Posted by Ancestry Team on November 17, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Hello Everyone,

We are soon going to release a small program update to Family Tree Maker 2010, which will address some of the requests you’ve made here on the blog and in other forums.  Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Improved Relationship Calculator. Direct-line relationships now take precedence over less direct lines.
  2. Greater control over hinting. A new option lets you turn tree hints off, so you can get hints from records only. See the new check box in the Options dialog. Also, the program will stop hinting on trees owned by the logged in user, as well as not hinting records that have been downloaded with a tree from
  3. Improved data and formatting in a number of reports.
  4. Improved support for GEDCOM, PAF and Legacy import.
  5. Many other small changes throughout the program to help it run more smoothly.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us; they have helped us tremendously in preparing this update.

Please watch for the update in the next day or two. When it’s ready, a prompt will display in Family Tree Maker after you start the program. For those of you using Vista or Windows 7, make sure to right click on the Family Tree Maker 2010 shortcut and chose the “Run as Administrator” option to ensure you receive the notification. More detailed information regarding the patch, as well as links to download the patch directly, can be found at the following location starting tomorrow morning:



  1. Scott Hill

    It’s about time these fixes/enhancements be implemented. I requested/pointed out these shortcomings a long time ago.

    When is are the enhancements going to be provided for more dynamic filtering?

  2. Lynn


    Thank you for continuing to listen, for these enhancements as well as providing us with awareness that they are coming.

  3. James E. Durham

    Thank you for the updates and I am looking forward to the improvements. Family Tree Maker is by far the BEST genealogy program on the market!

  4. Pat Blanchard

    So far FTM 2010 has been really terrific for me. I am doing massive clean-up and have utilized many of the special tools to help me get my sources, places, and people straightened out. The improvements over past versions really blow me away. My only real complaint now involves some of the reports I use, but it looks like you are working on that, too. I’m looking forward to using the book building feature, once we get the report fixes. GREAT JOB GUYS!

  5. Karen

    Thanks Michelle, it is always good to read about improvements to the program, especially ones that have been requested by users.

    Suggestions for next patch a few more place names added to the database for England and Australia and more historial events for the timeline chart such as the Boer war and the great depression and Federation in Australia.

    One question is there a way to create an error report, for incorrect sourcing?

  6. Peter A. Forkes

    The one fix I would LOVE to see is to be able to produce PDF files wider than 200-inches.
    I understand that this is an issue that has been fixed in Acrobat 9,x (and, presumably, later).
    Even the workaround to produce .EMF files has imitations…I cannot produce an .EMF file 380-inches wide, going back to my 3rd great grandfather.

  7. Andy Hatchett

    James Re;#5

    There is no “best” genealogy program on the market-period.

    “Best” is a subjective value judgement and not a objective absolute.

  8. Bruce

    Thanks for the ‘hinting’ update. It was quite a surprise to see so many hints.

    Also, the transfer of data from has been great especially with photos! BIG THANK YOU for that.

  9. John Donaldson

    # 8 Peter

    I understand that it is related to the PDF generator used in the Share module which is only about PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4) or thereabouts.

    It is a known issue, and like you I think it is a pity that it truncates charts.

    Until such time as the PDF cteator is updated to a more current PDF spec, the workaround is to use Acrobat, Nuance, Nitro, or PDF 995

    John D

  10. Michelle,

    The capability to turn off the leaves for tree matches is a welcome addition (I was going to propose a pun about ‘tree leaves’ but thought better of it …).


  11. I purchased the Family Tree Maker 2010 a month or so ago and I have had quite a bit of trouble with it. Loosing names, or children names going to one parent and not the other, etc. I uninstalled the program tonight and when I reinstalled it I had to have a new user name. My previous one was bjsmith64 now it is bjsmith 605 and I have loss my connections with other family members who have other trees. Are your updates going to correct any of these problems. Thank you. bjsmith

  12. beth

    Please don’t! All your updates result in glitches and more difficult access of info. Your site was far better in its first few years.

  13. Robert Fred Brooks

    I sent you a message earlier today asking why for the last month everytime I add data it is gone when I go back.I just ran across the blog (I normally don’t use them) and I found out that this problem has been ongoing. I sent the blog to my cousins that are in this with me. My cousins and I are beginning to think that perhaps we made a mistake
    by doing this. For one, I am on Social Security Disability and can’t afford it. We thought e would do it especially for the kids.
    Question: Do you intent to re-emburse
    people for all the time lost ???

  14. JB

    I’ve been using FTM for over 10 years without issue. I’ve had questions about what I thought were glitches but one quick phone call resolved them promptly (and 9 times out of 10 could attribute the problem to ‘operator error’.) I would truly recommend anyone who is having trouble to call 1-800-ANCESTRY before getting too frustrated. I think you might find it truly helpful. I know I have.

  15. Julie

    Enhancements I’d like to see in the future:
    1. Greater sorting/filtering mechanisms for searches
    2. The ability to ignore something uring a search and it STAY turned off- and not reappear the next time you search.

    Minor frustrations but frustrating none the less.

  16. Scott Seligman

    Can you PLEASE provide support for us Generations Family Tree users, Michele? GEDCOM is not ideal; it won’t allow us to import links to exhibits, among other things. Would you please provide a way to import native Generations files the way you do PAF and Legacy files?

  17. Jorge

    Dear Ms. Pfister,
    I’m glad to hear about the new update coming out. In the mean time I have been very disappointed and frustrated trying to import a file from Family Tree Maker version 16 to Family Tree Maker 2010.
    After many years of accumulating information in my database I have been able to reach a total of 2024 Gigabytes of information. During the process of importing these files from FTM 16 to FTM 2010 it failed to import at the 30% bar mark and crashed. I have called several times to your technical support group, and your technical support experts suggest that I split my database into four files or use GEDCOM (using this last suggestion will make lose all my pictures and documents which they add up 550 multimedia files). I can’t do the splitting of the database because this will dismember marriages. In my 142,000 entries, over 22,000 are directly connected to my family tree or by marriages; the rest is part of my ongoing research, which will be lost. Trying to experiment with different software’s, the only one that helped me to do the import was The Master Genealogist, but it’s not the software I want.
    I was amazed to find out that your company after many years of programming and redesigning your software, your programmers have not realized that throughout the years people accumulate information in many different ways, and when a new update comes out you are anxious to update your old software with new features, to find out that the new update it’s not capable in performing as it suppose to do. I feel that I have been let down by FTM. I hope that someday, your programming team realized that databases grow.
    Even though that at the present I’m not using your software, I will like to suggest a feature to be added to your software, which would be an option that will help to reclassified your imported documents, either by pictures, documents, etc., like you have in your latest version. Also, it would be a great option to update the import feature from the Master Genealogist version 7.04 or later to your new update.

  18. Sue

    Would love an “address” area or page under Edit where I could put the email and street sddresses and phone for contacts, directly related to the specific person.

  19. Claudia Guay

    Thank you for the updates. An enhancement that I would find very helpful would be the ability to rearrange photos once they have been uploaded in the Media Section (like you can on the Facebook program). I usually like to put my photos in order, starting w/present day info, working back & find it is impossible to do so when I have tons to upload. Is this at all possible? Thanks very much!

  20. Please help by providing a sole patch for FTM 2009 relationship calculator defect.

    RELATIONSHIP CALCULATOR DEFECT 2009 FTM – does NOT compute the cousin degree between a husband and wife when it existsas it did in previous versions.
    ex: if both the husb. and wife share the same 4th. great-grandfather the calculator only shows them as husb. & wife to each. Meaning that the relationship search priority is set for the wrong parameter.

    I greatly miss this feature as I use it in my medical research projects.
    It appears that 2009 FTM calculator can only soley reference the relationship to the ‘home’ person in the program.

    The technician explained that the 2010 FTM now has ‘greater capability’ (at a additional cost of $27) but what is the exact definition of ‘great capability’ ?
    Please list with example details on the website what this ‘greater capability’ is so I can be understand before I purchase the upgrade.

    I love to keep my FTM upgraded as the years go by but I consider this relationship calculator problem a ‘defect’ that needs a specific patch for those of us who are not able to upgrade. I live on disability $690 mnth. By rights I shouldn’t even be able to enjoy such a luxary as this program. But I do allow myself this luxary. Please help by providing a sole patch for this 2009 relationship calculator defect.

    Thank-you for all for your TIME & HARD work you all put into this software and program! I know it’s a hugh monumental task that’s not easy to keep all the features working and to keep it all linked up! And thank-you for having the blog so we can communicate!

  21. David S C Wilson [dsc8w]

    Glad to hear of the updates due SOON.May I also suggest the facility of different colour fonts when creating charts as was available in FTM v16.
    I have recently sent a message to the Tech people re spurious marriages, but am still waiting for a response to clear the problem.
    There are also a number of places within the UK, that don’t appear to be recognised by the Mapping software.

  22. Charles Willford

    No “hints” box in my not new OPTIONS dialog??

    And, yes, it says version

    You do mean from the “Options Menu” in FTM 2010??????


  23. James

    #25 Charles,

    Tools > Options > General Tab then select under “Search” “Exclude Ancestry Family Trees from automatic search”


  24. John Donaldson

    # 24 David

    That is already supported in FTM 2008, 2009 and 2010

    In the RH editing panel Fonts

    John D

  25. Michelle Pfister

    Karen #7,

    You asked if there’s a way to create an error report for incorrect sourcing.

    The Documented Facts report can show all of the events that have source information. There is also a Source Usage report that lists all of the individuals and facts associated with each source in your tree. This may be another way to manually check for errors in your database.

  26. George Cahill

    I have recently purchased Version 2010 Family Tree Maker. Although I admit I have done very little with the new program but when comparing 2010 with my older version FTM 2006 I am UNDERwhelmed to say the least. It appears you have taken a straightforward, easy to use program and overly complicated it. Perhaps I need more education about 2010? Is there a video seminar version of “How To” similar to the video version of Ancestry Tree program? I would appreciate any help I can get to ease my way into use of 2010.

  27. Michelle Pfister

    Claudia #22,

    Once images are associated with an individual, you can rearrange their order. In the People workspace, click one of the Media tabs, then drag and drop the images so they’re in the order you’d like.

  28. John Donaldson

    # 31 George

    There are a series of tutorials built into FTM 2010 in Help

    Here are some other links

    FTM 2010 Tutorials

    FTM Blog:

    FTM 2008/9/10 Knowledge base:

    FTM up to 16 Knowledge base and support:

    FTM-Tech (Where all the high end users hang out): FTM- another help posting site: Online Family Tree, My Canvas, FTM, etc: Blog –Great site for help on online matters:

    John D

  29. Richard H Hoffman

    I’m running Windows 7 and I had to download the update zip file and extract to my desktop. Then I successfully updated FTM.

  30. I have just down loaded the 2010 patch and began using it only to find that after 4 or 5 uses of the drop down menus I was unable to use them at all and had to shut down by turning my computer off and restarting. This happened three times and then has been OK since then, then 40 minutes later while I was deleting some wrong info it shut down. I hope that this is not going to keep recurring.

  31. I just upgraded from FTM 16 to FTM 2010.
    2010 does so much more that I may never learn to use all the improvements.

    It is so interconnected with that sometimes I don’t know which I am actually in. This brings up my question. When a document or source or a tree entry is annexed to my tree, does it go only to the tree or also to the FTM tree?

    You guys do good work,

  32. Scott Hill

    The updates are appreciated, especially the hint exclusion.

    But when is the bidirectional sync going to be implemented between FTM and Ancestry? This is most important improvement necessary besides a more dynamic filtering capability.

    Also, filtering capabilities for places would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Daryl Rickards

    FTM2010 Update.
    Just installed it and I am afraid that the map still has a problem. FTM2009 enabled one to select a place in family view, go to places and the pin would go to that place – now the pin just stays in the position that was last selected. The pin moves ok within places but does not seem to be linked to place in the family view.
    Need a patch as the current functionality doesn’t do very much UNLESS there is a hidden switch that I don’t know about.
    Daryl from Oz

  34. I can’t find out if my information above, maiden name Breeding, Hazel and/or Gregory A. Toler is listed on your website. If still listed, please erase, and/or delete 14 day free trial period, not interested. Thand you.

  35. John Donaldson

    # 37 Scott

    What do you mean by “Also, filtering capabilities for places would be greatly appreciated”?

    John D

  36. John Donaldson

    #36 Sam

    If you link a source to a person or fact in FTM and you subsequently upload the tree to Ancestry, the source information goes along for the ride

    John D

  37. How does the online tree differ from my Famile Tree Maker software. IN Family Tree Maker2008, the person on my tree is designated as na Aunt, cousin etc. The online version does not caontin this designator, please let me know

  38. karen

    When is Family Tree Maker going to come out with a Mac version? I used your program and loved it when I had a PC, I’ve talked a number of cousins into buying it. But now I have a Mac I can’t find anything comparable. Please tell me you’re working on a Mac version….

  39. Duff Wilson

    #38 Daryl,

    The updated Family Tree Maker 2010 now works the same way the 2009 version did. That is, the first time you go to the Places workspace, it will display a place associated with the selected person. If you leave the Places workspace, select a different person, and then return, the previously displayed place is still selected.

  40. David S C Wilson [dsc8w]

    To JD # 27
    John, I am referring to the option whereby in v 16, you can include items like Birth, Marriage and Death details with a different colour font for each line of information. Here in the UK Births are normally in Red, and Marriages in Green. These colours link-in with the GRO registers for BM&Deaths.
    To Michelle # 30
    The Documented report lists each line in Alpha sorting, whereas it would seem more logical to list in Date order eg; “Timeline”
    Thanks David

  41. When I downloaded my 2006 Family Tree Maker info on to the new version.The wrong name is on it as Home Person .
    How do I change this?
    Everything was transferred in a short time I was happy with that.
    Thank you. Norma C

  42. John Donaldson

    # 50 Jan

    There were I think 2 updates for FTM 2009

    Ancestry has now moved to FTM 2010 and the focus is now there

    John D

  43. John Donaldson

    # 49 Norma

    In the people view in the index, right click on the person that you wish to have as the home person and then select set as the home person

    John D

  44. I have an old website provided several years ago and recently deleted a file from it thinking I could place am updated file back on it. The newer versions do not allow me to place a file on the above website.

    Is the possibility of updating the old file no longer an option with the newer versions of FTM?

  45. Daryl Rickards

    #46 – #38
    Thanks for that, If it works the same as 2009 that does not necessarily make it right.Tell me why is it that in family view I ENTER a place name (new or existing) then go to places that place name is displayed BUT if I select an existing place name in family view, the previous selection is displayed in maps.
    I am having difficulty in understanding what places is attempting to achieve – Simply put is that if I select a place in Family view then the place map should follow.
    There are many other issues with this section of 2010
    thanks again

  46. Gregm

    OK, I need some help. I have a son with all of his decendents under the wrong Mother. The husband had three wives and somehow he was placed under the wrong one. How can the Mother be changed?

  47. Hal Phipps

    Thanks for giving us a well designed and useful FTM 2010.

    For your next update, please eliminate having to “Run as Administrator” for those of us using Vista and Windows 7. We should not have to do this just to know about or receive FTM updates. I understand that this problem has occurred since FTM 2008. It’s time to fix the problem!

  48. Scott Hill

    The relationship calculator is still busted.

    My great grandfather of husband of grand aunt is reported correctly…then his son jumps to 21st great grandson of 21st great grandmother.

  49. Scott Hill

    John #41

    Provide the same capability that is in the Family Index to reduce the clutter in the list while working.

    For example, a filter in the Places Index would allow research by geographic points of interest.

    I don’t try to resolve or replace Places outside the USA since it consumes considerable amount of time to research historical locations.

    It would help it the Places while utilizing Bing (UGHHH) can differianted historical (using time stamps) to current to stop the constant Place resolving, merging, or ignoring.

    In addition, it would be helpful if the city isn’t known, and the location is spelled out using the county for example
    Harris County, Texas, USA and it knows not to resolve or change.

    After a database failure all my places (over 8000) lost their “cookie” with Bing and I have to re-resolve my whole list again…UGGHHH

    Feel free to contact me offline if you need more details of my request.

  50. Scott Hill

    #60 Hal

    It’s not an Ancestry limitation, it is a security implementation from Microsoft to prevent unauthorized changes to your computer.

    In addition, it’s NOT advisable to reduce your security UAC (Vista & Win 7) to a lower value on a long-term setting.

  51. John Donaldson

    # 56 Hiram

    If you are referring to the web pages created by FTM up to version 16 on then you are correct that FTM 2008/09/10 will not support the old site

    If you have a version of FTM up to version 16 you can still access the family pages on, ie the servers are still working.

    The new versions from FTM 2008 onwards, support an online tree at

    John D

  52. John Donaldson

    # 59 Gregm

    I assume that you are using FTM 2008/09/10?

    (Be nice if you mentioned that in a post)

    Go to the son in the children’s area

    Go to Person>Attach detach Person and detach him

    Go to the correct mother and attach him c/w his descendants

    John D

  53. John Donaldson

    # 60 Hal

    I think it is a characteristic of Windows Vista and Windows 7, not FTM

    It occurs with other programs as well

    John D

  54. John Donaldson

    # 61 Scott

    Are you sure that you have enterted the people correctly

    The RC is very thorough and will find relationships that you didn’t know existed espacially cousins marrying

    John D

  55. Chris

    Having spoken to a technician via phone, the backroom boys are aware of a continuing problem with the RC and an error report has gone through. This took quite a lengthy chat about my problems and was very thorough and all this after the update.
    So I expect another update in the future.

  56. Tony Knight

    I had thought that FTM2010 was starting to settle down on my two machines (both Windows 7)the program having not crashed for over two weeks.
    I installed the upgrade on both machines, it took, but not without reporting exeptions that could not be handled.
    Using my desktop machine today it has already crashed three times, once because I forgot a previous experience and tried to merge a second gedcom without exiting and reopening the program again first, once as I tried to delete an individual and once because it felt like it.

    As an aside, has anyone noticed in Public Member Trees on Ancestry how many of the place names in England seem to becoming places in the USA?

  57. RMLindfors

    I try to update.And I got this! You do not have system administor rights. Which are required for getting up-dates.

  58. Relationship calculator is still defective. Or, to be blunt, RUBBISH.
    If I share an ancestor with someone,I want to know that they are my 13th cousin 4 times removed, not cousin of blah blah blah. This is the way FTM used to work, and produce a nice chart.
    Please can it be fixed?

  59. Melissa

    Dear Michelle,

    Pfister is one of my family names. Would your (or your husband’s) family be from the Billingheim (Appenhofen) area of Rhineland Pfalz?

    My request is to let me put whatever facts I want (including spouse name)into a columnar report and export to Excel. We used to be able to do that in v16.


  60. John B. Clark

    I have been using FTM 16 for several years. It was easy to add notes and information. I cannot understand how to use FTM 10. I have the ‘Getting Started Guide,’ but it was written for beginners. Where can I go on the internet and get information on how to add to, insert notes, etc?

  61. John Donaldson

    # 74 John

    Go to People>person View

    Click on the Notes tab at the bottom of the screen

    That is where you can add notes, paste notes, format notes, privatize notes, add research notes, add symbols to notes… even adjust thenotes size. . You have 1 MB to play with

    FTM Help Notes….

    To include a note
    Open one of the notes fields:

    Note type
    How to get there

    Person note
    People > Person, select the person, then click the Notes tab (below the Fact or Timeline view)

    Fact note
    People > Person, select the fact, then click the Notes tab (in the Information pane). If the Notes tab is not visible in the Information pane, click the Options button, then click Show Fact Notes.

    Relationship note
    People > Person> Relationships, select the relationship, then click the Notes tab (below the Relationships view)

    Research note
    Open the Notes tab for a Person, Fact, or Relationship (see above), then click Research note .

    Source note
    Sources > Notes tab below the Sources list.

    There is also a Notes tab in the Add Source and Edit Source dialog boxes.

    Media note
    Media > Detail > Notes tab.

    Type the note in the Note editor.

    See Note for an explanation of note options and tools.

    Additionally you can add notes in the RH editing panel in the people view by clicking on the Notes tab

    For help go to help>Training Tutorials and look at the tutorial for Workapaces

    Also go to and look at the webinars

    Finally go to ther FTM knowledge base at

    and put Notes in the keyword search. There are a number of articles listed.

    That should keep you going gor awhile

    John D

  62. mark putnam

    It would be great if you implemented the Gedcom 5.5 feature for multimedia in the GEDCOM export function of FTM 2010. If you used the link versus embed option, hopefully the gedcom will be small. Portability enhances rather than detracts from the proprietary nature of your software. I have multiple genealogy progs all used for different purposes. The lack of multimedia export is a large hindrance. Thank you

  63. John Donaldson

    # 76 Mark

    If you use the link to the media center in FTM all your linked media are gathered in one convenient folder. Ecah FTM file creates its own media folder if you allow this option

    I am not aware of any GEDCOMs that support media

    You might care to have a look at the draft GEDCOM XML 6.0 but again I don’t think it does what you want

    FTM uses the GEN Bridge technology from Wholly Genes and can import TMG and Legacy files in their native format including media. I wonder if this may become the default technology for genie programs?

    John D

  64. Dan Wilmoth

    I have had my difficulties with FTM, but 2010 is stable and meets my needs. It is spoiling me in that the leaves are very effective in finding data on

    Please leave it alone. By answering the needs of a small fringe that needs personal technical support more than they need enhancements to FTM, you are spinning and will never be done. If microsoft did this, we’d still be back on Windows 98.

    You’ve done a grea job. Relax and market what you have. The number 1 Geneology Website and the number 1 Geneology program.

    Thank You!!

  65. Dick

    I just installed the FTM 2010 update this morning, and now my current .ftm file will not load and will not import. Argh…

  66. William Smith

    Thank you for the quick answer to my question; I am suggesting the problem here as you suggested

    In the book format in Publishing it is not posible to print the decendent charts with the top facing the left when in lanscape format. It would be nice if one could change the printing from top right to top left.

    Printing one page at a time it works well but not when trying to print a book. Thank you

  67. Scott Hill

    #67 John

    Better suggestion – why don’t you guys make a Category for Enhancements in the Blog…that way you can build concensus in the open.

    The lack of feedback and putting things into a black hole provides an implied dissatisfaction for the user.

  68. Tomshines

    Suggestion: After every Ancestry Twitter Feed – We should have the opinion to delete it. That will leave us with those items we haven’t read and those we want to save. This will stop cluttering up my screen. Thanks for your consideration.

  69. Zac

    GUI is nice to work with but some of the enhancements e.g. Places need a major update to make usable. The database appears to be based on Microsoft Bing Mapping, but he map appears to have more accuracy than the Place Authority. However it is essential to allow street level recording of information with the ability to filter by Country, County, City/Town, Village etc. The search preference for US locations even when less likely than another e.g. UK location.

  70. Jackie Walls

    is it just me or have others had the following happen since downloading the patch for 2010 – I have lost all the settings for my family trees (in publish descendant chart)- they all reverted to name only. I then reinput my preferred data to one tree (expecting it to cover all trees from then on) to find I have to start again for each tree!

  71. Barb Walker

    I am still having the “FTM has encountered an error and must shut down.” I called and talked to a tech who e-mailed instructions to delete certain files/folders because I’m using Windows XP. I did that. I also downloaded the recent updates. I am REALLY frustrated. Every time I start to make progress, it shuts down AGAIN. Please help.

  72. mark

    John Donaldson, post #77, thanks for responding. The gencom xml spec for 6.0,the 5.5.1 spec, and the 5.5 spec contain multimedia data types. FTM has simply chosen to avoid including it because they know how hard it is for us to migrate data back and forth between applications. Hence, we’re held captive to FTM if we want our multimedia information. See for info about multimedia in gedcom. My suggestion stands, I hope the FTM developers become confident enough in their market share & product that they’ll release this feature so we can all export and exchange our multimedia gedcoms. I once purchased a license to resell an imaging product and then attended their annual sales meeting where the president proclaimed “we will do everything” to maintain control over images captured through our system. In other words, their reader or the highway. They’re now history. I’m only suggesting that FTM2010 provide a means to export media links using the defined and available standard. I use multiple genealogy products each for a different purpose. I am pleased with FTM2010 and it’s interface to the massive ancestry database but like rootsmagic with its ability to let me take a portable version with me for friends, family, or otherwise.
    Thank you

  73. Jackie Walls

    further to previous comment – I should have said that I have multiple trees in my FTM2010 program. Tried this experiment – went to top of my tree and input basic BMD to descendant tree – came up ok and then I followed tree down to me(using family view at top of page). Came out of publish went to people clicked on my brother went up the same tree I had before but in family view then went to publish descendant tree and all settings now gone!

  74. Scott Hill

    Ok, starting using the new Tools|Options|Exclude Ancestry Family Trees, great feature, about time.

    However, put this as a hot button on the Toolbar AND with the capability to exclude family tree searches based on logged-on user ID…I don’t need to see my trees!!

  75. Scott Hill

    #83 Zac and #68 John

    I have been requesting this as enhancement for a couple of years and pointing out the same issues with Windows Live/Bing place authority since it’s implementation.

  76. Scott Hill

    User Interface improvements:

    While in the Person tab working on the Individual & Shared Facts, it would be helpful to have the Index on left margin as in the Family Tab.

    Same would be helpful when in the Search tab when working on Merging record(s) to multiple family members. The little down arrow is easy to miss.

    It requires alot of mouse strokes to move between family members, verify that the preferred fact is set and merge the record for each family member on the record.

    Another way to resolve this issue is to provide the individual facts in another frame while in Search tab. (Preferred) This will make it easier to see if more than one fact exists and set the Preferred key prior to merging.

  77. John Donaldson

    # 81 Scott

    I don’t work for Ancestry, simply a user in AU.I am in regular contact with the developers though and have made a couple of visits to Provo.

    I can tell you though that enhancements are not a black hole, and every one is considered.

    Clearly it is Ancestry’s interest to respond to their customers’ demands.

    They also run questionaires and user forums etc.

    Given the number of enhancements, individual feedback is not considered as useful and devoting the resources to programming.

    One thing that folk overlook with an enhancement request is to make the “Business case”

    Explain the enhancement but then explain how you would use it.

    You are competing with other enhancements for the development resources, so you have to convince the decision makers in Provo of why your enhancencement should be acted upon.

    Out of interest there have been over 100 enhancements in FTM 2009 and 2010 since FTM 2008 was released!!

    Given the average of 6 or so improvements in FTM between versions up to version 16, this is extraordinary

    John D

  78. John Donaldson

    # 88 Nancy

    This is supported since SP 1 in FTM 2009

    Go to the Person view media tab and you will see some arrows that allow you to arrange media for subsequent uses in reports eg the photo albumn

    Select a medi item and the arrows to reannge it are made active

    Also media in FTM seems to work best in the new slideshow if you use categories, eg every media item should have a category associated with it

    John D

  79. John Donaldson

    # 89 Scott

    “AND with the capability to exclude family tree searches based on logged-on user ID…I don’t need to see my trees!!”

    This has already been activated and applies to FTM 2008, 2009 and 2010.

    It is at the Ancestry end and it means that you won’t get leaf hints for any trees associated with your log in.

    It was implemented when build 206 was released

    John D

  80. Scott Hill

    #95 John

    Then it must have been broken for a considarable amount of time between system upgrades. For the last couple of months until the update last Wed, this was a normal occurence, as well as the phantom hints.

  81. Bill Polk

    Two things I would like to see in the future – (1) I would like to be able to use color in the names portion of the data, any color, and specifically, the facility to use color to show a direct line of the specified person so that one can see that color on screen and in any printouts and (2) A search box within the notes portion. Yes, I know one can search for people, but when one has over 50,000 people with pages and pages of notes for many, many people, it takes forever to search notes, thus the need for a search box within the individual notes portion. I truly appreciate the color and other enhancements of the notes portion, finally, after many years, you achieved somewhat of a WYSIWYG like most modern writing programs have. Please always include something for those of us who are serious genealogists/researchers in your updates, make them worth the price. With exceptions, I always look at your new versions of FTM as catering to the little ol’ ladies and guys (now don’t anyone get insulted here, folks, I are a lil’ ol guy) who want pretty printouts for their grandchildren or whoevers. Fine, but think about REAL improvements when you put something out there and want our $$$. Thank you, and keep up the good work whenever you do that. Bill Polk

  82. Kirk Sellman

    #98 Bill

    I like your idea of putting colors into the names data. That would it easier to see the lineage path back to me.

  83. John Donaldson

    # 98 Bill

    Are you aware of the marked boxes capability that was added to FTM 2009-SP1 along with three templates for marked boxes?

    In essence what I think you are requesting is already available in both FTM 2009 and FTM 2010.

    You can mark any box or node (or any combination of boxes or nodes) [say a direct descendant line] and mark these in any combination of colours or box style or use the three built in templates.

    This lets the boxes or nodes stand out from any other formatting you may apply for gender or generation etc.

    You can even mark a single box or node so for Aunty Beth’s 80th birthday you can have here box or node highlighted.

    I think it is a great enhancement as it provides granularity right down to an individual box or node.

    Does this cater for your request?

    John D

  84. Larry Juul

    How do I delete an {unknown spouse}? My father shows 2 spouses, I only entered one. One of them is shown as unknown. Not in the index, gues its a bug? So I have to select his wife since it defaults to the unknown every time I open the tree. Have compacted, no better…help!

  85. Bob Testa

    It would be great if one of your future updates would enable us to include thumbnail photos in the genealogy Register Report printouts. Thanks.

  86. Harry Stuart

    I saw a lot of good suggestions for features in the response to your blog. However, one I feel is almost a requirement when publishing a book is the capability to display 1 “photo” per row in the photo album. In displaying source data reports, the current minimum of 2 per row makes them impossible to read – I can’t see why this was not permitted originally.

  87. Why when I send my family treemaker files to ancestry does it not includ the pictures in my tree?

    Clean up is really a pain on ancestry because you can not merge aa you can on familytreemake. Will you evert add this important feature?

  88. John Donaldson

    # 107 Sharon

    Because you have not checked the box “include media” as part of your upload process.

    Also you can upload media at any time as a separate action.

    John D

  89. John Donaldson

    # 104 Larry

    When posing these questions it is very helpful to advise which version you are using.

    I find the quickest and surest way to fix thios is to substitute the correct name for “unknown. Then merge the duplicate spouses.

    Job fixed

    John D

  90. John Donaldson

    # 102 Paula

    FTM 2010 will install as a separate program from your old version and in fact you can have both running.

    FTM 2010 will read any FTM file back to version 5.

    To load it into FTM is from the Plan workspace click on the new tree tab then select import from an existinmg file

    You then select the file you wish to import

    FTM 2010 makes a copy of the donor file then comverts it to FTM

    Quick and painless

    John D

  91. John Donaldson

    # 99 Kirk

    FTM also shows a yellow arrow in the children’s view that will take any direct ancestor back to the home person

    As they say in the song, “Follow the yellow brick arrows” (with apologies to the Wizard of Oz).

    It is a great little feature and almost overlooked, even although they changed the arrow colour from black
    to yellow (or gold)

    John D

  92. David Wilson

    I have been real hesitant over purchasing FTM2010 due to the issues revolving around the reports and the lack of information that has been forth coming on them. I tried sending a message to support and got a very curt response back telling me to just watch the video tutorials. To be honest, these were useless to me and I had already searched your entire site looking for anything pertaining to FTM2010 and reports. I also sent an email directly to Ms Pfister 3 weeks ago, requesting the same information and got no answer.

    I don’t mean for this to be a gripe letter because for the most part I like FTM, I am just tired of being ignored. What I am looking for is a Register report in a particular format that has not been available since FTN2005 (maybe Ver16 also). the report is NGS Quarterly (Descendant Order) Genealogy Report. The register report they have now is NO comparison to the NGS report. The current one does not even capture all your fields and drops the wives of the children where there are future generations.

    Now please, can I find out what all the reports look like in FTM2010 and especially the register report to see if it is in any way like the NGS Quarterly (Descendant Order) Genealogy Report. All the rest is bells and whistles, I need this one report more then ANYTHING ELSE.

    David Wilson

  93. Adriana wegher

    Sou familia wegher gostaria de encontrar alguem na germania com o mesmo sobre nome. porque nós não sabemos de ninguen com este sobre nome no brasil.

  94. Bill Parr

    I’m a charter member starting with Broderbund and would just like to say to you and your associates that it’s been a wonderful journey using all of your products over the years. The new 2010 patch works great, as well. I have 14,000 people in my FTM and everything works well. I look forward to the day that we can update FTM and simultaneously. I deleted one since it’s too much trouble to constantly update both. Maybe you have a current solution to this situation? Anyway, keep up the good work!

  95. Peter Byford

    I have now had all three of the web biased FTMs – and I still miss lots of the useful facilities in 2006! I will list the key ones:
    1. The lack of an effective “back” button, this really is a bind. I go back and forth down lines, I can’t go back to where I was – there is a back button, why not make it usable.
    2. Indexing – the 2010 tips etc book actually says you can sort the index by alphabetical name AND date (birth or marriage etc) you cannot it should “OR”-when you have hundreds with the same name this is a real pain!
    3. I want to be able send branch lines of a family to relatives (GEDCOM files). This means a specified number of generations from for example, Fred Bloggs born 1350 – you can’t do it.
    4. Similar to above, there used to be in 2006 etc, a facility to delete all the people on an outline descendants/ancestors chart – this was very useful when somebodys sends you a Gedcom file with lines that you don’t want. There is no way you can do it now!
    There are others but I will rest here.

  96. Anja

    Thank you for the update information. I was really happy to see that FTM 2010 lets you import your data from, but even after the update the data still doesn’t upload. The program crashes after about 10-30% is done, like it has been mentioned by another user before. This is really disappointing, I have no use for FTM 2010 or any new version of FTM until i am able to import my tree from Any update on this problem would be greatly appreciated.


  97. James

    #117 Peter,

    If I am reading your last request correctly, you can delete unwanted branches from the Extended Family Chart (and others). Control-Select the offending person and select “Delete from File…”


  98. John Donaldson

    #117 Peter

    1. The lack of an effective “back” button, this really is a bind. I go back and forth down lines, I can’t go back to where I was – there is a back button, why not make it usable.

    Have another look, I think you will find that there have been some worthwhile improvments

    2. Indexing – the 2010 tips etc book actually says you can sort the index by alphabetical name AND date (birth or marriage etc) you cannot it should “OR”-when you have hundreds with the same name this is a real pain!
    3. I want to be able send branch lines of a family to relatives (GEDCOM files). This means a specified number of generations from for example, Fred Bloggs born 1350 – you can’t do it.

    You can radily do this from the File Export and use the filter for selected individuals

    4. Similar to above, there used to be in 2006 etc, a facility to delete all the people on an outline descendants/ancestors chart – this was very useful when somebodys sends you a Gedcom file with lines that you don’t want. There is no way you can do it now!

    This is now supported in FTM 2010 try the extended chart and there are others options as well

    John D

    There are others but I will rest here.

  99. Don Wurdemann

    When trying to switch back after viewing a Census or marriage license or anything, the browser only works when I return to home is this normal?

  100. Donald L Eads MD

    I am the only user of this windows 7 computer. Yet when I click on Updates, I get the message that I need to log on as administrator.
    There are only Administrator and Guest accounts listed in the control panel “User Accounts” list.

  101. Nev

    104, you can’t delete an unknown, at least I haven’t been able to.
    Get the unknown spouse up, give it a name, eg temp, and then merge with the correct spouse. This gets rid of it.

    I would like to be able to use feature, Upload to Ancestry, and be able to merge changes with whats there instead of adding a new tree.
    This means you have multiple trees or you need to delete the old one.

  102. John Donaldson

    # 126 Donald

    This is a Windows security requirment in Vista and Windows 7

    Nothing to do with FTM and nothing to do with you being the sole user

    John D

  103. Jackie Walls

    re #84 and #87 this error seems to have corrected itself (most probably because I closed the program and then restarted the computer)
    all trees now holding the settings as before

  104. Mary Newkirk

    I have a new computer with microsoft 7 and have purchased a 2010 version (update) of your program. Do I have to install the previous version? Or is this a stand alone program. I have a copy of my data to transfer. Please respond. Mary

  105. John Donaldson

    # 130 Mary

    FTM 2010 is a stand alone version.

    Simple install and register it.

    Load you data file and then open it in FTM 2010.

    Note when you install FTM it is likley to advise of a patch is available and request permission to install it. You should do this.

    When installed FTM 2010 with the patch should indicate version 19.00.206 in the Help>About

    John D

  106. Nev

    When generating reports, is it possible to be able to specify how many side families are included?
    I think this feature would suit everyone by being able to do a one name report, or multi name report with extended family included.

  107. I tried to update my Family Tree maker 2010 and got the following error. Old file not found. However a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match.

    How do I solve this issue?

  108. Kathy Marie



    Michelle and Duff — It is getting a little tougher to find errors in the reports being generated by FTM 2010 but I continue to persevere.

    I have been looking at the Source Usage Report and comparing it to FTM 2006 and also with what I have loaded in my data base.

    My opinion is that the Source Usage Report is not picking up the full complement of Date, Place and Description options for some of the Fact Names shown on the report

    As you know, other reports (e.g., the “Individual Report”) has options regarding which Facts can be included in the report and specific Date, Place and Description options that can be established for each of the included Facts. Through this mechanism of options the user is able to customize the “Individual Report” to suit their own wants and desires and most importantly to ensure the report is accurate

    The Source Usage Report does not have the same set of options as does the “Individual Report” and consequently the user has no ability to modify/change/or establish any Fact Date, Place or Description that have been “hard coded” into the Source Usage Report algorithms by the programmers. The only “control” that the user has is to either “Show Facts or not Show Facts” by clicking on the “Show Facts” click box.

    If the user checks the “Show Facts” box (to indicate they want the facts to be shown on the report) then the Fact Name (e.g., Birth:) is shown following the citation and THE PARTICULAR FACT DATE, PLACE AND/OR DESCRIPTION IS SHOWN FOLLOWING THE FACT NAME.

    It is precisely these FACT DATE, PLACE AND/OR DESCRIPTION SHOWN FOLLOWING THE FACT NAME that are in some cases in error.

    Many of the errors are for Fact Names chosen/established by the user, but some of the errors are for “Standard” Fact Names that come with the software.

    Just One Example:

    I have established a Fact Name called ”Married Name” in my FTM 2006 data base and have entered a Date and Description for each occurrence of the Fact Name. When I export my data base to FTM 2010 it is exported correctly (I am able to see this by going to the “Individual Report” and including the name in my list of available options and also to set the options available to show the Date and Description ——–so the Individual Report is correct and the data that comes into FTM 2010 from FTM 2006 is correct)

    However, when I go to the Source Usage Report the Fact Name (“Married Name:”) appears on the report following the “Citation”, BUT THERE IS NO DATE OR DESCRIPTION INFORMATION SHOWN FOLLOWING THE FACT NAME” — In other words the Source Usage Report does not show the Date and Description as I am able to see on the Individual Report and there is NO MECHANISM FOR ME TO MODIFY/CHANGE THE SOURCE USAGE REPORT TO SHOW THE DATE AND DESCRIPTION AS I CAN DO IN THE INDIVIDUAL REPORT.

    Duff, this is the same type of error we discussed previously (maybe a couple of months ago by now) and I sent you some examples of other reports that had this error.

    I am not going to give you other examples of this error. You can easily find them by using the process I described.—pick a data base for FTM 2006 that has many facts and includes many different fact names both standard and chosen by the user and that has many different non preferred facts, then import this data base to FTM 2010 and create an Individual Report for a person that has many fact names and includes many non preferred facts, then using the features of the Individual Report include all the fact names and all the preferred and non preferred facts.

    Once this is done then create a Source Usage Report and compare the output to the output generated by the Individual Report. —-You will be able to see many other errors. WHAT THESE ERRORS MEAN IS THAT THE SOURCE USAGE REPORT IS INCORRECT AND SHOULD NOT BE USED BY ANY USERS SINCE IT IS WRONG.


    A suggested solution to these errors is to provide the same options as provided in the Individual Report (and Other Reports)

  109. Linda Howard

    Upgrades, patches and enhancements are great, except when the program you own WILL NOT connect to the internet. The patch will not run because of it. Anyone have a solution to the internet problem? I have DSL.

  110. Trisha Kelly

    I upgraded recently to vers. 2010 and find I cannot open any of the CDs that came with several prior versions of FTM that I purchased (ie v. 2005). They are an investment and a resource. You should consider an update to v 2010 that restores this capability or at the very least a utility program to be used to read them.

  111. Andy Hatchett

    Arlene, Re: #135

    Ancestry’s Card catalog only shows 13 resources for Italy. They are:

    Como and Lecco, Lombardy, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1936 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy 2,162,838

    Alessandria and Asti, Piedmont, Italy: Civil registration records, 1866-1938 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy; Piemonte; Alessandria; Asti; Europe 1,193,386

    Lodi, Lombardy, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1936 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy; Lombardia; Lodi; Europe 1,189,565

    Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piedmont, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1870-1937 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy 1,132,496

    Pavia, Lombardy, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1937 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy 1,009,151

    Siena, Tuscany, Italy: Civil Registration Records, 1866-1937 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy; Toscana; Siena; Europe 679,226

    Varese, Lombardy, Italy: Civil Registration, 1866-1937 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy; Lombardia; Varese; Europe 363,489

    Falerna, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, Civil Registration, 1810-1936 Birth, Marriage & Death Italy 27,547

    Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Birth Records Index, 1876-1885 FREE Birth, Marriage & Death Italy 5,998
    Italy Historic Postcards Pictures Italy 3,360

    Italy from the Alps to Naples : Handbook for travellers, with 26 maps and 44 plans Stories, Memories &
    Histories Italy 326

    Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino : illustrating the arms, arts, and literature of Italy from 1440 to 1630 Stories, Memories & Histories Italy; Marche; Pesaro and Urbino; Europe 291

    Among the Scotch-Irish : and a tour in seven countries, in Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, and Italy : Stories, Memories & Histories USA; France 226

  112. MichaelMcDermott72

    Thanks, Michelle, for these improvements. I am especially grateful for the enhanced “hints” controls. Some of them are actually ones I asked for! Keep up the good work. — Mike McDermott

    P.S. — Noticed 138 comments before mine. You clearly have not just clients but a community. We can all be thankful (this day after Thanksgiving).

  113. Norman A.Hill, Jr.

    Hello Michelle…

    This is a wonderful program,but it hangs/freezes some times. And i have to
    ctrl-lt-delete to start up again. What
    do you think is the problem,and can you
    suggest a fix.I’m have Vista OS/32 Bit.

    Norman Hill

  114. Louise Orsi

    I don’t think you did a good job in converting the 1995 version (3.01). For example, when you run a calendar report, it lists the females with: first name, maiden name then last name. There should be a way to eliminate the maiden name. Also when it asks whether to use the aka, your system stinks. It doesn’t replace the name, it lists: first name, aka in quotes,then the maiden name, then the last name. Like: Teresa “Teri Hartzell”Orsi .Hartzell Does that make sense to you? Also, when you enter a death date for someone, it should take over, but no, your system requires another entry to go into relationships and enter death. The old system knew how to do all these things automatically! Instead of adding things like color, add the essentials and make the program better. I had to have my Grandson reinstall my old program to get the report I wanted. You should look to your job because you’re sure not doing it properly.

  115. Jerry Bonds

    Thanks for listening to suggestions and comments. Now, can you fix the problem with not having a double enrty when brother and sister marry brother and sister from another family?

  116. Diane Mahoney

    I am in a panic. I was pereparing a book for my daughter as a Christmas gift, and now many of the grandparents are showing up as uncle or aunt when they should be known as a grandparent. Is this what Scott Hill was addressing?

    In addition, some of the granparents are disappearing from the computer screen as I follow the line from older to younger.

    Christmas is 3 weeks away, so please tell me that this update will fix my problem and that it will be coming out by November 30th!

  117. Dalaha

    Will this up date take care of the relationship problems, and will it correct the ones on FTM 2010 when installed or will we still have to go thru and manually correct the errors? When will the update be available?

  118. Martha Carter

    I’m a true novice, having only had FTM2010 for a couple of months, so if I sound naive or ignorant, please bear with. On many of the family group sheets I’m getting back from relatives,I’m finding numerous instances where relatives have children by persons who are NOT their spouses. Is there any way to note “Partner” or some such designation other than “Spouse”? If so, how do I accomplish this?

  119. John Donaldson

    # 148 Martha

    FTM supports spouse, partner, friend, even unknown

    Go to People>Person view and click on the reelationship tab

    In the RH editing panel you will see a drop down window where you can set the appropriate relationship

    John D

  120. John Donaldson

    # 147 Dalaha

    First check what build you have

    Go to help>About FTM

    The current version is 19.00.206

    The CD is 19.00.180

    If your version is 180 you nedd to install the update.

    Go to Help>Check for updates and follow the prompts

    FTM will download and install the update. Note if you are in Vista or Windows 7 you will need to do this in the administrator mode.

    Not sure about your relationship question.

    The new relationship calculator will find all relationships, eg you could have first cousins marrying so there would be a spouse and a first cousin relationship displayed

    If you have made errors in adding people you need to correct these, usually through the Person menu attach and detach individuals.

    Perhaps you could supply additional detail of your relationship issue?

    John D

  121. John Donaldson

    # 145 Jerry

    When you enter folk with this relationship you will end up with two duplicate persons.

    So after you have entered them go to the edit menu>merge duplicate individuals and merge

    You will have to do this twice but it works flawlessly

    John D

  122. Sherry Lynn Rogers Burgess

    FTM 2010 Having problem downloading Census Records to individual. I would like to bypass and add the info myself, but haven’t been able to figure that out. I think the other software was easier to get around. FTM has always been my software, but I am getting frustrated with this upgrade. I do like the multi-screen info.

  123. Tony Knight

    In a fit of pique after 5 crashes this morning from merging gedcoms/people or simply clicking, I have uninstalled the patched version and gone back to the orginal 2010 to see what happens.

  124. Why does my US Subscription not include the US Canal zone. the info I provided to you years ago is now on your site and I have to pay to allow it to my tree? ? ?

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