Posted by Eric Shoup on August 25, 2009 in Site Issues

We just wanted to let everyone know that the site (and its related Ancestry international sites) will undergo scheduled maintenance on Thursday, August 27, 2009 starting at 1am Mountain Time (7am GMT).  We expect and its related international sites to be down for about 3 hours.  During this same period, portions of the,, & sites will also be unavailable.  Thanks for your patience as we improve our infrastructure to keep our sites running smoothly.


  1. I just read comments about installing
    the toolbar, and it sure doesnt make me want to try it. A couple months ago I seperated off an ancestry tree
    to another user & did not go through a toolbar, of course there was a statement about copying a person to
    another tree. it worked great! now I
    cant find that option. has it gone away, or just been misplaced?

  2. Margaret Graham

    Your product is only as good as its last history. You do not have a webmaster listed. It might help you get feed back about problems perspective members are having. The new design looks cleaner, but does not work better for me so I give up.
    My biggest peave is that when I am trying to find data in Canada, I get a drop down box with American states. It takes longer to scan down and click a state than it does to type in two letters and is even more irritating when the scanned two-letter list stops with no choice.

  3. J. Fulmer

    Please don’t remove the “old search” option during your change-over. Be aware that on this blog your Anne Mitchell has received over 180 complaints about the supposed new and enhanced search interface. It continues to cause much trouble for your paid subscribers.

  4. Glen Swartz

    What are you doing about database corruption?

    I’ve linked numerous census records to various individuals, and now find them linked somewhere else, but I follow that link and it’s not there.

    What is the use of linking to your database together, if you don’t maintain the integrity of the data?

    What are you doing to correct this? I can point to this problem for a number of individuals, not just one or two.

  5. Norman S. Cole Jr


    i like the old Family tree 2005, This new progam that you have now just do not work right with my old tree !! Hope something can be done about this i am a paying member, just like alot of other members !!!

    Thank You

  6. Eric Shoup

    Hi folks. We have decided to postpone our site maintenance until Tuesday, September 1st at 1am MDT (7am GMT).

    I will be creating a new blog post shortly about the updated date for the site maintenance and will be closing this blog post to further comment.

    Sorry for the late-breaking change in plans.

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