Posted by Ancestry Team on May 12, 2009 in Webinars

Every hero deserves to be found. Learn how to find yours in a free, one-hour webinar about our military records on May 19th, 8 P.M. Eastern Time.


Three of our U.S. record specialists will walk you through our military records—the largest online collection of military records available—and show you what we have available for each major U.S. conflict. They will also teach you about common military records (e.g., muster rolls, pension files, draft cards, etc.) and show you what each record reveals about your ancestor.


Register for the “Military Records on” webinar.


View a list of our other upcoming and archived webinars. (All archived webinars can be viewed at your convenience.)


  1. Brice

    Hi Jana,
    Is it possible for arbitrators to contact those people after keyed entries have been arbitrated? I really need to know what I am doing incorrectly. I have read every thing including blogs on other military records, and I feel I am doing things according to all suggetions, but my scores are erratic. Please respond.
    Thanks, Brice

  2. Jade

    It is too bad the Webinars cannot be viewed by people having computers that cannot use Flashplayer 10.

  3. Jonathan Davidson

    if the Military Pages were to Span the World that would be a Great Help, But for Now only America Shows Military Pages

  4. I have Consider a Second Posting I have 3+ Individuals at Agincourt in France on 25 October 1415, 10+ Individuals in the Crusades Holyland, Middle-East, I have 35+ Individuals at the Battle of Flooden Field in England on 9 September 1513, I have 15+ Confederate Soldiers, 5+ French and Indian War Soldiers, [Colonial Wars Soldiers] Several King Phillips War, Queen Annes War and King George War Soldiers, Which When Moved to Service No Flag No Page When will Ancestry Fix this

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