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We recently introduced an RSS feed for your Member Connect Activity so that you can receive updates even when you’re not on If you use an RSS reader, this is a great way to easily check your latest Member Connect Activity alongside your other favorite news (learn more about RSS here).

The RSS feed is available from the Recent Member Connect Activity page. You can subscribe to the RSS feed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on the “See more activity” link in the Recent Member Connect Activity on your homepage or click on “Recent Member Connect Activity” in the sub menu under the Collaborate main navigation (these links take you to the same page).

  2. At the bottom of the right column on the Recent Member Connect Activity page, you’ll find a link to subscribe to the RSS feed.

  3. When you click on the link, you will navigate to the RSS feed (XML) page. There are two ways to subscribe to the RSS feed. If your browser supports this, you can click on the “subscribe” link/button at the top of the page to add the RSS feed to your RSS reader. Otherwise, you can manually subscribe to the RSS feed by copying and pasting the URL from your web browser address bar into your RSS reader.


  1. Hilda McManus

    Trying to connect to family and friends from South Carolina and North Carolina. Old friend Kevin O’Brian lived next door on 1117 Bridges Dr, High Piont, N.C. This was way back 1969 when my mother had past Kevin moved and then we moved.
    Love U All, Take Care
    God Bless

  2. Yes!! I’ve been waiting for a Member Connect Activity Feed to pop up! Thanks!

    Unfortunately, my feed seems to be invalid – so I’ll be contacting support about that.

    Also, I noticed that the page is not enabled for RSS autodiscovery, which would probably make it easier for people to find and subscribe to the feeds. (

  3. David Smith


    Of all of the places to post looking for someone this is the LEAST likely place you’ll get a response.

    Try the phone book or Facebook.

  4. Randy Majors

    I like the Member Connect RSS feed, however, the feed needs to look at the “Activity Filters” people have set on their Member Connect Activity page so that the RSS feed doesn’t include the stuff you don’t want to see.

  5. Great idea… I use RSS for aggregating a lot of things to my news reader, but the RSS link on my member connect page has issues.

    Initially my news readers rejected it, then I ran it through

    I got: This feed does not validate.

    I see I’m not the only one in the comments with this issue. Will contact support as well.

  6. One thing I have found over the yearsw is that finding old friends and tracking down relatives is so much easier with the internet. Sometimes it takes some digging but it does work And with tools like this one the job becomes easier every day

  7. Robert Lynn

    I have a 1830 federal census page that is, except for a few barely visible scrawls, illegible. This page is located at Source Citation: 1830 U S Census: Brimfield, Portage, Ohio, Page: 197; NARA Roll: M19-138; Family History Film: 0337949.
    Is there a way to make this ‘electronic’ page legible? Is there a site that has a legible page?

  8. Bonnie Greene

    I recently installed the 2010 version of Family Tree Maker. From the “charts” menu, I see only Pedigree. Did we lose all the great charts from previous versions?

  9. Jade

    Robert, your #10,

    This is one of the huge number of images for which the digital-conversion contrast threshhold was set too high by the operators.

    They did this to formerly legible images in the recent re-imaging process. I do not know if any of the 1830 US Federal Census was the victim of this poor judgment, or if it was done this way originally.

    Your best bet is to look at the microfilm either at a nearby major library or Family History center (you may have to either work with the library’s inter-library loan service or order through FHC).

    Sometimes the original microfilming was done with wrong exposure times (and/or faulty illumination), but usually it was at least consistent from page to page within the same enumeration group. The previous page (196) to the one you mention is faint, but mostly legible, so there is a chance the actual microfilm image is better.

  10. A couple weeks an advertisement for a book written about the Trader family being available thru Amazon. I have been trying to find said book. The main word in the title was TRADER and it was $29.95. Thanks Barbara Hartsuff

  11. Willie M. Banks

    I joined months ago but I have not been able to retrieve any information nor able to move forward. It keeps giving me the sign-up page. What’s wrong with my registration?

  12. Stephanie Cruz

    Thank you to everyone who posted feedback on the Recent Member Connect Activity RSS feed.

    For anyone having problems with your account or anything else separate from the RSS feed, I recommend contacting Member Services at 1-800-ANCESTRY (1-800-262-3787).

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