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We are currently experiencing intermittent technical problems with the display of images within search results.

This issue causes a delay of several seconds  in the “preview” of newspapers and other images within the search results, it also affects the loading of the image when you “hover” over the result title.

It does not affect which results are returned, however, we have had reports that it is impacting the speed of  complete images in the image viewer.

We are aware of the issue, and are working to resolve it as soon as possible

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


  1. Henry L Redifer

    This is the biggest rip off. Did not authorize 150.00 on my card.
    Reported you to attorney General.
    Hope they shut you down.
    You will not answer emails or phone.
    Have a lawyer documenting everything.
    my number 229-224-9230
    Henry L Redifer
    Have contacted my card or bank for dispute,
    Hopefully this will be done before the attorney general or attorney contacts you.
    Henry L Redifer

  2. Henry L Redifer

    This is the biggest rip off. Did not
    It is convenient no one answers the phone. Now you have technical difficulties.
    Hope they shut you down.
    You will not answer emails or phone.
    Have a lawyer documenting everything.
    my number 229-224-9230
    Henry L Redifer
    Have contacted my card or bank for Hopefully this will be done before the attorney general or attorney contacts you.
    Henry L Redifer

  3. dklart

    Did you signed up for a free trial and not cancel before the trial ended?

    How else did they get your CC#?

    If this is the case, you didn’t read the terms of agreement.

    If you had a problem canceling before the trial period ended, you may have a case to get a refund.

  4. Henry #1,#2 and #3

    I’m sorry to hear of your experience – It’s important to us that no customer feels they have been treated unfairly

    I’ve asked our membership services team to follow up asap


  5. Jeff



    I also found it very easily by clicking on the Help link in Ancestry, and the Contact information.

    They answered my call almost immediately.

  6. Turi

    Why would you advertise a new product which gives 400+ results in the US when I am searching London, England, UK????

    I really despise having the US shoved up my nose over and over – it is like they are taking over this once brilliant English invention – so sad 🙁

  7. Lymbo4y

    Hi! Just bought the FTM 2010. The csr explained that if I bought 2010 (I have 2009, but primarily use Reunion), that I would absolutely be able to download my ancestry tree to FTM 2010 & it would bring with it all 900 “historical records”,, photos, etc. So I exported my tree from Reunion & the 2 from, uploaded to FTM2010 & then attempted to merge them. I’m not sure I merged them correctly, but when I go to the FTM2010 tree, there are links to the documents on ancestry, but not the documents. I use a Mac with a virtual machine WIndowsXP. For download I used Firefox. I attempted to search the help menu & guide to no avail. Please advise how to correct this.

  8. Goldenridgegirl

    Interesting comment, Turi, considering that the headquarters of is in the state of Utah in the United States.

  9. Andy Hatchett

    Lymboy Re;# 4

    Ancestry will download pictures, stories, and media files attached to the tree into FTM2010.

    It will not download the “historical documents” images since there are no historical documents images attached to the tree- only links to those documents.


    Thanks for the heads up. I had problems yesterday with
    The Bridgeport Telegram (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
    It would only show abt the first 1 1/2 inches of the page image..I just now went to it and the whole page came up but as I tried to enlarge it it reverted back to only showing a portion of the page…And now it is back again.



  11. Virginia Reulbach

    Recently I lost everything in my hard drive. Reinstalled FTM2008 and now I cannot restore my files from backup. The extension on my backup is FBC and following the steps in the program it says it should be ftw or fbk.
    Can anyone help me?

  12. TWConnell

    I have called ancestry on a number of occasions to inquire as to functions or problems I thought I was having and have always received superior service. In fact as a senior executive with a software for service company I am blown away by the level of customer support offered for as little as a 19.99 a month membership. I think Henry is the victim of some bad luck and should give ancestry customer service another shot.

  13. Mike

    To Henry L Redifer

    How strange that you did not authorise a transaction for 150 on the card. You you must have subscribed to Ancestry with a free trial, which must have asked you to enter a card so IF you did go over the trial period without cancelling the service they could charge you.
    If you were charged YOU did not cancel the service that WAS told to you in the terms and condidtions. I then find it even more strange that you then started the procedings you outlined, then you started to get nasty by saying you hope they shut down the service and affect this great service for the rest of us.

    Anyway onto my issue, would anyone be able to tell me why I am unable to download images to my hard drive from within the website, but when I use FTM to do this I have no issues, is this just my browser?!

    Hope that Henry calms down a bit and can continue to post without getting personal and nasty.

  14. Update on this – we have temporarily removed the image “previews” in search results to reduce the load on these servers. We will be restoring these as soon as we have resolved the underlying issue.

    Seperately, Henry #3, I understand our customer team have resolved this matter to your satisfaction. If this is not the case, please feel free to contact me directly on


  15. Lowe

    Very few images will appear because the Image Enhancer will not load.
    I am staring at a blank page and it is trying to load.
    HELP !!!

    Thanks, Patti and Fred Lowe

  16. joy c newlun

    i have problems with your site regulary,i dont trust you.perticulary on im late with payment so nothing works;why anger people thats not at all good when working with people?i will pay this; also wont forget it.your public relations are not good.

  17. Laura

    Is there any software out there (Family Historian, Legacy??) that will allow the Gedcom to download the photos saved as well as the documents – census reports, ship records etc. ??? If not, what do we do to save these docs?? Would each and every census have to be saved to harddrive as a .pdf and then saved back to each individual? Help!!

  18. Becky

    #8 Turi
    After you click on search for historical records and you get that first page of results, scroll down to the last record. The filters for your searches are located there. You can choose the show “all matches, or a # star matches”. The give priority to “collections” is the one I use when I look for records in the UK, Scotland, Canada or United States.
    Yes, Even those of us in the U.S. have to deal with all of the records that appear from the UK when we only have born, lived and died in the U.S. information for that person.
    Hope this helps.

  19. Laura is FANTASTIC!! I have NEVER had any trouble with any questions not being answered. I resent the fact that certain individuals use the question blogs to create trouble, sabor rattle about attorneys and spew garbage. Quit your anger out there. This is not a forum for name calling, insults and inaccurate display of opinion. Many of us have been loyal customers for many, many years and are well mannered and well educated and do not appreciate such behavior on any level. Grow up.

  20. Andy Hatchett

    Laura Re:# 22

    In a word- no, there is, to my knowledge, no package that will do that; and yes, you download to you PC, save as image, then upload and add to the individual.

  21. Andy Hatchett

    Laura Re:# 26

    My software of choice is The Master Genealogist. I’ve been with them since version 3.5 and have yet to find a more customizable program.

  22. Lorelee

    In regards to Henry #1 I have been working with on line emails to support all week and they have gone overboard to try to fix a problem I’m having with my ISP. I also have had luck on the phone with them being so helpful.

    It does sound like you used the free trail or how else would they get your credit card #. Need to read fine print.

    Not a good idea for you to post your phone number in this blog. You may get some unwanted phone call.

  23. NKWalker

    I wish there were some way Ancestry could tweak their software so it would leave the name of the original submitter on a picture which has been cropped slightly or otherwise altered by another member. Someone cropped a little off the bottom of one of my favorite pictures, and it has now gone viral with the cropper as the original submitter and no mention of me. I was pleased to be associated with the picture, but alas, I am no more.

  24. Kay Brown

    Henry is the exception not the rule. I have been a member since before 2000 and have had issues with the site and software that were promptly resolved. They were usually errors that I had made, not issues of the site, however the staff have always been very helpful and easily contacted.

  25. Annie

    I am a registered user, having entered into a legal contract with whereby a monthly fee is charged to my credit care. Imagine my dismay at not being able to do research this Sunday afternoon. Everytime I click onto the results of the ancestry search, I am told I must join or sign on for a 14 day trial. I am already a member but I am not allowed to take advantage of the trial offer since I did that some time ago. I assume your webstie is down today. My only hope is your offices will be open tomorrow, MLKing Day.

  26. RWLyster

    Not sure your site is worth the cost. Have world membership, but almost every time I try to access German or French records, I a get a request to log in (I’m already logged in), or sign up for a 14 day trial.
    On the rare times I do get in I can enter both birth and death in Germany and/or France and all I get are US or English records. Usually US census records with a similar name.

  27. dianababbitt29

    I don’t know what is going on with Ancestry right now, but I definitely do not like your new format. I hope it is only temporary. Finding people was so much easier even last month, but now I am really frustrated. We can’t even put in possible dates of birth, etc. Please tell me this is only temporary!!!!


    With reference to the image search element of F.T.M.2010 I must report that it does not work at all,and has not done since at least Oct 2009.It reports you are having problems and try later.How much later???
    I have sent to your ancestry support team ref 100113–001338 a query last wednesday but have had no reply Would appreciate some attention
    Thank You

  29. Laura


    If you go to the foreign site of or other- you just need to sign in again with the same username and password that you use for the USA site. Try that – works every time for us. Don’t give up – yes it will ask you to log in again but you will find the memer login tabs at the top right of the page- hope this helps you out!

  30. AldenaPowell

    Providing a free 14 day trial to is a great service. But, PLEASE allow an avenue for those of us who already are enrolled so that we may continue to do our research. As it is set up now all other research is blocked unless we sign up. Thanks.

  31. ulf lagerstrom

    Of late, I can only see the upper part of the pages of any publication of your site, so I am unable to research.
    Shall I cancel my subscription or is there a remedy ??

    Pse answer URGENTLY.


  32. Mary Neal

    Mr Redifer,

    I have been with Ancestry for many years. They are reputable and very helpful if you have a legitimate issue. Since I am a subscriber that bounces from yearly to monthly subscriptions and have only been without Ancestry for a short time I suggest you rethink your threat if you wish to research your family history. This is by far the best genealogy site I have found. I have never once had difficulty reaching them.

  33. GarnetGirl

    I am considering signing up for a membership with this site but I am reading mixed reviews/comments on this blog. I also suspect many of you are talking about other software you’ve used to track down your ancestors…is that correct? And if so, are you using these softwares in conjunction with or by themselves? Also, which particular titles would you recommend for a beginner?

    I’m very curious and thinking of asking for a membership (or similar software) as a birthday gift from my parents. Any suggestions would be most helpful. If you’re seriously disappointed with, I can clearly see that via comments on this blog…please don’t send me your ranting complaints. I prefer helpful information.

    Thank you!

  34. Angie

    I am brand new to this site and reading blogs, get the good with the bad.
    I have 2 questions and I hope that this is the place to ask.
    1. When I tried to sign up the site said my e-mail was already being used by a member. This concerned me so I used my work e-mail. I did not think that it was possible for 2 people to have the same e-mail account. When I asked for it to send me a new password it never came to my account so I don’t know where it went.
    2. My grandfather is proving very difficult to trace but the closest we have come is just a few hours on your site…yeah!! He was on the National orphan train sent to Hill City, Kansas in 1903. I was trying to trace the Orphan train but I am unable to find any info on this site. Can you help me with any info about the orphan train? From what I have found he was at the New York Foundling Asylum but he always said he was at ST. Vincent in New York. Thank You

  35. dianababbitt29

    I tried again today to find a person, Henry Miers Austin and couldn’t find him anywhere. What is going on? I am finding more information just using the internet than I am getting here and I am paying for it here. Please go back to the way you had it in December. It was great because I could go through people that had similar names or were written wrong and still find the people I was looking for. I really don’t like getting that message that you couldnt find who I am looking for. It is very frustrating.

  36. Andy Hatchett


    What time frame are you working with?

    Just entering Henry Miers Austin in NewSearch brings up 6,595,724 hits.

    A search for Henry Meirs Austin bring up 6,595,719.

    And a search for Diana Babbit brings up 49,643

  37. Keith F

    GarnetGirl go ahead and get your parents a membership. I am a 75year old grandparent and my family gave me a copy of Family Tree Maker with 6 Months essentials membership of for Christmas.It is very easy to use and very addictive.
    After the 6 months I will be upgrading to one of the premium membershiops to get the extra info.

  38. Nancy Bond

    Can we have another update on the issue of newspaper articles not completely loading. I am still experiencing this issue Jan. 20.

    It’s not all the papers, it’s not even all the time, but it is a bit frustrating as they are such a great resource.


  39. Karen Cutter

    This has been a problem for several weeks at my house. I don’t recall this being an issue last winter. I am missing whole frames of info with only the yellow or green highlights where the name of the person I’m searching for should be but no text from the papers is visible. Any idea when this will be resolved? I am trying to use this and I’m paying for the service but the service is not there. Do we get a prorated charge for our monthly bill?

  40. Andy Hatchett

    Karen Re: #45

    Here’s the math…

    365x24x60=525,600 minutes/yr

    $300(world deluxe)/525600=.00001141552 CENTS per minute prorated.

  41. Angela

    Imported gedcom from Geni to Ancestry and unable to see any of my images. When I click on an image FamilyTreeMaker shuts down completely.
    Please advise how to resolve this. Thanks.

  42. At this time, we have continued to remove newspaper “previews” from the search results pages, to ensure reliability of the image viewer.

    We are working on a solution so we can restore these, and we hope to be testing this early next week.

    This continues to have no affect on which results are returned, only how the search results are displayed.

    Previews are still available when you “hover” your mouse over the title of newspapers, although you might occasionally experience a delay of a couple of seconds before the preview image of the newspaper appears.

    We have made these temporary changes to maintain the responsiveness of our main image service, and we have not had any other reports of problems with the image viewer – all articles should be completely loading and without noticeable delay

    Nancy #44 You mentioned the problem you are seeing is intermittent, but I’d like to see if I can replicate the problem, could you please send me the details of the newspaper you were looking at when you saw it, or the search you were looking for (ideally copy the URL from the address bar at the top)?

    Karen #45 could you also please send me details of the search you are seeing?

    Angela #47 and #48 I have asked the FTM team to look into this separately, as we suspect this is caused by a different issue. Could you contact me directly and I’ll put you in touch with the right people

    My email address is



  43. Barb Snow

    I am having a problem with the results displayed (for newspaper images) although what I experience is somewhat different than reported here. A newspaper image will flash on for a brief second, then disappear, leaving a blank screen with only the colored highlights showing.

    Coincidence or connected?


    perhaps the person who is looking into Angela’s qestions 47 and 48 also checks into my problems and lets me have their answers


    please do not censor my comments to you by saying i have already said that and then do not publish the questions
    once again please ask the person who is checking into angela’s queries no 47 & 48

  46. James MacDonald

    Is it just me, or is anyone else highly offended by the appearance of advertisements on their base ‘family tree’ page? All of us pay a substantial fee for access to Ancestry services. Why does Ancestry have to shove flashing ads for tire peddlers (Les Schawb) in our faces?

  47. Tom the Therapist

    Henry L. Redifer is clearly off his medications and should return to medication compliance as soon as possible!!!!!!Trust me Henry you apparently are not able to self-analize your responces to what should be minor annoyances that will clear up with a little patience, talk with your mental health case manager. Chill Dude!!!
    A. Therapist

  48. Peggy Myers

    We are still patiently,well nearly patiently waiting for the promised ability to fix the problem of duplicate people caused from ancesters marrying siblings or cousins, from the program’s inability to recognize a person it already has recorded or from my own often bone-headed mistakes, without having to redo often hundreds of hours of work. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM AND SHOULDN’T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST I T PERSON TO FIGURE OUT AND FIX. PLEASE!!!!!!Fix this ASAP!!!!!!

  49. Andy Hatchett

    James Re: #53

    1) I’d hardly call Ancestry’s fees “substantial”

    2) Ancestry is actually two businesses:

    a)It sells you access to their system

    b) it sells advertisers access to your eyeballs.

  50. Nancy Bond


    It seemed to be happening with the small newspapers, like the one from Wisconsin Sheyboygan, (i was using all of the Wisconsin papers at the time, searching on the word “HORNE”) but not the Chicago Tribune obits or New york Times. I can not recall which records exactly I was searching as i use them every day. I know that once or twice I responded to the icon at the top of the page that says “are you experiencing problems viewing this image”. Each time it happened the image would take forever to load up, and then when it did only 1/4 of the image was there even though the yellow highlights that cover the word you searched for would be there, as if it found what you were searching for, but the words were not there. I have a fairly new and powerful computer and use broadband, so I have the power to download large files. I have never experienced this problem before and I have been a member since 2002.

    Thanks for your help

  51. Jim Livermore

    Just echoing Nancy’s post #57 – every historical newspaper image this AM is showing as Nancy described. Is there a hope for a fix soon?

  52. Nita Slaven

    Images, I too am having problems viewing all images. This has been on going for a couples of weeks.

    It always has the message “Error processing Image request”.

    Like I said, just for the past couple of weeks.

  53. Debbie Gahn

    I have been a member since 2000. As a whole I have been very pleased with the results. Like some though I get use to doing something and getting results when there is an upgrade which changes everything and I have to relearn how to research. But I really still enjoy it.
    Yes sometimes when you go back on the site, you have to log-in again. Not a big deal.


  54. Ruth Coker

    Just to let you know that I am another person continuing to have problems with the newspaper images loading. Searching the Modesto Bee & Herald News for John Padgett. Found his possible obit in the 18 Jun 1962 edition. First I got just the colored highlights and no text. Next I got just the top part of the page. However, I guess that 3 times is a charm because the entire page is loaded now. Just wanted to let you know. I really love

  55. Chuck Hoffmann

    Seems I cannot view ANY newspaper images.

    Always get “Error processing Image request”

    This has been going on for a week or two and is seriously hampering my research.

  56. Deanna Thiel

    I am also having problems with newspapers, most of the time get only blank page with highlights or about a quarter of page. This has been going on for about two weeks.Hope this get solved soon.
    Deanna Thiel

  57. Charles Shook

    I am having trouble with the merge function it keeps giving me a error has happend and I need to restart the program then it will do a couple of merges and then quit again.

  58. Hazel Clack

    This may be involved but it is not meant in a negative way. I have contacted Ancestry. com Tech Support on many occassions and found the staff to be very plesant, even when I was frustrated, and as helpful as they could be given some of the issues concerned.

    I have been and continue to become frustrated with Ancestry and the issues they obviously have. For instance: I upgraded to FTM 2009 from the 2006 and rather than upload my data from 2006 into the 2009 I decided to do it manually and that way I could spot any errors I might have had, thinking that since the 2009 program added “Hints” that it would be a piece of cake adding the prior documents that had been pulled from Ancestry. Well, I found out that documents, of all types, that I had pulled into my 2006 program were no longer available to me in the 2009 program. The search engine was not finding any of them. Most of my research was in the state of GA and 99% of it was in one county. My family went to GA to this particular county in the mid to late 1700’s and never left. Ancestry has 3 different databases, by years, of marriage records for GA and either none showed up or only one showed up and not with the surname I searched for. Same for census and other records. Had no problem with other family lines in other states. If it did bring up correct surnames, it never brought up the number of marriages that I knew had occered there for my family. This still happens on occassions. Now I am having an issue with the ERROR!!! message, or the search goes into loop mode and never brings up a record or try to Merge a record and it ‘hangs up’, program not responding. So I have to shut down and start over. The GA Death Records can not be merged if the image is open. Merge button and the others are grayed out. I search for a specific surname and I get everything but the surname I searched for or none show up for GA and I know the record was there when I added it to the 2006 FTM. I never merge a census record until I view the image. The translations of some of these censuses is beyond belief. The ‘rescanned’ censuses using the ‘new light’ method. Good idea and it does make some of the censuses more readable but then there are the images that were hit with so much light that it is barely readable…page after page. Happened last night and I couldn’t report an image problem. There was no Report Image Problem listed…and if there was, there would have been no place to explain the light situation. If there had been, and if there was a correction to make it readable then I’d have to remember to go back and recheck the census.

    I would like to see a search feature that allows one to search records from a specific state and for a specific county for any given record. I don’t need nor do I care to scroll through thousands of irrelavent records for other states, or countries or years before they were born or years after they died and in countries they never lived in. If I am searching in GA, born and died there, I don’t need all the extras. The filters just don’t seem to filter properly. All I get is garbage. Granted, some are better at using filters than other, maybe I’m an ‘other’, however Ancestry does have lots of issues at the present time that need to be handled First. Access to documents for verification of family research should be the main priority and once that’s done then add your bells and whistles to the program. Bells and whistles have no bearing on the main purpose for research. Documents do! If I can’t find the documents then the bells and whistles are useless. Ancestry should be adding more of the GA records to their database. Every addition of records they have added does not pertain to the original southern colonies. Georgia is a state that drew many immigrants from Maryland, VA, NC, SC etc and then some of them spread into other areas as land became available and states were formed. Ancestry has issues and I trust they are doing their best to please everyone, however bottom line is fix what is wrong; stop putting bandaids on the problem; stop adding bells and whistles,which ineveritably create problems with the search engine, at the expense of time and effort that could and should be devoted to records, enhancing records, adding records for the small counties in the southern states..some records are being tossed..The record search is a hit or miss and I haven’t found any of the upgrades to be any better.

    As for putting any information in an online tree, no way. Not even to make it private. To me private is private and in no way should anyone be able to access it or see any Living information on a Public tree, but glitches do and have happened. Otherwise, my Living family would never have shown up on someone else’s tree. Ancestry can not control everything with a 100% certainty.

    I have my membership to access and download/merge documents that verify and documents my research and at times I really don’t feel that I’m getting all that I contracted for.

  59. Andy Hatchett

    Hazel Re: #66

    You said:
    “Ancestry should be adding more of the GA records to their database.”

    Ancestry can only add what is made available to them. Do you know of any Georgia records whose owners are willing to make them available to Ancestry?

    You also said:
    “enhancing records, adding records for the small counties in the southern states..some records are being tossed.”

    In addition to what I said above, if you know of any records about to be tossed then please let Ancestry know about it it-immediately.

    We’d all like to see everything online but that isn’t going to happen, certainly not in our lifetime and probably not in our children’s lifetime.

    There is also the fact that while state archivists and those working with the records may be willing to give Ancestry access the actual decision has to be made by someone else, i.e. Legislature, Governor, etc., and, like everything else in life, there are politics involved.

  60. Hazel Clack

    Andy reg #67
    Yes, just yesterday, I heard of a county courthouse in GA that has
    ‘supposedly’ told a contracted employee to get rid of a storage house full of old documents. As to what they pertain I do not know. If you would like more specifics, please get in touch with me.

  61. Hazel Clack

    Andy reg #66

    Could this possibly be one of the reasons why I’m having problems with GA searches?:

    Géorgie, USA

    I just copied and pasted this from the search field when I put in Georgia, USA

  62. Andy Hatchett

    Hazel Re: #70

    Please send e-mail with full particulars about the Georgia Records that are to be dumped to

    He can get it to the right Ancestry department to check into it.

    Below are the top ten databases the Ancestry Card Catalog shows for Georgia. Remember, they are only as complete as what the original owners gave to Ancestry.


    1)Georgia Deaths, 1919-98 Birth, Marriage & Death 3,166,686

    2)Georgia Marriages, 1699-1944 Birth, Marriage & Death

    3)Georgia Marriages to 1850 Birth, Marriage & Death

    4)Georgia Census, 1790-1890 Census & Voter Lists

    5)Georgia, Confederate Pension Applications, 1879-1960 Military

    6)Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution
    Stories, Memories & Histories 1,588

    7)The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia)
    Newspapers & Periodicals 110,650

    8)Georgia Marriages, 1851-1900 Birth, Marriage & Death

    9)Georgia Bible Records Birth, Marriage & Death

    10)Atlanta, Georgia, Federal Penitentiary Index, ca. 1880-1922
    Court, Land, Wills & Financial 14,024

  63. Andy Hatchett

    Hazel Re: #70

    That is probably the cause.

    Do this…

    Enter exactly the same search and when you start typing “Georgia, USA” select it from the dropdown menu instead of just typing it in and hitting return.

    Are the results different?

    Géorgie, USA won’t be recognized- wonder how it got into the search field anyway?

  64. Hazel Clack

    Andy #71, 72
    Thanks Andy. I sent the e-mail and hope there is some kind of intervention that be done.

    As for how Géorgie, USA got in the search field, guess you have to find out from programmers, etc. I did do another search and it is in the drop down box. So is Georgia, USA

    Another issue to report…On the Census records, I like to bring up a census page and then start at page 1 and look at all the images for that particular County and/or District. When I enter 1 (for page 1) and click on the GO button, nothing happens. I have to use the arrow button which brings up the prior page until I get to page 1. Can this be fixed?

  65. Andy Hatchett

    Hazel Re: #73

    There is a much easier way to browse a collection.

    1) Without keying any info into any of the search fields-Click Search in Menu Bar
    2) Click the collection from left had sidebar (Census and Voter lists, Birth Marriage, Death, Military, etc.)
    3) Click the particular collection you want to browse from left sidebar (1930 census, 1920 census, etc)
    4) On right sidebar (Browse this collection) just fill in the info asked for (again without keying anything into the search fields of the search form on the right) and then choose from list of links shown.

    That will take you to page 1 of that particular location.

  66. Andy Hatchett

    Heather Re; #73

    I can’t duplicate your problem.

    Here is what I’m doing:

    1) Bring up census page
    2) Place cursor in image # field right in front of “go” button
    3) Delete image # that is there
    4) Key in “1” (without quotes)
    5) Hit enter or click go.

    It always takes me to the first image of that set.

  67. lenpage123

    why does the family tree suddenly lock up at the start of my tree /all i get is the new tree each time?

  68. Hazel Clack

    Andy #79

    Apology accepted. I never even noticed.

    I understand what you are saying. That is exactly what I do. If there are 45 pages and my search comes up on page 27, I type in 1 and click on GO. It does not work. It
    doesn’t “GO” anywhere. See, we…customers…can have problems and just because you guys don’t seem to be able to duplicate them doesn’t mean that we are not using the application correctly. It doesn’t matter what page # I put in…GO does not GO.

  69. Hazel R: #80

    Just for the record… I’m not part of the “you guys” crowd. I’m not an Ancestry employee. I’m just another paying subscriber.

    How are you removing the current image number before you type in the new image number?

    Do you just highlight it and hit delete key or do you put cursor in the box and backspace it out?

    Try each way and see if it makes a difference – also what browser and version (not that it should make a difference but…)

  70. Thanks Jim #82 for bringing us back on topic!

    We have now tracked down an intermittent issue with the image service and have made changes to resolve it. All newspapers and other images should now be loading correctly.

    Please let me know if you find examples where this is the case

    We will watch the performance closely over the next few days, and provided it looks good, we expect to restore the “preview” images in search results early next week.

    Thank you all for your contributions to this blog post.


    Tony (

  71. Hi Hazel Re: 68

    Thanks for reaching out to us with your concerns about the possible destruction of records – I share your concern over any historical records being lost.

    Our content team has an ongoing relationship with the Archives in Georgia, and we were able to follow up with the County Clerk of Thomas County. Fortunately, it looks like there has been a misunderstanding – and I’d like to thank them for clarifying the actual situation: –

    “In preparation for the courthouse renovation, the clerk sent out a notice to each county department asking them to review the retention schedules and to destroy eligible records. The remaining records are being housed at a climate controlled facility run by Secure Records Solutions (the county has contracted for the storage of temporary and historical records). No historical records have been destroyed. The county has also rented a warehouse (non-temperature controlled but clean and dry) for the storage of furniture that will go back into the courthouse upon completion of renovations. NO RECORDS are in the warehouse.”

    ie NO historical records are intended to be or have been destroyed.

    I’m sure you’re as please as we were to hear this, however, I would like to thank you for raising this and giving us the opportunity to look into it.



    Tony Macklin | Sr Director, Search |

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