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Happy 1st Anniversary World Archives Project!

We began the beta portion of the project in June of 2008, since then we have had a wonderful response from many of you including a number of partnerships with genealogical societies.  Your passion for this work is evident through the phenomenal activity we see daily, you’re an amazing group and on behalf of me and the entire World Archives Project staff we want to thank you!

 I also want to take a moment to thank our staff who shares a love and enthusiasm for this project providing many hours of “behind the scenes” work.

 Just as the thrill of watching a baby take its first steps or say their first words this project has been filled with many firsts, all of which have been fun to anticipate and participate in.  I’m excited to see what can be accomplished in our next year!

 Key Data and Milestones

  • Developed an industry leading desktop transcription tool.
  • Public launch March 2009 with over 12,000 contributors participating in the beta
  • Over 19,000 contributors YTD, located in 70 countries & territories.
  • Over 28.7 Million records keyed and arbitrated (will result in more than 13 million free record indexes that will be published to the Ancestry sites.
  • More than 367 thousand hours logged.
  • Three collections, over 438k free records published to the site
  • Partnerships with 19 Genealogical Societies

If you would like to participate in the project go to

Published to Ancestry site Country Total Records to site
Wisconsin Mortality Records USA 381
Lübeck marriage Banns German 4,315
Alabama State Census USA 493,533
Projects in Final Processing for Publication Country Society Sponsorship
Marriages of the Deaf in America, 1889-1894 USA  
Nebraska State Census 1885 USA * Nebraska State Genealogy Society
* Bismarck Mandan Historical and Genealogical Society
New England Naturalization Indexes USA  
Gretna Green, Scotland,  Marriage Registers 1795-1895 UK   
England & Wales Criminal Registers 1791-1849 (Middlesex only) UK  
England & Wales Criminal Registers 1805-1892 UK  
Lubeck Volkszahlung 1807 (Lubeck Census 1807) German  
Lubeck Volkszahlung 1812 (Lubeck Census 1812) German  
Ontario Canada Marriages Canada  
Ancestry World Archives Projects
Country % Complete Society Sponsorship
Slave manifests Filed at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1807-1860 USA 100.00%  
New York Naturalization Indexes USA 100.00%  
Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index, 1861-1930 USA 98.00%  
Gateshead, Durham, England, Roll of Honour, 1914-1920 UK 76%  
England, Newspaper Index Cards (Andrews) UK  66%  
Southern California Naturalization Indexes USA 59% * Southern California Genealogical Society
* California State Genealogical Alliance
Illinois Naturalization Indexes USA 57% * Illinois State Genealogical Society
* Polish Genealogical Society of America
Chalmers’ Biographical Dictionary UK 52%  
New South Wales, Australia, Applications & admissions to Orphas Schools, 1817-1833 AU 45%  
NYC Naturalization Indexes USA 41% * Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Nevada
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piemonte, Italy: Marriage & Death Records Italy 27% * Order Sons of Italy in America
* Pursuing Our Italian Names Together
* Apellidos Italianos
Jacksonville, Florida Area City Directories USA 25% * The Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Society, Inc.
Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22 UK 22%  
N. California Naturalization Indexes USA 21% * &
* California State Genealogical Alliance
* San Mateo County Genealogical Society
California, U.S. Naturalizaiton Records – Original Documents, 1795-1972 USA 12% * Southern State Genealogical Alliance
* San Diego Genealogical Society
Michigan Passenger and Crew Lists, 1902-1954 USA 8% * Farmington (Michigan) Genealogical Society
Pennsylvania, U.S. Naturalization Records – Original Documents, 1795-1972 USA 6%  
IL, MI, IN – Returns from US Military Posts, 1800-1916 USA 6% * Federation of Genealogical Societies
Pavia, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Morte, 1866-1937 (Registers of Deaths) Italy 6% * Order Sons of Italy in America
* Pursuing Our Italian Names Together
* Apellidos Italianos
London, England Early Parish Registers UK 4%  
Va, WV, NC, SC – Returns from US Military Posts, 1800-1916 USA 3% * Federation of Genealogical Societies
TX – Returns form US Military Posts, 1800-1916 USA 3% * Federation of Genealogical Societies
New York, U.S. Naturalization Records – Original Documents, 1795-1972 USA 2%  
KS, NE, OK – Returns from US Military Posts, 1800-1916 USA 2% * Federation of Genealogical Societies
* Nebraska State Genealogy Society
CO, ID, NS, UT, MXB – Returns from US Military Posts, 1800-1916 USA 2% * Federation of Genealogical Societies
Värmland, Sverige: Husförhörslängder, 1694-1895 (Värmland, Sweden: Household Examination Records) Sweden 1%  
Pavia, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Matrimonio, 1866-1937 (Registers of Marriage) Italy 1% * Order Sons of Italy in America
* Pursuing Our Italian Names Together
* Apellidos Italianos
Varese, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Matrimonio, 1866-1937 (Varese marriage Registrations) Italy 1%  
Varese, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Morte,, 1866-1937 (Varese Death Registrations) Italy 1%  


  1. Valerie

    I’ve asked this question a number of times and have yet to receive an answer: when will this software be available for Macs and other systems? I would think that after a year you’d be ready to expand.

  2. First, I would like to congratulate the members and staff of this group who worked hard for the success of Ancestry World Archives. Then the same question as Valerie asked: when this would be available for MACs because making it only for one operating system limits the usability as well as portability, a major concern for people like me who are attached with web hosting as we prefer using tools that are very much operating system independent, i.e, perform equally well on all those. So I hope that you guys will be working on this aspect too and will let us have the good news in this regards very soon.

  3. Chuck Nostrome

    I have been using the World Archive Site since it was launched. I have yet been able to locate a single document or information from southern Italy. Please help. I realize the world is a large place do digitize. However, there are 26 million Italians in the US. A lot of us are interested in our past. I hope you will consider that as you take on new projects

  4. Strange for a community project to repeatedly put up barriers to entry. One year in and the project is still using substandard proprietary software preventing the fastest growing (and most passionate) segments of the internet population from participating. has done an infinitely better job with their indexing project. They chose technical solutions that allow them to support any operating system with minimal effort. Ancestry’s management would be wise to emulate them. The path they’ve taken will require a complete rewrite from the ground up for every platform they attempt to support.

  5. Tatiana

    Please,help me find a brother of my grandfother,which emigr.from Russia to USA before 1917.Thanks.Tatiana.

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