Posted by jhodnett on May 11, 2010 in Website

The Family Tree Service will undergo scheduled maintenance Thursday morning for about 3 hours beginning at about 12:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

During this time Ancestry Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of My Canvas, the sections of the Home Page that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of that are related to Member Trees will be unavailable.


  1. Vervaen

    Those people “senseless” enough to post photos of living people on their tree AND keep it “public” have NO right what-so-ever to complain if someone else should choose to use that photo!

    These are the culprets who have now caused this family tree “update”.

    With the current loss of the ability to search the entire collection of photos in a public tree, it has taken one’s Genealogical quest for elusive ancestors “back, almost” to the stoneage of family research.

    Quite often I have been able to discover either; just “what” the family connection was with someone else by photos OR, I have discovered a connection I was previously unaware of that searching their “list of names” didn’t/couldn’t reveal.
    Likewise with the connected tab for “stories”.

    For those senseless individuals who feel compelled to attach photos of living people, may I suggest a special “tab” that we would ALL have to check off indicating whether this photo pertained to: Living, Deceased, or NA (for inanimate objects & etc…)before the photo would be uploaded. That way, those of living individuals could stay “hidden” even when the tree is a public tree.

  2. John H

    Re #1 I am commenting even thought it is not quite on theme. My recollection is told us if we appended picture to living person in a public tree — it would not be available to those not invited to see your tree. I did however notice that if you put up a group picture appended to multiple people with some living and some not living in it — made it public — perhaps that should be reversed.

  3. John H

    I made a similar comment to Kenny Firestone last month. In the headline you say the site will be down at about 1230 MDT. However, in the text you say 1230 MST — I assume you know they are not the same and that it be 1230 MDT one hour before it will be 1230 MST.

  4. beth

    I cannot tell you how SICK AND TIRED I am of these hours of downtime. Plus, during the past few days, the family tree wasn’t working corectly either. It would be nice to get through an entire month without some glitch on this site.

  5. What is the problem? There was plenty of notice given this time.

    From what I can tell so far this one went smoothly – at least I’ve hit no glaring problems so far.

    A site this big and this complicated is going to have a certain amount of maintenance down time.

  6. Melissa

    My trees are not available still and it is Wednesday 5/19 approx 9:40 am ET. Please advise.

  7. Nick

    I cannot access my tree either. I HOPE it wasn’t deleted…it has taken me over a year to build it.

  8. Karen

    UPDATE your homepage. the “maintenance” was to last 3 hrs only… come on, respect your PAYING customers, keep your homepage UPDATED each hour, along with a statement saying you will extend our memberships for a day for each underestimated, lost, annoying, unprofessional, etc “maintenance” outages.
    Interestingly, just was notified my card would be automatically billed $299 for my renewal…

  9. I am frustrated at the delay in your repairs with the site. I have limited time to work on my tree and find I agree with Karen and her comment on this and compensation for our lost time to do research is a valid point. I hope you get this GLITCH repaired soon for all paying members.


  10. Evelyn McCord

    I don’t think anyone at wanted this to happen. Many new things have been added in a relatively short time. Abusive rhetoric doesn’t make things better. Having said that, I think that sometimes someone could have had a great idea, but we still find that there are glitches. As 99% of us probably have a good idea what happens when Microsoft crashes all over, this is similar but not equal. I think that Ancestry has fewer resources but has done a very good job most of the time. Something is screwy now, but I’m sure it will be rectified eventually. In the meantime, let’s sort our photos, scan ’em, and get them on the disks you promised to do. The peple hurt the most right now are those who are professional geneaolgists. The rest of us are just bummed out.
    Beta testing for a few members might be a good idea.

  11. Helen Taylor Downey

    I have nothing abusive to say. All I know is that I am having withdraws from not being able to work on my tree. It has been over twenty four hours since the site has been busy trying to fix whatever. I understand these things happen with computers. As like humans, with an over abundance of stimulus input, a computer can go haywire. Members,please be patient while the site recovers from a nervous break down. When the site gets rejuvinated it will be better than ever. SO be patient. Like Evelyn M. states, lets sort out our best pics to be in our tree. Have a great morning!

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