Posted by Chad Milliner on September 18, 2009 in Collections, Website

We are pleased to have resolved all issues relating to our use and access to the Drouin Collection. The existing Drouin collection will be available on (and other Ancestry international properties) on Monday, September 21.


  1. lucoker

    It will not be too soon for the collection to be back online. Just wished we had been notified that there was a problem instead of trying and trying over again to have access to the collection

  2. Phyllis

    Please notify us in the future if there is a potential loss to a collection such as this. It is extremely important to so many people.

  3. Teri

    I’ve really missed this collection as it is invaluable in my current project of extending ancestral lines of collateral families who settled in the upper Midwest.

  4. Andy Hatchett

    Phyllis – Re: # 3

    Always be sure to copy anything that you want to keep or look at later to your computer- not to your shoebox or tree (which only copies the link to the images and not the images themselves).

    That way you don’t have to worry about collections becoming unavailable.

  5. Diane Fraley

    This is great news for all researchers of Canadian records. For those of us who posted sources in our data, I hope the information will reappear.

  6. Mary Beth Marchant

    I want to echo Andy Hatchett’s advice about copying the records that you find on Ancestry. Please, if you want those records, download them to your own hard drive or at least print a copy large enough to read. I hope everyone has learned a very good lesson here. Never depend on a web site to always have these records. Things happen sometimes over which they have no control.

  7. Peg Nappier

    I am delighted – have been struggling through the familysearch pilot site and I actually MISS the less-than-perfect index we had. Will the links be restored for records we had attached? Truthfully, as long as it is back I will be happy either way.

  8. Kathleen

    Huzzah!!! Thank you, Ancestry and Mr. Pepin. I really appreciate this. And I learned a very hard lesson in backing up my work!

  9. Jeanne Burnell

    thank goodness. I have been very discouraged without….now are we going to be recompensed for not having it for weeks?

  10. Joan

    Woo-hoo! I’m very happy this has been resolved…I’m looking forward to acknowledging & finding more of my Canadian ancestors. Thanks for bring it back!!!

  11. Diane

    Great news!

    I will continue to make corrections to the index on Ancestry and I will continue to use the site of Jean-Pierre Pepin and everyone will be happy ;-))))))

  12. Judy

    Thank Godness!!!! Such a valuable collection in the Canadian search data.. Hope this is a permanent solution as the Canadian site is a little slim pickings without it.

  13. Colleen

    I couldn’t be more pleased that the Drouin database will be returning to It is a primary source for me! Thank you for working out your differences. I really appreciate it! As one of the other posters said —download early and often!

  14. Kathie

    I am DELIGHTED that the Drouin Collection will be available on Monday! I was so upset when it was taken off Ancestry. It is an incredible source for primary records, and I am glad that the legal issues were resolved. Hopefully, the legal issues won’t return. I do think that has an obligation to its subscribers to be up front and notify its customers IN ADVANCE that a resource may be removed from its holdings.

  15. vasilichia barba

    I wont to know ssi nr. of my grandfather,[my mother side],nastu dimitrie how leaved in america 35 yers.thank you.

  16. Jo

    #25 vasilichia barba

    Birth: 02 Jan 1901
    Death: 17 Dec 1999 (Verified)
    Last Residence: 06604 (Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT)
    Place of Last Benefit: (none specified)
    SS Number: 040-24-0679
    Issued in: Connecticut

  17. Filgates

    This is a second to that “do not scare us like that again!” message.

    thank you for endeavoring to work this out.

  18. Al

    A heartfelt and sincere “thank-you” to all parties responsible for finding a way to restore the availability of this database. These records are extremely valuable to many researchers and their loss was a huge blow.

    While there appears to be a happy ending to this particular story there are several important lessons to be learned: For the many users who innocently relied on records saved to trees – we all now should know how crucial it is to save all records, documents and images to our personal hard drives and to print out large, legible, high quality hard copies of all source documents.

    One of the other lessons was one that Ancestry has hopefully learned — i.e., if they want to maintain the trust of their subscribers they must be frank and forthcoming about any and all developements which may impact member research, well in advance of any such possible changes.

    Don’t keep us in the dark until the 25th hour…please.

    Thanks again for returning these records to us so swiftly.

  19. Tim

    Unfortunately, the Drouin collection is still no longer avaiable through my public library’s Library Edition. I have tried this morning in two separate Massachusetts towns and it is absent from the Ancestry menu. I used to be able to access Drouin records at both of these libraries. The library will look into it and get back to me but I wonder if the settlement resumed access only to individual accounts and is no longer available through the library edition.

  20. maryann

    I was so confused for the whole afternoon just looking for it. Finally I smartened up and googled it and it was explained to me why. But, for the money I pay every year, I think that we should have gotten a heads up concerning this, these records are so important it and it was a hardship not to have them at my fingertips. On another note, I do not like the homepage, I like the other set up much better, why change a good thing? If its not broke why change it?

  21. Jill

    Thank God it’s back. I have used the collection to advance the family lines two generations. Even an incomplete index is better than no access; while the search is more time consuming, it is worth it for the results. It would be nice if the records that we find could be indexed as they turn up if they are not already.

  22. Pat Gadue

    I am delighted to be able to access the Drouin Collection on Ancestry again (even with its flawed index), but I wonder if anyone else has experienced the problem I am having with the collection. I have a Family Tree Maker program on which I also have my tree. When trying to access the Drouin Collection from this site (as I often did in the past)I no longer get a listing in the directory. I have discovered that the records are listed under the name, place and date, but if I attempt to atttach any of these records as a source, it fails to do so.

  23. Judy

    I am trying to become a member and to get started on my father’s family tree. But I cannot get past the user and password feature. Each time I try to get the password I run into one road block after another. I have tried to get intouch with someone but no answer. The links are as confusing as trying to find a real human being on the phone. I am about to give up and cancel my membership. I am frustrated because the help is no help.

  24. Andy Hatchett

    Judy – Re:#38

    I’m a bit confused by “trying to become a member”.

    Have you actually subscribed to Ancestry’s service or are you just registering?

  25. Lee Ann

    Glad to have the records back!!!! Now could someone explain to a computer almost illiterate how to save records. I only sort-of paid attention when it was posted in the blog when the Drouin Collection was down (it didn’t matter very much then) I too depended on the records always being there. I hope to be smarter now. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  26. Laura

    Thank you for the return of the Drouin collection. And I echo another’s comment, keeping us informed before if, God Forbid, this happens again, (instead of after.)

    I’ll renew my subscription..of which I had cancel because of this debacle

  27. Virginia Myers

    Having previously been very unhappy that I had lost so many records, I tried to save one of the Drouin records to my hard drive and got a notice that copying was blocked. Is there some secret to doing it that I do not know about??? I used the same procedure that works successfully for census reports, pictures, etc. If it makes a difference I have Windows Vista.

  28. Susan

    In response to #42 I have also found a problem saving this collection to my computer.

    When you go to the save it goes through the steps BUT does not save the document. I get no error message or any thing. Just no document

  29. Kathleen

    Ancestry, are there any plans to re-index this collection in the World Archives Project? There is so much material in those parish registers that does not come up when doing a search (e.g. names)….you have to read through them on their own sometimes to find what you’re looking for.

  30. Martha

    Great to have this collection back. Should note that many of the parishes around Ottawa were staffed even in the early days by Irish priests since they were mostly settled by Irish immigrants. The records for the most part are in English though the spelling of names leaves something to be desired.

  31. Sue Ellen

    I will have to admit that I have no idea what the Drouin Collection is or how to connect to it through Ancestory. It sounds very important and useful. Especially since I have Canadian ancestors who arrived early in Quebec.

  32. Charles Willford

    I’m still getting “error processing image” FTM 2010 and IE8.

    Have not ever connected since it went back up on the 21st. Does it require a setting change?


  33. Really glad that the DROUIN is back. I have to agree with one thing though – there are many records missing from this collection – whole years are missing for some areas. I hope that more work is being done by Ancestry to complete this invaluable database.
    I try to correct the many index errors I find and hope others take the time to do the same.

  34. Roger Verboncoeur

    One method of saving copies of primary records — A primer:

    The intent is to make a copy of the primary record on your own computer from any source.

    Go to and download and install their FREE PDF-Maker software. It will set itself up as a printer on your computer.

    When you find a record you want to keep, adjust the sides of your browser to eliminate the black edges around the record. Click the PRINT button just above the image and select ‘normal print’. In the dialog box select the CutePDF printer and click on the Properties button, select either Portrait or Landscape and click OK. Select “Current View” in the lower left corner and click OK.

    You will now be presented with a dialog box to select a path on your computer to save the record and a place to enter the file name. Complete the entries and click OK to save the record.

    File names should be constructed to make it easy to relate to the person that it applies to. My Brother’s Keeper software assigns a number to each person and I use that to create the filename (you could have multiple Dave Smith records). My file names look like:
    030891 1903-11-25 Baptism

    Hope this helps. Roger…

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