Posted by Web Operations on November 17, 2009 in Site Issues, Website

We’re letting everyone know that we are having some temporary site problems that we are actively working to resolve. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Thank you for your patience as we work through this issue.


  1. Mary Beth Marchant

    Again. This seems to happen every couple of weeks with Ancestry. Maybe if y’all would quit adding, fixing, etc. all the junk we are seeing and just get your servers upgraded, this nonsense would stop. This doesn’t look good while this company is going public. Ancestry,get your act together.

  2. Ron

    I suppose it seems to everyone that the only times there are site problems is when he or she has the time to get on here and work. I know you are doing what you can to remedy this and appreciate that…but hope it is soon.

  3. Rina

    Goodness an update! You’re spoiling us!
    Still no explanation or feedback regarding the overlong maintenance outage on 10th November.

  4. Kit Parrish

    Wow!–I just joined, started putting in information—and it crashes. I certainly hope that the data I put in, is not lost!

  5. Michael

    So… will be adding another day to free trial? I’m particulary upset as that my online tree is not showing up at all. Not even the info I uploaded before my trial. I hope that it is not all deleted.

  6. Rich Pea

    Well, if you can input family data, you’ve got more access than I do. I can’t even view my family tree right now.

    Hey, at least that annoying ‘space’ that was being added to location names has been fixed. That’s the only complaint I’ve had lately on here. =)

    Keep up your good work Ancestry. I enjoy the new additions in the java applets.

  7. Russell

    I understand the temporary problems, things like that happen, and thanks for working to get it resolved. What I have been frustrated with the last few weeks is the seemingly constant server overloads, when trying to work. I’d like to see something done about those chronic server load problems.

  8. Stephen

    Thank you for providing up dates on the status of the website. Not knowing why the site is down is bad. Knowing that you are working on it is good… Thanks

  9. Linda Webb

    Come on Everyone; Give them a break!Think about it, what website does not have problem, even my phone company cant get it together. Be posative, give them a little time and the will have it worked out. I have been dealing with this site for four years and the problems they have here is not anymore then any other site.

  10. Leanne

    Will this fix solve the fact that recently the system is as slow as molasses? (Read as longer than a stop light) I have a cable connection and figure it is either worthless or else Ancestry has a problem. Another recent problem is noting that when I click on the green leaves and searh other family trees I get trees that are not remotely close to the person I’m researching. This is a recent problem (past 2 weeks). Kudos to the problem solvers!

  11. WebOperations

    We are pleased to inform everyone that the temporary site problem we experienced earlier has now been resolved. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and truly appreciate your patience through this situation.

  12. Susan

    I have been a member for quite a few years and have purchased every new upgrade that you have offered for new versions of family tree maker. I have the new 2010 version and have worked on it now for quite some time and today when I go to work on it, It won’t even come up with all the trees that I have in the version. I hope that because of the this problem you are having that I have not lost every tree or thing I have put into this. I have been imputing information on our family now for about 15 years. would hate to see that all the hard work I have done was for nothing. Plese get this back up and running.

  13. Scott Jameson

    It bothers me how so many folks are so impatient when a few problems crop up now and again on Ancestry. Years ago if you had the money professional genealogists could do some of the foot work for you. For many of us with families and jobs, having to hoof it from state to state, from town office to town office, the traveling and xeroxing expenses were considerable and time-consuming. In the past year I have been on Ancestry, I have accumulated so much information and material that it took a ten-year effort to extract the same. So, if a few bugs come along you always have your backups to protect your invaluable data to work from. I’m not saying that FTM is perfect, but it’s the handiest tool for genealogy I have ever come across and the data on is considerable and extensive considering the alternatives.

  14. Stan Sneed

    Would this I kept getting errors trying to upload from FTM? Are you getting too big? I suspect you are managing massive tera-bits databases with thousands trying to access data at the same time. Is seeing its end days?

  15. Debbie

    You posted a message at 12:52 saying everything was fixed, but I still cannot access my family tree and it’s 2:22 now. What’s the deal?

  16. It has been over three weeks and part of the search pages with the census etc. on the right side will not show on the screen, have not been able to use your site for this amount of time. Will you give us an extra month or days added on to my subscription for this lost time that I have paid for?

  17. Gord

    Every day for the past 3-4 weeks, I have been trying to retrieve images from the 1901 Census of Canada. Every day, the images are not available. I have called customer support several times – each time the problem was confirmed by customer support. Each time they said there was nothing they could do about it. I asked how to escalate this problem. They said there is no way. I keep trying and trying and am unable to access data I am paying for. Does this count as a temporary site problem as well? Why does this take so long to fix?

  18. Jane

    Ah, not again. This isn’t good. I wish Ancestry would stop all the gingerbread and work on adding substance…like a web site that’s there when users want to access it.

  19. Steven L Edwards

    Unfortunately life is not perfect, even if you have slapped the money down. If you are not in it for the long haul you will not be able benefit from what can do for your research. Quit whining! This user has paid a lot more money than most of you have. It is an excellent service.

  20. onelayperson

    Hello, I passed on what you have posted onto the blog to those on the boards and this is the comment that was posted by jmyoung365…………………
    This notice from the ancestry blog has nothing to do with the message boards– it is misleading in many ways. First off…you make it sound as if you are posting an official notice for the company in that you didn’t cite your source, and second you lead the users to believe the boards are not working–when, in fact, they are.

    You cannot even pass on advise on the boards, and then moan if they are not told, it is a sad day.

  21. Atreegrowsinbrooklyn

    I’ve been using ancestry since the 20th century…

    I’ve seen the search page morph more than once. A friend joined not long ago and she was having many of the same problems. I suggested to her, and to anyone else who is interested, to use the “old search” with the tabs across the top: historical records, family trees, publications, photos/maps. That one. It has always worked well for me and I haven’t had any of the problems cited here. Hope this helps.

  22. Andy Hatchett

    Onelayperson Re;#31

    I think what you were trying to do was valid but unfortunately you chose the wrong board.

    Since it was the trees that weren’t working when the boards were it would have been better to re-post the Blog message to the Member Trees Board – or even better just a link posted there that links to the Blog message.

  23. Wes Campbell

    I want to be removed from receiving automatic emails from this site. They put their number as 1-800-ANCESTRY…meaning you need the old type phone to know what the numbers are. Hopefully, the moderator can do something to remove me from the email list. Thanks.

  24. Let’s all go back to version 6! It worked with NO PROBLEMS! Version 10 is a nightmare – constant freezing. I work at this everyday and lately NOTHING IS WORKING! If you’ve hired new techies – FIRE THEM!
    Seems like every other record I look at has been entered a dozen or more times! And then there are all the records where you fail to show the actual document which is the only way to verify anything because the portion of it that you’ve entered requires that we go to a site library and physically look it up! What are we paying $300/yr for anyway?
    Get it together! Please!

  25. Lynda Sturguess

    IT IS 10:15 P.M. and I cannot get on my tree since 11:00 A.M.
    I CAN VIEW OTHER TREES I AM INVITED TO LOOK AT! What’s the deal????? Please reply soon. This is crazy!
    Lynda Ann Sturguess
    tree name 6degreesofseparation

  26. Andy Hatchett

    Kitchendoc Re:#35

    I’m afraid that if you expect actual images of all documents you are in for a BIG disappointment. Ancestry doesn’t have all images and never will have – nor will anyone else on line.

    I suggest you actually look at what is available- and not what you wish were available.

    Most genealogical documents will *never* be online for a variety of reasons, legal and otherwise.

  27. beth

    Last week it was the 8 hour unavailability. Now it’s whatever it is that’s making any work impossible! Its been over an hour of this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. Julia Buckley

    I up-graded recently and have not once been able to even get to the home page. EVERY other site i go to works. I have had enough. I love ancestry but it causes me more frustration than pleasure, not to mention the amount of hours lost trying to solve the problems and money used for my internet usage. I cannot even contact anyone at ancestry…please ancestry write to me…

  29. Corey Putney

    I have not been a member all that long, but have used FTM progams for years and now I’m working wit FTM2010 Ive allways been happy with there products and love how much Ancestry has helped my tree and me learn more every day i find or learn something new its the internet things go wrong but things happen we deal with them remember we could allways go back to wearing out soles of our shoes looking for the info we have at our finger tips keep up the great work Ancestry I’m hooked

  30. Lynn

    While you’re fixing things, Ancestry has become very sluggish or comes to a near-stop due to advertisements taking forever to load. I’m on a high-speed cable connection, and other sites load very quickly compared to Ancestry. Can you please look into why this is happening? I’ll bet I’m not the only one experiencing this.

  31. Jane

    It’s now 2PM EST and the site is still down. No info from management today as to status of the fix. What’s going on??? It’s been 2 days without access to the site.

  32. Virgil Owens

    We’re now well into the second day of the “temporary site problem” that is keeping me and countless others from accessing our family trees. Yet, you don’t seem to have a problem getting out emails advertising your other products. Why don’t you “temporarily” divert some of those advertising programming resources towards fixing the problems with your main product. After all, we subscribers are the ones paying for those resources and, right now, we are not getting what we paid for!

  33. Sherry

    I hope the update corrects the problem with downloading family tree to Family Tree Maker 2010. The last two days all goes well until the file is unzipped 99%, at which point it crashes.

  34. onelayperson

    Andy Hatchett Re;#33

    Hello Andy, I take on board what you say but the original posting on this board did not indicate that it
    related to the trees. So I took it to be a general comment.
    I posted it in good faith however some have taken a dime view of this.

  35. is doing a great job. No site compares to the research data offered by Ancestry. The monthly fee is much less than going to local libraries or traveling to other states to obtain info. Keep up the good work Ancestry!!!!!

  36. Myrtle H. Pletos

    When I enter Louis Cardinal I get pages of newspapers on the St. Louis Cardinals.

    I’m doing family research not looking for baseball games or players.


  37. Carmen Pena Agosto

    I hope that we get extra days or months on for the time that has not allow us to do our research.

  38. just wondering if yo are ever going to add either or both of these functions
    1:…………merge to be able to remove unnecessary or duplicate names
    2:…………place names listing where we can edit place names so we have only one and not 5 or 10 different versions of the same name I know it can be done as I have used programs with these functions

  39. Andy Hatchett

    Paul Re:#51

    It is unclear if you are speaking of Online Member Trees of Family Tree Maker.

    If you mean the online trees the answer is probably not- that would make them too competitive with Family Tree Maker- Ancestry’s Cash Cow and they will do nothing to endanger that.

    If you mean Family Tree Maker- it already has those functions.

  40. Steve Meriweather

    I am disappointed that does not provide the research support that they claim they will provide. I received a call from a few days before my trial was up and they stated that they would do research and provide information on trees. The only time I receive information is when I personally enter information to my tree and then Ancestry sends a message that new information has been added to the tree. If I had known this I would not have continued the service. Also, your search engines are a waste of time. The more you refine your search the more unhelpful information appears that you have to spend hours looking through. In the future, don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

  41. James

    I live in Australia and I still haven’t been able to access my tree. As Melissa Phillips suggested, I went to tools then internet options and deleted my browsing history. Guess what it didn’t work. It’s Sunday morning and I’m still waiting.

  42. Since the site was down for “fixing” you have fixed me so well, I have not been able to open my site since. All I get is a page that tells me to “come back soon”. I paid more than enoughto be able to access the site. Please Fix!!!!

  43. John Verkley

    I am using FTM 2010. I would like to see some indication on the screen that there is a remark made on the PERSON tag.
    There used to be in older versions, why not now.?

  44. Julie O'Neal Hines

    I still think is the best site out there – I’ve been a member for over five years now.

    I am EXTREMELY concerned, though, about the latest loading of the 1860 US Census. For some reason, it is now only putting the name of the town, not county and state like it did before. what’s up with this????

  45. Camiel

    For the past 2 days when I try to open a record in the 1860 census I get “! Error Processing Request”. It advises that I try again. Nothing works. Please explain. Where would I find out if Ancestry knows about the problem and is working on it?

  46. Fran

    I recently installed the 2010 Tree Maker & of course, use Ancestry to work on it. The changes made at Ancestry since I first started using it almost 10 years ago, even though they say are improved, are more difficult to use. Sometimes an overlapping of information is there & doesn’t help or make much sense. Even when I put in names of people I have worked with in the past, some information I once found, is no longer available or hard to find.

  47. I am thankful for modern technology and how it has enabled us to quickly and easily access and exchange information. I am thankful for the family I came from, and the family God has given me. I am thankful for your website, and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!–Thanks:o)

  48. Cecilia Berry

    Wvery time I go to do a search I am invited to take out membership. I already have world membership. You are beginning to waste my time. What’s going on> Give me a response or return my money.

  49. Lisa Dorward

    I’ve been having a terrible problem — especially for the past few days — getting things to load. I had my computer checked, my internet connection checked and my router checked — all are fine. But it takes 15 minutes or more to upload a picture and even navigating between pages is frustrating. After waiting for 5 minutes just to go to a different page, I give up thinking I’ll just come back another time … but today it’s just as bad. Is this what’s being fixed?

  50. Cissy

    It’s 25 November and I haven’t been able to log on all week. It’s like the whole site is gone. Any ETA?

  51. Wayne

    I am wondering if anybody else is having a problem with loading pages in the online tree program. During the day I have no problems to speak of but at night pages will give me a error “done but with problems”. Some pages may only load half the information and nothing looks right but yet when I go to a old census page or go to enter information in the older pages they will work right. To me it seems that when a lot of people are using the web base tree program the problem gets loaded down and can’t load the pages with all the data and graphics. Most times during the day as I say there seems to be a lot less of the problems with the pages loading. I never used to have any of these problems until all the new changes and it seems to be getting worse and not better. I am also getting to where loading a census image is unreal and will only load 1/2 the image at night and then turn around and it may load the next one with no problems. I have tryed different browsers and have the same problems so I then tryed different computers and the problem is still there. Is anyone else having these problems? Thanks

  52. BettyJean Beckler

    What has happened to the 1860 US
    Federal Census. On the residence line it is now picking up the post office line. I want to know where they lived not where they got their mail. Is this causing others the same problem.

  53. Andy Hatchett

    BettyJean Re: #69

    Isn’t where they lived shown in the “Home in XXXX” line that is above the residence line?

  54. Joyce

    I am anxious to use the “Family Tree Maker” software but there still is a problem with my database. The help desk tells me it’s a problem on your end with my database on ancestry. I’m wondering what the status is of the technical ticket that was reported for this problem?

  55. Vickie Williams Bologna

    Can not find any info from previous visits. Thank goodness I have am on a trial basis this time.

  56. Lynde Randall

    Could you please give me advise to being able to use my many, many cds as I used to use them with the versions of FTM 2006 and under. In the newer version, 2008,09,2010 I can’t open the CDs. I use Visa and going to install Windwos 7 very soon.
    The CD will open in the E: drive but you can’t go to any of the information.
    Please help.
    Thank you,

  57. Joyce

    the new search function stinks. I’ve spent the last hour searching for an 1880 census – I know the family moved from Calumet county to Winnebago country sometime between 1870 and 1905 but can not locate anything for 1880.

    I’ve also wanted to search newspapers also – but that function no longer is user friendly either.

    I’m really beginning to wonder why I pay for this service!

  58. Joyce

    the new search function stinks. I’ve spent the last hour searching for an 1880 census – I know the family moved from Calumet county to Winnebago country sometime between 1870 and 1905 but can not locate anything for 1880.

    I’ve also wanted to search newspapers – but that function no longer is user friendly either.

    I’m really beginning to wonder why I pay for this service!

  59. Mike

    I delete my profile pic. I go to add a new profile pic and it wont download. Tried several times. Any of you have this problem?

  60. Leah

    Thank you for screwing up the site once again. It’s a mess. I liked it the old way where a family member’s inforamtion was on sight instead of having to click here and there. What gives?

  61. Jason

    Congrats on having the DNA web groups down for the ENTIRE WEEKEND OF THANKSGIVING!! I’m sure that no one was near family members who would have been fascinated by the info out there….

    24 hour server support would be a good idea…..

  62. Bernie

    When I click on the web site resource button, it does go to the index. But when I click on a resourse (census, birth,etc.) it goes to ancestry’s home page. So I then have to enter the info all over again and start the search. Also, when I click on “print” it goes right back to ancestry’s home page. This has been going on for more than a month. Enough is enough.

  63. Carletta

    The site has been freezing up, for lack of a better word, for a couple of months now, not weeks. I have been a subscriber for more than two years now, and I am not happy about paying for a service that I can’t count on.
    I work quite a bit online, with new software programs. Usually, updated software causes more problems than it fixes. However, the software companies reap big profits, while we consumers end up holding an empty bag.

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