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We are often asked about the process of upgrading to Version 2010 from older versions of Family Tree Maker. If you’re upgrading, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Will FTM 2010 run on my computer?
A: Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements in order to run the program. A list of system requirements can be found here. By going to the Start menu and selecting the Help option, you can search for “About this computer” to find your system information and compare to the list on the Web site.

Q: Will FTM 2010 replace my old version?
A: No. Family Tree Maker 2010 will install as a completely separate program and will not affect your old program. If you do not want to keep your old version you will need to uninstall it.

Q: Do I need to install FTM 2009 before I can upgrade to FTM 2010?
A: No. Because FTM 2010 installs as a separate program you can upgrade to 2010 directly, without having to install any older software.

Q: Will FTM 2010 automatically open my files from the old version?
A: This depends on which version you’re upgrading from. If you’re upgrading from version 2008 or 2009, your old file names will appear in your list of trees. Then opening the files will convert them to the new format. If you’re upgrading from an older version (Version 16 or older) you will need to import your files into the new program. You can see instructions on how to upload your files from the older version, or how to import files from other programs to your new Family Tree Maker here.

Q: When I import my file will it get ALL of the data?
A: Family Tree Maker 2010 will import all of the data contained in the file you are importing. If you have multiple files in the old program to represent different families, you will have to import each one separately.

Q: I can’t find my files from the old version to import them. Where are they?
A: You can use either your old version’s Find file utility or use Windows Search to locate the files on your computer. These are detailed here.

Q: My old version is on a different computer. How can I transfer the file to my new computer?
A: By exporting your old files to an external drive, you can transfer your files from one computer to another. Detailed instructions for this can be found here.

Q: Do I need to keep my old version on the computer after upgrading?
A: No. Once you have imported your data files into FTM 2010 you can uninstall your old version, it is not required for FTM 2010 to operate. Removing your older version is optional, but doing so will leave more memory available for use on your computer. Even if you remove your old program, you can keep your old data files for safekeeping.

Q: I imported my files, but I don’t know where they are now. Where does FTM 2010 store the data files?
A: The default save location is in a Family Tree Maker folder in your Documents folder. Any imported files will be here unless you changed the File Location on the import screen. If your files are not in your Documents folder and you don’t remember if you changed the File Location or what you changed it to, you can use Windows Search to locate the files. The search tool can be found under the Start menu on your computer.

Q: How can I make FTM 2010 look like my old program?
A: Family Tree Maker 2010 is built on our new platform, which has many similarities to the older versions but looks quite different. The People workspace, Family tab is a combined Pedigree View and Family View from the old programs.

Q: I need help working in the new format. Are there any tutorials available?
A: There are Training Tutorials available in the Help menu and a Getting Started Guide available on our website to help you get started working in the new format. You can view the Getting Started Guide by clicking here.

I hope these answers help. If you’ve already made the transition to Family Tree Maker 2010, please offer your helpful questions and answers here. Thanks!


  1. As an existing customer who has been driven to the boundaries of poverty by buying many previous versions, do I get a discount on the upgrade? Even if I live in England?

  2. I recently purchased the latest version of Family Tree Platinum, Now this is the second time I am being blocked out. I have already a year and never got to use it and this program I am supposed to get six months free and I have yet to be able to use it. Tell me please why and what to do. I am on disability and this comes with great sacrifices.

  3. Judy

    I agree with Ken, it seems like the constant upgrades are just a way to keep getting more money. Please keep one version for an extended time or at least offer free upgrades to those who already own it.

  4. Martin

    I just installed family tree 2010. How came I can’t get the 14 days free trial on the Ancestry database like it was advertised for family tree 2010? It told me I already used the option when I just installed software. I am also have family tree 2009, family tree v16 … V1. How come this 14 days free trial is not enabled?

  5. Bill Parr

    Excellent answers Michelle. I bounce back and forth between 09 and — this will now be easier I’m assuming. Maybe one day they will be the same? Determining relationships is easy in 09 – wonder if will follow suit? Almost have 13,000 names entered. Looking forward to receiving 2010!

  6. No answer to my questions here on any of these threads, and I was brushed off when I sent an email.
    So it appears that there is no policy of offering a discounted upgrade to existing customers.
    We are expected to buy the full product every year.
    I won’t be bothering to check here whether there is a reply to this. I have hung around long enough.
    I think I will stick to “The Master Genealogist”.

  7. Charlie Mays

    From the get-go FTM was a waste of money. First it didn’t import the files I had in my earlier version of FTM 16 from the Dir directory I had to track them down, and the initial screen is completely different without an option to revert to the earlier classic screen.
    I should have listened to my wife. Quite possibly the last time I purchase FTM, I’ll stick with FTM 16
    Charlie Mays

  8. Parker

    My FTM 16 files were not importing to FTM 2010. I’ve been on hold hoping to speak with support for more than 30 minutes! I think FTM should post a comment about the problems with this launch and alert those trying to hold off until a fix is available.

  9. Joe Bobinski

    I have Family Tree 2006 and have not had any problems with it. I recently purchased 2010 as I did 2008 and have been unsuccessful in transferring my data. I am ready to give up on any future versions because both have caused me problems. What can I do to solve this problem. I keep getting error message that download failed

  10. Parker

    After 2 1/2 hours on the phone with support, the solution that ultimately worked for my successful import to 2010 was as follows.

    Re-index the file
    While holding down Ctrl, Alt, and Shift, press Backspace on your keyboard; release all four keys when finished.

    Repeat these same steps with the following four keys: Ctrl, Alt, Shift and F9

    Then export the entire file from FTM 16 and import this new saved file to FTM 2010.

  11. I am glad I still have my old version of Family Tree installed on my computer. I received the 2010 version today and still haven’t figured out how to enter any data. There is just too much on the screen. This would be hard for anyone to navigate. At least with my older vesions it came with a book and I could sit down and read the help. Sorry I bought it.

  12. Roger Engelken

    This is the first new version I have bought since 16 back in 2006. So far it seems much better than the disaster that from what I read was 2008 (v. 17). It does take some getting used to, and for now I am keeping my family tree in both version 16 and 19 (2010).

  13. Ron Whitson

    Purchased and installed FTM 2010, only to be disappointed…again. I have used FTM since Broderbund days and original releases. Release 16 still has a lot of funtionality missing in 2008, 2009, and now 2010. Seems long enough to get back what we originally purchased with 16. Just one example is Relationship Charts, it does not show spouses for each node (the icon you click does but you can not create one!). It did in 16, but not since. Software 101: Give us the features we bought with 16 and enhance the product, absolutely. Remove features, never.

  14. Charles Cartwright

    Bit once again, I’m tired of upgrades that drop features I use and like, then offer new improved features I don’t give a hoot about. This seems to be the trend, software developers know more about what we want than we do!!!!! Sounds like some of the people we voted in!!! I agree with Ron..
    Aloha No

  15. Jess McCoy

    I just installed FTM 2010 yesterday, so have little to offer from my limited use so far, but I also had problems importing data from FTM 2006. After several failed attempts, I exported the data from 2006 as a GEDCOM file, then imported into 2010 without any further problem. I hope that helps those of you that are experiencing the same trouble.

  16. Mary Beth Marchant

    The only problem with creating a gedcom and then importing into FTM 2009 or 10 is that the photos and documents saved in the Version 16 file cannot come along. I have way, way too many photos and documents saved in my various FTM files to try that way. If there were no photos saved to scrapbooks or documents saved, that would work, but otherwise, no. I have FTM 2009 sent for free with my subscription to I installed it last year but was never able to import all of my 7 FTM files into FTM 2009. One still will not work. I have asked again and again for help from Ancestry. Once I was told to use a website and upload my tree there and they would fix it. After I uploaded it, I never heard a word from anyone. Actually no is interested in helping. They are interested in creating new programs for folks like us to buy though. Too bad. FTM Version 16 still works quite well for me. When it gets too old I will have to get a new software program but unless Ancestry does something to improve Version 16 it will not be something put out by Ancestry. There are just way too many fancy bells and whistles on the new programs. I would like a program that does not have the fancy bells and whistles that the younger generation love.

  17. Carol Glover

    First I would like to say how much I have enjoyed using FTM 2006. I have called a couple of times with questions and the customer service was great. What a shock I had when I went to install the new 2010 update! Since it came with no instructions for installing or using, I assumed it was going to be an easy process and the differences in using the program would be easy to work with. What I found was a completely new program with all sorts of data errors. I had people missing,incorrect names, sources gone, census years no longer attached, data in the incorrect fields, etc. Gone was my easy to navigate version with the large print. Now I have lost the ease of use so that more stuff can be crammed on a screen and features added that I will probably never use. After three calls to tech support (one of which ended when my phone died after sitting on hold for almost an hour) I finally had a young lady help me through the steps of going back and manually moving my files from the older version. Fortunately I had not installed any photos whcih I guess would not have transferred using this method. Re-installing the update had not worked.

    How can you sell software and not include instructions for it’s use? I should not have to wait weeks and spend more money to find out how to use the new program. Maybe by the time it arrives I will have figured out how to paste an existing source into another fact.

  18. Download a tree from Ancestry doesn’t download. Upgraded to 2010 and tried to download a tree directly from within FTM 2010 from The first step seemed to work in that it appears a GEDCOM file was created somewhere. But when I clicked on the Download button, a window opened stating that it was “unzipping downloaded tree” Even after 45 minutes it was still saying 0% completed. Is this feature of 2010 not functioning yet?

  19. Duff Wilson

    #3 Eldon,

    Simply open your 2009 file in Family Tree Maker 2010. Family Tree Maker will convert the file to the new format. You will be given the option to create a backup of your old file first.

  20. Duff Wilson

    #10, #12 Parker, #17 Jess, #18 Mary Beth,

    If you’re having difficulty importing your old file, it will likely be helpful to compact it before importing into Family Tree Maker 2010. You can compact your file in older versions of Family Tree Maker by choosing “Compact File…” from the “Tools” menu.

  21. Are you implying that the file format has changed between version 2009 and 2010?

    Were there any issues in the development of 2010 that highlighted incompatibility between the V16/2006 and version 2010 file formats or problems converting?

    I am assuming that the V16 to 2010 file conversion was thoroughly tested – please tell me that is the case – its just there are too many complaints here about conversion problems.

    And what exactly does “it will likely be helpful to compact it before importing into Family Tree Maker 2010” mean?

    Likely be helpful isn’t quite as good as “you should compact your file and it will definitely convert to 2010”.


  22. Duff Wilson

    #19 Carol,

    Family Tree Maker includes extensive help on all features that you can access by clicking F1 or choosing “Help For Family Tree Maker” from the “Help” menu.

    You can also access helpful tutorials by choosing “Training Tutorials” from the “Help” menu.

    There are also a number of helpful webinars available at

  23. Duff Wilson

    #23 Tony,

    Yes, Family Tree Maker 2010 does have a new file format and it has been thoroughly tested in our own labs and by over 100 beta testers. The import in Family Tree Maker 2010 is improved and robust. When an older file fails to import properly, it is usually because of data inconsistencies that were introduced in the old file over time. Compacting the file will often correct these problems.

  24. Duff Wilson

    #20 Stephen,

    The option to download a tree from is functional. We haven’t seen the problem you describe, but we’ll look into it. You may want to try the download again later.

  25. Ken Marcum

    Remember the good ole days with versions 16/2006 and prior. Yes, we would get suckered in every year or two to upgrade, but at least the upgrades worked. At times we would even look forward to getting an upgrade because there was going to be improvements. The road was smoothe, no bumps, detours or unneccessary stop signs. Then came 2008. Trying to use it was like driving on a road through a battlefield. Stop-start-turn left-no turn right-go back to start, install, uninstall, re-install, etc…. Then 2009 comes along. A few less wrong turns but still enough to make you wish you hadn’t come along for the ride. Now it’s time for 2010 (must need some money so let’s through another version out). Only been on this road a couple of days but it doesn’t appear to be much smoother than what we have been on. I have a problem that may seem to be trivial but I have had it on 8,9 and now 10. When I do a registry report for an individual I have a problem with spacing. Everytime that it comes to the point where it should say Notes for (insert name) I have “Notes for (insert name)”. Is there something I am doing? Never had this problem till 2008 casme along. I have lived with it till now, but I can’t continue with it. How do you correct it? I have kept my FTM16 current with anything I have done in the 8,9 and 10 versions but I am just about ready to go back to 16 permanently and uninstall 10. Sooner or later FTM is going to take a hit that they can’t recover from because of the poor quality that we have come to expect over the last few years. It happened to the automakers so it can happen to FTM. PS–Don’t forget to answer my problem. I see a lot of responses on here but most of them seem to be automated because they seldom, if ever give a direct answer to the question posed.

  26. Ken Marcum

    A follow-up to my previous post. After looking at the post I noticed that it doesn’t show the problem that I have. It must automatically correct for spaces. Anyway when I do a report and it comes to the Notes section I get Notes-(then a big gap)-for(then another big gap)–then the name.

  27. Vernon Dollhopf

    I have installed 2010 and was shocked at the format of the new screen I am having a hard time trying to figure out where to put what or how to do it too many items on the screen at one time virsion 16 was so easy to use. 2010 is too complicated for us older folks to use. It takes too long to load each time I bring it up 10 to 15 minutes my file is large but with 16 it took only seconds to load. I looked up a few items on your maps and found that they have streets etc. in wrong locations etc. Trying to work with this new format is a hassel junping from screen to screen to do anything, when in 16 we just had to fill in the blanks. I think your experts have gone too far in th eout feild this time. I will go back to 16 and forget about buying any more up grades even if I have to keep an older computer going just for it. It looks like you killed FTM for me!!! When I imported my files they came out a mess. Pictures missing, sources missing, Notes missing etc. Just no good!!!!

  28. James

    My 2GB version 16 file now imports properly into FTM 2010. This was not the case with 2008 or 2009 versions.


  29. Andy Hatchett

    I loved Duff’s “and by over 100 beta testers” comment!

    This is a laughably small number of beta testers for their software product.

    IMHO, it would also indicate even fewer beta testers for their search, member trees, etc.

    Houston- I think we’ve found the problem!

  30. Tony Knight

    Still not available in the UK or anywhere outside the North American continent it appears, assuming that as Canadians do not appear to have a shop, they can buy from the US one

  31. Kathy Marie

    MICHELLE ——-PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I have many books that contain so-called Book Items (i.e., sections/chapters). I have not been able to find a way to share/print (say in PDF) just one Book Item (section /chapter) in a book without first sharing/previewing the total book, Once I have waited (it seems forever) to have the system generate a Total Book, then I am able (through the use of Adobe capabilities) to extract the particular Item/Section/ Chapter I am interested in.

    I do, however, have the capability to review a book one chapter at a time and it seems once I have reviewed a particular chapter I should be able to export/share/ print just that that chapter. So my suggestion is obvious, please add this capability.


    When generating Genealogy Reports [Register and Ahnentafel], the system is not including the Date and Place Names for some of the Fact Names. For example, in my case I have used the Fact Name “Geographic Location” to be synonymous with what other users are calling “ Residence.” My data base always includes a date and a place for each of the Geographic Location Fact Names. However, when generating the reports, the system only lists the words “Geographic Location” and does not include the associated Date and Location Name. [It does list all the names and provides a source, if I have included one]

    I have not been able to determine a pattern for this and it appears to be random. For example, for the Fact Name “Burial” the system does show [when I have included it] the associated date and place. The only thing I can think of is that the programmers for some of the Fact names did not include the coding to include the associated date and place. In some cases the Fact Name and the associated date are included. Everything works fine in FTW 2006, v 16 and the data is exported correctly in FTM 2009. In other areas of the reports, e.g., “Places” and associated reports the system appears to be correctly showing the information. My suggestion is that this needs to be investigated and all instances where it incorrect should be fixed.

    ONE MORE TIME, my suggestion is that someone should avail themselves of a computer with at least two separate monitors. On the first monitor they should have FTM 2006 [WITH A SIGNIFICANTLY LARGE AMOUNT OF DATA] up and running and on the second monitor they should have FTM 2010 up and running and using the exported data base that is on the first monitor. Once they have done this they should bring up on both monitors the equivalent reports/graphs/books. Then they should go down each, say report, line-by line looking for discrepancies/ errors. If this is done, I am POSITIVE THEY WILL FIND LOTS OF DISCREPANCIES BETWEEN FTM 2006 AND FTM 2010. IT HAS BEEN ALMOST TWO YEARS SINCE THE RELEASE OF FTM 2008 AND MANY MANY ERRORS STILL RESIDE IN FTM 2010


  32. Duff Wilson

    #27, #28 Ken,

    I don’t see the problem you describe with the Register Report. I’ll contact you directly to so you can send me an example.

  33. Re #20 and #26

    Well I waited until this morning to try again. I opened 2010, clicked on download a tree from Ancestry. It takes about 10 minutes and then the message “We have finished processing the family tree “Higham-Yard Family”. and the 100% complete appeared. I clicked on the button “Download to Family Tree Maker”. The window opened stating “unzipping downloaded tree”. It’s been 25 minutes and it shows 0% Completed. I had already deleted my Higham Family.ged file I had previously downloaded using the method on just to be sure that it wasn’t blocking the process. I had also deleted the ftm file created by FTM 2009. These files were stored in the Family Tree Maker folder of My Documents

  34. Gayle Londeree

    I rushed to install 2010 when I received it a couple of days ago, and had many of the same problems others have named. The program would freeze, or wouldn’t upload the Ancestry file, etc.
    I finally uninstalled the product. I have an older laptop with only 512 RAM, 1.99 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 Processor, Windows XP. Then I ran Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter. I reinstalled the software. Then, probably most importantly, I turned off my Zone Alarm security software. I then chose the Ancestry download. At first I thought it was going to freeze again, but I just walked away and left it for 15 minutes. Lo and behold, when I came back it was working. The whole process took about 2 hours. I downloaded 24,959 individuals, 2,455 multimedia, 33,383 sources, and 187,071 records. I haven’t worked with the files yet, but I was very happy that it seems to be working.

  35. Duff Wilson

    #29 Vernon,

    Certainly the new design is very different from older versions of Family Tree Maker, and as you might imagine, your assessment is not unique. The significant changes in the interface are unexpected by many who upgrade. But those changes were not made without a great deal of careful consideration and input and guidance from many customers old and new. We travelled to many locations and visited with a large number of users over a long period in the process of designing the new interface. While not everyone likes the direction we have taken with Family Tree Maker 2010, the vast majority of our users do like it—even many who initially had a similar reaction to yours have made the adjustment and now warmly embrace it. Certainly not all—some still prefer to stay with an older version, which is fine.

    I’m not saying that Family Tree Maker 2010 is the perfect program for everyone. But I can say that all of us involved with creating and supporting Family Tree Maker are genuinely committed to listening to our customers and working hard to advance and improve the software.

  36. Duff Wilson

    #34 Kathy,

    Thank you for the list of issues and suggestions. I’ll briefly respond to each one.

    Printing a item/section/chapter – This is on our list of priorities to consider for the future.

    “Geographic Location” in the Genealogy reports – It’s difficult to know what is happening here without seeing your file or working directly with you. I’ll contact you directly about this.

    Genealogy reports – It is true that there are differences or discrepancies in these reports between releases of the software. Some of these differences have been made to respond to requests from users, and some came from an effort to more closely follow defined standards for these reports. And certainly some may be unintentional. We are continually listening to feedback about how to improve these reports. Again, I’ll contact you directly to get your specific input.

  37. Chuck

    I created a book in FTM 16 and I can not figure out how I can open it in 2010? I did an import and when I went to open it it said save, then there was nothing there. How do I import my FTM 16 book and then open it.

  38. Nancy

    Just loaded 2010 and downloaded my Ancestry tree. The photos, stories and notes are all there. Really easy–thanks!

  39. #34 Kathy & #40 Duff

    Kathy I’m guessing that you created a custom fact called “Geographic Location” is that the case? I don’t recall a fact with that name in FTM16 at least – but my memory fails me often.

    It may be that the reporting feature in the later FTM does not account for custom facts and therefore doesn’t know what to do with your “Geographic Location”.

    If I’m wrong please forgive my ramblings 😉


  40. Nikki Mastro

    Is the new version web based? My husband and I have an earlier version which is installed on his computer. We are interested in a web version that other family members can access.

  41. Duff Wilson

    #44 Nikki,

    You can build a family tree online at by entering the information about you and your family or by uploading a GEDCOM file. Or if you have Family Tree Maker 2008, 2009, or 2010 you can easily upload your tree to from there. It is free to build your tree on and you can invite your family to view and/or participate in building it.

  42. Kathy Marie


    43 Written by:
    Tony Cousins

    Posted on:
    August 26, 2009 at 3:47 pm
    #34 Kathy & #40 Duff

    Tony I did in fact create a custom fact called “Geographic Location” in FTM 2006. When I imported my file to FTM 2010 the custom fact was also imported and became a custom fact in the total list of [MY]facts in FTM 2010 I don’t feel that the Custom Fact is what is causing the problem, since inconsistencies/errors are also occuring where the facts are not custom facts. For example, errors are also occuring for the fact “Occupation” which I don’t believe was a Custom Fact

  43. Lon Warner

    I was using v16 of Family Tree Maker. I always backed up my tree. However, the back-up was .FBC. I noticed that the 2010 version will not import that file. I had to save my previous back-up as a DOS/GEDCOM file. That was ok, however none of my photos were transfered. What gives?

  44. Well, well, like so many of those who have taken the time and effort to respond to 2010, I too have wasted my money. For the older generation and I am sure I am not the oldest of the group (80+) this is a complicated MESS and far too time consuming to figure out how to use something with no instructions to follow. Yes purchase a book for $25.00 more with shipping & handling. In this day & time every bit of money we expend takes something else from us. Family Tree has always been a favorite of mine but I am through as of this minute. No more of my money will they get other than the magazine.I will keep my ver. 10 till I die and let my grandaughter try to figure out the rest. # 16 & 26 keep working is my advise. Thanks

  45. Hi Kathy Marie #47

    First I’m so happy it wasn’t my memory that was failing – again 🙂

    I remember when I first loaded 2008 and ‘imported’ my V16 tree into 2008 it didn’t like the Occupation data from V16, the reason quoted at that time by Ancestry was that the Occupation fact needed a location and occupation separated by a ‘/’. I believe that the blame was laid at the feet of V16 for not enforcing this, or that was what I felt was implied.

    Is this the ‘error’ you’re talking about or is it a more serious error like data loss?


  46. Leslie Myers

    I received FTM 2010 in the mail and it won’t intall on my computer because of a corrupt file. I have been trying to get through to TA and have spent hours on hold without ever connecting to anyone, is anyone else having this problem…is there a “fix” or do I need a new copy.

  47. Bob King

    I am new at this. I just purchased FTM2009 a few months ago, and think it’s great over what I was using. Now I see FTM2010 is offered. Can someone tell me if it’s worth buying?

    What enhanced features are offered other than a different layout.

    I have purchased a web site, any suggestions as to how to ‘set one up’. Has anyone used Website Tonight from Go-Daddy?

  48. John Donaldson

    # 52 Bob

    You upgrade a program, car, spouse, TV, etc if there are benefits to you.

    Follows a list of features.

    It is up to you to decide if these are of benefit to you

    Family Tree Maker 2010 new features

    1. NET 3.5 faster
    2. New Family Group Sheet
    3. New Timeline Report
    4. Genealogy Report Improvements
    5. Improved Kinship Report
    6. Sources in Charts
    7. Rename Publishing Items
    8. Export and Delete Individuals from Charts
    9. Non Preferred Events
    10. Shortened Place Names
    11. Book Building Improvements
    12. Scanning and Digital Camera Support
    13. Slide Show
    14. GPS Support
    15. Migration Maps
    16. Updated Place Authority
    17. Enhanced File Statistics
    18. Enhanced Web Dashpot
    19. Direct Ancestry Tree Download
    20. Enhanced Family View
    21. Quick Add of Facts
    22. Enhanced Editing of Relationships
    23. Saved History
    24. Printing Notes
    25. Task List Filtering
    26. Graphical Indicators
    27. Replacing Source Citations
    28. More Robust Relationship Calculator
    29. Global Spell Check
    30. EMF Output
    31. People Associated with a Place Indicator
    32. Enhanced Pasting of Notes

    John D

  49. John Donaldson

    # 51 Leslie

    What leads you to the conclusion you have a corrupt file?

    What error messages etc are you seeing?- Details

    Step by step what is happening or (not happening)?

    What Windows version are you using?

    Are you installing in administrator mode?

    John D

  50. John Donaldson

    #48 Lon

    GEDCOM has never supported media

    Go back to FTM that created the FBC file, open it and save it as a normal .FTW file

    It will then open fine with images in FTM 2008/09/10

    John D

  51. Nikki Mastro

    Thank you for answering my question so quickly! The newest version would be the best choice then. Second question: I realize that I am going to have to install the latest version on my husband’s computer, as that is where the earlier application and data is currently installed and stored, to be able to upload the data to the website. Will I be able to manage our information on the website from my computer or will I need a second license to install the application on my computer as well?
    Thank you,

  52. Kathy Marie

    In response to #50
    Written by:
    Tony Cousins
    Posted on:
    August 27, 2009 at 1:19 pm


    I have been working with Duff Wilson on this issue – And let me say first he has been very quick and very helpful in responding to my issues originally outlined in Item 34

    To answer a couple of your questions:

    I have been, and continue to be, very diligent in using the “/” in FTM 2006. I continue to use the features in FTM 2006 (maps area) and Gensmarts to ensure the correctness of “Places.” Missing “/” are easily spotted using the features available in these systems.

    And no the issue is not an error of Data Loss – I have not, that I know of, experienced an error of Data Loss when importing from FTM 2006 to FTM 2008, 2009 or 2010 — part of this I attribute to diligence on the “/” and secondly I have not included images in FTM 2006 awaiting all the bugs to be worked out in 2010

    In my original Item #34 it turns out there were five reports that I had identified. Duff, very politely, pointed out that three of the reports I identified were not in error and had I gone into the options, say for the Simple Register Report, I would have been able to have the system generate the “Dates”, “Places”, “Description” for say the Geographic Location Name — to see this just go to the Simple Register Report in FTM 2010 and click on “Items to Include” (green arrow) and then click on name options and set the options for any name you desire for date, place, description, etc

    So three of my reported reports were not in error.

    It appears there are issues with two remaining reports “Register Report” and “Ahnentafel Report”

    I don’t know all the issues with these two reports or how Duff plans on resolving them – but he is working on them. I will leave it to him whether he wants to include any further information here about this

  53. Duff Wilson

    #57 Nikki,

    Once the data is uploaded to your Family Tree on, you can access and manage it from your web browser on any computer that has access to the internet. From then on, your tree in Family Tree Maker and your tree at are two completely separate trees. Changing one will not affect the other.

  54. Leslie Myers

    The program is not completeing the instalation, I get a message after the initial installation that ftm.exe is corrupt, so the program will not initialize.

    I have windows xp professional
    I am installing it the same way I did with FTM 2009

  55. Susan Leffler

    Wow! and customer service told me yesterday they’d not been having calls about importing problems! I got my program yesterday, loaded it (thanks for telling us it would automatically connect to the internet and this thing needed the .NET framework files). Imported my file from 16/2006. Looking through NOTEs on various people, the program had replaced all punctuation (except periods and commans) with boxes. When I generated a report (Genealogy) it was perfectly readable in the .PDF; but when exported to RTF, over half became unreadable…like the OCRs of old. Cust Svs told me there had to be corruption in my original file from 2006 and I needed to do the “fix”. Well, guess what…not fixed. Not to mention the fact that there are glitches with .NET Framework itself (do a search and you’ll see!). Truthfully, I want my money back and will be calling Cust. Svc here shortly to make that happen. And faster??? In what world??? My ‘puter is no slouch and it takes forever to open; takes forever to generate reports, and that’s only for 4 generations! The global spell checker also has bugs; not to mention the program shut down just as I finished checking. So, was the $19.95 worth it? Nope.

  56. Jon Sanders


    One of the features listed in 2010 is:

    Work with Media Items as a Group
    Select multiple media items at the same time; choose categories for media items as a group.

    I’ve got over 5000 media items so categorizing them one by one would be insane, so I was hoping I could select all of the census media and move them to that category, likewise death certificates, photos, ….

    Even drag and drop would be better than select media, then category edit,then select cat’s, then ok, then repeat 5000+ times 🙁

    I’m hopeful that I’m just missing the “how to” but I’ve tried several things as well as look through help but no luck so far.

    If you need clarifications please let me know.

    Thanks, Jon

  57. I loaded 2010 on my PC, it took a while and seemed to hang at the Eiffel Tower JPG while saying it was configuring the application, but it did complete and I did register it successfully.

    One of the ‘improvements’ was speed wasn’t it? Was that a negative speed improvement?

    Simply loading the application on a clean boot of the PC takes 52 seconds and looking in Task Manager it consumes over 201,000 K of memory that is a huge 201 megabyte of system memory. At this point I haven’t done anything except load the tree which has 11,917 people and is 20,370 KB in size!!!

    Click on the ‘More’ button to find these stats and the memory usage jumps to over 229,000 K.

    In comparison FTM 2006 loads the same tree (old format obviously) in 6 seconds and consumes a huge 🙂 19,412 K and also to be fair it does jump to an enormous 34,332 K if I select tree statistics.

    Granted FTM2010 foes close down a couple of seconds faster than 2006 – that’s really handy.

    Now everyone complains about Microsoft but Word 2007 with 4 documants open, each about 8 pages with images consumes one quarter of the FTM2010 memory. Outlook consumes 16,148 K, even the known memory hog Internet Explorer is only consuming 87,692 K.

    Admittedly on the second startup of FTM2010 it is quicker at 17 seconds and the memory is less at 160,000 K.

    So I guess I have 2 questions which I’ll most probably have to wait for answers until Monday 🙂

    Just for information this is my PC – It’s a Core 2 Quad processor(Q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz) with 4 GB memory and SATA disk drives running XP Home SP3.

    Why does the application consume so much memory – even Microsoft apps don’t eat that much?

    What is the app doing on the initial load that takes so much more time and consumes so much more memory than subsequent loads?

    What is meant by performance improvements and how were these measured in Ancestry?

    Oops – that was more than 2 questions 😉

    Looking forward to a really technical answer – and not holding my breath.


  58. I received my copy of FTM 2010. My former copy was 2005 and every previous edition. Because of edition problems, I stopped upgrading after 2005. I loaded the 2010 software, then registered my copy. Then the problems started.

    In 2010 you have to import your database(s) into the new software. The requirement seemed a little strange to me. Why can’t the software just read my database without importing it? I can’t find an answer to my concern yet, because without an imported database, the software is inhernelty inoperative.

    My next problem arose after I spent 2.5 hours importing a single database into the software. When the import was 99% completed, the program froze and crashed. An error message appeared, stating “Import failed because of an unknown error.” I had to use Windows Task Manager to abort the import, and to quit the FTM application itself.

    I made two more attempts to import the database, taking an additional 5 hours of time. I only got the same result.

    I’ve emailed FTM Tech Support THREE TIMES. So far, no response.

  59. James


    Is this your first use of the new interface version? If so, you will not note the speed improvements especially over version 16 which is very fast in comparison. 2010 is much faster though than version 2008. The startup of the program is quicker than version 2009. The programming language is .NET (to my knowledge.)

    I had to give up v16 when my main files grew to 2GB in size. With media items now stored outside the main file, this is no longer an issue. The data portion is now only 60MB.

    Memory usage has been a problem in my experience. Hopefully this can be fixed in the future.

    This version is by far the best of the versions with the new interface.


  60. Hi James, Thanks for your response.

    I’ve used every version of FTM since I started on this obsessive hobby, through 2006 (my current ‘live’ version) upgraded to 2008, was I sorry, to 2009 – a little less sorry and this month to 2010 and I’m even sorrier I wasted my money.

    At the moment I can’t seem to find how to change a fact that I enter incorrectly – example Census to Christening, I can’t seem to find a switch to turn off irritating green leaves from Ancestry trees. If I ever do convert to the latest and greatest then it will take days and weeks to check through all the exact, street level, place names that I have.

    Another issue for me is that the web search finds records I already have, thousands of census records. That search also seems to do the new search, it must do to find Mary Farbrother born 1832 in London it displays Sarah Farbrother born 1831 in Manchester.

    I’m afraid that I’m going to have to wait a very long time until I can use a new version of FTM. At this point I won’t be upgrading again for a while.


  61. James

    To change a fact Alt-Mouse select the fact then select “Fact Data Options.” You can then change the fact to another type using the dialog.

    To turn off hints select Tools>Options and de-select “Search online automatically when connected to the Internet.”

    I purchased version 2008 even after hearing about all of the problems to see what the progam looked like. There were many issues but the program’s potential capabilities were very good.

    As I mentioned earlier, I had to stop using version 16 due to file size limitations. It was “sink or swim” so to speak to be able to continue so I used the new version and have found it to be a good tool.


  62. Hi James
    Thanks for the fact change details, what an absolute pain, where is the ease of use from 2006.

    As for the tree search, I do not want to search trees – I’m quite happy with the historical search (as long as they use the old search) so as far as I can see it’s a question of all or nothing on the green leaves – that is ridiculous.

    The other difficulty I find is that I can’t see all the facts for an individual when doing a web search – so I can’t see if I already have the census recorded. I have to go away from the web search back to the person to see if I in fact do have the record – I guess I’m so lucky that I don’t need to downgrade to 2010 at this time. 🙂

    I see that 2010 could be a great aid to new users, where they haven’t had the fast, friendly and easy to use version 2006, those are some of the fundamentals of software development that Ancestry have yet to realise and embrace.

    Thanks again – TonyC

  63. James

    I’ve customized my main view to show the residence fact. This fact is then displayed when doing a web search (only the preferred one though.) When searching, I’ll switch the person’s “Fact” tab to “Media.” This shows the already included records.

    2008 through 2010 had much better control on facts. For example, you have a file that uses the “Record Change” fact (some programs have this fact, which I cannot see the value since it does not give details of the change.) You can easily delete all of the facts in one dialog rather than going through all of the individual records.

    Hopefully we will see a change of how the web is searched and the ability (option) to ignore the web trees.


  64. John Donaldson

    # 64 Eric

    Could I suggest that before you attempt to convert your FTM 2005 database to FTM 2010, that you run a Tools>Compact on your FTM 2005 database

    This does two very important things.

    It compacts the database but more importantly reindexes the database so that it is in the best possible condition for the conversion process.

    What FTM 2010 does is to make a copy of your FTM 2005 database then converts it to its database structure, which is a complex relationalship arrangement.

    It follows that if your FTM 2005 donor database is in the best possible condition, the complex conversion is more likely to proceed smothly.

    Now if this does not work I suggest that you make a GEDCOM of your FTM 2005 database and import that.

    Of course you lose your images which you will have to manually add back but you should not have any problems.

    Let us know how you get on?

    John D

  65. John Donaldson

    # 65 Tony

    Just a slight clarification

    FTM 2010 operated in the .Net 3.5 framework, whereas FTM 2008 and FTM 2009 operated in the .Net 2.0 framework.

    Like replacing a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine with a 3.5 liter V6 🙂

    The programing language is C Sharp

    As well as these changes, a lot of programing effort has gone into optimisation of many routines, eg the charts have been totally redone and use far less RAM.

    As a result, FTM 2010 is very much faster than 2008/2009, especially charts and reports.

    John D

  66. Lynn

    John, Thank you for sharing “FTM 2010 is very much faster than 2008/2009, especially charts and reports.”

    I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy of FTM 2010 and this is good information to know. [I unfortunately pre-order via Amazon (prior to Ancestry announcing pre-orders) and Amazon has not yet shipped the FTM software.]

  67. J Buchanan

    I cannot open the FTM. I get the following message: “Family Tree Maker 2010 was not properly closed the last time it was used. You may need to compact your last opened file to resolve any issues caused by an improper shutdown. To compact the file chose “Compact File…” from the Tools menu.”

    I have tried reinstalling the program and get the same message.

  68. Kathy Marie




    Can’t export charts to “one PDF” when they become a certain size – Get a big Red X when attempting to view the chart – Possibly a limitation of Adobe, but I remember doing this in FTM 2006. Also, can’t export a large chart to “Image” – The system says the chart is too large to export.

    Hence, it appears there is no capability to create/save a large chart as one chart and then take to Kinko’s/Staples for printing as can be done in FTM 2006.


    For Relationship Charts with many nodes I have been unable to set the “Display relationship label” for all nodes without the label becoming truncated for some nodes. The Relationship Label becomes truncated for some nodes no matter whether the Portrait or Landscape mode is used and no matter how the margins in “Page Setup” are minimized. Also, there appears to be no way to independently change the font size for the “Relationship Label”. It appears as if the “Relationship Label” font is automatically set the same size as the “Report Body” font. The only way I have been able to not truncate the “Relationship Label” is to set the “Report Body” font so small that the chart becomes almost unreadable. Also, after going through many steps to tweak the settings and get them “correct” there appears to be no way to save these settings to use in other Relationship Charts


    A B C D E

    Register No No No Yes
    Simple Register Yes No No Yes
    Ahnentafel No No No Yes
    Simple Ahnentafel Yes No No Yes
    Individual Yes No No Yes
    Custom Yes No No Yes
    Family Group sheet Yes No No Yes
    Outline Descendant Yes No No Yes

    Column A – All of the above reports shown in column A allow the user to include in the particular report the total list or a subset of the total list of facts that reside in the user’s fact list. The user can include both preferred and non-preferred facts (on a specific fact or on the total list of facts chosen)

    Column B – Refers to the “Management” of the Facts chosen by the user. As an example, the Simple Register Report allows the user to include the date, place and description for any fact name (say, e.g., Occupation, or Married Name) that the user intends to include in their report. If this is the case then Column B is indicated with a Yes. If the user is unable to include the date, place and description for ALL fact names chosen by the user to be included in the Report then the Column is marked “No”. As an example, for the Register Report, if a user had a fact name “Married Name” and included the Married Name (i.e., Description) of a specific person at a specific time and specific place in their data base and the user is unable to include all this information then the Particular Row is indicated with a “No.” This is exactly the case for the Register Report. That is, the Register Report is preprogrammed to only allow the inclusion of the Married Name of the Married person, but does not allow the date and place where this person was when she was using that particular married Name. The two reports indicated with a “No” in Column B should be reprogrammed to so that “No” can be turned into a “Yes.”

    Columns C and D – Considerable effort is expended by a user in establishing all the options and settings for say a Simple Register Report for Person X. However, there is no way for a user to save these settings to be used in generating a Simple Register Report for Person Y. If the user generates the Register Report for Person Y immediately after generating the Report for Person X the settings remain intact. However, if the user goes through all the effort to establish the options and settings for person X and then goes on to generate a different report for person X (or any other person) and then moves back to generate a Simple Register Report for Person Y, the user must start from scratch to establish the options and settings for Person Y. Column C shows “No” for all the reports indicated, meaning that the user must start from scratch to establish the options and setting if they have done anything different since generating the last Report . Column D also indicates they cannot use any saved settings for these reports because, of course, they were not able to save any settings in the first place. Note: Various charts (e.g., Pedigree Chart) generated by FTM 2010 have established the capability to both save settings for a particular chart and to use these saved settings for other like-type Charts. This capability should be extended to include at least all the Reports listed in Column A. (That is, turn all the No’s listed in columns C and D into Yes’s)

    Column E – This indicates the capability of the system to reset the chart settings back to the FTM 2010 default position, and as can be seen all the charts being in Column A have that capability. The capability, though useful is not very helpful and in no way is it equivalent to saving and using the saved settings as discussed above in Column C and D. Basically, this feature might be helpful if the user is in the process of establishing the options and settings for say a Simple Register Report and became confused as to where they were in the process, they could click on the little blue arrow icon and it would set the report back to the FTM 2010 default position.

    *Didn’t Investigate Research Note, LDS Ordinances, Task List, Data Errors, Kinship, Marriage, Parentage, Place Usage, Media, Source or Timeline Reports

  69. Kathy Marie

    Evidently the formatting for this feedback mechanism garbled my MS Word Formatting in my Item 75

    So the following replaces everything between “REPORT OPTIONS AND SETTINGS”, and “Column A –“

    The Column Header Names are as follows:


    The Table should be:

    COL A
    Simple Register
    Simple Ahnentafel
    Family Group sheet
    Outline Descendant

    No No No Yes
    Yes No No Yes
    No No No Yes
    Yes No No Yes
    Yes No No Yes
    Yes No No Yes
    Yes No No Yes
    Yes No No Yes

  70. John Donaldson

    # 75 Kathy

    Re Chart limits in PDF

    This is an issue with the PDF version used by the PDF creator in the Share module.

    Around Acrobat 4 (PDF version 1.3) there is a limit as to how large (width a PDF chart (page) may be before it is truncated.

    From about Acrobat 5 (PDF version 1.4) this limit was fixed.

    Currently the most updated version is PDF 1.8 used in Acroabt 9

    Unfortunately, just about all of the genie programs use a very old (limited PDF version with the chart limit

    The developers in Provo are well aware of the issue but they seem incapable of securing the appropriate PDF driver from the third party provider of the Share module.

    The work around is to use a full version of Acrobat and print to PDF or one of the upmarket clones like Nitro.

    It is disappointing that the chart capability in FTM is being compromised.

    Incidentally, the same problem is in version 11,2005, 2006, 16 which uses an AMYUNI PDF driver.

    John D

  71. About 2 years ago I uploaded my family tree to the Ancestry website from FTM 2008. I’ve made extensive changes to my FTM database since then.

    I was wondering if uploading my family tree from FTM 2010 will replace what I have on the Ancestry website, or will it create another one? I don’t want to clutter the website up with multiple generations of my family tree.



  72. John #71

    Thank you so much for your comments:

    “FTM 2010 operated in the .Net 3.5 framework, whereas FTM 2008 and FTM 2009 operated in the .Net 2.0 framework.

    Like replacing a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine with a 3.5 liter V6 “.

    My points about the extremely slow initial start of 2010 must mean they used the same size battery to turn over the new 3.5 liter V8 as they had in the old 4 cylinder. Sometimes the concept of a speed improvement is also the time it takes an application to start.

    The other thing I guess is the huge disproportionate use of main memory between versions, Ancestry themselves realised this – check out the suggested memory requirements between 2009 and 2010 – 2009 was 512 MB, 2010 is 1 GB. I know memory is cheaper now but that is a huge jump.

    I still pose the questions:

    Why does the application consume so much memory – even Microsoft apps don’t eat that much?

    What is the app doing on the initial load that takes so much more time and consumes so much more memory than subsequent loads?

    What is meant by performance improvements and how were these measured in Ancestry?


  73. Gary Hard

    I have just purchased FTM 2009 and I am having issues with the Relationship calculator on themain screen and for reports specifically the “Relationship Chart”. My Wife and I are both related to an ancestor 40 generations back on her side and 42 on mine. Initially, it came up as my wife directly related and me as a Great…Son In Law. Later, without making any changes, both of us are listed as “no direct relationship found” but if you go up 1 level to my father in law, he is listed as “40th Great Grandson”. Why would he be related but not his daughter? Previous versions seemed to follow up from the individual, is this version combining married couples and determining ancestral lines from the combined family? How can I trust the data to be accurate if the program can not follow ancestral lines? Michelle noted in one of her posts that this issue was being worked on. Also, there appears to be a lack of user controls in reporting, there are limited options to pick from and the ones that are available are fairly insignifigant. Will the relationship problem be worked out and offered as a patch? Is this addressed in FTM 2010? Will FTM 2010 be offered as an Upgrade? Since I have literally just bought FTM 2009, I can not afford to buy another version to fix the problems of the new one I just bought.

  74. Installed FTM 2010, uninstalled program, on reinstall FTM 2010 will not open. error msg “Family Tree Maker 2010 was not properly closed the last time it was used. You need to compact your last open file to resolve any issues caused by an improper shutdown.” FTM 2010 starts to initialize then I get Microsoft alert that FTM 2010 has stopped working.
    Stopped working
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: ftm.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 4a60abe4
    Problem Signature 04: Library
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4a60a9fc
    Problem Signature 07: 101
    Problem Signature 08: 3a
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033

  75. lynne

    My FTM files that I so carefully used these past years on my PC is NOT COMPATIBLE to my new iMac Apple computer. FTM does not even address the millions of researchers who use Apple computers, which, by the way, is much easier re genealogical research. No version is even made for Apple……

  76. Janet McNeil

    Thank goodness. I thought it was me. I’m using FTM2006 and really like it. Upgraded to FTM2009. Tried to use it for a week. Uninstalled it and will stick with FTM2006. All the pages were jammed with stuff, except what I wanted to look at. Why is everything so cluttered looking?

  77. Tina Dalton

    I have huge issues with FTM 2009 and have never gotten close to a decent answer regarding the problems. I’ve sent three to five emails and the last one was the last straw. My problem was having to do with the “Relationship” chart. My grandmother and her first cousin married a set of brothers, this means her First Cousin was also her sister in law, pretty easy and on old versions of FTM it worked fine. On the 2009 version I was told that there was a glitch in the system and it would be fixed and the program would update this. That was the first three emails. The last time I emailed I was told, that the 2010 version had this fixed and that it was ready for purchase now. My question was why couldn’t they fix this glitch and put it in the update. Why would I buy a 2010 version when the 2009 version doesn’t work. I sent an email asking this and have yet to receive an answer. I loved the Older versions of the program and it’s a shame that the company has gone down hill.

  78. Re #20, #26, and #37.

    Same issue here ruinning Vista. Tree download gets to 99% “unzipping” and it stalls. Left it for hours and nothing. Contacted FTM Support three separate times and no help. Everything from “just hit F4 and it will continue to uninstall and reinstall to modifying IE Explorer settings. Sombody needs to quickly acknowledge and address this issue or I too will be seeking a refund.


  80. David Kelton

    Received FTM 2010 on 29 Aug and installed immediately. Like many others I thought the install had stalled, but I got called away from the computer, and by the time I got back the install had finished. Had no problem opening the program but was immediately disappointed at the new family group view. When I learned you could not switch to the “Classic” family view, I knew this program was not for me — but I won’t seek a refund!

    In Dec 2007 I discovered my FTM 13/2006 file was corrupted…as were 18 months of backups of this file. The file could not be compressed; it always terminated at about the 75% complete mark with the message that the file was corrupted and to use my backup. Yeah, right! It also could not be exported to anything. We set it aside while trying to figure out what to do.

    On a lark, I used FTM 2010 to open this file…and it did…and it got all 6344 records and 16 photographs. I immediately exported the 2010 file to a GEDCOM file and imported back into FTM 13/2006. Besides not getting the pictures (not a big deal for me), it also truncated the information in the address field and medical field and some fact fields. While the information was in the GEDCOM file, FTM would only import the portion that was visible within the display window. For example, the medical field can contain 200+ characters displayed over 2.5 lines. The import routine would only retrieve the first line; it reported lines 2+ as errors. Fortunately, the import routine generates a .LST file that shows what it dropped. In my case, 147 entries had to be manually fixed. This one file recovery was well worth the purchase price of FTM 2010. My caution: Be very careful of people who tell you to generate a GEDCOM file then import that back into FTM. It may not be as clean as they imply.

    We had long ago quit putting photos, documents, etc. into FTM. We now put all photos, documents, etc. into a program called FlipAlbum. This program allows us to build electronic versions of family photo albums that can be burned to a CD and sent to anyone with a computer (they also usually work in many DVD players but not as nice). FTM is now just for text data only.

    Broderbund started out with a good/great product. I’m afraid Ancestry is about to run it into the ground. As to enhanced performance: I opened the 6344 person file noted above in FTM 13/2006 and FTM 2010 each in its native format. FTM 13/2006 took 3 seconds to display the splash screen and only 13 seconds to display the file contents. FTM 2010 took 9 seconds to display the splash screen and 30.5 seconds to display the file contents. Faster? Not hardly. Well maybe, compared to 2008/2009 as others suggested. If so, FTM 13/2006 must be a Lamborghini.

    Like others here, my version of FTM 2010 will be uninstalled and stored with all my previous versions of FTM with a note to NEVER buy another FTM product until they return to the Classic family view. The Classic view can be considered an hour glass view with one generation on each side of the active person(s). How much more do you need? It is much better, cleaner, more readable and simplier in my opinion. FTM 13/2006 has a pedigree view which I think I have used twice. I just don’t find the pedigree view useful in 99.9999999% of my work.

  81. Patricia Blanchard

    When producing a Register Report for an individual and his/her descendants, I would like to see the parents of the husband/wife of the descendants listed, even if there are no children of the marriage. For example:

    If John Smith is an offspring of Tom Smith and is listed below Tom Smith with other brothers and sisters, I would like to see, besides the basic data of birth, death, etc. “married to Mary Kelly, daughter of Fred Kelly and Lucy Rush”. I know this information appears later in the report if John Smith and Mary Kelly have offspring, but it would be very helpful if it also appeared for those couples that are childless. I have seen this done in similar Register Reports from other software, and have found it very useful. Is there, perhaps, something I should be doing that would produce this effect that I am not aware of? I am using FTM 2010, and previously had FTM 2009.

  82. Duff Wilson

    #62 Jon,

    The new capabilities for handling media as a group include adding multiple items at once and categorizing them at the same time. Of course if you’re adding multiple media items at one time which pertain to different categories, you’ll leave them uncategorized when adding and then categorize them individually later. We recognize the need to assign categories to multiple existing items at once, which is something we’re considering for the future.

  83. Jon Sanders

    Duff, thanks for clarifying that the group action is only for adding new at this point. It would also be nice if Ancestry images like census and other broad categories get automatically added to a category (prob 50% of my images).

    Hopefully adding for existing images will come soon as I’m not quite ready to “click” 20,000+ times to leverage the category feature. I would be more than willing to review reqs and test any improvements going forward (I got dropped from the last beta as my email changed). -Jon

  84. John Donaldson

    # 85 Tina

    Thr relationship side of FTM 2010 is greatly enhanced from 2009 and it finds every possible relationship everytime

    John D

  85. Kathy Marie

    Regarding: 90
    Written by:
    Duff Wilson,
    Posted on:
    September 1, 2009 at 2:32 pm
    #62 Jon,

    My comments/thoughts, assuming I understand comments in #90 and #62 [and hopefully not making them confusing] are as follows:

    Duff’s second sentence [“Of course if you’re adding multiple media items at one time which pertain to different categories, you’ll leave them uncategorized when adding and then categorize them individually later.”]

    Assuming you have all your media stored on Windows, a methodology to overcome the problem shown in the Duff’s second sentence is to use the search, copy and paste capability of MS Windows.

    For example, here is what I have done. [I am presently using FTM 2006 v16 and all my media are stored on Windows awaiting further fixes/enhancements of FTM 2010]

    1-Create a Folder on your computer called, say, Death Records (i.e., One Category of FTM 2010 Media will be called “Death Records”)

    2-Search the folder/folders on your computer where you have stored all your Media,using the search capability of Windows, e.g., All or part of the file name, A word or phrase in the file, so-called “Look In” area of all your files and other criteria available in Windows Search [see Windows Search mechanism for details]

    3-Copy all the files you found in 2 in one “fell swoop” (using the multi-file saving capability of Windows) into your Folder Called “Death Records”

    4- Go through the images in the “Death Record” Folder and delete those few that aren’t Death Records. Note: You may have to do steps 2 and 3 couple of times to get all the death records into the new folder [the number of times you will have to do steps 2 and 3 depends on how good a job you originally did in naming you images]

    After you have created the folder called Death Records with all your images in it then use FTM 2010 to do what Duff says in his first sentence — repeated here [The new capabilities for handling media as a group include adding multiple items at once and categorizing them at the same time.]

    In my case, I have used this process to create all the Categories/MS Folders I intend on using for FTM 2010. I have stored all these category folders in one Folder called “Media”

    I have also created all the Media Categories in FTM 2010 to match exactly the folder names that are included as sub-folders of my “Media” Folder.

    When I am ready to upgrade from FTM 2006 to use FTM 2010 (or later version) my intention is to keep the Media Folder outside of FTM 2010 (i.e., not to COPY the Media to FTM 2010 so as not to slow it down or make it to bulky) and LINK the Media to FTM 2010

  86. Maria Reedy

    I had 2005. Decided it was time to move forward so I ordered 2010. I had no problems installing it on XP. Haven’t tried Vista yet. Had no problems bringing in my 2005 file into 2010, and am loving it. Yes, it looks different, and yes there are a lot of windows. But you can close the ones you don’t want to look at, and customize your view. I’m not a “youngster” (50+), but am a programmer by trade so maybe that’s why I’m liking it. I also haven’t gotten to the point where I’m generating reports and books, I’m still sourcing my information. But I’m finding that to be very easy too. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a version between 2005 and this one, but so far I’m liking 2010.

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