Posted by Ancestry Team on February 17, 2010 in Website

We want to let you know that the and related Ancestry International sites will be down for about 3 hours for scheduled maintenance tonight, Wednesday, February 17 through early Thursday morning beginning at 11:30 PM Mountain Time (that’s 1:30 AM ET, or 6:30 AM GMT). 

Thank you for your patience as we improve our infrastructure.


  1. BobNY

    I thought you guys had finally learned how to tell time. Guess not.

    Ask Kenny how to convert MST to UTC (aka GMT).

  2. psychiclee60

    i hope your maintenance inlcudes fixing images. I haven’t been able to see original records, books, etc. for a week

  3. Haydn

    Hi Melissa

    Will there be any tweaks to this Add Media to Events upgrade that you did in the last Maintenance. I am really hoping you can improve the speed and easiness that we can add data to Events and especially Sources.



  4. Mary Beth Marchant

    This is getting to be a weekly event. Consider, down for 2 or 3 hours every week for a month constitutes 1/2 day without service. If done each week for a year,that nearly a whole week without service. It seems to me we should be compensated for it.

  5. Kirk Sellman

    You might want to put a banner on the top of the home page like you did the last time to announce that the site will be down.

  6. beth

    The banner IS there. But it doesn’t matter. Something has obviously happened in the last several months that is causing this weekly “fix-it”. Whatever they are doing, I can’t see any difference in the way the site operates. I wish something would be done about the way it slows down to a crawl sometimes. And, there is an incompatibility with IE8 that causes pages to close down and sometimes re-open.

    My patience has worn exceedingly thin.

  7. cat25129

    I hope you can fix the citation attachment problems I experience all the time: even though I attach records and the “little leaf” disappears from the person w/the hint, I log out and come back on the following day and all the hints are back again as though they’d never been attached. I’m constantly reattaching and it’s annoying. Also, why can’t all those record lists be in alpha order. It’s time-consuming to have to scroll through the records searching and searching for anything that may pertain to my ancestors. Everytime I go into them the order is changed and it drives me nuts!

  8. DavidID

    It would be good also if one of these maintenance blocks fixed the problem of disappearing children (from the view window) and the lack of immediate updating of children’s info when doing several green leaf hits sequentially.

  9. Jade

    Beth, re: #7 where you say:

    “there is an incompatibility with IE8 that causes pages to close down and sometimes re-open.”

    IE8 was purportedly designed to be compatible with the new Win7 operating system (revising the buggy and hyperintrusive Vista). It is still quite buggy, and people trying to use IE8 with Vista have many problems, some involved with implementation of the hybrid javascript employed in the Vista system.

    While does have its own software problems, it is not their fault that Micros*t has engaged in poor software design for many years, and cobbled many megabytes of faulty code onto the basically clumsy baseline code, all for the purpose of convincing cpu users to buy new machines with the latest RAM-devouring software release.

    I, for one, have been glad to see more efforts to make the site display compatibly with Firefox browsers, which are much more secure than any IE version.

  10. Tracy

    I prepared to be done by 11:30 pm and the site shut down at 10:30 pm west coast ~ I thought my cmptr clock was off ~ made me get up and check clocks!!! Kind of bummed, had a goal to finish some pages! Sure hope it is worth the wait! 🙂

  11. This is sure getting old. But I hope someone is listening and the block outs will be worth it IF the following is fixed.
    1. put a return to overview button on every page so we don’t have to page back over and over if no record is found.
    2. have a search engine that equals todays technology. I can enter the correct spelling, location and date of a marriage and still have to search through 4 pages of out of country marriages to find the one that happened in Maine. Why aren’t the spot on matches or very close matches put FIRST??????
    3. I realize I am in a fast disappearing minority of people who have dial up, but please realize we are still out there and understand that animated advertising SLOWS SLOWS or COMPLETELY STOPS things. I don’t mind Ancestry’s block advertising, it’s never animated and its informative. I resent VERY much having to wait for animated advertising to load before I can start searching. I am trying to make it a point to avoid doing business with any company that uses animated ads, whether on ancestry or anywhere else.
    I hope you listened. Thank you.

  12. The maintenance is definitely becoming annoying. It may be the wee small hours in the US but it is late afternoon here in Australia and the fact that it happens virtually without warning is very annoying. I was just in the middle of something. How about sending a courtesy email the day before then people will know not to bother getting all organized to research and then being disappointed. I agree with Mary Beth. We are technically paying for time that we can’t utilize. Of course I am not against maintenance but a warning would be appreciated.

  13. Paul

    Why do these outages ALWAYS occur during the prime time for Australian users?
    I am really getting fed up with this which is why I switched to FindMyPast who seem to have their act together and definitely have more accurate transcriptions.

  14. Ruth

    I think you guys do an amazing job. I really appreciate the website and the changes you’ve made. With all the people logging on and off all the time it must make it tough to do servicing tasks. Just so you know, I’m in Australia and the time is the middle of the day. But hey, three hours is not long. Thanks for all your work.

  15. carolyn

    Ditto with Bronwyn in Australia. I was half way through checking stuff when the site disappeared – and that happens all the time. If you must shut the site for maintenance how about letting the US take some of the pain of disconnection and do it in their ‘wee hours of the morning’ instead of always Australia’s afternoon.

  16. kim

    #12 robin I so agree with your # 1 and clearly #2 really needs to be updated if # 2 does not get resolved, I probably won’t continue my membership….I really hope the can fix this it is such a pain when i know exact names,birthdates,marriages ect and after 950 people bam there it is ugh~~~~~

  17. Laura

    Well, its 12:05 am here in US Arizona and I think its good that they are trying to improve, I would have liked to get on but it can always be done another hour or day for that matter. Ruth has the right approach..Thanks for all the improvements!

  18. cat25129

    Two maintenance periods in 24 hours is annoying. The first one made my computer crash. I thought I lost my broadband connection, but as soon as it came back up, I was able to again access the internet.

    I agree with the Robin’s comment about having a return (to tree) button on each page; it sure would help.

    I also wish that there was an immediate family list on every page so that citations to the record can be added to multiple ancestors at one time. Some of the screens do not have the family members listed (e.g., I edit an ancestor’s record and save it. Before returning to the tree, I decide to do a hisgtorical records search while I’m there. If I do find something to attach, I can only attach it to the individual record I edited because there’s nothing on the screen to allow access to othere family members).

    I have a feeling all this recent maintenance is about getting the site up and running at optimum because of the Prime TV show regarding airing March 5. Maybe we’ll be getting some of the things we’ve been asking for. Hope springs eternal.

  19. Ann

    Can you please shut down much later than 10:30 pm PST.!!!!!! It’s way too early. The rest of North America may be asleep but we aren’t on the Pacific Coast. How about 2 am PST instead? I was right in the middle of adding some important records when everything disappeared.

  20. I have received the error message below for 3 DAYS an am totally annoyed that your system update is taking so long. I pay for my private MyFamily site and also Ancestry and would REALLY LIKE TO USE BOTH!!

  21. Johanna

    Please fix the Continual sign in problem, EVERY TIME I find information on a relative and I click on it to view I have to re-sign back in, it is time consuming and a nightmare. Is it just me!!!! I can not figure why it just wont stay signed in

  22. It is early morning in the UK and I was caught while trying to safe some textual corrections.
    It is important to have warning – as a banner. Very important. Yes I do understand that the system has to be off-line when you update the “searching” index. But please give us warning.

  23. Sorry, I’m so mad I forgot to include the error message >

    Please excuse the inconvenience.

    We’re sorry but is temporarily unavailable. We are undergoing routine maintenance or we may be experiencing unexpected technical problems. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience as we work to correct the situation. Check back with us shortly.
    This is definately in excess of the 3 HOURS you state it’s taking you to update the system on Wednesday 2-17-10. It’s been 3 days.

  24. cat

    I never thought about the useage outside the U.S. I guess no matter what time they perform maintenance, it’s a problem for someone.

  25. It is back in the UK. I was wrong the Index has not been updated. Can you tell me Melissa – how regularly is the index updated?
    I made some serious changes on 13 February and I wonder when the Seraching Index catches up.

  26. cat

    I was so glad it was back up, BUT, the Ancestry Family Tree information, the primary record to get add ancestors from (parents, spouse, children) is entirely blank on every record I have accessed. Something is big-time wrong. I’m going to reboot and see if does anything to fix it. YIKES!

  27. Jade

    Oh, was so hoping to have the “+Add Media” item moved on Tree Overview page timelines 🙁

    Well, maybe *.jpg files will open better in databases without a lot of twiddling and refreshing?

  28. Bromaelor

    Johanna #25

    I suspect the problem is with you, not Ancestry?
    Make sure you allow your browser to set cookies from Ancestry and allow allow the “remember password”.

  29. Bromaelor

    David #25

    The banner notice about the maintenance shutdown was clearly displayed at the top of my Ancestry UK home page for the last week!!!

  30. Bromaelor

    Jean #27

    3 days?? Very strange that the rest of us had no problems using Ancestry during that time??? Try clearing your cache!

  31. Bromaelor#35

    I was unlucky then because I have been going onto AncestryUK two or three times a day since 13 February (doing several bits of fine tuning to stories) and I never once had a banner notice.
    I have certainly seen them in the past on many occasions.

  32. Bromaelor


    I’ve just remembered that I posted a note about it on the previous topic on this blog, ‘link-photos-to-events-in-your-family-tree’. It was posting #115 and was made on Sat 13 Feb so the warning was there for 5 days?

    There is a possibility that you have set your browser to block this type of message?

  33. roger

    I had hoped that this update might have fixed the serious bug with LMA Baptism records, but no its still there. Can Ancestry not appreciate that when we add a Baptism Record from an LMA record we want to add it as a Baptism and NOT to overwrite a Birth record with the wrong date. Baptisms can take place many years after a Birth and this program bug can be seriously misleading if users are not alert to what is happening.

    If you can add other Baptism/Christening records and sources correctly why not this one?

    If we have to put up with Ancestry being unavailable to UK users every Thursday from 0600GMT, for adding such wastes of space as the ‘Add Media’ function, the least Ancestry can do is sort program bugs.


  34. Thanks Bomaelor, No I have not changed my set-up. It is just a mystery.
    Usually the banner shows after the page has seemed to open, so I would not imagine that a slow double click on the favourite would expel the banner before I can blink.
    I found that I could retrieve the last thing that I had typed by repeatedly click the “previous page” arrow top-lefthand corner of windows. The text was chocker-block full of formatting codes, but the phrases that I had sweated over were recovered.

    Of course Norton might have changed my settings (I doubt it). I will regard it as a demonstration that computers are not 100% (which makes them very human).

    It would be nice if Ancestry could do the same as Microsoft and do “the first Tuesday of every month” schedule for the regular updating of the marvellous Index for “Search all Records”

  35. Jesse

    @Mary Beth $5

    Do you expect anyone to believe you’re on this website every hour of every month? When you sign up for your subscription, you enter into a contract and accept that there will be downtime.

  36. First. When I am going onto Member Connect on my home page, unless I happen to know which family the records or person that shows up for a connection, I have to guess which family.
    Second. Once I am attempting to change the family while I still have the connection and am trying to copy the connection information to one of my people, it won’t let me change the family.

    Very frustrating.

  37. Mary Beth Marchant

    Jesse #41-well, yes. I am a retired citizen-stay at home a great deal and am on my computer a good part of the day, especially in the wee hours of the night when maintenance is going on. I usually do my best searching after 11:30 pm. The point is that these maintenance times are getting to be way too frequent. Maybe Ancestry could inform us as to why so much maintenance is needed now. Is there lots of stuff that needs fixing? Have they let maintenance slip or are they just adding new stuff?

  38. Mary Beth Re: #43

    What difference would it make as to the reason for the maintenance? The system would still be down.

    Ancestry has no obligation to explain to us why they do maintenance. They have been notifying us in advance and I think that that is all that can be reasonably asked for.

    Just because Ancestry is down doesn’t mean you have to stop searching or working on your genealogy. There are hundreds of other sites to be checked out. During this last outage I found three obituaries using Google that Ancestry doesn’t even have.

  39. Mary Fitzgerald

    Do you realize in your drop down for states you don’t have Iowa listed? This gives me little faith that this site is of any substance

  40. Bob Esch

    I know this is off topic, but wonder if others have had this problem. I received a message from a member of the ancestry community, and when I went to reply, nothing happened. Why doesn’t the “REPLY ONLINE” button work?

  41. Lucille Lusk

    2 pm on Thursday. Downloaded what was required for the “new enhanced image viewer” and now the images freeze on the first frame. Can’t scroll to see the rest. Help!

  42. Lin

    Could this be causing an issue logging in – Says im already logged in at another location – Er no, first time ive logged in, in weeks! Help?

  43. Jack Nelson

    I don’t pay $200.00+ for this kind of bad service. I cannot get on even though this is Thursday afternoon the 18th.

  44. a user

    all these maintances are over the top but i do appreciate that SOME maintanace need to be done from time to time.

    many are upset with the actuall times that the maintances are being preformed well i have a surgestion that could be concidered by the powers that be at ancestry.

    yes mantance needs to be done. yes you originate and have your main head quaters in the USA. you are aware of course that we all live in diffrent time zones your anounce ments of the maintance state that fact. as your custumers come from all over the world is it not about time that the maintance took place at other times. i am lucky as a UK user i am normally down in the very early moring eg around 6 am but those in australia are hit during the day along with other uses whos day coresponds to your night they find THIS IS UNFAIR and i feel i have to agree.

    so as an international site why dont you start thinking internationally. it quite simple to do

    just rotatation of times would go a long way so that at maintance times you occationally do it 12 hours before the curent favoured time!

    and it will also mean for once you can react stright away to any problems as your full staf would be there. of course i understand that you can not do this every time but when you are sure you will have maintance which is not major surly from time to time this could be done out of fairness!

  45. beth

    I would like to know why records disappear from Ancestry. I’m glad I printed most of the ones I wanted because they can no longer be found via the site. Do they just buy limited time access?

  46. Beth RE: #51

    Which records in particular?

    Sometimes a database is temporarily taken out of service to update- or as in the case of the Drouin Collection because of a legal dispute.

  47. Thanks for mentioning about the site down time in advance or else it often become a headache when we try to open a site and it dont work. Thanks for caring about us!

  48. kyhome178

    Is anyone still having problems? When going to Ancestry and trying to go thru any screens or views I feel like I am back on an extremely slow dial-up connection.
    I accept maintenance needs to be completed often, but I do not understand having problems after maintenance.
    Because I use my computer everyday, I do ‘clean-up’ all browser history…etc.

  49. Tim

    Today is Friday 19 March 2010 Time 8.50pm and the site is still NOT running correctly… It appears to be something to do with HTML/viewing??
    Thanks for the positive response – hopefully.

  50. Toni

    I hope you take OFF the “add media” to events as it looks horrible on the page and makes the page longer. If you want people to have access to it, then please make it optional. I do NOT want it.

    Also, you ADDED a step to editing timeline information which is ridiculous! You should be making it EASIER to edit versus adding more steps. Put the editing feature back to what it was for the timeline.

  51. Toni

    I agree with comment #8 posted by cat25129 – I experience the same problem when attaching items. Also, the date appears wrong on the timeline section many times. However, when I click on it to make sure it is correct, it appears correct there, but when I go back to the page/timeline it is incorrect.

    For as much as we are paying for this service, it should be better. We are doing Ancestry a favor by adding all of our information on here which attracts other customers. Please do us the favor of providing the service we pay for.

  52. Gwen

    I have been on all day and nothing has gone wrong; BUT, I am a new member and I am quite disappointed that we are unable to view actual pictures of birth records. If we can view cesus records why are birth and death records not shown? I have the names of the people I want to research but I need the information off the birth certificate to research further back in the family and the information shown here does not allow me to do that so my subscrption is almost worthless.

  53. Gwen Re: #60

    The reason is that various jurisdictions do not release actual images but only images of their indexes.

    Ancestry can only show what others allow them to have access to.

    If you find an index showing your people then you have to order actual copies from the Archive holding the document.

  54. Susan

    Content-type: text/html MySQL seems to be down Too many connections I get this a lot. This morning for over 10 minutes. Finally I am just sending you a memo and quitting for the day. I expereienced this last night too. Please explain why

  55. Miriam Greenbaum

    My husband Harold Greenbaum died June 3rd 1994 in New York City. He never lived In Belleair Bluffs Fl where I moved after his death and my Mother’s Ida Drucker Kamholtz who died July 6,1994.

  56. Mike

    I keep getting an error message
    “Content-type: text/html MySQL seems to be down Too many connections ”

    What does this mean and is it anything to do with the recent upgrade?

  57. Mary Beth Marchant

    To Gwen #60-Birth, marriage and death records are handled quite differently than census records. Census Records are/were a Federal Government function and as such are public records released by the Federal Government after 72 years for each decade. The other records were/are maintained by either county and/or state. Many states did not have requirements to file these for many years. Now, many states use the request for these records as a revenue stream, charging for the record. Some are available depending on the state but certainly not all.

  58. Jamie

    Were there changes made to the Search option for Records on Ancestry? It seems it has converted back to the old version/view, which is more cumbersome to use. Just a glitch in maintenance? Is there a way to switch back to the new version?

  59. kyhome178

    I think this forum is being ignored by Ancestry. The only response from them was on the 17th, see #3.

    Maybe we should find another venue to ask questions about problems….

  60. beth



    Ancestry obviously will not, or cannot deal with comments/criticisms and we would be better off discussing issues elsewhere.

    And, if they hadn’t bought up the FREE sites and made themselves a near monopoly, we would not be having these problems or these comments!

  61. Patricia Ruiz

    For some reason the old search is not working. I really like it much better than the new as it seems to be easier to limit the number of hits.

  62. kyhome178 re: #71

    I really don’t expect Ancestry to respond too frequently, but I do expect them to respond once they initiate a Blog article.

    My personal opinion is that whoever initiates the blog article should respond at least twice, once about halfway thru the posting period to comments made up to that time and then again on the last day of the posting period responding to comments made in the second half of the posting period.

  63. allan loder

    What the hell is going on here I am still not able to go to my tree and work it has been like this since the 17th of Feb. last night i had it for an hour now this morning nothing

  64. speter42

    Just wondering…Didn’t anyone get married in MINNESOTA before 1958???

    Can’t find ANYTHING before 1958…ANYWHERE!

  65. Don Kieffer

    In building my tree(s) I always end up with multiple identical entries in various events. I am now in the process of cleaning up many of the records. Why can’t there be a trashcan on every event line so I don’t have to go through several pages to get to where I can delete the extraneous information. This system appears to be 2o years behind the times when it comes to user friendliness. I realize some people need to have their hands held while they work, but I would think that anyone proficient enough with computers to attempt doing this would be able to decide quickly what to keep and what to delete. There are many areas that need revision to make the system easier to use. And they haven’t anything to do with M*S*T

  66. QuakerLine

    Moments ago (@2:45p PST, Sunday, Feb.21,2010) I received the “SORRY! Come back soon…maintenance…” page. But I get these randomly when I have been logged on for quite awhile. TO READERS: I think this may pop up when the site is inordinately busy, rather than during maintenance. The TV show “Who Do You Think You Are” should bring in the intended new members – $$$ – so I anticipate that the “SORRY” page will flash more frequently.

  67. Linda Chaggaris

    It’s the 21st and I am having issues viewing records. The message I am getting this afternoon is:

    Database id or database name specified incorrectly or the database is no longer valid.


  68. James Riley

    After working with 1850 US Census original images all afternoon, I have begun to get message “database id or database name specified incorrectly or the database is no longer valid”

  69. lgether

    Night of 21st February – I can’t access any original records and get the message “Database id or database name specified incorrectly or the database is no longer valid.”

    Seems to be a problem with your system. A pity because Sunday is my main research day.

  70. Jack Myrick

    I cannot view any record images in Enhanced or Basic. Crashed Firefox while viewing an image about 2 hours ago. Now all you see when requesting an image is the yellow exclamation mark? Advanced enhanced have not been working right for some time. Have been using Basic and now it is not working?

  71. Annie

    Ditto to lgether’s comment – all census images return the error message:
    “Database id or database name specified incorrectly or the database is no longer valid.”

    Of course, we know nothing will be fixed before midday on Monday, at a minimum, since you are closed on the weekend and in Utah.

  72. Robin

    What’s happened to the Family Tree Maker blog with Michelle?

    The last blog was in December. It’s now nearly March!

  73. Jade


    Funny you should mention. The “Ask Ancestry” blog that they stuck Juliana Smith on (with practically no publicity as to its existence) (after cancelling the 24/7 blog in which Juliana offered cogent research advice and general resource rundowns) has had no post since Sept. 2009. Did they dump Juliana? Not a peep.

  74. Richard

    It is the 21st and the Drouin Records are down. What is going on and why are we not informed when the website is having difficulties?

  75. Everytime I try to access the original copy of a census I get the following message : Datebase ID or dateabase specified incorrectly or the database is no longer valid. What’s up with this ?

  76. John H

    I can’t get census records to open up tonight so I can view them. It would be nice if you are having tech problems if you would post that kind of info. Would eliminate the question of it is the problem on my end or your end.

  77. John H

    Don’t bother to fi it anymore — we go back to Daylight time on March 14 — but you never reset the clock for these messages from Daylight Time to Standard Time — unless for some reason you are now in the Central Time Zone.

  78. Robin Re: #86

    It appears all databases are down.

    The reason there is no notification is that it is Sunday in Utah and that Ancestry is closed on week-ends and there is no one there to post a notification.

  79. Tim

    It appears to be messed up still. Every time I try to click an image it brings up the message “Database id or database name specified incorrectly or the database is no longer valid.”
    I tried multiple census years and other databases. Same thing. What’s up Ancestry?

  80. Nancy

    I’m not getting the error message any more, and most of the census images are coming up. Still no image for the 1810 census, though.

  81. Kristian Thielfoldt


    I am not familiar with writing to the blog at, however, could someone help me out.

    We have a tree here, there are some branches (app. 100 persons), that I would like to separate into a new tree.

    Instead of creating a new tree, and type all the information and move pictures again, which would constitue a huge task, I wonder if I could copy the existing tree, rename and delete the irrelevant data.

    Is that possible…?

    Best regards


  82. Kristian Re: #96

    This same question came up on one of the message boards recently and I answered it thusly:

    There is- but why bother?

    IF any of the people would appear in more than one tree is is best to leave them all in one tree- otherwise, when yous start putting them in different trees you have duplicates, etc.

    If they are all in one tree people can still find them using a search.

    I find it *very* irritating to find the same person in multiple trees that have all been posted by the same person when doing a search.

    I’ve never understood the logic. Maintain all your people and all your connections in one tree and simplify your life and the lives of all those searching for people in your tree.

    You might want to re-think just why you want to split them ans what extra work it will entail should the people in one tree have links to a person in the other tree.

  83. Robin

    Andy #93

    It’s not the databases I was referring to.

    It’s the BLOGS.

    The Family Tree Maker Blog. Michelle Pfister started the last post in December last year. Nothing since. Have a look at the Family Tree Maker blog.

    Also Jade #88 says it’s the same with the “Ask Ancestry” blog. Nothing since September last year.

  84. A year ago, I could pull a photocopy of a marriage bond from 1833 from the site. Now, the entire record is MISSING. A year ago, I could find 15 records about my ancestor, Now, the search only pulls up ONE-THIRD of that.

  85. j booth

    Having not used the US censuses at for a while, I recently discovered that the format has changed, and not for the better. It used to be similar to the England & Wales censuses at in which you can click on the left hand side of results for a printed report of the entry and also click on an icon on the right side to see the actual image. The latter is no longer available for US censuses and the process to reach the actual image is time consuming. When searching US censuses for a name which could be mispelled, I have had little success with the new format, unlike the old one, and this has proved frustrating. I am not a novice regarding research, but the results that I have had using the new format are dramatically lower than before. I had intended to do more research in the US censuses but am having second thoughts.

  86. Charlyn Witcher

    PLEASE inform whatever “powers that be” that they have published the WRONG PHONE NUMBER (1-800-ANCEST) both on this web site and also on records such as credit card statements which give the phone number to contact if there is a problem with the charge. 1-800-3787 IS NOT the number for I have no way of contacting anyone to get this complaint to the right department, as I do not see an email contact published.

  87. BEE

    The “old search” is still there. Just below the bar with the drop-down lists to the far right, are the words “new search” if you are using “old search”, and vice-versa.
    I don’t care what anyone says, or how much “they” push “new search”, even though I do try it now and then, as #100 says, it’s frustrating to use!

  88. Carol

    1-800-262-3787 is the toll free number for Ancestry support. I have told them, and posted many times.

    It is not 1-800-ANCESTRY. Too many characters. Drop the “y.”

  89. Today is February 22. How long is the mainenance going to last? This is breach of service. It is getting harder and harder to use this site. Wish it weren’t so. Patience is a virtue, but what if it is all gone? If you sponsor television programs, perhaps not enough devotion is given to your customers online. Appreciate some kind of response.
    Jo Ann Baxley

  90. I don’t feel like being cute and charming. It’s 2:15AM and you’re off-line. This is Monday or Tuesday, Feb 22, 2010. and you are off-line. I commented and praised you that you used a tool bar banner to announce down-times. I wrote an involved history, and hit the save button. Guess what happened. I was lulled into thinking you would announce future down-times, and felt safe to work on a long winded project. I had no reason to think I would be interrupted. I could have done something else.

  91. Carol

    Ok, it’s 11:35 pm now, PST. First I get a message my hoome page is unavailable. So I log off the internet and log on. I try Ancestry. Got my home page but member connect (which isn’t important) isn’t connected. What are they doing now?

  92. Why is this site going down every 30 minutes tonight? This is 5th time since l AM Arizona time. Keeps saying “we apologize for inconvenience…be back soon!” This is getting really bad lately.

  93. I hate the new format they made with “add media events”. You can already add a picture of item above as always. All this new item did was make more pages to print out. I don’t know of many people my age that has any relatives living or have any photos to add. They didn’t even have cameras back in the 1800
    and more…why take up the space?

  94. Down again “7th time” tonight!!!
    3 AM Arizona time..Tuesday Feb 23! I’ve had it..Going to write president tomorrow if I can get the name and address! Disgusting.

  95. We are pleased to inform everyone that the temporary site problems we experienced this weekend and last night have now been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and truly appreciate your patience through this situation.

  96. Macyle

    I agree with cat25129, I can never find a tree that was helpful again, even though I know the name of my tree. And what’s with the disappearing ancestors? I had to put them all in by hand after uploading for one hour.

  97. Macyle

    I agree with cat25129, I can never find a tree that was helpful again, even though I know the name of the tree. And what’s with the disappearing ancestors? I had to put them all in by hand after uploading for one hour.

  98. In reply to Jesse #41
    It doesn’t matter how often or little we choose to use Ancestry. We have PAID for time to search. They have taken our money and take away our time to search. I have no problem with a 2 hour down time once every few months. I have lost approx 15 hours of time I would have been searching in the past 3 weeks, and its down again today (2/25). Am I going to get reiumbursed for unuseable time? I am in a race against time to get my tree done for my granddaughter before I die. That is how important the time I pay for is.

  99. Susan

    #34 I am not sure why you were talking down to Johanna. I have had this problem for the last two days and I have never had this problem before. Let someone with an actual answer respond.

  100. Susan

    #114 I agree with you and cat25129 and if the family trees are useless, hard to find (by name and quality) and filled with errors than how sad that we are all making family trees. Our trees are important, please make them easier to find by name. These changes do not seem for the better.

    Also I thought I read that in the new merge option most of the pictures and stories would not be included?
    I actually believe the stories and photos are some of the most original material. This is where I place new documents, that have never been online. Also I use the stories to explain problems.. I am confused why they put so much into the adding media tools if most of this won’t merge anyway. And now it seems like it is harder than ever to locate a tree by name, so most of the pictures and stories will never be seen. This could result in a lot of missed or incomplete information. Is this true that most of the stories and photos don’t merge?

  101. This is to the people at Ancestry. You haven’t listened yet, so I will try one more time. I have a page for Merrill Turner. Have 5 census records, SS Death Index and Maine death Index all showing he spent his entire life in Maine. I attached his marriage record to wife. So assumably the search engine knew I was looking for a Maine marriage on a specific date with two specific people, whom I had spelled correctly. From Merrill’s page I did a search historical record assuming his Maine Marriage record would be on the first page. I gave up scrolling at record #1200 – I AM NOT LYING, I AM NOT KIDDING, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING.

  102. The comp glitched before I was finished – I did this on purpose to prove what a WORTHLESS search engine this is. That record should have been on the first page. I am FED UP

  103. Virginia Dunham

    With your original search (yes, I am referring to that Oldie but Goodie “Old Search)…after you entered your search perimeters, you were presented with ONE page of results, sorted by category, and then sorted by the records in each category. You did not need to have a wall mounted screen to see the results…you could select one record…search and with one click go back to the original search results.
    IF you had spent the time and energy on the original search engine, we would probably have a well organized, user-friendly “machine” today.
    BUT, if your original “game plan” was to add additional searching hours so people would have to continue their subscriptions, well then, congratulations, you have been successful.

  104. I wonder how much longer before the General Search Index is updated. Can anyone guess?
    It is now fourteen days since I removed a story from my tree and added two stories with different titles to the one removed. But today if I do a general search for this ancestors name, neither of the two 13 February stories are there. The search index gives me the story name that was removed on 13 February – and if I click on this then the result is the following apology

    “ – The No. 1 Source for Family History Online

    “Please excuse the inconvenience

    “There was a problem servicing your request — the details have been automatically logged to our servers. Please click here to visit our online Knowledge Base and find up to date information about any possible website errors we may be experiencing.

    “Check out our other great websites while you wait:

    “ – connecting and strengthening families through the World Wide Web. – the oldest and largest FREE Genealogy Site.”

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