Posted by Kenny Freestone on November 9, 2009 in Website

Please be aware that the Family Tree Service will undergo scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, 10 November 2009, from 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM Mountain Standard Time.

This tree service downtime will affect Ancestry Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of My Canvas, the sections of the Home Page that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of 2.0 that are related to Member Trees. Other than that, all other areas of the site will remain functional.

For the vast majority of our members living outside Mountain Daylight Time, 1:00 – 2:00 AM MDT is the same as…

Coordinated Universal Time: 07:00 – 08:00 AM
In London: 8:00 – 9:00 AM
In Melbourne: 5:00 – 6:00 PM
In San Francisco: midnight – 1:00 AM
In New York: 3:00 – 4:00 AM
In Moscow: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
In Rome: 9:00 – 10:00 AM
In Tokyo: 4:00 – 5:00 PM


  1. beth gray

    The scheduled maintenance was supposed to end after an hour. 30 minutes later, family trees are still inaccessible! Why are these things always done during the wee hours? There is no one to get through to about this.

  2. Andy Hatchett

    They are done in the wee hours to aviod taking the system down during hours when more people are using it.

    I always allow at least twice as long as they say it will take.

  3. beth gray

    It is now 2:00 a.m. local. My trees have been unavailable for 2 hours. That is one additional hour more than the scheduled maintenance was supposed to last.

  4. Nick King

    Any idea when this website will be back up again?

    Also, how many scheduled downtimes do you need??? It seems to be on a weekly basis???

  5. John Stocking

    Now 11.00 a.m in UK. Still can’t look at my tree? However I do know that things can take longer than anticipated and unexpected problems can occur, so am not too concerned. We retired people can always do something else for an hour or so…I will now go back to my model ship!!

  6. beth gray

    It is now 3:00 a.m. and my trees are still inaccessbile. The front page has an error message at the bottom left “Error on page”.

    Like reply 3, I work in the wee hours. I do it because the site is too slow at other times.

    The down times do seem too frequent. I would mind less if I noticed improvement afterward. Searching has become slower due to “site improvements”. It was a lot faster and better before the constant tinkering.

  7. Jim Bartling

    Why don’t you provide compensation to your customers when the services we are paying for are not available?

  8. beth gray

    Compensation? Dream on. Somewhere in the terms and conditions of site use is a disclaimer about that very thing. They do not compensate their members for lost research time when service is not available.

  9. Rina

    Okay, I went away and did something else for an hour or so. It’s now 11.51 a.m. in the U.K. and still no access.

  10. They said the site would be down
    5-6pm Melbourne time….it is now 11.05 pm. This is an absolute disgrace!
    This is not cheap, we should get a refund!!!!

  11. They said the site would be down
    5-6pm Melbourne time….it is now 11.05 pm. This is an absolute disgrace!
    This is not cheap, we should get a refund!!!!
    No, I have not said this before.

  12. Ruth

    This is ridiculous. Like another poster, I always give twice as much time for maintainance as a website projects. I have just renewed my membership and in return I am able to accomplish nothing. Great. Thanks.

  13. Already at 9:00 A.M. local German time my work was interrupted. Now it is 13:30 (1 P.M.) and I am still not able to access my family tree on the Internet!!
    That adds up to 5 hours of interruption and not the 1 hour you announced.
    George Baumann

  14. hawkeye1939

    It would be rather considerate of to provide some updated information on this outage, as it has gone well beyond what it was supposed to have taken.

  15. Ok, this is getting old! It is not 3 and 1/2 hours since the scheduled maintainence was supposed to be done and I still can’t get on. It is in the wee hours there in the USA but for me it has been down most of the day since I am in Beijing, China. This is not fun not to be able to work on my genealogy when I have time.

  16. Jon

    Well, after 7:30 Eastern US (GMT -5) and no tree. Updates from Ancestry would be great here. I work in the web service industry, and you don’t have to go into the nasty details, but something like, updates didn’t work, we’re rolling them back and things will be back by noon. No data loss. Thanks for being patient.

  17. Rina

    Obviously the latest “tweak” is taking much longer than anticipated. But,by now, someone from ancestry should have had the courtesy to post an update on this blog. Otherwise, what is it here for.
    Wakey wakey Kenny – we’re all up. Where are you?

  18. beth gray

    Thanks Rina for making me laugh after almost 5 frustrating hours.
    Personally, I think the blog space is just there for people to vent, don’t expect a personal response from whoever with whatever job title. I doubt that there is anyone at the switch in Ancestry’s offices at the moment. That’s why they should do these things when live people are there to monitor the process!

  19. John H

    Amen to all the comments that precede this one about not explaining the extended delay. The fact that Kenny did not even post this until yesterday (when from another blog topic it was clear that this was planned already last week is another indication the tech staff is not thinking about keeping the customers well informed. Also, they left unanswered many queries in another blog started last week where many technical complaints have been posted. Planning new enhancements (which is more fun to do) but not maintaing what you have already developed or taking time to communicate with your customers (which to use old retail guidance — is the reason you can exist) is not the way to go ro stay in business.
    Hopefully they have not gone home for the night, thinking their upgrade is not working and not checking it out sufficiently.

  20. John H

    PS — They pay so much attention that they have NOT even noticed after a week that they have not reset the clock on this computer — since the time stamps on their blogs (which are always in local time for them — Mountain Time) have not been reser from Daylight to Standard time — even thought the clocks changed at 2am on 1Nov.
    Lack of attention to detail by programmers it NOT a good attribute to have.

  21. Terri

    The downtime was scheduled in NY from 3-4 am yet it is now 8:15 am and the site is still down. Aggravating to say the least!

  22. sedonagirl67

    When do you expect the trees to be available again? Obviously, something more is going on than routine maintenance since the last official posting said it would be unavailable for an hour or two starting around 1am. Its now 6:15am Mountain time and its still down. An estimate would be helpful.

  23. Charlotte

    An update on how long this will take would be nice. It’s 7:23 AM CST and been unavailable for 3 and 1/2 hours for me.

  24. Dave

    It is 8:25 AM EST and I’m having trouble accessing this site including My Trees. Apparently there is some kind of problem. When can I expect this site to be up and running again??

  25. Dave

    It is 8:30 AM EST and I’m having trouble accessing this site including My Trees. Apparently there is some kind of problem. When can I expect this site to be up and running again??

  26. Jessie

    its well past 1am and i still cant do any work?????????? 8:35am to be exact so when ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. Raymond

    13:35 GMT and still no tree … no sign of reason or apology. Not good service. Pull your socks up, Ancestry!

  28. CA

    Kenny has a newsfeed that you can subcribe to be informed about Scheduled Family Tree Maintenance….

    Past Scheduled Family Tree Maintenance Posts

    Scheduled Family Tree Maintenance (10 November 2009, 1-2 AM MST)
    Scheduled Family Tree Maintenance (13 October, 2009 from 11:00 – 11:30 PM MDT)
    Scheduled Family Tree Maintenance (18 June 2009, 1-2 AM MDT)
    Scheduled Family Tree Maintenance (12 May 2009, 1-3 AM MDT)
    Planned Maintenance For Family Trees Service Tonight (March 31, 2009)
    Trees Service will be down tonight (December 8, 2008)

  29. roger

    Just a small point, but Coordinated Universal Time is the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This means that your announcement is wrong for London, it should have been the same as Coordinated Universal Time.

  30. Andy Hatchett

    I find the performance of Ancestry during the last two scheduled maintenance outages to be completely unacceptable in all respects.

    Has anyone got a list of addresses for the members of their new Board of DIrectors?

    Now that they are a publicly traded company perhaps it is time to stop mucking about with the underlings and start contacting the top level – with copies to the appropriate News Organizations.

    Perhaps that will help, it certainly can’t hurt anything at this point!

  31. Jim Livermore


    “Has anyone got a list of addresses for the members of their new Board of DIrectors?”

    Did you check your prospectus? You did receive a copy, yes?

  32. Mary Beth Marchant

    I think contacting their new board or directors is a good idea. Maybe they would not like bad publicity. Maybe Ancestry would make more of an effort to check for errors before rolling them out and be more responsive to us, the subscribers. One can hope anyway.

  33. Andy Hatchett

    Jim Re:#47

    Yes- but I’ll be darned if I can lay my hands on it right now.

    Probably somewhere under all this genealogy stuff!


  34. Rina

    Still no apology or explanation then?

    Whatever they’re spending on updating & maintenance should be diverted to customer service training.

  35. Andy Hatchett

    Tony Re:#52

    Nope- If I was doing that I’d have more addresses than I’d know what o do with!


  36. Mary Beth Marchant

    To #55-Marianne Hunder-place your messages about help with family genealogy on message boards for the surname family or families you are researching. Or place your message on

    If you are just wanting help to start researching, many people are willing to help. Placing your message on the Ancestry blog will probably not get an answer.

  37. April

    I have noticed pictures too having just a red x after you click on them to look at. I also can not print any documents. Very frustrated right now.

  38. Bruce Homen

    People all it sounds like is a BIG bunch of CRY BABYS, you know when the up date will be going on so just GET SOME SLEEP AND STOP CRYING BOOHOO

  39. John Verkley

    Dear Reader.
    I am using 2010. Works fine.
    What bugs me is that there is no indication on the screen to indicate that a comment pertaining to that person can be found on the “person” tab.


  40. JEAN


    if you are happy with search the way it is all you need do is to leave a constructive message to that fact, rather than resorting to childish attacks on those of us who are simply pointing out our own feelings on the fact that ancestry have not given a reason for the extended time the site was down. we also have the right to point out faults that we find. if our comments bother you so much then feel free to stop reading them they are after all not personal messages for you but for the powers that be at ancestry to see.

  41. Ged

    What the hell is Mountain Standard time..????.(pick a mountain, any mountain) is an international forum and Ancestry would be advised to add Greenwich mean time when indicating schedules for maintenance etc. Not all members live in said mountain area wherever that is???

  42. Andy Hatchett

    Ged Re:#64

    You might find this helpful

    Military & Civilian Time Designations

    From A – Z

    There are 25 integer World Time Zones from -12 through 0 (GMT) to +12. Each one is 15° of Longitude as measured East and West from the Prime Meridian of the World at Greenwich, England. Some countries have adopted non-standard time zones, usually 30 minutes offset which have a * designation.

    Each Time Zone is measured relative to Greenwich, England. There are both civilian designations which are typically three letter abbreviations (e.g. EST) for most time zones. In addition there are military designations. These use each letter of the alphabet (except ‘J’) and are known by their phonetic equivalent. E.G. Greenwich Mean Time (civilian) or Z = Zulu (military and aviation).

    * For complete details of Daylight saving (Summer) Time see here

    Standard Time Zones



    Civilian Time Zones



    For accurate time
    press here


    GMT: Greenwich Mean
    UT: Universal
    UTC: Universal Co-ordinated
    WET: Western European London, England
    Dublin, Ireland
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Reykjavik, Iceland
    Casablanca, Morocco

    East of Greenwich



    Civilian Time Zones


    Time Zones Time = GMT+1

    To open clock in new window press here


    CET: Central European Paris, France
    Berlin, Germany
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Brussels, Belgium
    Vienna, Austria
    Madrid, Spain
    Rome, Italy
    Bern, Switzerland
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Oslo, Norway

    Time Zones Zone – Time = GMT+2

    To open clock in new window press here


    EET: Eastern European Athens, Greece
    Helsinki, Finland
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Jerusalem, Israel
    Harare, Zimbabwe

    Time Zones Zone – Time = GMT+3

    To open clock in new window press here


    BT: Baghdad Kuwait
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Moscow, Russia



    Tehran, Iran

    Time Zones Time = GMT+4

    To open clock in new window press here


    Abu Dhabi, UAE




    Time Zones Time = GMT+5

    To open clock in new window press here






    Time Zones Time = GMT+6

    To open clock in new window press here




    Cocos Islands

    Time Zones Time = GMT+7

    To open clock in new window press here



    Time Zones Time = GMT+8

    To open clock in new window press here


    CCT: China Coast

    Time Zones Time = GMT+9

    To open clock in new window press here


    JST: Japan Standard,


    Australia Central Standard Darwin, Australia
    Adelaide, Australia

    Time Zones Time = GMT+10

    To open clock in new window press here


    GST: Guam Standard



    Lord Howe Island

    Time Zones Time = GMT+11

    To open clock in new window press here





    Norfolk Island

    Time Zones Time = GMT+12

    To open clock in new window press here


    IDLE: International Date Line East
    NZST: New Zealand Standard Wellington, New Zealand
    Marshall Islands



    Rawaki Islands: Enderbury Kiribati


    Line Islands: Kiritibati
    West of Greenwich




    Civilian Time Zones


    Time Zones Time = GMT-1

    To open clock in new window press here


    WAT: West Africa Azores, Cape Verde Islands

    Time Zones – Time = GMT-2

    To open clock in new window press here


    AT: Azores

    Time Zones – Time = GMT-3

    To open clock in new window press here


    Brasilia, Brazil
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Georgetown, Guyana




    Time Zones Time = GMT-4

    To open clock in new window press here


    AST: Atlantic Standard Caracas
    La Paz

    Time Zones Time = GMT-5

    To open clock in new window press here


    EST: Eastern Standard. Bogota
    Lima, Peru
    New York, NY, USA

    Time Zones Time = GMT-6

    To open clock in new window press here


    CST: Central Standard Mexico City, Mexico
    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Time Zones Time = GMT-7

    To open clock in new window press here


    MST: Mountain Standard.

    Time Zones Time = GMT-8

    To open clock in new window press here


    PST: Pacific Standard Los Angeles, CA, USA



    Time Zones Time = GMT-9

    To open clock in new window press here


    YST: Yukon Standard.



    Time Zones Time = GMT-10

    To open clock in new window press here


    AHST: Alaska-Hawaii Standard
    CAT: Central Alaska
    HST: Hawaii Standard

    Time Zones Time = GMT-11

    To open clock in new window press here


    NT: Nome.

    Time Zones Time = GMT-12

    To open clock in new window press here


    IDLW: International Date Line West

    Of course, reading the original post in its entirety would have been helpful too.

  43. Mary Beth Marchant

    See the Web operations blog of today. Member trees are off line again. This happened a couple of weeks ago too. Not a good sign for in my opinion

  44. Andy Hatchett

    Actually, to some of us,member trees going offline is a *good* thing – it means the junkology contained therein can’t be copied!


  45. Phillip Crow

    #67 Andy. Good point. It amazes me that can make recommendations (green leaves) to their online tree builder for parents that died long before their children were born in another State! Some kind of immaculate conception/deception! Then this type of “junkolgy” is copied and recopied by others into their trees when the member trees are back online. When I contacted about the mess they were making, I just got the “oh well” non-sense answer.

  46. Walter Ray

    Suddenly when I get a hint to family powered ancestry files, I can no longer view parents, children, etc, and check to attach them to my file. Just a box says 10 trees available to view. Then I have to note each difference to my tree, then manually insert each child, or parent into my tree, which makes it very discouraging to keep updating my files. Liked the old way best.

  47. Donna Robertson

    When will this be fixed. I still can’t change trees.
    It’s now Nov. 20th and I still can’t get to my trees.

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