Posted by Ancestry Team on August 19, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Today we’re announcing the release of Family Tree Maker 2010. This version has many improvements and new features specifically aimed at helping you create and share a fuller and richer family story.

The following new and improved features expand Family Tree Maker’s capabilities:

  • Improved integration with – Easily download your family tree, including photos and stories, directly into Family Tree Maker 2010.
  • New and improved charts and reports – Tell a richer family story with countless improvements to charts and reports including a new timeline report, improved family group sheet and genealogy reports.
  • Better ways to organize photos and other media – Easier and faster ways to add, link and categorize photos and files.
  • Photo Slideshows – Create and share slideshows based on images included within your family tree. Slideshows can also be exported to share with others.
  • Family books made from your tree – Create a book about your family history to share with friends and family.
  • Standard source templates – Cite the right information in your records with access to powerful sourcing tools that let you document and rate each citation.
  • Robust relationship calculator – Quickly calculate the relationships between any two people in your tree.
  • Extended family birthday calendars – Easily create and share calendars that show family birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Scanner support – Add photos to your tree directly from your scanner and organize them into categories at the same time.
  • Extensive geographical migrations – View a person or family timeline with event locations, like births, marriages, residences and death, mapped geographically to show migration paths you can follow through time.
  • Improved performance – faster load times and quicker performance across the application.

You can see more detail about these features and others here.

Family Tree Maker 2010 is available for purchase here.


  1. Michelle
    I just got back from a trip and was too late to take advantage of the ‘special offer’ for current owners of FTM 2009 (by 10 hours).

    Will this time frame be expanded for current owners of 2009?


  2. MikeF


    They certainly should give you a discount. After all early adopters like yourself are the real beta testers who will have to put up with all the bugs and unwanted “features”. So someone who is basically *paying to be a beta tester* seems deserving of a price break to me at least.


  3. Is it really the case that existing customers have to pay the full price for the new version? It appears from the above comments that there was a special deal that was withdrawn before I even heard about the new product.
    Please advise.

  4. Carlton Evans


  5. BEE

    I had planned to order, but misplaced the information and didn’t realize the deadline had passed. How do I get the information to order at the special offer?

  6. Bette Hamilton

    I ordered the upgrade to FTM 2010 via the website on August 18. I have not received a confirming email and failed to print the purchase page. Thus far no charges have posted to my credit card. What do you suggest?

  7. Daniel

    I have been using Family Tree Maker since the first program came out on one 3.5 floppy disk. Man that was a long time ago. I now have in my Family Tree information on 26,796 people. That is a lot of people info. I do wish that with the faster DSL and Cable connections that there would be a downloadable product available instead of having to wait and wait for the mail person to deliver the program to me. Thank you for years of entertainment and hard work.

  8. Rosemary Jones

    I never received the offer for a discount on FTM 2010. I’ve been using FTM for a long while. When does the offer expire?

  9. So we Brits have to pay full whack for an upgrade?
    I am very sorry about George III, but he isn’t on my family tree, and you should forgive and forget.

  10. Delano Carvalho

    I would like to know why and FTM do not allow shell integration in languages other than English. Latin Ameriican names, specially Brazilian names, are very long and do not quite fit in most modules of FTM or Ancestry. Also, brazilians never write their country name with Z – as in Brazil. The country’s name is Brasil. The program also makes wrong placement associations when we use brazilian state abbreviations, such as PE, for Pernambuco – the program associates that abbreviation with Prince Edward – Edward Islands. It looks like. That forces us to spell the whole location: Pernambuco, Brasil (with S), when we could save space and time just using PE, Brasil.
    Also, when are you ever going to offer brazilian databases for search?
    Need help? I am currently retired, plenty of time available.

  11. Delano Carvalho

    Many of my family members shy away from my page at Ancestry because they do not know English. It seems to me that you need to localize the software and the site, so that people in other countries can benefit from the information.

  12. Robin

    At last FTM 2010!

    All-in-one tree chart was shown to be as one of the enhancements that was at the top of the list since the program was re-written and was to be released in a future version. It has not been part of FTM since version 16.

    As a few years has now passed since then, I’m sure that there has now been enough time to develop it and is now included in FTM 2010????

  13. I am looking for a member of my family.I sought your help in finding her. she is from haiti an arrived here in the seventies. her name is Bernadette Flemens. probably in her fifties.married to a certain bastien with a son living in Canada .

  14. I’ve got to agree with others who said they did not get the email about pre-sales for Family Tree Maker 2010. I have been an owner for a very long time and always buy FTM through There shouldn’t be any reason I’m not registered. I am also a subscription member at the highest level.

    To top it off, I bought FTM 2010 on the 17th because I happened across an ad for it on, but now I see that today you are offering free shipping. I didn’t get that on the 17th, and that kind of add insult to injury.

    If there is a different way of registering, it ought to be more prominent. Also, I think all subscription members of World Deluxe should have received an email, too.

    Just some thoughts for future releases…

  15. John Kelley

    I have a Family Tree Maker program that I have been using since the late 90’s,Version 11 SP1 was installed Sept 16, 2003 and I was recieving update information for a while but it stopped years ago and I’m wondering why. I would also like to know if I add the 2010 version if it will change or harm my present program. I have over 750 names and information. Thank you

  16. Duff Wilson

    #15 Robin,

    After releasing the “Extended Family Chart” which can include everyone in your file in a more organized generational layout, many users have reported that they prefer it to the old “All-in-One.” With the 2010 release of Family Tree Maker, we have also added new tree-manipulation options to the “Extended Family Chart” allowing you to export or delete individuals from this chart. This was done because of feedback from “All-in-One” users. We’re still evaluating the need for adding the “All-in-One” tree, but many users have reported that because of the “Extended Family Chart” with its expanded capabilities, they no longer see a need for the “All-in-One.”

  17. Duff Wilson

    #18 John,

    Installing Family Tree Maker 2010 will not affect your old version or your old data files. When you import your data, Family Tree Maker 2010 will create a new file and leave your old files unchanged.

  18. bromaelor

    I’ve received no emails about this new version. So is this yet another example of one rule for the USA and stuff the rest of the planet?

  19. Andy Hatchett

    The announcement says:

    # Improved integration with – Easily download your family tree, including photos and stories, directly into Family Tree Maker 2010.

    My question is does this work in reverse-

    i.e. if I have photos and documents attached to people in FTM will they be transferred when I generate a GEDCOM from FTM to upload to Ancestry to start a Member Tree??

  20. Shelley Arnold

    After reading these posts, I went back to my email box to search for the email mentioned.

    Lo and behold, it wound up in the spam folder. I’m a current 2009 FTM owner and have participated as a beta tester in the past.

    Unfortunately, I missed the deadline. Anyway to still get in on the discount offer?

  21. Duff Wilson

    #23 Andy,

    GEDCOM files do not include photos, documents, etc. However, Family Tree Maker 2008/2009/2010 have the ability to upload your tree to in a way that can include media files (photos, documents, etc.). Simply choose “Upload To Ancestry…” from the “Share” menu in the upper-right of the Family Tree Maker interface.

  22. Susan Derkoch

    I have been a FTM user and Ancestery user for many years. I am not very happy that for FTM 2010 there was no special offer to Canadian subscribers. There has been in the past. Why not this time?

    Will there be a special offer for the Canadians or are we expected to pay FULL price to upgrade.

  23. Duff Wilson

    #24 Kaiser,

    Media files (photos, documents, etc.) are imported automatically when you open older Family Tree Maker files, and can be easily added to an existing tree in several ways. The 2010 release does include some improvements to importing generally.

  24. Tony Masiello

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m curious about the integration between FTM 2010 and Will I be able to synchronize my trees between the two platforms? If I make an edit to a tree in FTM, can I merge/sync that to and vise-verse? Thanks!

  25. Erin L

    I, like Tony (#29), would like to know if this will finally be a version of FTM that will allow syncing. The lack of that feature is what has always prevented me from purchasing FTM.

  26. Tom Alexander

    I did order the pre-sell version in early August. Do you know when our orders will be fulfilled and when we can expect to see FTM 2010?



  27. MikeF

    Hey Duff,

    Your colleague Chris seems to have forgotten his post which was the one before yours, as he only responded to one off-topic issue. Could you go down the hall or row of cubicles and let him know he has a lot of posts to respond to? Thanks.


    P.S. Tell him to please not just let the clock run out so the thread gets locked without all the issues being responded to like Anne did with her last one. Thanks again.

  28. Bill Parr

    Your records will indicate I have purchased just about everything you have sold since 1994 — I among many others apparently did not receive an upgrade notification from 09 to 10. I suggest you trace your distribution steps to see why so many are seemingly unhappy being rejected. I think it’s better to reward loyal users, but it’s your company and your policy. Hope it works out for you.

  29. Connie

    I delayed replying to the pre-order email hoping for some actual illustrations of the differences between FTM 09 and 10. The bullet list of information about FTM 10 sounds a lot like the list sent out about FTM 09. Considering the issues versions have had in the past, it would have been nice to have more information with which to make the decision. Now the pre-order deadline is past.
    I have no great desire to test FTM 10 without more info.
    I will wait until I see how folks like it and then hope for another special offer. It is a same that current 09 users aren’t offered the upgrade at the special price ALL of the time. Customer loyalty isn’t built with deadlines.

  30. John Hirschmann


    Can you split this into TWO items — those who want to discuss the renewal process and how well did/did not handle the matter and other on the actual enhancements between FTM09 and FTM10. Also, can the latter be kept open more than two weeks since most will not receive the product for several days and I am sure it take people once they get it — a while to check it all out.

  31. Michelle Pfister

    Ongoing email offers are sent to the address you enter when you register Family Tree Maker. To make sure you receive emails from us in the future, you can follow these steps:

    1) Register Family Tree Maker with your current email address
    2) Make sure you have selected the option to receive special offers from Ancestry (
    3) Insure that your email client is set to receive offers from

    Offers differ depending on the country you are in. After making sure your email address is correct, you can watch for offers in your area.

    Ongoing upgrade pricing for loyal FTM users is something we are currently investigating.

  32. Duff Wilson

    #28 Tony, #30 Erin,

    You can upload your family tree from Family Tree Maker to, and you can download your tree to Family Tree Maker to start a new tree or merge it with an existing one. Both of these options will allow you to include media (photos, documents, etc.). However, changes made in one place are not automatically synchronized to the other. More integration between these two systems is something we’re considering for the future.

  33. Jeff Jahn

    Just wondering when they will start to ship? Havent heard of anyone receiving a shipping notice yet.

  34. Karen

    Does 2010 run better without suddenly closing down? I find this problem happens in 2009 sometimes when merging duplicate people.

  35. BEE

    I just purchased the 2010 upgrade – PLEASE tell me that the 40+ “connections” that show up for my husband’s ancestors are NOT going to show up on FTM and each “record” has to be individually “ignored”!

  36. Karen

    #39 Thanks Michelle

    Does 2010 work okay with vista 64 bit and will it work with the new windows 7 software due out in October please?

  37. Nelda

    Apparently from the comments here, there are more of us that did not get any notice regarding the release of the new 2010 version and a discount available. If one was sent out, it must not have been prepared to attract attention so that we would have to pay more. Seems like it hasn’t been that long since the 2009 version came out. This one must have been in the works when 2009 was released. Was anyone informed that there would be another version released this soon? At least we would have had the choice to decide which one we would want.

  38. Rick

    I attempted several times on the last day to purchase the upgrade. The store was unavailable, as it is right now, so I could not take advantage of the early discount. Since the store was closed, will the discount be extended?

  39. Paul Walmsley

    I didn’t receive any notification about a new version (I have FTM2009 and I’m in the UK). Is there going to be an upgrade path from 2009 to 2010? It is very unreasonable to charge full price rather than offering an upgrade price.

  40. Duff Wilson

    #43 BEE,

    You can turn off the Ancestry hints globally by unchecking the option to “Search online automatically when connected to the Internet” in the “Options” dialog. However, if these Ancestry hints (leaves) are on, they appear until the corresponding records have been merged or ignored.

  41. Duff Wilson

    #44 Karen,

    Family Tree Maker 2010 has been tested extensively and is compatible with 64-bit operating systems. We have also been testing with Windows 7 with good success, but we cannot say what issues may arise until Windows 7 is officially released.

  42. Linda Wiley

    I agree with Ken Phillips, Aug 19, 2009. It appears this deal was withdrawn before I heard about also! Whats the deal now? Please let me know!

  43. tim


    i also like many other have ftm 2009 but never got the e mail for the special offer.

    dose the special offer cover england as well

  44. William Boswell

    For those who didn’t get the email about pre-ordering FTM2010, I received two notices one dated August 5, 2009 and the last-chance email dated August 14, 2009.

    It didn’t have a very long turnaround time that’s for sure.

    What’s this I hear about free shipping? I had to pay for shipping.

  45. Tony Knight

    FTM 2010 is, of course, not even available in the UK either through’s shop or any of the usual outlets who are in addition reporting exhaustion of 2009 stocks

  46. Karen Nichols-Rexwall

    I have asked this quesiton before but received no answer. I have FTM2005 and want to upgrade. However, I have recently bought a new computer which came with Windoews Vista. I followed the instructions to update the 2005 version of FTM for Vista. After that, the FTM that worked perfectly fine with Windows XP started to demand from me that O write all the dates in Swedish. I live in Sweden and have everything installed in English, however, my keyboard is Swedish obviously, that’s all you can get here. Somehow FTM 2005 after the Vista update decides on its own tha language it wants me to use and this decision seems to be based on my keyboard configuration. I will not spend money on FTM 2010 unless I receive a guarantee that it will not do this.

  47. Mike B

    From what I have read so far, I believe that the much requested sync capabilities between and FTM are STILL NOT ADDRESSED.

    Now, I’ll keep my pie hole shut for the time being until I get the test the actual functionalities out myself, but from what I understand is that you can DOWNLOAD AND MERGE, but NOT UPLOAD AND MERGE. That is to say that uploading will STILL CREATE A NEW TREE. (And yes, the caps illustrate the raising of my voice out of frustration.)

    From what I can tell of the feature-set described so far, there has been some more work on on the interface, some tweaking and bug-fixes, some additional reporting options. All of these are minor updates in the software world, and don’t constitute a major version release that should be charged for. Normally new version releases are reserved for publishing major functionality changes. Minor version releases should be used for bug fixes, tweaks, UI updates, and similar. I think it is wrong to ask for clients to pay for a product that has been optimized a little, but is essentially the same as FTM 2009. The only reason I went ahead with the purchase is because I was able to make use of the $19 upgrade special.

    Here’s hoping for improvement,
    Mike B.

  48. Mike B

    Kirk #59: As far as I know the only difference was subscription level with That was the case with FTM2009, so I opted to buy the basic version. I haven’t heard of that changing.

    This means that if you already have an subscription, you are throwing your money out if you get anything other than the Essential version.

    Being that the store only lists one version of the softwarem, you won’t get different software with the different packages (Deluxe and Platinum). From what I’ve read on other web sites those include additional research materials and literature.

  49. Peter A. Forkes

    Almost a year ago I came across a bug in Family Tree Maker 2009. When I contacted the developers I was told that it might be in a patch for FTM 2009 but that it was fixed in FTM 2010.

    On August 12th I paid for the upgrade and paid the additional $12 for expedited shipping.

    It arrived this afternoon! When I got home if was under my door mat (delivered by UPS).

    While installing, it hung (while trying to copy the file ‘Arc de Triomphe.jpg’) so I had to kill the install with the task mamager and start again. Not a good start.

    It converted my file and I loaded an existing chart layout to print the descendants of my father’s father’s father (the chart is 234-inches wide by 11-inches high).

    I clicked on the ‘One Page PDF…’ menu option and a new modal dialog box appears titled “Chart Notification” and says “Chart size will be reduced to fit PDF”. I click on OK and wait (with baited breath, wondering what size it will be).

    All I see is a big red ‘X’ – exactly the same as was in FTM 2009. I am PEEVED.

    I could not care less about any other feature. I just want this bug fixed.

  50. Jan Paige Chow

    I too have been using Family Tree Maker for over 10 years and have just upgraded my account to World Deluxe, but also did not receive the special offer. I am very interested in the 2010 edition, especially if it really allows me to “sync” my tree only with my FTM tree by merging information. Anyone know if this is really the case and where I can find a discount?
    Thanks for your help!

  51. Sandra Fairbourn

    I was sold a 2009 FTM a few weeks ago..I asked when a newer version was comming out & got a WEAK answer…I need to return my purchase for the 2010 version at the sale price…
    This is not good buisiness guys…. & when are your phone lines going to work again ????
    Sandra Fairbourn

  52. Mark B

    The lack of integration between FTM and is what has me on the fence about purchasing this product. I have a tree on but do not have a tree in any desktop software.
    Tell me if I have this right:
    I will be able to import my tree from into FTM and it will include all source data, including the actual images of records. I will be able to search’s record collections from within FTM and will be able to add those records, including the actual images of those records, to my tree in FTM. However, in so doing, I will only be updating my FTM tree, not my tree on I can periodically upload my tree from FTM to, which will include the source data, including the actual images of the source records, but the upload will constiute a “new” tree, meaning that I would then have to re-invite all members to the new tree. So my options are to a) do all my work simultaneously in both trees, requiring double effort, or b) do my work on, without the advanced capabilities of FTM, then download my tree to FTM, which will update my FTM tree. I can then use FTM’s capabilities to make advanced edits to the info that will not appear on my tree or c) do my work within FTM, utilizing its capabilities, and periodically upload that tree to, creating a new tree that I will have to re-invite all the family members to view.
    Have I summed this up correctly?

  53. Debra Martin

    Received FTM 2010 today. Eagerly downloaded my tree to FTM 2010. Was VERY disappointed that notes didn’t download, and that I’m missing images.

  54. Andy Hatchett

    Mark- Re:#66

    You summation is perfectly correct.

    There is a workaround…messy but it works.

    Maintain two trees, one public and one private.

    It works like this.

    1). Put up a public tree with whatever information you feel comfortable showing but with no pictures, stories, etc.- just basic info.

    2). Download that public tree into a new FTM file.

    3). Use that FTM file and upload it to a private tree- and I mean completely private (i.e. one that won’t even show up in search)

    4). Add whatever sources, pictures, stories, etc. to this private tree.

    5). Use the public tree to add new people and their basic info and then copy the new people added to the public tree to the private tree and then add sources, pictures, etc.

    You can then keep adding to the private tree without having to re-issue invites or worry about the namegatherers grabbing your pictures, etc. and also keep backups of both public and private trees on your computer.

    It sounds complicated but once you start doing it it gets easy.

  55. Jan Paige Chow

    Mark – Re#66
    Yes, that’s exactly the problem that I have. Maintaining the trees requires too much duplication of work.

    I inquired and was told that there was no way to keep the 2 trees in sync, that they are totally separate.

    That’s why 2010 caught my eye with hope that there was a way to merge one into the other after adding information.

    Thanks, Andy, for the workaround – messy is better than nothing!
    Thank you!

  56. Kirk Sellman

    Syncing FTM and is at the top of my Wish List. I’ll wait to hear what others say about that feature in FTM 2010 to see if I’m going to upgrade.

  57. Barb A

    I received my copy of FTM 2010 today. The sole reason I spent money on this version was the advertisement about integration with the online tree I have at and my FTM computer file. In my opinion, the advertising is misleading because there is little to no improvement as far as I can tell. My interpretation of the advertising was that I would FINALLY be able to sync data between the 2 trees. This is simply not the case. I am furious with myself in not having waited to purchase until after having read the posts here and realizing what the “new” version truly means. Most disappointing. I am having flashbacks of the mess with the release of an earlier version with multiple bugs. So far I haven’t found bugs, but at this point, I feel I have wasted my money.

  58. Andy Hatchett

    Re: Synching Online trees and FTM

    Until Ancestry goes to a system where their computers take over your computer and writes info both the the online tree database and the FTM program on your computer there will be no synching-period.

    Such a system would involve massive amounts of resources and subscription prices would go thru the roof.

    In other words… it ain’t gonna happen- at least not in our lifetime.

    Can anyone name any other online tree site that also synchs to a computer program at the same time??

    … I didn’t think so.

  59. Kirk Sellman

    I’d be happy to be able to upload and download everything in my FTM to and from

  60. Jan Paige Chow

    No, I don’t expect them to automatically sync both trees, but they implied 2010 would give us the ability to merge selected information (via upload or download)from one to the other.

  61. Duff Wilson

    Let me clarify the new option to download a tree from

    This new capability does not provide ongoing synchronization of data between Family Trees on and Family Tree Maker. The downloaded tree can be saved as a new tree or it can be merged with the currently open tree in Family Tree Maker. These options were not available prior to the 2010 release of Family Tree Maker.

    The download from Ancestry Member Trees to Family Tree Maker does include photos, stories, notes, sources, and source citations, although images of the source records are not downloaded. The source citations on Ancestry Member Trees do not currently include record images, but only links to them. These links are included in the source citation notes of the downloaded file.

    We recognize the great interest in further and improved integration between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry Member Trees which is an ongoing priority for us.

  62. It is obvious from all of the comments that Ancestry botched the presale announcement for FTM 2010 just like they screwed up the same process for FTM 2009. I never received any email from them and nothing showed up in my SPAM folder. The exact same thign happened last time for 2009. My software is registered, you have my email, and all my communications preferences are set properly.

    I’ve been a full subscriber to Ancestry for several years. I’ve owned every version of FTM going back to 1993!

    If you really care about your loyal subscribers, you’ll extend the presale offer to people like me. C’mon Ancestry admit you screwed up and throw us a bone!

  63. Jan Paige Chow

    Thank you, Duff, for the clarification.
    If 2010 really will let me update my online tree and merge the information into my open FTM tree, then I would consider updating from 2009. It’s the main capability I’m look for.

    I have heard some members received email for 50% off 2010 since it is an upgrade.

    I have World Deluxe membership and have had FTM for many years. Is there any reason I did not receive this offer?
    Yes, I am registered under this email address and get other notifications.

    Thanks, Duff,

  64. Andy Hatchett

    Duff- Re: #76

    Thanks for the clarification about the downloading…

    Now, lets talk about updating by uploading.

    If I have a private online tree with 72 invitees and download my online tree into FTM, add six people with pictures, sources, citations, etc. and then want to update the online tree with the new info I just put into FTM can I update the tree already online or must I start a new tree and re-invite those 72 family members?

  65. MHubbard

    Why are we limited to starting from the bottom of a tree and working backwards? I want to start with an ancestor and develop a tree down to my grandchildren. I don’t seem to be able to do this with your versions of Family Tree Maker. Oh, how I wish I never got a new computer and this worthless program! The “old” Family Tree Maker was wonderful. You could go in either direction, without any need to be logged on to any site!

  66. Mike B

    MHubbard #80:

    Why would you want to start at the top of your tree? Now, I’m only asking, because when starting research on a tree it doesn’t make sense: to proove your ancestry you have to tie supporting documentation from yourself to your ancestors, and the only way that can be done reliably is going from the present into the past, i.e. working from the bottom up. (The foundation analogy comes to mind: if you build on shaky or no foundation, your house is apt to collapse.)

    Now, if you’ve already done your research and would like to build a separate tree for a specific purpose (i.e. you are creating specific reports in which you only want certain individuals from that ancestral line), I can see where you’re coming from.

    I’m just curious as to what your needs are that you need to create a tree starting with your ancestor?

    Off the top of my head, I do think it is possible to start a tree from you ancestor in FTM. The trick is not following the introductory wizzard that asks for your information. You can always add a new person (your ancestor) to a blank tree, and then build from there.
    Or you can ‘trick’ the ‘new tree’ form by entering your ancestors information instead of your own. Have you tried that?

    I don’t advocate restricting users from doing things their way; I find that is terrible software development. But I did want to understand your needs so that perhaps I might be able to learn something new as well. 🙂

    Good luck!
    Mike B.

  67. Beryl Blickstein

    Just received FTM2010 and tried to install. Wouldn’t install automatically. When I tried to install manually (D:SETUP as per instruction) it simply hung up the computer. Task Manager said it was “not responding”.

    Anyone else have the same experience? Is this FTm 2008 redux?

  68. Mark B

    #72 Andy,

    Check out and their free Family Tree Builder. FTB does synch up to the web tree, in fact it can be set to upload automatically at intervals that you can set. This feature works one-way only. You work within the desktop app and publish your tree to the web – you cannot edit the web tree on the web – only from within FTB. You can open a web browser within FTB and perform searches, etc.

    Now, this wouldn’t satisfy those folks that want to collaborate with others on trees via the web, or that need the ability to work on their tree from multiple computers, but it would satisfy my desire to work with a more robust desktop application so that my work would be saved locally on my PC but backed up and made available for display to invitees on the web. And best of all – no duplication of effort!

    Unfortunately, MyHeritage does not have the record collections that TGN has, although their search does search all the TGN sites along with others. But you don’t have that ability to click on a record and add all the info to your tree along with a link to the image.

    I, personally, would love for TGN to give FTM the same capability to publish trees to the web that MyHeritage has with FTB.
    As far as two-way synching goes, that’s a much trickier prospect, and I suspect that you’re correct in saying that it’s a long way off. What MyHeritage has done is to allow you to have an FTB “published” tree as I have described – or a web based tree that you, and anyone else that you grant permission to, can edit online, but not through the software. I suppose that you could have one of each if you wished, you just can’t have them both together in one package.

    Maybe the TGN developers can take a look at what MyHeritage has done and get some ideas.

  69. Dear ancestry,
    I have already purchased the old version, family tree maker, but it doesnt upload the pictures from my famiy tree , does the new one do that? And if so, do i have to buy all over again, the same thing, or can it be upgraded some how, so that pictures from acestry gets on my family tree maker?????

  70. Shirley Peterson

    I just installed my Family Tree Maker 2010 this morning. But don’t know how to register it. Could you tell me how to do it? I also have past years in my computer.

  71. Duff Wilson

    The options for uploading your tree to have not changed in the 2010 release.

    You can upload your current tree from Family Tree Maker to create a new Family Tree on This upload can include media (photos, documents, etc.), notes, and sources and will result in a new Family Tree on There is currently no option for merging or automatically updating an online tree with changes made in Family Tree Maker.

    We recognize the need to easily update an existing tree on with changes made in Family Tree Maker, and we’re working closely with the Family Trees team at to improve this capability in the future.

  72. Duff Wilson

    #80 MHubbard,

    You can build your tree in either direction. You can start with one person (usually yourself) and add ancestors and associated relatives, or you can start with a distant ancestor and add descendants and associated relatives. Or of course you can add people to your tree in any order. For any given person, you can add fathers, mothers, spouses, and children.

  73. I still have trouble with finding & sorting out the names of my ancesters.Like my grandmother Grace Hester Lowhorn. Her father is William F Lowhorn born 1853 & mother Margaret Jones. Margaret’s middle name was Tennessee, i thought. And i also used Margaret Lynn Jones from another tree. But neither gets any information.It wont go any further. She is my great grandmother & i cant find any thing on her.All are passed that could help. We have indian in us & i cant find out much about them either.I paid for the Tree Maker & find its harder than Ancestry.I could use some help if you dont mind. Thank You, Donna Gaynelle Palk

  74. Derric Scott

    OK, got the 2010 version today and installed it. It did seem to freeze at the Arch de Triump .jpg as someone else reported, but eventually did proceed. I think it is processing something, but it *appears* to be hung at that jpg.

    Question: The published feature list includes:

    Extensive geographical migrations – View a person or family timeline with event locations, like births, marriages, residences and death, mapped geographically to show migration paths you can follow through time.


    Better ways to organize photos and other media – Easier and faster ways to add, link and categorize photos and files.

    Can you tell me how to get to/see these two features specifically. I’ve looked hard for the first one and can’t find anything different…



  75. Duff Wilson

    #90 Derric,

    The option to view geographical migrations is available in the “Places” workspace. From there change the “List by” option at the top of the left panel to “Person”. The list in the left hand panel will be populated with the people in your file. Now, when you select any person from that list, his/her life events are listed in the right-hand panel and the map will show the begin- and end-of life migration. You can check additional events and/or add additional family members and ancestors using the options in the right panel, and the map will then display the family or ancestral migration.

    When adding media files you can now select multiple files and add them all at once. When you do, you’ll also be given the opportunity to categorize them at the same time. Of course categorizing all at once is useful only when all of the files being added belong to the same categories.

  76. Derric Scott

    Thanks for the reply Duff. One other question (sadly offtopic and not about 2010 version I don’t think). I’m finding it hard to phrase this question …

    I find the single directory for Media is becoming unweildy. I’d like to see some directory structure there.

    I realize that I can create directories in there, place media there, then link to them in-place. That works. However, all the media pulled down automatically by FTM still goes into the “Media” directory. I also have *lots* of files placed there BEFORE I discovered the above method…

    Can I move those media files in some way and keep the linkages within FTM working (ie., create a subdirectory and move files there)?

    Am I missing something? (I was hoping the “Better wasy to organize…” might go in that direction…)



  77. Duff Wilson

    #92 Derric,

    As you probably know, you have two options when adding media files: 1) copy the file to the media folder associated with your tree, or 2) link to the file where it is. The latter option will let you keep your files in your own organization structure inside or outside of the media folder. To use this model, it is best to put your files in place before adding & linking them to Family Tree Maker. You can move your files afterward, but then you will need to restore the links to them.

    Many people choose to simply use the large media folder, and organize media files in Family Tree Maker using categories. The categories will allow you to organize your files conceptually in most any way you choose.

  78. Carolyn Loizzi

    #63 – Peter A. Forkes
    Not sure if this helps, but I work on computers for a living & when you get big red “x”‘s when it comes to Adobe, it is usually one of two things, either you have Adobe Reader and Acrobat Standard or Professional and it doesn’t know which one to use to open, or you need to go in to your Edit Preferences section in Adobe click on the Internet header on the left, and determine if you have the box checked that says to Display PDF in Browser window. If it is checked, try unchecking it or vice versa. That usually resolves those issues. I have seen this many times in the way Adobe interfaces with many applications, and this may be an Adobe issue, not an FTM issue. Hope that helps.

  79. Derrick J

    As to the Windows 7 question, I have the final (legit) Windows 7 professional and it installed just fine. Haven’t gone through all the options yet, but it looks good.

  80. Carolyn Loizzi

    I am not sure why so many people misssed the pre-sale notice. As one person posted, it is very possible it was designated as SPAM in many FTM users mailboxes and depending on how each person’s SPAM filters are set up, it could have either been put in a folder or completely deleted. My recommendation is for those users that are not currently receiving emails from ancestry might want to add the following address to your SPAM filters as an allowed email address as that is one that sent the Special offer.

  81. Judy Brooks

    I odered and neglected to check if it was campatible with mty Mac, which of course it is not. So I’m returning it for a refund.

  82. Judy Brooks

    I ordered and neglected to check if it was campatible with my Mac, which of course it is not. So I’m returning it for a refund.

  83. Deborah M Colby

    I too am a long time ancestry user with my website on Rootsweb. I have been using your services since 2004 and purchased my Family Tree Maker Version 16 from you.

    I think you should still honor the 19.95 for us long time users.

  84. Deborah M Colby

    PS: I called today and they would not allow me to purchased the 2010 version at the discounted price, so I told him to forget it.

    Very disappointed.

  85. John Small

    Problem with Family Tree Maker 2010 when making Family Group Sheets. The Family picture field is not cleared out at end of making a Family Group Sheet. If you try to make another Family Group Sheet for a different person the list of family pictures is from the previous person. You must go back to Collections and select a different report to clear out the family picture list.

  86. James

    #95 – Carolyn,

    You are a gem! This has fixed my display problem in exporting large one-page PDf files that would display with a large red “X”. I only have “Reader” but changed the preferences that you mentioned and now the file displays properly. This has been a “problem” in previous versions and may have the same root cause.


  87. Andy Hatchett

    I’ve never understood why Ancestry doesn’t use their own built-in message service in addition to regular e-mail to send this type of thing.

  88. Bob Douglas


    It would be really worthwhile if FTM did offer the ability to synchronise FTM tree with online tree


  89. Corey Putney

    After upgrading from 8.0 to 2009 3 months later did get the deal on 2010 $20 is hard to pass up I did like the few updates but still no All In One Tree hopefully a update will finally have it as mentioned in 2010
    New Upgrades

  90. Lindy

    Just the ability to download the media from to the new FTM 10 ought to be just about the best selling point out there. I just installed 10, downloaded the latest info, and there it is, all the names, pictures, and stories, not to mention all the sources, citations, and facts!!! I absolutely love it! Give them a chance to work out the bugs. GO ANCESTRY!!

  91. Jo Raymond

    I have installed FTM 2010 and it will not open. It says “Family Tree Maker 2010 has encountered a problem and needs to close.” Am I the only one having this problem?

  92. Jim Dell

    First impressions it’s a CPU hog. Nice GUI interface to but when it takes you forever to repaint the screen. I tried running the find duplicates and it pegged Process Explorer’s CPU meter for 3 hours before I abort it. Takes a long ltime just to load my 41,000 person file.


  93. Bob

    Regarding your reply #18 to Robin #14 I too was anxiously awaiting the ability to print a large file tree to a plotter (as I used to to do) Has this been added and I’m just not finding it? or will it be added soon?

  94. Andy Hatchett

    Jim – Re: #110

    I don’t know what your system specs are but it is my opinion that anyone running less than a 2 GHz chip with less than 3 Gig of ram and a 500 gig HD is just begging for performance problems when it comes to today’s software- particularly where large databases are concerned.

  95. Duff Wilson

    #111 Bob,

    If the plotter is connected to your computer (as your default printer), you can select any paper size that it supports and print directly.

    Or you can create a one-page PDF, or export to image (BMP, JPG, PNG, or EMF formats), by choosing the corresponding option from the “Share” menu in the upper right of the screen.

  96. Vicki

    Bugs indeed. I eagerly installed 2010 after receiving it in the mail. The first time I tried to open a media file the whole program shut down. When I reopened it I got the message that it was improperly closed and suggested that I compact the file. Very frustrated with this experience.

  97. Steve D

    I eagerly installed 2010 . The first time I tried to open a media file the whole program shut down. When I reopened it I got the message that it was improperly closed and suggested that I compact the file. Very frustrated with this experience.
    Any fixes!

  98. Mike Kohls

    I love the new version of FTM 2010. It has readded the birthday calender which I find helpful. I love the additions for creating a book. I have been looking for something like this for quite some time and it is exactly what I needed. I have found a few bugs so far but nothing too major. Some of my pictures had to be relinked which was easy enough to do. When creating a book it will not transfer the media pictures into the book. It appears that it works but when you review the book the pages are blank. I hope this can be fixed soon. Also when you load the family group sheets it doesn’t allow you to pick from all your pictures when trying to load a family picture. It only gives you a few to pick from. I have also found no improvement in the ability to print pictures and reorganize them. I am hoping that I just need to experiment some more. Otherwise the program is much improved as far as book printing options, new charts etc. I would definitely recommend upgrading to 2010. My previous version was 2008 and I had numerous problems with that version so this version is much improved.

  99. Lindy

    I was wondering if there are any plans in the works for adding a little ap to the program so that viewing “stories” would be a more pleasant experience than weeding through “notepad”
    Thanks for all your hard work; it is paying off!

  100. Loaded FTM 2010 on my Vista PC and it stalls downloading a tree from at 99%. Been talking with FTM Support (hours and hours) to no avail. Loaded the software on my parents Win XP PC and all worked correctly. Had high hopes, now very frustrated and dissapointed…will be seeking a refund

  101. Duff Wilson

    #118 Mike,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have verified the issue with the media item report inside a book. We are currently evaluating this with other reported issues and plan to determine the best way to remedy these. We will inform the community once we choose a course of action.

  102. Charles Willford

    I have 2009 and 2010 on the same machine. 2010 takes several seconds longer to census merge!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like having dial up again. Yikes!


  103. BARBARA


  104. Roger Paulson

    I am also one of the long-time FTM users who did not get a chance to respond to the discount offer.

    No flat tire, no running out of gas, my cat is still alive… but I was in Moscow at the time. No internet at those prices!

    Are we still considering those of us who missed out? Thanks

  105. Chuck Foster

    One of the issues that seems to crop up here is that, when uploading the new tree, people have to re-invite their family members to see the fresh tree.

    Maybe, rather than the more tortuous route of synching an existing tree record online, it would be easier for Ancestry to allow members to simply copy the ‘invite’ list from one tree to another? That way members wouldn’t need to re-invite everyone, they’d have the access straight away in their drop-down lists, and you could simply delete the old tree.

    I’d have thought coding that would be relatively simple …

  106. Janice McCoury

    I too didn’t realize the deadline had passed, I would like to purchase the upgrade to 2010. I had a lot of serious problems, da death of my Mom, computer freaked, can I still get the upgrade for the special price, I have been loyal since version 5.


  107. James

    #123, Charles:

    There was a bug in the last version of 2009 where images from merges would not transfer to the database. The new version fixes this issue by allowing the image to first download, then the information is merged.


  108. Leroy

    I see several different versions of FTM 2010 are available, yet I can’t seem to find anywhere that the features of each are discussed, or better yet a side by side comparisons of the features in each.

    What am I getting(or not getting) with each of th FTM 2010 Essentials, Deluxe, and Platinum versions?


  109. Lynn

    #130 Leroy
    The difference between the different version of FTM 2010 is primarly the length of the free trail for “U.S. Deluxe Membership” (e.g., version available from Ancestry has 14 days, versions available at Amazon 1 month (Essential), 3 months (Deluxe), 6 months(Platinum)).

    Please keep in mind that the free trial is for access to “U.S. Deluxe Membership” not the “World Deluxe Membership” — so depending upon what/who you are researching you may wish to purchase the basic/essential version and then purchase the “World Deluxe Membership” if you are not already a subscriber.

  110. WOW!

    I am very impressed with the upgraded features that come with the new version 2010. I hope you continue to improve this product. Very nice job!


  111. Roger Paulson

    >>> Are we still considering those of us who missed out? Thanks

    … Apparently not. Ok… I get enthused every year about the time that the new upgrade comes out, but not so much this year.

    Back to the other hobbies. 🙂

  112. Charles Willford

    #129, James,

    Thanks for the response. I guess, I’ll leave media checked and see if I get the “no responding messeage”?

    Also, what is the value of the image anyway? You cannot not include them with a GEDCOM, so why drag them along?


  113. Jesse J. Bullens III

    From the looks of all the comments, y’all can fight over my copy of 2010. I bought 2008 AND 2009 with the hopes of having something manageable. Thank God I kept my copy of 2005.

    It would be nice if FTM would put out an update that will show what the relationship of who you are working on to the “Home person” should you get lost. That way you don’t have to be constantly going back to the “Home Person” to find your way around. That was the ONLY plus I found on 2009.

    If FTM 2010 is as sad as 2008 and 2009 then I’ll be anxiously awaiting 2011. Maybe!!

  114. Terri Cook

    I just got back from a trip also, and just saw the savings, it it to late for me to update and get this great offer.

  115. GeneR

    I submitted this as a bug report but haven’t received a response and I’d like one. I’m using FTM 2010, and, so far, so good, but I do have a question regarding “Places.” On the Places tab, the places list includes a lot of non-place items – nicknames, alternate names, SSNs, etc. I can go in and change the data type and attibutes, but the items still show up on the list. I might be able to delete them from the list one at a time – I’ve not tried that, but there are too many to delete that way when they shouldn’t be there at all. How did it occur, and how do I correct it?

  116. James

    #134 Charles,

    One of the advantages of the image is that you can read the actual source and not just someone’s transcription (which might be in error.) GEDCOM is a file-type that allows text only. I share my family files to relatives by giving them the entire database and images.


  117. James

    #134 Charles,

    One of the advantages of the image is that you can read the actual source and not just someone’s transcription (which might be in error.) GEDCOM is a file-type that allows text only. I share my family files with relatives by giving them the entire database and images.


  118. Joe Emmett

    I have seen online that Family Tree Maker 2010 will be available in retail stores. Does anyone know which major retail stores I might be able to find it (ie. target, staples, office max)

    Also what is the release date it will be available in stores?

  119. Jeff Jahn

    Heres some of the issues i see when downloading a tree from ancestry. If you had attached a source in FTM then uploaded to you member tree the source would show with the link to the image. In a download that isnt the case all hints have to be reattached even though you have a source for it. (I havent tried yet) but if you attached the hint again it probably would create another source there by haven 2 of the same. Repeat upload and download and you could end up with a ton of the same sources. Also images that are download are renamed from what you had uploaded, so that if you had a photo uploaded named Steve Smith.jpg, on download it would say 61823919.Jpg. It would seem the ability to download is more of a backup of the online tree only and completely useless for anything else alas in my opinion.

  120. William Boswell

    This “upgrade” is a major disappointment to me. I liked FTM 2009 until I found issues when my external media files were moved. Mine are very organized in a main folder outside of where I keep my data file. When I did some reorganization of my data, all of the media files became unlinked and now have to be manually relinked.

    1) In both FTM 2009 and 2010, the system will crash when trying to relink these images.

    2) Uninstalling and then reinstalling 2010, the install process from the disc takes nearly 20 minutes.

    3) I thought this version was going to have the ability to custommize the location of the media folder(s) as was relayed to me a few months ago.

    4) Tech support is useless and can’t seem to read and/or understand my problem. They only give me solutions that are unrelated. An English problem on their end, or not paying attention. Response times are very slow as well.

  121. Marion L. Mixon

    I find 2010 a much better product than when I first started using FTW years ago and look forward to improvement in the current 2010 edition.

    Usiing the online private tree is much better than than the past. One thing I have noted in the Media section that I would like to see is the ability to arrange pictures by date. I have several about 349 in my tree and continue to add from personal collections and family trees on line and would find it much better if as I put them in they would be placed by date like the outstanding results in the time line section.

  122. William Boswell

    #83 Beryl:
    As I noted, installing from the disc took about 20 minutes. Actually I rebooted after 20 minutes.

    Copy all the files to your hard drive and install. It’s a lot faster.

  123. Delia F Holloway

    Thank you for all your work on I have worked with genealogy for only abt 10 yrs and very seriously within the past 3 yrs. This is the most rewarding hobby I’ve ever contemplated having since I’ve had to be home due to family health.
    First I studied many sites and recorded a lot of history on several. Since begining with the free part of 3 yrs ago, I knew you were the best and most interesting. We’ve communicated with over 88 relatives from coast to coast. And I’ve had the honor of helping many with a real need in searching for kin folk.
    We purchased Family Tree Maker 2008. Would 2010 be that much better? Is there are deal for people like us? Looking forward to hearing from you. By the way, the new info, search availability and look–fantastic. Double tips for the author.
    God bless,
    Delia and George Holloway

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