Posted by Kenny Freestone on January 20, 2010 in Website

Please be aware that the Family Tree Service will undergo scheduled maintenance on Thursday 21 January 2010, from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM Mountain Standard Time.

This tree service downtime will affect Ancestry Member Trees, OneWorldTree, our new Tree To Go iPhone app,  some portions of My Canvas, the sections of the Home Page that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of 2.0 that are related to Member Trees. Other than that, all other areas of the site will remain functional.

For the vast majority of our members living outside Mountain Daylight Time, 12:00 – 3:00 AM MDT is the same as…

Coordinated Universal Time: 07:00 – 10:00 AM
In London: 7:00 – 10:00 AM
In Melbourne: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
In San Francisco: 11:00 PM – 2:00 AM
In New York: 2:00 – 5:00 AM
In Moscow: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
In Rome: 8:00 – 11:00 AM
In Tokyo: 4:00 – 7:00 PM


  1. beth

    I hope this inconvenience will remedy the dropdown menus throughout the site since they are not long enough.

  2. JUDY

    Another thing I hope is rectified is the copping of our imputed place names. I noticed it first a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for any ‘DENT’ families within ‘KENDAL WESTMORLAND ENGLAND’ putting KENDAL into the parish/town resulted in NO RESULTS and yet my own tree holds that description within the place of birth / marriage /death boxes so I should have brought up those at least! I have noticed since that other descriptive place names within the trees are not showing either. So here’s hoping that if it is not rectified today it will be rectified at a forthcoming time. The sooner the better of course.

  3. Jade

    Thank you very much for posting this announcement in banners on Tree pages. At last the announcement is being made where those likely to be interested will find the information!

  4. I have had trouble for two days down loading pictures. It times out. You should make the tree reconize itself. If I have a person in one area why doesn’t the tree reconize the same information? I have to enter the same information over and over. If I add a picture to Martha Etta Manning, I have to add it to the other Martha Etta Mannings that show up under her children & husband. This is true for census reports. If you pull up the list of hints I may have 4 or 5 of the same census that needs to be added. This takes alot of time. If there is some kind of trick to copy it, please let me know! Debbe

  5. This site goes down everytime I am in the middle of putting in info. with no warning. This is the second time with no notice that this has happened. I live in AZ and am on Pacific time…maybe you shut down on the east time zone and I don’t get it until I start working on my Trees at midnight my time??? This is very frustrating to me in this time zone since I do all my work at night. Please be more considerate and give a day or two warning!! I got this notice in the middle of my work at 12:30 AM Thursday Jan. 21st and had no previous notice…now I’m done for the night I guess. If this keep happening, I’ll just stop my membership!

  6. Kayleigh

    It is now 07.45am and i can still not access my tree! It was said that it would only be don from 12.00am untill 03.00am and is still not working! Not very helpful at all.

  7. Kayleigh

    It is now 07.45am and i can still not access my tree! It was said that it would only be down from 12.00am untill 03.00am and is still not working! Not very helpful at all.

  8. margaret

    I live in New Zealand so working on my tree at 8 in the evening is out I only have a few days remaining and was planning to do some hours to tidy up lose ends and no point in offering 1/2 day extra because I am going away on the 26 for 3 weeks if we had some warning I would have put in the hours today

  9. Bobby Felder

    A better warning would be nice .I was working on my tree and it was gone. I thought I had lost everything. There is no tree showing. I have months of time on my tree. You trying to give me a heart attack? I was furious until I found out it was down for repair lol.

  10. Lorraine Mason

    Hope it will remedy the extremely slow and total lack of images when I try to merge images into my tree.

  11. nita

    If you down loaded you information yesterday to the ancestry system how do you find it to review it….
    named it

  12. JUDY


    look at the tabs at the top. the second one (next door to the one called home) says family trees move your mouse pointer to that and a menu should drop down and you should see the link to your tree.

  13. Donna

    Was the maintenance for last night (Wednesday,20th-Thursday,21st am) or today (Thursday, 21st-Friday, 22nd am)? It seems the site went down both mornings!! The way I read your scheduled maintenance announcement, it seems that the maintenance was for last night & not tonight?????? What’s going on?

  14. Kat

    Not again, it went down yesterday (Thursday) past 7amGMT for maintenance work and now again just gone 7.30amGMT it’s not working- just when I was in the middle of adding a record

  15. Heather

    Would it be just impossible to notify your members by email a day or so in advance when the site is going down? I didn’t receive any notification. However when you want to sell me something, I sure get those. Many of us have jobs and family and the only time we can work on our histories is to grab our few downtime hours during late night when everyone in the family is in bed.

  16. It’s now midnight of the 21st or 12 a.m. on the 22nd. Is the work done yet?

    I love the banner warning on the top of my work page. Your banner should something like, “Closing for maintanence in 4 hours” The time zone thing is confusing at best.

    When will service be up?

  17. mgrants

    So why is the site down on Friday morning 2:14am.(11:14 pm west coast time) This is two days in a row and is my prime time for researching my tree. Why not move this 3 hours later?

  18. beth

    Last night the site was back up after two hours not three as stated in the banner message on the front page. But tonight there was no warning. It just froze up and stopped working with a “check back soon” message. Ugh!

  19. DOWN AGAIN??? Last night at 12:30AM PST it logged me off due to maintenance…Tonight it logged me off again due to maintenance. Two nights in a row..This is getting unbelievable and frustratinc. You said one night not two. I do all my work during the night in Arizona. No warning again! I might have to cancel my membership if I can never get on!!! Sheila

  20. Larry Brandow

    I have usd Ancestory in the past with little problem. But this year, it has been a headache. I use Roots Magic either a product or sponsered prodct of yours and when you save your tree from your site into a GEDCOM file, Roots Magic doesn’t recognize everything, like pics and some documents. I have to then re-enter these into Roots Magic, a waste of time and effort. Why can I save a census record as an jpg file and then not be able to indentify it on my computer? I know where I saved it, for I can find it if I’m logged into Ancestry. These are but a couple of issues that displease me with Ancestry. Comment 2, 4, 10, 13 of Jan 21, 2010 are but a few of the additionl complaints I have.

  21. Linda

    This is a worry – I’m clearly addicted. No working on the Tree again tonight, and I’m grumpy. I need another hobby… oh yes, that’s right, I have several, all waiting for me to finish the Tree. Like that’s going to happen any time soon.

    It’s frustrating that the site is down again, but not half as frustrating as trying to do a Tree without the resources of Ancestry. Keep up the good work, Ancestry

  22. Lesley Fiedler

    what’s going on I can’t access Ancestry !!! Its 22 Jan Friday 7.30 pm Hobart Australia and 1.30 am MST 22 jan

  23. Alhashimi2024

    I wanted to work on my tree; first it wouldn’t let me log on and claimed my username didn’t exist, despite being able to log on only hours prior. I got a bit panicked; since I’m a paying member, then started getting an error message that the site is experiencing problems generally and a ‘check back soon’ screen. What is going on? I pay £155 a year for this?

  24. evan

    Am very tired of the site not working. Would be better if did maintenance later in the morning. So members on the west coast, who pay can use their memberships. Bad business practice and customer relations, for sure

  25. Ken

    Ancestry down again??????,..this is extremely annoying,…..I have been unhappy with Ancestry for sme time so perhaps it is now time to move my sucription to findmypast or GenesReunited

  26. roger

    I assume that the short notice for this shut-down was a serious problem, but once again it is timed to least impact US based subscribers.

    When is Ancestry going to play fair with the rest of the world? Why not alternate the time of shut-downs so that the US based subscriber gets their share of the day time loss of service?

  27. Lesley Fiedler

    this is all of Ancestry we can’t access not just the family tree section ….AND Australia subscribers PAY MORE than USA & UK for access work that one out !

  28. Dave

    I live in the UK. I don’t remember getting any warning about the maintenance of the site. I hope that this maintenance will rectify the many problems that the site appears to be having at the moment. I pay a lot of money for a pretty bad service. Where is customer service when you need it.

  29. Dan

    STILL WAITING!!!! I cannot log in to my page. I need to get this info out of my head ASAP! Please get our accounts back up an running…Please hurry…

  30. Mary

    8.50am here in UK, just logged on to Ancestry and find that the site is down, I have been working on my tree for the last few days and did not see any notice about maintenance for 21st – 22nd Jan ? I agree with Heather – why not notify your members by e.mail at least a few days in advance. May not bother with re – newing my subscription again.

  31. Dave

    I’m with Roger (#31). Ancestry is a global business. You must rotate your down times so that everybody gets fair use of the site. Your US customers are only affected when they should be in bed, but everytime you do maintenance we in the UK lose a whole morning. And bear in mind that we pay more for the service.
    Where is your blog about the downtime on 22Jan ?

  32. Kirk

    I must say, respectfully, that some of the issues addressed in the comments seem to be at the user end (probably the computer). I haven’t had issues with drop down menus nor was the site down Wednesday…I was able to access it. I know that maintenance is a necessity in order to get the outstanding service that is offered. After all, there is a lot of information and data available to us.

  33. Mike P

    Come on guys/Gals, have you found a better web site to find your lineage? Cut these people some slack, it’s their employment and they work hard for us. Show some gratitude rather than complain all the time…

  34. beth

    Well, more than an hour now and it’s still down. I am in the USA and if I had a vote, I would prefer downtime to be 4-7:00 a.m. I do my tree work after 10 p.m. PST.

    The dropdowns are still a problem. I walked through it by phone with an Ancestry employee, but who knows when the tecchies will address it.

    BTW, I have no idea what “maintenance” accomplishes as I see no difference in the site afterward.

  35. davidgh

    MST!! Mountain Standard Time – NEVER heard of it and I have been around a bit!!

    This is a global service – please talk global timezones

    Whatever it is called in USA – also state GMT-6h or whatever it is

  36. davidgh

    And by the way – professional services with real customers only ever ‘go down’ for a minute or two whilst they switch between their duplicated environments.

    Going down for maintenance for HOURS is strictly for amateurs.

    Please get your house in order

    30 years in professional IT

  37. D Allen

    When I 1st joined Ancestry it was the customer service that convinced me to spend the money. Since it is part of a corporation now, that aspect is sorely lacking. Until we wake up and finance departments release their control of companies, end product and niceties like customer service will remain a thing of the past.

  38. Lindia

    An email notification would be nice as stated by others. We DO get email ads from Ancestry all the time. I saw no banner or other notice and I clicked on a link and I received a message that the connection was lost. Huh? All my other tabs continued working, my wifi was fine. Ancestry was down for maintenance. Ugh, like another user stated, I am addicted and therefore grumpy. I work on my tree after the kids are in bed, often staying up way too late and here it is 1:30 PST and it’s still down. Please, rotate the down times. Do it during the day for a change!

    Otherwise, great job. Keep the info flowing!

  39. Cecelia

    Can anyone help me on downloading my tree from Ancestry to my familytree maker 2010? I can make the gedfile just fine but the the great feature for me with 2010 was to be able to download the tree to include all photos.. i have quite a bit. it worked once and then i tried again after a couple months and it gets hung up at 0% complete on unzipping for hours till i shut the computer off. i called tech support and they were 0% help.. said to need to it manually – that i must have a corrupt file. i have Vista. any help is welcome! Thank you

  40. Michael J.Causer

    All I seem to be seeing here is a lot of whinging children. If my kids carried on like this they would be told to do something else and wait.
    If there is a problem with the data base, then we must wait for the mechanic to fix it, just as we do with the car/TV/House/health/etc.
    And as for the cmplaints about the time? 12-3 am MST is 6:00-9:00 pm in Melbourne. My prime time. Someone, somewhere, will allways be in their prime time.
    Basically people, PLEASE let the team fix the problem so that we can return to our need to work on our trees as soon as they are available.

  41. drpjst

    Mountain Standard Time? Why? How many hours is MST behind GMT? In the past you have used EST and PST. Please use one and only one timebase when undertaking maintenance or making further downgrades. GMT would be preferable but use EST if you must. But make sure in that case that the down times are start at 2100 EST.

  42. alhashimi2024

    It has been almost two hours now from where I am standing. There is no better or comprehensive ancestry site online; but you pay a lot for what should be a flawless service, where is the back up site to put up while you’re maintaining the other one? I wanted to work on my tree before work, fat chance!

  43. Jade

    1. You gave wrong date: down-time is the AM hours (USA time zones) of Friday, Jan 22 not Thurs. Jan 21.

    2. In addition to tree functions, access to all databases is out of service.

  44. beth is based in Utah which is on Mountain Standard Time. The USA Standard Time Zones are Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. I don’t think many of us in the US are oriented to Greenwich. If anything, we run on New York time. Our satellite T.V. is operated on New York time for example. So if you hear a film is airing at 8:00 p.m. and you live on the West Coast it will actually run at 5:00 p.m.

  45. Cecelia

    i saw warning of the scheduled mainenance both times. there was a banner on the top of my ancestry page that couldnt be missed.

  46. Steve Herbaugh

    Yo, Kenny,
    I started with Basic in April 2009 and received All-Access as a X-Mas present. I’m only semi-computer literate, but have had no problems so far (still exploring your capabilities). If I can understand it, anyone can. So, thanx for keeping it simple.

    As for downtime, I’ve been using almost 24/7 for the past month and this is the first time I’ve
    experienced this. Not a problemo…My headache is getting on the Internet in the first place, here in mountains of West Virginia
    (EST). Have to drive 7-8 miles to use a cellphone. Oh well, I went to the “Old School” anyway….

    You can’t please everybody all the time and some people have no patience. However, it would be nice if you prominently posted a Monthly Schedule (on the Homepage) for regular maintenance: Rotate the
    hours and days of the week, so the inconvenience is shared equally by the whole world-wide-web.

    As far as I’m concerned, you guys do good work…KEEP IT UP!!!!

  47. I pay for TIME on ancestry. I work days to the TIME I pay for is at night. I lost three hours TIME last night, but at least had a bit of notice. Tonight I spent just over two hours TIME typing in a story, only to find it wouldn’t save. As ludicrous as it sounds I spent 9 months TIME saving up enough to get ancestry for two months TIME. That too was a waste of my TIME, apparently. Won’t be back in March.

  48. alhashimi2024

    The frontpage is coming up again but I still cannot log in. I really hope I don’t end up being one of those poor souls I have been reading comments from; who suddenly cannot log into the site for no reason for prolonged periods of time, even weeks.

  49. Lesley Fiedler

    they just managed to send me email info on iPhone app !
    BUT what is happening now is NOT scheduled maintenance that was yesterday 21st and was only to affect trees and new iPhone app but stated THAT ALL OTHER AREAS WOULD REMAIN FUNCTIONAL so possible that they don’t even know the site is down

  50. alhashimi2024

    Surely their British staff would be aware of it? Something is still seriously wrong, the search is just about working but many parts of the site are not; I still cannot log in but this is what I can see from my limited viewpoint. My tree is missing from the search as is at least one of my family and friends but others seem to be coming up, yet the same error message comes up if clicked on. I really hope no actual data has been lost.


    Friday Jan 22 2:09 Pacific Standard time ancestry appears to have logged me out and it will not log me back in.

  52. Randy Parrish

    22 Jan, 5:12AM, Ancestry’s having log-in problems – same thing happened to me that happened to Constance in #59.

  53. Randy Parrish

    22 Jan, 5:12AM (EST), Ancestry’s having log-in problems – same thing happened to me that happened to Constance in #59.

  54. Pete Smee

    as a Veteran of 35 years in the IT industry, there is a golden rule – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – Ancestry would be well advised to learn that.
    So they took down the trees section on the 21st “to make improvements”, and 24 hours later they realise they forgot to adjust their nightly back up routines so they need to take a different backup, take the site down, restore to the backup before the changes, than extract the delta between the 2 backups to make sure all the data entered yesterday is not lost and then re-enable the site and … “hold on guys who backed up the membership database?” “I thought you did”

    Time to pull your procedures into the 21st century guys!

  55. I use both .com and but since this latest ‘maintenance’ downtime I cannot logon at all!!!! Doesn’t recognise me and wont let me email for new password to try either! What a shambles…I spend an awful lot of money with Ancestry and this is just not good enough. What am I supposed to do now?????????

  56. beth

    Since I don’t understand anything at all about computer programming/hardware, I would really like to know what these updates and maintenance periods are for. What is actually improved? In the days I used to use this site at the Library for free it was a lot more satisfactory than it is now.

  57. TC

    Had no problems using site before maintenance on 21st Jan. Afterwards, I can no longer sign in as my user name & password are not recognised & when I tried to get a reminder my e-mail is no longer recognised!

  58. Lesley Fiedler

    totally agree with Pete Smee they must employ retards also all the folk out there do not rely on having your data with Ancestry as the only place for your tree as you may come to regret

  59. Dave

    On a matter of detail the advertised time of the outage was “Thursday 21 January 2010, from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM Mountain Standard Time”
    Now 12:00 AM is midday on the 21st (= 21Jan 1900 UT) and the finish time was the next 3:00 AM (= 22Jan 1000 UT)
    So that is the outage that we’ve experienced – 15 hours.
    It will help us all if the times of the outages in future could be expressed un-ambiguously. Universal Time (UT) is the standard for the internet, so please use it.

  60. Jane O'Connell

    I was spitting chips too as I have just made a major breakthrough which I wanted to follow through, but then started hunting parish records elsewhere and may well have found a couple of siblings which I may never have done…
    Take the opportunity to think outside the square – who knows what you may find!

  61. Jade

    Grrr, server that this blog is on also acting wonky

    5 AM EST US time database servers back on line but can’t log in, so what’s the use . . . .

  62. So why is Ancestry down today (22 Jan) refusing logins

    Login failed. An internal error was logged. Try again.

    Trying again doesn’t work either.

  63. D Allen

    Let me guess, the money gods are in control and have cut back on user testing and quality control! All we use now are check off lists so everyone can feel good and when the final product/improvement are implemented, it is finger pointing time.

    When and IF I get a hold of these people I expect an explanation, not excuses. I already had a long laundry list I wanted to submit, did not expect it to include log-in.

  64. Andrew Wells

    Reminder to self: Download a fresh GEDCOM daily. Of course if I ever actually have to use it, I’ll need to write some software first.

    I’m sure they have their best and brightest working on saving most peoples trees. Maybe that’s why I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach right now.

  65. Chris

    10.30 in the morning UK time (GMT) and I still can’t get back into the site – if this was a volunteer site one could understand, but this is a commercial site that we pay serious money to use. Come on Ancestry sort out your project planning – overruns for upgrades and outages aren’t acceptable in commercial grade IT infrastructures.

  66. FrustratO

    It’s 5:36AM EST on Friday. I keep getting this….

    Login failed. An internal error was logged. Try again.

  67. gillian

    tried quite a few time today to login, but no joy. also,two of my sisters are also doing the family tree. both have invited me to view our shared family tree, but one has been blocked. It would also have been nice to be made waare of any maintenance issue beforehand, and as to how long they may take to complete. like some of the previous comments, i’ve got got so much to update, and records to check.

  68. What is going on? My tree dropped out, the site wont let me in and will not even let me request an e-mail. Just keeps telling me that there is an internal error that has been logged and to try again later. When later? I have been trying for hours.

  69. Angela

    All I get is the page that says the site is down & has the links to this page.
    I’m getting seriously annoyed now. Going down without warning is bad enough but to over run by almost an hour is disgraceful.

  70. Simon Cotgreave

    Ancestry has lost the plot I think. And I doubt they read these comments. Prices going up. Facilities being removed from basic membership subscrptions. Performance going down. Availability going down. Marketing communications going up, helpful communication going down. Overly restrictive security features introduced. Long running image viewer browser incompatibility issues. I could go on. An indispensable service which droves of us would leave at the drop of a hat if there was any real competition. Meantime, exploiting your monopoly is certainly building up resentment in your customer base – what a shame.

  71. When am I going to be able to access my tree? I have been trying for several hours and it just keeps telling me that there is an internal error that has been logged. Dene

  72. kimberly faulkner

    I have been trying to get on my account tonight and it would not let me login. I was able to do so and doing some research when the site went down. I would like a better warning like maybe an email a day or two early so i know not to research during that time. i wish there was a better system to when you tell us when you are doing maintenance on the site.

  73. John Clarke

    Terms & Conditions 2.1
    “Continuous Service Membership. Subscription membership in the Service is on a continuous service basis.”

    So I look forward to the anniversary date of my subscription being moved back by a day.

  74. Lorraine

    Hi folks, seeing as how we cant log on and so many of you are stuck with nothing to do. Can anyone tell me how to save my ancestry pages directly into my computer instead of having to print it straight away?
    I live in a bus and only have 12 volt power from sun and wind, so have to either wait until I have a lot of stored power to use my invertor, or else take my laptop to someone with mains electic plug in my printer, then go online to print!

  75. Randy Parrish

    Agree with #67, Lesley Fiedler in regards with data.

    Ancestry is good for research, but if you depend on *anything* online to store your data, you’re going to get screwed over at some point, as the recent problems Ancestry has had illustrate.

    If you’re not using a genealogical program as the primary keeper of your data, it’s time to get something.

  76. Re #85 Simon Cotgreave

    Simon you missed out the recent “improvements” to the search capability which have totally messed up the “old search” (you know the one you use when you know what you are looking for and don’t want to see 2 centuries worth of typos)
    It took a lot of kicking and screaming and threats to cancel subscriptions for them to accept some users want accuracy and another 2 months before they accepted they had totally broken the Birth Parish search capability in the 1851 UK Census.

    If it’s any consolation, I have been using a UK Census Competitive Web site this morning, and it has reminded me why I pay Ancestry the big bucks.

  77. D Allen

    If they loose all our trees, (surely they have a back up-even if it is old) would it be unreasonable to ask for refunds of our fees since they did not fulfill their end?

    I notice I have not received any mail from them since the 19th, is this the date they started all this? Normally I receive something daily. Does anyone know if ANY user is able to log in or have lost the entire data base? That sounds too bazaar even for non experienced programmers.

    And why are they not commenting on this blog to alleviate our fears/anger?

  78. marilyn harper

    this is the first time I have experienced any problems but then I have only been a member for 10 days. I am frantic with worry that I will lose all my data now. From the sounds of it this does happen often though. How should I save my tree so that I can either still access it or at least be assured that I have still got most of my data? Please help or advise me anyone out there

  79. Andy Hatchett

    Roger Re: #31

    Ancestry *is* being fair.

    The majority of their subscribers are US based and as such it would be unfair to penalize them just to satisfy the needs of the minority.

  80. Lesley Fiedler

    marilyn don’t get too worried it does happen that the site goes down from time to time todays episode I think is fixed at least the pages I have been accessing are and the rest will follow soon but always a good idea not to have it all just on Ancestry
    get yourself some sort of family history program and input all your info there as well then you will feel better you can download a gedcom of the info you have already on Ancestry and import this into your chosen software at home.

  81. Chris

    Seems to be back up – better late than never. GEDCOM file has been downloaded as a matter of priority. It’s not the ideal back up that many of us have asked for (i.e. full html based with photos and images for all attached records) but it’s better than nothing. I take great care of my backup at home, I can only hope that’s backup and restore is better than their project planning and customer relations.

  82. Naomi

    It 11:45 uk time and i still can’t get on! The only time i get is when my kids are at school and my baby has his nap! well here is a wasted day!

  83. Andy Hatchett

    Marilyn Re: #96

    The first thing you do is get a standalone genealogy program on your computer.

    Then download a GEDCOM of what you have on Ancestry.

    Import that GEDCOM into your genealogy program.

    Now download any pictures/ source documents on Ancestry and attach them where they belong to the data in your genealogy program.

    OK- now you have everything on both your computer and on Ancestry.

    From this point on *never*- and I really do mean Never- add anything to your tree on Ancestry unless you have first added it to your genealogy program.

    The best way is to always do your work in your genealogy program and just upload a new GEDCOM to Ancestry occasionally.

  84. marilyn harper

    Andy 103

    I really am a novice at all things pc so please bear with me. Can I not put it all on a memory stick or something? Do the standalone programmes cost much? which would you recommend?

  85. Andy Hatchett

    Marilyn Re:# 105

    As a novice I’ll give you the best advice I ever got- slow down.

    Don’t just start “researching”; the first thing is to researh HOW to research.

    Now- about the genealogy programs, they come in all shapes and sizes and range from free on up. Several have trial downloads so you can try them before you buy them.

    My advcie would be to look at The Master Genealogist, Legacy, RootsMagic, and Personal Ancestor File(PAF). All of them offer trials or are free.

    If you’d like to continue this discussion off-blog e-mail me at:

  86. Elaine

    Despite it now being 13:35 or 1.35pm London time the site is still down! Oh by the way it is also Friday 22nd January NOT a schedule day! It has been like this for at least the last six hours during which I have been trying to access the site.

    Any info would be welcome

  87. Issy

    1.56 am Newcastle Australia: thought since it was still hot i would try and get on again….no luck.

    Surely they know there is an issue?????

  88. Brian Stronell

    8.30pm Friday UK time. Still cannot get on to Ancestry. More than a routine maintenance problem?

  89. marilyn harper

    Why don’t the powers that be understand that communicating with us periodically giving us updates may keep our anger at bay. Simples!

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