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As I was looking up at the wall by my work desk, I realized that I had never made a fun calendar for work.  Crazy as I have made many calendars for home and for gifts.  Instead, I see a blank wall with only a single picture from my son that says “I love you, Mom.”  Don’t get me wrong, that little picture lights up my wall, but it would be great to have more of these warm fuzzies every day of the year.

A treasured timepiece.
One of the things I love to do when making a calendar is to look back on photos that resemble the same month from the previous year.  September was particularly fun.  Every year I take pictures of my kids in front of the mailbox in front of our home.  Now that my oldest son is in the third grade it is fun to look back and see how much he has grown over the four years since kindergarten.  My younger son just started first grade and likewise, it is neat to see how in just one year he finally reached the bottom of the mailbox.  Next September I’ll be able to look up at the calendar and remember the previous year. Sept

Even more special is that I can share these memories with others.  All I have to do is copy the project and add a few additional photos with pictures of my parents to the appropriate months and I have the perfect gift for my mom and dad.  They also love seeing how much their grandchildren have grown over the year.

Where do I start?
A great thing about MyCanvas is that you start a calendar with any month of the year.  You can begin today on a calendar for this month or change the start date to January 2010 for a great holiday present.

Another great thing I love to do with MyCanvas calendars is to put a picture of the birthday person on their special day.  One of my son’s birthday also falls in September, so I put a picture of him in front of his birthday cake from this year’s birthday. It will be fun to remember that celebration next year when I get to September.

Make it your own.
MyCanvas lets you share your pictures in print.  There are many fun things to do with the MyCanvas calendar application.  You can be as creative as your imagination allows.  MyCanvas provides many cool backgrounds.  I chose the baseball background to remember opening day of the baseball season.

For the month of October, I put in pictures of my boys in their Halloween costumes.  plus a couple of other funny shots of my little one.  The picture of him sound asleep standing up at his bed after having run around the neighborhood collecting candy always makes me laugh.


If you have some cleaver ideas or have done neat things with MyCanvas calendars, please let us know.


  1. jimm barr

    Jim Lane (guy on seashore in blue shirt) is holding a picture of JOAN CRAWFORD !
    May have still been Lucille LeSeur, as it’s an early photograph.

  2. I’m using a calendar to share family history with my siblings at Christmas. I chose one ancestor to feature each month and did a layout with pictures (if I had them) and some biographical info on the person. I filled the calendar with birthdays and anniversaries of our direct ancestors going back 10 generations. It will be easier for them to “digest” some of the info I’ve discovered, and its a practical gift as well. I can’t wait to see their reactions!

  3. Andy Hatchett

    I did that once…

    The reaction from one family member was “I know you meant well child, but I know all I need to know about that family and more than I want to”

    How was I to know there had been a very recent and very, *very* bitter divorce!

  4. Carol A. H.

    Hey Jimm Barr, it that really a picture of Joan Crawford, aka Lucille LeSeur?

    That would surprize Joan since she never had biological children. You have a sharp eye if it is.

  5. Carol A. H.

    Hey there, Andy. I have some skeletons in my family, too. Found them by doing research. So far I haven’t gotten my fingers burned.

    I don’t have time to do scrap-booking. Ancestry makes my research fairly difficult these days with all the changes and clicking around.

    Click, Click, click…..

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