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A great way to keep up-to-date with the latest content we’ve released on is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, the Ancestry Monthly Update. This email newsletter lists all the latest U.S. and international records launched on the site in the previous month, along with some of the larger collections scheduled to be released in the coming month(s). Besides that, you’ll get helpful articles and tips for your research, the latest company news, and heartwarming success stories from users like you. It’s a great way to keep up on the latest at and feel connected to the community.

To see a sample image of the newsletter, go here:

To start receiving your free copy of the Ancestry Monthly Update, go here and make sure Monthly Update is checked:

This newsletter is a great resource that not everyone has. I would love to hear your thoughts about the Ancestry Monthly Update.


  1. Joan Roberts

    I keep trying to have the Monthly Update and the Weekly Discovery sent to my e-mail but have not received it. What do I have to do to receive them???

  2. Alicia

    I like the idea of a monthly newsletter. I am a librarian with a library that has a subscription to Ancestry, how would I go about subscribing to the newsletter? Good idea!

  3. Diane

    I’ve had both the monthly and weekly updateS checked for a long time. Get the weekly — never get the monthly.

  4. Michael

    Although I have the ticked box checked to receive the monthly update for several years, I am still awaiting to receive the first copy. I am beginning to believe it’s a myth.

  5. DM

    Like Alicia, I work in a public library service with subscription to ALE. Can you tell us how to subscribe to the newsletter? We have 18 branches, 100s of PCs and a massive number of users who are always asking for information.

    While the “Recent” list is useful – and impressive – more interesting additions and updates are often swamped by “filler”.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  6. Sharon

    I want to respond to your comments about online trees/merge exceeding use of censuses on Please have your people look into the possibility of notifying us when someone has used our information in a merge to their tree. (1) we can make contact and help each in our research. (2) it just makes good sense to know who is using our information, data and photos. This could be accomplished through the new messaging system at Ancestry.

  7. Tammy

    Well it took me 30 minutes to find a way to actually respond on the blog. I found the posts about the new message service but couldn’t respond even though there are over 60 responses.

    At the top it says:
    Join the conversation by commenting, tracking what others have to say, or linking to it from your blog.

    but I had to search for one that had this Comment on this article box. Not sure it it only allows a certain amount of comments or if at some point it closes for other posts

  8. Tammy

    Ok, found the blog that after 2 weeks you have to go to the message board to respond to a blog. Yea, another place to go….
    and then who goes there and reads them?

  9. Jana Lloyd

    This is Jana Lloyd, editor of the Ancestry Monthly Update. For those of you who have tried to subscribe, but can’t, try the following:

    1. Make sure you are subscribed. To do this, click on the “My Account” link at the upper right of the page after you have logged in. Click on the “Update your email preferences link.” In the window that comes up, make sure the box next to “Ancestry Monthly Update” is checked. Click the “Update Preferences” button.

    2. Check your junk mail folder to see if the newsletter is being considered spam by your email provider and being sent there instead. You’ll want to make sure is added to your “white list” or “safe sender list” so this doesn’t happen. Adding that email address to your “safe sender list” will ensure that your email provider does not consider messages that come from that source as spam.

    If you try these things and still aren’t getting the newsletter, please send me an email to and put “Subscription issue–from the blog” in the Subject line and I’ll see what I can figure out. Include your full name and Ancestry username, along with the email address where you are trying to subscribe from.

  10. ann

    DITTO to many other comments. I have checked my preferences. I am “subscribed.”
    Some months I receive the newsletter; most months I don’t.

  11. Just signed up. Thanks for the info. I am new to the hobby of finding out about my ancestors and need all the help I can get. Appreciate it.Keep up the good work.

  12. Sylvia Kelley

    I was very surprised to see my name and my husband’s name on Ancestry!!! Also my living parents and siblings!!! Although no dates or places were given I feel very uncomfortable about this! How did this happen?!!

    Please people make sure the names you put on line are only for deceased people!

  13. Diane

    Jana, please advise when the next monthly will go out so that we can confirm we didn’t receive. All my selections were already correct but I redid them anyway. And it hasn’t been going to spam.

  14. Tony

    I have bought your family tree maker deluxe and have found it a rip off. It won’t do anything until
    you committ buying more of your product. Fool me once!!!!!

  15. Mary Beth Marchant

    To Sylvia #14–As state census records go on line, you may find your name on them. Ancestry has Florida State census records for 1945 on line and the Federal census for 1940 will be released in 3 years. If you are listed in a telephone book you will find your name on different web sites-In this day and age of the internet, it is impossible to keep your name off a web site unless you live completely under the radar-never have a phone, never buy anything, etc. If you were born in Texas as I was, my birth date and location as well as my parents names are available on line through Texas records. I believe North Carolina does the same.

  16. Sara Brinton

    I have nver received the newsletter or update, even though the boxes are checked, and have been for a long time

  17. Virginia

    Like many who have responded here, I do not receive the weekly or monthly newsletters. I have checked both many times, with no luck. I don’t have a filter, either, so they wouldn’t be stopped by my email.

    I liked the 24/7 pages very much and wish they had continued.

  18. How about a daily short short email listing the new databases added that day, at the end of the day? No ads, no axtra stuff, just links to the new stuff. I check everyday to see what it new, I don’t wait for a newsletter with extras stuff I’m not interested in it. Thanks

  19. Diane

    Gary and Jana,
    On May 16, I asked you to let us know when the next monthly newsletter will be emailed. There has not been a reply.

    It is obvious that there are others, like me, who are not receiving the monthly YET who receive the weekly.

    Being tech savvy, trust me — my settings are correct. My suspicion is that your newsletter selection settings are holding on to an old email — probably the one I originally used when I started with some 8-10 yrs ago. My suspicion is that you are not clearing that old email address for the monthly newsletter — even when I opt out of the newsletter and then re-select it.

    Since you won’t be allowing replies on this blog posting soon, getting this in before you close it down.

    I can live without the monthly newsletter of course. It’s more a matter of customer service and communications. Would never have complained but Gary’s original blog posting stimulated frustrated customer responses that many of us don’t receive it. Would someone please reply to us?

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