Posted by Ancestry Team on April 8, 2010 in Website

Have you ever lost track of a record you printed or downloaded that you want to go back to?

You now have quick access to retrieve records you are storing offline.  Each time you print or download a record from, it will appear in your Shoebox in a new tab for “Downloaded and printed records”. This way any discovery you make will be easy to find again.

Click here to check out your Shoebox.

With this addition, if you print or download a record we’ll also let you know about activity from other members on this record.  For example, you might find out about a correction a member makes to the record, or that a member has saved the record to a family tree on that you haven’t seen before.  You’ll see these updates in the Recent Member Connect Activity box on your homepage and under the Collaborate tab.


  1. Pamela Sue Loucks (Clay)

    I am also can not connect my tree together. I started one along time ago and then I have another one. PLease help me.

  2. “Tom” (#2) comments ‘I think shoebox is perfectly made for me only, as I always hear a track and then forget which actually it was, it can be a very great offer for me, thanks for sharing it with us.’ This makes no sense whatsoever!!! Has “Tom” confused Ancestry and iTunes??? Probably not because “Tom” is nothing more than a spammer! He is simply using the Ancestry to get free advertising for a commercial website (click on his name to see where the link leads!)
    Ancestry, to stop being used in this way: (1) moderate these postings on the blog; (2) remove the “Your Website” box (it serves no useful purpose!); (3) restrict postings to Ancestry subscribers!

  3. Connie

    It’s nice to know Ancestry hasn’t forgotten Shoebox and it actually is possible to “enhance” it.

    Now, if you’d just let me have a way to group my items (folders?) and search or sort them by surname, it would actually be a useful tool.

    Especially for those of us who are reluctant to use the Trees feature for a variety of reasons.

    I like the Shoebox concept, but scrolling through page after page after page to find an old item is 1980s technology, at best.

  4. I’ve often wondered why anyone would use the shoebox at all when there is a much easier way that lets you save those links and sort, manipulate, group, etc. to your heart’s content.

    Simply bookmark them in your browser in whatever way you wish them to be organized !

    Even better, of course, is to save a copy to your hard drive- that way you can see them even working offline.

  5. BobNY

    If I am going to save a record (actually the location of the record) in MY SHOEBOX, at least let me name the record something meaningful to me. Right now, the shoebox saves it with whatever transcription was originally assigned to it, no matter how badly mangled or how often “corrected.”

  6. Bonnie P

    I have been saving items to my shoebox, but when I go to look for them my shoebox is empty. Records have been file both during the time I had a membership and when I don’t have an active membership.

    Am I doing something wrong??

  7. If you have an active membership and then quit Ancestry your shoebox goes away.

    You don’t really save items to your shoebox anyway- you merely save links to those images on Ancestry’s servers and with few exception non-subscribers can’t view those images.

    If you want to always be able to see them then download them and save them on your computer- not in your shoebox.

  8. Alice Holtin

    The Shoebox really does need to be sortable and/or searchable. The feature used in the “List of all people,” where you can sort by clicking on a letter, would be most useful in “Your Shoebox.”

    When trying to sort my Shoebox, I have been extremely frustrated. I find an item on page 10, attach it to my tree and when I go back to Shoebox, it’s reverted to page one! Now I have to go through all those pages again to get back to where I was. When there are as many items in Shoebox as I have (over 700), it’s too frustrating to go back through them.

  9. Stephanie Cruz

    Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Shoebox and for your suggestions on better ways to organize, sort, and find records in your Shoebox.

  10. Margaret

    As of this morning (April 22), all of the old stuff that I had saved through the years to My Shoebox is gone. There had been three pages of listings. Now there is one page with three items on it, none of which I saved to the Shoebox. These items were saved to the Shoebox through your automatic system, including one item which I know that I neither printed nor downloaded but merely viewed on Ancestry (it was a lookup for someone on a message board). What gives? Another “improvement” gone awry?

    • Stephanie Cruz

      #16 Margaret – if you can email me your username, I will have someone look into your issue.

      Stephanie (

  11. Vincent Bowes

    I thought it would be good to pass along the following suggestion. The shoebox feature is a very convenient tool that allows us to “save” items that we can come back to later. Is there any way that more functionality can be built into the shoe box such that users could sort based on names, dates, etc. and also have the option to see more than just a handful of items on each shoe box screen? Just curious. Thanks for your time. I look forward to a reply.

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