Posted by Ancestry Team on May 12, 2009 in Webinars

Do you have a family reunion or get-together on the horizon? Looking for ideas on locations? Food? Activities that will engage everyone, young and old?


We’re hosting a webinar this Thursday, May 14th, 8 P.M. Eastern Time, on how to plan the perfect family reunion. Guest speaker George Morgan, author of Your Family Reunion: How to Plan It, Organize It, and Enjoy It, will guide you through the entire process of planning a reunion, whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a multi-day event for the extended family.


We also have several other webinars coming up (“Military Records on” and “Getting Started on”) that you can sign up for, and a host of archived webinars you can watch at your convenience.


Visit our webinar archive to sign up for any and all of the above. And make sure to bookmark the page and go back frequently to see what new webinars are on the horizon.

Sign up for the “Planning a Perfect Reunion” webinar.

Visit the Webinar Archive to see what other webinars are available. (You can also visit this link to view an archived version of the “Planning a Perfect Family Reunion” webinar if you are viewing this post after May 14th.)

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  1. Beth Shields

    Can anyone tell me why I am unable to participate in the webinars? I do all the pre-webinar checks and everything seems okay, but when I try to participate it just locks up and I get nothing?

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