Posted by Ancestry Team on April 28, 2010 in Family Tree Maker, News

It’s finally happening! As an avid Mac user, I’ve always hoped that Family Tree Maker would release a version of the software for the Mac. And it looks like this is my year. Today announced that a Mac version is planned for release later this year. It will be built on the functionality of Family Tree Maker 2010 and constructed from the bottom up to take full advantage of the Mac platform in terms of technology and user experience.

So what do you think? Are you excited for a Mac version?


  1. Denise

    I hope I can convert my HEREDIS over and photos. Adding the photos I have is time consuming work But it’s nice to see that Finally someone woke up to support MACs again after all these years of being abandoned.

  2. Carol

    I finally switched to a MAC in January & it was a disappointment that I could not use Family Tree Maker. This is great news!

  3. Beirne

    This will be great, as long as the data files are compatible with Windows. I share my files with my sister and it wouldn’t be worth the switch if she can’t copy my files.

  4. Deek

    I love Reunion and the newest additions are fantastic! But I was disappointed to learn that they are not willing to work with InSync’s software even though they have made a Mac edition. I am also disappointed that Reunion is not a vendor at the NGS conference I am attending. I have been telling everyone I know to switch to a Mac (for many reasons), but the InSync incompatibility is a big issue for most people. I have never used Family Tree Maker, but I will be stopping by their booth tomorrow!

    I am warily optimistic about this product, but feel comfort in your statement that they are going to build this from the ground up. Mac has some great advantages if they will utilize them, but they need to think like a Mac user to do it. There is nothing worse than PC software “for the Mac”. Hoping… Deek

  5. Cyndee Miller

    I just had to buy the Windows Vista version! I hate not using my MAC! Will I be able to just transfer everything to my MAC?
    I should get some credit, I now own version 2008 and 2010!
    Please hurry, I HATE using my husbands computer!

  6. Lynn

    Exciting!!! My PC experienced the dreaded “blue screen” yesterday — but fortunately, with some help from Dell support, I was able to perform PC-CPR … but I will be looking for a new computer this year. A Mac version of FTM opens up the possibility of purchasing a Mac instead of a PC, something I was not previously considering due to FTM.

    If that transition is anything like my prior move from a Black Berry to an iPhone, I would welcome that change – for those who have not experience both it is hard to simply describe the difference, other than I will never, ever, go back.

    Similar to other’s comments, it would be nice to know upfront that’s plan is to build a Mac version of FTM which would allow for an easy and seamless transfer of existing PC based 2010 FTM file and images to the Mac version. Additionally, it would be helpful to know the estimated 2010 release timing for the Mac version (e.g., Aug, Dec.), understanding development and testing timeframe could cause the final release date to shift.

    Thank you for sharing the exciting news!

  7. Peter A. Forkes


    Now I can get rid of VMware Fusion (which I use ONLY to run Family Tree Maker 2010).

    How can I become a beta tester?

  8. Eric

    Great news at just the right time. I’m trying to run FTM 2010 on windows 7 on my MBP and yesterday it started crashing after trying to load my tree from Ancestry! It just won’t work! Hurry up with the mac version please!

  9. Leigh Toselli

    Brilliant – will have a party once its up and running as the PC thing is not for me!!! When is kick off????

  10. This is fabulous news! I’d love to be a beta tester also. This means I don’t have to use Parallels on my Mac anymore. For those who use Reunion, I have it but it just does’t “click” for me. Hopefully, the Mac version of FTM will interface nicely with

  11. Sandy

    This is so exciting!!!

    I second the question – will there be a discount if you have a previous version of Family Tree Maker and will you be able to transfer your files easily to the mac version?

  12. Jo Ann

    I have been waiting for so long for this to happen. I just purchased 2010 version for my PC but when it comes out for the Mac, I am definitely buying it. I am frustrated with iFamily at this moment. You can’t just simply add a parent or child, you have to choose from a list (it took me a little to figure it out-I am Polish, seriously). LOL! I shouldn’t complain, it does have a lot of features that I really like though. But anyway, Thank You Everyone at! I am looking forward to this new program being released.

  13. Peggy

    Thank you, Ancestry!! I can’t wait! I switched to a Mac a few years ago, but have missed my FTM that I used on my old Dell. (I updated my FTM with every new version that came out.) I currently use Reunion, but am not completely happy with it.
    I, too, would love to be a Beta Tester for FTM Mac!!

  14. Judy

    Wonderful news. I love ridding my Mac of Parallels, Windows. I only use them to be able to use Family Tree Maker. It is a real pain in the neck.

  15. bygonemania

    This will be great! FTM is the only reason I’m running Fusion on my MAC. Only concern I have is that my Dad (who works on a PC) and I both work on the file. I wonder if the FTM native file format will be the same for both platforms or if we’ll have to convert to GED files every time we want to share info?

  16. Scott

    I heard about this on Twitter today.

    As a Mac user I can only manage my tree at, but I would much rather update my tree locally (and sync later) so I don’t have to be online to make updates. The other feature I’m looking forward to is reports and charts which as far as I know is not available at

    Looking forward to it.

    I’m interested in being a beta tester as well.

  17. Gretchen

    I bought the PC version just last month and was finally getting it to work on my husband’s PC but not loving it.
    Now I won’t bother with it.
    Please sign me up as a beta tester! Please put me on the email list for the release.

  18. Debra Baugher

    Finally I agree! Hopefully Ancestry will get the viewer Mac ready too. Do you hear us I was a windows/ibm user since before the internet and have been using the Mac now for almost 3 years and would never go back. Very excited! I also heard Mac has a great geneology program that you can use on desktop and on your iphone but isn’t compatable still.

  19. Sharon

    I am delighted and anxious to get it! Hope has compatible technology set as well. It will make my life a lot simpler, as I am never going back to PC world.

  20. Christina Merwin

    I would love an email notification when the software is available to purchase! Yes, I am excited.

  21. Anne Pickens

    Isn’t that the way it always goes – I just purchased FTM 2010 for my PC laptop in March (my old FTM was from 1999, version 7). It’s really the only thing I use the PC for.

    Don’t really like the Reunion for MAC program at all but it seemed like the only option after researching what was out there for MACs. Oh well.

  22. Sara Jones

    Love my Mac! Love my account! Does this mean that Ancestry profiles will be transferable through upload to your new software? One can only wish!!

    Congratulations, Ancestry, for another breakthrough!!

  23. Kathy

    I would have loved to have seen this announcement 3-4 years ago, but I long ago made the decision to find something Mac-compatible (I went with iFamily) and am not sure I’ll make the switch back to FTM (though I do miss the synchronization with

  24. Mary McGuire

    At last, MacUsers are in the ballpark.
    I’ve used Mac’s since they came on the market and am so happy that now I can convert my Ancestry trees to Family Tree 2010.
    When will they be available for purchase and what will they cost?
    Thank you.

  25. Chris Burk

    YAY!!!!! The ONLY reason I have a PC laptop is because of Family Tree Maker. Now I can switch to Macintosh laptop!!


    Finally!!! I’ve waited a long time for this. I’ve loved my Mac too much to keep using a PC for my research. Now I will be in hog heaven! Can’t wait.

  27. Given that I have over 10 years of research in Reunion, what would make the switch to FTM worthwhile? And would it be easy? I originally chose Reunion because it was the only choice.

  28. Jill

    It’s about time! I hope there will be a seamless transition to migrate files into the Mac version. I’d love to beta test as well 🙂

  29. Elizabeth

    After having a PC since way back, and using FTM since the early 1990’s, I’m ready to move to a Mac (it will be my next computer). I am thrilled to hear this and I just hope that everything transfers seamlessly.

  30. Dede Dunn

    I am so happy. I just got an iMac and have not been able to use the FTM 2010 that I just purchased.

  31. SewSwim

    Thrilled!!! Thank you!! I’ve recently switched to mac, but have a “Virtual Machine” installed just so i can still do genealogy with my FTM. This will be a big help to me!!

  32. Julie

    I was just thinking this morning about running Windows on my Mac just so I could use Family Tree Maker. Now I won’t have too!

  33. Richard

    Hope you got all the bugs out that are still in Version 2010 for windows. Will this also work on older macs?? The newest Reunion doesn’t, and I am glad you are coming out with one

  34. Roberta Iiames

    If, the new Mac version is like the FTM 2010, I wouldn’t buy it. You lost too much of the featurs of earlier version. I love my FTM Version 8 upgraded to version 12. I can do so much with this that you cannot do on this latest version.

  35. I’ve seen comments about synching between FTM and Ancestry.

    Remember- FTM and Ancestry don’t truely synch.

    Each upload from FTM to Ancestry creates a new tree but will not modify a tree already on Ancestry.

    Each Download from Ancestry creates a FTM file you can then merge with any other FTM file on your computer but will not automatically update an FTM file already on your computer.

  36. Richard S. Heckman

    This is great news!! I have an Intel MAC and run Windows in Parallels on it. I have FTM 2009 installed on the Windows side. I use Reunion and I’ve tried other programs such as Heredis on the MAC. But to be able to run FTM on the MAC side is almost too good to believe. I hope it’s made available soon.

  37. LarryN the LibraryN

    Interesting. I wrote a review of FTM for Mac back, oh, it must be 15 years or so, for Genealogical Computing magazine. It will be interesting to see how the new Mac version functions.

  38. trudy

    We originally started our genealogy on Family Tree Maker but when we called them and told us they “were not going to support” mac many years ago we got Reunion and have been very happy with it. I don’t know if I would bother to switch. I haven’t had any one have any trouble downloading my GED files to their Family Tree Make or me downloading GED files from someone else in Reunion. It took them long enough to wake up.

  39. Jim Powers

    Finally…..Glad to hear that FTM will be available for MAC. Switched to MAC a couple of years ago and was disappointed that FTM was not scheduled to be written for MAC. But now……yeah

  40. Martin Coull

    at last!
    Moving away from Microsoft’s .NET will really improve performance, probably back to FTM 16 levels. Also should make it smaller which means it will load faster and use less memory. Unfortunately I still have a few other Windows only programs so I have to have a PC at home but now only need to take my MacBook when I travel.

  41. Peter Setlak

    It’s about time! What amazes me is I recently wrote them an email, not two months ago, asking if this was going to happen and they said they doubted it!

    I guess they had enough requests – especially since they created an app for the iphone…

    Thank you, Ancestry – I too, can finally move away from running Windows!

  42. Tammy

    YEAH!!! Like one of the other users, I have had FTM since the 90’s and upgraded every year to the newest version until we bought MAC computers. I am using the MacFamily Tree currently, but miss my FTM!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Hopefully we will know something soon on an exact release date.

  43. Heather

    Finally, just a few months late. I bought the PC version to use on my boyfriends computer because I couldn’t find one to work on my Mac…

  44. Ann Diedrich

    As a loyal Mac user I am thrilled to know that my confidence in Macs 20 years ago was not in vain. So far I have been holding out because Ancestry always comes out with new information and I don’t know what I will do with FTM. I guess my midnight deadline will go till two.

  45. Great news – thanks so much! I have been using ‘Gene’ for OS9 since forever, and they haven’t created a version for OSX yet (if they ever do). I will be more than happy to get rid of my aging Mac G4 that I kept just to run Gene. Yikes!
    I will be interested to know if the Mac version of MacFamily Tree will create websites automatically like Personal Ancestral File does.
    Also, I would like to offer my services as a beta tester.

  46. Tony Knight

    I am afraid my son just laughed when I told him. If they can’t write a stable version under Windows, there is no way they can do so forthe Mac, he said.

    I am with Martin #66 above.

    I like the presentation of FTM, but if someone produced a Windows program that looked like it, I would be away in an instant. In terms of operation it is, for me, the worst commercial program I know

  47. IreneTH

    I see that many of us are asking the same question. Will an easy transfer from a PC program to a Mac program be possible? I’ve only been staying with PCs because of FTM. I really want a Mac.

  48. D L Kirksey

    I just switched to a Mac and love the platform, and have been mourning the loss of Family Tree Maker…can’t wait for it to be available on the Mac.

    Yes, Thank you

  49. Jerry Bellor

    Finally, Thank you. I have called for the past few years asking them when are they going to roll out a mac version. I love my iMAC and it makes my jobs and hobbies a lot easier to deal and create with.

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  51. Cathy Hochrine

    I was literally one click away from purchasing Reunion for my Mac when I decided to do a quick search to see if there was a discount for those who own FTM and I found this posting. I just got off the phone with someone at the 1-800 number from this web page and he told me that they have not announced a definite release date, but he thought it may be released at the same time as FTM 2011, which will probably be in August (FTM 2010 was released in August of last year). He also thought there could very well be a discount for the Mac version if you own a previous version of FTM, since they quite often do that. So, I’ve waited this long – I will wait a little longer to have the FTM for Mac! Can’t wait!

  52. alison

    like i said on Facebook … it’s about time. i was beginning to think that no one cared about us mac heads. i’ve been toying with the idea of getting this program for a year now… but it hasn’t been available for mac & now i will hold tight until it’s released.
    thanks programmers. 8D

  53. About time there was a cross-platform mainstream genealogy program.

    Without going into specific feature requests, since I assume it will be consistent with the PC version, I would just say that two critical features are complete file compatibility with the PC version, and complete import-export ability with Reunion files. I remember helping other Mac genealogy programs to test their import of Reunion-generated GEDCOM files, and it always took a lot of trial and error to get it right 100% of the time. Like all genealogy programs, Reunion does GEDCOM a little bit its own way. Ancestry should definitely leverage all the people commenting that they want to help beta-test the software, and test importing of GEDCOM files very well as that will make-or-break the program for a lot of people – if they can’t import their Reunion file without having to fix things, they may not ever cross over…

  54. Jacquie

    Finally, I have been waiting for the day that they make another Mac version of Family Tree. I ended up sectioning off my Mac as a PC just so I could keep my family history. I can hardly wait to get my copy.


    I’ve purchased everything you’ve sold since Broderbund – day 1. Can’t wait for Mac 10 — take my money now! Hope we can download from to Mac 10 as we do FTM 10?

    Wow — what a nice surprise.

  56. Ted

    Also,being a Mac user I found that I can only keep my tree at,
    I would much rather update my tree locally (and sync later) so I don’t have to be online to make updates. Other features I’d look for is ability to do reports and charts and self design output myself.

    GREAT NEWS! I’ll be waiting!

  57. James

    I purchsed a PC just to use the new version of FTM when my PPC Mac could not handle the program.


  58. Leah Spencer

    I watched the presentation today on the new Mac version … wow!!!
    I cant wait for you to launch. Are you looking for beta testers?

  59. Thanks, I have been waiting since v3.02 for the Mac. Please include all of the features of the Windows version. Also, Please bring out an app that will sync your data on your Mac with the iPhone and iPad. Reunion has one and it is very helpful in the field because you do not need to bring a laptop with you.

  60. Robert E. Martin-Annett

    YES! It is about time! Us Mac users have been used as step-children to the
    PC (MicroSoft) platform for too long. Our OSX system is far superior to the PC
    (MicroSoft) system, as well much easier to navigate. Now your talking ‘our’
    language! if sooner than ‘later this year’ – go for it!.

  61. Shannon Yates

    I would like to support the suggestion here to make the mac version compatible with the PC for those of us working with family members who use different platforms.

    Otherwise, as a long time Mac user, I am thrilled!

  62. Elizabeth

    I am so happy to hear this! I recently switched to a Mac laptop and was so disappointed to find that FTM did not have a mac version. I have been using a Mac software and it certainly does not even come close, and it does not interact with

    Thank you ! Please hurry

  63. Judy

    My only comment is “why have you waited so long”?? Macs have been around a long time!! I have Reunion and would not change – maybe, unless someone gave it to me for free!!

  64. Kate Nichtern

    THANK YOU DEAR GOD! That has finally realized the need for a Family Tree program for Mac.

    I only hope that all of my family trees transfer over in a VERY SIMPLE manner. There are SO MANY features of the 2010 version that make it harder to use the program as in the past. I keep telling the tec that I am no geek and just want a system that is friendly to use. Updates are nice if they make sense to a non-geek.

    I want to be able to publish a book like I did with the older versions. I still have the book saved on my pc and do hope the features of publishing a 400 page book will work with the new Mac version. What is the point of collecting family data if you cannot pulish a book?

    Thanks and will be looking forward to the MAC Family Tree being released.

  65. Excited, are you kidding?!?!? But, WHEN will it come out? And, if I have an old version of the software on my PC, can I upload that information to the new Mac version somehow?

  66. Helen T

    Very Excited! Thank you. The MAC version can’t come soon enough as I have been patiently waiting for it. Just hope you can upload your windows tree and then save in windows also (like you can in pages and numbers) for those sharing your FTM tree,as I do with my brother. FABULOUS NEWS!

  67. Finally! Thank you a million times…I have been waiting and hoping you would create a Family Tree maker for the Mac for so long.

    I will order one the minute it’s available.

  68. Melinda Anderson

    Thank you, Ancestry! I got a MacBook Pro a week ago and have been looking at genealogy programs. I used Reunion YEARS ago when it had a Windows version and loved it, but have been put off by the price. I have been a very happy Legacy user for many years, but, in my one week of owning my Mac, I really want to leave Windows behind! I would love to try FTM again! I did not like the old interface (tabs on the side- hated it!), but screenshots of FTM 2010 look promising. Wonder if it is all glitz or a program suited to serious genealogists…

  69. David Short

    Wow! At last! As long it has the full functionality of the Windows version – i.e. access to searches from within the program and does not cost me to migrate back to where I wanted to be in the first place, them I am very very excited!

  70. Ed McCartney

    If it can match Reunions features and provide better integration with it will be a winner. But the history developers with a long history of Windows programing coming up with winners for the Mac is sketchy. Just check out the comments about Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010 on Amazon. Intuit, one of the aforementioned Windows oriented developers,has been trying to get their Mac program right for years….totally without success. So like every Mac user I’m excited at the prospect of FTM for OS X, but keeping my fingers crossed.

  71. Norm

    Just in time. I have been researching Mac software and almost clicked the buy it button. I will wait. Beta Tester available !

  72. Kristin

    Aargh. Wish I’d known this before I went out and bought Reunion last night. I’m still finding all the new features in FTM2010, and while it’s taken a while to get used to some of the changes from the old versions, I’m really liking it — especially the ability to link media (like Census images) to more than one person. Like one of the previous appenders (Ed), I’m also cautious about developers with history on Windows moving their apps to Mac, but hope springs eternal. I hope the iPod app gets enhanced; I do think Reunion is ahead on that front from what little I’ve seen of both. I’m still learning and exploring though.

  73. Laura Velez

    This is wonderful! I moved from PC to Mac 5 years ago, and am using Reunion. I am missing the way FTM works … Reunion does not make me comfortable!

    How much later this year?

  74. Stephanie

    I am very excited FTM is finally coming out with a Mac version! I switched to Mac 4 years ago and will never, ever go back to PC. I have been running Parallels solely so I could use FTM but I didn’t configure my virtual machine so it could use the internet (all those darn viruses!). I have to research in the Mac OS and enter in the Windows OS so I haven’t been using it nearly as much. What a pain! I might even buy a full subscription if the Mac version is decent!

    I’m happy to beta test. =0)

  75. Janine

    When I made the move to Reunion when my PC died, the thing I liked best was that I was not longer being prompted to share my information, which was scattershot at best. Now I see other trees on Ancestry and they are in no way in any shape to share information in a responsible way. I’m glad I was able to get away from that prompt and wish others would have a little patience before posting their trees. But beyond that, Reunion has exceeded my expectations in every way.

  76. Kay Midyette

    At last!!! I have been so frustrated since I switched to my Mac…I can’t wait!!

  77. Mike Bronner

    @Phillip #84: you bring up an interesting point. I did notice the specific language they used: ” It will be built on the functionality of Family Tree Maker 2010 and constructed from the bottom up to take full advantage of the Mac platform in terms of technology and user experience.”

    This tells me that they are going to have a seperate code-base for the MAC version. Technically they have to. I have been complaining about this inefficiency for some time now:
    When they released FTM 2009 (possibly already in 2008, I forget) they redeveloped everything based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. While this was a good decision to get away from the legacy code and improve the underlying code, while opening up possibilities for future development (which previously was severely limited in what new functionality they could add to the old FTM), it was a first right step in the wrong direction.

    As an analogy, its like an autistic child deciding to finally start speaking (step in right direction), but instead of communicating with others, it speaks in a language of its own (quite useless in the overall scheme). (Apollogies to anyone with autistic children – this was meant as a metaphor only, and in no way is meant to make light of the difficulties of autism.)

    Because FTM 2010 is built on the .NET Framework, it is by definition a WINDOWS-ONLY program, meaning that it will not work on other platforms. And as they mentioned in this announcement, they also clearly state that they are developing the MAC version “from the ground up”.

    Now we have two dogs in a kennel, both vying for attention. I just hope that the keepers are responsible and enduring enough to keep up the maintenance on both of them equally:
    – they will have to maintain seperate code bases.
    – they will need to develop the same functionality updates twice (once for Mac, once for Windows).
    – they will need to make sure that both programs exchibit the same functionality at all times.
    – they will need to make sure that both programs can read each other’s backup files.
    – they will need to add Mac technical support.

    I see a lot of challenges ahead.

    BUT, I am definitely glad that they took this monumental step to start supporting Mac users!! I deeply hope that they will have the wherewithall to make it work in the long run!

    @Stephanie #113: Parallels comes with Kaspersky Antivirus already installed and running. I’ve been doing the exact same thing you are, with the exception that I am actually using the internet as well. I’m happy to report that with responsible use (ignoring any popups, ads, etc.) I have not yet received a single virus on my Parallels Windows installation.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t shoot yourself in the foot just because you don’t want to go hunting. 🙂

  78. Laurie Taylor

    I have been an FTM user for many years on a Windows-based PC. I have just recently switched to Mac and am glad that FTM will be entering the market – or will they? I just came across and they indicate they don’t find it feasible to continue developing a program for Mac. You’re all the same group so why the discrepancy? Be interested to know. I have the same question as others, will we be able to GEDCOM our windows FTM and simply import it to FTM-Mac. Hope so. By the way, I used always be able to download FTM from you home sight to Canada but was recently told that’s not possible anymore. How come?

  79. runs under different software than does on different servers. That was the main reason it wasn’t rolled into the main Ancestry site- the message boards there are completely incompatible with the Ancestry board system.

    I know at one time long ago Mac generated GEDCOMS caused problems when imported to a non-Mac program- even tho both were supposedly text files but don’t know if that is still the case.

  80. Mike Bronner

    I would fully expect that the Mac FTM backup files (*.ftmb) would be fully compatible with the Windows FTM software. Not to mention that the GEDCOM file format should adhere to the GEDCOM standard. Anything else would defy the purpose of creating the same-titled software for the Mac.

    I feel confident that this is their intent, as they stated that it would exhibit the same functionatity — which includes downloading FTMB files from

    @Tana: Are there any more details on these issues, or is it just on the drawing board at this time?

  81. Bill Israel

    Two comments:

    1) Why would anyone ever want to use anything but Reunion on a Mac? FTM has a huge following because of advertising and promotion and ownership, but Reunion is much friendlier to use, at least equally capable and just as full-featured, has outstanding technical support when you need it, which is not very often, and it has many years of fine tuning and upgrades to work exceptionally well on Macs.

    2) If you really want to use FTM on a Mac, just add Windows OS to your Intel Mac, and you can operate it in Windows mode using Windows software as well or better as on any Windows computer. If you have been using FTM on a Windows computer, you will have an equal or better experience using your exact same software on a Mac in Windows mode.

  82. Diane Taylor

    I really don’t want to support this Family Tree Maker software. Why did it take them so long to consider Mac users? I have been using Genealogy software since 1996 and have used FTM on PCs and with PC emulation software on my Mac. I am not happy with this.
    Let’s continue to support Reunion, which also came out first with IPhone software. They are the true Mac platform.

  83. April Dunleavy

    I guess timing is everything. My boys got me Family Tree Maker for a Mother’s Day present and I’ve been struggling with it on my Mac. I find the PC interface difficult to maneuver in comparison to the website. I can’t “see” information. I hope the Mac version is better.

  84. Randy Whitesell

    Hooray! I just converted to a Mac after using DOS/Windows since 1984, but I can not run Family Tree Maker on the Mac. I can’t wait for the new release for Mac.

  85. Bonnie Foster

    Three of my PC’s crashed…lost years of data which could not retrieved…would be happy to start again with a Mac version…..would be great not to have to use my husband’s PC….now…can I transfer all that stuff that I have? Easily?

  86. Bill Manning

    As A PC user for 25 years I switched to Mac 8 years ago (I’m running Windows on my Mac at this moment). I am VERY glad to hear of a Mac version of this program. One less reason to run Windows at all on this computer.

  87. Wendy

    I just purchased a MAC, after years as a PC person, only to be shocked when I found out my beloved FTM is not available. I guess I will have to keep using my old PC till the new one comes out! Hurry up!

  88. Frank Prater

    I am a user of Family Tree Maker for windows, I also have a Macbook Thus I have two questions, will there be a email sent to Windows users about the mac version? If Not I would like to have an email sent to my email address as to when it will comes out.
    Another question is when in 2010 will it come out?

    Frank Prater

  89. Lynn

    As a Mac user for many years this is great news I hope they take advantage of all the great things about a Mac.

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