Posted by Ancestry Team on March 17, 2010 in Family Tree Maker, Webinars

Previously we announced that the Family Tree Maker team would be holding an Advanced Topics webinar on March 24th. This webinar has been rescheduled for May 19th. We would like to apologize for an inconvenience we’ve caused and also thank all of you who have already registered and submitted questions. We hope you’ll be able to join us in May.

And don’t forget to check back in coming weeks for more details about the May webinar.


  1. Lynn

    I look forward to the May webinar, to learn some new tricks and tips on leveraging FTM. I assume the rescheduling only means you will be offering an even better webinar in May (i.e., you will be further perfecting and adding to the webinar you already had in development.)

  2. Carmel

    I am sorry to hear that the date has been delayed to May. Unfortunately, I will be out of the country at that time. I was really looking forward to learning more about Family TreeMaker 2010. Will the webinar be available for ‘audit’?

  3. John Donaldson

    # 3 Joe

    Open this link http:

    // and click on the “here”

    John D

  4. Mary Guzman

    I am so sorry I missed this webinar. I had some questions I was hoping to get answered, like how I merge files from to FTM? Also, while defining a search, when all infor is given, do I end up with 67,000 (or so) hits and if I mark anything exact I am receive no hits? I know I am missing something important, otherwise no one would spend 22 hours to locate a birth certificate (which I still haven’t found). However, I did find the GGrandparents in the 1910 Census, but still no BC for grandmother. Is Texas that difficult to trace through? Thanks so much. I am sure you would have answered most of this on the webinar. Is it in the archives yet?

    Happy Hunting,
    Mary Guzman

    P.S. Is there a spell check for articles, stories, etc.?

  5. Donna Wolfe Hoy

    May will be fine; however, I am feeling some frustration with your 2010 program and I will try to explain why. Yes, I can find duplications and fix them with this new program. Yeah! So thrilled with this, but to do this half of the information I could easily access on Ancestry is lost. So now I have two separate trees. One on ancestry which needs editing for the 100 or so duplications which can only be done manually and the one that I have now exported to my own computer and the 2010 edition. Then low and behold I have 8000 oak leaves to go through again. What a gives? If you have already viewed the oak leaves, why are they downloaded again when you export? Programming could fix this. I’ve been inquiring with people with larger trees about the software they use and few use ancestry version. Was just out to Salt Lake library for a week. What a treat! Wonderful experience everyone whose interested in family research should go.

  6. Mary Guzman

    Oh James, Thank you so much. Both start with “M” right! I feel silly. After ready you HELPFUL note and Donna’s note I know I’m in good company. Donna, I don’t know what everyone is using, but having owned a copy store for 10 years I can tell you that, like smiles in the world, there are as many opinions on any software. I am a little confussed, but than, I must confuss I did not read all the information given in the help menu. If you didn’t use this software, what else would you use that so easly access the LDS Archives? I copied thousands of books for folks and Ancesrtry (or PAF) makes the most wonderful books and no other software interfaces was so many printers and copiers. Perhaps we should be a little more patient. Reading your note has reminded me that the problem is probably me. I’m going back to read the help and tutorials to see how to do exactly what you want. I do know that if you say to Ignore the hint it doesn’t seem to return. Maybe you could try that.
    Good luck, Mary and again Thank you James. :>)

  7. James

    Mary G.,

    My family name (and my mother’s for that matter), have been “butchered” in the census records and indicies. I typically find records for them several screen pages away in the “three star” or lower ratings due to the mis-spellings (150 to 250 records from the top). For example, my Grandparents are listed in the 1930 US Census under the indexed name of “Cloude.” When I look at the actual Census record, I see the name spelled correctly but the name above has a letter (cursive “f”) that descends into the “s” of my family name. To the transcriber, this looks like a “d”.

    If you can find someone in your town that knows FTM2010, you would benefit from their experience and the learning curve will not be so steep.

    Good luck!

  8. Mary G

    Jim, sound advice about finding some around my area with knowledge of FTM2000, however, I have M.S. and have spent the last 6 mos. in bed due to complications with a leg surgery. I’m due to have a second surgery in 2 weeks to correct the last one. Are we have fun yet? Actually, yes, because I’m learn much about family trees and also about myself and my prayer life. My husband will be nominated for a front seat in heaven when his done with this world. He is a wonderful care giver, but even FTM2010 has thrown him a loop.
    Thanks for the suggestion for FTM2010, maybe there will be some one will to come to the house. Thank again James.

  9. Mike Wingert

    I’m trying to creat a book. I include Family Group Reports follwed by Photo Albums for the fatherb and mother. In the Book Item column on the left the reports are listed in the correct order. In the book preview, for two families, the reports are reversed.

    I exported the book to an RTF file, on a flash card, and opened it in Word. I edited it but when I tried to save the changes it froze. I had to use the Task Manager to End Task and the changes weren’t saved.

    I tried doing a save to a CD but in stead of freezing it gave me an error that said that the path or directory was unavailable and the changes could not be saved.

    It seems like a simple thing to export the book but if the book is not constructed correctly in FTM 2010 then it won’t print correctly and the page numbers will be wrong.

    The only way around this I can find is to edit it at the print shop each and every time I want a copy made.

    I have tried Tech Support and they have been no help. I have Windows 7 and FTYM 2010.

    Can you help sdolve this delemma?

  10. Oliver Riddick

    I will mark my calendar for the May session, and do all I can to attend. I am extremely interested in guidance, a seminar, workbook, etc. on the advanced methods and techniques for using the search engine. Too often, I believe I have mastered the techniques, only to discover later that there are many “nuances” that can bring up totally different results, or the desired result I may have uncovered from an earlier search does not come back. SO, I’m looking for a documented, “Tips & Tricks” for executing ancestry searches. What does Ancestry provide?

  11. Oliver,

    Here is one trick…

    Once you have a desired result do three things-
    1) Save that page a a favorite in you browser.
    2) Save a screen shoot to your computer
    3) Download and save it to your computer.

    That way you’ll always have it handy and won’t need to re-find it.

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