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The Member Directory lets you search public profiles of other members on In the past, the search was limited to one category. If you wanted to find an advanced researcher who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is focused on the Schultz surname of Western European descent, and speaks German… well, you couldn’t easily do that.

With the updated Member Directory, now you can. From the Collaborate tab, select Member Directory. Then choose exactly the criteria you’re looking for, whether it falls under Research Interests, Basic Information, and Experience – or all of the above.

You can also now search for members by their username in the Basic Information tab.


  1. Stephanie,

    There is one very important criteria we should be able to sort on that isn’t available – the last sign in date!.

    Looking for local members in Nashville, Tennessee (some 1000+ names) I had to wade thru pages and pages and pages of names where the last sign in was over 6 months ago.

    Needless to say, trying finding current local members is not something the Member Directory was designed to do!

    Just for kicks, when I get time, I’ll go thru and document the percentages for:

    Over 6 months
    Within 6 months
    Within last month
    Withing last week

  2. Jo

    Andy, if you leave your cookies alone and don’t sign out, you could be on Ancestry every single day and it will still say your last sign in was over 6 months ago or whenever. It doesn’t really mean anything.

  3. dklart


    I don’t think that’s correct. I don’t know how it works, but I never log out, never clear the cache or cookies. My profile, as of today, shows I signed in and updated my profile yesterday. I did neither.

  4. Tom

    Mine said I signed in last week. I actually signed every day THIS week. I am not sure these things are accurate.

  5. Jim Livermore

    I never sign out, yet my profile thinks it was last month.

    On topic, I tried “Livermore” in the USA. 163 results, and no way am I wading through that. 2 pages worth is all I needed to determine the utility of this service.

  6. Bromaelor

    When searching the new “Member Directory” users identify places there are looking for using two drop-down menus, for country and county.
    I think you need to offer the same structure when users are setting up “My Research Interests”? When clicking on “Add a new interest” users need to be presented with the same drop-down menus so ensure a better match.

    The drop-down County menu for Wales provides the users with both the “old” (pre-1974); “short-lived” (1974-1996) and “new” (post-1996) counties. However, those for England and Scotland only appear to list the pre-1974 counties???

  7. J.O. Street

    This is terrible I had to go through 907 persons and I asked to be directed to person’s researching the family name of SCOTT in Ontario Canada. I got the whole shabang 907 person’s from North America. I find two person’s pollyanna23 and escott39 and now I don’t know how to get in contact with them …this is really stupid I don’t kno2w there names I only know one is in BC and one is in Ontario Canada. I’ve spent 4 hours going through the files and have NOTHING….NOT GOOD when LDS wants $365. for World ancestry.

  8. J.O. Street

    The LDS has absoluitely *NOTHNIG* to do with Ancestry.

    Please know what you are talking about before spreading incorrect information to the general public.

  9. FHC Librarian

    Andy is correct. The Latter Day Saints (AKA Mormon) site is not related to I haven’t a clue where this misinformation started. But folks, the use of the Family History Library or Centers is FREE! Even Ancestry doesn’t charge $365.

    If you want to order (borrow) a microfilm or copy pages, there is a small fee.

    Ancestry charges $299 for a World deluxe yearly subscription. $155 for just the USA, yearly.

  10. Jim Livermore

    Back on topic, just one more time – thanks for ‘fixing’ this, I now see 17 researchers interested in the ‘Livermore’ surname. Much better.

  11. Stephanie Cruz

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback on Member Directory. We will look into issues with the “Last Signed In” field. This date is calculated based on your last logged in visit to, not your cookie.

    #7 J.O. Street: You can find the two members you’re looking for by searching on their username in Member Directory. The “username” field is under the “Basic Information” tab. As a subscriber, you can contact them from the Member Directory search results page. Click on the username to open a window with a link to contact the member. You can then send the member a message through’s online message center.

  12. Rina

    I just used the member directory to try to find anyone else searching my surname and found a result for someone who was last signed in on 1st October 2010. How does that work then?

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