Posted by Web Operations on September 17, 2009 in Site Issues

We are experiencing some temporary site problems. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Our development and web operations teams are working on the problem and we will have it resolved as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience.


  1. WebOperations

    We are pleased to inform everyone that the temporary site problem we experienced earlier has now been resolved. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and truly appreciate your patience through this situation.

  2. Karen Roberts

    I do not like the way the new searches are set up. I used to enter a last name then California and get a goo site to work with. Now I just tryed numerious to find Adams in Los Angeles Co. Ca and it comes back as none in Los Angeles at anytime. I tried entering all the name and dates and it comes back all over Calif. I really liked the old way as I could find a lot in Ca, Tx, Nv, and other states and now I can’t find anything. Can this be fixed Please.

  3. Chuck Elliott

    Recently the time to bring up a Census image has been excessive–
    particularly late in the day. Late in the day is the prime hunting season. Are you aware of this? If so, do you plan a fix? Or must I set out (my subscription) for six months until you have time to buy some more/better servers?

  4. Brian

    I’m getting an error when I try and use the link my brother sent me.

    it stated this in the email:

    I found this historical document that contains information about our ancestor. I think you will find this very interesting. Just click on the link below.

    ********LINK TO WEBPAGE*************

    will this be fixed or is it working?

  5. Martha Garreans

    My Ancestry is not working right. I put in my info and am getting junk back. I am not even getting the orginal names that I had and any name is coming up and any state.It is giving me a headache to not get the right info.

  6. Sharland

    It’s 7:07 pm EST and the website’s search engine is completely dysfunctional.

    The surname or last name parameter isn’t recognized. The given name may be dysfunctional as well.

    It’s very tedious.

    Please get this fixed as soon as possible.

  7. helen Williams

    Some of you new site is ok. But most of it is really a mess. Things like the census, you can’t get to directly, When you ask for certain info you get everything but what you want. There is so much wrong info out there i don’t really trust you any more. When you post something and make a mistake tyou can’t go back and correct it. Really people the old way might have been perfect but was a whole lot better than what you have now. Not sure I will re-sign up again. Not that we have much of a choise.

  8. Rick Bisker

    I am still finding that when I research a family tree, and I want to contact the tree owner by selecting their profile, It comes up behind the window I am looking atand I can not click on the contact.

  9. Ted

    What happened to the clickable map of the States and the clickable list of the States. Using this feature has ALWAYS been the most efficient way of getting to the data bases that I need to access. Please bring these items back, or tell me where you have hiden them! Thanks.

  10. Ross

    Searching for individual ancestors in one country is almost a complete waste of time. I enter a name and address and get people from all over the world most of whom do not even have the same surname, let alone the same given name. It is a waste of time going through all these names.

  11. Jonathan A Pace

    The system has been screwed since about 4 PM EDT. It is now 10:14 PM EDT. No matter what I enter or how much detail I get back information that is totally unrelated. Not part of the name or state is correct.

    Most of the time I get a page full of British Phone book entries!!!!

    When will this be corrected?

  12. Debra Homer

    WTF I am searching in the United States and I keep getting British phone books. If I am querying the US I want to look at 20 pages of U.S. records not something that is of no concern to my search. When you have a problem why not put it on the home page of everybody or send messages to everybody, sure would have saved me alot of time trying different ways to try to get around the British phone books. Another thing why don’t you alphabetize things like newspapers books don’t go by names go by locations. Really bad ideas somewhere.. Has any of you tried to look something up in the phone book with no order?? good luck

  13. Andy Hatchett

    Maybe, just maybe, that god-awful new search thing blew up in their faces!

    As thing now stand (10:01 pm Central Daylight Time) even the old search in useless!

  14. Mary Beth Marchant

    This same type of thing happened about Sunday and Monday but there was nary a word about that. Guess they did not want to admit they have really had numerous problems this week. Probably because of too many little gremlins creating code like mad with no quality control.

  15. Terrae

    Between the issues with the Drouin records and all the complaints that Ancestry has received as a result of those issues, as well as numerous membership cancellations that I have read through various boards because of no access to the Drouin and that is why a lot of these people signed up with Ancestry, and now web problems… there are a lot of complaints going around. Be patient people. I realize that you paid a membership subscription, but I challenge you to do a better job. They are trying.

  16. Andy Hatchett

    Terrae – Re:#26

    I agree that Ancestry is trying…*very* trying!

    In fact, they’ve just about tried my last nerve.

    Is it *really* asking too much that new coding be *properly* tested so that *major* glitches don’t happen with EVERY SINGLE RELEASE???

  17. JUDY

    there is a problem with the site still

    the number of records to be displayed keeps resetting it self back to default

    that is if you ask to display 50 records each time and then leave therecord set to view another set and you then return its back to 10 to display. up to now it would remain as per our settings.

    i,m using not sure if its so on com

  18. Pat Gadue

    I have just been informed that the issue with the Drouin Collection has been settled and that the collection will be back on-line as of Monday, Sept 21. Is this true and if so, will our sources that we attached to our tree be restored as well as our shoebox material?

  19. Andy Hatchett

    Pat – Re: #31

    “Just been informed” by whom? When? Under what circumstances was this information relayed to you?

    How trustworthy is this source?
    Exactly what is their connection with Ancestry and/or Drouin?

    Until we know the answers to these questions it is impossible to gice any credence to this rumor.

  20. Terrae

    Andy RE: #29,
    I understand, same here. The Drouin is one of the main reasons I have my Ancestry subscription, and now no access. It’s frustrating. Anyone who has EVER bought a new problem or Operating System KNOWS there are going to be “bugs” – it’s the nature of the beast. I don’t agree with a lot of the things that Ancestry has done, or are doing, and I definitely think their fees are a bit much, but if you want change, then WE as a group have to be the driving force behind the changes. But constant complaining is not the way to get what we want. We have to test drive new changes and provide feedback – positive and negative both, so that Ancestry knows their strengths and weaknesses. But pointing fingers are now how to get changes made. Just MHO, that’s all.

  21. Terrae

    Sorry… I meant anyone who has bought a new PROGRAM… haha… not problem… Lord knows we don’t need to buy problems.. haha

  22. Re Drouin Collection – cut from Eastman… and Jean-Pierre Pepin (Drouin Genealogical Institute) announced to their customers and the wider community of genealogists that they have made in resolving their dispute.

    In doing so, the parties took into account the concerns of genealogists outlined in recent weeks.

    Thus, will provide online digital Drouin Fund on its website from Monday, September 21, 2009.

    The parties wish to thank the community of genealogists and wish them well for future research.
    Drouin Genealogical Institute

    Montreal September 17, 2009


  23. Pat Gadue

    Sorry, in my excitement about whether or not this was accurate, I failed to mention where the information came from. I found it on Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter where they posted the information and stated that it came from Institut Drouin.

  24. Carlin Christensen

    9/18/2009 11:30am PST still unable to open immigration immage sent to me by another member. Assume you are still having problems?

  25. Andy Hatchett

    Tony Re: #35

    Thanks Tony.

    Now the question remains…
    What is the present status and future plans for the indexing?

    I’m glad I was wrong about them getting it back online.

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