corby, now the father of Mary Jane was William T. Willis he is found in the 1911 census in Vancouver but nothing on Alice, I just can not get the two of them in the same place. Oh well life will go on.

  467. Mick

    I’ve worked out that Ancestery have diddled me out of £0.41p today. I think I shall sue. Does anyone know how much that Johnnie Cochran costs to hire ?

  468. Ed

    #532 Stuart – great idea.

    A confession, I started as a newbie about 4 years ago – had never done a lick of genealogy work in my life – but got hooked on a free trial. At the time, Ancestry had a feature where you could copy up to 5 generations of a family tree at a time (with all the errors). Wow! This is neat – I thought. But, after taking my roots back to Adam and Eve (okay, I’m exaggerating a little). I started to question the data, and actually laboriously deleted most of the (at the time) 10,000 names in my tree (fairly large effort) and essentially started over.

    Now, I use family trees mostly as hints to try to find something. I will admit that I occasionally succumb to a “this looks right” based on how credible I find the tree. And, I have learned to never accept anything from OneWorldTree (paint that one a bright Red).

  469. Cathy Farrell

    I hope my Nana in her 80s can soon see her tree I helped put together last evening, after all she is paying for this months subscription that only began yesterday! Those names, dates & places may jog some memories of her life in war time England and Eygpt.

  470. Brandi

    I just got off the phone with a customer service rep and he stated that the site has limited access due to the fact that they’re in process of adding an additional server. With the addition of this server it should help with the lag that some people have been reporting.

    I’ve been a member since 2004 with over 14,000 people in one tree and 2,000 in another. This is the first time that I haven’t been able to access my trees…not bad for 6 years of service!!!

    This is definitely an isolated incident! They stated that they hope to be up and running by 5pm (MST), but stated in might be soon – just keep watching the blog for updates!

  471. William La Follette, Jr

    aWhile this site is down why don`t y’all go to and look for your ancestries graves… or add some of your own pictures of the headstones… thats is where i found my greag great grandfathers headstone at. i didn`t even know where he was buried at till i seen it there… Best regards,,,, Bill

  472. Todd B

    I am not going to complain as my subscription is set to expire at the end of this month anyway. What I think is funny is the fact that the people that are complaining actually think that someone of importance is going to read their comment and do something about it! That is the funny thing!!

  473. Robert

    You know you are a Genealogy addict when
    You brake for libraries.
    You hyperventilate at the sight of an old cemetery.
    You would rather browse in a cemetery than a shopping mall.
    You would rather read census schedules than a good book.
    You are more interested in what happened in 1710 than in 2010.
    Eenrum, Baflo and Groningen are household names, but you can’t remember what to call the dog.
    You store your clothes under the bed (or wear the same two outfits to save space), because your closet is full of books and papers.
    All your correspondence begins with “Dear Cousin”.
    You have traced every one of your ancestral lines back to Adam and Eve, you have it documented and still don’t want to quit.
    Your most important social life is meeting people who you run into while searching a family line.

  474. Bemused

    Rebecca Whiting message 384 “and regular maintenance should be scheduled between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m.”
    Would you care to clarify in which time zone of which continent?
    Ancestry provides a global service, so what is convenient to you might well be VERY inconvenient for someone in another country.
    Stop whinging, get a life, and do something different for a day.

  475. Steven

    #553 Abbey, hang in there and to anyone else thinking of canceling. This is a great site and has a lot to offer. This does not happen on a regular basis.

  476. Stuart Gourd

    Adding sources for mutliple events: There could be one page for sources with all the members of a family, and three check boxes by each name, one for birth, marriage and death. Maybe even more check boxes for name and gender. Then the source would be added to each event checked for each person. It’s simple and would eliminate a lot of work, especially when we are adding off-site sources. (books, LDS microfilms, etc.)

  477. Wade

    I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to spend my 85 cents in compensation. I’d head off to the Ozarks to do some up close and personal research there, but…HEY…that won’t buy me enough gas to get out down the block! Maybe if they’re down for two days and we get $1.70 compensation I can buy enough gas to get 20 miles down the road…

  478. Becca

    LOL #555 Mick – he has been dead since 2005, so probably a good bit more expensive than you or I could afford (but then again, Ancestry would be the right place to look for him!)

  479. sarmccor

    Dear Eric,
    It would be nice if you guys could at least tell us what the problem is and give us a ball park idea of how long it might take. Just saying. I just started my 2 week trial period and am not impressed with your lack of customer service. Problems happen. Let us know what is going on. Thank you.

  480. John H

    This is not on !
    My wife see’s her Mum once a month and wanted to suprise her today with her family tree we had started !
    Grrrrrrrrrrr !

  481. Bill Roberts

    Seriously some of the posts here are farsical!

    Thanks Ancestry for letting me know why your down,i will carry on with life and check back tomorrow.

    I shall also be very happy paying my subscription to what is by far the best geneology site on the web 🙂

  482. Joseph Parente

    Paula (309), you are absolutely right. I have looked into trees with 2000 or 3000 people, checked some of the source citations and found them to be contradictory. One person used a 1900 passenger list to prove the birth of a person who died in 1778. Others change place of birth and date of birth, just to take their ancestry. There is a Maria Parente whose descendants go to the British Royal family. Perhaps I can use her somehow, and add 54,000 people to my tree. We should all just go back to Adam and Eve, skip the people in between, and be done with it!

  483. Martin Pelletier

    At this point, I’d like to let you know how sensational and well developed your site is.

    Having deployed large scale Internet systems myself, I understand that unexpected software and hardware issues are unavoidable due to the nature and scale of this unique application.

    I expect that you work your hardest to avoid situations as these, and will continue to improve service and availability.

    Again, thank you. You provide a singularly exemplary tool for ancestry research.


    2). Subscription fees are for access to the online databeses- not member trees and message boards.

    3). As with the Drouin Collection incident this again shows that keeping your main research info in member trees and the shoebox is *very* unwise. Keep it (and all images) in a stand alone program on your hard drive.

    4). If you do work online on your member tree then when you finish for the day download a GEDCOM of it- be safe.

    5) For those saying they can’t use FTM just take it offline (FILE-GO OFFLINE) and then open a browser window to Ancestry and you can still search and enter info- you just don’t have the online FTM options.

  485. Kat

    To the posters who have made the point about research, I also have encountered this and it causes frustration and aggravation, when people just take what others post as the facts and don’t verify. That is why, when I get messages from others, I try to make sure they are serious researchers before sharing with them my private tree or info from it. I hate to be that way but my work is always in progress and sometimes I use something just to sound it out and if I can verify then I will keep it, if not, then I will delete it. It is good to know that there are others out there who work the same way.

  486. Gary David

    # 540 dorothea

    I read your post and, quite frankly, it’s comments like that which make my blood boil. Take an instance and blow it WAY out of proportion. Maybe you should take it to your state Atty. General office? How about your Congress person? Maybe you should hire a lawyer and see what compensation you might get, like “breach of contract”? What did Ancestry state to you about availability of service in your “contract”? I’ll stop here.
    Have a nice day …. I will!

  487. Alicia

    #561 Wade – WOW! .85??? I only get .67 and that’s only if it’s out ALL day. Can we pool our funds and maybe buy a snickers bar to share?

  488. DS

    I hate the animosity that I am seeing here, but I would personally like to thank the users that stand up for Ancestry… the problem is that so many want to blame their problems on others. Do you not realize that you are paying for more than records? Do you not realize that a UPS or server can go down without any warning? Or a power grid? Or a nasty virus can destroy a hard drive and have to be replaced? These things happen, and we are paying for the things that they have to buy to make this work too!

    Chill out people, get a life and find something else to do! There is gardening, shopping, house work, reading, television, crocheting, all manner of other things to do… don’t bother these poor people over one day down… do you realize the stress that you are creating?

    And do you realize that if you go and tell others that this site stinks, without giving them all of the facts, that they will blindly listen to you and Ancestry might eventually go under? For those of us who check our research to make sure that it is correct, those of you who don’t, and don’t understand what you are paying for are ruining it for the rest of us.

    I am going to go work on FB for a while, and go to my favorite gardening website as well as clean the house. I suggest that the rest of us find something to do also.

  489. dixychik

    “we appreciate your continued patience” hahaha! Looks like patience isn’t the main theme on this blog today ha!

  490. Drew

    When the new server comes on line and Ancestry is back up, this blog will end up crashing it and they’ll need another server.

  491. Lucretia Higgins

    Patience, folks. This is a very complex site. A lot of you remember what it was like scouring through microfilms, card files and old books. The trees we discovered then had a lot of false and contradictory information. has just put all that at our disposal, in our homes, with search capabilities we never dreamed of when we spent those long days scribbling notes from whatever sources we dug into.

    This is no different. You need to look at the data and draw your own conclusion about what is right.

    Give a break.

  492. I’ve been tracing my family for over 20yrs thanks to Ancestry i have probably done 20 times as much research in the last two years than i had done in the previous 18yrs. Maintenance!! part of everyday life where computers are involved. Keep up the good work this site is priceless ask some of the others if they have ever looked for a relative in the English census on scratched microfilm it used to take days, we sometimes forget, thanks again Ancestry

  493. k mcnamee

    I can’t believe this! My membership is ticking away here. They get their money and I have access to nothing! They should give us some days free of charge in compensation for this outage.

  494. Bruce O'Connor

    Good Lord. Things do happen. These complainers must be hell to live with. I couldn’t imagine listening to their crap every day. Sounds like many of your subscribers shouldn’t be on here anyway, because they can’t afford it, needing a $1 credit. I have done a lot of work on and enjoy all the family information that I have accumulated, but if the thing is down for a day, or two, I think I have enough of a life to live without it. Get a life people.

  495. Gary David

    Maybe all the people that just signed up and complained will leave and take their complaints elsewhere and leave us serious ones to our “awful” site? I don’t mean to speak for many but …….grrrrrr.
    Just venting. I’ve never blogged so much in my life. I hope this is the end! Eric …. if you read this, you people do a terrific job regardless of the unexpected!

  496. I’m having withdrawal symptoms so just hope it will be over soon!! I think Ancestry is an awesome site and it has taught me so very much and helped me find out where I came from. We all have imperfections and Ancestry does too so hope we can be patient till the “bugs” sre worked out!!

  497. Alicia

    #583 Drew – I want 2 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel and two pennies. But that’s only if it’s out all day………

  498. David Reason

    You owe me a buck. You have been down all day and I am still paying.

    I want a refund!

    My Great Uncle Cliff (1887 – 1956) would be inflamed!!

  499. Brian

    If this is the only place you keep your family tree, shame on you. You should have now learned the lesson to save it on your home PC or on a flash drive.

    I have been a member with Ancestry since 2000. Actually started using them in 1999 when it was free. Is it an inconvenience that they are down YES…but life goes on. Am I worried they lost my information NO… I have backups! And for all you newbies welcome to Ancestry and it’s ups and downs. Another thing the TV commercials are wrong you really do need to know what you are looking for!

    Ancestry really should have a newbie class on here to explain how to keep records (Sources), the proper dating of events, capitalizing your SURNAMES and on and on….it would make life so much easier for the rest of us old timers.

  500. beth

    Mick #551, Mr. Cochrane passed away about 3 years ago.

    Good idea, anyway. A class action suit?

  501. Linda B

    Becca #501 – Thanks for saying what I was thinking. You could say that sometimes it’s like “the blind leading the blind” when people mindlessly copy data without checking its compatibility with other information. I spend more time documenting erroneous trees than I do finding new information. Often names and dates on censuses are taken at face value and added to trees when the census takers and transcribers have butchered names and places. This is all just part of the researcher’s routine. But new people don’t understand what all is involved. Perhaps something good will come out of this exchange today and it will help all of us.

  502. Alicia

    #588 David – ummm your Great Uncle Cliff isn’t really gonna care… he died like 54 years ago dude..

  503. Lynne Black

    I’m sorry, but with all due respect I can’t quite understand those of you who offer excuse after excuse for this. When is the last time that you saw crash for almost an entire day? Or This isn’t free, we pay for it. Why isn’t there any system redundancy so that they can get back online in short order if they do have a problem, or did they call the best buy ‘geek squad’ and maybe they are still waiting on a tech to arrive and plug the server back into the power strip..sheesh..

  504. Linda Melvin

    Oh, for goodness sake. All of you complainers need to get a grip…and a life. Go find something else to do while Ancestry is trying to make the fix. I have been a member for several years and a once-in-awhile snafu is no big deal. Never has any of my stuff been lost. Like Jim (#31) already said, “The oil spill in the Gulf is a problem.” This is not.

  505. Shirley Jackson

    I agree with Melanie #432, So many people put things on their tree without any verification, as a result I never trust other trees and only use them as a guide. I have found DOD’s and when I research it, I find it is totally wrong. I try and document everything and if I can’t verify it I will put unproven so that hopefully anyone that accesses my tree will know that it may not be a fact.
    I feel without listing sources and verifying that I might as well use a phone book to enter names.

  506. Cayce Franklin

    I have a presentation due for my College Sociology class. I wonder if they will give me the $1000.00 to re-take the class…

  507. Brian Polvado

    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed that the website is down. I really don’t care what the supposed reason is. I have a ball on this site. I can get more information in an hour here then over a month in other sites.

    You guys do what you have to do. I think some people’s sense of instant gratification has made them a little “gotta have it” today. Life goes on. will also. I’ll see you guys when you get back together. Thanks for the quality site.

  508. Veranda

    Get a grip people. Chances are most of the individuals you are researching are dead, they are not going anywhere. The records will still be there tomorrow.

  509. Robert

    To all of those negative commenters about the people complaining about this outage, you have to understand that unless people do complain, and for that matter anyone who charges fees for service, will get the idea that it’s OK to go offline or not provide the service they are paid to provide…and it’s not OK! It is NOT acceptable and needs to know it.

  510. Laura W. Sullivan

    I am disabled & therefore, much of my time is spent on my computer, and most of that computer time is spent at Ancestry. I haven’t noticed that Ancestry is “down” all that often. I really don’t understand what all of the complaining is about. Other parts of Ancestry are still available. I’ve been spending the last few days combing through the Paterson NJ City Directories and have gathered quite a bit of useful information. Just because you can’t access your family tree at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t continue to do research. Look around and use the databases while you wait.
    I have a World Deluxe Subscription. I calculate it costs me about 10 – 20 cents an hour, at the rate I use it. I personally find this quite cheap !

  511. lydia

    please get this up and running asap I like everyone else is looking for dead people… not a dead service! please can we all have a week free – i took the day off to do this and now its all for nothing!

  512. shelia benson

    Oh great! I have my family comomg over for dinner tonight and I planned to share my discoveries with them.

  513. I am sure that You are working on the problem
    **** happens.
    My comment is in regard to our data being safe.
    I download a gedcom about once a month so if anything happens I will only be out a few days material. The gedcom can then be used on any system that uses Gedcoms eg: LDS P.A.F. Files and any number of other sites also I if your ancestry file becomes corrupted you can delete everthing and reload your GEDCOM having said all that please get up and going again

    Kenny O’Donnal

  514. Terri Clark

    This all reminds me of my husbands family reunion ! Nothin brings people into the same room like a crisis… Ill take a glass of that tea too and TY #347 that so nice of you!

  515. Lynne Black, has not- I repeat-*NOT* crashed.

    One function is not operating but the rest of the site is fine. Let’s keep things in perspective shall we?

  516. Karin Karger

    Do we get one extra free day of subscription?

    The german Ancestry didn´t work the last 10 1/2 hours.

  517. Lisa A

    As Jim #31 and Linda #596 stated, this is so completely MINOR in the grand scheme of life. Good grief. What a bunch of spoiled babies. Plenty of things you pay for need repair from time to time. Welcome to normal life.

  518. Kathy

    Yes, I just finished my free time and now I pay for something that I can’t use. I think a free credit of a day or two is in line for all of us.

  519. Jane

    Can anyone give me some advice about how to record a customary name or nickname for a person? I have someone in my family who’s name was Stewart Ashley…. but who was called “Bert” for some reason. I have found that he is actually in several census documents as “Bert”. In other cases people are called by their second names or a derivation thereof. How can I make sure that searches would capture this information?

  520. Paula Watson

    I have limited time to work on my tree, and I respectfully request that when a full day is lost, you add that back on our fee. We do pay for this service, and it is frustrating not to have a sense of when the site will be available. For me, as for many who’ve written above, the time we can be online and do research is scheduled and limited. An idea of where you are in getting back online would be helpful. Also the extra day.

  521. dee

    #396 (Ellen) – thanks very much for the info about GEDCOMs and FTM/Ancestry Trees. I have FTM 2008 and had no idea I could transfer my Ancestry tree to my FTM.

    As for the comments about wrong info – I know how frustrating it is. While I’m a believer in miracles, there’s just no way a 91 year old woman can give birth!

  522. mbarnard111

    So its down! So what? Nothing but nothing is guaranteed not to go belly up now and again. Its a good opportunity to read through your back-up files for new possibilities. You do have back up files / paper copies surely? your not that daft?

  523. Drew

    #614 (Jane)
    Just add Bert as an alternate name. When the site is up, just find the person and click on the right to add alternate name and save it that way. Just remember to uncheck the box that makes it the primary name unless you want it to appear that way in your tree.

  524. JCB

    *snicker* I am thoroughly entertained with all of these comments! Breathe. Just breathe. The sky is not falling … well … at least it isn’t here where I live. Buy Legacy (or Tree Maker) and keep your tree on your home computer and just use this sites for the research (along with rootsweb, familysearch, myhearitage and oneworldtree – which are mostly free). *Uhm. The tree on isn’t what you’re paying for anyway, silly people!*

    I love genealogy as much as you all do, but … come on. Life is full of disappointments, I’m sure our ancestors could speak to that. Now. Let’s all join hands and sing “Kum Ba Yah”.

  525. Sue

    I just wish they would quit trying to “fix” things that aren’t broken, like their old search. This new search really stinks. I found more info using the Old. I can’t even get the Old Search link to work now. I have to use FireFox in one window for searching while I’m in another window working on my tree in IE. I hate FireFox. Also, when are they going to have Drouin complete again? Their index doesn’t look any different than the old one did. It doesn’t give you parents in the index like they said the new one was going to do. I work back and forth between Ancestry’s Drouin Collection and the Family Search Pilot site. The pilot site has much better scans and easier to read than Ancestry’s scans.

  526. sarmccor

    To those of you defending my problem is not that the system is down, my problem is that won’t tell us anything. No comment on what the nature of the problem might be or when we can expect things to get working again. If one is paying for a service one expects exactly that: service. is failing at that very basic principal right now. Enough said.

  527. Robert- re:#603

    Neither you nor anyone else has ever paid a single penny for online trees-PERIOD. Member Trees and Message boards are free to anyone.

    The service that your subscription fees do pay for are still available.

  528. Yesterday the TV wouldn’t work because I pushed the wrong combination of buttons on the remote – my call to their ‘HELP FOR DUMMIES’ line included my description of our family’s first B&W TV complete with rabbit ears and NO remote – Gasp!! (After all it was the 50’s).
    Today, 90% of us perhaps know about 15-20% of the functions of our techie toys, but we still want more and so in many instances we can blame ourselves.
    The part that angers me is the massive Ancestry advertising campaigns in Canada, the US, and the UK to bring in the dollars/pounds and then find out the system can’t cope because of overwhelming expectations.

    This is our world folks, and WE made it this way – all of us. But not to worry, with all the disasters happening on a daily basis around the globe, we can thank Nostradamus for letting us know how much longer we have to put up with it.

    ps just in case you’re not aware, it all ends in December 2012 at which point the 50’s will look pretty good 🙂

  529. Nicholas A Sanders

    Just like everyone else using this site, I enjoy looking for the dead—lets get going!

    PS: I think you guys are doing a great job

  530. Benny

    #244 – Just remember,Loretta G., you can’t access your Family Tree on the Library Edition. Download a gedcom file before canceling your subscription.

  531. Joseph Parente

    The Ancestry search box is useless for me. I put in every detail for my grandfather, and come up with zero matches. If it weren’t for “Ocean Arrivals”, “Ontario Marriages”, the “Drouin Collection”, and “OneWorldTree”, where I just put in my surname and get 100’s of matches, I wouldn’t be posting this comment.

  532. Bev

    Just to follow up on what Linda B (592) and others have said about the mistakes that get perpetuated in trees, I’m finding that a lot of people with early New England ancestors have them being born in, say, Connecticut in 1605, or Massachusetts in 1610. Doesn’t anyone remember that the Mayflower arrived in 1620 and before that there were no New England settlements (other than Native Americans of course).

  533. Kath Newton

    Will this comment be No. 605

    I wrote in earlier this afternoon and was comment No.23.

    Someone else is No. 23 now

    This means some comments have been “disappeared”

    Please hurry up and fix it – I feel like my daughter looks when she’s run out of cigs and the shops are all shut.

    And I had just found out who Willie Robinson born 1909 Stockport was.


  534. Kathy

    I have been a subscriber for several years and don’t remember an unscheduled maintenance like this before. When (hopefully) our trees are back on line please give us an explanation how this happened. The comments show how vital we family historians find this site. Please hurry up11 with every hour that passes I am getting more anxious.

  535. Jane

    619 Drew,
    Thanks, I’ll look into that too. Does it then get captured in searches if it isn’t the primary name?

  536. Brian

    631 Bev

    Jamestown was settled in 1607. There were lots of people here before the Mayflower

  537. Now we know what ancestry addicts do during withdrawal! Everyone reacts a little differently.

    I do think we will need a full explanation once the “crisis” is resolved. I have a feeling everyone responsible at ancestry is a little too occupied today to compose a satisfactory explanation.

  538. Mary Rosaire Anderson


    Will I get a credit for the day that is lost on how long is this going to be? i have to use public computers a lot, because there is no working desktop at home, (since before i joined; and the netbook that i bought 2 years ago, a Linux – i have to hold down the esc key, in order to access any site, since downloading your stupid toolbar on it, caused an error message.
    please tell me how to put my whole ancestry tree on another genealogy site, without copying it down name by name, but just exporting it; so that if your site goes down again, i know that my tree is somewhere. if you dont want to give a credit for the day that is lost, please send me a disk with my entire tree, or a poster showing all 1000 plus names & 12 generations plus on a single poster size sheet.

    mary rosaire anderson

  539. Dani

    OMG…someone should sell tickets! I’m not sure if it should be classified as a Soap Opera or a Comedy!

  540. Mary Rosaire Anderson


    Will I get a credit for the day that is lost on how long is this going to be? i have to use public computers a lot, because there is no working desktop at home, (since before i joined; and the netbook that i bought 2 years ago, a Linux – i have to hold down the esc key, in order to access any site, since downloading your stupid toolbar on it, caused an error message.
    please tell me how to put my whole ancestry tree on another genealogy site, without copying it down name by name, but just exporting it; so that if your site goes down again, i know that my tree is somewhere. if you dont want to give a credit for the day that is lost, please send me a disk with my entire tree, or a poster showing all 1000 plus names & 12 generations plus on a single poster size sheet.

    mary rosaire anderson

  541. georgette

    well, I hope they fix the problems this time. It seems that every time I come back, more and more people that I have put on my tree have disappeared.
    Obviously their database system is not that robust.

  542. Jane

    The best thing about this whole outage is that I have learned some important information. Although it is somewhat frustrating not to be able to access my tree, it has not been a waste of time, rather it has helped me do a better job in the future.

  543. JCB

    **shaking head** @642 … Definitely a comedy. I think we need some Xanax spray for some of these bloggers. lmao.

  544. Claudia Gaertner

    I just signed up for the monthly world subscription today (May 19) how convenient the site is down – I expect credit for today and an email stating such. This is unacceptable

  545. Wanted to comment on the blog referring to the remote possibility of the 91 year old giving birth – how about a competition while we’re waiting – I have a Great (x??) Aunt who didn’t get married until she was 113 and died at 139 !!
    DO I WIN ??

  546. sarmccor Re#622

    Just how would knowning what the problem is help anything?

    They say they are working on a solution but…
    part of the solution is knowing exactly what the problem is and we don’t know if they even know that at this point.

    Even knowing the problem then you have to find how to fix it, once that is done then, and only then, can you give a time estimate as to how long it will take to implement the fix.

    There are some things you simply can’t put a time frame on in the early stages.

  547. Misty

    Wayne, #648: No, you don’t! I have a great (x6) grandmother who was giving birth to children before she was even born! Ha!


  548. Susan

    Thank you for keeping our information safe. In a perfect world this would not happen, but we don’t live in a perfect world and these things do happen and they happen to the best run systems in the world. I look forward to when we are back up. Thanks again for all you do and all you provide for us.

  549. JM

    @Wayne at 2:03 PM

    I have a great X 6 grandfather who lived to be 127 and fathered a son four years after he died!

  550. Denise Crawford

    I have suspected that there was something wrong with the database ever since the recent update. My “home person,” (ME!!) disappeared twice, once I could only see one of my entries, and one of my invited family members disappeared. I, for one, am happy that they have noticed, and will hopefully fix the problem. Remember the old saying from the 60s?? ” To err is human, but to really foul things up, takes a computer”? They will fix it, and in a few days we will have found new relatives, and forgotten all about the downtime.

    It’s spring–I’m going to go outside and enjoy it.

  551. Lori

    I just hope all of the trees have been archived or backed up in someway. Maybe we need to realize that computers do go down and technology is sometimes unreliable. I just hope things are not lost. My brother and I have worked for three years on this project.

  552. Vanessa

    Pleeeaaassee promise me that my trees are okay. I am totally depending on you guys to keep my information in place and safe. I have tried numerous other sites over the years, but I keep coming back to your service. I hope I don’t regret my decision. I have always had great service, but I do have to agree with several of the other people. If you are going to advertise heavily for more customers, please be ready for the influx. This is happening too much. I also realize this is not the end of the earth, but some of us plan entire days or weekends for our research and we would like to know that we can count on our information being available. How much longer is it going to be?

  553. Kath Newton

    To Jane – comment No. 615

    I had this problem – a great aunt by marriage who was called Gertrude but everyone called her Trudy.

    I decided to add A Custom Event,

    When you click on to add a fact and choose Custom Event there is a space for your title and I put FAMILY NICKNAME.

    I dated the the “event” the year after birth.

    Works well,

    I don’t think I would like to be a Gertrude or a Gert.

    Bad enough having a name that can be spelt more than eight ways.

    I spent some time today trying to find famous people on FreeBMD. No Royals ? ? ?

    Still counting the seconds


  554. Becca

    605 & 632 – sorry, I disagree – I hate feeling like someone is SHOUTING about Jane SMITH and I never capitalize last names (and I change the case when adopting names from other trees). It’s a personal preference thing – just be consistent within your own tree, or it will look very strange indeed.

  555. Carl Hess

    This “unplanned maintenance” issue would seem to be a VERY good reason why should have a “save to GEDCOM” feature so subscriber can save compiled info to a personally-owned disk or flash drive.

  556. #650 Okay Misty, YOU ALMOST WIN – about the only other one I can add is someone that was married to ‘himself’ and WE JUST KNOW that wasn’t being registered in the 1700’s !!!
    Where do I send the M&M’s ?

  557. Valerie

    I totally agree with some of the other comments…Do we get a refund, or an extra day free. With the amounts we pay, we should be refunded or some way compensated. I haven’t been getting on in the last few weeks very much, but the one time I have some info to add and update, it’s down. This has happened before, very annoying. I was given no warning of this “maintenance” was to be done. “Maintenance should be done in a less active time of the day.

  558. Robert

    I’m very glad that data is my backup and that I have all of my family trees maintained offline in genealogy software packages. As you are currently leaning, your site and product needs the proper planning and maintenance in order to justify the subscription fees. Good luck on the fix as it seems far more serious than you have informed.

  559. Molly

    I agree with many users that this happens way too often. Plus, not to mention those of us who do pay for this service … will we be compensated for the time the website has been down? I know I’ve worked very hard and long to create my tree, so I’m really hoping Ancestry will pull through and our information will be the same when things are up and running. Definitely raises some red flags!

  560. At the rate this is being resolved, Ancestry must have been taken over by Obama, you know, that hopey, changey thing…and transparent that all can see what is happening…..

  561. Linda

    there is a comedy thread thru all of us OCD people wanting to know what our g-g-g-g grandparents were up to..

    Am I the only one who has people listed in census records for up to 20 years after they died with a listed occupation of “deceased”

  562. Paul Jackson

    If this was planned – updating us to the great new facilties that would be great | but unplanned do we get a days refund ???

  563. zsparks


    A one-day credit is less than a dollar. Surely we can aim higher!

    Here’s something we should focus on: This is a big deal to Ancestry. They do not want and will not forget this. THAT’s what we want: motivation for fixing.

    Meanwhile: Imagine the improved job productivity all over the country today. Lost productivity due to use on the job is far more than $1 per user per day, I’m sure.

    That said, I did have a customer service run-in with Ancestry about four years ago which gave me the impression of dealing with the Mary Kay Place character on Big Love. Ancestry, please don’t let this be true. Obviously, we’re at your mercy – please remember what mercy means this time.


  564. Valerie

    and yes, I understand it was “unplanned”, but after working at a major corporation for 30 years, and it’s gone down on me before “unplanned”, I’m having a hard time believing that.

  565. Denise Crawford

    #653…That got me thinking. With fertility technology, what you describe is possible now. I have a friend whose husband died of cancer, but before he started chemo they created frozen embryos, and their baby will be born about 4 years after the father died. Obviously, it wouldn’t have happened before the late 1970’s, but how will genealogists handle this possiblity the future?

  566. Christina

    This happens WAY TOO OFTEN and you charge WAY TOO much for a service that you can not reliably provide. If you didn’t have a monopoly on the service, I would switch in a HEARTBEAT!

  567. zsparks

    Linda – OMG, were these Deceased workers Chicago or Tammany voters? No, I don’t have any of those.

  568. Kara

    I find it funny that so many people are whinning and complaining about something THAT’S BEING FIXED!..sheesh cut this site a break. We aren’t going to forget who we need to look up or find just because the site has a few hiccups. I’ve been a member for almost 10 yrs and it’s worth every penny I’ve spent. I use it everyday and this is the first time, I’ve come to the site and I can’t work. I think, I’ll live.

    As for those who want another day added for compensation, get a grip!Trust me you’ll live.

  569. Melissa

    Computer and server issues are an unfortunate part of today’s life. There are some things that are unforseeable. Give them a break, I’m sure they are working on the issues and not taking a nap. I’ve worked with this site for several years and have had minimal issues with the service.

  570. Roxanne

    I finally was able to join and I was FINALLY available to do some research! Unplanned Maintenance? Give me a break! Free subscription time seems to be an appropriate compensation for the inconvenience.

  571. Penny

    I agree that the site has been slow lately and that does concern me.
    And it would be nice of Ancestry to somehow give the people signed up for a free trial the total number of days they are supposed to get.
    But people, technology is not a science, it is an art.
    Ask any computer tech (my son-in-law is one).
    Computers just sometimes do (or don’t do) things.
    Have you ever done a process on your computer that didn’t do what it was supposed to do and wonder what you did wrong? Do the exact same thing and have it work?
    The techs at the small college I worked out said computers, printers, etc. have personalities. And sometimes they just get contrary.

    I love spending as much time as possible at Ancestry and have learned more about my family in 2 years than I could have in a lifetime doing research the “old-fashioned” way.

    So maybe we need to quit adding comments like there is no tomorrow and give the guys some space and time to fix this problem.

  572. Tom Spademan

    I, personally, really want to know what caused such a catastrophic problem, and I suspect many others here would feel a bit better if they knew what the cause was. Just human nature. 🙂

  573. DuncanNeill

    UPDATE AS OF MAY 19, 2010 AT 12:30 pm MT
    I wanted to again let everyone know that we are still actively working behind the scenes to get the Ancestry Member Trees system up and running again. Though the trees are not currently available on the site, I wanted to make sure it was clear that searching our historical records collections hasn’t been impacted – so you can search all you want.

    I just want to know what good it is going to do for me to try to research without the information that is in my FAMILY TREE that I do not have access to?? I’m sorry – my trees are HUGE and I don’t have readily at hand all the information required to do the research without the trees. I am dead in the water and beyand annoyed at this point.

  574. Misty

    #662, Wayne – I say let’s share the M & Ms with all our friends here at the blog. I’m sure they could all use some chocolate. It’s soothing.

    #671, Z – Nuh uh. I’m not getting any work done because I’m sitting here refreshing the blog. It’s much more entertaining than working.


  575. GT

    This is typical. Every time you all have down time or an upgrade there is yet another group of things I can no longer do on your site.

    When I started my trees over a year ago, I was impressed by the site and had plans to start a paid subscription — now I can see a paid subscription is not a good idea because the site is often not working when I want to use it. I have added to this site as much or more than I have gotten. I am, however, increasingly frustrated with all of issues on this site. No way I can afford to spend my limited entertainment budget on a site that cannot even stay functional.

  576. When Mr. Shoup?

    Can’t we at least get a anticipated time frame?

    Based on some of the comments, I sure hope family researchers aren’t depending on Ancestry alone to save your info and that you are entering it into your personal computer software and backing that up with a CD on a regular basis.

  577. Ruth Smith

    I have had relatives that both the parents died and they were born. That was really interesting. I know I have had to really search things out because parents won’t match or children. It would be really nice if they could do more international records. My mothers family is from Russia. I can’t find anything past them being in Mexico. I wish they would hurry up with this fix.

  578. Gregg

    This is beyond asinine. On a subscription based web site to have problems as often as Ancestry has had of late is bad enough, but to have the site down for over eight hours is enough to lead me to believe that the main focus has been on advertising to get new members not the routine maintenance and upgrades necessary to hold people that are paying a good chunk of money for their monthly or yearly fees.

    This latest failure seems to be more than the “high volume” that has been the reasons given for this site’s failure today.

  579. Don

    Kara, comment # 678 summed it up as well as anyone. I guess I’ll just take a break today. No big deal.

  580. Kathy

    I have subscribed to for 8 years now. When I first started, it was not unusual for someone in their customer service to call me a couple of times a year to see how it was working for me and ask what records I would most like to see added. That type of service made worth every penny but there has been a steady decline in their service for the last 2-3 years. Technical problems now take 3-4 days for a response, searches bring up totally irrelevant results which then do not show up when searching under the person who does relate to the result, search results are inconsistant from day to day and their search engine has become increasingly slow. It is a rare day (and I research every day) when things are running smoothly on their site. They state now that the search function is available and working but it is not. I pay on annual basis and am up for renwal in July but will have to reconsider before signing on for another year.

  581. Lem

    Of course issues happen and outages are more common than most people know, I should know I have to fix some of them. The reason that people are not more aware is because important systems are built resilient. It clear that is not hosted on a redundent system. Cost cutting!

  582. Jim Walker

    Wow, I switched to an online tree because I wanted to have the latest database available wherever I go instead of constantly keeping multiple systems up to date.

    I remember thinking what if the site becomes unavailable for some reason.

    Now I know the answer to that ‘what if’? The answer is you don’t get anything done until the site comes back up and suffer withdrawl symptoms the whole time….thats what you do. lol

    I made a backup gedcom about two weeks ago, now I know I have to do that more often.

    I guess the ads worked, they got more data than they can handle.

  583. Dee Dee

    Brian (689)Capitalizing last names is NOT required. In fact, it’s irritating. That’s an old method of data entry that ended in the 80’s. Post 589 stated that he wants Ancestry to provide a newbie class. Maybe a refresher course in data entry would be more suitable. Do some reading people.

  584. Yo Misty,
    is the fact this service is in Utah bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Born Again’ ??

    I gotta make dinner but this is hilarious !

  585. Garry

    I Hope the down time will make things a Little better to find You make it look so easy on your add,s on the TV !

  586. 2padogs

    This sounds like the old ebay verse about maintanance, which of course means that either something is broken, or someone hacked the system and they need to clean everything back up. I would expect a reputable company to refund all members for the time this central feature is unavailable. The searches can be found at countless sites. It is the tree feature that brought most of us here. Oh and please treat us like educated members, and tell us before you take down features for “Maintanance”. Seems more like a response to an unanticipated, harmful event.

  587. Drew

    Nick (#672)
    According to information I stumbled upon in my tree, our common ancestor Eve’s maiden name was Australopithecus.

  588. Rob

    What the he11 is taking so long?! It’s been over 5 hours since I first saw the “Check back soon” message!

    C’mon, Ancestry! Get the site back online!

  589. Laura G

    I work in IT and know what unplanned maintenance means. HA! In addition to the trees being down, the servers are moving incredibly slow for searches.

    UNACCEPTABLE for the fees you guys are charging.

    I agree with a previous poster: Don’t market your service to larger and larger audiences and not upgrade or beef up your servers to handle the traffic.

  590. This is an OUTRAGE! I am an ancestry member for the world subsciption yearly!! I demand I get my 82 cent refund for the trees being down. With that money, i’ll buy a bag of chips from the vending machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  591. Annie

    It’s still the best possible comprehensive site for research one could imagine, and well worth the occasional fefluffle!Yes, you do have to be quite alert for those silly, impossible dates some people leave in but as a whole, it’s amazing! When I think of the hours spent swapping letters, ‘grilling’ patient elderly relatives and sneezing in court house basements it gives me hives compared to using Ancestry.Plus, the anonymity is fabulous. We have some ‘famous’ people in the tree, and do you think we could get any help from the folks at their ‘official’ society? Not on your life!There’s an awful lot of genealogical snobbery out there, and noone is going to be ‘allowed’ to be related to THEIR famous person, thank you very much! :)Apart from being pleased to have them in the tree, it was nice to be able to finally find the information on Ancestry to find the REST of the nice, un-famous folks we’re related to-which is the point, really.
    Taken all-around, Ancestry is a completely amazing site.

    If the problem here does turn out to be a hacker, one can’t really be surprised given how attractive Ancestry would be to one of those kooks. I’m inclined to save my outrage for those who would wish to distrupt lives and incomes via these stupid hacking schemes, not the victims of them.

  592. Bob

    I have never seen such poor Spelling .No wonder that so many names do not match . Do not blame it on Ellis Island .

  593. Eric Shoup

    We have posted another update in our blog post, including details behind to problem and an estimate around how long the trees will continue to be down. Check it out above or at

  594. herb

    The comment on using caps on last names, what I have found is that when I get one in my tree I get no hints, but after I put it back to cap on first letter and lower on rest of name I get hints. Not sure if thats why but its worth thinking about

  595. Bill

    I’m sorry, this is probably my fault.

    I took a vacation day while my roof is being replaced, with all the noise I can’t watch TV or a movie, nor yap on the phone. So I figured it’d be a good day to work on “the tree”.

    Murphy’s law : “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

    I’m truly sorry …..


    (probably a server that failed with no nearby replacement, plus the time to reload it.)

    BTW: FTM10 can download the file quite completely, nice feature (but a long time if you have a big tree with lotsa pix). Previous versions downloaded a stripped down version sans pictures.

  596. AlZoCa

    May 20 6.30am

    The site is still down??? I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms! Help!
    I know you are all doing the best you can. I got to add abit to my tree last night but that ceased just as fast as I started. Anyhoo when do you reckon you will be up & running?

  597. Becky

    To all you folks with abnormal dates showing up with your ancestors: THAT is not the computer’s fault!The computer can only put out that which has been put in it. Those names and dates have been put in by careless and/or stupid researchers. Then along comes another bunch who just copy without really looking. Before you know it, the ridiculous date, i.e. children older than parents, 10 year old parents, 60 year old mothers, etc, look like they should be carved in stone because a whole bunch of people have the same thing.

    Another thing than leads to a lot of errors is the way women’s names are entered. It’s supposed to be first name, maiden name. That’s what it says on the entry. If you don’t know the name of John Doe’s wife, leave it blank. Her first and maiden name was not Mrs. John Doe. If you know her first name was Mary, enter Mary. Her name was not Mary Unknown nor was it Mary Doe unless she married her cousin.

  598. Theresa

    OMG I am just Grateful that Ancestry has the documents and I don’t have to travel all over the world to find my Information..Stuff Happens in this computer world..Try to be a little more understanding. I love the site even with the glitches.

  599. JKite

    When we first joined, we added info from family files, notes from relatives gathered at a family reunion, or other ancestry ‘family tree hints’ (some accurate, some not). As we became more serious (& knowledgeable) about how records were linked & maintained on the site, we began a slow, but methodical review of our own family tree, deleting or validating the information.

    A few weeks ago, we began a new project on our family tree: to begin to ‘make notes’ for every record attached to our family tree. We have begun the process to copy/cut/paste documentation from the census or National Archives records to each record listed on our site. (For example: we highlight names on census records, right click the mouse to ‘copy’ that info, ‘paste’ it into word document and click to have it appear in text format, leaving the names/ages listed. We then add the census year. We then highlight & copy that info & paste it into the ‘description’ note of each person listed under that census year.

    On military records, we read the record, even down to the hair & eye color, dependents, etc. and are now adding those details in the ‘description notes’ when we link that military record. That has turned up some very interesting information in itself.

    What we discovered was that names of the same people may be spelled very differently from census to census. It helped us to remove errors on our tree, but also helped us validate a census as being the correct one for that person.

    It also easily shows how a name slowly changed from one format to another (ie: Fowler to Fuller).

    So for those out there who question the validity of the site, remember there are those, like us, who are gathering info and bringing new & accurate info & records to the table.

    We’ve also been delighted to meet other amateur geneology researchers who are doing the same thing:) and moving from ‘beginners’ to serious researchers. We help each other correct errors and help each other find valuable records. We also add notes about possible inaccuracies on the census records to be reviewed, that we believe have contributed to the geneology community overall.

    So for the ‘purists’ out there…be patient & give us some time. You may discover the broader community may actually become a great & enthusiastic resource for your own research discoveries:)

  600. Thanks for filling us in on the maintenance progress. Today I took this time to check out other parts of the site that I haven’t been to in a while. I was extremely pleased in finding that there is SOOO much more here at ancestry that you all have added and I didn’t even know existed!! It has been a fun day for me today! Keep up the Great work!!

  601. NS

    [sigh] Ijust got a whole bunch of new pictures of relatives to load too.

    Oh well, will check in later.

  602. TerryMoore615

    Amazing! I can’t believe the level of complaint over the site being broke for a day. Take this down time to lodge a complaint with your long broken government about poor service, waste, and wanting money back.

  603. Nancy

    This issue is becoming more & more prevalent. I wish you would update your system to the extent this time that it does not happen again for a while. I often try to log in and get work done and am unable to access things. Do you need to upgrade your system? If so, please do it as I have just now paid another year and expect superior service. Very frustrating for those of us that link in each day that we can get in! Since the TV Show aired it has been an issue weekly. Not cool.

  604. Paulette

    Thanks Kara (#678) for reading my mind and posting your words of wisdom and common sense!

    I’ve been a member for 10 years and I am greatful for the information accessible on A.Com. Without this service I would have spent thousands of dollars in private researcher fees.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!

  605. Sheryle

    Why bother complaning, we won’t get 10 days free for this pain in the ass problem! Get your act together!!!!!!!!!

  606. mandyk

    What exactly IS the problem anyway? I have seen a lot of post but no explanation of the problem.

  607. Katie

    I don’t know why I keep coming back…this is too funny! This should prove once and for all that you can truly get psychologically addicted to Ancestry! Need…a fix…NOW!

    Since we’re all sitting here, still…for some reason…

    Admit it – Who else is kinda annoyed that all of a sudden genealogy is becoming so popular? I liked it better when we were underground, now it’s trendy. Soon any random person you meet will be able to spout off all of their gggg grandfathers by order of their birth.

    Perhaps that could be a good thing – just did a tree for my friend and found out her dad’s grandpa and mom’s great grandma were brother and sister and she had no idea, oops! Maybe knowing a person’s lineage before you date them would be a good thing!

  608. Dani

    After 36 years of genealogical research, I cannot believe that any of my fellow researchers keep all their eggs in one basket! Never! Your time researching is so valuable! Please…keep your data in multiple locations for safe keeping.

  609. Misty

    #696, Wayne – HA! Well played!

    #704, Chuck – can you get chips for that?! Man, they’re .85 in my vending machine. What a crock!

    #710, Bill – Thanks, buddy. Thanks a LOT. 😛


  610. John II

    #528 Stuart – Great minds think alike. I WOULD REALLY like color coding or a symbol to list the degree of confidence in data.

  611. Judy

    Yes, it really is disturbing because this is what I do all day. But after the access to my trees was down for more than 3 hours and my house is clean, the laundry done and supper planned, I used to put together a list of all the Census populated locations in New Mexico from 1850 to 1880. It started out fairly easy as there weren’t very many in 1850! And now, I’m using the maps that I’d researched earlier to add to my documents and show where the locations actually are.

    It’ll be a great resource, maybe a best seller…


  612. Sharon

    after reading comments earlier I checked out and it’s great found a whole new generation I couldn’t find on here, I’m lucky as I started my family tree on Family Historian before I even joined Ancestory so I’ve been able to carry on but it is frustrating as my partner keeps telling me I’m addicted to searching dead people so hope this is working tomorrow still worse things happen at sea apparantly

  613. I’ve used this site for 3 years, use it almost daily, in fact, and this is the first really extended outage I’ve met. IME the staff is uncommonly good about responding to individual issues and very patient and fair.

    There’s a lot you can do offline if you have Family Tree Maker, a lot of just cleaning up addresses that have acquired too many commas, that sort of thing, that will cause flags on your places, etc.

    Or go out to the internet and look up some of your people names or place names and see what pops to the surface. There is a way to have fun with this while waiting.

  614. Karis

    #242 Rodney and #623 Andy,
    Between this blog posting and the previous, there are over 700 responses concerning the family trees. If is JUST a search site, with no concern for the family trees than they need a different business model because this is what the customer wants.

    If ancestry is not providing this, than could some entrepreneur please begin the process. Ancestry may not have originally been a full service family history site, but I do think believe they are concerned with our family trees. You’re obviously bright people but follow the money. Financially, speaking the money is in the family trees, that is all new stuff copyrighted to them.

    You are probably right that, that it is probably not what we currently pay for, which means I have a growing concern. I have hard copies for my most important family members.

  615. Nancy

    While we are having this discussion….. why is it that after purchasing your most updated software and paying the yearly subscription fee, that I am not able to upload my tree to my own computer and software and have my images there? My pics, my documents, none of it downloads. That’s making me do the input twice and so what is the usefulness of this package?

  616. Jack Sheldon

    I find it ironic that management at cannot trust their customers enough to give us an honest and detailed explanation. I, too, have been a paid customer for about 8 years, and have put a lot of time and effort into our family’s history. It is because of the CUSTOMER that those “little leafs” appear as Ancestry advertising lures more and more people to this website. We pay Ancestry to put family trees here while the “little leaf” is the cornerstone for a marketing campaign.

  617. luayne pierce

    I pay for full use of this web site. I have many trees here. I AM TIRED OF NOT BEING ABLE TO GET INTO THEM…..THIS IS THE 2ND TIME THIS WEEK.



  618. Jeff Ford

    @155, Jeff Meyer, do you really expect them to perform (“emergency”) maintenance on YOUR schedule? I’d rather have them do it ASAP rather than wait and perhaps make it worse. Sheesh.

  619. Thank you Laura G (703) – it was my comment (624) about mass marketing without having the resources to back it up.

    That’s why when you return something to Zellers, no one even blinks – they just take it back.

    Hm-m-m, I wonder if that now means I can return Uncle Harry who drank and beat Aunt Wanda !!!

  620. Joseph Parente

    Paula (530)I have the same problem. If I’m loking for someone with my surname on a passenger list and Prentice or Price or Poirier come up as matches, and five pages later I find the person I was looking for, if I got that far.

  621. Mat Hastings

    Unfortunately unless you have a source document you have only a “clue.” That’s the tease with genealogy. So many unsourced documents are, in fact, solid but more are not.

  622. Benny

    #313 – I have to laugh at the current family history TV shows and the commercials. Doing good, accurate family history research is never that simple unless you pay a professional to do it for you (get that, PAY). You PAY for a subscription to access records on from home, you PAY for a subscription to Genline (Swedish research, so you don’t have to go there), you PAY to drive down to the local library to access or HeritageQuest (you think that’s free? your taxes PAY for it) That’s really where all these protests on the blog come from, people who have no idea how genealogical research was done before the Internet. lol

  623. One of the reasons I have cancelled my subscription. If I had an added day for every day you were down in the past three years I would go on for a long, long time yet. Too bad because when I joined it was a good site before it was “improved”.

  624. Janie Ingram

    Might I suggest a weekly maintanance window. Maybe midnight to 8am on Sundays.
    As an it change coordinator, I am surprised that you would do maint. on the weekdays.
    This is a program that we pay for. As such, I would expect compensation when I don’t get what I pay for. That being said, if you had a weekly maint window…this would not happen because of a failed change.

  625. Steven A. Myers

    I just hope this fixes a specific problem I’ve had for more than 4 weeks. I’ve complained repeatedly to your customer service department that I keep losing my “Saved Family Trees”. This has happened on at least 30 different folks I have in my Tree. For whatever reason I need to research, I go to the “Saved Family Tree” page for various individuals. While it works most of the time, it might show that once I had 13 or 26 “SFT”, but now there are zero! All that valuable information LOST!!! The person in customer service has been very nice about it, but I keep hearing it’s up to the “developers”, and it’s not in their “queue”. I’m very disappointed in and I’ve been thinking about “suspending” my subscription for the last month or so, anyway. I’ve been a member for about 4-5 years, but I’m thinking seriously about just downloading a GED and saying good-bye! I’ve got so much other research into this program and many, many pictures, though, and you won’t consider adding a feature that allows me to downolad this additional information, either! Also, you should NOT be advertising your services until your “developers” have this RIGHT!!!

  626. Jackie B Miller

    I don’t like this at all. By you nottelling what the problem is, sounds bad? President Obama want to control all communication means and ways, control press, control cells, and we already know what he’s controlling now! If you give him our information, you will oue us some ‘skin’ or something! I don’t trust the President at all. He will do anything to get what he wants: pay, bribe, lie, sell, talk. But don’t ask him a question because he won’t know how to answer it- Of course, the natural thing is to do this repair at night, but you didn’t and you should have told us why you didn’t take that course–Hey?? Your as transparent as the President? Did you get a bail-out too? Get with the program please

  627. Nick

    Thanks Drew. Now I’m confused. I have Unk. and Austra wotsit. Who is right?

    I’m overjoyed to see that you can access your tree again.

  628. Conrad

    I can’t believe it. I have been member almost since this website was started and have never experienced any problems. When they have a major glitch, all you newbees start complaining. Really GAL

  629. Christina

    OMG I mite be new but the fact that the site is down is not that big of a deal. All the people that want a refund you are being ridicules the site will need maintenance and some time’s those things will need to happen when it is inconvenient for you, get over it. I can’t believe that so many of the people on this site are so prissy that they can’t believe that they are being inconvenienced. What are all of you millionaires, do you get every thing so easily that this is such and out rage. Get over your self and go do something.

  630. LOL
    wow… you’d think this was some sort of drug that people just had to have. I’m glad they’re working on whatever problem there is. Better than them NOT working on the problem and people keep working and something horrible happens that actually deletes information because the problem was never dealt with. I’m good with my tree being down for a day. There’s always looking up info on Findagrave or Google books or even other services for specific counties and states. isn’t the only place with knowledge, but I can’t do without the records they offer to paying members. That will keep me here indefinitely (especially once I get my world subscription!)…. wooO!

  631. Janet

    Get a life people. Sign into Ancestry then go to google and type in who you are looking for. You will find all kinds of information! Just check it all carefully. Ancestry helps in many ways!

  632. Myron Bergenske Sr.

    I just keep paying my monthly $29.95 always hoping for a vast increase in the Worldwide data available (19th century ‘Germany’, ‘Poland’ and Russia in particular.)

    Over the last seven or eight months I’ve received very little for my money, with this or that part of the service not working (many times not announced.)

    It appears that there must be a significant capital investment on Ancestry’s part to speed up access, and eliminate bottlenecks and errors in processing.

    Do give us an update plan and strong assurances that Ancestry will be resource which will be fully operational at least 99% of the time.

  633. Barb

    I have been a subscriber for close to a decade now and this just keeps happening. There will be no compensation for the “down-time” and most of the existing problems will still not be fixed. Transcription database or whatever they call it will still be dropping vowels, system will still be slower than molasses, unreadable pages will still be unreadable, wrong page on one of my relatives will still continue to pop up and I may never be able to add the 1860 census as a source, and of course, most importantly….I will not be able to do anymore free corrections for Ancestry to all those “Transcription Errors” until the system comes back up…or wait…maybe that is what they want me to do…can’t get to my trees…so spend my time correcting transcription errors.

  634. Jane

    715 JKite,
    Thank you for your description of your recent efforts to validate your information. I figured out after a few weeks as a newbie that a lot of info was GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) and I actually started my tree all over again…got rid of my relatives living in Maine in the 1300’s!!!! I started saving info from other family trees in my shoebox so I could save it until I had time to verify it, but now I read here that “shoebox” is not such a good idea.

  635. Pete Smee

    “We do routine maintenance on off-hours to minimize the impact on the time our customers carve out to do family history research. ”

    You claim to provide a Global service, what hours do you think are Off-Hours?
    (Oh I know – when the european fools are awake)

    “Your search is incomplete due to system issues” is now apparent foor at least 3 hourds every morning (UK Time)

    #715 – It’s not the fact it is broke today it is the number of recurrences, of it being broke, I Prophesised this outage as soon as the improvemnents introduced on Tuesady were announced, time an improvement is made the Back up process fails the next night and the part of the system that has been improved is a dodo.

    PPPPPR as they say in the IT Industry

  636. Kristin

    This has been happening ALOT lately. It seems when I get the free time to work on it is when this happens. I just hope I don’t lose what is already there!

  637. Linda

    I LOVE Ancestry, and yes this is a small inconvenience, but things happen! Thank-you #554 for clearing the air for some of the less-polite messages. I appreciate all the wonderful upgrades and millions of records that are provided by Ancestry. I have four very large Trees, that would not be what they are, were it not for such a great provider, in whom I place my trustworthy safe-keeping of them. Looking forward to when Ancestry is back up, till then–I will just continue on with life!

  638. Joseph Parente

    Andy (623) If you’r not a paying member, don’t you need an invitation to see someone’s tree?

  639. Kath Newton

    It is a mystery to me how none of us think out of the box.

    We have got this crazy addiction – no one in my family or circle of acquaintences understands it.

    Then I read a comment that they should do the maintenance at night. Whose night do he/she mean.

    When I am in bed in the UK, people are on Ancestry i Australia. I have even stayed up so that a just found Australian relative who is a beginner could go through my tree and we could e-mail each other as she looked at it.

    So what is maintenance at night for one person is the day time mainenance someone else objects to.

    If anyone in Oz reads this = do you know any people called Orr.

    An ancestor migrated with wife and an only child a daughter Jane Ann Daniels who married a Joseph Orr in New South Wales.

    Oh and I have a Percy John Newton married to Mary Ann Shaw who disappeared paperwise after marriage in 1896, we know he had children but where.

    No deaths to be found and nothing anywhere else.

    Sorry – I get carried away


  640. beth

    It’s very interesting to read the comments, both those pro and those con Ancestry downtimes. For all the site supporters, I suggest you go back and read the blogs–if you can still access them. The last blog on maintenance closed to comments before the date that it was scheduled to do so. As I’ve said before, the blog is for customers to vent–that’s all. I doubt that there would be such a huge number of comments here today if there hadn’t been such a recent downtime of “scheduled” maintenance. Obviously, regularly scheduled maintenance, which we are to accept is necessary, isn’t enough to address the issues the site is having. This is not acceptable regardless of what all the site defenders have to say. I never recommend this site to anyone without telling them about these downtimes and to read the blogs about it.

  641. The on-site trees being down is inconvenient I agree – but I really don’t think you should all whinge so much.

    I pay the full subscription myself and I’d like it to work ALL the time – but I also appreciate that systems get bugs and they have to be fixed, its just part of modern life. The current problem actually helps to remind me how slow searching was BEFORE this and how much Ancestry has improved over the years.

    So of course I want it all back and working (as do we all) but there is little point belly-aching about it too much. I still think is worth every penny I pay (or cent as I’m in America now). I’m sure it will be back ASAP.

  642. Lymbo4y

    Wow! What a bunch of whiners & complainers. I’m glad you all expect your perfect, flawless lives to continue to be so.
    I’ve been a member for 4 years & it’s been rare & short-lived for the site to be down.
    Ancestry you’ve done an awesome job. The amount of data & increased searchability over the past 4 years is phenomenal!

  643. When I was in the Systems Programing business, we always had a Backup and Recovery Plan, inplace; in the event our systems upgrades failed. Where is your backup plan?

  644. Tim

    There are sure a lot of discontented people in the world. Things happen! I’m sure will figure out some way to make it up to everyone, perhaps a free 14 day trial to the “world subscription”? hmmmmm……….?????????/

  645. Can’t even post a message. This is why I am not renewing. It was a good site when I first joined but had become increasing frustrating and not at all workable.

  646. Nancy Edwards

    Wow……now I can’t even save anything to My Shoebox nor do I have any access to it.

    It would have been better to have shut down the entire site for 4-6 hours than to have only a part of it up. I mean, if I find something to download and I end up not being able to download it……what’s the point?

  647. Yvonne Bachman-Johnson

    AND NOW THIS??????? I CANT WORK ON MY FTM2010 even!
    HELP ME!!!!!!!

  648. Kath Newton

    Just notice a new announcement saying the “trees” will be down for a few hours, not before late tonight MT time.

    What is MT time.

    Why can’t they say MT time and GM time.


  649. Becca

    Becky #713 (for now – the numbers keep shifting!): I put the last name as Mary “Smith” when I don’t have a maiden name – otherwise, I would have “47 Jennifers” (as the song says) and not be able to tell which is which when looking at just a list of my tree names. Then, as soon as I find out the real maiden name, I change it. That allows me to keep track of which is which, but keeps it from looking like Mary’s maiden name was Smith (but then, there are the cousins who marry with the same last name, and you think the names are wrong that you are finding – until you find a marriage entry, and even that isn’t necessarily right given that they aren’t usually anything official but just something that someone submitted at some earlier point, and and and . . . .)

  650. #760 phenomenal indeed! =D is the place to be! Been here 3 years now. What about the 8-10 hours of uninterrupted searching I’ve done on here? over and over and over! no stops, no errors, no ‘try back later’, just pure researching and adding new individuals… and I’d love to see ANY company assure a 99% operational service. HAH!

  651. Nancy Edwards

    Is it just me or does this message on the Home page seem contradictory?

    “My Shoebox
    Your Shoebox is unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes.
    Due to high traffic, your Shoebox box is temporarily unavailable. Please click here to see all your shoebox items. ”

    Can’t get anything to come up when I click as directed.

  652. Bev

    638 – Brian. Actually there weren’t any settlements in New England before the Mayflower.

  653. Yvonne Bachman-Johnson

    Please check back soon…. this has been happening since LAST NIGHT people EASTERN TIME. It is now 4:54 p.m. Still NO ancestry.

  654. Tim

    It doesn’t seem like a big deal to have occasional downtime, but it’s surprising that changes that led to bugs requiring several hours to repair weren’t tested against a copy of the database before being placed into production. Haven’t the Ancestry programmers heard of using a test environment? Remember: First, do no harm.

  655. Your site has gotten slower and slower. I was afraid that the problem was my computer. Maybe not. I agree, since your big membership push things have slowed down. I think yours is the best service out there but I hate to see these types of problems.

  656. Thank – You for that more detailed explaination of the situation. While know one thought you were not working the issue, it is clear that you understand our frustration. Will check on the site in a few hours….thanks again…

  657. If this is the only thing you people have to complain about then I say you are pretty darn blessed and should realize that. Go talk a nice brisk walk outside and get some exercise instead of sitting there stewing – it will be a hell of alot better for your heart!
    Yes I am a monthly subscriber to and I just hope they fix whatever is wrong – now for that nice walk!!

  658. Al

    Having retired from computer systems work, I understand that occasionally computers do have problems and sometimes it takes awhile to fix them.

    Do I wish I could have uploaded my tree? Yes, but I would have felt really bad if I uploaded my tree only to find that it became corrupted.

    Keep working the problem, I can wait. Thanks Ancestry for a quality product.

  659. Karis,

    I never said Ancestry wasn’t concerned about the online trees.

    What I said was that people who are complaining about lack of access to their trees and demanding refunds/rebates are way off base because they don’t pay anything for that access and thus there is no grounds for claiming they are losing any money by not having access to them.

  660. Sally

    I have been a member of for 3 years and I know it has had a few problems and some growing pains, but think about it. Where you would have to go and what you would have to do to gather all the information you now have on your family tree? Would you even know where to start? helped me bring my family’s history to life and that has given me a better understanding of who I am.
    Hooray for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  661. While using the Search function, I’ve noticed that if you keep getting ‘no matches found’ try removing details from your search 1 at a time. Like any middle initials or specific dates and even siblings or parents. Or try starting the search over by using only the surname and exact search the location by county and state. Sometimes researching with different details in your search can bring up records that weren’t coming up when you first started searching with an individuals ENTIRE details showing. The ‘use exact match’ can also keep the locations from being searched correctly. example, you search for “Knox, Indiana” might not bring up records from Knox County, Indiana” because the word ‘county’ was missing. Little things like this can effect what records are shown in your search because of the amount of details being looked at. I usually just start with a surname and a location (no exact matches), chop the records down from 5000+ to about 1000+ by using given names next, then chop down the matching records even more with dates and THEN using ‘exact match’ on 1 detail at a time. It also depends on what records you are going through. Census, US Public, Military. Locations come up differently because some only show city names without the county (while you had county specified in your search and used ‘exact match’).. etc etc.

  662. Tim

    #766 – Kath

    “MT” = “Mountain Time”, eg, Denver CO. Two hours behind ET (NYC, US east coast).

  663. beth

    638 & 772

    Actually, there were hundreds of thousands of people living on this continent before the murdering, diseased, Europeans invaded and starting killing them off systematically.

  664. Bev

    Sorry – correcting myself in post 772 – there were no European settlements in New England before the Mayflower. Of course, there were explorers, but no homes, people, babies being born, etc. except for Native Americans.
    In New England. Maybe in Virginia, but I don’t have ancestors from there.

  665. chris day

    Whilst I appreciate that maintenance & upgrades need to be done on the ‘live’ website, surely more testing should have been done behind the scenes with these wonderful upgrades before putting it on the live site only to have them kill it?!
    Why not just wind back the clock and remove the upgrades again to get the live site up & running again whilst working behind the scenes to sort out the bugs first and apply them later? The web team at really could do with examining their implementation team who clearly have been rushing things a bit!

  666. Sam

    Let’s have some fun everyone! Let’s quit whining and guess when the service will be operational.

    The person guessing as near the correct restoral time will have bragging rights. Maybe Ancestry will chip in something, who knows.

    Rules are… one guess only and you must state the time in your time zone.

    For instance I live down the street from Ancestry, I’m in Utah, my official guess for restoral time is

    8:13pm Mountain Daylight Savings Time

    Official time will be determined by Ancestry or their announcement or by ME. Currently the system is down on the Tree!

    Good luck and guess wisely!

  667. Joann Sovelenko

    I forget to mention last week I put my ancestry back on RootsWeb and within a few days it was removed. WHY???????

    I didn’t remove it at that time, but later I decided to do something about it.

  668. Larry

    Seems like Ancestry is loading the blog with false messages where people say they don’t mind being cheated out of their subscription money.

    I know that I am disgusted by this service but what can we do? Ancestry is like the scummy cable compainies who know that you won’t cancel your service unless the down time is extreme.

    We should get day for day pro-rated reduction in our bills.

  669. Jeanette

    Oh well…..quite dissapointing. Yes I think Ancestry should add another day or two to everyone’s subscription.

  670. Allan Simpson

    I’ve been an member since June 2007. I log in almost daily and this is the first time I remember the site being down for an extended period of time. This site does an excellent job and I’ve enjoyed hours of research to build a large family tree for many members of my family to enjoy.

  671. Sharon

    I have been using this site for a very long time. This is just one of those things that happens in computer. Everyone needs to chill out. It will be back tomorrow or the next day. I would rather have something that works right than all messed up even if it takes longer to fix it right.

  672. Guthrie

    Uh oh, Spaghetti Os! I’m doing a school project and need to make a family tree! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! must… have… FAMILY!!!!!!!

  673. Anyone actually call Ancestry’s 800 number and talk to a representative? Maybe you could ask them about a pro-rated bill when the site’s been down for more than a day. Other than that. I don’t think the any altering of bills is necessary because it doesn’t go down all the time. and I use this place quite often. i mean, 16000+ individuals when I started out with about 5000 3 years ago….? it took researchers over 100 years in my family to compile descendancy information for the last 9 generations and took me only 3 years to add on another 10000+ using this service. Pro-rate huh? money back whaaa?? IMO we owe Ancestry a heck of a lot of respect and gratitude.

  674. Kath Newton

    Jane 758

    No, it does not get picked up – not that I have noticed anyway.

    Probably because I chose the title it is not considered a vital piece of information.

    It appears in the list on the left of a persons profi chose le long with the residences, census, and marriage and other lines – not at the top.

    I have discovered where a spelling mistake was made on one official item – like a narriage of death – they do not get picked up,

    Like my William Heard (The whole of his family is Heards) but his marriage is surnamed HARD,

    Before now I have changed the name till it picks up the item up then changed the name back.

    We have in our tree the names Aspden (Darwen and Blackburn) but Aspden Aspin and Aspen used for the different children in birth certification alone.

    My Great Grandmother birth Aspen married as Aspin – her brother was Aspden at birth and Aspin at marriage and death. The eldest sister Aspin at birth and Haspin on the world tree.

    Not to mention the Calligan, Callachan, Corrighan, Corrigen, Corrigan in Chorley.

    I tear my hair out.


  675. Larry White

    If all the outraged complainers do leave — excellent! Genealogy is about carefully researching records – a FEW of which are online. If they are this outraged about a few hours delay I have no confidence in anything they might put into their trees anyway. Am I the only one who notices that most trees that come up as “hints” have either 1 citation or no citations? The one citation is of course other trees on this site. Sad.

  676. Deb H

    I’m amazed the blog server hasn’t crashed. 770 posts and counting (I stopped reading at 400).

  677. “We do routine maintenance on off-hours ”

    Yeah… well you need to be more globally focused – after all, America’s ‘off-hours’ are my ‘on-hours’. Isn’t my $30 a month as valuable to you?

    By the way, this outage has been more than 12 hours for me so far.

  678. Sorry. I don’t feel cheated. And I’m not an artifact of the ancestry system. I just don’t feel that the sky is falling because a system has to be maintained. I’d rather have the techs sort out the bugs and KEEP the entries clean, thank you.

    If they find out whatever bug loaded Y Somme Picardie or Span Johnson Georgia into the tree, while they’re at it, that would be lovely.

  679. Could this be a test to see how indignant’s users, customers, employers can get? How many hours has the site been down; 6+ that I know of.

  680. Sharon Wade-Coughlin

    I am a six year member and this is the only time that I have been inconvenienced. It’s a good time to take some extra care of the living family members because the dead ones will surely wait until I come back another day to catch up on my research projects. Off to make a cake.

  681. Paul Green

    My guess for when the system will be up is 8:14pm Mountain Daylight Savings Time. Perhaps I will win, but only if it doesn’t crash again before the day is out.

  682. butch

    after readind a considerable amount of these comments I am not so sure I want to spend my money on this thing.

  683. Lindyhop

    I spend so much time on this site its a good thing it is off for a while to make me realise there are other things in life. I would like to thank them though for the marvellous records I have accessed so far and the extended family I have found-I hope the people who are moaning have now gone off and found something to do-stop worrying about refunds and find a book to read or watch the TV -or perhaps not nothing on in the UK tonight.

  684. Joseph Re: #755

    Yes, you need a subscription to view the online trees of others or an invitation from the tree owner.

    That said, most of the complainers were talking about being able to see and research their own online trees and that can be done without access to anyone else’s tree at all – and in most cases *should* be done without using other trees.

  685. Dennis

    I think everybody should calm down. Speaking for myself, I ponder quite frequently if I don’t spend too much of my time while alive, living with dead people. I have also noticed that since everybody’s got a computer, tolerance levels have gone down as a society. Tomorrow when decide to call or e-mail customer service, remember, “everything is NOT all about you”. The world does not spin because of or around you. One day, the only record that you existed will be on ancestry and nobody will care because you never did anything but sit on here all the time. Your ancestors will deem you a complete waste of life.

  686. zsparks

    505 DD: Ancestry does not own the public records. They provide easy access to them. Though some, I think, are basically a resale subscription, rather than access to a free service.

    It’s sort of like my favorite drug, Advil Allergy Multi-Symptom. Due to registration for pseudefedrine now, AAM-S is very hard to get now. So unfortunately, I now buy Advil, Chlortrimeton and Sudafed, and make a mountain of pills to replace my AAM-S. I can’t get all of it generic and make my own, but what a pain! That’s what we’d be doing without Ancestry.

  687. kittyfluffs

    RE: You have to be careful there too. When you find a page after searching, scroll down to the bottom. If it says that the information was submitted by a person, rather than coming from an actual record, BEWARE! Many are wrong!

  688. Nancy Edwards

    One thing you can do is to “bookmark” whatever Ancestry documents you find today (while its down), and then attached them later on when everything gets better. It will work that way. So you won’t lose your research.

  689. Gerald Bramwell

    To all of you saying do maintaiance at night time, remember it is a large world and your night time is sombody elses day time. Now 22:16 BST in the UK


  690. Brian

    772 Bev
    So Jamestown in 1607 wasn’t a settlement? Wow they sure are changing the history I learned! The first Englishmen to settle permanently in America were in Jamestown, Virgina in 1607. The first English child, Virginia DARE, is born in Roanoke, Virginia 18 August 1587. Better study your history a little more

  691. Pamela B

    I’m shocked at the negative comments. I assumed that most genealogy researchers were patient and understanding people. i agree with previous poster that the amount of information and relaxation we all get from their service is well worth the cost. And if the service needs a day here or there to make repairs and upgrades, then so be it. Get over being so important and put out when you can’t get your instant way.

  692. Sean

    Per the most recent update, thank you for FINALLY giving us some idea of what happened and that it might be later in the evening before a resolution will be in place. I have never understood the reluctance in giving an upfront explanation about such matters.

    We all can appreciate the very complex nature that the back-end of this service must have, when an issue arises the majority of us I think are understanding and patient once told the reasons for downtime. It’s when people are left stewing for hours with no updates, no clue why the system isn’t working, and trite page notices about heavy traffic like “It sure is busy here” when that was not the reason that people become angry.

  693. carol becker

    I am up-set, because I could not get on to my tree this morning, nor at 4:20 in the afternoonI think your prices are high and you get to keep all information that we work harad for I can”t transfer ancestry to my family tree maker

  694. I can’t believe how many people are “upset” over not getting where they want too on a site. Most of you were not looking up there family history 15 or 20 years ago when we had to sit in a cramped LDS History Library and look through microfilm rolls. Then when you found the index number you had to get your butt over to where the records were held. For me it was the NYC Archives. Paid parking and for each record you wanted. Very expensive.

    Hours would go by on a good day. Bad days your time was limited due to the line of people waiting. If there was one thing the LDS Library and Archive trips taught me it was “don’t expect any luck today, and you’ll just be suprised. bur either way you’ll pay”.

    The site goes up when it goes up. I do agree though that a good faith act on’s part would be to give a 3 day pass to everyone who was inconvienced.

    I pay for my service and if the site works better after this glith… Great!

    -Mike Rapp-

  695. You guys are great, reading these comments is making the time go by much faster! I’ve been a member for 6 days, i have over 1600 names and tons of records. So it goes down, yes it sucks and my $1 a day is almost up, but for 1600 names in 6 days, I would pay way more than that. So if you finished reading the comments and are still upset go yell into a pillow. It really does help. Also if any of you have Russian records that you can’t read my hubby is a Russian speaking sun-of-a-gun, send them this way.

  696. kittyfluffs

    I’ve used ancestry for over 10 years and am pretty satified. I can count on one hand the number of times that “long” maintenance has occured. They obviously found something else that needed fixing that wasn’t anticipated. Just be glad that they did find it so it could be fixed as it might have caused a larger problem downt he road! Imagine if your tree disappeared altogether!
    Thank you ancestry for giving me bang for my buck! Couldnt have done it without you! I’m off to do my own maintenance on my computer tree.
    PS – I highly agree with other posters who get frustrated by multiple “wrong” trees! check your info people – quantity is not better than quality!

  697. Howard

    Great! It gives me a valid reason to pay attention to my wife tonight. This site is worse than using crack.

  698. Joan Wiggins

    I’m on the 2 week free trial….will I get an extra day since the site has been down all day? I’m in FL, tried to access the site beginning @ 8:30am and it is 5:30pm now. I need my tree and access to my info….it is for a school project. Does anyone even read these things anyways?

  699. Viv

    I can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading on here.
    I’m a paid up member and quite frankly I don’t care if I lose ONE day of service.
    I spent 10 years looking for a family member and it was on this wonderful site that I finally found them. If I can spend 10 years looking for one family member I’m sure you can live without your family tree for one whole day.

    And before you all ask, I’m not someone with too much time on my hands – I work full time, and I have a disabled son at home who demands a lot of my time so my time is precious, but I have a life and if I can’t get on here for one day – it’s not a great loss!!

    With all the crap that’s going on in the world right now is one lost day on here such a big deal.

    History is always going to be there, it’s not like there is a time limit and it will suddenly disappear.

    You live for 70+ years and are complaining about ONE day – get a grip people!!!!!

  700. Jessica

    How long is the extended time period? I am not being unpatient, I just have a humongous project due Friday, and I have a lot of information on my tree.

  701. Tom

    Very interesting reading here today. Having used ACOM for about a year, it’s amazing how slow the day goes by without it. Question: Why do people keep their trees private? Is it to protect their privacy? Is to keep others from taking their hard-earned research for free? Just curious, not judging. I am amazed at how much information on trees is not sourced.

    Another point: Please do not enter city/county/state data unless you check it for accuracy first. There’s a lot of false data out there that unfortunately stays in the database, which then perpetuates the error.

  702. Jeanette M.

    If you would make your site and software compatible with a MAC, you might not have so many problems. Just yesterday I was having problems getting the “change tree” link to work and the only solution ancestry gave me was that I need to change browsers. Pretty bad when I call to ask questions of and I am directed to buy competitors software if I want to save my trees. I have been a paying customer since Jan 2007 and would like to see some improvements in this area.

  703. terri mccue

    not too happy about this since i have 14 days to use my pay per view, i have now lost a day!!!

  704. Kath Newton

    Thank you for noticing my comment asking about MT time

    If late tonight MT time is when they expect the trees to be back up, can someone tell me what that is Greenwich mean time.


  705. Kathy Morris

    Do we get one extra free day of subscription? I hope when your up and running again I will be able to find new things to add to my family research!!

  706. Becca

    About all the wrong information – has anyone else had the experience of telling someone that your relative A can’t be the person they are looking for (i.e., I’m talking about someone about whom you have “real” information, and you know perfectly well that she/he was not married to Mr./Miss X, did not have a child named Y and did not live in Z), but they then simply add them to their own tree, and “adopt” all the actual descendants of that person as their own?

    I’ve had that happen several times now. It’s very strange (my own conclusion in one instance was that it seemed to be some kind of numbers game to get the very biggest – alleged – family tree on record, or something), plus that type of mentality certainly would explain some of the completely incongruent profiles/dates, as discussed by several folks above. Any others have this experience?

  707. Christopher York

    Okay…. someone just better give me an extra day on my account, sence I lost ALL of this one. I pay for a month of service… I WANT the whole month. Some of us are busy and only have certian times of the day to spend on this site, when we can’t update our family tree (which i would think would be the only reason you are ON THIS SITE for those of you who think we are complaining about nothing important) that is a problem.

  708. Bill Roberts


    Make a GEDCOM BACKUP it’s free and you can load it onto most geneology programmes 🙂

  709. Kathy Snyder

    This has been the perfect time to gather birth, marriage and cemetary records that have not been available on Ancestry and catch up on documenting those sources and making copies of the images. My notebook is getting organized and tomorrow (hopefully) I can enter the information into my tree. Oh, I also contacted my cousin in Norway for more details that I need. It hasn’t been a total washout!

  710. Katie

    Mike Rapp – Thank you so much for trying to put this into perspective for people. It’s a website, stuff happens just like it does with ANY technology. Be grateful you’ve got access to it in the first place. Sure, it’s annoying and sad that I can’t waste hours of my day on today but that’s ok. At the cost of a cent per ancestor I’ve found so far – somehow I’ll manage.

    Though I do agree that an extension of our memberships would be awesome! At least they’re letting us know they know about it!

  711. Jeanette M.

    Tom, You have asked why some people keep their trees private. I have attached some photos and documents to deceased family members profiles that might compromise the identity of living family members. In this age of identity theft, you can’t be too careful. I want to know who is accessing my information. If you have a need to know my info, ancestry makes it easy for you to contact me and when that happens I gladly share if I know you have a legitimate reason for asking,

  712. Sandy

    I was on the site all night last night until 5:00 a.m. this morning and it didn’t go down at all. No problem with it.

    I do agree we shouldn’t be charged for a day that the site isn’t working. That being said it’s not the end of the world. Web sites are not 100% perfect and people aren’t either.

  713. Dee

    Unbelievable!! I now have a wonderful new site to supplement Ancestry. Thanks to Ellen 523 above, in just a few clicks, a measley $11.?? credit card charge for one month membership, and I have just this moment downloaded to my computer, an copy of the original, handwritten sheet, a key page of a Revolutionary Pension record, which will solve a mystery which has been bouncing around among those of us who have a certain Abraham Hankins as ancestor. Did he serve in Rev. War?, if so did he substitute for his 48 year old father, when he was only age 14 or so? Why would a 48 year old man be drafted in 1781? That does not really make sense. Now I know. Well, as soon is Ancestry is back up, I will add a copy of this document to my tree. I still love Ancestry, and how great to have another source for documents, quick and easy to use.

  714. Brenda Curtright

    I am also tired of these problems but also understand that it will be corrected. For every day the service isn’t there we should have another day added to our contract!

  715. Brian

    835 Sally
    I never said Jamestown was the first settlement! It was the first permanent English Settlement.

  716. judy

    I, too, agree with the vast number of complaints – this may be the worst so far but it is by no means the only time this has happened lately. If it were the only time, I would not mind, but it’s just about everyday – the site is slow or “bogged down” most of the time now. If this “maintenance” is going to fix the other – on going problems, then it will be worth it but if they still continue when the site is back up – I think you may be cutting your own throats and I, for one, will be thinking long and hard before I renew again.

  717. Katie

    I’ve been using for a couple weeks now, and simulatneously, I’ve been filling in basic information on my FREE family tree. I was beginning to think it silly to keep two trees going, but now I’m so happy I have! I also like Geni’s vertical tree layout – it’s so much easier to view and move around on. I still love for all the sources and learning tips, and will continue to research here. But when maintenance issues arise, I can still at least go to Geni and roam around my tree, and decide what/who to research next. Word to the wise. Cheers!

  718. Kathleen Carlson

    Woodman, Spare That Tree!

    By George Pope Morris

    WOODMAN, spare that tree!
    Touch not a single bough!
    In youth it sheltered me,
    And I ’ll protect it now.
    ’T was my forefather’s hand
    That placed it near his cot;
    There, woodman, let it stand,
    Thy axe shall harm it not.

    Any chance you could have rotating maintainence so all of us can sleep through this? FYI, it is 2:34 PDT, which makes it 3:34 MDT. Most folks here turn in early, since the stock market opens three hours ahead of us.
    Translate this: GET IT DONE, AND GET IT DONE SOON!

  719. Kathleen Tynes

    Are paid members, such as myself Annual World Deluxe Membership, getting a Paid refund credit to their accounts for NO Service Available to us for this 24 hr period??????????????

  720. D Wright

    I took the afternoon off work to finish an ancestry project I’m working on for a Memorial Day gathering. Wasted day.

  721. Your GGGGG Grandpa

    This is your GGGGG Grandpa here with an IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE BEYOND! Get off your lazy duffs and go plow some fields or milk the cows.
    This futuristic “internet” is the most confoundin’ thing ever.
    Well, the census takers are here, so I’ll go lie to them so my GGGGG Grandchildren will be confused when gets back to normal….

  722. Amy Levesque (free site) is requesting assistance indexing records – simply typing the data from handwritten forms into individual cells. It is something fun to do while we wait for the site to come back up!

  723. Kathy

    Tom- I wonder why people are private and then take things from your tree but you don’t know why unless you contact them to see. As for sources, My unsourced information is sourced in my notebook files because I got it from someplace else and haven’t had time nor inclination to add it to Ancestry.

  724. Paula Watson

    To the multi-year members who say this is their first inconvenience: I’m a one-year member, and this is at least my third. Yes, I agree – life goes on (or certainly should!) I just want to get what I pay for, especially when I have certain times and days I can work on this.

    ALSO: THANKS to so many members who have left trees public to help newbies (a year ago) like me get started.

    YES – folks, even checking BASIC dates would keep many errors from continuing 🙂

  725. Debby

    I have been a member of ACOM for several years now and to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time this has happened. I go to the site daily and have so for the last two years as I have been dedicating more time to do research so I am feeling some withdrawl symptoms. I am also nervous because I want to see my tree. I would also like to support a theme I have seen in the blogs today about not posting info on trees until verified correct. Just yesterday alone on possible tree connections, there was abundant bad info. Please, Please, Please verify facts before adding them to your trees. I stopped using other people’s info on their trees because of this.

  726. Rebecca

    In response to Brian (post 589): Capitalizing surnames was absolutely the correct way to go for generations before home computers became part of the genealogy equation. I understand your frustration (I’m a 3rd generation family history enthusiast). I was just hoping to point out one factor that may help ease your frustration. Writing in “caps” is considered rude/shouting by my generation and my children’s generation. It could be this factor that has caused this practice of capitalizing surnames to fall by the wayside. Having said that, I do very much appreciate those surnames written in all caps while poring over fine print in a tree from the 1700’s.

  727. parrish

    Are you “fixing” things or making new problems for subscribers? This is happening more often!

  728. Your GGGGG Grandma

    I agree with my husband. back in my day, We had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow. stop complaining.

  729. How often does Ancestry back up their servers. I understand that this is a major server outage , especially if it’s “unplanned” – my concern is that Ancestry has lost the data from their databases/servers.

  730. Jan Pollat

    How disappointing – AGAIN!! This is getting to be a bad habit.

    Makes me think I need to NOT make this my primary spot to store information.

  731. rachel

    I use family treemaker to back up my tree, however ancestry only allows the gedcom to be uploaded. I might as well use any genealogy software. I think family treemaker should integrate better with ancestry to enable us to upload our ENTIRE tree including attached records and media. I accept this may be a huge task the first time, after that it should just update.
    I am finding tribalpages more and more attractive, with the lower subscription and ability to buy a DVD of the ENTIRE tree including media. (I have not tried this yet).
    I am using the search facility less and less on ancestry and really only need it for my existing tree, attached records and media. In order for me to continue to see the attached records, I have to continue my subscription. I was told if I wanted to continue to see them without a subscription, then I needed to download each and everyone of them to my computer.
    This facility changed from when I first joined ancestry, when I still had full access to attached records after my subscription lapsed.
    I now download each record as I find them.
    However ancestry have now sucked me into the need to continue my subscription until I die.

  732. Sharon Garner

    As one who works a lot with tech issues, I know how bad it feels to have to put out the notice that something is down. Good luck on getting it restored soon.

    As for the public vs private tree – I have public ones both on rootsweb and ancestry. I think most folks are afraid of privacy issues or sometimes of having their data taken (even if, as you say, they’ve taken others.) The only good reason I can think of for the tree to be private is if you want to collaborate with close family members and therefore have current info posted that you would not want getting to the general public. I’d rather have mine sanitized of living people, and visible to all.

  733. Betty Warner

    OK I’m not happy. Underline not happy. I’m also obsessive about working on this site. It is hands-down the best site, I sing your praises. Do you have problems? Yes. Please fix them to make us obsessive web genealogists happy. I have logged thousands of hours on I can guarantee everyone out there that the work you do on ancestry is better than any other sites out there. Yes it’s expensive, but how much time do you save as opposed to other bad sites? Yes I want it to work 24/7. Yes I find glitches in the software. Yes it makes me angry that I can’t complain to a customer service rep, but then how much more would that cost? I saved my nickels and dimes and got a year subscription, much less painful, brings the cost down significantly. Yes I feel better now that I have vented. Yes I feel everyone’s pain. Now fix it, so I can back to my trees who by the way are far the best trees out there because they are the best sourced thanks to all the records I can attach from ancestry.

  734. Paula Watson

    850 – the GGGGG Grandpa

    Thanks for the humor!

    I love finding that my Southern family c. 1800’s died in unusual sounding, often Eastern European countries, or sometimes South America, as someone decided the first two letters was fine, so hit enter . . . Trees are fun.

  735. DONNA D


  736. pat crawford

    I was on until 3:00am this morning, no problems. But am wondering what the following means. What are big tree system upgrades? Anyone have any ideas?
    Also notice that it is plural. So more then one tree system involved.
    “Unfortunately, as we were doing some big tree system upgrades overnight last night we found some unexpected bugs. We’ve had to take down the trees system to fix the problem.”

    Hope all is well with our ancestral trees.

  737. Michael

    Can some of these people complain a little? It’s not a life or death situation. Watch TV tonight or something. The sun will come up tomorrow (most likely).

  738. Sheila Kim

    I’m glad of the uptodate notices, Thank you. Keep them coming,, at least we know you’re alive and trying to resolve this problem! Whilst I’m here…. what are the chances of getting a ‘split-screen’ option?? I often browse through records, find one that might fit and then have to go back to the original person to doublecheck if it does, and then , go find the docs again!

  739. BTW:
    What regions are everyone’s ancestors from? My family is originally French (french-canadian or france-born not sure) and were from Lancaster Co, PA, about 1760’s and moved to Knox Co, IN, around 1780’s, then to Moultrie Co, IL, in the 1830’s and down to Missouri, Kansas and up to Wisconsin, Michigan, and finally over to Oregon, California, Washington in the early 1900’s.

    Surnames: Pea-Pee-Pease

  740. Heather Anne

    A few more hours still? Maybe 8:00 pm MT? As of 8:00 pm EST May 18th I’ve been unable to log in. (At least I now know no one else has hacked into my account or trees which I didn’t know last night when I couldn’t access my own account.) I’ve been on ancestry for 10 years with worldwide membership doing professional research. Thank you ancestry for your terrific help and records for over 5,000 people over those years. (Yes, I still travel all over and have purchased hundreds of records from Town Clerks, but you’ve often shown me the right route.)

    However, I’m becoming increasingly less enchanted every week.Your ads are disruptive – we pay for membership – your sponsored ads do not; your downtime is unpredictable and unacceptable – excepting routine maintenance which we all understand; your customer service and tech support are outrageous – when they’re open; your new format unwieldy. Try saying ‘ignore this record’. It works for that moment only. Go to that person again, you’ll get the same garbage.And why is adding media such a huge space? Am I adding photos and media to someone from 1572? Your search engine parameters are hilarious. Try searching only 1 specific country from a tree if you have world membership…your techies says ‘no, you can’t’.Your Canadian site is a joke!If you have world membership and are only logged onto it seeking people only born and died in Ontario for eg. – good luck! You’ll get everyone and everywhere else in the world! But nothing in Ontario unless you have a very specific date.

    BTW – In any country, I know when I’m entering a married name for a woman instead of her maiden. I don’t need a triple reminder that it’s incorrect.If I knew it I’d put it in.

    Shall I mention your outsourced to God-knows-where record transcriptions! A reasonable familiarity with UK and N American family names and places would be a nice touch when I’m looking for them.

    Hopefully once your IT deals with this ‘unexpected’ issue things will improve. I doubt it though.Since you’re about the only game in town for instant records though, I guess I’ll just grit my teeth keep paying to play.

  741. Viv

    859 (Janie) – There is a free family tree program you can download called

    You can import a gedcom into it and it’s pretty good for a free one.

  742. Keywester

    It just keeps getting worse. Everytime an “improvement” is made to software it makes the functionality worse. The old style search is the best. The old style hints on member trees was better and the member connection is written wrong. Why do we have to accept each individual member connection? I am sorry I have OCD and it drives me even more “nuts” to think I haven’t accepted each member connection and missed something in my searches. And don’t get me start on their FamilyTree Maker – I have found nothing good about it at all. If there was any avaiable online service with similiar software, I would switch my family tree in a heart beat. While we are on the subject – I cannot believe the number of error on the OneWorld site. Incredible amount of errors, generation after generation after generation. I am simply feed-up with high prices and poor service.

  743. Susan

    It appears there are a lot of spoiled researchers out there! I have been doing ancestry research since way back when you had to go to a National Archive library to look up a census! Considering how much information has made available in it’s relatively short life I will forgive a little maintenance glitch once in awhile.

  744. pam

    I have been trying all day, off and on, to view the family tree. It is now nearly 11pm here in the UK. I have just settled down to try yet again, only to find the problem has still not been resolved. Glad to see there has finally been some sort of explanation though, posted on here. Thanks for that. I have been with ancestry for years and this is the first time I have encountered a problem like this. Great site. Hurry up with the repairs please.

  745. Southern Family

    Dear SOUTHERN Cousins,

    ALL of us fought in some famous Civil War battle.
    FEMALE last names are just plain lost.
    EVERY ancestor had waaaay too many children . . .

  746. Yvonne Bachman-Johnson

    I’m going to bed, this is depressing. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. It is only 5:54 p.m. but seriously, I am lost without ancestry.

  747. Susan M

    I have had an account with Ancestry since 2001 and a paid World Subscription for the last two or three years. I am an avid genealogist and spend quite a lot of time on Ancestry. Yes, there is the odd glitch but for the most part, access is available 24-7.

    Nothing is perfect and having worked with computer systems for 25 years, the unexpected happens.

    Hang in there, I’m sure things will be back to normal soon.

  748. Lisa Ambrose

    I just started this last night and am totally hooked. I waited all day to be able to get on here and when I do….IT’S DOWN? What the heck? It’s been quite an extended period of time. Do you plan on having the tree back up tonight or should I just assume your service is not what I thought it was?

  749. AR

    I’m not sure why some people feel intitled to a free day of service. I bought a new refrigerator and it went out while under warrantee. No one paid for the food I lost or lost wages when I had to take time off from work waiting for the repairman to show up & fix what should have lasted for years. This is so minor I’m shocked that anyone feels intitled to a free day. What does one day amount to in $’s? Maybe a buck. Let it go!

  750. Brian

    858 Rebecca

    Thank you for the support. I started researching in 1999 and it was the then prescribed way to do it. I know about the shouting but a family tree is not a message board or Instant message. It makes it so much easier to find the surname when capitalized when someones name is Richard Richard or Smith Smith……

  751. I have worked with computers in the past and know that these things happen. Anytime you are upgrading things something is bound to go wrong. The truth of the matter is they have probably done thousands of upgrades with no one being aware of it because it all went smoothly. So lets all give them a break because I know how frustrating it can be to try and fix something that everyone blames you for when you didn’t write the program you just installed it.
    We appreciate the service here. Without these sites it is safe to say we would not know so much about our ancestors.

  752. Roderic Alvin Dietz, Jr

    I agree with those of you who would like a credit for membership time lost. I have not been a paid member for some time. All that does is give me access to the information on the leafs, which only reinerates what I already know. My family has been doing this sort of research for the past fifty, or so, years, so what this website has offered us is a place to compile everything into one GIANT tree. All anyone related to me has to do is log on to my tree, search for whom they are looking for, and trace the lineage back to, in some cases, the early 1500’s. I’m PROUD to have done this work my family. Some day, my prodigy will look back on this and know EXACTLY where they came from !!!

  753. Becca

    Janie (859): Not sure what you consider “expensive software” (as “expensive” is in the eye/pocketbook of the person being asked) but Family Treemaker is only about $20 (especially if you watch for their occasional sales, or buy it in a package with something else). That’s really not all that much for something you can store on your own computer (properly backed up, of course).

  754. Paige

    I have only been a member for a short time (4 months), but this is the first time of an inconvenience for me. I am on this site almost daily working on three trees. Really, you don’t have anything better to do with your time than complain? For anyone who has ever worked with the public has probably inconvenienced others at some point in their career. This is not a big deal.

  755. Sue

    I’m also a World Deluxe Member and I don’t see any answers to everyone asking if they are going to get some sort of credit for this period that the site is down. Someone from Ancestry needs to answer this question. I’ve been trying to get on this site since 7:00AM PDT and now it is 3:00PM PDT…that’s 8 hours not counting yesterday and last night.

  756. Shirley Jackson

    # 648, I got you beat I had 1 relative that was born in the 1400’s and married a man that was born in the 1800’s
    I WIN

  757. Jenny

    I can’t believe so many people are leaving such pissy comments. This is just an *inconvenience*, not a tragedy! For the love of heaven, get ahold of yourselves!! This is the first problem I’ve ever had with this website, and I’ve been a paying member for over 6 months.

  758. Larry Rogalski

    This is really funny … I was just ready to pay for a years membership before my trail period ended. I didn’t want to lose the work I already put into my family tree … tic, tic, tic … Stay tuned to next weeks continuing adventure … “Will Larry have enough time to pluck down the dough before the clock runs out?, and his family tree gets cut down before it’s time? … tic, tic, tic …

  759. Karen

    I agree with Amanda – get a grip guys – maintenance happens! Try corporate America where important things like our time entry system goes down, or order entry at month end when we are doing billing!!
    Also agree that maybe smaller upgrades need to be considered for the future so one large upgrade doesn’t have the potential impact that this one has had.
    You have a great product. I, for one, am very happy with the multiple improvements I have seen over the last year. Thanks to your team.

  760. ai… don’t give up just because its down for a day! omg. this place is the best. even people at work are amazed that I can pull up their family lineages just by knowing their grandparents info (especially when someone else already did the research and has their own tree on here). there are about 1000 pro’s compared with the handful of con’s that make this site worth the wait. if people are getting bogged down, try closing your browser and restarting, or clearing cache and deleting some temporary files if you’ve been googling and searching for hours and hours. all of the java and images and page loads can slow your computer down if its not cleared periodically. also, use your browser’s Tab function if you want to switch between records and profiles on here quickly. allows for multiple screens at once.

  761. Sheila

    I had a day off from work today. I printed out maps to all the cemeteries I needed to visit, directions and hours of small town libraries, lists of info I needed to gather, newspapers to check, etc. Set the alarm and loaded up the car and then checked the computer once more and found that was down!! So I did housework and errands. (Yes, I could have gone to cemeteries w/o ancestry) but I’ll just look for another day to get it all in. Very disappointing.

    Concerning all the errors on trees: Yes, I very, very, seldom enter any data unless I also add the source. If you put in something w/o source, it’s gossip nothing more.

  762. Jo

    To Sue #895…. because you’re not going to! As someone posted way, way up the stream it’s in your agreement, that ACOM doesn’t guarantee 24/7 access.

  763. Amy Levesque

    A poster above mentioned the free site I downloaded it months ago and deleted it within days due to the enormous amount of additional software. Wasn’t I surprised when it replaced my search engine (google) with the heritage version! I have not been able to delete it entirely from my system and when I type anything directly into the browser it reverts to myheritage. Aggravating.

  764. Wade

    Who was it…Larry?…who pondered as to whether or not Ancestry is padding the blog with postings from people who aren’t upset by this?

    Just for the record…yeah, it’s frustrating to not get on here RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW THIS VERY INSTANT but, hey, from the times I’ve been on here before, this is a first time event for me; I’ve been looking elsewhere on the ‘net for info, in addition to tending to my photos on Flickr and some other odds and ends (let alone doing a honey-do chore here and there). So padding? No…just trying to offer an alternate viewpoint that while this is a frustrating ordeal, it is NOT…repeat, NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT…the end of the world, or even for that matter even worth considering asking for compensation.

    When to ask for compensation? It’d have to go into days for me to even consider pondering it.

    To put another perspective on things: I can remember heading down to our local genealogical research center and spending hours pouring over books and reference materials, which would in turn offer ways of obtaining copies of the original records, which of course would mean spending more on postage, or if a roadtrip was warranted, spending MUCH more on fuel and lodging, if the target area was more than a day’s drive away.

    SO….one day without Ancestry? Yeah, sure, it’s not what I want right this second. But c’mon, folks, it’s not that common, and it’s sure not worth bellyaching and crybabying over monetary compensation.

  765. Barbaranewton1

    No big deal Ancestry, I hate to think how much time and expense it would have taken me to get where I am now without you.

  766. Peggy Haines

    I can understand a few hours….But, this really is out of hand to be down the entire DAY!!!

    I hope it is NOT because you are overextended!

  767. jenniefer

    all day i been waiting to get online and sort my tree out,its my only day off and my night off and i cant do no work on tree and i paid for this month and not been able to use the site. maybe next week be a different excuse and following month we could all have a free month. or better still they can do all the hard work for us all

  768. I agree that is like a miracle to those of us who remember having to travel to distant locations, stay in a motel and then go to a microfilm machine to realize that there are hundreds of James and Mary Williams in the mid-1800’s in Kentucky.

    It’s a wonderful site and I can use it with my MacBook!

  769. Don

    To Becca (Comment #832), Yes I have had that problem with people attaching information & even pictures of An ancestor & attaching them to entirely different family. That’s when I said enough of that and went private. I don’t like having my tree private, but I don’t like having it misused either, especially when it seems to have been intentional. I let anyone that asks view my tree. At least that way people who are more serious about doing this are using the information & pictures from my tree, not some nit wit trying to impress Aunt Nel.

  770. Jon Larson

    I honestly do not know whether Ancestry’s level of service is comparable to similar data intensive sites. I do know this, no commercial bank could afford to have its customer interfaces go down for a day. The costs would run to the millions. And eBay and Amazon would suffer serious financial damage with an outage as long as we have experienced today. To avoid such damage, I believe that they must have back-up servers capable of running their systems while they fix the problems on the main servers.

    I wonder why Ancestry did not invest in such systems? Certainly, the financial wherewithal is there. After all, their balance sheet shows $285 million (more than half their total assets) in goodwill, which does not represent one single cent of investment in the actual business but represents the amount that a buyer is willing to pay the seller greater than the seller’s investment in assets.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if the company had taken half of this mad money to actually make a reliable site?

    As to the multi-year members who never have experienced outages: Well, you must not use the site much. There have been several outages (but none this long) in the past 9 months.

    So, Ancestry, now that you are growing your membership, why not take $100 million of the new subscription fees and create an actually realiable site? That would be less than half of the funny money on your balance sheet.

  771. In response to post # 865. I subscribed to for two years. I had a beautiful tree that I compiled for about 25 years. One day it was gone. I wrote to their customer service for help. I was accused of removing the tree myself (which was not true). I was ignored. Now I am rebuilding my tree on In some respects it’s better. In some worse. But you can’t compare the customer service. As long as my tree doesn’t vanish, I’ll stick with Ancestry. Tribalpages is unprofessional.

  772. Steve Braid

    To 873 (Sheila Kim)

    I find the best method is to have 2 or 3 Ancestry sessions running simultaneously, that way I can flick between sessions to check records against each other.

    Enjoying the verbals! I’m in NZ, so have come into this much later.

    Software being software, it’s always going to fall over at one time or another. Go with the flow!

  773. Dona Terry

    Am I #1000?????? I predict that will come up at 10:35 pm Central. . . .

    Personal Ancestry File (PAF) is an excellent program, and it’s free. . . . . go to:
    and look for FREE DOWNLOAD.

    That’s where I keep my backup copy of the family tree.

    I’ve recommended PAF to many people and most people really like it. . . .

  774. Jackie Clevenger

    I’ve cleaned flower beds and closets and since it is still not up I decided to fool around with one of the new sites I hadn’t noticed – naturalization records for Illinois. Found the record for my immigrant gr-grandfather! Doubt I would have noticed that update if I hadn’t been in need of a research ‘fix’ this afternoon. Had to stick the record in my shoebox but also printed it off – just in case!

  775. Claudia

    Golly gee whiz folks, can you step it up PLEASE!
    what an addiction I have, and its’ yours too..

    oh please hurry! please….

  776. Jane

    I just hate it that they raise prices when the economy is in the dumper. I wonder if they have a free trial of FamilyTreemaker. I haven’t used it since 2006 and I may give it another try –if they ever fix the system.

  777. mg

    This is now untenable.
    It is time that Ancestry Com Inc CEO Timothy Sullivan spoke to his customers. Where are you Tim?


    It does little good to say the site will be down for an “extended period.” It is more than aggrivating. An expectation date is needed. It matters little to be what the problem is – it matters that I can’t access my tree and I WANT TO KNOW WHEN THIS IS GOING TO BE FIXED.

  779. Carol

    Ok..we seem to have a split decision about whether this inconvenience is “acceptable” or not. On one side we have those who accept life’s inconveniences as they come….on the other hand we have those who wish they could control everything that happens to them in life. Personally I’m with the poster who mentioned the oil geyser/spill flowing into more and more water… that’s something major. This is a minor inconvenience, however, if in 2 days from now the system is still down I’m switching to the “wanting to control everything” side!! LOL BTW here’s a thought…we should all go out like our hard-working, self-reliant ancestors and do some real work instead! haha

  780. Karis

    By the way the computer does make some of the problems. I have tried to copy from my own tree and the computer has “helped” me by adding in extra information or leaving items out. This may be one of the things they are working on. One example was a location another was an interpretation about brothers. It was not a straight out copy of what I had.

  781. Carrin

    I was as disturbed as anyone when I realized I could not get on “right now.”

    I was not as disturbed as those people who left such angry messages for something EVERYBODY wishes had not happened.

    Hey, stuff happens. Get a grip!

  782. Chris

    When things like this happen, it makes me more and more nervous that I am dependent on the availability of ancestry to update my tree. Sure, I can download a gedcom, but until you guys develop a sync feature, it doesn’t do me a lot of good. Any hope on that front, btw?

  783. Judith Kukowski

    Thanks Barb #750. Now I’m not the only “idiot” correcting transcription errors for free!

  784. Judith Rapping

    Ok, everyone addicted to their genealogy search raise your hands. Now repeat after me: “…admitted we were powerless over the internet and our lives had become unmanageable…”

    It’s just the internet, folks… We all know it’s just the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, and right now he’s in panic mode…

    And before we get back on line, one personal plea, PLEASE, if you’re entering new data, CITE YOUR SOURCES!!

  785. Rach(2nd entry)

    HOLY MOSES, IT’S STILL DOWN?!?! I am on vacation today, which NEVER happens, and decided to go baby sitting tonight, I have hours at the computer, and ancestry is down. Only free time I will have for a long time, and time I wanted to work on this project. My main concern is your vergabe here. You are saying that UNFORTUNATELY SOME TREES HAD TO BE TAKEN DOWN? Woah. Def. will cancel my subscription if anything has been erased!

  786. garland

    Kevin you mean to say you have been compiling and building your tree for 25 years and you dont have a backup??? I have an up to date gedcom in 4 different places besides my tree on tribalpages and ancestry

    It only takes a jiffy to make a gedcom file…….

  787. Tony

    Kevin (post #912),
    After a long career in computing I’d always recommend regularly downloading a copy of your JEDCOM file – that way even if everything crashes and burns you’ve got a backup you can reload (or load into another system). With any luck I shouldn’t lose more than around a weeks worth of updates even if the worst happened…

  788. SEG

    Stop your whining.

    Try getting in your car and gather this info that offer you, it would cost you thousands of dollars for gas. I have traced my family across this great nation of ours from the east to the west coast , for $180 a year, I live in Texas and would be had pressed to drive to either coast and back on that amount of dollars.

    I have been in the IT field for 13 years and I know sh** happens, backhoe cuts a fiber line that is you only connection to the internet what can I do have two or three lines to the internet coming to the building? Servers that store backup data can keep you from pulling your hair out when one of the other servers go down, but the massive amount that has will take hours to recover. It seems that it is time for to have the data stored and operation in multiply locations say Dallas Texas. keep up the good work and I hope you learn something from todays outage.


  789. Emmlee

    ok. so i accept that someone somewhere screwed up bigtime and you have to repair your site but – for the benefit of those of us that don’t live in the US – what the hell is MT time and what does that translate to in Australia?
    A message when we were panicking when the site first went down would have been nice though.
    And for those who don’t have an offline backup of their trees, why the hell not? There are several free tree programs available – try Legacy – been using it now for many years and can’t fault it. When the site is back up, download Legacy, download your trees and back them up!!!

  790. Well, might as well make the best of a bad situation! while I’ve got all of your attention, do any of you have photos or information about Auphy Caroline Ward or James Wilburn (J.W.) Baker from NC/TX/TN?

  791. Rach(3rd entry)

    For # 575: I actually ABSOLUTELY understand what I’m paying for, which is why the fact that they are saying some of the trees had to be taken down is really unacceptable! It took a lot of hard work to trace my family down, and I don’t want to lose all that info.

  792. Christina

    OMG I love the person doing the GGGGG Grandparents messages. It’s beautiful and I love it. It does suck for the people doing family tree projects for school maybe your teachers will give you and extra day. 850 and 861 are my favorite posts. ^.^ I also like to tell poster 825 you have a grate out look on life it is refreshing.

  793. Bobby Hunt

    Things happen. Until 4 years ago, I only knew of my grandmother, 2 uncles and a aunt on my dad’s side…being out of state, I used, and found my great-grandfather, his two marriages, and 19 children. I’ve contacted a lot of the ancestors of those children, and now have a “new” family. As long as my information is still there, so I miss one day. Big deal.
    I did myheritage long ago, when I first started. Deleted that within a month. No help.
    As for cemeteries here, I actually use findagrave, and have had really good luck with that…plus, it’s free. 🙂
    I understand putting source..however, most of my sources are the people standing in front of me, as in the “new” members of my family, and I’m not about to say “such and such is my source”.
    I’ll worry about compensation when it’s down for a month or so.
    C’mon, guys, don’t get your blood pressure up right now.

  794. Kristina

    #933 – Rach

    You are paying for the access to the records, not the use of the Family Tree on their website. and I think what they mean is that they had to take the tree system offline so they could repair it. I highly doubt that they would erase any trees.

  795. Carol

    Good for you poster 932 to be proactive! Sorry I don’t recognize those names from any of my lines…how about surname Bowman from PA to IN anyone? Thanks!!

  796. My guess is 10:22 EST

    Maybe they’ll give a free years sub for the right time?

    Actually other than a few misfires here and there this is the longest.

  797. Elizabeth

    i am very thankful for the updates as to what is going on but its just my luck i sign up for a 14 day free trial and then theres a problem uuugggg one hole day of my free trial down the drain.

  798. Michele

    Boy Sure is alot of people complaining !! I agree that most of these complaints are valid but what if you were a cancer patient working on leaving your kids the family legacy ?? I think time would be very important !! I also think that the Ancestry website has so many people on it that they should really really think about getting a larger server!!!!

  799. Brian

    I wonder why they don’t just rollback the update to the previous version, work on the bugs of the update, and then try updating the system at a later time. Even crappy Microsoft Windows allows you to do roll back to a previous version before an update.

  800. Roger

    Good grief, people, take a deep breath! I’m just as anxious as anyone to get into the public member trees since I’m hot on the trail of some ancestors and was making great progress until stymied today by the site problems. But, you know what, there isn’t a computer site in the world that doesn’t suffer a major problem from time to time (airplanes occasionally crash, too). Even though I’ve used Ancestry for a long time, this is the first time I’ve encountered a problem. Maybe I just need to ensure I’m using it every hour of every day to run into some of the “many” outages described on this blog!

  801. Jess

    I am freaking out right now! Not because I am one who stays on all day to research, but because I have a giant project due Friday! I reallllly need access to my tree; I have a lot of information on it. I am not going to ask for one extra day on my membership; all I’m asking for is a more accurate time on when the trees should be up and working again. Thanks a lot!!(:

  802. AW

    I’m perfectly ok with the trees being gone for a couple days.As long as my tree is still all there when I get it back. 🙂

  803. Kathy

    Does this unplanned maintenance have anything to do with my Trees being private and they appear public?

  804. Francie

    Good post #930! This is aggravating, but I see your point. Hopefully, will do what’s necessary in the very near future to handle all of the info and members they have.

  805. Judith Kukowski

    I’m enjoying this down time very much. Reading this blog has been a “riot”! I have been laughing all day. My problem is that at my elevated years I can’t keep up with you youngsters to type all this. And yes I still believe that spelling and grammar matter. But I have been hearing some very intelligent ideas out there. Here is my problem. The copy of the marriage record from the Drouin Records is incomplete. Part is at the bottom of one page and the rest at the top of the next page. Whoever filmed it didn’t place it in the filmer correctly so part of the imaqe is missing. So now I can’t see the names of the brides parents.

  806. I just joined two days ago and was going great guns then BAM. My troubles started about 7PM ET last night. When I called this morning about 10:00AM I was told “oh yes we are experiencing some trouble this morning, we will be back up momentarily” When I mentioned I had been down since last night I was told “Oh well, that was probably something else, we will be back up in an hour or so.” Now it is 6:30PM on the 15th and still no movement. If my math serves correctly that would be 24 hours.

    I understand there MUST BE a huge increase in traffic on this site due to the new television programs on ancestry so I am not alarmed that the site would have trouble keeping up with demand.

    That said, what is wrong with the truth??

    When I discovered today that one of the big kahunas was an X Ebay exec it all fell into place. It’s all about profit being more important than good customer care.

    So – what’s new?

  807. KENNEDY

    My local library has a great resource called Heritage Quest. I can access it with just my library card number. You can access Heritage Quest at home. In addition to finding books and family histories that include ancestors, I have found photos of some family members. Great resource.

  808. Tim Fackler

    Seeing a lot of “it’s O.K. Everybody needs to do maintenance.” Planned maintenance yes, unscheduled means something broke and we have to fix it. For those that don’t know: IT departments such as this one pride themselves on having NO UNPLANNED maintenance issues.

    For them to have an issue taking this long is a huge problem from their perspective. I certainly hope there is no data loss. Those that are asking for a day’s rebate may have a legitimate point. If this is due to hardware failure, the department show have ready spares on hand to fix the problem. If this is a result of their upgrades, someone has some explaining to to do because proper testing was not done.

    In any case the most important part is for them to be able to fix the problem without data loss. Until then go find something else to do.

  809. Betty Warner

    It has been fun to read everyone’s post.

    How about George Washington’s great great grandmother being born 100 years after poor George died and then she married her son?

    OK everyone give, what is your most hated email you get from newbies? Here’s mine: No salutation, just “how do we relate?” No further information such as which tree are you asking about and could you give me a hint as to which common relative you think we have? AND if you respond asking these questions, the second email: “I don’t know–your tree.”

  810. Victoria

    I could understand being “down” for a couple of hours, but geez…all day! I think a credit on the monthly bill is in order.

  811. Jan

    Come on people…give these guys a break. IT/web issues happen. I am sure they are working hard to fix it. Hang in there guys, I appreciate the site.

  812. Colin

    to Rachel #865
    Rachel Famil Tree Maker (FTM) 2010 allows you to download your entire tree (including photos etc) from Unlike downloading a gedcom file from ancestry, doing it through FTM2010 also brings across all your notes and sources etc. I find this a good way to back up my tree which I do regularly on FTM2010.

  813. Barbara Newton

    good on yer 932, I am only uk and Ireland and have to visit Library for usa so – My husbands ggrandfather born usa abt 1874 but as child of uk bricklayers, no evidence of either uk or usa registation. went to usa about 1910 never returned but WW1 Canadian record showed him suggesting abt 1881 birth. Lived in USA Cleveland ohio,anyone any info. ?

  814. Diane T

    Oh my goodness, I have never laughed as hard as I have been reading some of the comments. Too funny. At 953 (and growing) comments, I might still be reading when the trees come back.
    I also wonder how much got done at other jobs since some of us couldn’t goof off and check out the site.

  815. LEWiegand

    This has been happening ever since has advertised and gone prime time. Almost daily there is some part of the search that is not available and with increasing frequency.Hope you got your piece of the pie Ancestry before none of us can afford to use your site any longer. It is a wonderful program!, However, it is your paying customers endless hours of research that add information for all to see and share, and it is your paying customers free contribution of hours to index archives for free to have a site like this at all!! All without any kind of discount. I think we all have a right to complain, shame on you for not being better prepared when you invited the onslaught!!!

  816. Granna

    Your unplanned downtime has been an eye opener for me. I now realize, I’m addicted. Hi, my name is Granna and I am a geneaholic!

  817. herb

    959 Betty I have received that same stuff, its hard to tell when your out in the little branches of your tree to figure out just how you are related at least for me so far it is.

  818. Tom Spademan

    We wine because we care. 🙂

    and, yes, the best posts are the GGGGGG Grandparent posts…

  819. Mary Kolz

    Take a deep breath to bring your blood pressure down. is obviously addictive!
    Thousands of people world wide have lost a loved one today, thousands of others have found out that they have terminal cancer or another terrible disease.
    You just haven’t been able to use use your family tree. You’re worried about a $2.00 refund. Let’s work on some perspective here.
    Call a lonely friend or neighbour. Visit someone in the hospital. Take an elderly person out for a walk.
    Get a grip on reality and some balance in your life. This situation is disappointing not earth shattering.

  820. Janet

    LOL…way to go Gail……but hang the housework, I’m going back to my scrapbooking & gardening……very soothing at times like this, I can recommend it! Eric, thanks for letting us know.

  821. Dawn Love

    For those of you bitching and moaning about this problem, you need to take a pill and get over yourselves. Having worked web design, I know that even the slightest change to the code can screw something up royally. The fun part is checking those million lines of code in such sophisticated software to find the culprit.

    For those of you demanding compensation for a few lost hours? I say suck it up and deal like an adult instead whining five year-olds. They may very well recoup the lost day. You haven’t even let them fix the problem much less deal with the aftermath. I am on the site regularly and these outages are few and far between. I think the services they offer that save hundreds of dollars in hands-on research (all the driving to libraries, photocopying, sending requests snail mail for vital records that might not even be the right ones) is well worth what we pay and then some.

    Kudos to Ancestry for the hard work they do with the large amount of traffic they handle and data they deliver, and deliver well.

    p.s. Can’t wait for the new season of “Who Do You Think You Are?”

  822. retrowfmk1

    I think a credit for all users should be in order. An hour or so isn’t a huge deal, but this is…especially at the rates we are forking out for public information. And you better believe I will be pursuing that credit if it isn’t automatically credited.

  823. John Bradley

    What a bunch of whiners. If you have a computer system it is going to crash from time to time. Ancestry.Com is not running National Defense or the NASA. For those who are crying don’t get your panties in a bunch, the system will be back up and running.

  824. Phyllis Stice

    Oh my goodness people do get unhappy when they can’t get what they want right now. From reading a good portion of these posts one would think that Ancestry has this problem all the time and I have to differ with that assessment. I spend much of my free time in the a.m., p.m., and in off hours, messing with my trees and since I use a Mac I don’t get the luxury of Family Tree Maker searching for me, etc. So basically, it means I keep separate duplicate trees on Ancestry AND in a MAC compatible software program, which is what EVERYBODY should be doing anyway – BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP – if Ancestry is the only place you keep your trees, I can’t really feel too bad for you. But notwithstanding all that, Ancestry is an excellent site, which provides top-rate service, and it has made the search for family members a lot easier than it used to be. It WILL come back up, your trees WILL be there, and when they are back, download a gedcom and BACK IT UP for Pete’s sake.

  825. Bobby Hunt

    public vs. private. It’s a choice people make for various reasons, and I understand that. However, I have mine public and plan to remain that way.
    When researching my “new” family I mentioned earlier, I could not find the first born of the 19 children of my great-grandfather. Last I saw was a 1920 census with a “new” wife and a son, in West Virginia (my family is from Virginia).
    A comment by another ancestry psoter, on the name of the son, saying it probably was her grandfather (yeah, right, was my first thought) let me to the first born son’s new family, his ancestors and all sorts of information. I’ve been able to fill out that branch nicely..all due to a random comment on a public tree.
    I’m staying public. 🙂

  826. cathy

    If you guys are going to sponsor major network TV shows you should up your server capabilities first. I feel duped! I have spent almost three weeks developing our family tree and would go bonkers if it all went away!

  827. Jennifer

    There are a lot of really mean and impatient people in the world.

    Be thankful you have a computer, internet service and the discretionary money to spend doing this, and stop complaining.

    Personally, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on The people there are (mostly) smiling.

  828. KENNEDY

    I choose to keep my trees private but am more than happy to help anyone who inquires for more information.

  829. R Gibson

    Brian #944: I would imagine at this point it would probably take longer to rollback than resolve the issue. I would imagine there we’re DB schema changes and such that would complicate the situation and possibly cause some data loss.

    Upset Ancestry Subscribers: While this is frustrating…these things do happen and I’m quite confident that this incident will spur re-evaluate how they go from development to testing to staging to production. At most, it’s $2/day. I am sure with the $$ this site drives, these operational issues will be addressed and be a distant memory

    Mr Shoup & For what it’s worth, I’m an IT executive for a large professional services firm. I would offer that, in the future, you be more up front with your customers. It will save face and pain. When I first tried to access the site this AM I received an arbitrary message stating that in order to improve site performance, the Family Tree Tool was not being loaded. There was no mention of any outages nor was there any obvious way for me to discover that an outage was the issue. I was left with the impression that I still had access, but just wasn’t available on the homepage widget.

    I think you finally got it right when you posted the notification at the top of the page pointing users here. I think you could have saved yourself, the IT group and the organization as a how a lot of trouble from the onset had you simply posted an alert that the site was experiencing technical difficulties and leave it at that. The user community does not need to know that your testing procedures are not up to snuff and thus allowed bad code to be loaded into the production environment.

    You can be both upfront/honest without giving the details of the incident. Much of these development to testing to staging to production processes should be very routine this day an age. I strongly recommend you get your team together and put more rigorous QC processes in place to prevent this from happening again in the future.


    R Gibson

  830. herb

    I had to type in a code for my last entry wonder if I will this time, it took me to a different page and I had to x out of that window and restart over lol

  831. KENNEDY

    PA GEN WEB project has alot of headstone pictures for anyone who is doing reserach in the Fayette Co. PA area…they have a clickable county map for each county in PA that is a great tool as well.

  832. Durinda

    If you’re day was bad for not having access to, imagine what is was like working at today.

  833. Al

    Been with you guys for about 10 years now, and down-time for maintenance always seems to be a problem. When I pay for something I expect that service, not excuses.

  834. Kathleen Woodward

    Is there a way to back up our trees from I knew we could upload a tree but did not know we could download it as well. Would be interested to know if this is the case….

  835. Curt

    oh my christ! get a life! I know this site is addictive – but take a break – have a drink and a smoke – remember when it was all passed down by stories and pictures? Your ancestors would think your’e all a bunch of “puohS’s”!

  836. Al

    Kelly, yes you can download your gedcom files from If the site were up, I could explain it to you!

  837. Terri Clark

    TY Brian #814 I was begging to think the lost colony was my imagination … and the DNA the lost colony of Roenoke project took was for naught .

  838. Jeanette M.

    Back to the public vs private tree issue. How many times have you been asked to provide answers to questions to verify your identity when accessing credit card or bank accounts? A common question is “What is your mother’s maiden name?”. So I don’t care to have it out there for just anyone to see. I have found family I did not previously know because they did contact me through ancestry.

  839. If this “Outage” continues much longer, Questions should be asked in the U.S. Senate,and The U.K. Parliament, not to mention the United Nations. This is Serious, so C’mon Ancestry….Pull your fingers out,and Get the Site “Up snd Running” again…………….As for Beth#785, She should buy a Hairshirt without delay !

  840. midge1249

    Maybe while they’re at it, they can fix the link to “historic newspapers” which hasn’t worked for ages. Once you get to the newspaper site, then click on “historic newspapers”, you are taken to a lovely blank page which says ‘done’ at the bottom on the page.

    I also enjoy looking at some of these public trees of well over 100,000 people who have just absorbed other ‘wrong’ trees into theirs without doing due diligence. I particularly liked the one of the man who died the year before he married his wife. Quite a remarkable feat! I hope she dusted him off.

  841. Robin

    For all those asking…MT is Mountain Time and it is exactly 5:00pm or 1700, right now, in beautiful Idaho!

    Sure hope this helps you and the trees come up soon…

  842. towner76

    Yes, Thank you for telling me, so I know it was the sight, not my problem, I just bought a new computer and might have been discouraged. I have been a member for years and you have the best sight on the internet…with great help, training and service when needed…thank you for continually finding new info for me to integrate…there’s always something new….give a “thank you” to your all your experts. And thanks to everyone who shares so willingly and unselfishly.

  843. Mike

    I appreciate the update and the explanation on what is going on. Thanks Eric. Those of us that have been on here awhile understand that with any new upgrades there is a chance of the site being down. I understand you’re doing the best you can on the problem and will rectify it as fast as possible.
    I personally think the glass is half full. This shows just how important genealogy is to people nowadays. I can remember when there was a time when you said “I do genealogy” and eyes would roll. I am thankful for this web site and the ability to find things fairly easily. Imagine all of us having to go back to the old way of finding things…. Yikes!

  844. AW

    I wish they wouldn’t have added the leaf feature or at least with family trees.New researchers would rather copy a tree than do the work to make sure its right.Then you see 10 others copying that tree, do they not even look???

  845. Cayce

    New Game: Who will be the first to post that the site is fixed (and not be lying)? I’ll check back in a few (hours)

  846. Monica Pattangall

    Good info on keeping us in the loop. Thanks. I miss the access, but retired after 40+ years of systems work. Been where you are today and wouldn’t wish your nightmare on anyone. Hang in there. There is life after systems tarfus.

  847. David De Witt

    People, there are things that are not scheduled and we should be able to accept that, to make things better for us real genealogist. I am on from the time I wake up till I go to sleep, but I have other sites I can go to also, that’s not pay site with about the same information on it. Also, lose things..why isn’t your tree backed up. Work off of it. Well have a good day, and that’s for the updates and for keeping this site affordable….dave

  848. Marilyn

    Come on People get a Grip! I have been a world member since 2005 I am on probably more hours then anyone. You can ask my family. Usually from noon till 4-5 am every day and I have never ever ran into a problem during the day like this..NEVER! Upgrades and Maintenance is usually done after midnight and they always have posted a few days before at the top of your page where you can’t miss it.

    They charge a fortune, yes I agree and I wish they were less. BUT the records you can get from here are priceless. If you had to go drive or fly to get them and then pay for them it would cost so much more.

    All websites have issues from time to time and all do maintenance. I am sure you have tried to log into your Credit card or banking and found it was down.

    Welcome to the world of sit on your ash and pay and have access to anything you want at your finger tips. With millions of people on the web at all given times, I’m surprised we don’t have Major Crashes with the computer highway.

    All of you complaining will complain about’re all a part of the new wave selfish generation that has hit this country and made it what it is today!

  849. Preston Cook

    I’ll admit I was a little miffed this morning at what was happening with not being able to access my tree. I have to say that with the last statement made @ 230 that I feel better about the whole thing. Knowing that you were trying to upgrade your system for better use for us and something didn’t compute puts my mind at ease. I’m sure once I can get back on I will see the improvements and be happy with them. I have accomplished a lot with the help of your site and will continue to I’m sure.

    Patient and waiting.

  850. Elizabeth

    Here I am at 00:00 trying to get on the trees and still down! from the update it said a couple more hours, 10 hours later, still no progress!

  851. Barbara

    For those who don’t have a back up of your family history you should make one. You should also print one out. I love Ancestry!!! I lost some of my information though when my computer crashed! Luckly I had a backup copy also a hard copy I printed out and all my information is NOT on the web (Just a sugestion).

    My information is very important, as is yours, and I would not want to lose it again. Ancestry is just a help to me in the research. Just one of the sights that are! Anything I add to Ancestry I may add it to my family tree maker program.

    So is anyone out there doing the Tolliver line? Pernat line? or Dahl lines??

    What about Cox?

  852. Ted B

    This blog is the best laugh I’ve had for ages!
    One day – and I hope that is all it will be -away from full time research is OK.
    Keep up the good work Ancestry – preferably by tomorrow!

  853. Johnny Butcher


    same here. this website has provided me with info i never would have found by myself. and for that i am very thankful.—-sh*t happens and i’m sure they’ll have it fixed and up in running soon. so let’s not get our knickers in a knot and just relax…

  854. Tom

    Just putting my two cents in:

    To those criticizing the “whiners”:
    Sure it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of life. Nothing really is. To #969, even the death of a loved one can be considered “not a big deal” – people die every day, no big deal, that’s life.

    But from a Business perspective, customers drive the business, and should be allowed to voice their opinions when they have complaints…especially legitimate complaints. Good businesses will thrive on resolving customer complaints to make their product/service better and evolve with customer needs.

    I have been waiting checking in every now and then since I woke up. That’s 8 hours ago now, and I don’t know exactly when this system downtime began, but I’m sure it was several hours before that. It must be a pretty significant “bug” to be down this long. The couple paragraphs of “notification” from Ancestry does not look like they care much about their customers.

    That’s all I have to say, now back to life 🙂

  855. Dennis O'Brien

    I’ve used Ancestry 1-3 hours every day for the past several years, and I can honestly say this is the first time I have faced an UNEXPECTED maintenance issue. Come on … doo-doo happens. Give them time to fix the problem. If it ends up taking several days or even a week, I might be annoyed – but it would certainly not be life-threatening, right? So, until then, get a life all you gripers. Find something really significant to complain about. Surprising as it may seem, Ancestry did not intend to disrupt your personal solar system … nor do the planets revolve around you. My guess is that the vast majority of users feel as I do … but are simply willing to wait patiently and quietly. Out of the many, many thousands (millions) of Ancestry members, look how few are dissatisfied enough to waste their time complaining. Anybody agree?

  856. Michael

    Ancestry is a wonderful resource, I wouldn’t have come anywhere near as far as I have without it. I often brag about the site to my friends. However, this kind of downtime is unacceptable. I am paying for a service that they aren’t providing, and it is completely reasonable that they credit everyone’s account for the downtime when it is this severe.

  857. Marla

    Funny, I just talked to your 800# yesterday and told them I would be signing up soon. I probably try the 14th day trial, but consumers now, expect “If we pay for a service-it worked, no excuses”
    I hope my info isn’t lost , I have spent over 120hr in the past 10 days looking up stuff. I will really be mad. Then I probably won’t join.

    Is their a better way to print the tree instead of 5 generations at a time, it gets pretty confusing, my tree is huge.

  858. David De Witt

    AW…I agree with you, I see so many trees with bad information and most are duplicates of another tree or two or three. Why is that, cause they copy and paste. People, get your information right, don’t copy, research, put in facts, be accurate. I ensure I have birth certificates, death certificates and marriage license, census records, service records. Now transcribed information I take with a grain of salt, use it as a guide till I can prove it……dave

  859. bellatea

    I love finding out that I’m not the only addict who comes here everyday.

    Hurry up, Ancestry! This is why you need Beta testers.

  860. Jane

    954 Judith
    You can “turn” the page by clicking on the back or forward arrows at the top right hand corner of the document

  861. Christopher - Kansas

    I have the FEVER, and the only prescription is more ANCESTRY.COM, or more cow bell. I’m not sure now… I miss my tree! 🙂

  862. Nikki

    Being a free member currently myself… with less than a week to go til I would need to start paying, I must admit this is quite frustrating
    Not quite as angry as some, but I can appreciate both sides of the argument. Yes, there are more pressing issues to life, yes this shouldn’t be all we do all day every day… however, like most, I don’t have all that much free time to get on here – I work 48 hours a week, on shifts, so spend a lot of time working and sleeping! Until today, I was more than happy to continue my membership as of Monday… but if this is going to happen a lot… well..Jury’s out there folks.

  863. busterpurple

    I must say I am very suprised that would let something like this happen. I would expect this from a site such as ebay but not one that is so large and requires a membership and fee to belong. This is a site that is made of records and record keeping and one that you would have thought would have tried the changes on a model over and over before actually turning it loose. I am very disappointed and if I ran my business this way very often I would not have one for long.

  864. Terri Brown

    Wow what a lot of comments!! Now me too.
    I love and realize there will always be hiccups in any computer program – so no complaint from me – at least my basic data is stored on family tree maker so if i had to start over it would just be a matter of finding the finer details. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  865. Marilyn

    Purchase another program for your computer and download your tree from Ancestry and import it into the bought program. You can then do print outs all different ways. You can get programs off Ebay cheaper then anywhere else. That is, when Ebay is up and running!

  866. Curt

    so now we have ancesty snobs? so you would knock someone who uses other family trees (your probably one of those “privates” that doesn’t want to share) – yet YOU are using a search site??????? what hypocrites.

  867. For all of you wanting to know about an extra day free… Well lets see… 30 days has September, April June and November all the rest have 31 except of course February which has 28 and leap year with 29. So why weren’t you crying in February when you only got 28 days or even last month when you only got 30.. WAH WAH WAH the fee boils down to 8 cents an hour. Give um a break… STUFF happends…

  868. I am like many, a newly addicted dead persons fanatic 🙂 , and totally by coincidence put up a new website today to work with others; that plus the fact I was already booked to go to the UK in June.

    In a short period of time I have collected more than 1400 records, but for everything I can find on Ancestry or with others generous help, I still have blanks and inconsistencies that are driving me nuts.

    I will be focusing on records for Cheshire and Somerset at the records offices located in Chester & Taunton respectfully and will try to help you if I can – if not on this trip, perhaps the next.
    (I have no idea where all this might lead, but it’s nice to be doing something fun for a change, plus I get to visit all my relatives (the ones still alive of course !)

    You can contact me at

  869. Christopher - Kansas

    I live in Kansas… I have nothing else to do, except milk the cows… Bring back, bring back, bring back my ANCESTRY.COM to me to me… bring back, bring back….

  870. Steve

    I notice your “Who will you discover? Find out with a 14–day free trial” page is working just fine. Good thing that little Ancestry money-maker is safe and sound.

    How many people have signed up while those who have been paying are shut out and shut off?

    I especially enjoy those celebs like Jessica Parker get problem-free (likely completely free) access for your self-serving NBC opus. Certainly regular folks don’t get the celeb treatment.

    I’m a journalist and a while back, I attempted to speak with a Ancestry media person, who promised to call me back – never ever heard from her – I could tell by her cursory responses she wasn’t into giving out informative answers, which I suspect is company policy.

  871. wendy hall daubert

    wow i love but it is down alot and sometime hard to get on. or it may be slow to down load some items. we have gone back to 1120 thank you

  872. Christopher - Kansas

    Knock Knock, Who’s There, Tree, Tree Who, Tree more hours of this and I’m gonna go crazy… I miss my tree!

  873. Susan Graham

    Love poster #850 topic

    At least we all came out to see our neighbours! And some of us are kin! 😀

    Yep. We are all just a big happy family, grumblers included.

  874. AW

    @1047 Curt….No one is being a snob.I just don’t like seeing people copying WRONG information.It is better to do the searching and finding yourself than copy someones tree who is WRONG.Copying other people’s trees is NOT researching,its just copying anyway.New researchers don’t know that trees can be wrong and this makes it worse.They just take it as fact.

  875. Julie

    While it is inconvenient, this is very rare, and remember, patience is a virtue. Of all the great information I’ve gathered over the past 10 years, the best of all is that I’ve found a cousin I would have never even known existed. We have finally met in person. The ash clouds lifted so she could fly from UK to US, and it is like having a sister that I’ve known forever. If I never gather another piece of info, I will have her and her family for the rest of my life.

  876. Trey

    I just bought the years membership today. They had no trouble with the part of the site that that takes my money 🙂

  877. Steensb

    @ CJ Cherryh, I really enjoy your books, thanks for writing them (off topic I know).

    I had some family members I wanted to check out on Ancestry today, like everyone else. But since I can’t, there are a lot of other sites to explore. Some state and county sites have transcriptions from old newspapers. Gold Nugget Library is good for finding info about early Calif. settlers for example. Also, try googling some family names. You may come across a family tree or family history book that helps. There is a lot we can be doing instead of sitting around complaining.

  878. Barbara Newton

    Re Jim 971.
    No Jim I assume you think I am looking for a freebie? But not so. I have undertaken various research options but as no requirement to register in either us or uk unable to ascertain. and I have evidence of obvious lying of age for WW1 service. This makes USA searching difficult. this is why I was seeking a bit of potentially extras!

  879. Rocky

    I am glad that I keep my Family Tree Maker software updated with my family trees. I don’t need to go online to access the information.

  880. Jim

    Micro Soft sends out info dailey they advised that the server was down, fix it, get on still a great service.

  881. Mary H. Johnson

    I agree with the members who say a few days extension on our membership is in order to compensate us for the lost time and inconvenience. For me, today I was planning to review my tree before heading out of town tomorrow to do further research at courthouses and libraries where I hope to fill in some missing gaps in my tree. What incredible bad timing to have unscheduled maintenance!

  882. Sandy Albright

    Since patrons are paying for your service, I think you should have more people working on this problem to solve it immediately. I needed to use the sight tonight, but cannot. It better be working by tomorrow or all you customers deserve a refund.

  883. Glenn

    I only just started a subscription. Any rebate for % of the time that features were not available? Or given the expressions in this blog that this happens more and more have I purchased a product that is not fit for purpose????

  884. Carol

    I think we have become spoiled – we are always able to just “click” and there it is. I do appreciate the hard work you guys do. I wouldn’t know what to do without, it is my only stress relief at times…..thanks

  885. V Morris

    I agree with post 1034. If anyone has ever worked with computers you would know sites need maintenance. It’s not something they are doing just to see how many customers they can upset. If you are that upset then cancel your subscription, and quit threatening to do it.

  886. Jesse

    I must say this rather egregious breach in service comes at a particularly bad time for me. That said, yes, I do realize these things happen. However, when you’re talking about a paid service, the customer should be entitled to a pro-rated refund (no, I won’t hold my breath, but it should be said). A few glitches are one thing, but this is far more serious – and if it happens again, I for one will not be renewing my subscription. I simply cannot afford to pay this much money for something that is this unreliable.

  887. connie rollins

    Well I started trying to get on the site at six am this morning because I have a free day to research. I sure hope someone out there is working on giving some competition, they sure need some costomer relations competition. I love the research and family history, but this site is getting worse all the time.

  888. Christopher - Kansas

    Okay, Wheel of Fortune is on now… Got to go… it’s been fun… I miss my tree… 🙂

  889. Mark

    Tried to log in to the site at 9am UK time Wed 19th May and it wasn’t working, it’s now 12:30am on Thurs 20th May and it’s still not working.

    Must be some “unplanned maintenence” going on. Any idea how long it will be down for?

  890. Jon Larson

    SEG at #930

    So, SEG, how much would Bank of America lose if they let something like this happen?

    I suspect the number is at least in the millions.

    That is why Bank of America makes sure that no single (and probably no three or four) backhoes can screw up their systems and that their systems are 100% redundant. Why are the Ancestry servers not at least 100% redundant?

    As to the cost and reliability of Ancestry versus other genealogical sites. I agree that Ancestry is the best that we have available in the United States. But, it does not even come close to the comprehensiveness and reliability of the genealogy sites in Sweden. Birth certificates, baptismal certificates, and ANNUAL censuses for almost everyone. And, when a person moves, records showing whence they moved – back to the late 18th Century!!

  891. Gordon Jump, Jr.

    I’ve been in Information Technology for twenty (20) years and to do an upgrade of this magnitude without first testing it and doing basic debugging is inexcusable.

    All subscribers to, MUST call Customer service and DEMAND a credit for your extra days and/or $$$ credits to your account.

  892. Trish W

    Is this going to fix the problem of the vanishing tree branches I’ve been having trouble with? I’m tired of researching and adding 3-4 generations only to have them disappear the following day. When I called they said I “unlinked” the branch myself. I’m fairly new to this (2 months) and extremely frustrated!! I’m tired of re-doing the missing pieces over and over and over…..

  893. Maree

    I agree with you Dennis .. no. 1034 !! It is a small inconvenience … Ancestry is a great site .. what would we do without it ?
    I’ll wait patiently .. maybe do some housework .. yuck ! lol

  894. Robin

    Thank you so much Cayce for making me laugh out loud! I really enjoy your sense of humor about the TREES and it sure made me smile today! Keep up the good work!

    Well folks…this outage certainly shows me how insane I am about this! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, get onto Ancestry, because I just figured out what some brother of a sister of a cousin who married someone that happend to live in a county near where my husband’s ancestor once lived, maiden name was! Then I search for 3 hours attaching records for all of her siblings and parents just to discover that by solving her maiden name just gave me a dozen more maiden names to find!

    If Ancestry doesn’t fix this soon thouh…who knows how many dead people I’m going to see tonight, in my bedroom, wanting me to document them in my tree too! 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one obsessed about this though. Or is the correct word possessed? 🙂


  895. Ralph Holloway

    Unfortunately, most of the so called upgrades I have seen recently have been programmer schenaigans done to prove the programmer exists. No product improvement, no research material added, just baloney. Stop it already. I know you want to be millionaires, just do it a dollar at a time. Let me have my tree back.

  896. Linda

    The last update is 2:30 pm and it implies several hours. It is now 7:30 pm. Someone should be posting an update at least every hour so that we know you are working on it and not sit here all night hoping to get on.
    Thanks, have a good evening

  897. Kawika

    Maybe their fix is going to make it so when people enter data you can’t have people 400 years old. Or maybe they’re fixing it so you can’t have parents born after the kids are born. Those must be obvious problems eneryone runs into so they have to be fixing it. I mean all pc client software has those checks, how hard can it be to add them here. When will it be back up? Frustrated…………………

  898. Kevin 1071 – You are so right!
    Also, I never give credibility to anything that isn’t sourced. Even then ‘people check your dates for feasibility’. It is not likely that a person born in the early 1800’s would have died in 2003!!!

  899. Patricia H

    I’m a fairly new (paid) user, and love this site. What concerns me most after reading some of the comments is this: What is’s process used to back up the individual trees?? How often? Where is it stored? How safe is it REALLY? Why should I trust it? What can I do about it???? I would appreciate any insight on this matter. Thank you.

  900. J L Lehne

    I do understand that problems arise, but this is a premium service and lately its been unavailable way too often. It’s frustrating to have a lot of new info to enter and the site is constantly down. YES! We should get credit for this.

  901. Bev

    I have been a member of for the last 5 years. I oftentimes spend 6-8 hours a day on the site doing research, and this is the first time that I have been unable to access it for an extended period of time. Although Ancestry is a great resource, and I have found a wealth of information, I do not use it exclusively. There are any number of other (free) resources out there that have valuable information not available on Ancestry. Try searching through State and County Historical Societies, State Digital Archives, Find-a-Grave, Genweb, the LDS website ( I am always back and forth between Ancestry and at least two other sites during the time I am online. Some sites have historical newspapers, where I have found a lot of information. Others have birth, death, marriage and other historical records (some with digital images you can save or print). Genealogy entails a lot of digging into a lot of resources. If you have time on the computer, do a search for useful sites other than Ancestry. Then if there is a time when the site is down unexpectedly, you won’t be wasting your limited hours. Or spend your time sorting and scanning all those photos you have. Save them to your computer and they’ll be ready to add to your tree when you have a chance. There’s always something productive you can do in the meantime. You can always add the information to your on-line tree when Ancestry is back up and running.

  902. Trina

    I certainly hope that we get an additional day (or whatever time we lose) added on to our membership. Late afternoon and evening is when I do most of my searching and today has been a total loss. Look forward to the problem being solved soon.

  903. Catherine

    I’m trying to be patient but SHEESH, it’s been all day! I’d rather FACEBOOK be down for a day than my Ancestry! I admit it, I’m ADDICTED.

  904. Barbara Newton

    Katie 1050. thanks for responding.
    My Husband gggfather was simply William Newton, which doesnt make things simple. He was a Bricklayer when he left Preston, Lancashire. I do have other info which I might not want to share on Blog but can share when trees come back up. (which I am sure they will)
    Hope we will be able to connect. B

  905. Barbara

    1062 Arlene, Hello, no I do not have Kendall in the tree I just looked.

    the name was Charles David Dahl (1867), or was it I just receieved something from a cousin the name WAS (??)
    Carl J Nelson Dahl born in Sweden. My grandmother was born in Minnesota. Mothers name was Bollette Backman Dahl. The name was changed to DAHL.

    Thanks for writing!! this is great!!

  906. Norman Morrow

    I’m somewhat amused reading the blogs entered since your tech problem began. Like everyone else, my concern is for the integrity of the hours of records search I’ve invested to be preserved. My common sense tells me your organization would not try to manage such a data base without considering the possibility of this present event. So, that said- PATIENCE PEOPLE. I’m sure that if things go for the worse will be forthcoming with proper compensation. And consider this- there could be regular shutdown periods for needed troubleshooting, so maybe this isn’t all that bad. As a final note, I want to thank all at for providing a service which has allowed much enjoyment and insight.

  907. Linda

    I am going on my third year with Ancestry – not as long as some, longer than others. This is the FIRST time I have not been able to access my information at all. Yes there have been times when some “small” feature hasn’t been up but that has been so minor that it hasn’t even been marked as an inconvenience in my book. I generally pay for a year at a time (would probably be cheaper if I just paid for the months I really had time to put into this) and have learned things on this site that I could NEVER have hoped to gain on my own. This is not because I couldn’t have found the information, but because I don’t have the resources to do so. Most of us can’t afford to take trips to Scotland, Ireland, England or other far away lands – much less just visit the many states here in our own country that our ancestors settled in. It is a small price to pay to have access to all of the information available here at Ancestry. Am I disappointed I can’t do research tonight? Of course I am, however I will just work on Family Tree Maker 2010 and do some clean up work to my latest copy of my tree. (for those of you who are just getting started – if you are serious about this search I highly recommend getting one of the programs that works with Ancestry and allows you to upload/download your tree back and forth between the program and Ancestry.)

    So give it a rest, let the IT folks work on their problems. Many of you have said this is lack of planning – Not always, we just moved our entire business from one host to another and spent a considerable amount of time doing so – didn’t matter given that our planning could not possibly account for problems occuring on the end of our original host! So even though we did the move at night when most of our potential customers sleep, we still ended up with down time the next day and data that was lost which we hand to manually re-enter. As the old saying goes “The best laid plans of mice and men…”

  908. kyhome178

    I have waited until now to make a comment. I do not copy other’s trees…I do however get in contact with them to ‘discuss’ our information. Yesterday I did find someone who could shed light on my family…but I cannot look at their tree to logically discuss it with them.
    I am in agreement with several others. After being with Ancestry for several years, I would expect a reduction in the price I am paying.
    Wonder if Eric will respond to that?????

  909. colleen

    Im in 7th grade and I have to do an extra credit report using my family tree and teach the class for a day and my teacher chose me especially and no one else is doing this and I can’t not have this! THIS IS MY WHOLE REPORT!

  910. Tom Duncan

    State, County and town historical or genealogical society sites are a great resource. I make it a point to join the ones that are most relevant to my family history, usually the cost is minimal and it helps to support their research and websites. For Kalamazoo County, Michigan some wonderful person has posted all of the vital records online for free, what a gold mine. Just Google (county name) genealogy and you’ll be amazed at what you can find. If you like the site, send them the $20 to be a member.

  911. Joyce Price

    I have learned so much about our family branches thru researching on Ancestry. Please get these problems solved for us soon.

  912. He, he, he! #1071 Kevin is funny! I agree with #1047 Curt, i have a public tree and I use public records. I have a lot of family all over the place and the easiest way to get them on my tree is to be public. I am related to Hilda Hensley, Patsy Clines mama. I am having a hard time making the connections I need to to get it all worked out. I was going to again try to find the right records today to add her and her branch of the tree. Can’t do that right now, boo!

  913. Tim Fackler

    To those that say “feces occur” you’re right. However in the IT world you strive for zero UNPLANNED down time. Our IT department has had exactly 10 minutes of UNPLANNED downtime in 10 years. Hours is NOT excusable. Ancestry should spend more time in their test bed before deploying.

  914. Carol 66

    This is beyond a bloody Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its now GMT 00:37 Thursday morning and the dam site is still down. Ive been on here all day, it roughly went down around lunch time.
    Thank god I also subscribe to Genes Reunited!!!!
    Now I’m off to bed and woe be tied if the site is not up and running in the morning!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Is customer services down or just inundated with calls of complaint, Ermmmm, I wonder.

  915. Brandi

    **** To All The People That Believe That They Deserve A Refund/Credit ****

    Why would they credit your accounts? The services that you are paying for are for the records NOT the family tree. The family tree portion of the website is FREE! The records are working just fine.

    I realize, myself included, that we would all like to attach them to our tree, but bookmark them and attach them when the trees are up and running. You can also save these documents to your hard drive.

    Yes, double work, but at least you’re accomplishing something.

    And I will reiterate that this is the first time in 6 years (member since 2004) – that this has ever happened!

  916. Dorothy Koller

    Now I am getting mad…. we need an update on how much more unplanned maintenance we should expect.

  917. Gen Rawlins

    Dang! And I was just on the verge of finding out how Grandmaw died! I was in the process of stealing it from some guy’s tree in Poughkeepsie. I suspect it was in the library…with a lead pipe…and Colonel Mustard was the perp. Now I have to wait to see how it all turns out!!

  918. Carol

    @1047 Curt great point about the ancestry snobs. I couldn’t agree more. People leaving comments on your tree demanding to know your connection to “their” relatives, as if that particular ancestor doesn’t belong to hundreds, if not thousands of other descendants!

    To you people who complain that we’re “copying” from your trees – if you don’t want others using the information, then make your tree private. But if you make it public don’t assume it entitles you to engage in a discourse with me about whether Uncle Albert was really born in 1756 or 1758.

    And to those who complain about others copying “unsourced” info from tree to tree – I have a real easy solution for you – don’t use the trees. If they offend your sensibilities so greatly, ignore the hints attached to the trees. Go to libraries all over the danged country and pat yourselves on the back for being superior to those of us who have no choice but to rely on the internet. You have direct sources for every relative back to Constantine. You’re wonderful. We get it. Now shut up.

  919. Dana Roquet

    TOTAL Panic when I tried to log on this morning and it said I had no tree. Nearly had a heart attack.

    I banner should have been in place immediately to notify users of a down time.


  920. Troy

    Maybe you should all thank ancestry for reminding you how important it is to backup your work instead of blaming them for your irresponsibility.

  921. Bev

    Brian (814), I said nothing about Jamestown not being a settlement. I’m talking about New England. Please read my post. New England is Mass., RI, Conn., Maine,New Hampshire & Vermont;.. People wouldn’t have moved from Jamestown up to New England. You read your history. I reiterate that New England was not settled until the Mayflower.

  922. Kirk

    Unplanned maintenance means something broke. And you know what? Stuff breaks. Being the largest site of it’s kind, and wanting to protect their reputation, I guarantee those in charge are working as fast as they can to fix the problem.

    I don’t envy them. But want them to know that not every member is demanding a refund or credit. Some of us understand that stuff does indeed happen.

    Good luck guys.

  923. Benny

    #1080 – Gordon,
    How do you know the upgrade wasn’t tested or debugged? How do you know that the real problem isn’t that someone uploaded and attached a file that was buggy, infected, virus-ridden, etc., hm? Even the big boys (MS, Google, etc.) get slammed by the little nasties let loose in cyberspace). lol

  924. Dee Dee

    1110, I’ll put you out of your misery…the butler did it with the rope in the library!

  925. Vicki Brechun

    How long will the site be down I was thinking about renewing for a year, but now I’m not sure. I need to be able to use the site when I have time and so far I’ve had diffilcuties off and on for over a week.

  926. Patricia Keen-Diaz

    As a very new customer, who planned to work on my tree all day today I can tell you I’m very unhappy. Painted the kitchen instead – unplanned maintenance brought about by your unplanned maintenance.

  927. jan

    as someone once said ‘I’m sick of my family’ :0) – in a way it’s a lot more fun reading all these posts- thanks Ancestry- (tongue in cheek)

  928. Lauren

    This is what Ancestry says on Facebook:

    “ belongs to the global network of Ancestry websites (wholly owned by Operations Inc.), which contains four billion records. To date more than 12 million family trees have been created and 1.25 billion names and 26 million photographs and stories uploaded. 7.1 million unique visitors logged on to an Ancestry website in September 2009”

    They better not have lost all those 12 million family trees……

  929. GT

    To those “it’s not a big deal people” — yes it is. A lot of people are paying real money for this service, they deserve actual service or have an automatic refund. Note over all these hours, no one from Ancestry has responded to that issue — irresponsible, greedy, and bad customer service not to address reasonable concerns of customers asap.

    Like some of you here, I also have a tech background, and know bad things happen. Sometimes that cannot be helped, but you CAN take responsibility and stop charging people for services they do not get.

    Thousands of people are watching, Ancestry. You will show us what you are made of through your actions or inactions.