Posted by Ancestry Team on October 22, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

With the release of Microsoft Windows 7 this week, many have been asking about the compatibility and testing of Family Tree Maker 2010 related to this new operating system.

The short answer is yes, Family Tree Maker 2010 is fully compatible with Windows 7.

The Family Tree Maker team has been working with Windows 7 for several months—even prior to the release of Family Tree Maker 2010.  Since the “Release to Manufacture” (RTM) version of Windows 7 was released last August, we have done additional testing in our labs as well as with alpha and beta customers with no indication of incompatibility.  Family Tree Maker 2008 and 2009 are also compatible with Windows 7.

As a point of interest, it may be helpful for people to know that we continually test Family Tree Maker with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

If you find a problem while running Family Tree Maker on your operating system, the best course of action is to contact customer support which can usually help you identify and solve the problem.


  1. Patrick

    Great Duff! Now how about that Mac OS X Version that so many of us desperately want? Are those plans still in the works?

  2. Andy Hatchett

    From what I can gather there are no definite plans either way at this point in time.

    They haven’t decided to offer an OS X version but then they haven’t decided *not* to offer one either.

  3. Chris

    If it’s anything like the problem that both 2009 and 2010 gave me with 64 bit Vista, then 64 bit 7 will also send you to the registry where normal people should not need to go!

  4. Ila Lavont

    Why does Family Tree not respond so often? And it boots up very slowly. Thanks for any help you can offer.

  5. Linda Caldwell

    I bought a new windows 7 computer yesterday. Haven’t added family tree. Downloaded the new recommended tool bar. My internet would not work. Deleted the new tool bar, and every thing is back to normal.
    I also have a run time error in Family Tree 10. It shows us when I’m on the interent looking a pictures from other site. The error is between every picture looked at.

  6. I have been trying to get it installed on Win 7 64 bit with no success. I went through all the steps tech support gaver me and I was unsuccessful. It seems to install ok, but when I go to run it, it tells me that a config file is corrupt and that I may need to compact it. I click ok, the initialization window comes up quickly followed by an error message saying that the program stopped working and it needs to be closed. There is an article that describes what to do that didn’t help. Even did a clean boot install. No joy 🙁 It runs fine on the 32 bit. I really liked the features and want to put it on my new system, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to get it running I would greatly appreciative.

  7. Tom Lewis

    I now have 2010 on my computer,how do I get the 2007 info to switch over without having to re enter it?

  8. Duff Wilson

    #1 Patrick & #2 Bill,

    We are looking into the possibility of a Macintosh version of Family Tree Maker.

  9. Duff Wilson

    #9 Tom,

    You can simply open your old file with Family Tree Maker 2010.
    If it is an older file (v16 & older), Family Tree Maker 2010 will import it into a new file. Your old file will be left unchanged.
    For versions 2008 and 2009, Family Tree Maker 2010 will convert your file to the new format. Before doing so, it will give you the option to save a backup copy first.

  10. Brian W

    Also purchased a new 64-bit machine Thursday with Windows 7…. loaded FTM 2010 and get FTM.exe – Fatal error. CLR error: 80004005 The program will now terminate. uggh… Thoughts?

  11. Jim

    Can’t get Ancestry tree to import into FTM 2010, in Windows 7. The darned thing hangs on “unzipping” … for as long as I’ll let it. I waited 12 hours once. NADA.

    Windows 7? Or?

    I must say I’m really disappointed with the Technical Support hours. How many people (percentage) work on their Genealogy stuff during 8-5 wekeday Banking hours?

    It’s Friday night – now I have to wait until … Tuesday??? I was excited about this.

  12. Kathy

    Until a program is available for MAC users, what would you recommend for someone just getting started in this exciting journey? Thanks for your comments.

  13. Tony Knight

    I have been running FTM2009 (and since September FTM2010) on Windows 7 64bit in all its manifestations from Beta onwards. I have an i7 quad processor, 9GB of memory and a database around 75000. Apart from a slight glitch on installation of FTM2010 which didn’t repeat itself on my second machine, I have had no problems that could be attributed to Windows 7. Based on the memory usage reported by Task Manager, I would say that the minimum memory required for a larger database is 2GB and preferably more.
    If you have had problems under Vista of crashes when attaching references, resolving addresses or for no apparent reason at all it just stops working, you will probably find this is no better/no worse under Windows 7

  14. Walter Egenmaier

    FTM needs to have Saturday hours for help.
    I work M-F and only have time in the evenings and weekends. I have had 2 free trials and run into problems and the knowledge base is inadequate. Would be great to have live help for short time on Saturdays. Thanks. Love the program.

  15. Walter Egenmaier

    I have a family member who has “old DOS” .doc files on floppies which were copied onto flash drive and sent via email to me. I tried using Win XP Microsoft Office 2007 to open and read them and get some intelligent info with several pages of zeros and funny characters. Is there a program that will let me read, print, and save these docs into a more current format so I can add the data to my 2010 FTM?

  16. James

    FTM 2010 seems to be working well with Windows 7 on my machine. Performed an “upgrade” install to simplify reinstalling programs, user files, etc.


  17. James

    #21 Walter:

    Do you know what program created the files? This behavior is seen when the program used to open the files is not the proper one.


  18. Marsha Gunderson

    I am running Family Tree Maker 16 because I prefer it to the newer versions. I’m operating on Windows XP. Is FTM16 compatible with Windows 7?

  19. Norman Morse

    Delighted to know I can upgrade to 7 without problems from FTM. However, your continued fairly to address the Mac issue has me updating everything to switch to Reunion. Sad. Poor management in FTM.

  20. Carolyn Tomlin

    I can not get Family Tree Maker 2010 to work. Is this product not compatible with Windows Vistas? I have a new 64 bit computer. I am very dissatisfied with this product. The on-line support center only provides answers that I have already seen on the site. I have had this product for one month. I have tried the so called “solutions” over and over. I am sick of trying to get it to work.

  21. John Donaldson

    # 26 Carolyn

    Check that you have a copy of WSE 3.0 on your computer.

    If you don’t have it you can download it for free from Microsoft.

    The file is required to run FTM in a 64 bit Windows computer

    John Donaldson

  22. Chris

    Kathy #27

    You could also try Macx Family Tree as well as Reunion 9 as both are aesthetically different in their approach to presenting a tree and you may prefer one over the other.

  23. Carolyn Tomlin

    #28 John Donaldson

    Thank you for your suggestion. I do have WSE 3.0 on my computer. I cannot transfer my family tree file from I have used “download from” option. The file processed into GEDCOM and then I downloaded to FTM. When I try to open the file, it says it is already open but it’s not. I am overlooking something but can’t figure out what.

  24. John Donaldson

    # 31 Carolyn

    Rename your downloaded file (don’t forget the .GED extension), then from Plan load it as a new file.

    What heppens?

    John D

  25. Jeff Ford

    #11 Duff,

    >We are looking into the possibility of a Macintosh version of Family Tree Maker.

    If it is as good as your support for the Mac OS and especially Safari, NO THANKS!

    Just make Ancestry both platform and browser agnostic and most Mac users will be much happier with you.

  26. I still haven’t heard back from you guys. I evben talked to tech supt on the phone several times and all of the suggestions failed 🙁 BTW…I do have to say I really like what you guys have done with the site. I haven’t been on it in a few years and it is greatly improved. I even found a bunch of info on a branch of my family tree I had little hope of getting info on. Now if we can just get FTM to work…I would be in business ;-0

  27. Is FTM 2009 compatible with Windows 7? Can I transfer my tree and photos to my home computer with FTM 09? My old computer crashed and I got a recovery disc with my old FTM 2006, but have no idea how to put this into my new tree. When I look at the disc info, it seems like only the programing/working parts w/o info files!? Any ideas or help appreciated.

  28. John Donaldson

    # 36 Cathy

    Yes FTM 2009 will run in W 7

    Your FTM 2006 file will have the extension .FTW, .FBK or .FBC

    FTM 2009 can read .FTW files

    Have you got any .FTW files on your recovery disc?

    John D

  29. Marion Whitney Martin

    I just bought a new computer with Windows 7. I installed Brother’s Keeper with no problems following the instructions to go to properties:compatibility:and check on administrator. Since I am a long time user of Ancestry, I do use Family Tree Maker significantly, currently using FTM 16 on my Vista machine. Is it possible to use that with Windows 7?

  30. Duff Wilson

    35 Eric,

    I sent you an email message on Friday afternoon. If you didn’t receive it, you may need to check your spam folder. We’ll try again.

  31. Matt


    I am sorry if I missed it here, but it is not clear to me from this posting and the comments if FTM 2010 will install and operation on WIN7, 64 bit. I am trying to buy a new machine and have verified that all my other software operates under 64 bit Win 7. I would like to confirm (or deny) the same for FTM 2010. Some comments seem to say no while others seem to have installed successfully.

    If the answer is no, have you tested FTM with the WIN XP compatibility mode under Windows 7?

    Thanks for any input.

  32. Duff Wilson

    40 Matt,

    Yes, Family Tree Maker 2010 is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

    A relatively small number of people have reported problems which indicates an issue with their specific installation and not a general problem with Windows 7 compatibility. The best course in such cases is to contact customer support where they can usually help you identify and solve the problem.

  33. Karen M.

    Well now you have me scared to tery it on my 64 bit. I just bought a new computer that came with a free upgrade to Windows 7. So far I have been afraid to install it as so many said they are having trouble with FTM 2010, and I don’t have a clue what I should be doing to make sure it will work. I am currently on Vista, and it works.

  34. Tamara Miller

    I had no issues loading FTM 2010 back onto my computer after clearing the harddrive and then installed Windows 7 64 bit on my desktop.

    There are several comments about when will a Mac version of FTM be out for Apple computers. I am wanting to by a Mac Book Pro laptop to use on the road but really do not want to drop FTM and switch to Reunion.
    I hope you hear that there is great interest for this software for Mac and that it is compatible with the Windows version. Thank you

  35. My version of Family Tree Maker is 2005 as advertised by the BBC for its “Who do you think you are” programme. If I upgrade to the 2010 version will I be able to transfer all my current info to the 2010 version? I am running Windows XP home.

  36. Duff Wilson

    #45 John,

    Yes. Family Tree Maker 2010 will import Family Tree Maker files back to version 5 (which came out in 1998).

  37. i cant seem to find no family tree and i am very curios of one family starting with marry greenleaves. she is linked with missing indian bloodf i am trying to find ,can you help me

  38. Ronald Stock

    I am running Family Tree Maker 16. I’m operating on Windows XP. Is FTM16 compatible with Windows 7?

  39. John Donaldson

    # 48 Ronald

    Why don’t you download the Windows 7 adviser and check aout all your programes running in XP to see if they will run in W 7

    or google windows 7 adviser

    I suspect that FTM 16 will be Ok in W7 except the PDF may not work

    There is a patch for Vista in FTM 16 which puts in a new PDF generator.

    My guess is that it would be OK but you would need to check

    John D

  40. Scott McWilliams

    I just installed FTM without any problem under 64-bit i7 chip Windows 7. After installing and before starting, I placed my data files in the Documents area. All perfect…had to re-register the software and open the file but that was without any problem. The only rub was that when I checked to see if an update were available, I had to stop and restart FTM running as Administrator to get the rights for FTM to do the update check. I couldn’t check for an update with FTM running as regular.

  41. Rita Menges

    Microsofts Update Adviser for Windows 7 tells me that FTM 2009 will have to be uninstalled. It states: “This program must be uninstalled before upgrading to Windows 7. You will not be able to reinstall it after upgrading to Windows 7.” The PC is an Acer Aspire desk top that is probably about 5 years old.

  42. Wilma Thedford

    I just got a new 64 bit PC with Vista and I had to oder the new 2010 FTM and I hate both Vista and the New 2010 FTM. I had my files backed up on external hard drive. I would rather go back to WindowsXP and an older version of FTM. I am too old for change, I guess. I have W-7 on the way and if it is no better than Vista . I give up after 35 years of FTM.

  43. Eileen Darrah

    My computer was sent out for repair, and now I think my Family Tree Maker is more messed up than before. I hadn’t had it very long. Now I have at least 3 Bevan trees, 1 Higgins, and NO Harkins. PLEASE HELP ME! I had been using I am new to all this, but getting very frustrated. I really need to get rid of the extra trees. Thank you!

  44. John Donaldson

    # 54 Eileen

    Having your computer repaired will do nothing to your FTM trees.

    What I suggest you do is in Windows Explorer look at your trees to see whaich one is the largest or youngest

    Make that your main tree

    Then one by one carefully merge with the next youngest tree etc until you have captured your data

    Then delete or store to a CD the earlier versions in case you ever have to refer to them

    This may take you some time and taking careful note of the index, number of people in your file but perfetctly straightforward in FTM

    You unfortunately don’t advise which version of FTM you are using, but there are articles in the various FTM knowledge bases, depending on version, on merging. I suggest you read them

    John D

  45. John Donaldson

    # 53 Nell

    You are another poster who somehow imagines we know what version of FTM you are using.

    Please advise the version as this affects the reply.

    Also could you please be a little more specific about mistakes?

    What type of mistakes?

    Have you linked the wrong children to the wrong parents or what?

    In general, depending on version, the corrections are done by the attach and detatch menu on the Person menu when you are in the people workspace of FTM 2008 and above

    In FTM 16 and below it is on the People>Fix Relationships menu

    In both versions it is well covered in the respective programs helps, and again well covered in the respective knowledge bases.

    Maybe if you could provide some detail a better anser can be provided.

    John D

  46. Kathleen Ryan

    Let me add my voice to those wanting a FTM compatible with Mac OSX systems. I will probably stop subscribing to if more extensive Mac compatiblility is not forthcoming soon, since it’s obvious that Mac users are simply not getting the value for what they paid for compared to what Windows users are getting.

    It is also frustrating that technical questions cannot be addressed more immediately; and when answers do come, they usually fail to respond to the most important part of the initial question.

  47. Alan Meyer

    I am running Family Tree Maker 2010 and Windows 7 on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines and I am happy to say I am not seeing any problems

  48. Chas Mott

    With windows 7 32 bit, if I enter info in the notes box when merging, and then remove it by using the cut option before its merged (as in wrong entry ooops) the program crashes. anyone else replicate this error?

  49. April Cunningham

    We need a version for Mac. It isn’t right to charge the same price for Ancestry.Com and then only get half the product.

  50. Mike Steinmetz

    I, like Eric Roberts in his earlier comments, have been trying to get FTM 2010 installed on Win 7 64 bit with no success. I first attempted installation on same system but 32 bit Vista but had no success in that effort. Spent nearly a full day, much of that time spent with your technical personnel, trying to get that configuration to work. I even sent the last technician I worked with a copy of the Vista error report, and Ancestry was supposed to call me back with a solution. That was two weeks ago, and I’ve not heard back yet. I thought I would ensure my success by upgrading to 64 bit Windows 7 with a Clean Install. That installation did essentially the same thing that occurred with 32 bit Vista. It seems to install ok, allowed me to import my FTM web tree from your site, but when I go to run it, it tells me that a config file is corrupt and that I may need to compact it. I click ok, the initialization window comes up quickly followed by an error message saying that the program stopped working and it needs to be closed. Even did a clean boot install. No joy here either. Please HELP! Thanks.

  51. Pat Phillips

    One problem that I’ve been having with FTM2010 is that if I have my Outlook Express open when booting up FTM2010, it disconnects me from the internet and then shuts itself down before completing its openning. At other times, I get a warning window stating that the program didn’t shut down properly when last used, and will shut down again. In both cases, I have to reload the program.
    I’m using a pentium4 with 756MB of DDR memory with WindowsXP.

  52. John Donaldson

    # 64 Pat

    756 MB of RAM is very low!!

    I suggest that you have at least 1 GB preferably 2 GB of RAM

    I am not seeing this problem with Outlook (not Outlook Express)

    I would be increasing your RAM

    FTM (and everything else) will work better too 🙂

    John D


    I have window 7 and when I save a census I can see where I saved and named it, but when I try to find it under documents on my new computer it is not anywhere on my computer.


  54. Kenny Johnson

    I’m running FTM 2010 on Windows 7 64-bit and it won’t let me check for updates unless I run FTM as administrator — even though my user account has admin rights.

  55. Kenny Johnson


    It should be in your FTM media folder, which is a subfolder of whereever you’re FTM database is.

    eg. If your FTM database is named Myfamily in your Documents folder, then all of your media (census, etc) are saved in a subfolder of Documents called Myfamily Media.

  56. ernest e davis

    had windows 2000xp bought new comp. with vista had ver. 9 ftw 4years work over 4000 names, pictures can not down load to new computer. tried everthing. bought ftw 10 still nothing paid a1 certified tech. to no avail. HELP!

  57. Dawn

    I bought a new laptop windows 7 and downloaded MFT 2010 and now I get a message whenever I use it saying
    “authentication with the server failed” Do you know how I can fix this?

  58. John Donaldson

    # 72 Tina B

    Try these links


    (where most of the high end users and beta testers hang out. Been around since 1995 the oldest and the )

    Another FTM help list but not as good as FTM-Tech

    The FTM Knowledge base- priceless and being constantly updated

    Good links to the Tutorials and webinars as well as general help and enhancements

    John D

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