Posted by Michelle Pfister on September 24, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Hello everyone,

We are looking forward to our free online class about Family Tree Maker 2010.  This “webinar” should help answer many of the questions you have about the new software.

To help us prepare, please ask your questions here. While we won’t be able to answer every question during the webinar, we’ll do our best. If you already entered a question in the preceding Family Tree Maker post about the online class (webinar), there’s no need to re-enter here. We’ll look at all the questions in preparation for the webinar.

When you want a question answered right away, a good place to start is the knowledgebase on under the Support menu. Just type in a few key words of your question, and click “Search.” For example, to learn how to register Family Tree Maker, type in the word “register” and click Search.  Several articles display that have similar words in them. When you see one that looks promising, click on it to see the detail.

For times when the knowledgebase doesn’t provide an answer, you can email customer support at You should receive a response in approximately 24 hours.

The webinar will provide a helpful overview and step-by-step instructions for using many of Family Tree Maker 2010’s new features. To attend the webinar, please register, and enter your genealogy record questions here. Thanks!


  1. karien

    what the devil is going on at the beginning its advertised as 25.00 for a yr. for all over the world search the when i sign up my total will be 299.00 is this false advertiseing?

  2. Paula McGee

    I have been working on my tree in Ancestry, now I also have FTM 2010, how do I transfer my information from Ancestry to FTM and which one should I be working in?

  3. Lottie A. Vandergaw

    My first question is the same as Paula McGee’s about 2010 edition and ancestry.

    I have started putting people into two trees, because I no longer research the Vandergaw line. How do I transfer people on my side of the family from the Vandergaw side without entering all the names again? I have searched for the answer and haven’t come up with a solution.

  4. Walter

    Michelle. I am aghast that FTM2010 Genealogy Reports are still JUNK. Total complete worthless garbage. How does not anyone at understand how REAL genealogists use Genealogy Reports and give us that back like we had them in FTM V16 instead of some fancy looking thing that rolls out from the computer but is unusable?
    No real genealogist doing real Genealogy creates a Genealogy Report as created by the Program and then prints it out or sends it to another Genealogist! You create the Genealogy Report, export it in .rtf format, open it in a Word Processor and EDIT it. V16 and every other version I ever used did this perfectly. But 2008, 2009 and 2010 do not and never did this correctly. You have got to get rid of the header on each page, page numbers, “border lines” at top and botton, etc and create a seamless single .rtf file from line 1 to line last in something like Arial, New Times Roman, or similar Type size 10. The fundamental need is effortless editing by the Generator, not Fancy Looking Page style. We can then open it, add our name, Date, notes and comments, edit out stuff not needed, etc. The minute you add a line to p1, then p2 overruns the text and created a page that is 95% blank. How stupid and ignorant! It does not matter what it looks like when the computer exports it. It matters what it looks like AFTER I edit it.
    I am a LDS volunteer and do similar work in the local Genealogical Society. Literally hundreds of people have asked me about what Software to buy. I tell them 2008 and 2009 are the worse pieces of Software (of ANY kind ever sold) and do not buy FTM under any condition until you fix it to do basic Genealogy. I will continue to do so until you fix this Gigantic Blunder!
    At least with 2010 you seem to have gotten GEDCOM exports fixed. And the multiple page Trees now work. Please fix Genealogy Reports. And get the changes tested by real Genealogists before rolling them out.

  5. Mike Smith

    I tried to transfer my tree into Family tree maker and the file will not open. Says it is already in usse or wrong file type. Very frustrating I hope I haven’t wasted my money on this program….What do I need to do to get it working. This was suppose to be easy…

  6. Sue

    I was seriously considering buying the 2010 edition until I read the responses posted. I thought the webinar would be helpful but I think I will pass as it sounds like you will have many questions to respond to. Thanks and best wishes…

  7. Andy Hatchett

    Karien Re:#1

    I think you misread it. It is 299.00 per year payable in advance -which equals $24.95/ a month or there about.

    If you pay by the month it is $29.95/mo.

  8. Scott

    This is long…you were warned.
    Walter #5
    Actually, I very much like the new reports look. I work professionally as a product manager for other non-exciting software, and what my users usually want is either 1) a set of fancy pre-formatted reports with the bells/whistles so that they don’t have to add them (these are the folks who do all of their editing in the system, and don’t need to pare/add details) OR 2) the basic data in the report only with no formatting, which is what you seem to want. There are more of 1) than 2), which is always rough on advanced users and those with specific workflow needs. I agree with you that it would be great if both were available, but from a product owner’s perspective, to please the greatest # of users fastest, they were entirely correct to implement the pre-packaged fully-formatted report first. More people are dipping their toes/feet into genealogy and need the pre-packaged easy-to-use options. Less people are up to their eyeballs and just want the raw data. Mind you 1) becomes 2) in time, but with limited resources something has to come before something else.
    As to the incessant comparisons between FTM16 and 2010…it’s not the same company nor the same product. Companies sell their software sometimes, and then the new companies have to deal with the legacy code, which most often leads to re-launch. TGN didn’t produce FTM16, so it’s unrealistic to expect them to exactly copy the feature set in the same order. If you don’t like it, use FTM16 (which can be run with most features even in Vista, if you know how to set it up). Personally, I’m happy that a company that has a healthier regular revenue stream (the search subscriptions) owns the software…it means we have a better chance of the company continuing forward with the product and helping all of us with our needs over time. The revenue from just the software was obviously not valuable enough; the product sales/purchase was evidence of that.
    Lastly, “total complete worthless garbage,” “stupid and ignorant,” and “of ANY kind every sold” are not terribly good ways to get product management to take you seriously. Your admissions about multiple-page trees and GEDCOM are outweighted by the rest of your negative speech.
    Your passion is evident from your use of details and focus on specifics; there’s no need for abusive language, and it will reduce the relative weight of your comments.

  9. Lynn

    Michelle, you may wish to include some of the added features/integration changes between FTM 2010 and in the webinar.

    I have notices several nice enhancements, but also have a problem when trying to “Merge” “Media Only” records from (previously I successfully “merged” these types of records — with FTM 2010, although I receive the message “Merged Successfully,” no related source/media is added to my FTM file)

  10. I’ve been having all kinds of problems with my Baker Family Tree. Many interies I put in disappear and I don’t know why. Now I found I have lost everything, so I started all over again with a new Tree. I named it the Baker, Larson, Skog,Ekhoff Tree. I need all the help I can get. Margery Joyce Baker

  11. Walter

    # 9 Scott. Thanks for entering a debate over a critical issue. I love finding other serious researchers in my family lines who get into depth of the work enough to argue based on experience and facts when something is not simple and straightforward.
    What I am doing is stating clearly that I, as a “Tree Program” user, want and will buy ONLY those products that meet the needs of a serious genealogist. I care not one whit that something can be marketed to genealogy newbies. Genealogy newbies generally don’t like Genealogy Reports anyway nor would they think about how to manage them. There is nothing wrong with being a genealogy newbie, I was one once myself. But to create a Genealogy Report that does not have the Authors Name and date on it is a disservice to all future genealogy. I cannot count the times I have come across some genealogy work that does not list the author, source or date. That is dumb on the part of the creator and continues to perpetuate another branch of the “unsourced on-line trees” that are so common. If someone won’t put their name on it, they shouldn’t publish it. Same for Genealogy Reports.
    If I am looking at a product like a Tree program, I want to know it will do work that fits me. A “non-customizable” genealogy report is one thing I will not pay money for (again)! I did it with 2008 and never again. I want to help other serious users to know this is the case and that they can walk with their $ if they want to and not get sucked in by all the glitz and glitter of attaching records to Trees.
    I also don’t care who owns any source code or who owned a product. All that is important is someone specify to programmers the function that the outcome should have. I posted a “nice” suggestion in the 2008 Blog. I did the same in the 2009 one. Neither had any effect. At least with the info I have put up here, a serious researcher can look at what is there and make their own decision. I know of no serious genealogist who does not edit Genealogy Reports they generate. A possible purchaser should know they cannot do this with 2010 and they can make their own decision.
    The main reason I came back her today was just to see if the Product Manager had had the courage not to delete my post.

  12. Rebekha

    Is there or will there be a Canadian version? I have been holding off buying 2010. I bought Canadian 2008 and then realized how spoiled I was after I received the free upgrade to 2009 which was American.

  13. Kathy Marie


    9 Written by:

    Posted on:
    September 24, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Walter #5

    As to the incessant comparisons between FTM16 and 2010…it’s not the same company nor the same product.



    FTM 2008/2009/2010 WAS/IS OFFERED AS AN UPGRADE TO FTW 2006 V 16




  14. Charles E. Borror

    When trying to print a book using PDF, it seems in some incidents that the text runs into photos that have been inserted on the page. Therefore can you give to some recoomendations on how to avoid this?


    C.E. Borror

  15. Robert

    Why did you discontinue a perfectly good program (FTM 2006 and all previous versions)and come out with this crappy program? You have gone from the #1 Genealogy software program maker to something most can’t find a good thing to say about it. Why couldn’t you just continue making improvements on the old version like in the past? For many of us who have spent more than ten years using your software feel slighted and dismissed.

  16. Bob

    Are there any plans to develop an Apple Macintosh version of Family Tree Maker? I converted all my computing to the Mac several years ago, except for Family Tree Maker. I still keep an old PC just to run FTM. If there are no plans for a Mac version of FTM, what in your opinion is the best Mac program equivalent to FTM? I hate the thought of changing, but I also want to get completely off of Windows! Thanks for any and all responses.

  17. Robert Andrews

    Excellent piece of software which I have used since version 4 (I think). 2008 was a huge improvement on v 16. Not sure if I will upgrade to 2010. I need to study whether the improvements are worth the cost of the upgrade to me.
    As for the wingers-If you don’t like it , use an alternative. It is also very bad manners to blog in Capitals. It means you are SHOUTING.

  18. sonofsquidward

    @Kim and Bob
    From this site’s own FAQ:
    Answer ID: 4585
    Is Family Tree Maker available for a Macintosh platform?
    At this time we do not produce a version of Family Tree Maker for the Macintosh platform.

    We have listed below the contact information for two companies who produce genealogy programs developed specifically for the Macintosh platform. Please note that we are not affiliated with these companies and do not produce, support, or endorse their programs:

    Company: OnlyMac Software
    Product: MacFamilyTree
    Phone: +49 6821 865986
    Fax: +49 6821 865987

    Company: Leister Productions
    Product: Reunion
    Support: 717-697-1378

    If you need to transfer information from Family Tree Maker to one of these programs, you can open your file in Family Tree Maker and create a GEDCOM file. You can then open this GEDCOM file using any genealogy program on Mac or PC.

  19. I would like to see the ability to create html webpages from FTM. There is a program called GEDtoHTML that works well but, it would be nice to create webpages directly from FTM.

  20. Richard L Morgan


    9 Written by:

    Posted on:
    September 24, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Walter #5

    As to the incessant comparisons between FTM16 and 2010…it’s not the same company nor the same product.



    FTM 2008/2009/2010 WAS/IS OFFERED AS AN UPGRADE TO FTW 2006 V 16




    On the basis of the above input – I fully agree with the negative elements due to my history and experience with dubious practices. Nothing is better or improved when it fails to accomplished its primary purpose. Not the name currently on the letterheads, or the location of the facility restrooms or the dippsy-dumpster expelling waste. Customer satisfaction is not a marketing gimmick, or sales technique used to increase market share.

    Not the same product? That is obvious using primitive programming techniques.

    It took about 10 years to obtain the date calculator in FTM, which I requested. It was nice but not required. I don’t have another 10 years for a program not to require more than 3 mouse clicks to display an input field. We are set back about 10 years in attempts to use the minimal REQUIRED fields.

    To have a profitable company it can not be built on excuses or crutches. Junk is junk when it fails to meet or continues to meet the basic CUSTOMER needs. KISS and/or Omega 6 product improvement may yet be of value to your company.

    I also still use FTM Version 16 and use the other CD’s for coffee cup coasters? I have 2010 and it does upload correctly and some screen do function this time. Do I trust it? About 50 percent – since I don’t want to corrupt at least 30 years of input data.

    I retired in 1996 from GE Computer Graphics/Publications Unit of Aircraft Engines.

  21. David Tooley

    Specifically for MICHELLE PFISTER: Have spoken with 4 TECH “SPECIALISTS”, who have NOT been able to solve my problem:
    FTM 2009 and 2010 will NOT repeat NOT repeat NOT “build” a book nor allow me to publish a report nor one or two other items. EVERY time I hit the publish button, it “tries” to build with a blank “pad” and IMMEDIATELY crashes back to my desktop…
    Vista HomePremium 64bit Intel Dual Core, HP Pavillion 6600series..
    The SAME copies of 2009 and 2010, loaded onto a FUJITSU Lifebook, 4+ years old running XP SP 2, 32bit processing allows me build “books” and reports ALL DAY long..
    It is MY opinion that “you” have NOT written code for 64 bit systems….. when will you do so? Thanks Dave

  22. In FTM 2009 I am unable to delete an entire branch of Unrelated persons. Deleting unrelated people from FTM is very cumbersome. Has this been fixed or improved upon in FTM 2010?

  23. Am lost in your forest!
    Traced ancestors from New York to Iowa. Found Irish Coffey ancestors who enlisted with the Union Army from Iowa and proceeded to Louisiana. One returned to Iowa, apparently wounded, and ultimately buried there. The other, was nextfound in St. Paul, MN.with many Coffeys but details of records get fuzzy as we proceed.
    The other complication is that Coffey Cousins have no trace of Minnesota Coffeys other Donald P. and Frank F and that’s us.

  24. Janet Swearingen

    I have had ancestry for many years and have both 2006 and 2009 on my computer now. I have tried to use the web setup several times and never could get it to download things as I wanted. Now I have tried to combine my different branches of the family on line, and now I have multiple pictures and information on several trees on line. They all have different information on them and I can’t get it all together. Will 2010 help me do that? I like working on some features of 2009, but when I want to find information I always go back to my 2006 program. It is easier to find things and add them. I feel like I have made a mess of all the work I’ve done and would like to get it cleaned up so I can continue. What should I do to be able to work on one consolidated tree and keep all my information together?

  25. James P. Woerner, Jr.

    FTM 2010 works much better that FTM 2006 with patches. However, it is not as intutitive as earlier versions and takes getting used to. Once you do, it is fine and particularly great on the research side. The one thing that wish would be restored is the “All in One Tree” chart which was super for seeing how families are connected. Reports currently available just do not do that.

  26. George

    With FTM 2010, will I be able to take everything off the website and put it into FTM 2010 automatically? I mean all my pictures I have uploaded onto the website, and all my other information. Also, will it work in the other direction too? Thanks!

  27. Richard L Morgan

    Apple users seek another product. One rancid apple for FTM users is enough for now. I wouldn’t want to share my past 5 years experience with anyone interested in genealogy.

    I haven’t looked for another genealogy program to use for at least 25 years. I have for the last two years — 2010 is the last TEST program for me. (I am not shouting; it is a graphic and not an emotional element of typographical display that began before current computers existed).

    I also have at least 200 FTM CD’s and other reference data that may just become useless if I dump FTM — am I serious, CERTAINLY!

  28. Baz

    On Msg. Board FTM V16, 17 Sep 2009, johndd189 wrote:

    “FTM 2010 will import your FTM 16 file including media, books, sources, and notes, etc. . . .
    . . . When FTM 2010 imports your FTM 16 database it does so by making a copy of the FTM 16 database then converts it to its FTM 2010 format.”

    Please be very specific about how one migrates from a V16 data base to one in FTM 2010 which contains all of the necessary V16 data/notes/media. A simple listing or chart of activities would be fine. Am I to assume that FTM 2010 has added additional functions to assist this migration? Thanks.

  29. Richard L Morgan

    George you get and retain your photos and graphics using 2010.

    Anything and everything you upload to online is out of your preview and control. Others can copywrite your photos and they are no longer yours. check the case files for such practices.

  30. Richard L Morgan

    BAZ – I think you are correct, or at least I would like to believe so for users of 2010. I have to much to check every line – it will notifiy you of error or problem areas, as the former versions do, hopefully.

  31. I recently bought the 2009 version of Family Tree Maker that came with a 3 month FREE trial.

    When I tried to sign up for the 3 month FREE trial, it demanded a credit card and asked me what my long term commitment would be.

    Whe I sign up for a Free 3 month trial, I do not put in a credit card. I want to try it for 3 months FREE, then decide if I want to use it more after I have tried it.

    I know that I will probably forget to cancel the membership after the 3 month FREE period so they would charge my credit card, so I WILL NOT enter a credit card number for a FREE 3 month trial.

  32. Ken Mitchell

    Suppose I locate a census record that pertains to many people in my file. It is very laborious to manually enter the same fact date, location, and media for every person. A simple Windows copy/paste function would save a lot of time and eliminate potential re-keying errors.
    Likewise, the ability to “copy” media under one person and “paste” (or link) the same media to another person without having to manually scroll through all my media in my file would also save me a lot of time. The same holds true for sources.

  33. Jordy Gillespie

    I dont know why I keep sending emails to Ancestry and FTM people they go to trash bin. But I do hope FTM 2010 is a exact dup. of 2006 so people can actually use it. Not like crapo 2008 & 2009. jg

  34. Linda Okazaki

    I’ve been “doing” genealogy for about 15 years and have used Family Tree Maker in it’s various forms since the early days. For me, FTM 16 has been the most user friendly, and the 2008 version the least friendly. I’m trying my darndest to become familiar with 2010 but so far have been incredibly frustrated. Biggest complaint: when I click on the ancestry hits from my own tree, I am automatically connected to ancestry, on the same link. Is there a way to have ancestry links show up on a different page so that I don’t have to keep hitting the back button? I prefer to have both pages open at once. Please keep in mind that genealogists are not typical internet users. Think of us as library patrons who simultaneously have multiple books opened on a table in order to complete our research. Second problem,is there a way to delete all of the visual clutter on the page? For me, the most annoying is the “web dashboard”. I completely understand that the goal is to get newbies to buy more product. But experienced genealogists want to get to the meat of the research, and that is why we are paying for the software. Third issue has to do with notes. Is there a simpler way to enlarge the person notes, particularly when I wish to edit them? Lastly, would you ever consider creating two versions, kind of like adobe does for photoshop? One for newbies and one for serious or professional researchers? Thank you and I look forward to the webinar.

  35. Jeff Weintraub

    problem with using and FTM together: in my past versions of FTM, i havent been able to update a tree i had posted on the website. Each time i would upload, it would create a new online tree. Since audio files and pics posted to the online site by visitors were part of the previous online tree, all of that stuff would not be in the new online tree!! Has this glitch been fixed in ftm 2010?

  36. Dan

    I have one of the new Macs. The new Macs run Windows and I do that to run FTM but the interface is not as clean as a Mac product. So after reading all the blogs about new ownerships and problems, I’ll switch to Mac product – after 6 years.

  37. Ken Mitchell

    “Shaking Leaf” search seems to mostly return trees submitted by other people. While this can be useful if a person has done a good job checking their facts, I would rather see more in the form of hard documents like birth, death, and marriage certificates as well as census records. Clicking on the “more records” search button often does not even include these document categories at the bottom of the “Narrow by Category” panel.

  38. Does Family Tree Maker make a program for the Apple computers?
    I switched to an Apple PC 6 months ago and all my Genealogy material is still in the old ,sluggish PC. I was using family tree Maker 5 at the time.
    Can you help me?

  39. Debra Lowe

    I like the way it combines duplicate people but, you still can’t result in all the info present. Its either one or the other not both combined.

  40. Theron

    Family Tree Maker 2008, 2009 & 2010 are junk. There was nothing wrong with Family Tree Version 16 it had a perfectly good format. As far as I can see Ancestry really messed a good product up.

  41. Robert Straub

    Concern: I have Family Tree Maker Version 16.0.350.
    I am afraid to update to the Version 2010 that I might loose some of the massive data I have entered over the years and will be unable to update reports or recover data.

    Is Version 2010 completely compatable, or what isn’t?

  42. Robin

    #31 James.

    They’ve been promising the “all-in-one” chart for the last 3 or 4 years.

    I don’t think that they have any intention of producing it.

  43. Kathie Laprise

    In FTM 2009, you were able to save your charnges to reports and charts as a template for future use. How can I do that with FTM 2010? I’ve tried!!!
    Also, is there a way to easliy separate a branch from my tree (in FTM 2010) into another tree? I have found several unrelated branches and would like to move them into separate trees.
    Thank you! Kathie

  44. I do not know if this is the place for qustions for the online class but here it is. I have recorded interviews with ancestors on vedio dvd and would like to input this vedio on each individual’s location. I have not been able to do this with my 2006 version, will I be able to do this with 2010? Thank YOu

  45. Steve Compton

    I want to be able to export a report in Word format of other text format for editing. How can this be done? Also, letely I’ve been unable to access from within FTM 2010. I get a “no internet connection” message from FTM even when I’m able to access ancestry just fine in Internest Explorer. Without this feature, I can’t easily merge new documents found online. If this feature is not available, it diminishes the value of subscribing to ancestry. Will we be reimbursed for the days ancestry is unavailable through FTM?

  46. Michele Gjertson

    I’m really frustrated with FTM 2008 and thought about “upgrading” to 2010. 2008 seems unnecessarily cluttered and complicated. What I really want is the ability to clear away the clutter and have a simple interface. I want to be able to export data in a common non-proprietary format which I can use independently of FTM and share the data with others. Can FTM2010 do that? Pretty output doesn’t interest me–accurate data I can import and export does. Give me what I want, not what you think I want.

  47. Kenneth Campbell

    So why (when a program like FTM 2010 is created), don’t they also create a way to link it directly to the Family tree on So that when you add info to one, it automatically is added to the other. Why do we have to do everything twice?

    Ken Campbell

  48. lori

    What a shame we once supplied you with our familes tree and then you make a profit off of it and some of it is not all factual because everyone started no checking into the factual notes and just copied the mistakes. Then you calaim you have everyone and some of my family is not in your selective sites. I did nmanage to once get a refund because she argued that you had my family name and found she was wrong.

    charging for open records is wrong. Now you have taken over the roots web please keep it avainable to all who can not afford your costly subscribtions whem ssome family names are not available. Nor updated.

  49. Ger

    Started with Version 3.4, very disapointed with 2009, purchased 2 copies, second for a FTM user to upgrade, second copy still unopened as i found it was not user friendly, had lost control of detail i wished to print/suppress. Speaking at a Genealogy workshop for Heritage week Ireland Sept 2009, advised those present to Stick with 2006 version.

  50. Robert Genest

    I now have most of the data I’ve been researching on my Family Tree Maker 2009.

    What is the next step in having this information published into book form, including photos?

  51. I hope I’m in the right place to comment on FTM 2009 vs. 2010. When merging information the same people may be included on several leaves, is it necessary to add (merge) the entire family included with each leaf? For instance one leaf could be for census 1900, then another for 1920 and another for 1930 that speaks to residence and lists the entire family each time, is it necessary to merge each person for each census? Then once the multiple merge of the family members are complete the people list then adds each person multiple times, rather than merging them. There seems to be a disconnect with this merge process in FTM 2009, has this issue been addressed and fixed in FTM 2010? Has FTM 2010 included a method to identify “Twins” in a family, same birthdate, different names but similar which could be a census taker spelling error or an actual twin. We have several twins in our family, I’d really like to distinguish them from each other with their different information of their lives, marriages, children, etc.

  52. I liked my old ft16 for its scrape book. This new one brings up one picture and when I try and see all of the pictures I have on a particular person,it brings up my entire album. the picture are not even in their assigned albums. I just have this entire file of a couple of thousand pictures staring back at me. I do love the quick internet searches that can be done. Is there a way to have a full screen view of a family tree?

  53. Bill Everson

    Printing banners – pls see [Incident: 090903-001839] with your FTM support system.
    I hope the “bug” can be fixed in FTM 2008 and 2010 so I don’t have to go back to FTM 2005 to create big banners with .pdf on one page.

  54. Geoff Walker

    Having pre booked my FTM2010 at a cost of $38.36 I now find less than a month later it at $28.96. This is the last time I will upgrade, I am appalled at your marketing strategy/con

  55. Michele Bender

    Two questions.

    1)It is just common sense that the programs should let me sync my FTM 2010 tree with my tree. But I can’t figure out how to do this. Can you help?

    2) How to attach a spouse when a man marries the sister of his late spouse. The person is already in the FTM database as spouse of sister #1.

  56. Janice

    I just purchased 2009 and it is the pits to use, I can’t figure it out. Have been using FTM and PAF and others for years. This was the hardest to use and would not copy my 107 existing files. My computer crashed and the files were copied but the program was not. Have misplaced my older disk. When I tried to get files transferred got a message to call an 800# which did not help much. Will the instruction for 2010 be similar to 2009. What is the system for numbering your programs, I have had 5/8/16 now 2009, and 2010 is coming out. I was told at Office max.2009 was the last issue

  57. Shirley

    I downloaded from my online Ancestry to 2010. Well the pictures did move over but not the census information or related information. I want to be able to see what information I have found, such 1890 census etc.

    What do I need to do, or what do you need to do to correct.

  58. Jeff Jahn

    Is their any plans to look at the enhanced viewer and haven it work with internet explorer 8 with vista64 systems? Using Firfox 3.5 as a default browser works for but it appears Ftm doesnt use the default browsers but is based on the internet explorer, is this correct?

  59. Al

    Dear Michelle,

    I jumped from FTM 2005 to 2010 without problem. I like the Web Search, it has consistantly pulled in the source media.

    I was wondering if there is a way to compile a report of everyone in a tree. I am pretty sure FTM 2005 did this (along with publishing the relationship to a particular person).
    This would help keep track of whom in a tree has been visited for research purposes, then one could put in the research tasks in as appropriate and make sure one hasn’t missed anyone. Unfortunately, I believe this isn’t possible, but if it is, I would like to see it in a class.

    Some education around the sources, what each window reprsents would be nice, too.

    A little trick I have been using that might be good in a class is to take the URL in FTM 2010 and put it in a browser so there is more screen room to roam.

    Making sure everyone understands web clipping is a an idea. I have made a mistake or two in the merge of records – made a new parent when I meant to put the child with an existing parent, making sure the concept and options of bringing in records would be key, I think.

    Given the amount of trouble people are reporting, perhaps a small section on the best way to reach support or a forum would be helpful.

    To everyone else: Just because it is an anonymous posting system isn’t an invitation to be rude. The question was what do you want to hear in a class, not what would you like to gripe about.

  60. Charlotte Powers

    If you were supposed to uninstall your 2009 version before you installed your 2010 version I never saw that instruction. When I installed my 2010 version it came up already loaded with the last file I had opened and closed in my 2009 version and now I can no longer see that file in my 2009 FTM. I had a back up version but is my 2009 FTM virtually useless now?

  61. Bob Averell

    Having been a FTM user since the first version, I am so disappointed with FTM 2000, primarily because of the reporting functions. Register reports are totally inaccurate when there are multiple marriages for individuals, especially when bith husbdan and wife have multiple marriages. I have no need for a webinar on FTM 2010. I will not purchase another FTM product until the company understands that accurate reports are an essential aspect of a genelogy software package.

  62. jcnealsr

    I wish you would go back to the old family tree program as you could get around better and easier. this new program is complicated to use and not compatible at all with older programs that we are use to.

  63. John Donaldson

    #24 Marc

    FTM 2008 and above has HTML output

    Plus there is the Ancestry home page which works well

    John D

  64. John Donaldson

    #31 James

    What does the Extended familit Tree in FTM 2009/10 not give you that the A-i-O tree did?

    John D

  65. John Donaldson

    #34 Baz

    From the Plan View in FTM 2010

    Click on New tree and the radio button import from an existing file

    Navigate to where your FTM 16 tree is located and hit continue

    My only tip

    Run a Tools>compact on your FTM 16 file before importing a copyy into FTM 2010

    John D

  66. John Donaldson

    #49 Robert

    You won’t lose any data but keep a copy of FTM 16 on your computer as well as you learn the new program

    John D

  67. John Donaldson

    #52 Ricardo

    You can add an OLE link of a video file in the scrapbook in FTM 2006

    You can also do the same thing in FTM 2010

    Also FTM 2010 has a new slideshow that plays any WMV file through Windows media player

    John D

  68. John Donaldson

    #55 Michele

    FTM 2008/09/10 through the Share module can export in HTML, RTF, CSV, PDF and image/EMF dpending on the chart or report

    The RTF is still very average in FTM 2010 and is my biggest disappointmemt

    John D

  69. John Donaldson

    # 59 Robert

    FTM 2009 has an in program book facility that allows you to complie books in PDF that can be printed or you can use the online My Canvas book facility

    John D

  70. Gloria Lyles

    I installed version 2010 on my new Netbook. The new version takes up a lot of screen space. I know I will adjust but right now I find it harder to navigate. I was able to inport files as GEDCOM from my old version, 2006. Also, this version takes longer to open up than the old one. I also have had some problems shutting it down. I don’t think this is a problem with my computer as I don’t have this problem with any other program. There are some really good features which I look forward to learning more about on the 30th

    Gloria Lyles

  71. FTM2010 is the third FTM version I have used. I have over 12,000 names in my tree. I have several comments on other peoples remarks:

    #29 When you identify a person to delete 2010 does not delete all people in that persons line causing you to have to delete the others individually one at a time in some cases, very time consuming. Suggest deleting entire limb all at once. Or ask like prior versions if I want to delete all.

    #39 Census posting. When a census record is identified as being correct for a person and merging takes place it should be posted or merged into that person and all other family members identified in that limb that appear by name on that census. Now another leaf will appear on other names for that same entry and you have to update each name separately. This is a duplication of effort.

    #47 Duplicate persons. 2010 currently does not identify which duplicate entry or person should stay as it is connected into the main body of your tree or who it is connected to. Is the second person part of the main tree or is it a part of a stand alone limb. How is one to tell which one should be kept? If you delete the wrong one you may/will disconnect the entire limb from your tree. This is a real problem. How is the duplicate allow to be created in the first place? Which person is Prime? ? ?

    #51 Unrelated branches, How can you identify all unrelated or detached branches that are part of my tree? If I could do this I could either reattach that limb if possible or delete it and the names on it. I bet that duplicate limbs is where most extraneous names come from.

    #56 Updating data/information on your onling tree. Using 2010 to actively update the online tree on Ancestry or Myfamily is extremely desirable. Currently you have to delete the online tree and uploading a new GED file from 2010 seems really counter productive. Ancestry fixed the problem of updating between online trees on Ancesty and MyFamily you just need to extend that to the FTM software. How many other Ancestry trees have sited/referenced to my tree I have to delete? Each person is assigned a number on the online tree. When I upload a new (GED file) tree is a new number assigned to the names or is the same number reapplied? Maybe that number should be downloaded to each name like Hints/leaves are done now. At least that way the references could remain if they are tied to the number.

    #60 Merging people with leaves. Merging people in 2010 allows you to skip people in the merge process. The problem is you should be able to merge some or all people on the tree and that then the leave should not show up again, even on the other peoples (spouse, parents and children) trees. Now it appears the merging the files does not prevent them, leaves, from remaining on the other people as hints even though you merged them once already.

    # NEW Can an Icon like the leaf be added on the name to indicate that a duplicate exists for this person? This would identify the Prime entry which would be the name I would be working on. I could then find the dupe on the list of all names and delete it at that time.

  72. Shirley

    I purchased the 2009 version of FTM about a year ago. I heard so much bad about the 2008 I thought I would wait. I personally like the new genealogy reports because they are dated. This was something I have been writing to FTM about and they did hear. However, I am most unhappy with the media files. V16 retained the person’s scrapbook so that I could add that to my family books. When I got my 2009 I found just this long line of pictures in no particular order and no way to make an individual scrapbook from them. Since I send much of my research to family members, I like to include a scrapbook so that they get the pictures too. Many times they see pictures of an individual that they may never have seen before. So my solution to that was to keep v16 up and available and to work out of both software programs. What a pain! I do like the Sources Section on 2009 as I do not like to give out information if I have not listed where and from whom I got the information. This puts all my source information in one place and readily available to whomever I am sending a report. I have used FTM for about 16 years and each version has had things I really liked and other things I thught could be improved upon. But since reading all the negative comments about 2010 I think I will stick with 16 and 2009. I have enough trouble switching between 16 and 2009 to get all the things I want; I certainly do not want to have to add one more program to work from.

  73. Dennis Cox

    Webinar Suggestions
    1. How to recover when 2010 damages the 2009 data file?
    2. What are the sourcing strategies 2010 is built to support. I am a genealogy “newbee” and know sourcing is important but don’t know how to best use 2010 in this regard

  74. James Odom

    I have installed my copy on my computer and love it. However, I have been unable to download from Ancestory.Com to Family Tree. I had no problem using 2009 on my computer.

    I attempted get help on the help line but the person I was talking could not help me. She transferred me and hung during the transfer and no one ever answered the phone on the transfer.

  75. It’s 26th Sept and I’ve only just seen this so I missed the webinar. But I do have a comment and have written on the enhancements page about it. My problem is with fact based notes. Why, on a report, do they appear as totally separate entities with absolutely no way of knowing which fact that each note pertains to. Can’t the fact notes appear with the facts, or at the very least, be referenced like sources are. At least if they were referenced, the reader would know which note pertained to which fact.


  76. Tony Knight

    #68 Jeff

    64bit Windows has both 32 and 64 bit versions. The enhanced viewer works fine with the 32bit version on both my 64bit systems.

  77. Mal

    First, I will always consider myself a “newbie” at Genealogy unless I receive some sort of College diploma. I enjoy using Family Tree Maker 2009, but do have some questions:
    1. I agree about linking my updates directly to My Family Tree on instead of having to delete the tree and then adding it again.
    2. I have the Windows 7 RC version with 64-bit and am not having any problems with FTM2009. One thing though, my leaves don’t “wiggle” ??
    3. I agree with #39 (Ken) We need to be able to link media and sources etc. more easily with other members of our families.
    4. “All-in-One Chart”….I REALLY miss it. Please give it back.
    5. Is it possible to be able to open the media (that we have already inserted into a specific family) and view it in large format ? I don’t seem to be able to do that ?
    6.Is it true we have to uninstall 2009 before installing 2010 ? That’s is way too scary.
    7. The enhanced viewer does not download. I have Explorer 8, 64-bit and Windows 7RC. Is that why ?
    8. When creating a tree, I am unable to link “everyone”. Some people are missing. Is that just not being offered or am I doing something wrong ?
    And finally, THANK YOU Al (#69)…Please – everyone – being rude is not what we are interested in seeing in 2010.
    Thank You

  78. Stanley Weidenhammer

    I wish you would have a way of numbering people. My family had name changes. It would make it so much easier if I could number each person. That way I could connect individual people with pictures and documents. It would also help when you have 7 people with the same name.
    Thank you

  79. Tony

    I have been a FTM user for years. The last good version was FTM 16. I bought 2008 but it did not allow me to build books like FTM16 did. Money wasted. I have several books in FTM16, one over 1500 pages. I know some may want only a 4 generation book for thier immediate family, but until they give us back the book ability FTM16 has, I can not buy another FTM product.

  80. Barbara Allen

    I’ve been reading the comments and was considering upgrading to FTM 2010 and taking the online class. I’ve been out of genealogy for awhile and realized that my latest FTM is version 11 purchased in 2004. Will I be able to transfer my records from version 11 to FTM 2010? And is there good reasons why I should upgrade?

  81. Ruth Perkins

    As a member of for several years and a user of FTM 2005 (free edition in a Sunday newspaper!) I was intrigued by the email offering FTM 2010. I bought the UK version as I live in England, that quaint country with places like Southampton, Plymouth, Isle of Wight, all well known by the Brits. FTM 2010 requires me to resolve all my place names when I import my files from FTM 2005 and keeps trying to persuade me that all my English ancestors came from the USA. Searches on in English databases have often thrown up results for the US, it is a flaw in the system, but FTM 2010 UK version should be just that!!

  82. S. Jacobson

    When will you be putting out the patches to FTM 2009 to fix some of the bugs in the software like the relationship counter.

  83. BEE

    I’ve been using FTM 2009 for a while now, as I wanted a more permanent and “safer” place for all the names and documents I painstakingly searched for and have accumulated on my “trees”, although I never added photos, etc, so probably am not using it to full advantage.
    I purchased FTM 2010, but haven’t installed it yet, and after all the comments, wonder if I should. Especially disturbing is this statement: “When I installed my 2010 version it came up already loaded with the last file I had opened and closed in my 2009 version and now I can no longer see that file in my 2009 FTM.” I’m very confused on this issue, and as a “senior”, find the “technical” jargon hard to follow. I assume the “book” I purchased for the 2009 would be useless with the 2010.
    Also, if everything is imported to FTM from a “tree” on ancestry, what becomes of all the “connections” that keep accumulating? Some of the earlier ancestors on my husband’s “tree” have as many as 66 “connections”, which I either “ignore” or “remove”, but I can’t do that for each person, and I certainly don’t want to have to keep doing it again on FTM.

  84. Tom Johnston

    Is there a way to split up into two or more files a existing family file? When I first started years ago placed all of my names into one family file. I’d like to seperate them without retyping in all of them again.


  85. Barbara Liechti

    I installed FTM 2010 as soon as it arrived and am generally pleased with the improvements over FTM 2009. However, it still crashes whenever I click on the right icon to correct a location to the FTM preferred location (eg. Crosby, Texas changed to Crosby, Harris, Texas, USA) and select to change more than the current location. It shuts down FTM every time. Please repair this as I want to have accurate locations and don’t want to crash FTM. Thanks.

  86. murph

    If you get enough complaints about your program, will you fix it? Admit the truth, the Broderbund was a far superior, user frendly, product. creating a book was easy and the reports were outstanding. Send me an e-mail when you get it right.

  87. i am interested in learning more about the family tree maker for my personal use. is this product designed to add information on

  88. Paula

    When I download my online family tree from into Family Tree Maker 2010, all my online sources are gone and everything shows up as hints. So now I have thousands of hints to go through. WHY??? What a waste of time. I will not be likely to upgrade in the future if this is what will happen.

  89. chuck Hollingsworth

    I have Family Tree Maker vesion 6.
    Is it compatable with the new vesion 10 if I transfere my data to the new version?

    Chuck H

  90. Richard Coon

    Re the Sept. 30 online session, I just purchased FTM Deluxe. Can I load it onto my laptop as well as my desk top from the disk provided? Are there any suggestions for installing this 2010 version? Will I have any problems using GEDCOM or PAF files to this version? Thanks

  91. Lynn

    Michele, you obviously realize that many of us continue to value our Family Tree Maker software (i.e., people are purchasing FTM 2010, using, etc.) and we are looking forward to learning something new during the Webinar.

    Although I am most interested in you sharing the key differences between 2009 and 2010, because I am hoping to learn something that I have not identified as well as ideally some highlights about what is coming next. Others would likely wish to know more about the enhancements that have been made since 2008 and v16 – even though that topic was covered in other webinars.

    To those of you who are expressing a hesitation in upgrading from a prior version, based upon my personal experience – although the 2008 upgrade was painful, I am glad that I upgraded to 2009 and more recently to 2010.

  92. Richard Coon

    Should I uninstall my 1997 version of FTM (old and original and works fine) before I install my just purchased FTM Deluxe?

  93. Lynn

    #106 & 108 Richard
    I did not uninstall my prior version of FTM, when installing FTM 2010, and it worked fine.

    However I would recommend compacting prior version of FTM and creating a back-up, prior to loading FTM 2010.

  94. Carolyn

    I just bought directly from Apple a product called MacFamilyTree5 for my MacBook. I am pretty new to genealogy. Any comments?

    I did some research on three years ago and I though it was the worst database I’d ever seen. Is it still clunky?

  95. Karen

    Is the new slide show feature just pictures or does it also allow text?

    Is the new timeline chart an option to print out the timeline or is it different?

  96. Pat Dakin

    If you download from ancestry to version 2010 an online tree which you’ve spent hours placing online:

    1. Will you lose the online ancestry family tree?

    2. Will your photographs upload to FTM 2010, and will they remain online also at ancestry?

    3. Can I upload 2010 data back into the 16 version in order to use the book format, which I really have liked in the older version.

    4. Is there some way to incorporate DNA reports–whether from ancestry or some other comany–into the 2010 version?

    5. As to online trees, I realize that we all take a risk when placing them online for public viewing, as well as possible ownership risk. But isn’t that what we are doing as well if we publish ‘hardcopy’ the old fashioned way in book format? As someone who realizes that I must decide what to do with my research, and the best way to make it available for others to use–we all do get older–I decided to use the ancestry format. We all must make hard choices, especially when there is no immediate family to follow footsteps.

    I suppose I wish there was some way to prevent individuals from posting data if they do not post their sources. Thank you.

  97. John Donaldson

    # 105 Chuck

    FTM 2010 (please don’t refer to it as “10” as there is a version 10 FTM which is differnt to FTM 2010)will read any FTM version down to version 5

    So the answer is yes

    John D

  98. John Donaldson

    # 85 Ken

    FTM 2010 has an excellent find an merge duplicate people on the Edit Menu

    It is also in FTM 2009

    Unrelated brances are deteceted and shown in the Extended familiy Tree

    John D

  99. John Donaldson

    # 93 Tony

    Both FTM 2009 and FTM 2010 have an in program book that works a bit like books in FTM 16 an earlier

    I am not sure if it is robust enough to do a 1500 oage book but the feature is there

    John D

  100. John Donaldson

    # 95 Barbara

    Yes FTM 2010 will read and transfer all your FTM 11 data. It actually makes a copy of the FTM 11 data then converts it leaving the FTM 11 data untouched.

    You can leave FTM 11 on your computer as well as FTM 2010

    FTM 2010 is totally different from FTM 11 and there is not enough space to describe the literally 100s of changes

    Have a look at the links on this site

    Webinars, tutorials, screen shots etc

    John D

  101. John Donaldson

    #96 Ruth

    You don’t have to use the Place name Authority (upgraded in FTM 2010 at all althopugh I have found that it picks up most of my UK names plus the new ability to add GPs coordinates and the new short place name feature all works excellently for UK places

    I have also found that the new search engine which applies to FTM 2008 and above is very good at locating people wherever they are, and the better the place descriptions (see above), the better the search works

    John D

  102. John Donaldson

    # 97 S Jacobson

    I doubt that there will be any more patches for FTM 2009.

    FTM 2010 has totally upgraded the relationship functions in FTM big time and finds everything now

    John D

  103. John Donaldson

    # 98 Bee

    When you install FTM 2010 you can retain your FTM 2009.

    FTM 2010 will read an convert your FTM 2009 file

    The smart thing is to loacte your files in appropriate folders, one for 2009, one for 2010 etc and to use the excellent back up facilities including backing up to a CD form time to time and keep the CD in a differnt place from your computer. Floods, fire etc do occur

    When you merge from Ancestry the links and media are incorporated in your FTM file

    John D

  104. John Donaldson

    # 100 Tom

    Which FTM verson are you using?

    The all in one tree in FTM 16 will spilt a file and in FTM 2009/10 the Extended familiy tree will do the same thing

    Also all the versions allow you to export a line from the File menu with a very good export filter

    John D

  105. John Donaldson

    # 111 Karen

    I think the slide show is for media but of course you can add test in eany graphics program and save it as media then add it to the slide show

    The timeline chart is a print out of the time line

    John D

  106. John Donaldson

    #112 Pat

    1 No

    2 Yes

    3 Yes but there is a similar book function in FTM 2010

    4 Not yet other then in Notes. Probably be an enhancement in a future version?

    5 An ongoing problem. If you put material in the public domain others will use it without attribution and claim it as their own work.

    John D

  107. John Donaldson

    # 113 Janet

    Not enough info for anyone to comment

    You will need to accurately describe what is happening, screen messages etc etc

    John D

  108. Ray

    Will there be any discount for Ancestry subscribers using Family Tree Maker early versions (I just bought 2009 a month ago) to purchase the 2010 version?

  109. judy

    Is it possible to download photos and articles from another person’s tree into my tree? Do I need to ask for permission?

  110. Mary

    Having used FTM since it’s DOS version I’ve been through many changes, most for the better; however, some changes have caused my many years of work to take a turn for the worse. In earlier Windows versions the pictures were displayed in date order which, in my opinion is the logical arrangement. It’s nice that you’ve given FTM 2010 the
    option to place the pictures in any order desires; however, I have 1,000’s of pictures and it would take far too much time to go through the process necessary to put them in date order again.

    I’m TOTALLY thrilled about the interaction between FTM and but I do have a question. A relative died and his wife remarried; however, their two children did keep my family name. I would expect that a green leaf would appear next to the children’s name to alert me that they appear on a US Federal Census record but it did not. I had to know the surname of their mom’s new husband. Does the interaction only work with the head of household’s surname or should I expect it to appear for all in the household?

  111. Dev Lansing

    Question for Webinar:
    Please explain (if possible in FTM 2010) how to do the following:
    Query the data and return all records where the person had events within a particular location. (Useful if you are going on a research trip to a town)

    Query the data and return all records which do not have birth events, or all which have no death events. (This is useful to identify records which need more research.)

    I have not yet found these in FTM2010 – but if it’s in there please help us to use it 🙂

  112. Dev Lansing

    Webinar Question:

    If I use FTM2010 as the master for our genealogy data (i.e. source of truth) AND already have an uploaded tree (gedcom version of the FTM data) on, how do I merge changes from FTM2010 up to that tree? (So far, I’ve only seen, create another tree and re-invite people to it. )

  113. Betty Lucas

    I, really, want to learn how to create a book for my family. I’m still attempting to clean up the tree. I won’t want all the sources showing on the pages, how will that be in a book?

  114. Catherine McBride

    I had 2009 family tree maker in and got the disk for 2010 but can’t get 2009 to remove from my computer so now i have both 2009 and 2010 in my computer and i can’t delete 2009 out and it is useing up all my mermory I have tried to take out 2010and 2009 both but neither will come out what do I do now?

  115. Daniel Weiler

    I currently have data saved in the Legacy software. Can this data be transferred to the family tree maker software?


  117. Tandy

    I have managed to download my Ancestry tree into FTM 10 but there are too many redundant hints! by which I mean a green leaf giving me census data I had already attached to my profile pages in Ancestry. That is irksome! When merging I often see the same data on the left that is on the right and I don’t want to be attaching it twice!!!! What’s going on?

  118. 1. When I boot up to Family Tree Maker, it always opens to a New Tree. How can I get it to boot up to my own family tree?
    2. Do I always have to sign in with my password to get my year’s subscription to Deluxe to come up?
    3. How can I see a full census page?
    4. How can I go to Death or census pages directly?
    5. Why doesn’t autobackup back up my complete tree? Now it does 2163 of 5379 kb

  119. John Donaldson

    #131 Judy

    If it is a public tree no but it would be polite to ask.

    If it is a private tree then you have to contact trhe person through the ancestry confidential contact system

    John D

  120. John Donaldson

    #133 Dev

    All this and more is done in the custom report in any version of FTM

    IN FTM 2010 it is in the Publish Workspace persom reports

    As it has been around for a long while I doubt it will be covered in thr webinar

    All the work is done through individuals to include>selected individuals

    Filter Individuals
    Filter Individuals lets you select criteria for limiting the names displayed in the Index. For example, if you are working on a certain line, you may want to limit the index to the ancestors of a specific person. That makes using the Index to find people in that line quicker.

    The following table describes the options in the Filter Individuals dialog box.


    Lets you search the Name list for people to include in the filter.

    Name list
    Lists all of the people in your tree. You can select people from the list to determine who will be included in the filter.

    Moves the selected person into the Filter list.

    Include All
    Moves every name in the Name list to the Filter list. This is helpful if you want to exclude people from the list rather than include them. After all the names are included, you can use the Exclude and Filter Out options to remove the names you don’t want in the filtered list.

    Moves all of the direct ancestors of the selected person into the Filter list. The Ancestors option allows you to include all ancestor parents and spouses or only preferred parents and spouses as well as all ancestors’ descendants (children/grandchildren, etc.).

    Moves all of the descendants of the selected person into the Filter list.

    Filter In
    Opens the Filter Individuals by Criteria dialog box where you can establish criteria for filtering people into the Filter list.

    Removes the selected person from the Filter list.

    Exclude All
    Removes all people from the Filter list.

    Filter Out
    Opens the Filter Individuals by Criteria dialog box where you can establish criteria for filtering people out of the Filter list.

    Filter list
    The list of persons who will be included in the Index when the filter is active.

  121. John Donaldson

    #136 Catherine

    Control Panel>Add and delete programs (Windows XP)

    There is a similar function in Vista

    John D

  122. John Donaldson

    #137 Daniel

    FTM 2008/09/10 can directly import Legacy data from the plan view in native Legacy format without having to go through GEDCOM

    John D

  123. Karen

    #126 Thanks John

    Re webinar [I don’t have FTM 2010]I am interested please in hearing about the full scope of the new slideshow function.

    I was wondering if the slideshow function in FTM 2010 can be used as an option to display a book’s contents, played like a video & saved to DVD?
    Are only Media items able to be placed into the slideshow? If this is the case what file extentions can now be imported into the media file eg can a word document be added? Or can the slideshow take an item from publication type ‘other’ an add it eg text?
    Can I import an item say from Scrapbook Factory Deluxe into media and then add it to the slideshow?
    Is the slideshow function limited to one individual’s images or can multiple individuals be added eg ancestors of person A?
    I have passage express which can import FTM, to create genealogy CD,DVD’s. I am just wondering if this is the direction the new slideshow function will head is or has it been introduced simply to add back what FTM 2006 and version 16 had with play scrapbook based on one individual?

  124. One of my favorite options in 2006 was the all-in-one chart. Will that be returning in 2010? Sometimes it’s easier understand relationships when I can look it all at once. Also is there a way, other than a relationship chart, to do a chart that includes photos of the members? Thank you.

  125. Bernie

    Greetings: Thank you for scheduling the event. On my part, I find that ftm2010 is definetly faster and not as a mem hugger.

    Of course I would like to see different options.

    1)Genealogy Charts – Return of the option to be able to select primary and secondary individuals to create direct line charts.

    2) Good error/troubleshouting link errors. I have been using ftm since its begining and seldom have seen any reports that are easy to read and bring you down to potential errors. For example when runnung the relationship reports, it displays/prints what is in the detail view. example, the name of the father-natural. That doesn’t mean that it is correct.


  126. Susan

    Ditto, on a Mac version. It is ridiculous to keep a PC just for Family Tree & Quicken. Most programs run on both, even MS Office.

    So far I love 2010 but I haven’t downloaded an updated file from Ancestry yet. I hope it works and really takes my pictures and stories with it. If not I will let you know on Tuesday.

    Great upgrades to Ancestry too! The bugs between the two can be very discouraging.

  127. Phyllis Boyse

    I have also been using FTM versions since they started. Many of them, up to 2008 / FT10 allowed the new version to be imported over the older version. Then in 2008 it had to be a totally different install – 2009 also. So I have lost a lot of information I have spent years obtaining, plus pictures that are no longer available within the family, and cannot import that information or pictures into my newer versions. I still have 2008 and 2009 both on my computer, but will not purchase any more versions. I am trying to work with to help import some info, but I have a lot saved on CD’s, and yes I backed up the information correctly thru the program onto CD’s, but the newer versions will not import the information.

  128. John Donaldson

    #151 Phyllis

    From the Plan View

    Click on the new tree tab then select Import tree from an existing file radio button.

    In the File to Import click on the browse button and navigate to where you have your file you wisah to import (or use the file location button if you don’t know where it is).

    When you have located it, press the continue button

    FTM 2009 will make a copy of your file then convert it to FTM 2009 format

    John D

  129. John Donaldson

    # 152 Phyllis

    FTM 2009 will import any FTM file back to version 5 including ALL notes, sources, scrapbooks etc, etc. No data is lost.

    I don’t understand how you have lost information?

    Given your question in # 151 it seems like you are not importing the earlier file correctly

    John D

  130. Sara Keckeisen

    Two questions for the Sept. 30 webinar:

    1. If I upgrade from FTM version 16 to version 2010, can I copy and paste a Word document which includes footnotes and photographs into the text portion of the book publishing function? I have a text for a family history completed in Word but would like to compile the book in FTM for the indexing capabilities. I don’t seem to be able to do this in Version 16.

    2. How complicated will it be to import all my family chart information from Version 16 to V.2010 if I do upgrade?

  131. Rosemary Lyle

    I find it confusing to enter information into my Family tree and then re enter it into Ancestry.
    I want to share my research, but I want my F.T.M. private on living members.
    Can I work with them both open sided by side and then make one entry?

  132. Karen

    1. How can I create a printed list of specific ancestors with birth and death dates? This helps when doing library research.
    2. How do I get a report for all ancestors of a specific person showing only specific information such as birthdate, city of birth, and spouse’s name? FTM used to have an option to select content.
    3. Is there a way to transfer the medical information from FTM 2006 to the new version?
    4. I have worked on writing a book, but I cannot print it unless I go through you. I’d like to select and print short sections to proofread. How do I do that? I prefer printing my own data. Can this be done?

  133. Terry H

    I have a need for trying to look at my names in the Soundex method. I have many names that have various spellings and when I pull up a name on the index of the FTM 2010 I only can see the one spelling at a time. (as has always been the case). I’m just so surprised that the soundex isn’t utilized in the software — or has it, and I’m not aware of it.

  134. Terry H

    I really like the idea that jpg reports can be input, but can pdf files? I tried to add a pdf file and it added, but you cannot read it. Is there a way? Or something that might be considered later?

  135. I am using Family Tree Maker 2003. i have hundreds of ancestors will i lose them or can they be transferred to a new version? Do i need to graduate the versions to get to the latest?


    Which version is the most recent “2010” or “16” they are both advertised – sorr my question is so long!

  136. Linda Dimino

    Currently, I use both FTM and LDS Legacy software. Why both? I like everything about FTM except it’s limited reporting ability. I use Legacy for its reports.

    My wish list would be …

    1. The ability to organize by means of “drag and drop” Sources for a specific fact in order of importance to me not the order of entry.

    2. The ability to organize by means of “drag and drop” media including pictures, according to their importance not by entry.

    3. The ability to create a report on the “fly” or at least add or remove facts )all facts) that I want to include.

    4. The ability to have information such as facts, events and notes, print with that individual.

    I will not be available to listen to the Sept. 30 discussion. Will it be available to listen to later? Could you respond to my wish list as to their being developed for later updates?


  137. beunka yvette tarver

    hello ms. Linda how are you doing today i would like to be apart of the ancestry free trial to search for my grandparents- and great grand parents and m.y great aunties who were American Indians. the Cherokee,s and the Blackfoot nation and the WICHITA nation .

  138. Ray L

    I purchased the 2010 FTM early and loaded it up asap. To my dismay, it has been changed into on of the least intuitive pieces of software that I have come across, especially far less than earlier versions. After repeated attempts to use and learn the software I am at a loss and to date continue using my older version. There are certainly a lot of bells and whistles, but they make the whole thing too complex to use easily. The need for Ancestry to host training seminars and sell products to teach how to use it explains a lot about what I’ve said here. Apparently Ancestry’s approach to redesign of their software as well as the website was not done with the user in mind as much as the opportunity to get more income.

  139. Brad Jamieson

    Since FTM 2009 and previous versions require that a changed tree be uploaded to to reflect most recent changes, does FTM 2010 enable the synchronization or interchange of data between a tree on and FTM WITHOUT having to upload and download fresh copies?

  140. Richard

    #156 Sara

    #1. I tried using a sample from Microsoft Word 2003 that was copied from the screen (using copy and paste) into a “Text Item” page in a book in Family Tree Maker 2010.
    WHAT DID appear to have transferred faithfully of the items that I tried.
    Text entered in Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Lucida Handwriting fonts.
    Text entered in regular, bold, Italic, and underlined styles.
    Text entered in 9, 10, 14, 18, 24 point sizes.
    Bulleted items using bullets.
    Numbered items using 1, 2, 3.
    Margin changes including standard indents and individual adjusted margins for a single paragraph.
    A table.
    jpg and bmp photos that had been inserted into the Word file.
    Subscripted and superscripted text.
    Colored text and text background (highlighting) colors.
    Page numbers (centered at the bottom of the page in my test).

    WHAT DID NOT transfer
    A drawing element of an arrow.
    Footnotes made in Word. The footnote number within the text did not transfer.
    The footnote itself can be copied separately but the accompanying footnote number itself does not transfer.

    These same results cab be achieved by creating a new Text Item in the FTM 2020 book and “Opening” a Word file directly. There is no need to copy and paste except for the footnote text.

  141. Robin

    There’s something wrong with the product if users are having problems using it and are wanting a product that is easy to use and have the features that they want.

    Linda #163 wants better reports, Ray #166 is using a previous version, finds the new version hard to understand and use, and will continue to use the old version.

    Why don’t the people at FTM listen?

  142. Carol Gregory

    I refuse to purchase another FT Maker, since the 2008. I still cannot figure out how to add records, et. Am still using 2006 which is easy to use without any trouble.

  143. lynn

    I wish I would have read the comments on FTM 10 before I purchased it. I just bought it last week, it hasn’t arrived yet, but I am thinking of sending it back without opening or loading it on my PC. I don’t want to be frustrated and buy something that is going to be a disappointment. I am going to begin researching other Family Tree products. I guess I just assumed Ancestry’s FTM was a user friendly, well developed product, but so many of the comments posted here are negitive ofr FTM 2010. I guess hind sight is better than no sight.

  144. Ival D. Shelby

    I am impressed by the posted comment from “#5, Walter, 9-24-09, 1838 hrs”.

    I am doubly impressed by “#9, Scott, 9-24-09, 2104 hrs”.

    Well now I am following the dialogue and it proves interesting.

    Michelle, I believe that Scott has the better argument overall. There are serious genealogists but I believe they are not the main stream support of ANCESTRY web sites. It is the final look or results that most uninitiated wish to see.

    Apparently, software should note whom it is designed for and why.

    I believe that there are many good points here that need overall review. Two different ZONES or styles of study. IDS, Schertz, TX

  145. Robin

    #173 Ival

    Yes, Ival, it is the final look or results that we wish to see.

    So, after 2 or 3 years of the new version, I would like to see the “all-in-one” tree chart.

    But they aren’t listening.

  146. patricia hess edgar

    We absolutely dislike the new format on It is impossible to use and time consuming, when it was so easy to use before. Does anyone at Ancesty care or are you now too big to care what the public wants?

  147. SE Bureau

    I too tried to transfer my ancestry trees into FTM 2010 and it continues to say that it is the wrong file or in use or closed improperly and to compact file. What is going on with this thing? After downloading there are 0 people, 0 marriages, etc. What do I do to get it to work?? I’m not wasting $40.00 on this if it won’t work properly!!!!!!

  148. Nancy Nielsen

    When will you have the capability to include the audio and video from the Version 16 scrapbooks when you do an import of the file into 2010? I have an audio of my father (who is long dead) that was recorded in 1957. I can no longer find the cassette tape onto which that audio was copied. The only version is in my scrapbook. I am desolated that it will not transfer with the rest of my file when I import into the 2010 version.

  149. Gary H

    Can you please explain how to split an existing tree using FTM 2010. My current tree included my parents as well as my wife’s. I would like to split it into two trees. One with my family and one with my wife’s.

    In FTM 2006 this was a fairly simple operation:
    1. Detach my wife from her parents.
    2. Starting with myself create an all in one tree.
    3. Under the Contents menu select Options and turn off the option to include unrelated trees.
    4. The all in one tree will be recreated with out my wife’s side of the database.
    5. Under the File menu select Export File and export only the members in the tree.
    6.Save the exported tree with a new tree name and then reattach my wife to her parents.

    Since FTM 2010 doesn’t have the “all in one tree option”(that I can find), is there another way to split the tree?

  150. William R Mixon

    I have purchased but have not installed FTN 2010.
    With this new software, what is the easiest way to copy selected portions of two different family files and combine them into one?

  151. Diane Garratt

    I have the same question as
    Lottie A. Vandergaw

    Posted on: September 24, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    I have put all families in one tree and now I don’t know how to separate them!

  152. Andy Hatchett

    Why should you divide them?

    What happpens when a person belongs in more than one line?

    How do you keep sources exactly the same?

    My personal opinion is it creates too many problems and too much work trying to keep more than one file aligned.

  153. Mike

    I’m new to 2010 FTM. Know you can transfer your tree to FTM. Can you transfer data after the initial transfer? Can you update your tree from FTM? Seems it would be more beneficial to work in tree and transfer to FTM?? Can this be done? Thanks.

  154. Eileen Sullivan

    I just purchased FTM 2010, and one of the biggest reasons was to be able to plot the places my ancestors came from. I was already an member, and there are over 2400 places associated with my tree. Unfortunately, over 2300 of them need to be resolved, and when I tried to “Resolve All,” I found four big issues with the software. First, “…France” shouldn’t have to be manually resolved. Second, ancient place names are simply not recognized. (Yes, I know you can just leave it as-is, but why not integrate old maps into the resolveable locations?) Third, many very small towns (especially in the U.K., it seems) are unrecognized, though I can find them if I search the internet. Again… I can leave it set to “ignore” but why? And fourth, I spent 2.5 hours researching and resolving as many of the places as I could but when I wanted to stop, there’s no option to save what you’ve done and resume from there at a later time. By the way, the other thing that annoyed me was that the software crashed when I tried to tell it OK and hope I’d be able to find where I left off the next time I can work on resolving places. So I lost 2.5 hours of very frustrating work and will have to start over completely. I do not have a good impression of your software at this point, I’m afraid.

  155. John Donaldson

    # 156 Sara

    1. Yes

    2. Straight forward from the Plan workspace, New tree import form an existing file

    John D

  156. John Donaldson

    # 159 Karen

    1. Yes, through the custom report in the Publish workspace

    2. As above

    3. I am not sure if it comes a acress? You may have to create a custom report in FTM 16 print it out and reenter. Othewise try it with a file import on atest file.

    4. FTM 2010 has an in program book like FTM 16 which can be printed on your own printer or printed to PDF which can be printed at any commercial printer

    Exactly the same as FTM 16

    John D

  157. John Donaldson

    # 162 Frances

    Firstly there is no version FTM 2003 that I am aware of, I assume that you might mean FTM 2005 or FTM 2006?

    FTM 2010 will import everything in your earlier FTM file.

    You don’t need to “graduate” through FTM 2008 or FTM 2009

    John D

  158. John Donaldson

    # 162 Frances

    The recent versions of FTM are

    FTM 11, FTM 2005, FTM 2006, FTM 16, FTM 2008, FTM 2009, and the current version FTM 2010

    John D

  159. John Donaldson

    # 177 Nancy

    In FTM 16 open the audio file and save it

    Then you can add it to FTM 2010 in the normal way

    John D

  160. # 116 John Donaldson. I do not know what your qualifications are but your explanation is clear as mud. A branch that is not physically connected to the tree body is the problem. When you find duplicates on the list How is one to know which of the two is the prime person. Your attempt at answering this question missed the mark.

  161. Mary Beth Marchant

    I would advise anyone considering buying FTM 2010 to be wary. This program has way too many bells & whistles. It is not easy to use. One cannot simply upload from a version prior to FTM 2008 easily. I have 7 files in my Version 16. The smaller ones uploaded fairly easily but the large ones did not. I finally got 6 of the 7 to upload. With the help of Duff Wilson of Ancestry I was finally able to add the 7th file but only after I burned that file to a CD and mailed it to Duff Wilson who converted it to FTM 2010. However, the larger part of the books I had created did not transfer. This is due to the lack of similar charts between the older and newer versions. I agree with other statements that software that has to have so many seminars in order to understand it simply does not meet the needs of the average user. I am told that these versions were tested out using people 50 years old and up but if so, they must all be software engineers and techie people. I consider myself fairly computer literate but I will keep on using my FTM version 16. I do wish to thank Duff Wilson for his great help in getting the file fixed. He kept on until it was fixed.

  162. John Donaldson

    # 190 Ken

    I am a user of FTM wjho is trying to assist many queries on this blog that are unlikely to be addressed in the blog.

    I am not an employee of Ancestry and don’t even reside in the USA.

    If you have a unrelated branch it will show up in the extended familiy tree

    Try this

    Run the extended familiy tree

    Identify the group of unreleted individuals

    Then export the selected individuals as noted below

    Export lets you save your tree in a different format that can be opened in a different program. You can save the complete tree or individuals from the tree.

    Export includes the following options:


    Entire file
    Exports all of the people defined in your tree.

    Selected individuals
    Exports only the people you have selected. When you choose Selected individuals, the Select button is activated. Use the select button to select or define the selection of people in your tree. See Filter Individuals for more information.

    Output format
    Lets you select the type of file to save your tree to. Not all programs will open all file types, so you should make sure what file types the program can open that you will be sharing the tree to.

    Family Tree Maker format saves the tree in the same format used for backing up a tree. To import the tree, use the Restore function.

    Family Tree Maker 2008/2009 format saves to the format that can be opened by Family Tree Maker versions 2008 and 2009. Family Tree Maker 2010 cannot open this format without converting it first.

    GEDCOM 5.5 is a standard file type that most genealogy programs can open. GEDCOM files cannot include linked files, saved publications, or tasks.

    GEDCOM for FTM 16 creates a GEDCOM-based file that can be better imported into Family Tree Maker version 16 than a GEDCOM 5.5. Specifically, this format accommodates the combined Description and Place fields and certain facts that don’t allow sources.

    In terms of duplicates I assume that you undertand the find duplicates report on the Edit menu?

    This produces a ranked list of which you can then make a judgement about possible duplicates

    The useful think about the find duplicates is that you can keep it active in any editing session

    Find Duplicate People
    Find Duplicate locates records in the tree that could be matches. It compares the following data between records:


    birth date

    death date


    parent names


    When Family Tree Maker finds a match, it assigns a score according to how well the records match each other and adds the name to the duplicate list. You can then choose to merge the records or leave them as they are.

    The following table describes the options available:


    Person 1
    The first record found by Family Tree Maker. Click the column header to sort this column alphabetically.

    Person 2
    The second record found by Family Tree Maker. Click the column header to sort this column alphabetically.

    Match Score
    The score assigned to the matching pair according to how closely they match. The higher the score, the closer that Family Tree Maker has determined that the two records match. Click the column header to sort this column.

    Opens the Individual Merge dialog box so you can view the facts for the two records. You can then determine whether you want to merge the records.

    Hope this is clearer?

    The format of this blog is not really conducive to detailed answers, better to use the FTM-Tech list

    John D

  163. Kevin Holmes

    I think people (like Sue) reading the blog would get the impression that FTM 2010 is a bad piece of software far from it.

    People like Walter who have a gripe about one export function that does not behave exactly as they would like should go back to using v16 and leave the blog to constructive discussion about using the programme and leave the bile at home.

    FTM 2008-10 add an enormous amount of processing power in how you can marshall facts and sources and co-rodinate them in a consistent way.

    To give one example I recently imnported some data from a GEDCOM file I was given and the place data was not handled how I would like. By changing the place reference on the Places tab all uses of that place were changed whereas in the ‘much-loved’ v16 this would have to be repeated each time. The revise versions of FTM are full of this type of processing power and I am glad it was rebuilt and love using the improved programme.

    I too have a few bugs I would like ironed out (the ability to put photos above or below the name in charts rather than just to one side) but this does not take from the vast improvements brought on by the post 2008 redesign and I would really like people to tone down the vitriol.

  164. It would be helpful to me to have a way to have the program make a list of people and their burial locations. When I travel to do research and go to a particular town or region, it would be nice to be able to print out a list of all the people buried in that area and where they are buried (if known). Or, perhaps as a minimum, be able to export to excel a list of people and their burial locations so I can sort it. Thanks.

  165. Re – 191

    Mary Beth, you said “I am told that these versions were tested out using people 50 years old and up but if so, they must all be software engineers and techie people. I consider myself fairly computer literate but I will keep on using my FTM version 16.”.

    Well I need to let you know I’m definitely over 50, was a software engineer and am definitely a techie, still in the computer field – and I hate 2010 🙂

    I’ve bought each new version and still use V16. The new versions are way too complicated, cluttered and user unfriendly. I seem to remember someone on another blog wondering if all the developers used 24 inch or more screens.

    I’m used to inovation and improvement and jump at new software but these later versions of FTM are a mess and a serious waste of time and money.


  166. Sue Reed

    1. I would like to know how to create a sorted report by cemeteries (which i have in the Burial fact as a description). This could be so useful and I can’t figure out how to do it.

    2. If media is attached to a source at the time the source is attached to a fact, then the media doesn’t show up in “media” under the Person tab. The only media that shows up there has been attached first or alone. Am I doing something incorrectly?

    3. I’ve noticed that if I add a source to FTM thru a web search, some of the records can still be attached to my trees in Ancestry at this time, but not all of them seem to have this option any longer. Has this option been moved or am I missing it?

    4. Would like to know more about GPS coordinates for places. Some are entered although most are not. Is this something that is entered manually by purchasing a GPS receiver of some kind? I assume that to obtain coordinates via a GPS Rec. of a cemetery, I would have to be standing in the cemetery at the time. Or to enter coordinates of an ancestor’s former home, I would actually have to be standing there. Then enter coordinates in FTM. Is that how that works?

  167. Sue Reed

    Another question:

    If I enter a Burial fact while under the Person Tab, it doesn’t show up in the Customized View of the Family Tab editing panel. If I then later add it in the Customized View, then it ends up twice in the facts for that person and I have to delete one. So should I not put the Burial fact in the Customized View (which is how I’ve been handling it, but would like to see that info) or am I doing something incorrectly?

  168. John Ditty

    Ihave a firm Paper trail to John Ditty of 1772. He was born in Megargy (a townland) Magherfelt, Derry County, Ireland. NOT “Derry, Cavan, Ireland” His son William, my grandsire, was married twice, once to Mary McDonnell, and also to Martha Miller. John’s wife is listed as “Mrs John Ditty” I am not at my own computer and will not be until 7 Oct 2009. However, after that date I will answer any queries gladly. The children listed on the Miller family tree are all children of John (1772).

  169. Kirk Sellman

    I would also like to know more about the use of GPS coordinates. I have several gravestones that I have the coordinates for, and would like to have them entered in FTM 2010 so that they can be used for future visits by me and/or other relatives. How can I do that? Some of the gravestones are in the same cemetery.

  170. Bill

    I have had no problems in upgrading from FTM2005 to FTM2009 and 2010. I have all three versions on my computer with Vista Home Premium, and they all run with no problems. Conversion of selected files has gone well, although I have not checked all details. One thing that I did was to backup all of my files to a new folder and onto CD before the upgrade, although it doesn’t look like that was completely necessary.

    Some Problems in Book Building:

    1) Direct Descendant Chart.
    This chart did not copy as is from 2005 to 2009/2010. Got the entire descendant line in the chart, which is too much for my purposes. In 2005, this was obtained by specifying the Starting person and the descendant person (not sure of the terminology here, but hope everyone gets the point). How do I generate a direct descendant chart in 2010? Cannot find any selection like 2005 in the 2010 version.

    2) Table of Contents.
    Cannot save changes to font size for either the title or body, but can change and save font type. When I exit the Table of Contents and then reenter, the font size always reverts to the default of 24 and 9.

    3) Page Breaks.
    I have several chapters in the book which are text and have pagebreaks. The text was first setup in MSWord and copied into FTM2005 and then transferred to 2010 with the file conversion. The same pagebreaks show in the workspace of 2010, but not in the Preview nor the PDF conversion. How do I fix this?

    4)Headers(e.g., book title) and Footers(e.g., page numbers).
    These do not appear in the workspace, as in 2005, but do show up in the Preview and PDF. In the Item Properties both the header and footer options are checked. Nice to have in the workspace for checking and so that a direct printout from the workspace looks like the final document. (Table of Contents has the page number at the bottom.)

  171. John Donaldson

    #193 Kevin

    I agree

    The more I use FTM 2010 the better it works

    But it needs some patience and there is a leerning curve but the end results are IMO well worth it

    John D

  172. John Donaldson

    # 194 Gerry

    This is in all versions of FTM from version 2 through to version 2010

    It is done through the custom report, Individuals to include

    As you don’t say which version of FTM that you are using, so I won’t try and go through the procedure but it is well covered in Help

    In FTM 2008/09/10 the custom report is in Publish

    It also makes a huge difference if you have all your pleces consistent and the Place Name Authority, especially the updated one in FTM 2010 makes this very good

    John D

  173. John Donaldson

    # 196 Sue

    Just to comment on your item 4.

    Geographic Locations
    New to Family Tree Maker 2010 is the ability to add a geographic location (latitude and longitude) coordinates and have them converted to a place or a location. You may for example have a location of an overgrown cemetery or perhaps you have ancestors who were on the “Titanic” and by adding the coordinates Family Tree Maker, can plot the location. This is great if you have an “at sea” event and have the coordinates. To do this, simply add the coordinates in the location field. There are three ways to add coordinates and Family Tree Maker has a new Location Calculator.
    The Location Calculator converts the latitude and longitude coordinates between different coordinate styles.

    Family Tree Maker displays the coordinates in decimal degrees format. You can use the calculator to enter the coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds format or degrees and decimal minutes format, and the calculator will display the coordinate in decimal degrees. You can also use the calculator to convert any of the formats to another format for other purposes you may have.

    The following table describes the options available:

    This should be a table but you will have to format it a bit- the limitations of the blog

    Options Description
    Entered Displays the coordinate entered in the Location field.
    Degrees minutes seconds format Lets you enter or view the coordinates by degrees, minutes, and seconds. The degrees and minutes must be whole numbers. Seconds can be expressed with a decimal. Latitude degrees cannot be higher than 89. Longitude degrees cannot be higher than 179. Minutes for latitude and longitude cannot exceed 59. Seconds for latitude and longitude cannot exceed 59.99.
    Degrees and decimal minutes format Lets you enter or view the coordinates by degree and minutes. Degrees must be whole numbers. Minutes can be expressed with a decimal. Latitude degrees cannot be higher than 89. Longitude degrees cannot be higher than 179. Minutes for latitude and longitude cannot exceed 59.999.
    Decimal degree format Lets you enter or view the coordinates by degrees. Degrees can be expressed with a decimal. Latitude degrees cannot be higher than 89.9999. Longitude degrees cannot be higher than 179.9999.
    Set to Default Resets the location to the coordinates recorded for the place in the place authority database.
    This button appears only when you have set the coordinates for a place that Family Tree Maker recognizes.

    Being More Exact with Locations
    One of the comments about the Places feature in versions 2008 and 2009 is that sometimes the location pin was not located correctly and there was no way to correct the error. This has now been addressed with the ability to use the push pin adjacent to the location coordinate field, (Figures 4 and 5).

    To set the exact location of a place
    1. From the Places workspace, make sure Place is selected in the List by drop-down list.
    2. Select the place for which you want to set the exact location.
    3. Do one of the following:
    • Enter the GPS coordinates in the Location field.
    • Enter the latitude and longitude in the Location field.
    • Click the push pin button, and then on the map, click the location where the place should be. You will see a cross hair then the pin will be precisely located.

    Coupled with the updated places and corrections, you can now enter locations on a map very precisely. Even although the MS Bing map is very good, inevitably there will be places missed, misplaced or too small to show up. Now you have the tool to make the corrections right down to “micro hamlet” level

    John D

  174. John Donaldson

    # 194 Gerry an addendum

    The problem with the custom report in 2008/09/10 is that currently you can’t sort it but that is well known to the developers and I understand that it is a priority in a future enhancement.

    But you can export custom reports through the Share modeule as a csv files (with a focus on rows or columns) and open in Excel or similar and manipulate to your heart’s content.

    John D

  175. Annie

    Was supposed to receive an email 2 hours prior to webinair beginning that would have an icon to click so I could join the presentation. I received the 24 hour notice yesterday but did not receive the 2 hour notice today so I am very disappointed that I was unable to learn about the 2010 program.

  176. Judy Replogle

    I would like to create an extended family chart in poster format but I want to include the siblings of all direct line ancestors and descendants-not just the primary and secondary persons.How do I do that in 2010?

  177. Pat

    I recently purchased a new HP laptop. I have no plans to use it online and so it is not connected. I installed FTM 2010, made a copy of my FTM family file (from version 10) and downloaded my family file onto the new laptop. When I attempt to import the file into FTM 2010 it does wonderfully until it reaches 98% of the processing. It imports 29,028 individuals, 9,365 families and 3,156 media. Then at 98% i get this error message:
    “The import failed because an unknown error occurred.”
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2010 several times. I have deleted my family file and reloaded it several times. Nothing works. Help!

  178. John Donaldson

    # 209 Pat

    Before you attempt to import your data from an earlier version of FTM, it is advisable to compact and reindex the donor file first to put it in the best possible condition for the complex conversion to FTM 2010.

    In database speak it is going from a simple flatform database to a complex relational one.

    In version 10 you have to press the Ctrl+Alt+Shift + backspace keys all down together. That is all four keys!!! Bit arcane but that is how they did it.

    Yes that’s how it worked until version 2005 when they added (after a bit of prompting) a Tools>compact button that does the same thing.

    This should fix the possible internal pointer errors in your version 10 database so that FTM 2010 will import 100%.

    If this does not work then make a GEDCOM out of your version 10 and import that. It will lose any books or media, but the data will come across. This is your Plan B.

    The database structure in FTM up to version 16 is prone to some corruption, and the conversion (FTM 2010 actually makes a copy of your FTM 10 database then converts it, is quite complex and takes a few minutes.

    It follows that to have the donor database in the best possible condition is more likely to ensure a good conversion.

    Many experienced users of FTM over the years have regularly ran CAS + Backspace over their database as a regular maintenance proceedure. as all databases need a little maintenance from time to time

    John D

  179. John Donaldson

    # 199 Anita


    Enter the data in the normal way between the two parents of the child in the Pepole Family View.

    Then for one of the persons, eg the mother go to People>person View then click on the relationship Tab

    In the RH editing panel, select relationship in the dropdown and assign the appropriate relationship eg partner, friend, unknown, etc

    You also have a status box to add even more information

    John D

  180. Georgia

    I have a desk top computer and a lap top. The desk top computer has FTM 16 on it. I do not want to lose a book I have created within that program. Does FTM 2010 have to override my FTM 16? Will FTM 2010 work on its own (without building on FTM 16) on my lap top computer if I feed the info from FTM 16 into it from a back up CD?

  181. Allan Griffith

    I have read much anger in others replies about comparing the older versions with 2008-10 and in most cases agree. I got both 2008 & 2009 and have gone back to my Version 13. Most concerning is how they ditched the scrapbook function and now have no use for all the images which I carefully kept sorted by date – each census and photo were sorted so you could see changes year to year, whether a marriage certificate, a census image or a photo of a person or place – all sorted by dates. I found no such function in 2008 or 09. Is the importing function for 2010 going to allow me to start using my old scrapbook in a way that I did in the older versions – if not then there is no reason for me to upgrade and throw another new version away in order to continue to use the functions I need from the older versions.- Thanks, Allan Griffith.

  182. D'Ann

    In the Media section when you RT click on a photo and LINK to person the Index comes up – you then find the individuals name – — before you hit OK – over on the RT hand box – my suggestion is that there be another TITLE added to the list of information and that is the SPOUSE and the REFERENCE ID #. [I use my own numbering system]

    So many of our ancestors had the same name WILLIAM – JOHN – etc.. that without the correct spouse listed it is hard to decide with out having to go back or have prepared info in front of you at the time.

    Thank you.
    I do love the software.

  183. D'Ann

    When Exporting to RTF from FTM a genealogy report I put in WORD processing format. I want to make my own page breaks and omit some notes. I might have 50 pages to start with … .I end up with the same amount of pages [50] but some are empty. It is not a clean report as the format goes crazy.

    In FTM 2005-06 it was great!
    What am I doing incorrectly?

  184. Russell

    Can FTM 2010 files be opened by older versions of FTM?
    I exchange files with several people and I want to avoid having to convert to GEDCOM each time. Some of my friends cannot deal with the converting. Thanks

  185. Jim

    I successfully downloaded my tree from and planted it in FTM (2010), but now the tree on has been updated and modified (and so has the tree on FTM. It is clear that the two trees need to be coordinated. How do I merge the two trees together periodically without overwriting the changes in the FTM tree? Thanks!

  186. Larry Czarnik

    Why are T&Cs’ so severe that ANYTHING I upload to Ancestry from FTM becomes usable by Ancestry in any way??? Isn’t it true I could end up paying to see my own data?

    2009OC01 07:45 Sydney

  187. Jim Rheingrover

    PLEASE bring us Mac users into the fold! I had to put Parallels and Windows (Vista) on my new iMac in order to continue to use FTM2009 and it’s very unstable. Any hope?

  188. I have tried to use FTM 2010, but it will not accept importing a gedcom. I get an error message “File Import Error: GEDCOM file must be version 5.5 or greater.”
    This is in response to the gedcom I exported from the brand new Roots Magic 2009. Do you not want Roots Magic users to come back to FTM?

    I am also anxious to see if FTM 2010 creates usable editable genealogy reports, like every other genealogy program under the sun.

  189. Gino

    ANCESTRY.COM has plenty of links for Europe but what about Latin America, specifically Mexico?

    I’d love to do a SEARCH for births, marriages, and death dates.

    Thanks for answering. 🙂

  190. Dave hott

    How does one sort through, what appears to be erroneous information caused by multiple people inputting conflicting information on the same individual?

  191. Karen

    Will FTM 2010 be available through Ancestry Australia with the 20% discount offer and what price will this make it?

  192. Barbara

    I have transferred the data from my old Family Tree Maker program to the new, but some information has not transferred. For example, I can not find any information that I wrote in the notes regarding “Profession” in the new edition. Also, it did not transfer the information about three stillborn children from one family to the new program.

  193. John Donaldson

    # 229

    I think that the direct offers anywhere in the world including AU come direct from Ancestry in the USA and I am not sure if the current special is still current?

    I think it expired to 30 September?

    Victorian GUM will have stocks of all FTM 2010 versions plus the after market book from about 12 October.


    John D

  194. John Donaldson

    # 228 Dave

    By careful analysis, rigorous checking of sources and mature family history research.

    That is the fun of the hobby

    Amnyone can happliy copy stuff off the internet and be an “armchair genealogist”, you could go to a phone book and add all the Hotts, but I doubt it would be considered good genealogy.

    Read Elizabeth Shown Mill’s book “Evidence. Sources and Citations for the Familiy Historian” to get an idea of how to put some science into it.

    John D

  195. John Donaldson

    #221 Russell

    FTM 2010 files will only roll back to FTM 2008

    Before that use GEDCOM and note the GEDCOM options for FTM 16

    John D

  196. John Donaldson

    #220 D’Ann

    The RTF output in the Share module in FTM 2008/09/10 still has a way to go before it is as good as the output in FTM 2005/06/16 and earlier.

    This is a disappointment

    The developers are well aware of the issue, and hopefully it will be addressed in a future enhancement.

    John D

  197. John Donaldson

    # 215 Georgia

    FTM 2010 installs totally separately to FTM anything else

    I have FTM 16, 2009 and 2010 on my computer and can have the three of them running at once if I want to

    You can happily use them separately

    I use FTM 2010 as my main program but occaionally make a GEDCOM and update FTM 16

    John D

  198. Tony Knight

    #226 Roland

    This is a problem that I have commented on before with regard to Ancestry and Rootsweb.

    All you need to do is open the gedcom in a text editor, find the gedcom version line and change it to 5.5

  199. Bernie

    Hello!! Attended the Webinar last night. It was very hopefull. A few questions related to the relation calculator tec..

    1) In the people workspace, is ti possible to change the relation selected by ftm2010 to the home person whne more than one is selected. For example I have a xxx grand parent that his father shows as husband of xxgrand mother. However the option of xxxxgrand father is shown in the relation calaculator. But I can’t change it in the people workspace.

    2) related to above, why would the father of a person not automaticaly selected as the next parent. above example – xxx grand parent’s father doesn’t show as xxxx grand parent

  200. Re 226 and reply 241

    I did so, and my gedcom from the Roots Magic program is 5.5.1 :
    1 GEDC
    2 VERS 5.5.1

    So… WHY am I getting the error?

    I have tried to use FTM 2010, but it will not accept importing a gedcom. I get an error message “File Import Error: GEDCOM file must be version 5.5 or greater.”

  201. Re 226/241/243
    OK, I downgraded the gedcom to just 5.5 and it imported.

    But I still have a question. It required 5.5 or greater, and IT WAS. So why the holdup because Roots Magic had a newer gedcom version than FTM accepts?

  202. John Donaldson


    Try renaming the line

    2 VERS 5.5.1 to

    2 VERS 5.5

    Save as text with a .GED extension and try it

    John D

  203. I had to return your new family tree maker because it woud not operate on my MAC. Evertime I use a “Hine” I end up with duplicates and I spend all my time fixing the duplicate names I have. Think about us next time.

  204. Tony Knight

    My son tells me that gedcom 5.5.1 added Unicode support.

    Unless there is some overriding reason not to do so, 2010 needs to be tweaked not to check the gedcom version.

    As I said earlier I found the problem with gedcoms from Ancestry/Rootsweb which I assume harvests the original gedcom upload version when exporting, as you get quite a variety, including 5.5.1

  205. Bill

    Was not able to make the scheduled live webinar. Has the webinar been made available for archival viewing? Cannot find any link to one.

  206. Andy Hatchett

    Tony Re:#248

    Per Wikipedia…

    [QUOTE]The current version of the specification is GEDCOM 5.5, which was released on 12 January 1996. A subsequent draft GEDCOM 5.5.1[14] specification was issued in 1999, introducing nine new tags, including WWW, EMAIL and FACT, and adding UTF-8 as an approved character encoding. This draft has not been formally approved, but its provisions have been adopted in some part by a number of genealogy programs[15][16][17] and is used by[18]

  207. Robin

    #253 Bill

    Yes, you’re right, it is on

    But I can’t see it on That’s the problem when you have so many ancestry sites.

  208. christie bray

    I am trying to find info on my late father i have a brother and sister i’ve never meet. the reason being di dont know how to find the. i know there names and my fathers ss number dob and dod i think if i could find an obituary on him 1990 that would really help but i dont know where to go to find it. can any one help? Please

  209. I’m having a problem with duplicate names. I can not locate where the Information Is located pertaing to making corrections. The major problem Is with names and families not connecting together. This Is what I believe Is causing the duplications.

  210. I have a CD that was from a family member, that has died. I know there is data that I could use. The disk goes back to 2001. What can I do to extract this data?

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