Posted by Ancestry Team on September 9, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

We have a free webinar scheduled for September 30th at 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. In this webinar, you’ll see a demo of the new features in Family Tree Maker 2010. We know it can take time to learn all the details of a rich application like Family Tree Maker. This webinar will hopefully help.

To help us prepare, please enter your questions in the comments section. We’ll try to answer every question in either the webinar or in blog entries here. To keep us all on track, please limit your questions to those regarding functionality in Family Tree Maker 2010.

As always, you can see past webinars on These will be especially helpful to you if you’ve upgraded from Version 16 or earlier. To attend the upcoming webinar, register here.

Thanks for entering your questions about Family Tree Maker 2010 functionality — we’ll look forward to reading every one. Thanks!


  1. Wilma Lugar

    You need to get more information on Will County,IL: births, marriages
    You have plenty on Cook County but cannot find any information except the census for 1910 and 1930

  2. Peter Stuebing

    I am happy with FTM 2010 and Ancestry on the whole but I am frustrated searching for anything other than US records.

    In FTM or from the Ancestry site it is very difficult to get at other collections when doing a search. For example searching for Canadian records where the search subject’s info, birth and death are all Canadian and choosing the Canadian collection does not seem to either filter the results or even produce Canadian databases on which to conduct the search. This is very frustrating and I end up logging on the site which can be inconvenient when using FTM since it is harder to merge the data manually.

    I don’t find much different about FTM 2010 and in fact it seems we paid for one major bug fix, I felt should have been an free update and that is the spinner provided so that we wait, not patiently, for the record merge to be available. Though promised I have not seen that it is any faster and in fact seems slower in producing the record than ever before.

    Grumpy but not disappointed since the money is well spent in trying to help the collections grow.

  3. Mary Yoho

    What can be done with the program hanging up mid-process, for example, creating gedcoms, creating reports, adding media, etc.

  4. Anne S

    I am considering the upgrade to 2010 if it improves my experience significantly. I have the following issues with 2009: 1) When I upload my tree to Ancestry, the source citations in my tree are not “live” links to Ancestry documents. 2) I keep the “golden copy” of my tree on FTM, but I also want a copy online to share with the community. There doesn’t seem to be a way to update my online tree from FTM, other than to completely delete the online tree and re-upload from FTM. This means I lose the list of people I’ve invited to view my online tree. It has to be re-created and then I have to re-invite them to the new tree once it’s uploaded.

    Because of these problems with the integration of FTM and Ancestry trees, I rarely upload, so my online tree is out of date relative to my FTM tree, and my source citations (online) are not authentic links. Does 2010 fix any of these problems?

  5. Lynn

    Unfortunately I am a little disappointed with FTM 2010. I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of FTM 2010 and it does not appear to be that different from FTM 2009 – at least in ways that I feel that I will regularly leverage/benefit from. I even had to check that I launched 2010 when I was first reviewing the functionality … because I thought that I accidently launched FTM 2009 … I was having a hard timing determining what had actually changed.

    What I hoped to see, which appears not be part of FTM 2010 is:
    (1) Genealogy Charts – Return of the option to exclude/“include empty branches” – particularly for the 180-Fan-Chart poster. This functionality previously existed as well as is part of other FTM 2010 genealogy charts.
    (2) The ability to order source citations – At least the ability to order them alphabetically by source title, if source citation quality score or other variables could not be used. I have extensive number of sources associated with a single fact within my tree (e.g., over 20 different source records associated with a single individual’s fact). Unless there is some order (other than the date they were entered into FTM), it can be very confusing to review the FTM electronic file and, more importantly, it is extremely hard for others to read/review printed Genealogy reports (i.e., first source record may be solely an un-sourced Ancestry tree record, followed by some censuses that are a good match, mixed in with actual family records that are known sources …. versus organizing the sources so family records are first, followed by lower quality source citations, etc.).

    Although I hoped source citation ordering would be part of FTM 2010 – I ready did expect the above Chart option would have been returned.

    I continue to value my version of FTM and the integration with, but I did want to share the above comments with you, Michelle. I look forward to learning something new during the webinar.

  6. Andy Hatchett

    Lynn – Re:#8

    I have a small suggestion that might help reduce the number of sources and citations.

    Get rid of all unsourced tree info. How anyone can use those junk trees as either a source or citation is completely beyond me.

  7. Karen

    Michelle can you cover source citation? I am confused on using this part of the program correctly Does 2010 help with pointing out errors in source citation and how to correct them? I have import FTM 2006 into 2009 and I know it isn’t correct. [2010 isn’t out till mid Oct here].
    Also can the ‘to do’ list be printed in 2010?

  8. Peter Mason

    Don’t forget those of us in the UK haven’t been able to get this version yet, and have not been given an opportunity to pre-order under any possible reduced cost

  9. Caroline Herbert

    Am using both FTM v16 and FTM2008.
    1. Cannot find All-in-one-Tree in 2008.
    2. Can sort children according to date of birth in v 16. Have been unable to find the feature in 2008.

    Will 2010 have the above features?

  10. Cynthia Free

    I have not been using for very long but managed to figure out a few things by trial and error. Have accumulated a lot of family info with the limited info that I have.

    I saw the ad about Family Tree Maker 2010 as a tie-in with My first thought is great now I can download my info that I have collected and have it saved on my hard drive as well.

    I love the info that is given about how you are related to a person and the many other dashboard features.

    The one thing that I was hoping for with Family Tree Maker 2010 is once you downloaded your tree and you work from (because I love some of the features that they have that Family Tree Maker does not and you are automatically login to that it would automatically update the info in Family Tree Maker as well. Now I have to do twice the work to update, once in and then in Family Tree Maker 2010.

    Family Tree Maker 2010

    1. The green leafs show up even if you have looked at the info and accepted some and trashed others. And you can have leafs showing and no info available. This is very confusing. I am doing too much work on repeats.

    2. Is there something I am over looking? I reinstalled the software to see if I missed a setup in the installation and I found nothing.

    3. I very much like the fact that I can print out a chart and have several styles to chose from. I just don’t care about double and triple duty for an end result on research.

  11. Ken Trout

    At present I am using Family Tree Maker 2009 and wondering if the $39.95 price for the 2010 version is the full price or the upgrade price. If this is the full price, then what is the upgrade price?

  12. Teresa Stalij

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  13. Michael Annis

    I’m tired of trying to get a response from support.
    Talk about being totally ignored. As for me, I am completely finished with FTM, etc.

  14. Mark

    Anyway to export FTM so I can view it on my Iphone or PDA? It would make it easier to look-up ancestors when you are talking to someone or going to the cemetery.

  15. A professional genealogist told a class of people not to buy Family Tree Maker 2009 because it did not interface with her earlier version– it mixed up a lot of her data. The reviews of the program on were universally negative for that reason. Has that problem been fixed? Can I safely consign my precious data to FTM 2010?

  16. SeanBean_1

    I haven’t seen anything interesting enough to lure me away from Family Tree Maker 3.0…

    I don’t know see any benefit… just clutter…

    but i’ll schedule this to see what’s up…


  17. Bill

    Kay Levinson,

    From my testing after purchasing FTM 2010, it works a lot better on importing my older files.

    Have had version 5.0 and up, and at least all those version and up have worked just fine for me.

  18. Richard Neary

    I have to say 2010 is much faster and a lot less crashing. I loved version 16, and wehn 2008 came out, I was frustrated, loved the look, hated the crashing on large files. A few months later 2009 came out, and I still had the problem, crashed at everything. I was back and forth with customer support, and di everything they told me and the forum. I have to say, I was really afraid of 2010, but glad I did it. I have had a few crashed, and I mean a few. Before it was no matter what I was doing, so you seem to have fixed that, now how about doing something with the merge, like in version 16, if you find a merge, it finds them al one after the other, and some kind of marking, so you know you cleaned up a file

  19. John Donaldson

    # 12 Caroline

    There is no all in one tree in FTM 2008

    There is an extended family tree (almost the same thing) in FTM 2009 and FTM 2010

    Sorting children in birth order is in FTM 2008

    It is the same icon as you have in FTM 16.

    Look for it on the line above the children in the People>Family View

    Also have you updated your FTM 2008 to the SP3 service release?

    John D

  20. Tom Sommer

    I have had FTM, one version or another, since it started. I have never had trouble importing data from the old version to new versions.

  21. Lynn

    #9 Andy

    Thank you for your suggestion, but most of my sources are official documents/records that have different source citations qualities (e.g., some are family documents where I have personal knowledge of the family member, other are census records or transcribed official records on Ancestry) … removing user submitted trees would not overly help my source citation order issue.

  22. By entering I found information about my mother Leonora Julitta Mitchell, the first listing, but did not know about what I had to do next. I completed all the information but did not know how to print this out, or how to find out information regarding the shop she came on, or the date.

  23. Jan Brink

    Is there any way to print out the addresses of the people entered in my family tree to address labels. This would be very helpful when planning family reunions, etc.

  24. Dee

    I think it would be useful to devote a webinar just to source citation. There are so many options for citing sources, it becomes a tedious job.

  25. Stephanie House

    Hi, Checking out upgrading to FTM 2010 from Ver.16 and need guidance. What is the difference between FTM 2010 Essentials, FTM 2010 Deluxe and FTM 2010 Platinum besides the money involved. The write-ups in Amazon (to name one place) are the same for all three versions. Is there a master chart (you know on the back of the box like at tax season time) about what each offers??? Thanks

    Stephanie House

  26. John Donaldson

    #29 Stephanie

    The various retail packs of FTM 2010 reflect various content of additional CD/DVDs and also various amounts and subscriptions. eg 3 months, 6 months etc

    The content of these retail packs vary in different countries, and as you haven’t advised where you live, one can’t be precise.

    But the application program, FTM 2010 is identical in each pack.

    Yiu should readily be able to Google someone like Amazon or the various resellers to get the details in your location

    John D

  27. Tony Knight

    1 Why cannot you buy 2010 in the UK? continues to sell 2009 without any reference to a free upgrade to 2010 which surely is morally wrong

    2 8 pm EDT is in the middle of the night in the UK

  28. John Donaldson

    #32 Tony

    FTM 2010 will be released in the UK towards the end of September

    It will be released early October in Australia.

    You need to understand that the various outlets around the world need to manufacture stock and this takes time

    I am not quite sure why users of FTM 2009 should get a fre upgrade, but there is a so called upgrade version which is the basic program on the CD that is the cheapest way to move to 2010 without having to buy additional CDs/DVDs and subscriptions if you don’t need these.

    If you think about the webinar no matter when you run it, it will be the middle of the night somewhere.

    As will all webinars, it will be archived and available for viewing at any convenient time.

    John D

  29. John Donaldson

    # 31 Wendy

    This enhancement request has been made by many and the developers are well aware of it.

    As they have just significantly improved the search software, the web search is very good at finding perfect matches in ones’ own trees. 🙂

    In the meantime you can, when you are in Web search, “turn off” the leaf message for your own trees by selecting it in web search then click on the “ignore record” icon (the circle with the line through it).

    At the moment you have to do it for each person, and as you suggest, a better solution would be to have an option to add URLs of trees you wish to ignore, particularly your own in the options.

    I think you will see this in a future version

    John D

  30. For data entry the family view in FTM 16 is my first choice – so make a skin please in FTM 2011

    Or as a plug in a java emulation of FTM 16 which will also work on Macintosh and Linux possibly basec on the open source code of Gramps

    Custodian 3 has a brilliant set of templates – please copy that concept

  31. David Wallace

    Michelle, tried to go to past Webinars as I went from FTM 2006 to FTM 2010. It wouldn’t play them – just went to registration which of course is past – is there a step in-between clicking on “Watch Video?”

  32. Tony Knight

    John Donaldson
    My point was that is still selling the old product and not even mentioning 2010, unlike Australia who are already showing it in their shop.. There are enough irritated FTM users without creating more. Only the independents are mentioning 2010 and they have moved from saying September to October.
    It is surely not impossible to release simultaneously, as for instance Microsoft with Windows 7

  33. Tony Knight

    John Donaldson
    My point was that is still selling the old product and not even mentioning 2010, unlike Australia who are already showing it in their shop. If you are going to sell the old product, you should either warn that it is about to be upgraded or better still, as I said offer a free upgrade when it does eventually appear. There are enough irritated FTM users without creating more. Only the independents are mentioning 2010 and they have moved from saying September to October.
    It is surely not impossible to release simultaneously, as for instance Microsoft with Windows 7

  34. Robin

    Re #33 John Donaldson

    The Australian site is advertising Platinum & DeLuxe Versions only.

    How do you obtain the basic upgrade version without the additional CD/DVD’s?

  35. Karen

    #42 Goulds Genealogy SA has the essential addition advertised.

    #39 It has been tested with window 7 beta and works. However until it is released they won’t know if the final version will have any bugs

    #38 One benefit of not being release all over the world at once, is the USA market finds the problems. By the time it is available overseas, a patch has probably been worked on for some time. The patch release then comes out in less time after the program is available for us.

    #36 I would like to know this answer too.

    Webinar question, can you explain the difference please between overseas editions in the FTM program? eg does this effect location/place names.

    I know there was a difference when FTM 2006 came out because USA customers could update their program to version 16 for free. The patch was only released for the USA version and was advertised as not compatible for oversea editions. No oversea patch was ever released.

  36. John Donaldson

    #43 Karen

    The Place Name Authority in FTM is identical for all versions in any country

    I am referring here to English versions

    Note the PNA was updated with according to Ancestry “thousands of new place names and corrections”

    Certainly it is an enhancement on the PNA in 2008/09

    And over the years we can expect the PNA to be improved

    John D

  37. John Donaldson

    #38 Tony

    Tony I totally agree, but I have no control about what any particular retailer does.

    I also felt that it was wrong when the UK advertised FTM 2008 as an upgrade to FTM 16. It was no such thing and I thought it was very misleading.

    I guess that as there is no FTM 2010 in stock in the UK, and the same currently in AU, (they both come from the same source), the UK source that you are quoting is advertsing what it currently has in stock.

    There is an argument that they should advise that a new version is imminent but that is for them.

    I live in AU and I know that looking at shops, you can still find versions as far back as version 11 on the shelves!!! Nothing about how current it is.

    I am the hon secreatary of Victorian GUM a club that has been selling and supporting genealogy software for 25 years and we pride ourselves on our 24/7 service and always offering current stock

    re Distribution

    I think that you have to realisae that is not Microsoft and they have different distribution channels.

    John D

  38. John Donaldson

    # 36 David

    I have had some problemns with watching the videos in FireFox

    I found I had to use IE to get a reliable result.

    I am not an expert in HTML, but I understand that the software that they use for the webinar is optimised for IE.

    Whether this will be the same this time as FF is now in version 3.5 is unclear.

    John D

  39. Julie Corson

    One thing I’m disappointed with in FTM 2010 is how your relationship to the person in the family view has changed.

    For example: my Great Grand Aunt is now: The daughter of the second Great Grandfather of Julie Corson. I want her as my Great Grand Aunt. The change is too wordy and confusing.

    Also, no one is labeled as no direct relationship anymore. With that it was easier to make the decision to cut if off there. I not sure but I may go back to 2009.

  40. Bill Newman

    Why doesn’t the merge work right?? I merge records but they don’t add on to the appropriate people but rather opens a separate tree branch for them

  41. Tony Knight


    1. The independents are being honest. They are reporting they are out of stock of 2009 and are taking pre-orders for 2010. It is Ancestry that is still selling 2009 with no mention it has/is about to be superceded.

    2. The only difference between the launch of 2010 and Windows 7 is one of scale. Ancestry is now a substantial world company. By delaying it merely allows the suggestion to get around that 2010 still has not reached the quality of versions that existed before the, in my view, disastrous switch to the .net environment in FTM2008.

  42. Tony Knight

    #39 Judy

    My son, a software writer, would say that if the software is properly written it will run on XP, Vista or W7.

    Cynics are describing W7 as principally a further service pack to Vista.

    The writers of FTM2010 will presumably have been testing against Windows 7 in its Beta and RC1 versions, and unless money is very tight and they can’t subscribe to the appropriate Microsoft service, will have a machine running Windows 7 RTM, the version that will appear on the shelves shortly

  43. Linda

    Have 2010 – when you “check for updates” under the Help menu – says I need administrator rights. I AM the Administrator (the only person using this computer); why is this problem still showing up with Vista?

  44. James


    You must run the program with Administrator rights enabled. Alt-mouse select the program’s icon then select “Run as administrator.”


  45. Peter Forkes

    I have a come across a bug which stops me from creating PDF files wider than 200-inches.

    I was told by your support that it would be fixed in FTM 2010 so I paid for expedited shipping to get it ASAP only to find that the bug has NOT been fixed.

    How do I find out if you EVER intend to fix this or if I am just being strung along (I was first told it would be fixed in FTM 2010 back in February of this year).

    If you do NOT intend to fix it, then PLEASE tell me and I will look for another product.

  46. Russ Cline

    After registering for the webinar, I read through all comments, not wanting to repeat what has already been expressed.

    I’d like to second all comments expressed by Anne S in #6 — in particular, her second comment. I have the same issue in struggling with determining best practice in managing my Ancestry family tree when my gold copy is maintained in FTM.

  47. Diane Eubanks

    I have used the automatic Ref ID number to file my paper copies and electronic files of source documents and photos for the people in my tree for years in all the old versions until FTM 2009. Both FTM 2009 and FTM 2010 do not appear to have this feature so I am still adding each new person to my FTM v16 file to get the next Ref # and add it as a new
    fact in FTM 2010. Is the feature available and I am just missing it?

    I also agree that FTM v16 data entry was much easier than the newer versions but I do like the way you have separated the media from the database file. My database file had become very large by including so many pictures and documents within the backup file.

  48. John Donaldson

    #56 Peter

    This is a limitation of the version 1.3 Acrobat used in the Share toutine. legacy has the same problem

    Adobe fixed this many PDF versions ago but unfortunately the cheaper PDF creators still use the very old PDF version

    The developers are3 aware of it

    John D

  49. Allen N. Davenport Jr.

    When installing 2010 my sisters name with home by it came up and I do not know how to get rid of it.

    She should not be home.

  50. Deborah Myers

    I am new to ancestry and purchased FTM 2010, because I wanted a copy of my work to be on my hard drive. I didn’t trust ancestry to protect it.

    FTM 2010 arrived today. I installed it and it crashes every time I try to download my trees from ancestry. Tech support at Generations is a total joke. I called and was told I must have installed FTM incorrectly. The tech support person had to ask their supervisor for that worthless piece of advice. I’m furious!

  51. Cindy Hawse

    I agree with comment #9 by Andy Hatchett. I bothers me when people just copy unsourced data to build their family trees. However, I noticed recently when doing a search that my tree came up as a possible match and next to my name it said ‘unscourced’. How can this be? I source everything. If ancestry got rid of all the unsourced trees they might deleat my tree. Ancestry needs to come up with a fix that automatically adds the source everytime you bring in the data to your tree.

  52. Joan Szucs

    Please put the Book Publishing back int he main program so we can work on our books off line..and transport pictures that are in the Book from 2006 version to the Book part of the Probram..thank goodness i still had my book on a separate computer or I would of lost a book that was ready for publication.

  53. John Donaldson

    # 63 Joan

    The in program book is in both FTM 2009 and FTM 2010

    Both can import a book (less the pictures) from 2006

    You don’t have to be online to do this

    John D

  54. Linda

    Will Charting Companion be updated to run with 2010? I liked many of the reports available in Charting Companion which I miss in 2009 and now 2010.

  55. Dug Rite

    I am looking forward to my first Ancestry webinar! I recently purchased FTM 2010 and can’t wait to tap into some of its advanced features. I am interested in my ancestors from South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama who migrated to Texas around 1900.

  56. Jon Sanders

    I agree with Julie in #49 that the new display is almost more pain that gain. I do like the fact that I can now see multiple paths and associated relationships but some of the names have lost there meaning as Julie stated. This should be an option to “enable” expanded relationship views for at least the people/family views.

  57. John Donaldson

    #67 Art

    FTM is a Windows program

    Some people have reported using it on a Mac but you have to install an emulator program like Parallels as well as Windows

    You may find Reunion for the Mac a better proposition for Mac computers

    John D

  58. Kathy Marie





    I have spent considerable time reviewing the “Places”, “Location/Map” and “Associated People” portion of FTM 2010 and have come away with mixed emotions. My thoughts and suggestions have been separated into two areas of the “Manage Places” Tab: “List by Place” and “List by Person”. Each area is discussed below


    In general I think the places/map [so-called “List by Place”] portion that shows places mapped to an actual location on a map and shows the people associated with that place/location is quite good and very helpful. I have used it and am still using it to clean up my FTW 2006 data base (e.g., ensuring a “place” I have entered in my data base actually maps to a location on the map and if it doesn’t then taking appropriate steps to clean up the data base).

    I do, however, have a couple of suggestions [shown below] dealing with the “List by Place” area.

    I-Printing Maps – The system allows the user to print a map they have created. The map that is printed is exactly as shown in the Middle Panel (Minus the Push Pin). This map is not very useful and provides no information about the map or what is on the map. It even provides less information than the map discussed in Item 4 below (List By Person). The suggestion here is to implement (for List By Place) the suggestions for (List By Person) shown in Item 4A-D below. I realize this suggestion is close to the report now called “Print Place Usage Report for this Place”, but it would provide much better information, since this suggestion would provide a map with all the locations shown on the map, Headers and Footers, plus the Key/Table showing all the people and their locations and facts. Significant added Benefits of this suggestion would be realized by implementing suggestion II ( shown below).

    II-Filter Individuals – The system presently allows only the printing of a map and/or “Print Place Usage Report for this Place” corresponding to the locations of people for one location. [It is recognized that the system also allows a Total Usage Report to be printed or shared]

    However, there are times when I would like to create ONE map for say two locations and create a usage report for those two locations. A simple example of this occurs in my data base where I have a location named “Adams Village, Gage County, Nebraska” and another one named “Adams, Gage County, Nebraska”. I have purposely kept these separate and distinct since they are exactly the location names as shown in two different censuses. What I would like to do is to have the capability to show both of these locations on a map at the same time.

    Other examples of showing more than one location on a map at the same time are as follows: I would like to create a map and usage report for say all the people in my data base who were born say in Utah, or Maine, or Utah and Maine . Many many other examples could be given and I am sure other users have other examples they would like to have created on a map.

    My suggestion is that this capability be added to FTM 2010. and to implement this suggestion I suggest that a “Filter Individuals” capability needs to be implemented for the List by Place” area of “Manage Places”. This filter should be along the line of Filter that has been developed for the “Index” of people in FTM 2010 and would/could be the same Filter as suggested in Item 5 below.

    By implementing suggestions I and II, the “Manage Places”, “List By Place” map area of FTM 2010 would be greatly enhanced


    My initial and basic reaction to the “List by Person” area is a “Golly Gee”/Gee Whiz” reaction. That is, Golly Gee isn’t this great that I can “do these things”. However, when actually “doing these things”, much difficulty and clarity issues are encountered and the Golly Gee aspect quickly fades

    The issues and the suggestions for improving the “List by Person” area are shown below

    1- Script Errors – When using the features of this area I periodically get an error message that says something to the affect that a script error has occurred and asks me if I want to continue using this script. No matter whether I answer it yes or no the system changes some of the data associated with a person. I have gone back to the details of the data on that person and the data that is shown on the map for that person is not in the data base for that person. The only way I have been able to fix this is to exit FTM 2010 and then restart it.

    2-Checking boxes in Fact Lists – This issue/suggestion deals with the third “Panel/Pane” on the “List by Person” area. For EACH PERSON shown in this panel the system “DEFAULT” appears to automatically check the box of the FIRST fact that has a location [e.g., but not necessarily, a Birth Fact) and secondly checks the box for a Death Fact (if the death fact has an associated location). If there is no death fact with an associated location the system appears to work its way up from the LAST fact for that person until it finds a box that has a location and then checks that box. The end result is the system DEFAULT is to check two boxes and neither one may be a Birth or Death fact.

    The system then lets the user decide if the two DEFAULT boxes automatically selected need to be changed and also allows the user to check other desired boxes.

    Once all boxes are checked by the user the system then incorporates the checked box data on the map in the mid panel

    Now if the user has done the above (for example) for the Immediate Family for Zero Generations and decides they would like to do it for the Immediate Family for 1 Generation they just increase the number of generations by one in the third panel.

    The Golly Gee potential of the system begins to FADE here. The system resets ALL the Immediate Family boxes to the DEFAULT position and then sets the boxes for the additional people to the system DEFAULT position explained above. So the user has to start from scratch rechecking all the boxes they desire for the Immediate Family. This is very frustrating and adds a lot of unnecessary time checking boxes they have previously checked.

    If the user then changes the number of generations to “2”, then once again they must start from scratch resetting all boxes they have previously set.

    After doing this a few times the Golly Gee aspect of the capability of the system turns into a very time consuming frustrating process

    A suggestion is to have the USER establish general default checked box positions they would like to use, maybe by creating a Template or Templates (as done elsewhere in FTM 2010)

    In addition to the above suggestion another suggestion is to have the system create a Template that automatically checks the boxes for all facts the user has defined in their data base as “preferred”.

    Possibly other users or the system programmers have additional ideas as to the types of Templates that could be created

    3-Jumping/Rescaling of Map – After creating a map (say as described in Item 2) the user can use their cursor to hover over a Fact Icon drawn on the map to see the details of that Fact. One problem I have encountered here is the jumping/rescaling of the map that occurs when attempting to do this. For example, sometimes when I hover over and Icon the map jumps/moves to a different position before I have had a chance to see the information shown on the Icon. Other time the maps rescales itself to a different size and then jumps to a different position. I have not been able to determine a pattern as to why this is being done, but it is very frustrating [in some cases it appears to relate to the “Pin Position” on the map —the system appears to desire to have the pin shown in the center of the map] I have not been able to determine why the map automatically rescales it self —-very very frustrating —hopefully some one can improve/fix this situation.

    4-Printing Maps – The system allows the user to print a map they have created (say in Item 2 above). The map that is printed is exactly as shown in the Middle Panel. This map is not very useful and provides no information about the map or what is on the map.

    A few suggestions for improvement are the following:

    A- Add Headers and Footers to the Map. Place a Key/Table at the bottom of the map which shows the people and facts shown on the map. This should be color coded to mach the colors of the Icons shown on the map

    B- Create a Share capability so the user can share the map created in A, use something similar to the Share capability used elsewhere in FTM 2010

    C – Allow the map created in A to be saved in the “Publish” area of FTM 2010

    D. Allow the user to create a file of a large size version of the map created in A that the user can take, say to Kinko’s, to have printed. Note: In order to implement this suggestion the existing problem in FTM 2010, wherein large size charts cannot be generated and end up with the dreaded Big Red “X” needs to be fixed.

    I think if suggestions A-D were implemented then the Golly Gee Factor would be greatly enhanced.

    5-Filter Individuals – The system only allows the generation of maps for an individual and/or their Immediate Family (for 0 to 4 generations). While this is helpful there are many times I would like to see a map that shows other individuals.

    For example, I would like to see the locations of all persons named John Jones in my Data Base. This could help me in determining, again for example, whether these John Jones’ are or could be related. More specifically, if I am able to see on a map a John Jones in Logan, Utah and one in Ogden and one in Salt Lake and I don’t show them as related in my Data Base, the map would tell me that I should Investigate whether they are related.

    Another example: I would like to create a map that shows all my direct ancestors. This would help me in determining the migration of the ancestors from, say England to say Reno, Nevada.

    I am sure other users have other examples they would like to have created on a map.

    To create such maps, a “Filter Individuals” capability needs to be implemented. And that is exactly my suggestion: Implement a “Filter Individual” capability for the List by Person” area of “Manage Places”. This filter should be along the line of Filter that has been developed for the “Index” of people in FTM 2010.

  59. Elaine

    I have FTM versions 11 and 2005. I’m not sure which is the more recent, but I saw no significant difference between the two, so I’m not inclined to upgrade again.

    I do notice some frustrating things with my current version that I would like to see improved:

    1) I would like to be able to upload more than 2000 individuals to my FTM website. I don’t like leaving individuals out, just so I can upload.

    2) I would like FTM to work with data on removable media, such as a flash drive. I have a desktop computer and a laptop, and I have to keep copying my data files to their hard drives in order to work with the data. Sometimes when I just look at a data file, FTM puts a newer timestamp on it, so I think that one computer has more recent data, when in reality, the other computer has more recent data, and when I copy over data, I overwrite the newer data, losing it! I would prefer to work with data on a flash drive from either computer.

    2a) I don’t know whether FTM can be run from removable media? Can I install it on my flash drive and run it from any computer I am using?

    3) Because I tend to work off one source at a time, I would like a feature where I hit just one key to use the same data source I just used for the previous entry.

    4) I would like reports, etc, to be exportable in more formats that just pdf.

  60. BEE

    As a self-taught “senior” computer user, some of this technical “talk” gets confusing at times, but I have found comments made on these blogs helpful, so it’s frustrating when nothing more can be added on a particular subject, so I don’t blame people for writing on whatever blog is open.
    I have FTM2009 and probably don’t use it to it’s full potential, but I’m getting information copied to my hard drive, which I thought was the purpose of it, but I have a long way to go. I know there must be an easier way, but I type {or cut and paste} a name from my “trees” into FTM, and then add each document that comes as a hint, although it’s frustrating to have to delete “hints” I already deleted on ancestry – I also purchased the book but perhaps have not read enough – I know, there is something about Gedcom, but I still don’t understand it all. I purchased FTM2010, because it was my understanding that I could transfer all the information to this program
    from each of my trees?
    However, after reading all the comments about FTM2010, I still haven’t installed it, and wonder if I should? I don’t plan to purchase another book. I’m wondering if I should just stick with what I have and continue to add to it instead of mess up my computer.
    My question is: if everything is imported to FTM from a “tree” on ancestry, what becomes of all the “connections”, ignored or otherwise? My husband’s family has an historical heritage, and some of the earlier ancestors has as many as 66 “connections”, which I either “ignore” or “remove”, but I can’t do that for each person.

  61. sandy garner

    Is thre any way to get the Webinar at a later date than scheduled? I would love to sign up for the 9/23 and 9/30 webinars, but I’m taking a seven-week genealogy class at the very same time.

  62. I have been using Family Tree Maker since the beginning (when it was on floppies!)- have upgraded three times –
    and would now like to purchase a new 2010 Platinum CANADIAN version – so that it contains the info I need to search all of my Canadian ancestors.

    Please advise us Canadians how and where to purchase the CANADIAN version of Family Tree Maker PLATINUM 2010.

    Thank you so much,
    Helen – Canada

  63. I am very interested in the Family Tree Maker 2010. The only problem that I am having is that it seems I am only able to purchase the product and then wait for it to arrive in the mail. I would like to have to opportunity to be able to download it so that I can start using the product right away.

  64. John Donaldson

    #72 Elaine

    FTM 2005 is two versions beyond FTM 11 and 4 versions behind FTM 2010

    FTM 2008/09/10 lets you load as many persons as you want to your online tree

    FTM 2008/09/10 adds a date every time you back it up if you are waorking between computers

    FTm 2010 will not work from a flash drive

    You can do this in FTM 2010 in fact you can copy and past sources

    In 2008/09/10 reports are exportable as RTF, PDF, HTML, CSV and image formats as appropriate

    John D

  65. Tony Knight

    I was most surprised when my copy of 2010UK which I pre-ordered on Monday not expecting it until October dropped on the mat this morning.

    As I urged people some months ago let me first describe my system. I have a Dell studio XPS with an Intel i7 quad processor with 9GB of memory. Clearly with the amount memory I need the 64 bit version of Windows and am currently using a pre release version of Windows 7. Subject to the standard irritations that most people have experienced FTM2009 ran reasonably well in native W7 mode.

    1: 2010 installed with no problems and reasonably quickly.

    2: As things stand, with my set up. it is not compatible with W7 64bit, but will run in WP compatibilty mode. 64 bit is not the small proportion of the market it used to be and Microsoft report a sharp increase in activations.

    3: There does appear to be an increase in the speed of operation, but it still doesn’t like it if you try to enter data on the places line at other than one finger speed and the individual (extreme right of screen) pane still does not update immediately when you switch individuals.

    4: Initially I thought I was doing well, but it only took an hour to crash the program when merging a gedcom.

  66. Billy Kelley

    I purchased FTM 2010 so I could download my online ancestry file and found the feature does not work. It has errors in the script and apparently downloads in the wrong format.

  67. BEE

    Maybe lengthy comments aren’t read… I’ll ask again…. My question is: if everything is imported to FTM from a “tree” on ancestry, what becomes of all the “connections”, ignored or otherwise? My husband’s family has an historical heritage, and some of the earlier ancestors has as many as 66 “connections”, which I either “ignore” or “remove”, but I can’t do that for each person.

  68. Lorelee Dendauw

    I was hoping the 2010 would have the family group sheets {fgs} look like 2006 & 16. there must have been a reason for changing the way they look but if you are making up books and adding fgs I now have to reprint them so they look uniform. This means using paper and ink that I other wise would not have to. Some families have many many group sheets and if I find a new member to add that means I have to reprint 50 or more copies.

  69. Alok Krishen

    I have used FTM for a number of years and set up an online website for my family tree. Recently I upgraded to the 2010 version on a new computer. Is there a way for me to link back to the same website with 2010 from the new computer?

  70. I have used FTM for a number of years and set up an online website for my family tree. Recently I upgraded to the 2010 version on a new computer. Is there a way for me to link back to the same website with 2010 from the new computer and upload the latest family tree from the new computer?

  71. Nadine Marrone

    I had FT 16. I now have 2010. My media (scrapbooks) came over out of order. In FT 16 they were in order by date, now they are mixed up. How do I get them back in order.

  72. Tony Knight

    Julie #49
    John #68

    An example of a reported relationship from my database

    “Wife of grandson of sister-in-law of grandson of great grandfather of husband of 11th great granddaughter of Richard Wherrett.

    The mind boggles

  73. Kathy Marie


    86 Written by:
    Tony Knight

    Posted on:
    September 18, 2009 at 5:44 am
    Julie #49
    John #68

    An example of a reported relationship from my database

    “Wife of grandson of sister-in-law of grandson of great grandfather of husband of 11th great granddaughter of Richard Wherrett.

    The mind boggles



  74. David Warwick

    I have been using FTM2010 for a bit now and find the improvements great!

    One thing though that is makeing life difficult – FTM is now matching everyone in my file with my own tree on the web – to avoid this i woudl have to manually “ignore” about 6000 people’s records, everytime i put up a later version of my tree on ancestry… am I missing somethign or is this a “feature” that needs lookin at ?

  75. Rita

    I was very good with FTM version 16 using the book but found it unstable. I have bought 2008 and 2009 but was not happy with the book abilitities especialy not being able to palce a family photo at the top of the family group sheet. Now that 2010 has the option of having a family photo on the top of the family group sheet I upgraded to 2010 but I cannot get a photo up there so how do you do it. Thanks for your help Rita

  76. I’ve used FTM for quite some time, I think since before FTM 11. In FTM 16, there was the ability to have a personal website as referenced in “Your website” in my submission. This was a great feature, although limited to 2000 individuals. I could share information with my family, who could look at it, and tell me additonal information or give me more stuff to add. Only my family could access it. Sometime around 3 years ago, it broke. Just flat out would not allow me to update it any more. I had been reading about the “upgraded version” and what I read was not good, so I waited. I contacted FTM help (a major catastrophe), spent hours on the phone with them, repaired and compacted my rear off. I even sent them my file. They could not figure out what was wrong, so they just stopped answering my calls or e-mails. Still, I’ve held out hope. I read the reviews of 2008 and stayed away. I read the reviews of 2009 and stayed away. Here we are now with FTM 2010 and still a fundamental feature is not available: I want to maintain my files on my PC and upload them so I can share them with my family. I don’t want to have to delete the uploaded file, upload an updated one, then reinvite my family. I don’t want to have to maintain one public and one private (a work around I’ve seen posted by Russ Worthington, who frankly, should be on your payroll by now given how much he helps people). I want to make changes on my PC version from information I’ve found, upload my updated file, and end up with a nice, pretty website that my family can peruse. Integration with Ancestry is all well and good for research, but I DO NOT want my data up on ancestry, no way, no how. I want my family to have a private place to go, no ads, no “join us now”, nothing. I pay a lot of money to ancestry every year to have the deluxe membership, I want to use the resources, but I do not want my family subjected to the non-stop advertising and commercialism that has become. After all that, my question is simple: When will that feature be available?

  77. Cliff

    I just upgraded to 2010, from versions in 2005. I was really looking forward to new features, but do not find the same charting capabilities in the new version. I use to be able to print out fan charts. I use to be able to select either ancestors, or descendents, or both to be included in the charting. Sadly, I don’t find these features in the new versions. I really HOPE that I am missing it, and HOPE that you will be able to enlighten me. I have printed these charts out at the printer for a contigous poster size, but now trying to update the new info in the new software seems to be LACKING. How say you?

  78. Cliff

    I just upgraded to 2010, from versions in 2005. I was really looking forward to new features, but do not find the same charting capabilities in the new version. I use to be able to print out fan charts. I use to be able to select either ancestors, or descendents, or both to be included in the charting. Sadly, I don’t find these features in the new 2010 version. I really HOPE that I am missing it, and HOPE that you will be able to enlighten me. I have printed these charts out at the printer for a contiguous poster size, but now trying to update the new info in the new software seems to be LACKING.
    I really hope you provide the charting features that were originally in the older versions in the form of a plug ins. How say you?

  79. Lynn

    Regarding: #31 Wendy & #34 John D
    “Would help if leaves didn’t come from Trees I manage on Ancestry.”

    Michelle, during the webinar can you please share when the above will be addressed. I was planning to post a tree on Ancestry — based upon the above, I am reconsidering. Although posting a tree would allow me to better share my tree/sources with family members, and potentially connect with extended family members, but it would inhibit the further development of my tree (i.e., greatly limiting the value of the “green leaves” – something that I, and I am sure other, enjoy leveraging.)

    Although John D’s following comment is correct, it is not a satisfactory solution – “… when you are in Web search, “turn off” the leaf message for your own trees by selecting it in web search then click on the “ignore record” icon (the circle with the line through it). …. you have to do it for each person ….”

  80. Andy Hatchett

    Dara – Re: #90

    You said
    I pay a lot of money to ancestry every year to have the deluxe membership, I want to use the resources, but I do not want my family subjected to the non-stop advertising and commercialism that has become. After all that, my question is simple: When will that feature be available?

    Since such a feature has never been promised with either the World Deluxe or Standard subacription, just why should Ancestry offer it- especially as a no-cost addition to their present offerings?

    You can do everything you want now- but not on Ancestry.

    Set up you own website and you have total control.

  81. Jeff Johnson

    Can somebody please remind me why I paid to upgrade to FTM 2010? I can see no significant differences in functionality and absolutely no improvement in performance.

  82. Robin

    Haven’t had the opportunity as yet in Australia/New Zealand to obtain 2010.

    However, over the last few years, these blogs have covered many many problems which haven’t been addressed. Have a look at the blogs and see for yourself.

    There was a request 2 or 3 years ago for an “All-in-one” chart as there used to be in FTM 16.

    What’s happened? Well the programmers have decided “let’s not have the same, but have something different”. So what do we get? An “Extended Family Chart”! Yes, it’s similar, but not the same.

    A number of years pass, and the programmers do what they want to do, not what the users want.

    Why can’t we be provided with a list of all the changes/enhancements and a timetable of when these may be expected to be released?

    Above all, the programmers should listen to what the users are asking for, and act upon it.

    I’s all very well to say that the “Extended Family Tree” will do for users. It’s not what they want. They asked for the “All-one-tree” chart that was there in FTM 16, and that’s what they should get.

  83. Rita

    Every time that I try to create a slide show in 2010 it closes and says that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. What can I do?

  84. Rita

    In the Book function I am trying to change the font to a different one than the default one. I have no problem changing it but I cannot find out where you save that function. Has anyone found that magic button?


  85. A ‘wish list’ addition please. It would be really useful on occasion to be able to export data to an excel spreadsheet. To be able to work in excel on selected data fields – to sort them, to group them etc – is currently either difficult (using CSV) or impossible.

  86. Priscilla Davis

    When I purchased FTM 2010, I was under the impression that one could work between and FTM. I wanted to download the Scrapbook portion from My Canvas to my FTM, but was told that it could not be done. The FTM Scrapbook/photo page does not seem user friendly. How do I choose which photos that I want on the scrapbook page, and name the page ie. My Family Scrapbook?

  87. I have signed up for the Family Tree MAKER 10 and ordered it. I have not received it yet. My greatest desire is learning how to transfer my information from Ancestry into the Tree Maker.

    I love everthing on the new site and all the information I obtain having the World Membership. Member Connect is wonderful.

  88. Paul Hutton

    I’ve been using for a while and have developed a well research family tree. i just purchased FTM 10 and downloaded this tree. All went well with the initial load. My question is how can I get changes made on the site merged into the FTM database? I’d like to be able to get online, especially while I’m travelling, and get more source entries. How can I merge the many changes made on the road into my FTM database. If I have to remember all the changes made then a merged database is pretty unfeasible.

  89. John Donaldson

    #99 Allan

    Use csv but in the export option export as columns

    This will then open flawlessly in Excel

    This colum option was added to FTM 2009

    John D

  90. Lynn

    John D. & Wendy — Regarding my own #93 (and #31 Wendy & #34 John D – “Would help if leaves didn’t come from Trees I manage on Ancestry.”)

    Looked further into posting my tree on Ancestry; if someone is interested in posting a private tree, there appears to be an option that would allow for the above not to occur (i.e., FTM would not receiving hints/green leaves that their own on-line tree was a possible match).

    You can make your on-line tree “Private” as well as select the option “Also prevent your tree from being found in the search index.”

    I am currently performing a test of this functionality, given that the ancestry website states “…it usually takes about a week or more to [for a tree to] be reflected in the search index.” I cannot officially say this works – but it does seem logical.

    If this works, it will potentially provide a vehicle for sharing research with family members, in a way that does not require printing lengthy reports as well as can eliminate the problem with the hints/green leaves appearing.

  91. Tony Knight

    I wanted a gedcom this afternoon to transfer to my iPhone. I selected export gedcom 5.5 and after doing some processing 2010 was unable to complete the export because of an unknown error. I switched from my W7 machine to my XP machine and the same thing happened, as it did when I tried an FTM16 format gedcom.

    In the end, I had to export as FTM2008/09, restore the file into FTM2009 and export the gedcom from there.

    Anyone else had a similar problem?

  92. Vicky

    I purchased FTM2010 and have a HUGE issue! I am unable to register it. I click “Help” and get the drop-down selection. The Welcome to “FTM” box opens but none of the links work(Terms and Conditions, Private Statement or Register Program). I have to “X” out to return to my page. When I X out, a pop-up box displays telling me to register later. I had an email conversation with the Help folks and I tried their suggestions, but nothing works. I’ve tried no less than 6 times to get through on the phone but cannot due to “unusually high call volume”. This update is worthless to me if I cannot connect online. HELP!!

  93. George Holt

    Have been using Family Tree Maker for quite a few years. All in all I have been very satisfied with the results that I have gotten. There is one fairly big problem that I’ve encountered:
    When I have ancestors, say a 30th great-grandfather, who has several children, and I am a direct descendant of each of those children, the grandparental number for my 30th gets all screwed up. With some of those children having different lineages back to me, my 30th may also be my 31st, 32nd, 33rd, and even my 29th! Is this a common happening?
    Thank you
    George Holt
    Hemet, CA

  94. Sandra

    I’ve seen three different versions of Family Tree Maker 2010 – Essentials, Deluxe, and Platinum – in other venues, but can only find one version on your website. Also, I’ve seen Family Tree Maker Essentials come with 1 mo. subscription, Family Tree Maker Deluxe come with 3 mos. subscription, and Family Tree Maker Platinum come with 6 mos. subscription.

    On your website, I only see one version and it says nothing about coming with a subscription. What’s going on with this?

  95. Lynn

    #107 George
    That is correct, it is not the birth date of the individual that designates your “30th great-grandfather” it is the number of generations between the two of you (i.e. if an ancestor married/had children when they were 20 and another family line they had children when they were 40 … it adds up to more/few generations …)

    #108 Sandra
    Ancestry sells a version of FTM 2010 that comes with 15 day US Deluxe Membership. If you would like the other memberships (e.g., Essential, Platinum) you can purchase them at Amazon.

  96. Edward Krimmer

    If I generate a “Genealogy Report” for a individual and than select Ahnentafel (Ancestor ordered) under Format will FTM 2010 allow me to export all the Report individuals to a n FTW file? NONE of the earlier versions permit this rather fundamental data manipulation.

  97. Edwward Krimmer

    If I generate a “Genealogy Report” for an individual and under Format select Ahnentafel (Ancestor Ordered) will FTM 2010 allow me to export the members of the Ahnentafel to a FTW file? NONE of the earlier versions of FTM will allow this rather fundamental selection of family members>

  98. Andy Hatchett

    George- Re:#107

    It is very common. The cause is quite simply that the generations are of different lenghts and number.

    There might be as few as 1 and as many as 7(or more) generational differences depending on what age the different descendants married and had children, who married cousins (which will also throw things off if a 2nd cousin once removed grom ancestor a marries a 4th cousin of Ancestor B!), etc.

  99. John Donaldson

    #108 Sandra

    Essentially you can buy FTM 2 ways

    On the website it is the basic program ie FTM 2010. This is the cheapest way to purchase if you don’t need or want any extras


    you can buy one of the retail packs you mention, which, depending in what country you live in, include various length subscriptions to or, etc and other extras like data CDs or DVDs

    You can of course purchase an sub subscription separately and use it either on its own or in conjunction with FTM

    Basically consumer choice

    John D

  100. John Donaldson

    #110 Edward


    The database in 2008/09/10 is so different from the database used in FTW files that the developers decided not to try and offer it.

    You can out of FTM 2010 export any combination of individauls by using the export filter as a GEDCOM which will open in FTM 16 and below

    John D

  101. i have belonged to ancesteryfor many years, and know one will listen to me. i have been searching for edward shea who was a p.f.c. in the u.s. army in 1947 and 1948 , his age is around 83, he came from a rebel state i can`t remember which one ,, i`ve looked through high school pictures,u,s. military,u,s. census.if you had it on ancestry iv`e been through it all and i can`t find him dead or alive

  102. Gary Harwood

    The major problem I have with FTM 2009 is the memory leak. The program just shuts down automatically. I was informed through Ancestry Tech that it would be fixed in the 2010 edition. Has that been done?

  103. Mary Turnbull


    I have made a large tree on I understan I can take that tree and put it on 2010 from my tree so all my photos will also be in my media file on the new 2010.
    Can I split the tree as it is large into different families on FTM?

    2. is have you got the problem with sending our books to Canada fixed yet? I could not find anywhere the book is selling up here?

  104. Rodney Ling

    I am using FTM 2009 and have experienced several issues which I Wpold be interested to know how they are addressed in the 2010 version.

    REFERENCE ID numbers.
    My file contains both individuals with no reference numbers and others with duplicates. What is the purpose of these reference numbers and how are they generated. I would be imterested in the answer to quiry #58.

    A search for duplicates has turned up several obvious non matches.
    When I add data from a gedcom I “append” then search for duplicates rather than automatically merging and running the risk of unintentional loss/confusion of data. This practice also allows me to avoid merging all at one sitting in the case of large files.
    What am I missing?

    Although genealogical and outline descendant reports seem to be unaffected, some views do not show who the parents are in spite of the fact that they are clearly shown in another view as part of a family group. How do I correct this problem?

  105. Donna Boone

    Wondering if I am the only one that cannot find the option of printing an index when printing a book. Very frustrating trying to find over 2000 people with none available!

  106. I was very happy with my old Family Tree Maker, and have had a page on-line for several years, but when lightning struck out home I lost it all. Luckily, I was able to go through to get my Info back onto my new 2010 version which came in the meantime.
    HOWEVER – I am very disappointed that family tree maker on my computer now looks just like ancestry!! Isn’t it possible to print out ahnentafel charts or descendant charts like I used to do all the time? Hopefully the webinar will straighten this out.

  107. Every time that I try to create a slide show in 2010 it closes and says that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. What can I do?

  108. Sue Ridgley

    I recently upgraded from 2009 to 2010. At first, I thought there wasn’t much difference, but now that I have used 2010 for a month, I find that it works much more smoothly. I am now ready to “get rid of” FTM 16 and FTM 2009 from my computer. Initially, I had problems installing 2010, but once the Help department addressed the issues and it installed correctly, all of the reports work and it is very useful. I like the screen layout better and I am getting used to the functions. The only thing I still have trouble with is remembering where the index is…:)

    Thanks, looking forward to the seminar.

  109. I placed a name in the tree and then others to follow. Along the way, I foun an error where the woman’s mother was another person. How can I move without having to repopulate everything?


  110. James

    121 Donna,

    You can print an index in the book section (after you create the book.) Select the “+” (Add Book Item > Other.)


  111. Hi,

    Much to my dismay, I just found out I’m going to be out of town for the webinar and have two questions:
    1) Can I view this later?
    2) How are the relationships under the name calculated? Through the male line only? Sometimes I have someone designated as a great-grandparent but then their parents are not listed as great-grandparents.

    Arlis Dowd

  112. Jean

    There is a young man in my family with two children; each child has a different mother; neither is his spouse. FTM2010 keeps showing one mother as the mother of both children. How do I resolve this to show the two different mothers with the appropriate child?

  113. Tony Knight

    Re my comment #105

    After some experimentation it seems to be a problem of size. I cannot export a gedcom of my full database of 74881, but can export my second largest “island” of 5344 and other smaller numbers.

  114. Lesley Cluff

    Does not filter out US records when I am seeking a Canadian record, from a Canadian database, and have entered only Canadian info/location. Seems others have the same frustration. I use 2009, and would consider upgrading IF this problem is fixed or about to be.
    Also, does 2010 contain all the book elements of past FTM software yet?
    And, actually ran out of space for a story recently. That I thought should not happen. Have a long story I will soon have to type in, and don’t want to have to keep it separate from the record it goes with.
    lesley Cluff

  115. Mary Storey

    I have Fammily Tree Maker 2009. I have yet to understand how the Media works. I have pictures I would like in the persons site but the only place I can put them is in the media on that person’s page Is this the way it works? They don’t move the picture, it just copies it to that media site. Is this the way that works?

  116. Lynn

    Is anyone having a problem with FTM 2010 freezing-up when they try to use the 2010 “Find & Replace” functionality. This continues to occur every time I try to use this functionality (i.e., numerous times over several days) — I have compacted the file several times, but I have not yet un-installed/reinstalled FTM 2010 (a potential next step). I am currently not experiencing other technical difficulties as well as I have not had this issue in prior FTM versions that offered “Find & Replace.” I am running FTM 2010 on XP.

  117. Michelle Pfister

    Hi everyone,
    We just wanted to thank you for keeping your questions coming for the webinar. We’re going to try and address as many of them as we can, but we only have so much time. Fortunately, there are plenty of other resources for you to learn what you are asking about.

    For instance, there have been many requests about documenting sources in Family Tree Maker. There are two webinars available in our archives at dated June 5th 2008 and March 12th 2009 that go over this. These webinars are still up to date with the new program, so they should be helpful. This webinar will also be available in the archives for those of you who are unable to view it live.

    We also want to thank you for the great ideas we’ve been receiving for new features in the software, and these are helping us set our priorities for upcoming releases even though they may not be addressed directly in the webinar.

    One more thing we wanted to make you aware of right now is that while we are happy to help out where we can, the blog is not the best way to get answers to specific questions in a timely manner. We are working on getting posts written that answer some commonly asked questions, but we don’t want you to have to wait for those if you’re wondering about something now. The best thing to do if you have a specific question about your tree is look in our Knowledge Base on under the Support menu, or by contacting customer support. The numbers for different areas are listed below. You can also email customer support at any time, and you should receive a response in approximately 24 hours.

    United States:
    1-800-262-3787 , Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

    Within the UK:
    0800 404 9723, Monday – Friday from 9am-7pm GMT, Sat 9am – 5pm GMT.

    1-800-251-838, Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    New Zealand:
    0800 442 100, Monday – Friday from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm NZT

  118. in Web Search- SAVE button in upper right corner does not work, i.e highlight, save to tree, shoebox ect. Have successfully used feature in past. Not working for wks.

    Overall, FTM 2010 & are both great sites, helping me to create and maintain my family history.

    Thank You

  119. John White

    I am no longer able to print my descendant charts on banner paper. This capability was in previous versions up to FTM 10 but doesn’t exist In either FTM 2009 or 2010. Is it possible to have this part of the program restored??

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