Posted by Michelle Pfister on August 21, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Thank you, everyone, for your input. I just want to make everyone aware that the pre-sell offer expired on August 18th at midnight. For loyal FTM customers, we will continue to look for special offers or upgrade pricing in the future.

To make sure you receive emails from us in the future , you can follow these steps:

  1. Register Family Tree Maker with your current email address
  2. Make sure you have selected the option to receive special offers from Ancestry (
  3. Insure that your email client is set to receive genealogy offers from

Offers differ depending on the country you are in. After making sure your email address is correct, you can watch for offers in your area.


  1. Fran Harriman

    What is going on? I rec’d the notice of the pre-sell offer on August 20th, and today,(the 21st) I get the notice it expired on August 18th. Hello? If it was a beta version, fine, but would be nice to know that.

  2. Robert Swain

    Add me to the list that never got the upgrade invitation. My preferences were set. I own 2009 (bought within the last 3 months) and just recently upgraded to an annual membership. So much for customer service. Somehow you did manage to send me an invite to buy the program new for $39.95 which is the price on the webpage.

  3. Colleen Ossman

    I tried to send a question about this from the site and couldn’t because no “category” was listed.

    I, too, am a long time FTM user and was on vacation during the “pre-sell” offer. I would hope that would sell the new version at the lower price to those of us that use FTM and have a “world” membership that is costly itself.

  4. Why does Ancestry have such a difficult time sending me mail when it comes time to offer me a deal on upgrades, but they always manage to contact me when they want me to renew my subscription.

    I had to pester them for the 2009 upgrade deal last time, and now I find out after the fact that there was a pre-sale on 2010. Thanks for nothing Ancestry.Maybe my next renewal will wind up in the same nowhere that your upgrade offers go to.

  5. Don Knupp

    I too have checked my settings on and found that I was already set to receive notices about upgrades and special offers.

    When FTM 2009 came out I only learned about the introductory offer through a blog on while the offer was still valid. I and MANY OTHERS tried to get in on the offer but we all – curiously – never were responded to.

    Now I find out that there was a pre-sell offer for FTM 2010 but once again I did not receive notice about it and only learned about it through a blog on

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm . . .

  6. Heather Carter

    I missed the pre-sale 2010 upgrade. My husband was in the hospital for over 1 week and by the time I was able to respond to the pre-sale offer it had expired. I have owned multiple version of Family Tree Maker for well over 10 year and also subscribe to to the max for many years. It is a little upsetting that I would now have to pay $40 to upgrade. I love your product.

    Heather Carter

  7. Herb Carter

    (No relation to Heather above)
    I just double checked I received notice of ver 2010 on Aug 20th. A bit surprised there was an earlier offer for an upgrade, which I did not receive. Seems a bit strange to those of us who are long time users.

  8. Bradley G Sigler

    You furnished a 1-800-331-2652 number for me to register my presell version of FTM 2010, but after a very long wait I was shifted to another Number where I had to wait even longer and I finally gave up. Also, 9it still takes a long time to load FTM, and after it does load, its not very user friendly, as it is too cluttered with views. I still use version 2006 w/update 16, mainly for the ease of making reports. I really like the compatibility of FTM with…….good job.

  9. Roger Engelken

    The pre-sell offer came out with plenty of notice, and that coupled with a 20% off coupon cut the price to $21 with shipping. That made the risk to move to 2010 (v. 19) from v. 16 that much easier.

  10. Lee A. Cain

    I believe I was able to take advantage of the offer, and have printed a receipt, fortunately. Now…when will I receive further information on when I will receive FTM 2010?

    Thank you

  11. Vernon Dollhopf

    I just got the 2010 family tree maker and found it very difficult to add people and info the old format was much better for me, less stepts to take do do any thing It apears to me that the new format requires too much time to load each time and takes too long to do just about any thing on it since it uses more steps to get any place. I am not pleased with it at all, the only good thing that I have found so far is the time line. I have been a used of Family Tree maker for a long time and it apears to me that the last couple of up grades have not lived up to you standards for ease of use. I am going back to virsion 16 which to me use much easier to use I am 66 years old and have trouble jumping from screen to screen and trying to remember which screen I to bring up do do what!!! The new format be me good for a genuis but not us old folk !!!

  12. Add me to that list as well. I always get the notices of the new versions. In fact in the past they have even called me to offer it to me. Not this time, no email, no nothing. I’ve been a devoted FTM/ customer for years and years. WHAT’S THE DEAL?

  13. Lisa Bowman

    I guess I was lucky. I got my first notice of the pre-sell on 08/05 and fortunately, I also received my reminder notice on 08/17 and got mine in time. You must make sure that is on your list of contacts or e-mail may be considered “spam” and be sent to you junk mailbox. I have never had a problem with the pre-sells [got the disk for this on 08/24 and I ordered on 08/17] or any other service and I’ve been a member since 2001.

  14. Marion West

    Ditto to other comments –
    Preferences set correctly, own 2009, never got the upgrade invitation.

  15. Charles Simoneau

    I just received my copy of 2010 and loaded it. When I opened it there was nothing regarding registration, as stated in the mailer that the disk came in. I assume you have an option B. I bought my first copy of FTM in 1994 and you all still have not got your act together. Which means there was not an option A.
    I do like the initial look of 2010.

  16. Paula

    I received NO OFFER….I have used FTM since version 1 on DOS and am not running 2008.


    Amazing…you can sure find me when you want money for membership. At lease Broderbund valued their loyal customers.

    Obviously someone there screweed up and it would be nice if you would come forth with what you seem to owe us.

  17. Shirley Trew

    I didn’t get the pre-sell offer either. I have been using FTM for so long I don’t remember when I started. I too have to receive special offers, so not sure if I’ll upgrade now unless I receive the pre-sell offer from them.

  18. Judy Brown

    I, too, am very p’oed that I got notified 2 days before the offer expired. I had not read my e-mail for a couple of days, so, the offer had expired before I even knew about it. I have ordered the update at the regular price (due to your lack of timing notice). I have been using FTM for many many years, but I have to say I am beginning to get very frustrated with the service long time users receive.

  19. Peter Mason

    I just want to add my comment that I have had no offer yet but I assume this is because I am a UK member, and the UK version of 2010 is not yet available on the Ancestry shop.

    Shouldn’t you (Ancestry) have made this clear in your offer Pre-sell offer web pages, blogs etc.?

    Come on Ancestry – pull your socks up and clarify what members / consumers you are wanting to target and only target those members which your communication applies to, or clarify to all, what applies to who!!

    I note no-one has made any official comment to previous complaints.

  20. Walt Broughton

    DON”T buy FTM 2010. There is no support. I e-mailed FTM support August 30’th, and as of today, Sept. 4th, have had no reply. The program is very cumbersome. It takes many more steps to enter an individual. The index window is way to small to accomodate anything but short names, and in most cases you can’t see the first name. b&d dates are unavailable together in the index window, it’s one or the other, but not both. The program run’s very slow on my dual core 2 gig XP o/s computer. This program will confuse most people new to genealogy software. DON”T BUY IT!

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