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At the beginning of this week, Family Tree Magazine announced the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs and we were pleasantly surprised to see the blog on this list. Each blog included in this list brings a unique look at genealogy – yet all are passionate about the same thing: discovering, preserving and sharing family history.  What makes this list even more important to us is that it was voted on by you, our readers, and for that we are truly grateful.

Back in October 2009, Family Tree Magazine opened voting for the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs. The nominated blogs were separated into categories and voters were asked to vote on a specific number of blogs in each category.  The top 80 blogs made it to the final round. From there, the Family Tree Magazine editorial staff selected the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs.

Included in this list are amazing genealogy blogs that provide research tips, genealogy direction or journal their personal genealogy successes, and to be included on this list is considered a true honor.

Check out the full list of the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs (listed in alphabetical order by category):







Genetic Genealogy






Local & Regional


News & Resources


Photos & Heirlooms


Personal & Family

Thank you Family Tree Magazine, and those who voted for the Blog, for including us in this great list of genealogy bloggers.

Heather Erickson

Heather Erickson is Head of Global Communications for and has been with the company since 2009.


  1. BEE

    Sorry to be “off topic”, but speaking of magazines, it’s a shame that Ancestry Magazine will no longer be printed. I had to find this out when I checked on my ancestry membership a few weeks ago, and got two different stories. Worse yet is the fact that I renewed last Sept, but due to a mix-up – first my original subscription was renewed last spring but not charged, then when I renewed, I was told that the first subscription had to be canceled. I received an email stating that, but someone phoned me to assure me that was the earlier not-charged subscription. However, after receiving just one issue, I discovered that my subscription was again “canceled”, so I didn’t receive the Jan-Feb issue, and will not receive the final issue! I’ve sent all this information in an email, but no response. To make matters worse, I haven’t seen any refund yet! So back to the phone, and hope that I can get it straightened out – I think after just one issue and months of aggravation, I should get a full refund! Sure……

  2. Linda York

    Congratulations to all involved in the creation and maintaining of this blog to receive this recognition . Well deserved
    keep up the good work!

  3. BobNY

    Somehow making the Top 40 list as a Corporate Blog does not appear to be any great accomplishment. I am curious as to the competition, as I cannot think of one genealogical corporate entity that supports a blog other than ACOM.

    If I am wrong, sincerest apologies.
    BTW, this seems less like a blog and more like a Corporate soapbox. Various and sundry staff make announcements, tell us how much they value our feedback, then most of them let the blog entry die its 14-day corporate-imposed death without another word.

  4. Jim Livermore

    Interesting that the majority of respondents thus far are themselves bloggers. Anything to drive traffic, I suppose.

  5. I am a member & am not able to get on my family tree. It seems that everytime you make a change in your program I get locked out.I recently made a payment to you (which has been credited to you by my bank) for over $200.00 to renew my membership.I also requested that my cousin be allowed to make changes to my tree. She is one of the oldest & brightest members of our family & I would like to have her check & change any of my work. I really wish you would stop doing this to me!!!
    Sharon Poffinbarger nee: Harris

  6. Bob Re: #9

    I fully agree with the second part of your post.

    I’ve mentioned the “Blog and Run” problem more than once to various people but it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference yet – and I hope yet is the operative word.

    The Blog, if it is to have any meaningful use, must become a vehicle of continuous communication between the Ancestry Personnel Bloggers and the membership.

    The Ancestry Personnel need to schedule their responses just as they would any other meeting.

    Something like this would, imho, work:

    1) The Initial Article.

    2) About 7 days after the initial article a response to the responses to their initial article.

    3) About 13 days after the initial article a response to the later responses to the original article.

    I realize that they all have very full plates but if they can’t commit to some type of scheduled response then they should just give up initiating Blog articles altogether.

    I don’t feel three posts within a two week period is too much to ask.

    Maybe Ancestry needs to initiate some internal policies about blogging if they don’t have them already.

    Whatever the case, something needs to be done. As things now stand the blog is becoming more and more like a “let’s pat ourselves on the back” puff piece.

    There are exceptions to the above. It is easy to see who those exceptions are by reading the blogs so I won’t mention any names.

    And to those Ancestry Bloggers who do respond- a heartfelt thanks!


  7. Virginia Dunham

    My congratulations also to those Ancestry Team Members who monitored and responded to their blogs…some of those blogs generated a lot of “heat” and it took courage to come back on and make your comments…

  8. Rina

    Ancestry has a nerve to take any credit for the success of these blogs.
    As has been pointed out, after making an announcement, they generally ignore any responses.
    I say generally, as I see we’ve had a partial response to the “Add Media” debacle. Still lying down in a darkened room to recover….

  9. LOL were they ranking non-responsiveness? oh, well then yes, fer’sure ancestry’s blog deserves to receive high marks for that.

    is anyone home? the Overview Timeline is all jammed up.
    when location word-wraps to two lines, then the description text is displayed on top of 2nd line of location.
    and description text, instead of proper word-wrap, goes all the way across underneath your newest fancy-shmancy AddMedia.
    is anyone supervising those programmers?


  10. hello Heather, please
    can you ask the programmers to display AddMedia the same way they have programmed AddSource.

    or change AddSource to match the way they are doing AddMedia.

    either way would be helpful it they were uniform & consistent. thank you.

  11. Robert L. Myers I

    I’m trying to find out more about my
    aunt that was beheaded in 1610 in
    Würzburg, Germany but i can’t seem to find out anything more other than that she unwed and was beheaded at the age of 18yrs

  12. I saw a TV commercial for, came here, and found this post. I am impressed that is listing the other 39 mentioned in the article and am going to try to create an account now…

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