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You asked for an iPhone® application that gives you access to your tree, and we heard you loud and clear.  I’m excited to announce that we have launched the Tree To Go iPhone app.

Whether you’re scouring the research library or getting together to share family stories with relatives, you’ll never miss a chance to add to your family tree with this handy app. Log in to your account from anywhere to access your tree, edit information, upload photos — even add a long-lost family member you find on your way. You never know where or when you’ll discover something to help you grow your family tree.

With this helpful mobile tree tool, you can see all the family trees you’ve already created on Just download the app to your iPhone or iPod® Touch, log in to your account and choose a family tree.

  • You can browse names in your tree
  • Search for a specific person in your tree
  • Click on a relative to view, then edit or add vital information, immediate family members, life events, notes or new ancestors.
  • Take photos of your relatives, historical documents, keepsakes,  buildings and more and upload them directly to your tree.

Just discovered a treasure trove of family heirlooms at your second cousin’s house? Take pictures and upload them to your tree with stories about each one. Found a forgotten family member’s headstone as you traverse an 18th century cemetery? Add this new person and upload an image of their gravesite. Now when you’re on the go, your family tree — and all your history — goes with you.

For more details about the new Tree To Go iPhone app visit, or download the Trees To Go directly from the iTunes App Store.


  1. Janet Lane

    THANK YOU!!! Now I can easily access my tree while researching without hauling a laptop or box or papers!!!

  2. I have an iPod touch first generation running the iPhone 3.1.2 software and get told “The application “Tree to Go” was not installed on the iPod “iPod touch” because it is not compatible with this iPod”

    So is the requirements, which states “iPhone or iPod Touch with version 2.0 or later” misworded (should it be referring to the generation of the iPod, and not eh software version, or just incorrect?

  3. Terrence Glasgow

    This is awesome and greatly appreciated. Can you add the functionality to upload pictures from all folders on my iphone. I am not able to access all of my pictures on my iphone I am able to access a select few.

    Next FB and I will be 100% satisfied.

  4. Kathy Nemaric

    This is great. From reading the blog posting to downloading and installing the app – less than 2 minutes! I shall play around with it and see how it compares to GedView. It certainly has a nice look.

  5. David F. Klein

    This is great, but keep up the good work and make an application for Blackberry and the Palm Pre. Then your connecting with everyone!

  6. Gary Berlucchi

    This is a very nice application . Easy to navigate, search and edit information. I like the ability to take photos and directly upload them to a family member.
    Maybe on the next update you will consider adding a Pedigree view in landscape along with Leaf hints. Thank you for this App.

  7. brittad

    I’m so excited to try this! It will be great to everything so handy so when a long lost relative returns my call, I’ll be armed with my questions. Thanks!

  8. Most excellent! I downloaded the app immediately after receiving the email notice. At first glance it appears to meet all requirements at this time.

    I have been hoping for an iPhone app for some time now, and finally it’s here! This will now allow me to conduct research in a library without dragging my laptop along!!!!!

    This is a huge leap forward, at least as far as’s value proposition for me is concerned.

    Thank you Ancestry!

  9. Lynn

    Thank you for the great news! I look forward to leveraging the App. This offers much future potential – in a future release it would be wonderful if there was a full synch between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry website, so for those of us who manage our trees on our PC/MAC can best leverage the App on our iPhones.
    I am exited to start leveraging the App … now I just have to upload my tree 🙂 .

  10. Eileen Cowen

    Just downloaded to my ipod touch and then downloaded my tree and my husband’s tree from my Ancestry account. Seems great. Just wondering whether it works away from wi-fi – if edited then, does it synchronise later? I’ll try it anyway. I currently use Aster’s Famviewer on the ipod but that can’t be edited on the ipod, just have to renew the gedfile later.


  11. Robert Cartmell

    Any chance of similar app for other Smartphones? Mine is an Acer X960 running Windows Mobile v6.1

    Bob Cartmell

  12. Neil Ungerleider

    Didn’t work at all. I have 7,500 names in my tree. It would not load and crashed my iPhone. I was using a very strong wireless connection.

  13. Jo

    Very glad to see that Ancestry has made a portable version for my iPhone!

    Does this now mean that they will be making software for Apple machines now too?

    Many thanks!

  14. stevepcom

    Wow, that’s fantastic, great job. It works very well with my tree of around 2,000 people. I can see this being useful for adding things like gravestone info on the move, and general research notes as you think of them during the day. It’s pretty handy to have your tree in your pocket when talking with relatives about it too.

  15. Lew Wetzel

    I am having the same problem as Roger Moffat had. I download the app try to sync it to my iPod Touch and get “The application “Tree to Go” was not installed on the iPod “iPod touch”

    What’s up with that? I also have the latest 3.X version of the software

  16. Lew Wetzel

    Well just tried to install it right to the Touch using WiFi. Seems They are wrongly advertising it. It is not compatible with the Touch as it needs a microphone. Touch does not have the microphone. I had tried to install it from iTunes and it refused. So I tried it WiFi and got that specific error message. Geeeessshhhhh!

  17. Lou Davis

    I too was excited to see the new app and devistated when i found it would not work on my itouch. The itouch is not that old that we should have this problem. Hope you will notify us when the problem is solved.

  18. Pat M

    Download was VERY easy – thanks!

    But why has it re-ordered children & spouses when tree in Ancestry shows them in correct order?

    Next version would be great if I could show a graphical tree instead of table
    or even descendent lists.

  19. Sue

    I downloaded the app and it comes up with my two trees. I try to access one tree that has 8000 people but it never loads and closes the app out. I hope you can fix this bug. I’d really love to have access to my family tree on my ipod. My other tree with 2000 names works fine.

  20. Jim Hepler

    I was excited to have an Ancestry app for my iPhone, but it has not functioned yet (I’ve had it almost 24 hours). My latest message: “Could not reach This is a temporary problem. Please try the operation again later.” I have a fairly large tree — around 26,000 persons. I have a super strong connection. What’s the problem?

  21. Tony Knight

    There are, of course, other apps for the iPhone that allow you to carry around your tree in gedcom format without the need to make a link with a website, which because of poor networks can be difficult in the UK. The one I use, which I have to confess is written by my son, handles my 82000 plus gedcom with no problems.

  22. Jan

    Downloaded and it worked fine. Saw my two trees immediately. Had to reload to see events added via attaching a census which I did from the web site but they were picked up in the reload. I added an event to the iphone and then reloaded, and the event showed up on the online tree. This is cool.

    I had only loaded smaller trees up to ancestry (2200 and 2400 people) direct, siblings and first cousins. I’ll wait until the sizeproblem is worked out to load the big enchilada, for personal use only.

    Being able to download the tree back from ancestry will mean I can pull that data into my tree. wonder it the pictures/attached censuses, etc. will all come over?

  23. Connie Stenhjem

    I also have a first generation iPod touch. When I attempt to install this application, I am told that I need a microphone. I’m not sure why I need a microphone.
    Even though I may not be able to use it, I think it is a wonderful idea as a resource for researchers as they travel the globe for information.

  24. Linda Zahirsky

    Blackberry, Google, Droid – any chance for another type phone? I’ve been holding on to my 6 year old Treo hoping for a new app before I buy a new phone.

  25. I was able to install the app easily, but my tree will only load about half way and then crashes. It returns to the app screen. Is my tree too large? I have about 11,000 people.

  26. Lynn

    Great App. I look forward to even more enhanced functionality in the future.

    I was able to easily upload my 4,000 person tree to my iPhone.

    To those that have had problems, it may have to due with the overall size of your tree (i.e., the number/size of the images in your tree.) For example, my online tree does not include any images — since my FTM tree with images is too large to upload to the Ancestry website.

    I look forward to leveraging the App!

  27. michelle feldpausch

    great that app is avail for iphone, now how about one for the lg choloate touch, so more of us.can participate.

  28. Frank Morrison

    Excellent app and idea. When will one come out for the android platform. I would love to enjoy this program on my phone too!

  29. Peggy

    I am having the same problem as Marcia Russo, #41. I have a tree with over 6000 and it gets about 1/2 way and crashes…

  30. Karna Zierden

    Downloaded it to my Ipod Touch, which has 64 GB’s. I have almost 12,000 names in my Ancestry tree. After several tries, it did download the tree. I attempted to navigate, and it just goes to a black screen. As the only way to get it back to where I can use the app, I have to uninstalled and reinstalled the app, which I have done several times, and it consistently crashes when I try to navigate the tree. Now, just before it shows the tree names, it goes to the black screen. I have read reviews on ITunes, and this seems to be the biggest issue. People with smaller trees don’t seems to have this problem. I love the idea, and the ability to have my tree anyway. I saw one person who said who needs to have 12,000 names with them. Obviously, this person is not into Genealogy. If you would please fix this problem, I would be so excited. Thanks for coming up with a tree on the go. Now, if you would please work out the litte things.

  31. Andy Hatchett

    Karna Re: #49

    I’m curious as to why you say a person with 12,000 names can’t be into genealogy?

    Just because someone has a large database doesn’t mean they are a mere namegatherer.

    I have 28,000+ names and am *very* into genealogy,as were my grandmother, great grandmother, great grandaunt, and that great grandaunt’s daughter- all now deceased. I am heir to their work and have been doing genealogy since 1956- long before the www, internet, or even personal computers were invented.

  32. Mark Allen

    We’ve been testing Trees To Go with large trees, and find that there are performance issues with some trees larger than around 3,000 people. We are actively working on improving this and will have a free update in the iTunes app store as soon as it’s ready.

    Thanks also for the interest in other platforms. The possibilities that are available with mobile genealogy are very exciting and we will continue to look at ways to make your research more accessible wherever you are.

  33. Steve Howland

    Just what I need for cemetery crawling, no more backpacks loaded with paper, pens and copies of pages from my Tree. Now I just have to figure out what the heck an Iphone is!

  34. Wendy Sacket

    I have been enjoying using the application on my iPod touch. This afternoon, I could not access the two trees, and so I logged out on the touch, and now I’m getting error messages that won’t allow me to log back in. Will you be creating a separate forum for user issues? Thanks for letting me know. I’m especially wondering about how the app will sync to my new research entered on Ancestry’s site.

  35. Joel

    Great to see this arrive for the iPhone! App installed fine and shows family tree title, but gives “This is a temporary problem. Please try the operation again later.” This has been going on for three days. Any news?

  36. diane

    could you please post when the upgrade with the fix is available?

    love this…but need it to work consistently, and i am apparently at the point where sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. (3000+) i am testing the app for some of my friends…and we are all very anxious! thanks!

  37. Sandy Sutherland

    I just downloaded the app for the tree to go. The first time I signed on it went perfectly. The second time I received the message “This is a temporary problem….. I only have 530 people on the tree so the tree is not overly large.

    I am so pleased to have the information to take with me. Recording information will be so much easier once the bugs are worked out of the app. Thanks a bunch to both Ancestry and Apple!!

  38. David Rawsthorne

    While the program is “cute”, it lacks basic features that would make it appeal to a wider audience.

    There is room for a paid version that:

    1. Does not need ancestry access as I dont want to place my tree on there

    2. Stores the data on the phone (Slow or no phone reception is common in Australian country towns). Even if there is just a note to say “Pic of person, Pic of grave” rather than needing to store them in there.

    3. Syncs with FTM on return. I.e. if I go out and get more info on a family line, plugging in the phone on my return should give me the option to update my tree with the new or ammended data. Thats the big thing for me – basically an iPhone version of FTM without the bells & whistles.

    4. Support for REAL size family trees.

  39. David Rawsthorne

    Oh one more thing. If I needed to access the data off a web page, which is basically all the program is doing, I’d be using my own web page, not Ancestry.

    My page is designed for PC’s OR iPhones & uses a lot less data on the iPhone version.

  40. Sheri Bethard

    I am like several others that have posted. I have over 5000 people in my tree. If there was a way you could specify how many generations are downloaded to keep the tree smaller like you can when viewing Family Tree Maker files this would help those of us with larger trees. Mine gets almost loaded then the app closes. I would love to have current generations at least thru 3rd or 4th great grandparents to be able to download maybe a couple of more if possible. I have the IPod Touch. IT is a good idea and I expect we will see more updates in the future.

  41. Vivian Smith

    I thought this was a great idea. I LOVE apps on my iPhone. I downloaded the app, but cannot open my tree. I have 4200 names in my tree. Maybe it can not handle large trees?

  42. Beth

    Have an itouch and tried this and its great. Problem is remote cemeteries and churches seldom have wifi- the only way to use the app from an itouch. Would love to see this app for blackberry bold!

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