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I love organizing. My bookshelves at home are sorted by genre. The shirts hanging in my closet are grouped together based on color (and style). And the obsession doesn’t stop there. I’m always looking for new ways to put my family history in order.

When I first started using Family Tree Maker, I didn’t bother doing much with my media items. I was just happy if they were in my tree and linked to the right people. But as my family tree grew larger and larger and I had hundreds of items, I realized I needed a system. I started taking advantage of the ability to assign categories to each item.

Family Tree Maker comes with some default categories and I created a few of my own.

Have any of you created categories that you find particularly useful? Or deleted ones you didn’t feel you needed?

The next step I took was to add more specific details to captions. Instead of 10 photos titled “Phoebe Gedge,” I now have captions like “Phoebe Gedge in the 7th grade,” and “Phoebe Gedge at her U of U college graduation.” I also changed the way I labeled records and documents. Instead of death certificates being labeled differently for each individual, every record now has a caption consisting of a heading and a name (for example, Death certificate – Herbert Gedge, Obituary – Harold A. Reed, Tombstone – Lorine Bobbitt).

How do you use captions? Do you ignore them? Add lots of details? Have your own identification system?

Now you’ve read about my system. I’d like to hear how you organize your media files in Family Tree Maker. What has worked for you? What has been a disaster? I look forward to reading your comments—maybe it will give me an excuse to organize one more time.


  1. DLPM

    I tried sorting by content until the volume of files became too great to search without an index. I went to a sequential acquisition number system with a spreadsheet index that lets me search by name, event, year, etc. It’s especially helpful for a images where multiple people are recorded.

  2. Does FTM 2010 allow the publishing of linked images to a tree on the site?

    Does FTM 2010 sync a tree with the online one – i.e. if I update a tree using the iphone app can I upload this easily to FTM 2010?

  3. Keef Hellinger

    Interestingly we have all of your custom categories plus a few more. Besides categories for Birth, Deaths & Marriages seperately we have one for each ‘main’ family line. I also have categories for War Records, Travel, Newspaper/ Directories and many more The fact that you can attach a piece of media to as many categories as you like is superb and means you can ‘slice & dice’ easily

    1. Do you know when we will be able to sort media by ‘date’ yet?
    2. Do you know when we will be able to add our own categories for Timeline

    Thx Keef

  4. Haydn

    Nice thought, just wish if I did all this work on my PC it would be so nice to sync all this data with my Ancestry online tree. I know I can download my tree from Ancestry to my FTM Program. But if I want to change anything in FTM and send it back up again I have to create an entirly new tree on Ancestry. Will you ever be improving on this situation in a future update?


  5. John Donaldson

    I regard my organisation of media in FTM somewhat the same as organising my general media, ie photos taken on trips, family events, etc.

    I use Photoshop Elements (now in version 8) to organise my media. PSE8 has three excellent features:
    • the ability to organise media into categories and sub-categories plus;
    • the ability to tag media in multiple ways so that they can all be found.
    • The ability to fully edit media and correct defects, etc.

    It also has excellent photo editing abilities. No not the full Photoshop, but more than I normally find I need. This allows me to clean up many old photos, remove spots etc, etc. I have photos, some in excellent condition, back to my gg grandparents in Scotland in 1880 which come up well in FTM.

    After scanning historical media in high quality scanner, I keep my historical family media in a historical catalogue in PSE8 all categorised and edited, dated, etc.

    From there it is very simple to link them into FTM 2010 (using the FTM media center for additional convenience and security), and I use the same categories and descriptions in PSE8 in FTM 2010.

    So I find that PSE8 and FTM 2010 work hand in glove and compliment each other in terms of full management of media.

    John D

  6. There are two ways to SORT your Media File in the Media Tab. 1) by Caption, 2) by Filename. You can find that option in the Tools, Options, General Tab. So, with the Category settings and the sort, you may find the control over how the Media Tab is presented, or what media files you want to see.


  7. Cathy Jo Appleby

    I’m new at this and would like to transfer my Family Tree from to my Mac program Reunion 9. Is that possible?

  8. John Donaldson

    # 7 Cathy Jo

    Download your Ancestry tree as a GEDCOM file

    Save the file

    Open the file in Reunion 9

    John D

  9. John Donaldson

    # 1 DLPM

    Have you tried the Media usage report?

    I assume that you are using FTM 2010?

    John D

  10. Kay Walton

    I find it useful to organize my media files within each category by date, then name. For instance: Census Record; 1920, Brown, John; Johnson, Joe. I also have added categories for military records, and families histories.

  11. BEE

    I really admire those who use FTM to it’s full potential, but I haven’t added anything at all to mine since I had to have my computer rebuilt last month, because I just don’t know how to deal with it. As a self-taught computer user, sometimes my “senior” mind can’t comprehend all this “technology” that more computer-savvy people write about!
    My first purchase was FTM 2009 where I originally entered information from my husband’s large tree on ancestry, typing in each name individually, but it was a while before I learned how to add any documents – I bought the book, but I guess I’m slow learner. I later purchased FTM 2010, but with so many negative comments on the blogs, it took me a while to get up the nerve to even install it. Because I wanted to get used to working with it, I didn’t want to transfer what I had on FTM 2009 to the 2010{even though it kept trying to go there!} so I copied a very small tree that has only a couple dozen names on it, adding the documents that I downloaded, uploaded, etc to ancestry – it was a relatively easy process with so few people, but I still have a long way to go with so many documents to add to my husband’s tree, which will be a monumental task – never mind adding photos, etc. When I now open FTM 2010, it shows my husband’s tree as FTM 2009, but I’m reluctant to open it.
    It’s ridiculous – in “My Documents”, I have FTM 2009, FTM 2009 backup, and FTM 2010, with duplicate “backup” of records all over the place!
    My problem is, I have hundreds of people on my husband’s “ancestry” tree that I added from all the census so that I could follow family members – if there was a document to be found on ancestry, I found it, but I certainly don’t want all these people added to FTM, which is the reason I’m keeping that tree on 2009, for fear all these other names will appear automatically, which I assume would happen if I downloaded that tree as a GEDCOM file{and no matter how much I read about that I still don’t know what it all means!}?
    My next question: Can information from FTM be accessed on the web? The reason I ask this, I sometimes see information that appears to come from someone’s FTM as a “search” when I click “search the web” from the overview page, or google a name, although I’m not able to open it. However, in my “bookmarks”, I have a website for someone that I found on the web – – “So and So’s Family – “Descendants of…..”. I can open four generations of this family, as well as two other trees from this person’s homepage. I assume it’s possible for someone to “allow” their information to be posted on a website – is that the “publish” function? I hope someone can explain to me how this can happen, as well as assure me that unless permission is granted somewhere, FTM is my own “private” family tree.

  12. Judy Ethridge

    Firstly; thank you Tana and others for the above information and suggestions.

    The following is a document I prepared primarily for myself but thought it might add something to the discussion on Media. I know it does drift off the subject of Media Categories somewhat but thought it might be of some help to people who are starting out converting their FTM 2010 file to their family tree on


    Family Tree Maker 2010 – Media Conventions

    Media File Name:

    My filename is comprised of the following:

    Part 1. Surname Given Names(*)~Year of Birth
    Part 2. Year of Event & Event Description
    (*) Optional suffix if there is a duplicate “Name-YOB”

    The name in Part 1 is the primary individual that the image is attached to.
    The image is then linked to sources and other individuals associated with the image.

    For census information I use the name of the “Head of Household” if the individual is a family member; otherwise I use the eldest family member in the household.

    Examples of filenames:

    Brinnand John George~1935 1957 Marriage to Sheila Lomas
    Lomas Sheila~1935 2010 Photo
    Brinnand George Metcalf~1827 1841 Census
    Brinnand Thomas~1794 1794 Christening
    Brinnand Thomas~1794 1850 Burial
    Brinnand Thomas~1760 1862 Map of Catholes Kirkby Lonsdale
    Brinnand Thomas~1760 2010 Link to Google Map (more on this below)


    The following are some examples of the categories I use for my media: –

    Parish Records
    Bishops Transcripts
    Birth Certificates
    Marriage Certificates
    Death Certificates
    BMD Index (for images of the actual index page)
    International Genealogical Index (for images of the IGI individual record)
    Photos-Images (family memorabilia)
    Records-Immigration & Emigration

    Note: I have not been able to find a way to delete or rename a media category in FTM 2010 even though it is possible to delete or rename a “Source Repository”. If I make a typo error it looks like I have to live with it. If someone knows how to delete or rename a media category please let me know.

    Media Date:

    I do include the date of the event in the media “date field” but this seems to be of little value because FTM 2010 does nothing with it. IMHO FTM 2010 should provide a basic sort on this field.

    Media Caption:

    I also include the “Year of Event-Event Description-Individual Name-YOB” (in that order) in the caption.

    The only reason for doing this is to overcome the shortcoming of “No Sort on Date”

    It is a Heath Robinson work around so I can view the media in date order by going to “Tools-Options” and changing the global option to display in caption order instead of filename order (and then changing it back again to filename). I cannot understand why the designers of FTM 2010 did not include a simple sort in the “Media Tab”.

    Link to Places Media:

    I think the ability to identify the place name to a location on a map in FTM 2010 is an excellent feature and can help the research by showing the proximity of family members to each other.

    Unfortunately (as advertised by this information cannot be uploaded from FTM 2010 to at this time.

    To overcome this limitation for the time being I create a “Word Document” media file that includes a hyperlink to a Satellite Map (Google, Bing, etc) of the location or area. (The document may include additional information). One draw back is that cannot open a Word Document directly so the viewer has to download it to their computer to view it and then take the link to see the satellite image of the place.

    Media Storage:

    I keep my images in a folder with sub-folders such as Birth Records; Marriage Records; Death Records; etc; etc (similar to the FTM 2010 media categories but different). When I attach the media to FTM 2010 I use the global option to “Copy files to media folder”.
    By doing this I can view my media outside of FTM 2010 by “Individual Name” or by “Individual Name within Group”. Of course, I can also view my media within FTM 2010 using the “Media Collection list by options”

    Problems uploading media to –

    I have only started uploading media this month but I have encountered some problems:

    My FTM file is relatively small (1,600 individuals – 12 MB) and, at present, my media file only has 250 images – 160 MB.

    These are the problems I have encountered to date.

    Because there is no option to upload an individual or group of individuals to the family tree on Ancestry you have to upload the entire file and delete the old file. (you can upload images and manually update the file). Like many others, I have been experiencing problems with the upload itself. I keep getting the following message after 1 to 2 hours: –
    “The upload to Ancestry was canceled or an error occurred during file upload. If you recently uploaded a tree that is being processed on the site, please wait until it is complete before attempting another upload.”
    I try multiple times and without changing anything it finally uploads … however …

    (a) Only 213 of the 250 images uploaded – there does not seem to be any pattern to the ones that were dropped but I have not researched it fully yet.
    (b) The images that did upload are in random order in the tree on
    (c) I appears that at least some of the images that were linked to an individual in FTM 2010 did not get linked to the same individual in
    (d) In FTM 2010 I attached (or linked) the image to the person and then linked it to a “Fact” using the “Link to Existing Media” tab in the “Source” tab – from what I can see these images did not get linked to the Fact. However; when I linked the image using the “Image” tab for the “Fact” it appears to link correctly


    If anyone ( personnel or its customers) have any insight to the above it would be helpful to hear from you. I know my naming convention is time consuming but would welcome any suggestions for improving it, I am not to far into the conversion at this time.

    Apologies for the long-winded entry to this blog.

  13. Lily

    It is important to have a family tree so that we will know our family members, relatives and etc. It reminds me of my grandma she made a family tree for us same as well as my dad. Thanks for having a family tree in our lives.More power to your site! G_d bless 😉

  14. Sandy

    I enjoy reading how others have organized their media but I would like to do it chronologically. this way I can follow the person’s life. I print it out for members of the family so they can follow their loved ones journey. There is no way to do this since the 2009 FTM. I use to do it with prior FTM’s but wish we had that ability again. This after all is the journey of people’s lives yet we have no way to show it at this time.

  15. Melanie

    I have over 3,000 media files linked to people in my tree and I have acquired most of them using the Web-merge feature from Ancestry. Does anyone know if there is a quick way to categorise these as I cannot seem to select multiple files to assign categories to and it would take forever to go through them one by one. It is a shame that you cannot assign a category to them when downloading from Ancestry so it would do it automatically for you.
    Many thanks in advance for possibly any help on this.

  16. Bromaelor

    More spam! Try following the hyperlink on #13 and it leads to a commercial site. This is one of several attempts from this user.

  17. Ida Watson

    Tanya’s comments are much appreciated. Just getting into FTM 10 though I had it for some time before daring to merge Version 16 (6) and FTM 09 into 10. I had some “abusive” thoughts while going through the merges. Don’t think I will ever be able to get up to speed on all of it.
    Had some good on line live help from your techs, thanks.
    Ida Watson

  18. Laura J Booker (Watson)

    I would like to send a GEDCOM of my family tree to others, but I do not know how.

    I have pictures in PDF and I can not get them to view on my tree? what can I do to fix this?

    Thank You,
    Laura Booker Watson

  19. John Donaldson

    # 18 Laura

    From FTM Do a File >Export and select the GEDCOM option.

    Save the GEDCOM and attach it to an email.

    Note that the recipient needs a genealogy program to open a GEDCOM, eg FTM, Lagacy, TMG reunion etc.

    Note also that GEDCOM files are text and do not support images.

    In terms of PDF

    You have to extract the image(s)from the PDF file and save the image as a media file that FTM can use, eg JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, etc.

    You need a bit of knowledge of Acrobat and image editing software to do this.

    Also when posting, could you please advise the version of FTM that you are using. It often makes a huge difference to the answer

    John D

  20. Tana L. Pedersen

    Thanks for all your suggestions. What it’s made me realize is that I have a good short term system but I need to look ahead. As my tree grows and I acquire more and more information I want a system that works with all my media items–inside and outside Family Tree Maker.

    #3 Keef

    I don’t have any information about the requests you made but I’m onboard. I’d love to see those too.

    #4 Haydn

    Syncing Family Tree Maker trees and Ancestry trees is my number one wish. Let’s hope this change is coming.

    #5 John

    Your post was very informative and a bit of an eye opener. For whatever reason, I’ve always treated my family history photos and images differently from my personal photos. I never thought about it until reading your post. It does make sense that they should be integrated and all managed the same way. Thanks.

    #12 Judy

    You can change or delete media categories once you’ve made them. No need to live with those typos. To edit a media category click the Media button on the main toolbar. On the right side of the window next to the Categories field, click the Edit button. Highlight the category and click Delete to get rid of the category (you can even do this with categories provided by Family Tree Maker) or click Edit to change the category’s name.

  21. Alan Hardwick

    Firstly is there anychannce of a merge feature for Ancestry like the one you have on the FTM as I like several others find the 2009 FTM difficult to use I had stuck with the 2005 & found it very easy to use I think the prooblem may be because as a Senior Citizen the 2009/2010 version should have taken this into account & call a spade & not abbreviated words or letters.
    Secondly when I try to put someones Occupation in by Editing the Name & using the Desciption Box for it or whatever is relevant to that person,the trouble is that it shows tight up against the persons Address I have tried putting a space between them but with no effect.
    Can you help.

  22. #2 Tim Skinner

    You said: ”

    Does FTM 2010 allow the publishing of linked images to a tree on the site?

    Does FTM 2010 sync a tree with the online one – i.e. if I update a tree using the iphone app can I upload this easily to FTM 2010?”

    Question 1: When you say “linked images”, are those images in the Media Folder in the folder, on your computer, or in a separate folder on your computer. If that is what you are asking, I haven’t tried it, but you might want to give it a try and let us know. Hadn’t thought about doing that way. Mostly because I want the multiple copies of my media files. One in its own folder, and the other in the media folder.

    Question 2: Family Tree Maker and the Member Trees do NOT automatically do any synchronization. If you upload a tree or download a tree, you create new files.

    Don’t have an iPhone to check out if it will update a Member Family Tree, but it will NOT, automatically update your tree in 2010.

    Now, IF you update your Online Member Family Tree, you can download it, directly into 2010. But that download will be a new Family File on your PC.


  23. #3 Keef

    You had two Requests:

    1. Do you know when we will be able to sort media by ‘date’ yet?

    If by date, you mean by the date on the Media file, no.

    But, (see reply #6) you can sort by Filename or Caption. I use the Caption option and put the ‘date’ as the first part of the Caption.

    1849 School Photo

    Sorting by Caption would then, for that Individual have the Media files in order.

    2. Do you know when we will be able to add our own categories for Timeline

    I would suggest that you make your Detailed Requirements known on this website:

    The development team has reported that they DO read these requests. I would further suggest that you be a little specific on the “Sort by Date” feature. And provide some examples on the Categories in the Timeline feature.


  24. #14 Sandy

    You said:

    … I would like to do it chronologically …. There is no way to do this since the 2009 FTM

    Actually, you may be able to do this. I don’t have 2009 on my PC, but in 2010 you have two ways to sort your Media files. By Filename or by Caption.

    I have posted a comment about how to sort by Caption, but you can also do that by Filename. The trick about filenames would be the format of the filename and how window sorts filenames.



  25. #17 Id

    Please be careful with Version numbers. There is a Version 10, but its old. I think you were talking about Version 2010.

    Exact Version Numbers or Product Versions are important, as the different versions work differently and have different features.

    When in doubt, check the Help, About Family Tree Maker to determine what version you are using.

    Thank you,


  26. James

    I find that exporting a group of individuals or individual with their associated media files from FTM2010 is a “good” way to have a folder of that person’s images/image records. My two files are almost over 32GB with related image records. Over 19,0000 images are in the two files mostly census, military, birth, and death records. I do use the caption feature within FTM so images will sort in the all media view. Surname_GivenName_Date_RecordType, etc..


  27. In addition to Ancestry’s categories I use: Military and Book. Book is for excerpts of written genealogies or local histories.

    I have 2 requests:

    1. I would like to assign categories for the hundreds of records I have merged from My files are so large it is very slow and time-consuming to do them one at a time. Not only does it take time because of the number of files, but it also takes time because my system is slow while doing this particular function in FTM.

    In most windows programs you can use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select multiple items. For example, I would like to select all the thumbnails of census images and assign them to the Census category. As far as I can tell there is currently no way to do this.

    2. I would like to export a GEDCOM that contains media links so that I can upload it and my media files to my website. I use TNG to display my tree on my website. I have just started fooling with this, but I don’t think my GEDCOM contains the media file links. Most of my media files are attached to sources rather than people. Does anyone know how to do this?



  28. stevepurdon

    Some very interesting ways suggested to name and manage media files.
    My particular system uses advice that I read in a magazine a few years ago. The basic principle is that I categorize initially by the type of media, then by year (and DD-MM, if necessary), then surname, first (and middle) name. Finally a simple numerator (1, 2 , 3, etc.) if necessary.

    So, a Census record from 1851 for Basil Normington would be: C-1851-Normington-Basil.

    It would be quite simple if there were two Basil Normington’s to add their life span at the end: C-1851-Normington-Basil_1827-1902.

    The pre-fixes I use for other categories of media are:
    B – Birth Cert
    D – Death Cert
    M – Marriage Cert
    MI – Memorial Inscription
    Mil – Military
    Bapt – Baptism
    News – Newspaper item
    PR – Parish Record
    Poor – Poor Relief Records
    W – Will
    Div – divorce proceedings

    Ultimately, you can define your own category depending on your own specific needs. I’ve been using this system for three or four years and I find that is is very sound. Incidentally, I use this system for ALL my files, not just the media captions in FTM.

  29. Lynn

    Question for John Donaldson that builds upon Judy Ethridge’s #12.

    I personally have not leveraged FTM categories, since I have been most interested in the media and source citation associated with a particular individual or family. To assist with that interest, I started naming media files by “surname_first name – date source” similar to Judy’s approach but without birth date (although I like that idea and may start including birth year), and I use a slightly more descriptive source name (i.e., instead of census, I use “USFC” for United States Federal Census since I have numerous types of censuses). An example would be “Doe_Jane-1880USFC”

    Although I previously started naming my media files this way several years ago, this became a low priority and therefore I have about 1,000 media files that still need to be named.

    John, I would be interested to know the naming convention that you utilize as well as the categories that you leverage.

  30. Kathy Marie

    Michelle (or whoever is passing along suggestions to the programmers)

    This suggestion deals with the way source citations are shown on reports in FTM 2006 v16 versus the way they are shown in FTM 2009/2010. I suggested this a while ago (before FTM 2010 was implemented) but it appears as if nothing has been done about it so I want to suggest it again

    In FTM 2006 a source citation consists of four parts:

    1- Master Source: (This field shows the Master Source Name)
    2- Citation Page: (This field shows a reference [if any] to the Citation Page, Box etc
    3- Citation text: (This field shows the actual citation as typed by the user)
    4- Footnote: (This field contains the total citation and includes the citation text if the user has checked the box to include the citation text in the footnote)

    Note: I always check the box in item 4, since I feel this is the actual citation of the Source

    Also Note: Nowhere in the FTM 2006 source citation information is there any reference to the Source Location (FTM 2006 Terminology) or the Repository Name (FTM 2009/2010 Terminology)

    In FTM 2009/2010 the so called “Repository” has been inserted in between the Citation Page and the Citation Text. This repository information has just been stuck in the middle of the citation and set off by a leading comma and an ending comma.

    I have been extra careful in creating my citations over the last seven or so years and have taken special care to ensure I have a well thought out citation sentence consisting of the Master Source, the Citation Page and the Citation Text.

    All my carefulness has been “ruined” by the programmers just sticking the Repository information between the Citation Page and the Citation Text and off setting it by commas.

    As a note I have over a thousand Master sources and approximately seven thousand source citations in my data base. I have not been able to find a way around this except to go in and delete every one of my thousand repository names, which would defeat the whole purpose of providing sources for my data. Needless to say this FTM 2009/2010 methodology of documenting source citations is a large stumbling block and I will not be able to use FTM 2010 if this situation remains.

    I do have a suggestion for fixing this and it is a follows:

    First, since users desire different ways of doing things the suggestion should be implemented as options that the user would check a box expressing their desire.

    One place the options could be shown would be on the on the “Source-Citation Information” Pane

    There could/would be three options:
    Option A – Document Source Citations as done in FTM 2006
    Option B – Document Source Citations as is presently done in FTM 2009/2010
    Option C – Include the Repository Name at the bottom of the Source Citation and include a led in/header such as “Repository: Followed by the repository name as presently shown in FTM 2009/2010 inserted between the leading and ending commas

    Michelle, (or somebody) please take a strong look at this suggestion and check a few source citations you might have in FTM 2006 and compare them to their counterpart in FTM 2009/2010 —AND PLEASE PASS THIS SUGGESTION ALONG TO THE PROGRAMMERS – IT IS AN EASY FIX AND I AM SURE OTHER USERS WILL ALSO APPRECIATE ITS IMPLEMENTATION

  31. Pam

    Re: #5 John Donaldson
    Yes, please share some of your category secrets in more detail via Photoshop & how they crossover to FTM 2010.

    Re: #12 Judy Ethridge
    Thank you, and to all the others who also shared their systems. The Length was not a problem but a great help.

    Re: #28 stevepurdon
    Your categories are very useful, however your naming system sorts by category then date…Do you find this helpful when dealing with an individuals media, having the media sorted by category rather than date/timeline? I have never thought about this prior to your entry, however, it is something I am now strongly thinking about. With the added category of “photo-ind” or “portrait” similar to Judy #12’s “Photos-People, Photos-Places, Photos-Images (family memorabilia)” they would sort under each individual as collection not a timeline.

    The one drawback I see is the media file itself would still be in a stew.

    I may have to fall back upon the ole standby, the spreadsheet. At least the organization becomes a matter of mood. Do I want all census, by date or all Joe Smith by Category, then date, then whatever?

    One person on a previous blog suggested using the individual’s ID#, followed by date and Category Coding similar to #28 Stevepurdon or #12 Judy Ethridge with abbreviations. The simplicity was extremely attractive. The one drawback I foresaw was the duplication of images for each individual in a particular image/census/photo. He did have a good response by mentioning the relative inexpensive cost of storage via external mega-hard drives. My only reticence in converting is the numerous duplicates already harbored unintentionally in an around my computer, in other words I am still pondering the perfect answer to this question.

  32. Kathy Marie

    Suggestion for Tana L. Pedersen

    [The suggestion is also for other users of FTM 2010 reading this “blog” who desire to check out/understand the suggestion]

    The suggestion deals with “Media” in FTM 2010 – It is a little pedantic, but just follow along

    1-Choose a very colorful photograph of say one person
    2-Scan that photograph to JPEG at a fairly high rate, say 300 DPI
    3-Crop, Edit, Resize the photograph so that the final scanned image is 7” X 9”
    4-Create a MS Word document consisting of one page
    5-Copy and Paste the scanned image onto the MS Word Document
    6- Add a header (Full Caps, Bold, Font 14) at the top of the photograph, showing, say, the name of the person
    7- Add a footer (Full Caps, Bold, Font 14) at the bottom of the photograph indicating, say, where and when the photograph was taken
    8- Save the MS Word document, say, using the Title “Photograph of (add person’s name)”

    After you have saved the finalized MS Word document do two things:

    1-Add a copy of the document you created in step 8 above to the Media Collection File in FTM 2010 and look at the thumbnail icon that FTM 2010 shows

    2- “Acquire”* a copy of “PaperPort” software (say PaperPort Professional 11) sold by Nuance. Use PaperPort to view the document you created in step 8 above (view the document in thumbnail mode). Look at the document in thumbnail mode and compare the PaperPort thumbnail mode to the FTM 2010 thumbnail icon.

    If you believe the PaperPort thumbnail mode does a better job of describing/showing the contents of the document than the FTM 2010 thumbnail icon does then send a suggestion to the developers of FTM 2010 suggesting that they look into the possibility of using the Technology/Software that PaperPort uses to create/show the MS Word icons used in FTM 2010

    * Tana, I would hope that somewhere in your company you should be able to easily acquire a copy of PaperPort—it is a very powerful program

    PS: For all you users of FTM 2010 whose media is in the form of MS Word or PDF this suggestion will greatly enhance the icons you presently see in the FTM 2010 Media File

  33. Sharon

    I use the standard categories and then I add one with the last name of the main family lines. When I add a photo, I always check the category for “family line” and then the other more definitive category like “tombstone”. That way if I want to see all the data I have on a family line, I can access it all together and see what all I have. Suggestion: It would be nice if the photos could break into subdirectories by family line for easy access and grouping when trying to access through Windows Explorer.

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