Posted by Stephanie Cruz on January 28, 2010 in Site Features, Website

To make it easier to navigate to your account information (such as site preferences, email preferences, and alerts), we’ve created quick links in a drop down menu from the My Account link. With this change, account settings are now one click away from any page on the site.


These links replace the ones that used to be on the Collaborate pages just below the right side of the main navigation bar. If you prefer, you can continue to edit your account settings from the “My Account Information” section of the “My Account” main page.

Message Board Favorites Listed In the Message Boards
The message board favorites list has also moved. You used to have to click on Collaborate > Message Boards > My Favorites. Now you can easily get to the topics you care about from the main Message Boards page. Click on Message Boards under the Collaborate main navigation from any page on the site and your message board favorites are directly listed there. If you have a lot of message board favorites, you can click on the “See all favorites” button to get to your full list.


If you’ve never used the Message Boards, it’s a great place to post questions for other members to help you in your research. To keep track of message boards you want to follow, look for the star icon on the category and board pages to save topics to your message board favorites list.


  1. Andy Hatchett

    Bad Move!

    Before it took one click to get to either Alerts or Favorites and they were in plain site from any page.

    You’ve doubled the amount of clicks it takes to access them- that is *never* a good move, no matter how good an idea may seem at the time.

    Just what are you planning to do with the extra space anyway??

  2. Candy

    I want my favorites where I can see them. I thought this was “my” homepage. I agree with Andy, what am you going to do with that space anyway… put another ad?

  3. BobNY

    Why do you people continue to expend finite resources putting lipstick on this pig when there are serious deficiencies in content and indexing that need to be fixed?

    Somehow changing the look and feel of pages makes someone at ACOM feel good, but I would submit that none of this affects the company’s 4 key metrics.

  4. I hate the changes!!! I used to be able to research a death easily. Now I have to click through 10s of pages just to get to the Social Security Death Index. When I finally got there it does not match on the my person. After clicking through several pages, I quit. It’s way too frustrating and time consuming!!!

  5. BobNY

    Re: #4 and #7

    Can we have just one thread where people stick to the topic of the original message rather than bitchin’ and moanin’ about whatever crosses their minds?

    I am sure that Stephanie could care less about your difficulties with SSDI or the whereabouts of the Surline clan. This is probably one of the reasons that the ACOM staff has stopped responding — they are tired of wading through all this drek to find any concise feedback.

  6. Kirk Sellman

    Re: #8

    I agree. If we want Ancestry to value customer input, everyone needs to stick to the topic.

  7. Brady Kerr

    I like the old search-I am spending 10 times more time when searching people. To opt for exact does not do the trick because the spelling of the name could be off-or no periods after an initial will not give you the correct options. The old search was so much easier to navigate through-please bring it back.

  8. Miriam Baker

    I used Family Tree and for years. I am getting ready to share my research with my local genealogy library but I find your new updated programs harder to use than my old familiar programs. The census pages don’t open all the way so you have to print them to get the full page I could go on with many more complaints.

  9. Since I can’t find a way to comment to ancestry, will do it here. Am sick and tired of inputting info and this stupid pink thing coming up telling me what I put in was wrong and deleting it and then me having to put in the info again and sometimes again. This is not wonderful, the part where it deletes a persons intries is rediculous, it needs to stop immediately.

    You’re getting so much business, there are too many times I can’t add more information to Jean Root’s and my tree.
    If you’re advertising for more people to use your services, you need to make it accessible to everyone as much as they want to use it and have it work instead of sit there doing nothing. This also needs to stop immediately.
    If you can’t meet the needs of your customers, why are you trying go get more. You need to upgrade your site to accomodate everyone.

  10. Miriam Re: #13

    Click on “Full Image” in upper left corner of census screen and then hit F11. That will get you as close to a full screen image of the census page as you can get.

  11. richard b. corado

    i have trouble inserting pictures and notes on ver 2010. also i find it difficult to pull up a chart, save and send as a file. I think veers 2010 is less friendly user as ver 16. is there any on-line help aids

  12. d.roth

    I need help getting started on here we have a membership but dont really know that to do next. Whenever i try to build a family tree with what I do know it just stops and says error on page can anyone help me out to get started. thansk

  13. BEE

    Needed major computer repair last week, so everything looks different. Glad to find everything still on my “trees”, but don’t like these “moving ads” when I do a search! Does this happen on “new search”, or is it just to annoy those of us who steadfastly continue to cling to “old search”?

  14. BEE

    I reported a missing PA WWI draft registration card image a number of times over the past couple of years – it is still missing, and now there are other images missing.

  15. Bob Esch

    Comments 8-11 were on target and very helpful to me. Also, Andy’s comment 15 was helpful, too. I come to this blog to hear about problems, as well as solutions. It’s too bad that the message boards are not more well known to us as members. I must admit that I will use them more often.

  16. Bob Scott

    I agree with Bob (post No. 6). From what I can see, there are a lot of problems with content and indexing that need fixing. Ancestry’s main interest seems to be a lot of PR to churn membership, and generate revenue to boost its image for Wall Street.

  17. BobNY


    #24 is pure spam and was posted February 9, 2010 at 10:14 am.

    Let’s see how long it stays here.

    BTW Sam, your drop down menu for county doesn’t work, rendering the search inoperative.

  18. Heather Erickson

    Former comment #24 has been deleted due to it being spam. For more details on our Terms and Guidelines, please see the link at the bottom of the page.

  19. BobNY

    I’ll give them a C- on the test.

    Having a senior public relations manager respond rather than the blog owner — who has yet to respond to any of the comments here — continues to make ACOM look more like the cororate machine it is becoming.
    BTW, I am still waiting for someone on the Search staff to finish studying the 1900 census tract descriptions that they removed in April 2009 to see if they should be returned. How about it Tony or Anne?

  20. Haven’t used the site in some time, recently came back and I have to agree with Brady.
    Things are generally much more time-consuming than in the past, although I do see some positive changes also like loads more information.

  21. Bob Re: #28

    My guess is Stephanie et al are hard at work trying to figure out just how to fix this god-awful relocation of Favorites and Alerts without simply putting it back the way it was. She did, after all, promise us a roll out of a fix this month.

  22. I like the viewer, I’ve been using beta since the day the offers it. I also like the more stream line look of everything, there are a lot of things that get changed due to coding restrictions of the software running this site.
    this is my first time responding in comments but a long long time user. I find very oftentimes that most (not all to be sure) are simple fixes with answer usually easily found in help and support threads. To be honest, most board moderators, blog writers and even peerembers around the net in every type of web site usually flame the heck out of people who don’t use search or read common questions articles. I think the staff and peer members here are show some amazing restraint at not responding to foolish statments and quetion only and not responding with the common response of “try reading the faq section dummy”. I’m not saying that the questions and comments in this thread are like that nor that cunstructive criticism is not important, I’m just saying every single statment can’t be responeded to everytime. mom always said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.

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