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In the past week we have released two exciting collections to be indexed through the World Archives Project.

Yesterday we released the Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves, 1936-1938.  Within these records are interviews with former slaves, photos, and folklore – or in other words a captivating way to spend a few hours.  The interviews detail the lives of former slaves, from when they were slaves to after they were free.  Although this collection is typed it is made a little more difficult to capture information as great care was taken to preserve the dialect of the former slave.  For additional information about this project you can refer to the Project page, help article, or  message board.

The London, England, School Admissions and Discharges, 1841-1911 were released last week – there are currently 350 contributors working on the project and they have already keyed 65,000 records!  This collection is comprised of records for millions of students (names and birth dates) who attended school in London for a time period spanning over 150 years.  Many times the records also include the names of the students parents so there is a wealth of knowledge available in this collection.  These records are handwritten but are recorded in easy to follow forms.  For additional information about this project you can refer to the Project page, the help article, or message  board.

If you would like to participate in keying these records you can learn more about the Ancestry World Archives Project here.   To download the Ancestry World Archives Project Getting Started Guide click here.


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  1. Carlton Dunford

    When I go to the ” Cumberland Greys ”
    which is Company D of the 21st. Virginia Infantry.

    You have my ancestors name speleld incorrectly, and the events are wrong.

    John F. Dunford spelled DUNFORD was seriously wounded during the battle of gettysburg, and taken to a local military
    hospital where he died in 1864 from those wounds.

    Please correct the name spelling and add the corrections. Thank you.

  2. Marguerite Rhodes

    on One World Tree my grandmother;Helen Joree Cunliffe who was the eldest child of Stephen and Senora Cunliffe, has been omitted. She was born in Holmes County Mississippi on August 1,1878, married Granderson Marshall in December 1895 and passed away on June 26,1954. Also my paternal grandmother Appie(nee Catchings)Sims Cunliffe was the 2nd and last wife of William Cunliffe the brother of Helen Joree Cunliffe both of whom were the children of Stephen and Senora.

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