Posted by Michelle Pfister on May 17, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

Our webinar scheduled for May 19th has been rescheduled to June 16th. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience we’ve caused and also thank those of you who have already registered and submitted questions. We hope you’ll be able to join us in June.

We’ll provide more details in a couple of weeks.


  1. Michelle

    Michelle, Thank you for the update. I look forward to learning some new tips and tricks in June.

    Kirk, Per Michelle and Tana’s prior posting the webinar will include “If you’ve mastered the basics of Family Tree Maker and you’re ready to learn more, join us for a free webinar … Watch as the experts demonstrate some of the advanced features available in Family Tree Maker 2010. You’ll learn how to work with the Web Merge feature, resolve unidentified place names, export different branches of your family tree, and much more.” Ideally Michelle will also share some further insights about the Mac FTM version that will be released later this year.

  2. Lynn

    Michelle, A side note, it would be great is this blog allowed submitters to edit their own submissions/comments — at least for a period of 5 minutes after posting, if not indefinitely … I just realized I posted my last message with the name “Michelle” versus “Lynn” … thanks again for the update.

  3. John Donaldson

    # 6 Pat M


    There will be a link to register and to also test your system (broadband speed etc) but no charge

    John D

  4. Paula

    Hi Michelle,

    I was not aware of a Webinar for Family Tree Maker. I would like to attend the Webinar – Please send me the information. Thanks

  5. Elaine Adams

    I’ll be watching grandchildren for the summer, can I view the webinar from a computer at their house,or do I have to wait till I come home in August?

  6. Peter Mason

    Why is this being re-scheduled again? What’s the problem. If it is only going over ground that is already available to us the users, why are you having to delay – twice??

  7. Holly

    I would have been available for either of the previous dates but will not be available for this date! (disappointed!!) Will the Webinar be available in total to view from the Archive site shortly after?

  8. Finding it hard to keep my research in order due to being connected to other users, that some how get easy access to info and are able to make changes in my family, Example: my sisters info was updated saying she was died, with date and place of death and her picture was also uploded and placed on this info. when in fact my sister is living and well at this time. Any helpful hints for this problem?

  9. Steven Sherlin

    Why did I not receive an invitation to this webinar? I knew nothing about it, have received not one email about it. I always received an email with a link to register in the past. How do I register without the link from the email?
    Steven Sherlin

  10. Hi Michelle,
    I was registered for this seminar but was never notified it was canceled. I was on last night several times looking to see if the web problems would affect the seminar but the only pages I found were the original and one showing the June 16th date. However, neither mentioned the cancellation. Am I crazy or just missing something. Nothing went to my spam folder (as most emails do). I attended a previous seminar and although I received the initial confirmation I never received one with the launch button. Any suggestions?

  11. John Donaldson

    To those who have asked about “how to register”, “I didn’t get an invite” etc.

    Michelle noted in her blog that there will be more details posted in a couple of weeks.

    If Ancestry follows previous webinars, you will be provided with a link to register (free). Once you have registered you will get a link to test your system. It has to have broadband access not dialup and you will also get a reminder about the webinar typically 24 hours (depending in which timezone you live in) before thew webinar.

    Now for all those who post/complian about inconvenient time remember that it goes live on the internet and it will occur at different local times across the world. It will be inconvenient for some. There is nothing Ancestry can do about that so not much use complaining.

    8 pm New York time 16 June is 11 am 17 June where I live. If you need to calculate the time where you live this is a great link

    And for those who post that they will be out etc., the webinars are always archived so you can catch up on them at a later date.

    So be a little patient. You will receive all the information you need in due course.

    In the meantime if you haven’t seen them before, or you want to refresh your memory, look at this link and view previous webinars to get an idea of what is involved.

    John D

  12. Henrietta

    1 – Valerie – This is my first time checking on such a webinar…. but I want to tell YOU…. your comment should be deleted. You are rude…. unless you know every reason for a delay – you keep your comments to yourself.
    2 – I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can. I’m signing up.

  13. Lynn

    #22 Henrietta

    I also look forward to learning something during the webinar.

    Based upon your above posting, I am assuming you are new the blog … at least that is my assumption. Unfortunately there are many rude individuals on this blog as well as state assumptions or their opinion as fact. Quite frankly I find it rather disheartening that people feel that it is appropriate to put something in writing they would not (at least many of them) say if they were in a face-to-face conversation. I take solace in the fact that the rude and the quick to make unsubstantiated accusations are not my relatives or friends (or at least I sure hope not!).

    However, I do continue to read the blog for value added content the provides as well as other bloggers, such as John D., who regularly add value to blog.

  14. Bob Page

    Lynn, since you appear to be the expert on Family Tree maker, I’ve posted over 1900 names to my PAGE FAMILY TREE on, now how do I down load from Ancestry to Family Tree Maker. I sent 2 requests to the Tech Dept for Customer Service of Ancestry over the last few months with no response. I have Family Tree 16 which I won at a Raffle drawing.

  15. louise

    I’d like to know if there is a way to create family trees on computer paper with continuous sheets. I used to be able to create impressive family trees this way and used them frequently at family reunions and such. There was no gap from page to page that way and they were really helpful, especially with large trees. Thanks.

  16. Lynn

    #24 Bob

    Thank you for the complement, but I do not consider myself an expert … particularly related to your question … potential others could assist you better. I keep my tree in FTM; my primary use for my online tree is so that I can see it on-the-go via my iPhone. I have never had a need to download my online tree (i.e., the FTM version contains more information), but you may want to take advantage of the link at the bottom right side of the screen labeled “Looking for help with a specific problem? Try contacting Customer Service” and then select “Online Family Tree, Upload/Download a GEDCOM” and potentially either “How do I upload a GEDCOM file to, or download a GEDCOM file from, the” or other related documents would answer your question.

    Additionally, they may even touch upon this in the webinar (i.e., potentially some advanced options for those who are looking to upload or download files to or planned future enhancements.)

  17. Len

    Having imported and exported my tree from FTM to Ancestry a couple of times, my trees now have duplicate, triplicate and more repetitions of many of the data sources for my family tree members. I’ve removed duplicate members, but how do I cleanse the duplicated (and more) data sources without having to go through each entry one by one (with over 1300 members in my tree, that is quite an onerous task!)?

  18. Len

    Second question – will the webinar be recorded and made available off line? Much as I’d like to join, it’s taking place in the middle of the UK working day.

  19. John Donaldson

    Contents of the webinar

    The webinar will share tips on features like these:
    Publishing charts and reports
    Working with Web Search
    Exporting different branches of your tree
    Using keyboard shortcuts
    Attaching and detaching people
    Choosing relationship types (for souses and children)
    Resolving unrecognized place names

    I expect registration details to appear soon

    John D

  20. Joan McGrath

    I would like to register. Please send me the link to do so. Thank you.

    Joan McGrath

  21. John Donaldson

    # 24 Bob

    To Download

    From your Ancestry tree go to Tree Settings

    From there you can export your tree as a GEDCOM file

    From there you can merge it back into your FTM file.

    To Upload from FTM

    In any view that supports the Share button, click on the Share button and select upload to Ancestry

    You need to understand that uploading from FTM to the online Ancestry tree and downloading the GEDCOM are NOT file synchronisation procedures!!!!

    Can I give you (and perhaps others a big tip).

    Make up your mind whether you want your online Ancestry tree or your FTM tree to be your primary database and only move data in one direction

    In my case, FTM 2010 is my primary database. I regard my online tree as simply an extension of the Publish workspace.

    So I upload to my Ancestry tree about once per month giving the new tree a discrete name, eg “My file May 2010” and also delete my previous tree ie “My file April 2010”.

    This means that I don’t have any tedious merging data synchronisation problems and avoid duplicates and other nasties.

    I use FTM as my main application as it can do literally hundreds of things that the online tree cannot do.

    Maybe a future version of FTM will support full synchronisation, but at the present it does not do this, so it pays to think through what you want to do.

    John D

  22. John Donaldson

    # 25 Louise

    Export your chart through Share as a single page PDF

    Then using Adobe Reader you can print the large single page image to your continous paper

    John D

  23. miss michelle, i’m attempting to locate information on my dad’s dad, however, there is little information about him. i’ve been told his name, date of birth (dob) (possible) and the state he where he was born. i’ve come up with an army enlistement card with his dob and a name with his first name, then three middle names, then his last name. however, all this information goes against the information i have on him. Question: how do you find someone that appears to have kept a very low profile? he had 10 children and all have died which includes my dad…any assist would be most helpful. sue

  24. Ray

    When I print a vertical pedigree, it goes back for 105 generations. I have 3 questions about this chart:

    1. To be able to reduce the size, I move boxes aroung to stack them more vertically. Is there a way to select a number of names so that they can be drug around on the chart (similar to selecting objects in Microsoft products by including them in a large rectangle)?

    2. When I select a large number of boxes to format them in one of the three previously formatted styles (each being a different color), it does NOT export the box color to the PDF. How do I get the PDF to include the colors?

    3. I have several incidences where two lines intersect many generations back. Is there not a way to have the Vertical Pedigree recognize that and not show the ancestors prior to that duplicated?

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to the Webinar.

  25. I’m wondering if there is any way to add just a few people at a time to a family tree. I don’t want to upload the whole thing because of possible privacy issues and because not everybody in the tree I have offline in my software is documented. A long time ago, I was able to upload just the people I had checked off my list of names to a tree of some sort. Unfortunately, I no longer remember the site and can no longer find that tree online. It was very satisfactory to be able to do it that way, and I’m hoping that perhaps such an ability could be an added feature in a future version if it is not already available.
    Thanks for all the amazing features that are already there!

  26. John Donaldson

    Lindy # 38

    You don’t say which version of FTM that you are using, but this feauture is in FTM 2008/09/10

    You can do it from the Share menu>Upload to Ancestry where you are given the option to apply the filter to select who you want to upload.

    If you are talking about FTM 16 or earlier and are talking about the online online tree (which has a limit of 2,000 people), again you have filter capabilities

    In all cases you can privatise your file and in FTM 2008/09/10, also decide what notes or images you wish to upload and also mark your tree public or private.

    So I suspect that what you are requesting is well and truly available

    I would suggest also you have a look at the FTM knowledge base at and in the keyword search type in online trees.
    There are a number of articles on the subject

    John D

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