Posted by Web Operations on December 27, 2009 in Site Issues

We are pleased to inform everyone that the temporary site problem we experienced earlier has now been resolved.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and truly appreciate your patience through this situation.


  1. Pat R

    I am not finding that the system problem has been resolved. We cannot login as yet. Can you check the system again?

    Thank you

  2. Bob

    The site is still not opperating properly. I can get logged in (somtimes) but am unable to access my tree(s).

    Please verify opperations.

  3. John H

    Records from Recent Member Connect that I had recently noted are now missing. I now see records from Dec 24 and Dec 27 — but not records I previously saw for Dec 26 or on Dec 27 — there were many from two individuals involving my primary tree. (based On GMT) that must have happened before the problem arose. Will this be able to be restored?

  4. I hope that the problem has been resolved. I have been having a problem with adding newfound family to the tree; it tends to be loading the information a bit longer than the other hints. It does add the newfound family, but it takes afew minutes to do so. at first i thought that it might have to do with the browser; i use mozilla firefox; it seems a bit faster on internet explorer. i have checked with java and have the update for that already.

  5. I am still having a problem with the hints loading, the hints that have to do with adding newfound family to the tree; it takes a few minutes to load. i hope that this is resolved soon. it could be attributed to my tree being quite large, i don’t know, but i hope that the problem with the loading of the hints to add them to ones tree can be resolved.

  6. Evan Hantman

    I feel when I was hours looking for something that I paid to get, I should be at least given credit on my account, because you are not delivering a product that you sold. Fix it or don’t charge for it. I went thru 900 records and when I go to veiw it, I can’t. Sorry isn’t what I am paying for.

  7. Nancy Ann Norman


  8. Linda

    I cannot get on I am a paying member and it won’t let me in. I cannot get a response from you. Don’t know what else to do.

  9. Harry Beam

    I have stopped my account again due to the fact that you still have not improved on the census information. When I put all exact information into the system I still get locations, dates and other information that I am not interested in. I expected that if I put in a name, date and city/state, that is what I would get, but it seems I

  10. Harry Beam

    I have stopped my account again due to the fact that you still have not improved on the census information. When I put all exact information into the system I still get locations, dates and other information that I am not interested in. I expected that if I put in a name, date and city/state, that is what I would get, but it seems I get info that is not related to my inquiries.

  11. Randy Parrish

    As expected, Ancestry’s poor customer service means we won’t get a response on the search engine problems.


  12. Andy Hatchett

    There is a reason Customer Service doesn’t respond to search engine problems…

    They don’t respond because there are none; merely users who don’t understand how to utilize it properly.


  13. Leonie

    I am still not being able to log on.
    I am in australia.
    Can you let me know when it will be fixed.

  14. Andy Hatchett

    Kliff Re: #14

    It is hard to give advice when there is little info to work with.

    Which family member? What time period? What location? What method are you using to try and find the dates, etc.

  15. Bromaelor

    Ancestry, by allowing anyone-and-his-dog to post on an open blog you are asking for trouble!

    The majority of the comments left above are nothing to do with the original posting and merely show that many Ancestry subscribers haven’t a clue what they are doing! They really want just one button on their Ancestry page which says “Work out my family tree for me”!!!

    Just when you thought you have made something idiot-proof, along comes a more determined idiot!

  16. loretta farrell

    I’m trying to sign up for the free trail! however, when I go to payment page the statement I’m signing tells my charge will $155.55? I don’t understand what this fee is for!

  17. dklart

    This is not resolved.

    I have a WorldWide subscription, (US). When I attempt to access data collections outside the US, the page flips to, and doesn’t recognize my account.

    I didn’t have a problem until today, Tues, Dec 29.

  18. Diana S Lane

    Approximately 6 months ago I had typed a very in depth history of one of my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.

    It is gone.

    I have rummaged through my stacks only to find I did not print out a hard copy.

    My recomendation is that if you have a story for your site, please print!

    I can never get back thoses exact words that were carefully chosen to describe his life.


  19. Richard Wood

    The Option “Find Famous Relatives is so full of errors that it is virtually unusable. For example: John Cook 1654-1726 has a grandmother named Elizabeth Jones. “Find Famous” shows her father (his great-grandfather) to be Richard Jones 1692-1759. Ridiculous!

  20. Florence

    I have not been able to access the page since before Christmas. I get the “oops this link appears to be broken message.” I have been able to access my tree from a favorite link. From there I can go to “People in Tree” and “People with Hints”. If I click on the hints, they come up. If it is someone else’s tree, I can access. If it is historical records, I again get the “oops this link appears to be broken” message. Ditto in trying any searches. I cannot access “My Account” or “Help” but can access “Messages” – any suggestions?

  21. John H

    Re #3 above — this resolved iteslf and I can now see what had disappeared — thank you.

    I really think you need to open a perpetual blog for those customers who are clearly frustrated so they don’t fee the urge to post to inappropriate blog — it also appears these people to do NOT know they can send an e-mail to ancestry by going to the help key at the top and then contact — maybe you ought to promote that at the top of the blog page.

  22. jerry

    the organization of this site id REALLY BAD– I should not get hits of names not close to my request. If I provide the date and county of a deceased — why does your search give results from hundred of UNRELATED COUNTIES???? I’m really dicussed with this search~!!!!

  23. Andy Hatchett

    Jerry Re: #26

    Are you using OldSearch or NewSearch?

    Are you using Ranked Searches or Exact Searches?

    Are you using global search or searching withing a particular database?

    All of these, unfortunately, play a part in determining what search results are returned for any particular search.

    A book could be- and probably more importantly SHOULD be- written by Ancestry to fully explain their search engine and be given free of charge as part of the membership fee.

  24. Nancy

    I am new to this site and am completey totally confused. How do I get the the family tree I started about a week ago? Help me please.

  25. Andy Hatchett

    Nancy Re: #29

    Click on “Home” at the left corner of the menu bar at the top of the page when you sign on to Ancestry.

    Scroll down and there will be a section on any trees you have started- just click the one you want to see.

  26. Beth Hansen

    For #21 Diana S Lane: Go to the
    search box for stories and type
    in a few significant words from
    your lost story and you may get a
    hit from someone else that copied
    it to their tree and you can access
    it from there for recopying.
    Beth Hansen

  27. Donnie Patton

    You have really screwed up what used to be a great sight to look up ancestory from the census record.

    I’ve been a member for several years and if you don’t change the census look up (put it back the way it was) you will loose me as a customer. What ever you guys hav done —- put it back. This was a BAD IDEA. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put it back.

  28. Bettie Rost

    I received email from you offering up to 30% discount to get access to your site before 12 midnight on the 31st of Dec.2009. Well I have been trying to get on the site and order a subscription for two days now with no success.It is now 7:19 pm EST, your office is closed and since this offer ends tonight I can’t reach someone until 10 am Jan 1… if you are open, but that will be too late. Is this offer going to be extended, since I am sure that I am not the only one that can’t get on your site? I will keep trying until I go to bed, but I don’t plan to bring in the New Year, so I don’t know how long I will be up , but I will keep trying.

  29. Irene

    I am a member of and a keyer/arbitrator. I have not been able to access/sign onto the site for 2 days. I can’t access/sign-on for the sets that I have keyed. Is the site down or is there something I need to do to access it. My password doesn’t seem to work.

  30. Gld71571

    Having great difficulty uploading and transfering my family tree to your sight. after following your exact procedure to created the gedcom file and then uploading the file it keeps telling me the file is not a gedcom file format. Can you please help. The file size specified is smaller than the limit.

  31. Brenda Johnson

    I try to go to various pages and get a notice that it is an “Error process website.” After paying as much for the year for Ancestry, and being such a loyal customer, I expect to get to read what I try to research.

  32. Brenda Johnson

    I try to go to various pages and get a notice that it is an “Error processing the website.” After paying as much for the year for Ancestry, and being such a loyal customer, I expect to get to read what I try to research.

  33. Nancy Ann Norman

    I still can not find what I am looking for in the Census with this new serch. I even went back to the old search, but that seems to be messed up also. It is so frustrating because I spend about 6 hours per DAY on this site and have been a member for about 10 years. I FEEL NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME. and with the other blogs, it does not seem like you are listing to ANYONE.

  34. Andy Hatchett

    Nancy Re: # 42

    Just because we don’t see Ancestry rushing to change things back (that ain’t *never* gonna happen) or makiing immediate changes or commenting on changes can’t be taken as proof that they aren’t listening…

    Perhaps they have learned their lesson and are looking *very* closely at what can and can’t be done to implement some of the requested changes rather than just rushing them out with all the bugs etc. as in the past… at least one can hope that is what they are doing!

  35. I’m already a paying member of, yet I now cannot access death records and some other records. I keep getting redirected to some free trial page. I am already and have been a paying members for years. What’s going on ?

  36. Bev

    I enjoy using and think that you are doing a great job with all of the information. I am wondering if you have a place where members could put unidentified pictures with the hope that someone out there would recognize and help to identify them. I think that most of us have some old pictures tin-types, etc that need an identity.

  37. Scott

    I’ve noticed there is a tendency to reply to whatever blog topic with problems/suggestions often completely unrelated to the topic, so I figured I’d pile on (ha!).

    To me the biggest problem with today (and one that I’m amazed a solution hasn’t been found for given the number of bright minds there working on this stuff) is the inability to upload new family tree info into your Ancestry tree (in a mass GEDCOM upload, not a one-by-one manual add) without obliterating all the pics you’ve uploaded or being forced to upload it into a new tree where you’d have to manually attach all the pics to people again. My Ancestry tree has been free of updates since I uploaded the thing originally for that very reason…all the while I’ve added tons of people to my family tree program that is off line…just because of the picture problem. Would love to see that fixed.

  38. trying to log into and once I log in,the website does recognise me. however when I try to search records, it identifies me as a guest. my account is all up to date. does anyone know why this happens and is there anything I have to do different to log in? thanks.

  39. I purchased Family Tree Maker 2010, installed and registered it. This included 6 months free access to all the listed records, but yet when I try to access a site, only a screen offering me 14 days free trial appears. This is hardly satisfactory. Please explain.

    Roy Dineen

  40. JUDY

    I have been logged on to both and since yesterday.

    my only complaint at the moment is new search needs scrapping

    try cleaning your computer

    a good tool for this is

    ccleaner (its free just google it)

  41. sandra wyse

    Where did the sight go that connected you to other members with the same family surname or surnames.
    The one with stories, pictures, names dates,etc.

  42. Gladys Simons

    I have a problem with information that I have added to my trees. Some of it is disappearing Am I doing something wrong or is that a system problem?

  43. Kelly

    I don’t know where else to write this, which is my first concern. How do I contact the people in charge of My grandfather’s family is from Latvia, and I noticed that in a country search, Lithuania is included, but not Latvia or Estonia. I would really appreciate being able to access more of my foreign relatives’ information. Subscribing to this international account seems pointless if it doesn’t have information on these relatives. PLEASE INCLUDE MORE ABOUT LATVIA!!!!!!!

  44. Andy Hatchett

    Kelly Re: #60

    Ancestry can only include information that is made available to it.

    Has Latvia made their records available to Ancestry- or to any other organization for that matter?

  45. Gordon

    Am having trouble viewing original census data page. A page offering 14 day free trial comes up instead. This has been occuring for more than three days.

  46. Sherrell

    I am having the same kind of search problems with the records and the 14-day trial. I got an email from to sign-out and then back in again but that did not work.

  47. Joan Hanlon

    I am unable to login to my account. I have been a member for several years. What is going on? I can’t access anything.

  48. Clayton Yendrey

    The website can no longer access my tree that I was building – IE and Chrome both say the link to my tree from the home web page is no longer working.

  49. Florence

    Follow up to my message #23 – December 29:

    It has now been over three weeks since I have been able to utilize the website. As stated in my previous post, I cannot access help or technical support. This seems to be the only avenue to seek help. Judging by the recents posts, I am not the only one experiencing these problems. If anyone from ancestry is monitoring the blogs, perhaps they could help us get back to the service we are paying for — please.

  50. Are you having a problem with recent/current activities, it seems like it’s stuck on Jan. 3, and has been the same since. No updates for the 4th-or 5th. There are usually 40 or more activities to check out, per day. I miss seeing whats going on by other members.

  51. MOI

    No. 45 Bev – There is a message board for Vintage Photo Identification where some have posted photos that need dating or identification.

    However, I agree that should perhaps consider establishing a bulletin board for posting photos with brief comments about the information needed and the owners user name. Members could then send an Ancestry message to the owner with their input. The only drawback is that other members would not be privy to those comments. At present, the Vintage Photo Identification Board seems to be the best bet.

  52. Wendy Lavender

    Well is would appear that I’m not the only one with Ancestry’s site. At this same time last year I found myself to be a “registered guest” even though I had been paying for a monthly subscription of $19.95AUS. By the time I realized after the Christmas rush, the price had gone up $2 and I would have to re-subscribe at the new price. I didn’t bother until August of 2009 when I joined for a full year. Now I find that when I log in I’m a darn “registered guest” again for Pete’s sake. What happens over the Christmas holidays at Ancestry? Do they reboot the system and it falls over? Still waiting for replies but only just sent the email so I must be patient but I have research to do!
    FindMyPast is looking better every day.

  53. I’ve been a happy member of Ancestry for many years and feel like I can navigate the system fairly well, however, for the past few days I cannot access a full page of any original census nor can I attach a record to a person in my file. I really prefer to read the census for myself, when possible!!! Yes, I’m addicted and use it everyday but I know there are other usable sites.

    I believe Ancestry has a screwworm.

  54. Marta R Mougin

    I cannot log in automatically. I have requested a look up of my passwords twice. There has been no response. I paid a year subscription & have not been able to use for weeks. Please reply.
    Marta Mougin

  55. I feel like most of the others making comments. Your site has problems!!

    When opening “Home,” I am logged in automatically. When I click on search, I am asked to log in. I do so and fill in my search information, click on “search”, then find myself logged out again and the information I asked for unavailable. I re-suscribed a few days ago after a several year hiatus and have found the site to be much more difficult to obtain information from.

    W.P. Wooten

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